The Living Edens

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The Living EdensPlanet Earth is still home to places so pure they have become precious reminders of how all the world - the ancient, timeless Earth - once looked.

From the icy mountains of Denali to the aqua blue seas of Costa Rica, we witness dramas unfold among the animal inhabitants as they have since the beginning of time.

Through the expertise of world-acclaimed natural history filmmakers, we experience the magic of each Living Eden as it is captured on film for future generations.

Kamchatka: Siberia's Forbidden Wilderness


Manu: Peru's Hidden Rain Forest

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10 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Daniel Robinson


  2. Nakor420

    Elephant seals are GROSS!!!

  3. alans

    Yeah, OK, after this documentary, there will be no more of these pure places.

  4. LolaHeavey

    Brilliant. Thanks a lot!

  5. TomazZzz

    Thank you very much, for this upload as well as all others...
    Unbelivable camerawork.. Specially in this series i ofthen wonder "how the hell they made this closeups???"
    Remarkable work, astonishing!!!

  6. Phillip Galinsky


  7. Mowgli33

    This was amazing. It proved what can happen with a hands off approach with nature and allow predators their place in the universe.

  8. terryrret

    " No mobile version "
    Never seen that before , sounds like a good one

  9. CommonSense


  10. DustUp

    The critters that steal food from the others reminds me of politicians. One "nice" thing about it in the animal world is that is the end of it.

    Gov't is not a worthwhile charity. The percentage that gets to the needy is VERY slim with all the skimming leeches and mosquitoes in govt. If you think being efficient is good, see to it govt is tiny and direct your dollars to a much better place or putting them to better use directly yourself. The problem with socialists is they are suckers for a scam called govt who says, "let us do that helping thing for you" while very few are helped. And they keep falling for the same scam every 4 years rather than actually looking to see if any real help occurred. They don't want to know, they just prefer to believe the lie.

    In the human world the thieves take more and more to buy votes while claiming it is for the less fortunate who they deride and belittle in private and prevent from rising up and out for fear of losing those votes (aka political community organizers who get rich off of delivering the vote of a certain segment of society [obama, before fooling those that just watched TV instead of checking him out, into voting for him] Clintons are even worse). All the while pointing fingers, at those who haven't turned their minds over to the TV propaganda scammers, and calling them the evil doers who cause them to be less fortunate. That is the way of the scam artist (tis the same for Arab imams, mullahs, and sheikhs pointing fingers at the west while sitting on a pot of black gold). And far too many fall for it because they prefer hand outs over having to cater to a boss or to customers, calling those who do, the greedy for not giving them more; even though it is govt who is taking more from both, they don't want to bite that feeding hand, which isn't at all, it is the stealing hand that takes so much, their piled high palms spill a tiny bit to the dupes that vote for them.

    Maybe those who do the work ought to take a lesson from the animals. Don't be so ready to give up what you worked for and there will be less trying to get it and less that start thinking they deserve it ...and less in govt thinking you work for them.

    And for all you scammed bleeding heart socialists, I've helped far more than most of you, by choice. I don't need the likes of propagandists and their TV watching and believing useful idiots and minions dictating to me about ANYTHING. Piss off and go ruin some other country or invent something that saves energy or purifies water much cheaper or some other helpful thing that obsoletes the need for fossil fuels that works at night and with no wind, rather that sitting on your hiney pointing fingers at those who don't need the govt to force them to help, assuming they are chiselers like yourself who wouldn't help unless forced.

    As far as animal migration... For the most part, the animals move in massive groups at one time. I welcome that with Mexico. Move them ALL up to the usa and beyond, including their govt. So I can migrate south and live in peace away from the govt(fungus) growers. Generally worldwide, It is not so much the location, it is the govt. Soon if not already, we will have people looking to migrate to some other place to get away from the socialist dictators, just like those who migrated here many years ago. I would have done so already if not going broke helping people.

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