The Living Planet
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The Living Planet

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The Living PlanetOriginally broadcast in 1984, The Living Planet was an ambitious 12-part documentary that spanned the globe with portraits of each of the major geographical regions that offer a home to life.

Attenborough demonstrates how even in the most hostile of environments, from the volcanic Furnaces of the Earth to The Frozen World of mountains and tundra, the Arctic and Antarctic, live maintains a foothold.

He takes us to The Northern Forests, the Jungle, Seas of Grass, and The Baking Deserts and, ever the genial host, details how, in all its endless diversity, life is ingeniously suited to its surroundings.

Through breathtaking imagery we meet our fellow inhabitants, from penguins to polar bears, lions to scorpions, oaks to eagles, and journey on to The Open Ocean and the New Worlds, which mankind itself is rapidly fashioning through ever more radical technological change. The series ends with an impassioned environmental plea that rings even more urgent now than in 1984.

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Sumeetha Ayyappan
11 years ago

is there any way to download if then please let me know

11 years ago

Thank Goodness this is still here

11 years ago

get a iP re-routing program from google or something

11 years ago

I can't download or even see the documentaries, I live in Iran. what do I have to do

lex lexich
11 years ago


Sam Haslam
11 years ago

In the second documentary in the playlist, which is largely about life at the poles, it's interesting to note that, despite showing animated illustrations highlighting the fact we are in a sustaining period of warming, the term nor the concept of global warming isn't mentioned once. Makes one wonder/think. Fabulous films all the same.

11 years ago

Granted the time this was made, I would still rate it a wonderful program! Definitely worth the watch and it just goes to show that fancy computer graphics don't make a quality program but having David Attenborough narrate never hurts :)

11 years ago

If any of you are in the UK or otherwise have access to up to date BBC programmes: David Attenborough has narrated the latest nature doc called "The frozen planet." Awesome cinematography and D.A is on location at both the North and the South pole albeit briefly during the first episode. The man is a phenomenon! I just wish I had just a small percentage of his constitution.

11 years ago

Mr A. looks so young. I remember this series well and was surprised to see how old it is, I was 12. Still utterly beautiful and well worth a watch if only for the man. He's back now with The Frozen Planet, joy!

11 years ago

Now theres a bit of nature doco nostalgia. I've still got my copy of the companion book to the series that Attenborough autographed for me. As surely the greatest ever populariser of the science and appreciation of wildlife and the biosphere as a whole, he's one of the Earth's true heroes. :)

This upload is in the wrong aspect ratio though. :(