Living with Lions

Living with Lions

2002, Nature  -   11 Comments
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On the African plains, where only the strong survive, one big cat rules supreme. This is life in the raw: savage, beautiful and unforgettable.

During the eight years that Jurgen Jozefowicz filmed a pride of lions in South Africa’s Kruger National Park, he won the trust of the dominant male and, astonishingly, was accepted into the pride. This is his story.

How does it feel to live amidst a group of the most feared predators on the African continent as they fight to survive in a harsh, unforgiving world? Jurgen's film shows what it’s like and is the result of his remarkable adventures. Jurgen is one of the world's premier wildlife photographers.

His story of his life with these lions is one that spans a period of political struggles, disease and drought, showing the highs and the lows of life in the lion pride.

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11 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Lara Gallagher

    What an amazing documentry. Living with Lions in the Kruger National Park. I'm so proud to be South African. Apart of this beautiful country.♥🇿🇦♥

  2. slurricane mane

    the crocodiles looked like dinosaurs fighting

    1. Bungaroosh

      Do they? I wouldn't know, having never seen dinosaurs fighting myself.

    2. VMax

      they ARE themselves living dinosaurs. They actually lived in their era

  3. Matt Kukowski

    Lions and the Wilda beasts. Media sheeple and ? ? ?

  4. Imightberiding

    Sorry in advance, I just can't bring myself to resist: "Damn nature, you scary!"
    If there was a Honey Badger facing the droughts & anthrax outbreaks as the other animals did, it would have faced it head on. "Honey Badger don't care." "Honey Badger don't give a f@#k!"

    Got that out of my system. Now I forgot all the adjectives i was going to use to describe this doc. I'll just say watch it. It's really quite spectacular & well worth the 50 minutes of your life. Thanks TDF for another quality viewing experience.

    @oQ & DigiWongaDude you may not see this comment as I realise I didn't reply directly to your comments. I'm certain you're both aware of the amazing opportunity you've been afforded by visiting Africa. This is a place I have yet to travel & I'm certain lives up to all the wonder, mystique & amazing reputation as a vast, wild, dark, mysterious land of history & adventure. You are both very fortunate to have travelled at least to some parts of this alluring continent. Perhaps one day I too will have stories to tell of my travels to Africa.

    To any one else reading this: watch the film, the first comment by Mick Fraser sums it up quite nicely.

  5. oQ

    Still it is less dangerous for an adventurous man to go in the animal world than it is for a wild animal to go in the man world.
    Great doc!

    1. DigiWongaDude

      @oQ I went to the Kruger National when I was just 11 years old, all I'd known till that point was a Scottish wildlife 'park' - more like a zoo. I'm sure you can imagine how wide my eyes were! :) We calculated that if you travel from top to bottom at the park's speed limit, albeit rather slow, it'll take 3 days to get from one end to the other. Sigh, africa is just so magnificent. The sky is bigger than elsewhere, impossible I know, but it IS!

  6. Mick Fraser

    This is one pleasant doc because it doesn't prod my mind to wander and wonder how we can change the world.

    1. DigiWongaDude

      @ Mick, nice...and nice to see someone using wander and wonder correctly for once! Ok...I'll pull my neck back in.

    2. oQ

      Like Alice in Wanderland.
      Cool that you went to Kruger National park....i wish one day.
      Well although i haven't been in the southern and eastern part of Africa, i have travelled through a lot of the northern and western countries...the sky in the Sahara desert IS bigger there too.
      My little man had to back up from our plan (his parents got invited somewhere) so it will be me and a good bottle of wine, a stereo and possibly a walk under the stars...unless new plans come about.
      2013.....i was born on a 13...i like the number.