The Life of Birds
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The Life of Birds

1998, Nature  -   13 Comments
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The Life of BirdsAnother landmark series from the produces of Blue Planet: Seas of Life. This is the definitive series on the most colorful, popular and perfectly adapted creatures on Earth.

The Life Of Birds traverses the globe, exploring 42 countries and examining over 300 species using infrared, slow motion and computer enhanced effects.

David Attenborough, one of the world's foremost naturalists, hosts an extraordinary exploration into the secret lives of these magnificent creatures.

Amazing footage, you'll be blown away. I've watched this series several times, as it runs on PBS on a semi-regular basis, and I always seem to see something new.

This series is never boring, is an informative look at the lives of birds in every aspect of their lives across this planet, and is beautifully filmed and presented... A must see!

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Ewan Zerafa Gregory
8 years ago

I love birds, and all kinds of animals.

Jacek Walker
9 years ago

Excellent. Highly recommended. As the nature itself to contact with.

Rafael Serrano
11 years ago

Such a good documentary was shot in low resolution with standard aspect ratio.
Can you imagine if this documentary is in HD?
I bought the set of this video from barnes and noble.
I was surprise to see such low quality dvd.

Megan Attrill
12 years ago

It's sad to think that this bird thinks these are just other natural interesting sounds of his environment. Poor clueless little guy :(

12 years ago

Another great series Valtko to have. Birds are truly amazing, I remember watching a crow going to town on a wasps nest that was in a rain gutter. It was beheading some and eating some till the nest was gone. I was watching it from my bedroom window one day . The only thing is when I see a large flock I fleetingly tend to think of a movie by Alfred Hitchcock called "The Birds".

13 years ago

This is my new place of inspiration. I love this website, too bad I do not have more time to watch. I need more free days.

13 years ago

Love your website.....typo here...Life of Birds "globe"

The Life Of Birds traverses the glove, exploring 42 countries ..........

Charles B.
13 years ago

This was a wonderful documentary. It must be a few years old, however, as the Whooping Cranes of Idaho are now all dead as they didn't form pairs as others feared would happen with too much human contact. As of Nov. 17th 2009, the whole population of both captive and wild Whooping Cranes was only 534. It's been a bad few years for the Whooping Cranes, with high mortality rates and low fledging numbers, and the captive population is aging without much reproduction as well. I sure hope they hold on, as I do so love birds, especially the Whooping Cranes.

13 years ago

An exceptional series.

13 years ago

I`m always so blown away by david attenborough docs, no matter how many times i`ve already seen them. Birds are especially fascinating as I am owned by a parrot - or as I call him - my feathery dinosaur master!

Charles B.
13 years ago

Yeah! Thanks Vlatko! This is one I want to watch with my son this week when we get the chance. We both really like birds.