The Most Hated Family in America

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The Most Hated Family in America is a TV documentary written and presented by the BBC's Louis Theroux about the family at the heart of the Westboro Baptist Church. At the heart of the documentary is the Westboro Baptist Church (WBC), headed by Fred Phelps and based in Topeka, Kansas. It runs the website, and, and other websites expressing condemnation of LGBT, Roman Catholics, Muslims, Jews, Sweden, Ireland, Canada, The Netherlands, and other groups.

The organization is monitored by the Anti-Defamation League, and classified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. The group has achieved national notice because of its picketing of funeral processions of U.S. soldiers killed in action in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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The church bases its work around the belief expressed by its best known slogan and the address of its primary website, "God hates fags", and expresses the opinion, based on its Biblical interpretation, that nearly every tragedy in the world is God's punishment for homosexuality – specifically society's increasing tolerance and acceptance of gay, lesbian, and bisexual people. It maintains that God hates homosexuals above all other kinds of "sinners" and that homosexuality should be a capital crime. Louis Theroux stated that the Phelpses are the most extreme people he has ever met.

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  1. Well I enjoyed that Louis went into this the way he did. He wasn't picking fights he was saying what needed to be said. And just maybe by him coming at them with those questions that they don't usually give anyone the time to ask, it may have sparked questions in their minds. Hopefully they realize one day how damn messed up they all are. I give props to all the ones that left the church.

  2. if everyone was atheist we wouldn't have this issue lol

    1. you know you are absolutely right. lol

    2. Well like always there will be this group that opposses someone elses beliefs

  3. I dont get it. What was the point of this documentary? To see what the family and church does in their every day lives? then why the f*ck is Louis busy trying to pick fights and arguments with them???? Who cares what you think Louis? We would see a lot more from them if you had acted like you were interested in them. Rather than against them. Jesus f--king christ dude! It shouldve been a reporter that has no opinions. Most of what i heard in this documentary was what Louis 'thinks'. Overall, their beliefs are no different to any of the other churches. They're nastier fkrs who choose to preach by picketing nasty bulls*it and targeting what seems to be mostly dead soldiers or dead gay soldiers. Jehovahs Witnesses take their children out 'witnessing' with them. They get the same treatment. But theyre not publicised as much as the WBC are because JWs dont go about saying nasty s*it like WBC.

    1. I think it would be impossible to be around these people and not say something.

    2. I felt like there were long parts in the documentary where Louis does just that. Where you can see that he passed a lot of time with them integrated in their family life. Of course they edited a one hour documentary and the confrontations are key to the end product. Otherwise we would have to watch a week long documentary... I can see what you mean, but I think Louis did a great job and he did do what you say he didn't. imho.

  4. If a person believes in our first amendment, i.e., religious freedom, then he/she MUST respect these people's right to believe what they do. Picketing funerals? Should not be allowed. So perhaps our first amendment right to freedom of speech has been abused and misconstrued to allow this behavior, which is in fact what most people are upset about. Oh yeah, freedom of speech HAS been used to support pornography and other ridiculous things that have nothing to do with political expression. So this is the problem. Not their beliefs. Just because everyone else disagrees with your philosophy does not mean you are not allowed to have and exercise your beliefs in that philosophy. This documentary had the opposite effect on me than I believe the makers intended - I felt sympathy for this group.

    1. So you'd be okay to limit the freedom of a country because you disagree with certain minorities ?

      It goes against the very principles America was built upon.

    2. What a naive, general and ludicrous statement you just made, having nothing to do with what I said. Do you actually believe that our freedoms are not limited in this country? The first amendment protection of speech has already been limited in several ways based on supreme court rulings, or didn't you know that? Freedom of speech in the first amendment had nothing to do with things like picketing funerals or publishing pornography - it has been abused by liberals to achieve those things. The founders wanted people to be able to speak up against things their government was doing that they disagreed with and be able to discuss these things amongst themselves without fear of repercussion from the government. Being free to picket a funeral is something only a psychotic person would think was condoned by our first amendment. I don't think you understand the principles that America was built upon. Go back and read the Declaration of Independence, the Federalist papers and the Constitution itself.

  5. It is up to God to judge "7 “Do not judge, or you too will be judged. 2 For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.

    3 “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? 4 How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? 5 You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye." Matthew 7 NIV and there is only one sin God will not forgive "“Therefore I say to you, every sin and blasphemy will be forgiven men, but the blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven men. Anyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man, it will be forgiven him; but whoever speaks against the Holy Spirit, it will not be forgiven him, either in this age or in the age to come” (Matthew 12:31-32 NKJV)."

    1. okay but what about the verses:

      Leviticus 19:15 In righteousness shalt thou judge thy neighbour.

      John 7:24 Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.

      1 Corinthians 2:15 But he that is spiritual judgeth all things, yet he himself is judged of no man.

      1 Corinthians 5:12-13 For what have I to do to judge them also that are without? do not ye judge them that are within? But them that are without God judgeth. Therefore put away from among yourselves that wicked person.

      1 Corinthians 6:2-3 Do ye not know that the saints shall judge the world? and if the world shall be judged by you, are ye unworthy to judge the smallest matters? Know ye not that we shall judge angels? how much more things that pertain to this life?.

      also in matthew 7:15-20 it specifically says "wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them" that specifically is a description of judging people.

      Matthew 7:15-20
      15 Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.
      16 Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?
      17 Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.
      18 A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.
      19 Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.
      20 Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.

    2. To love is harder for a human, hatred is easy, which what this family is doing. The main thing they should be doing is teaching them to repent of their sin.

    3. You are correct, however this family is no group of dummies. they are mostly very well educated lawyers who have read the bible more than both you and I put together. They are able to point to the verses in the bible that justify their disgusting behaviour. remember that. the bible is not perfect and full of terrible advice when you look at it objectively rather than behind rose tinted glasses.

    4. Mostly pointing to the old Testament, Christ came to fulfill the law because He knew that most people would not be able to live like Him. These people are not poor, do they give to charity? Do they feed the homeless, help those that have less then them? Christ wants all people to repent of their sin, look at the woman where He draw the line, can these people cross the line and stone the sinners? I really wish people would stop banging on about the Old Testament the way to live is Matthew 5, 6 and 7 that is Christ and His law x

    5. “For truly, I say to you, till heaven and earth pass away, not an iota, not a dot, will pass the law until all is accomplished. Whoever then relaxes one of the least of these commandments and teaches men so, shall be called least in the kingdom of heaven; but he who does them and teaches them shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 5:18-19 RSV) Clearly the Old Testament is to be abided by until the end of human existence itself. None other then Jesus said so.

      Also if you read Matthew 5:17 instead of stopping like you did you should finish it.
      "Do not think that I have come to abolish the law or the prophets. I have come not to abolish but to fulfill. Amen, I say to you, until heaven and earth pass away, not the smallest part or the smallest part of a letter will pass from the law, until all things have taken place." (Matthew 5:17 NAB)

      clearly here Jesus is saying that all the old testament laws still apply.

      Don't forget: Did not Moses give you the law, and yet none of you keepeth the law" (John7:19)

      and “For the law was given by Moses,..." (John 1:17).

      Once again, anyone can use parts of the bible to justify any claim they make about it.

    6. Read 5:17 again my friend, he came to fulfill the law, look up fulfill, I think you will find that this means complete, Christ is the completion of the law, all those that follow Christ truly, not Moses, not David, not Noah, not Abraham have the law completed for them for Christ, If you believe in me you will be free

      John 8:31-32 (#1 of 12 Bible Verses about Freedom)
      31 To the Jews who had believed him, Jesus said, "If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. 32 Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."Acts 13:38-39(#2 of 12 Bible Verses about Freedom)
      38 "Therefore, my brothers and sisters, I want you to know that through Jesus the forgiveness of sins is proclaimed to you. 39 Through him everyone who believes is set free from every sin, a justification you were not able to obtain under the law of Moses.Romans 8:1-4 (#5 of 12 Bible Verses about Freedom)
      1 Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, 2 because through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit who gives life has set you free from the law of sin and death.3 For what the law was powerless to do because it was weakened by the sinful nature, God did by sending his own Son in the likeness of sinful humanity to be a sin offering. And so he condemned sin in human flesh, 4 in order that the righteous requirement of the law might be fully met in us, who do not live according to the sinful nature but according to the Spirit.
      So as you see Christ fulfilled the law for us to set us free, if you have eyes to see you will see but if your heart is hardened you will be blind as it was then it is now. No one man can keep the law without sinning, but Christ did and put away the law because God knows how week we humans are xxx

    7. Synonyms of fulfill are carry out, accomplish. nothing about it means that the law will end. just means that jesus will perform the laws and obey them.

      This is made clear by the last line when he says "Amen, I say to you, until heaven and earth pass away, not the smallest part or the smallest part of a letter will pass from the law, until all things have taken place."

      and as you know not all things have taken place. ALL LAWS must be obeyed until the end of time.

      quoting bible verses about freedom doesnt have anything to do with what we are saying.

      also after reading all those verses doesnt it strike you that the authors were obviously just bringing all the common people to a religion that was initially meant only for the jewish people? it just seems so obviously made up.

      all of a sudden god decided to send himself down and tell everyone that if they believe in him they get to go to heaven....sounds like a fairy tale to me.

    8. That's the trouble with mankind, that they make things which are so easy so hard to accomplish, go one day without thinking a bad thought about anyone, try it, telling a lie or gambling on the lottery or betting on a horserace, there is not one person in this world who can't, so we all disobey the law, also read the mosaic law of 613 in the Mitzvot, you really think Christ wants us to keep them. Try to believe in fairy tales, it would be a lot easier!!!!!! That is the end of this discussion, for you will never see the light and darkness will surround you. We will never know all there is to know about God as our brain will implode, and that's from the horses mouth so to speak, but I suppose you never will listen to God either.

    9. the perfect recipe for a religion or cult is to say there is some objective rule maker, lay out those rules making them impossible to achieve, and then say the only way to be absolved from breaking those unattainable rules is to worship or believe this religion.

      dont you see that as obviously made up?

      also why is gambling wrong? or thinking a bad thought?

      and nothing is "from the horses mouth" when talking about god. its all from mens mouth. men who lived a long time ago hence why the rules are mostly archaic.

    10. The thing is wouldn't it be much simpler if we did just love one another, again another hard thing for men to do!!! We are made of the same flesh most of our dna is the same, but time and time again we strive to outdo each other, would it be so hard for us to destroy our weapons of war and just wrap our arms around one another, really that is what will make a better world, maybe I do want to live in a fairy tale where everyone ends up happy ever after. We bleed the same colour, we should be able to see just one colour that is the light of Christ. This is heaven on earth if we open our eyes to the beauty and become beauty ourselves. Wouldn't the Bible be better written by a woman controlled to a certain extent by the Holy Spirit. :P Christ came to bring a peaceful way of life, that is why man destroyed Him and always will twist His words

    11. I was with you until you brought in christ.

      We should love one another. the world is a shi**y place because of the actions of shi**y people who if they just stopped doing shi**y things we could all be happy.

      I think one of the greatest accomplishments for women in the future will be that they didnt have any hand in the bible.

      Christ the person may have come to do that, but I dont think he was a god. If he were I would hope he would have done a better job.

    12. Epicurus, I have to applaud you for your ability to rationally debate the bible and religion, however telling a Christian person that their religion is made up is a surefire way to end such a debate. They will just tell you that you cannot see the light of God and don't understand the way He works. Faith is a completely irrational notion; by its very nature, faith is the belief in something that has no evidence of its existence. Faith is also the foundation of Christianity, it is a wholesale belief that what they have been told is 100% accurate and impacts every aspect of their life. Whether or not it is true makes no difference to them, therefore trying to prove them wrong is a pointless endeavor because people can have faith in something that is false.

    13. You are absolutely correct in many circumstances. But in a few instances i have encouraged people to think and it has helped them leave their religion.

    14. Epicurus. You need salvation. God have mercy on your soul. spitting bible verses and proclaiming that Hatred is Holy. HATE THE SIN LOVE THE SINNER IS BIBLICAL. and YES. GOd did send HImself Down in the person of JESUS HIS SON to Die for us and Rise again. And YES IF WE BELIEVE IN HIM WE GO TO HEAVEN. You have no faith. But you use the bible verses to pervesely support what you are doing. Repentance is the First work. Getting up and Following Jesus is the second. You cant serve God if you dont know he IS MERCIFUL. JESUS SAID: the merciful shall obtain mercy. YOU LACK MERCY AND FAITH. God have mercy on your soul. and GUESS WHAT? I got one up on you, for all your knowledge of the bible, I HAVE A WITNESS. I REPENTED OF HOMOSEXUAL ACTIVITY. AND THAT INCLUDES THAT I TURNED FROM IT. AND GUESS WHAT? I Believe in JESUS and I AM GOING TO HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!! LISTEN TO THE WOMAN OF GOD Sonia Ann Martin or LEAVE HER ALONE. GOD IS OUR DELIVER.

    15. You might think i need to believe in your imaginary god, but i think you need to see a real psychiatrist.

    16. Do you believe in "the rapture" goes hand in hand with your imaginary friend in the sky.

      How much tithing do you pay to your fundy preachers? You could of used that capital outlay for a good psychiatrist!

  6. umm... child abuse ? " I've been picketing since I was 6, everyone has always hated me". You should not put children in that situation.

  7. I think that old man Phelps is a closet homosexual... no person other than someone feeling utmost shame and disgust for themselves could harbour that much hate for another human being... a case of "doth the lady (in this case pops) protest too much?"

  8. They need to be schooled by someone to where there is no doubt their beliefs are wrong. I would start by saying god was judgemental of sodomy cause it spread disease heavily back then disease equals death and gods instructions were to spread out and populate the earth. Not us but the tribes of people. They cant populate it if their being homosexuals. Gods not against homosexuality.

    1. lol open your eyes! you are still saying the same thing as Westboro just sugar coating it.

  9. The only positive thing I could think of to come out of watching this is that America is indeed a land of the free. Most other nations including mine would not tolerate this. They are insane.

  10. I feel bad for those children. From the age of 7, before they have any real understanding of what they're doing, they're put on the roads with inflammatory protest signs, provoking violence and anger. To those kids, this only proves what they've been taught about the outside world being evil, and breeds a new generation of hatred. The world's hatred of their church just makes them hate us more. A part of me wonders if we simply ignored them, no thrown cups, no raised middle fingers, would their hatred die out as the older members die? I guess we'll never know.

  11. I'm from Sweden and i don't understand why they hate us

  12. The last 6 minutes of this video is heartbreaking

  13. She hates gay people but her son called Ga(y)briel .. Funny sh*t if you ask me

  14. Those girls are pretty cute
    But the whole abstinence thing is kinda off putting

  15. I'm a Christian and I honestly can't believe this. I know they weren't bad just not that bad. I would haven just walked out after the first few minutes being near that woman.
    Every time she or her family had something nasty about gays or anything, I dies a little inside.
    I'm sorry to all the people who have to deal with this church.
    I do like the host though. He seems like a sensible man.

  16. Was it just me or did Louis seem to have a little thing for that girl at the end..

  17. great ministry.. I love Westboro Baptist Church

  18. In this PC age, this is terrific stuff.

    It's really nice to hear people express their own deeply held views regardless of the opinion of society.

    If any of these young girls want to marry a 65 year old Darwinist, they should let me know. I do agree with some of their views.

    But Louis Theroux has proved himself to be a fraud in that he admitted he wanted to convert the people he interviewed to his view of the world. Not the kind of thing a responsible documentary maker would do.

    The world is full of moral cowards, just like me, who just don't say what they really believe to be true.

  19. Im also a christian and found this very very wrong. God loves everyone matter what , what he doesn´t love is what he/she is doing ,in other words the sin.

  20. I'm reading the book now called Banished...about a girl who escaped that church. Thank God...they may serve or think they do a God of Vengence but it's his vengence not theirs and let him do it and not you. I serve a living and loving God....who hates stay away from my church and body of believers....and for heavens' sakes read your bibles instead "shoving them down" people's throats...

  21. What I think is interesting is that the oldest girl seems to continue what she believes because of the hatred directed towards her family. While I don't and never would agree with what they are doing, I think on some level we need to respond with love towards these people, because then their view of a world of hatred would have no foundation, and us "normal" people would be vindicated via our actions. Just some food for thought.

  22. Modern day KKK.

  23. well lets just get the facts straight these "people" don't have the moral standing to preach to the bacteria on the excrement that comes out of the backside of Satan himself.
    I am not saying that i don't belive in god as a christian i do however as a serving member of the British army i think that all men and women that die in the line of duty for their country are heroes maybe not above god but with him.

  24. I wish Child Protection Laws were broad enough to nail these parents. I guess Brainwashing doesn't qualify as child abuse.

  25. This is a sad situation where biased parents with unsound ideas are prejudicing their children unfortunately.

    They claim to be devout Christians but all recognised Christian churches
    preach religious and social tolerance.

    But then again there are also pockets of Nazis in USA who preach hatred
    of Jews.

  26. The Phelps are not content to simply live their values. If they were, there would be no hostility dealt in their direction. They are acting out with a kind of verbal violence, and positioning themselves as victims of a debate.

    Also, while the Phelps are clearly dug in and resisting of a broader view of war and homosexuality, the journalist is also demonstrating a bias. He is making an intrusive nuisance of himself and asking very leading questions.

    What I am seeing in this video is an inability to be objective, rational, and compassionate...........from anyone, really. That's what America needs more of.

  27. If the Ugly Scum of the earth people are so smart why is it that they can not even construct a simple web site? The "contact us" portion is under construction!! So God gave you a Gift like being able to understand the Bible but not not enough intelligence to know how to leave a simple email address or any other contact info? That whole family is pathetic and hopefully have enough smarts not to ever come any where near Maryland or Washington D.C

  28. Wow. This is really sad. Saying they aren't God but calling this reporter God because he was asking questions and pushing their limits. I wish i didn't click the link to watch these 8 videos...this may sound mean but I'm glad that kid got hit in the face with that drink. All that women could say was "I'm sorry." If she was really sorry, she would shut her mouth, shut this "ministry" down, and go die in a hole (her and her clan). What they are doing is wrong. I cried about those soldiers; how sad to see them be happy about their death. I would throw a party when those sinister people die. God knew a long time ago when and who would be gay. Marrying the same sex was/is illegal and wrong, but so are drugs. You don't see people getting arrested and made fun of that, now do ya?

  29. he doesnt even know how many children he has..

  30. They don't listen to anybody but themselves and their stuff without foundation.
    I wonder, why people hate them? --> LOL
    By the way, entertaining documentary.

  31. All I see is a bunch of people who were hurt in the past and buries their hate and anger so deep inside of them that they have no choice but to lash it out on others.. truly saddening.

  32. When did Kenny Powers join the wbc. Any time anyone starts a sentence with "the bible says" just walk away.

  33. What they forget is the fact that God doesn't hate people,he hates the sin that they comit. That's why Jesus died for everyone; so they would understand why it's wrong, and stop, and worship him.

  34. ...

  35. All the prophets said what WBC says.

    The bible tells how Jesus condemn people for how they treated the


  36. yes i completely admit of having fag sex! and everything that come with that.

  37. "Rageoholic" ive never heard that before but when he said that about the minister it seemed to be hitting it on the head. That girl in the car at the end i felt sorry for, somewhere in her she knows her beliefs are distorted but as she talked about since the age of six she has been molded by there beliefs and probably will end up hardened to them like her mother. clearly a cult.

  38. it seems to me they see the world as a hate filled place from the time there born and so they have that drilled in there head. that's all they ever see. they don't see the good that the world has to offer because all of the world except the members of the there Church are ever kind to them

  39. Its just sad to know that there are people teaching and spreading on about this, about God in this way. Saying that God hates america and everyone is just going to make people not want to obey him. And what in the world is up with the fag troops, thank god for dead troops and all that? Thats just plain discriminating and crude. They were fighting to protect their lives so they wouldnt get blown up and crap. Terrible people.

  40. I don't advocate violence, but if a gunman were looking for a good target this whole family, from top to bottom, sure would fit the bill. It is amazing, that people who believe in god, preach such a double sided message. They judge everyone and yet say it is their gods job to judge. Their whole being is a crock and full of lies.
    Something I don't quite get, why wouldn't they actually want to bring others to their god or into their church, they go outta their way to cause people to not want to be a part of it. Even the children don't see in value in getting married, so their church as well as their message will die out with them.

  41. I rarely choose to judge anybody,..but i arrived to this that simply as well as there are ill and sick people that will kill from inner illness, I find this much more hurtful,..because its so blind, so driven, and brings down how many others with its failed arrogant and ignorant prejudice.

  42. Members of this Church are insane, I think they should all be put in an institution for the Criminal insane

    1. They are corrupted, that is for sure, but you don't want them put in an institution for the criminally insane because you want to protect everyone's free right to speech, not just those you like or can tolerate. If that right isn't protected, then immediately tyranny is going to come in and there'll be trouble.

  43. Love the children. God Bless them. Protect them and steer them towards real Love and tolerance

  44. Oh yeah, 11 kids, so much for not fornicating ! Hypocrites !

    1. Have you not heard of "Be fruitful and multiply"? It's in the bible.

  45. I get why this documentary was done, but enough ! This family deserves nothing and they should be totally ostracized by society, banned form school, banned from the stores and so on. No one needs to have contact with them. They have nothing good to give back to this society. Disgrace to this planet and humanity !

  46. Holy s*it man ! I've been out of the country for a very long time and have not witnessed this kind of hate since the KKK. I cannot believe that no one has kicked their a*ses hardcore and that the president does not interfere. Freedom of speech does not apply.
    HIre the Angels to follow them wherever they go - everywhere !

    1. Do you believe that members of the KKK protested AGAINST them in one of the latest pickets?

  47. 11 of them HAS to be gay!

  48. I was just sitting here thinking after watching many of these documentaries to better understand the foundations of their beliefs.......

    (we should do this with all things before we just "attack", and even then we should remain peaceful: Follow Peace with all men and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord." (Hebrews 12:14)
    The servant of the Lord must not strive; but be gentle unto all men, apt to teach, patient, in meekness instructing those that oppose themselves." (2 Timothy 2:24-25)

    ........and the main thing that came to mind was
    GOD DIED FOR ME/US/YOU WHEN I/WE/YOU WERE YET SINNERS. It seems as though GOD is for us. HIS grace and mercy is for us :)

  49. GOD hates the SIN not the Sinner!

  50. I really like this guy (Carl Sherburne) and his plan so like and share to get it out there, but if you want to f*** with the Westboro Baptist Church... Click this link below for a page made by our buddies over at anonymous which has all of the details of church members including home addresses, phone numbers, dates of birth, and work details! Enjoy!

    1. Alexandra Bergeron
      i had to remove your link as it did not work. please feel free to try again

  51. There's one other case in history where a class of human beings is blamed for all of society's problems. Those who don't remember the past are doomed to repeat it.

  52. The WBC displays a belligerent, arrogance of self-righteous condescending, that is purposely intolerant and indifferent to all others, as a motivating guide of self interest, to be in their god's favour. The fact that such people can behave this way in his name, is excellent evidence for the non existence of a caring god...making themselves a contradiction in terms.


    Lack of interest, concern, or sympathy.

    Unwillingness or refusal to tolerate or respect contrary opinions or beliefs, persons of different races or backgrounds, etc.

    A Belligerent:
    Is an individual, group, country or other entity which acts in a hostile manner, such as engaging in combat.

    Making claims or pretensions to superior importance or rights.

    Confident of one's own righteousness, especially when smugly moralistic and intolerant of the opinions and behavior of others.

    Acting in a way that betrays a feeling of patronizing superiority.

  53. In this film when the child was hit by an object thrown from a car you could see they were concerned for their child. How can they not sympathies with the parents from Sandy Creek?

  54. I've just read that the WBC plans to picket the Sunday night vigil for the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting and to sing praise to god for the glory of his work in executing his judgement.

    The staggering cruelty and idiocy of these subhumans is beyond all words to tell it. They are so far gone in their depravity that they will never be able to find their way back; they are just utterly, completely damned in their 'salvation'.

    1. Massively ironic, as working on the Sabbath is punishable by death according to the Bible.

  55. 'You've got fornication on the brain'. Brilliant.
    Well done to Louis Theroux on this documentary- must have been very difficult and uncomfortable, even more so than we can take from it I'm sure!

  56. They sounds unbelievably brainwashed, especially in the scene of the girls bedroom tours. It sounds as if they are robotic. It is so eerie.

  57. I was raised by Christan parents but changed my belief to Atheism and I know everything theyre saying is so wrong, sick and just stupid
    but dont take them seriously people
    theyre trolling
    theyre just attention whores
    they crave for attention
    and they do it by having the world hate them
    they think its fun when people trash talk, cuss, rant negative things about them, or flip them off
    they love it
    they say america is doomed and everyone suggests if they dont like america move to another country
    but if they did they cant do all of the protests on other countries otherwise theyll get arrested because america is they only country with freedom of speech
    and theyre taking full advantage of that right
    every time someone says something negative about them they smile and laugh because theyre enjoying it
    theyre just trolling people
    when you see them just laugh and shake your head

    1. only country with freedom of speech? LOL

    2. Atheism isn't "a belief". It's the absence of belief (in a god).

    3. That's not true. It requires belief to say that there is no god. It requires belief to accept the theory of gravity too.

    4. Well not really, since it's been proven as a law of nature, not a theory anymore.

    5. Bull. I don't say that I believe in the non-belief of fairies. I simply say that I don't believe in fairies.

  58. The way Louis sounds when he speaks about their believing that he's going to hell breaks my heart. It must be strange to be surrounded by people who hate you and all you believe.

  59. This is so sad... I watched this all the way through and was rushed by a wave of anger and confusion... but watching to those last moments with the young woman in the car and the young boy at the end... all I could see in that youth was the pain of being hated by the world, that pain directed into the world, and the world hating them back...

    I am torn between my disgust of their actions and stir of negative emotions, and pity for the future generations being raised into a group so deeply hated, that they will never develop a true conception of society...

    I know this group pisses people off... a lot... but I hope that you watched it all the way through, and see that there are a small few, really hurt people in this group... that know nothing but pain... if you see that then the documentary did its job.

  60. This group of insane people will probably eradicate itself by inbreeding, direct extinction, or members leaving this absurd church until there are none left.

  61. they are all mad, who actually believes what some bored id**t wrote thousands of years ago anyway! are we that stupid to beleive it whatever religion no matter what anyones beleifs is just made up since time began, i agree we all need a faith in something, but when it is taken to extremes its destructive.

  62. Very sad existence. If these people really think they know that "fags" (their expression, not mine), the military, politicians, other religious groups, Swedish people (hah! I live in Sweden, so I'm on the highway to hell) etc are all doomed and they're happy about it, why gloat? Why go and say, nah-nah-ne-nah-nah at them like children? Their "spiritual leader" is one of the most hateful small-minded people I have ever seen. I feel sorry for the cute chick, she's gagging for it but is repressing the urge so hard I'm afraid she'll spontaneously combust some day.

  63. If God is real, then from what I understand, He created everyone as they are meant to be. So that means He created gays, lesbians, transsexuals, bisexuals, ans straights.
    These people are acting like we like in the early 1900's when slavery was okay, except instead of judgement by skin color they are judging by gender.
    People don't fall in love with a gender, they fall in love with a person.

  64. that old lady is crazy . off with her head .

  65. Is it bad that I agree with the WBC? I don't agree that what they're saying is "right", but I do agree that what they're saying has been "written". And IMO, they take what is written in The Bible in the context that it was intended.

    1. I agree - Although the message is completely evil, that is the message of the bible.

  66. Guy talking over the documentary... SHUT UUUUUPP! were glad it was over..why did you bother talking then? I will not watch any other videos on this website if they let people talk over them. Seriously it ruins the video.

    1. i agree

  67. there will be more to Ur commentary noooooooo!

  68. if she doesnt wanna marry consider her as a nun she is serving god whats the problem.

    1. Batistuta you said "consider her as a nun". Can a person be like a nun and not a nun? If she wants to be single that's up to her. And is it really her chose or her mother decision?

  69. Why did you think it was a good idea to speak over this documentary, I had to pause it and go for a walk to calm down. You don't even say anything funny, you don't make good observations you just natter on and it p***** me off so much

    1. got that right i made some hot coffee to calm my self down and saw this comment and made my day.

  70. Yeah whoever put a commentary on top of the regular documentary and whoever is speaking please be quiet. We don't care to hear what you think.

  71. Great great documentary exposing these disgusting people. However, I have to say that the commentary track on top of the audio is incredibly annoying and distracting. He hasn't made one single comment or observation that furthers the information or plot. It just sounds like a teenage kid making his little comments while watching a movie. Shut up and let us watch the documentary.

  72. J.M.J.

    They will (sadly) remain wholly lost as they continue to worship at the feet of such a heartless and hateful man... Known to the family as
    For that is who they're all attempting to please and to emulate.
    Not Jesus.

    Sadness to the highest degree.

    ** Mercy is so highly under-rated **

  73. hate begets hate
    - "we are hated so we MUST be on the right track!"
    such a self-fulfilled prophesy. of crazy.

    Where's The Beatitudes?
    or The One Prayer Jesus taught us that includes: Forgive us our trespasses as We forgive those who trespass against us.

    As we exact judgement upon others in the same measure God will judge us by. All of these "Biblical-Tidbits" ignored or perhaps twisted up.
    No mercy? Nor Jesus' words of Love thy enemies. what merit is there is only loving those who treat you well - even the wicked do that.

    This is truly sadness to the highest degree.
    And the The most 'HONEST ONE' of them all?
    The youngest boy who said: Do not Lie, (followed closely by) but I think everyone lies, maybe just as kids. (in other words: I lie) and (I am not perfect like they all SEEM to be).

    - Ah kid. Being honest is more than half the battle.
    Does this mean that you're some evil kind of kid?
    - not a chance poopie pants. Not a chance at all.

  74. These idiots are wasting away their lives promoting hatred.

  75. These guys are the most DELUSIONAL idiots in the world!!! There are NO gods!!!

    When your children misbehave I hope you kill them because that is what the book of fables (more commonly known as the bible) tells you to do.

  76. Salvation can NOT be found through the persecution of others. If you can look at any God created being and not see the creator, surly YOU are lost, you are blind and unable to perceive God. Jesus advised, “love your neighbor as yourself," “love those who persecute you”. Jesus blessed and forgave the sins of a penitent prostitute and dined with the tax collector (Matthew). Matthew became one of the 12 prominent disciples. Having said that, the bible has been raped by the powers that be over the past 2000 years. It has been changed, books have been omitted, different denominations published their own interpretations etc. The only way to know God’s word is to know God. Through self realization one can come into full God realization and have the knowledge of the ages downloaded into his own being. Meditation and Prayer are the only way to salvation. All of our holy books are helpers, not dictators. God is the only truth, only through true God awareness is salvation achieved.

  77. I feel worse for the Phelps than I feel for the people who they annoy.

  78. How sad. Christopher Hitchens said it best, "Religion poisons everything." The damage is so obvious and immediate in the case of the Westboro Baptist cult.

  79. Phelps is literally brain damaged.

  80. If they hate America so much, why don't they leave? It's pretty simple really...

  81. Child Protective Services. Mental Health Services. This whole family is sick and suffering. It starts with Fred Phelps being totally insane and then abusing his family and followers. The poor little children are innocent of the adult's crazy evil hate. They deserve a chance in life. Those adults who can be treated should be and the rest should be institutionalized for their own safety.

  82. In the Bible, it says "God is Love", so how can God hate anyone or anything?

    1. someday when they're standing before god's throne, they will understand!

  83. these poor people, everyone hates but its so sad that they are so strung up in how other people live, and whats gonna happen to them after they die. stop that stupid ass picketing and enjoy life. This family makes me sooo stressed theres so much more out there.

  84. Evolution is proven by science. Everything does evolve from a one celled organism. fact. my opinion is If god hates homosexuals why did he give us free will? or when god says You shall have no other gods but me why give us the ability to? If there is in fact a God i would sure hope (being the almighty or whatnot) he would have better judgment. I am Agnostic. I feel you can worship whatever or whomever you'd like as long as you do positive or reasonable things. More people should think like i do.

    1. but if god made all our decisions and forced us to only think in one manner things would not be the way they are today and life would have no point. You are free to choose whether you are a good person or a horrible person and you are free to choose who you worship. I wouldn't say I am full blown christian but i wouldn't say that i believe one celled organisms created themselves. Everything has a creator or it stems from something else that was created from something else its a never ending cycle that we will never figure out no matter how many scientist or priest sit down and try to figure it out we will be forever unknowing

  85. rly rly sorry for these people , wasted lives :(
    btw they are happy to live in usa, in they would make this offencive demonstration in our country they would get legs broken probably

    1. your right, america grants them their freedom to be as loathsome as they are, where in most other countries they would surely be executed in an equally loathsome way.

  86. I think this is a fantastic docu,this family shows how living by the bibles every written word is nothing but prejudice and hate.I hope they continue to show the bible in its true form and scare others away from the bizarre thing called religion.

    1. I'm guessing you've never read the new testament or even touched a bible.

  87. i wonder what they think of bronies.

    1. Probably that they were gay or weird or both and that they should burn in hell

  88. If you watch the very end, you sort of see that the kids grow up to be a part of this cult because their parents' actions lead people to treat the kids the way the parents say the world will treat them.

    If my child attended school with the Phelpse kids, I'd encourage my kids to be TOTALLY nice to them all the time. Conquer their message of hate with kindness. Show them that the world isn't what the parents say it is. That way, when the children grow up, what their parents say will just reflect poorly on the parents. It will show that the 'cruel world' is nothing compared to the legacy of that family. It will give them a connection--something more than just acquaintances.

  89. If only it was legal to take a high powered rifle and solve stupidity, starting here.

  90. Child protective services need to remove the younger children from these monsters, and lock up all those adult monsters...The devil sure has got them where he wants them.....

  91. The daughter said she is afraid of the wrath of GOD and she is hoping she won't go to hell...the word tells us a wise person is not foolish if they fear GOD and what he can do to them. A believer in Christ does not have the spirit of fear nor are they worried about were they are going when they leave the earth! This girl needs to accept Christ forgiveness and start reading the word of GOD starting in the gospels! I would also recommend the book of Ephesians and the book of Hebrew.

  92. This family is the biggest bunch of r*tards I have ever seen or heard. They have the ba**S to call themselves Baptist? They are just a bunch of ignorant
    bigoted m*rons that call attention to themselves. They are not worth our anger, wasting time and energy on a cult like them benefits only them. If my son had lost his life fighting for the country this low class trash hates so much and they interupted his service, They would not have to worry anymore about screaming hateful, ugly, sadistic remarks. They would be on their way to HELL where they belong.

  93. Winter is gods punishment for having left the stone age (that these people still live in) .. comon now .. it has to be a punishment for sumthin!!! let's picket the snow plows !!!!

  94. I think a south park quote sums up all I have to say..."If you don't like America, then you can git out!"

    1. It would seem they don't like - or even hate - the US, but they must be terrified of the rest of the world, and also do they enjoy their freedom of speech too much to leave.
      There it is: I'm afraid you're stuck with them, but maybe holding on to the thought that they are also living proof that there is still tolerance in the US is some consolation.

  95. If they hate living in America so much, why don't they just leave?

    1. Where would they go? They hate the US, Catholics, Jews, homosexuals, and pretty much anyone that isn't one of them. I just read they will be picketing Sylvester Stalone's son's funeral. I am torn in my opinion of how to handle this hate filled family. Should they be ignored? That would possibly make them realize what they say means nothing, or is it a more powerful statement when communities create a line of people to surround the family and church to keep the protestors away?

    2. Time.. money. The fact visa's aren't really just handed out to people of normal citizenship. While I'd love to just deport them to a remote cannibalistic island somewhere in an ass peak of the world.. It's not realistic to just tell someone to leave if they don't have the will or means. I say this because I've been trying to get out just so I could marry my partner. It's not that easy..

  96. I think somewhere in the bible it states that even the smallest sin is no greater than the largest sin. So who do these people think they are, according to god we are to love our neighbor as ourselves.

  97. dear extremists..

  98. This Extended family is pathetic, no more than a Family Cult, brainwashed by "Gramps". Does America have no law against inciting hatred, or laws on sexual/racial discrimination? Why would any one protest at a soldiers funeral's in this way, I do not have a religious bone in my body, but comparing this situation, a death of soldiers,to what I hear a lot of preachers spouting, is it then not true:
    "Jesus forgives us our sin though we don't deserve it—sacrificing his life so that we can live". (I believe the story is that the Romans executed sacrifice here)
    Does this mean that by "Giving" your life in action on behalf of your country, preventing terrorist attacks, therefore saving people of your home land, the person giving their life is on a par with Jesus?
    As for: "thank god for 9/11"....? what if that attack targeted just them instead of the American economy/civilians.
    I would like to see this family go into some of the darker communities of America and try calling some "HomeBoys" fornicating, double dipping fags.

    Which book did "Gramps" pick up, telling him that he had to pass this silly message on?
    Which language was it printed in?
    Now the silly stuff has been said, reality?
    As stated above, I do not follow any religion, and I do not believe in ANY type of god, I do believe that we all started life from the large GENE pool following the "Big Bang". The big bang is something that scientists have proven, and via DNA profiling, it is evident that everything on the planet has evolved.
    We are yet to find any solid "Proof" of any so called god.
    Many civilizations worshiped things they did not understand: Myan's, Greek's and Egyptians for example.
    This is the extent of my knowledge, and interest in this matter.

    If you have read my comment, then thank you for taking the time.

    1. thank you, it was fun to read, even I am not a native English speaker ;)

    2. It is monitored by the Anti-Defamation League and Southern Poverty Law Center. Since funerals seem to be their forum of choice, perhaps a Federal Law needs to be put in place regarding the distance any protestor can be from the funeral, family, cemetery. I'm thinking 10 miles might do it.

    3. These people have extremely destructive behaviors. In my religion, we don't really contradict people, tell them their wrong or fight with them. We understand them and watch them fall or fly according to their own actions. I feel they will inevitably destroy themselves as a result of their vehement messages towards everything and everyone unlike themselves. You are right, they are a cult. No better than the few tiny satanic cults here and there that still exist, or the small wayward religions that people have more or less forgotten about or feel don't really exist anymore with the times. We can complain about these people as much as we like, but they are a vindictive people, and their conviction is obvious. Just take solace in the fact, that it is very likely they will be the cause of their own demise. Just watch, and wait.. Life will bloom and burn, according to the rite of it's own evolution. Fate is destined to turn one way or another, by happenstance or deliberate instigation. Either way, these little drink throws or broken windows are just a glimpse of their inevitable fates. I understand how you feel. It's extremely difficult to not be foaming at the mouth to everything they're saying. But the intelligent ones, are the ones who observe and understand. Just because they are cruel, tossing insults and showing the world malicious behavior, doesn't mean you have to be like them. You are an intelligent person, nobody types up something like you did without using valid information and simply paying attention to what they've seen. But you must be calm, and show understanding. It is that same lack of understanding from these people that really upsets you, no? Then be better than them. And just watch them destroy themselves. It may take years, but eventually, it will happen.

      I hope this message hasn't offended you. I am a Taoist, so I get a bit long winded and boring. But what I tell you doesn't come from a God or my own ideals. It's just something I hope will calm your nerves, even a little bit. :3

  99. i agree with terry

  100. As much as I HATE to admit it, the young contemptuous, foul-mouthed ladies of Westboro Baptist kind of get me hot...Calendar?

  101. LOL hes hitting on her

  102. Repulsive

  103. God and hate are mutually exclusive

  104. There is no god. How's that trip your trigger?

  105. I just want everyone to know that what the WBC preaches is not Christianity, at least not the Christianity I know and believe in. They are essentially preaching that salvation is merit based, in other words, strictly follow God's Law to the letter and you will be spared hell. This is not Christianity! Christianity teaches that, yes we as humans are all born with sinful hearts, but God loved us and it pained him that we were separated from Him by sin. To bridge the gap, He came down in the form of His Son, Jesus, to complete the Abrahamic Covenant and create a new one. He was crucified. Officially, only Rome could put anyone to death in that day and age, so yes, technically, Rome killed Jesus. The Jewish religious leadership, though, petitioned for His execution and created a mob. According to Scripture, He rose again 3 days later, and after 40 days and multiple independent encounters with people, He ascended into Heaven and will come again. Christianity is not merit based at all. None of us, no matter how good we are, can ever impress God or do enough good deeds, or follow His Law so closely that we earn Heaven. We can't earn it. If we could, there would've been no need for Jesus. It's only thru accepting the gift of salvation and a relationship with God thru Christ that we receive the mercy then grace of God. I will say, though, that doesn't mean we can accept Christ then do whatever we want. The book of James says that "faith without works is dead." Martin Luther was once teaching on his theology of justification by faith alone when a student asked that in order to achieve salvation, all we must do is love God and we can do as we please? Martin responded, "Yes but what now pleases you?"

    My apologies for the long comment, haha. I didn't want to come across as preachy or anything like that. I really meant it to be a short post, but sometimes God takes over. I know many of you will read and maybe scoff and roll your eyes, or try to point out to me there is no God. That's fine. I'm not wanting to debate those points either way. I know what I believe and that's what matters, but I do hope that this comment has at least done some good to show that not all Christians are as nutty as these people. I do wish they'd go away and quit using the Gospel to spread their hate. I pray for them. I pray that they will one day finally see the true love, mercy and grace of God in Christ. I also hope that I've touched at least one person with this comment that most people probably won't read because of the length lol. I hope whoever reads this that your day is going well and that you have or find peace in your life. God bless!

    1. @Grant Grissom:

      I usually have zero tolerance to fundy's, but you came across as a polite Christian, whatever peacefully floats your boat to make life a little easier for you is fine. But no matter what, I find all religee's even you, always try to recruit people into your religions.

      I find that offensive and take umbrage to that fact.

      And none of your concern how much peace I have in my life, and I do not want any invisible gods blessing me from your vague authority.

    2. I absolutely respect your opinion and your right to believe the way you do. My original intent was not to "recruit" anyone, but to make clear that WBC does not represent Christianity in any form or function. In the process of making that clarification, it became an opportunity to share the Gospel as I understand it, and leaving it entirely up to the reader(s) to take any action they saw fit, if any. I abhor it when Christians, no matter how well meaning, cram God down peoples' throats. Jesus Himself scolded against this. He told his disciples to share the truth with others, but if the person did not want to hear it, to be polite and leave as asked, shaking the dust of the town off their sandals as they left. Ultimately, if I came across as forcing it on you, I do apologize. That wasn't my intent and if it came across that way, I communicated wrongly. I do genuinely hope you are having a good Wednesday, though and may your week be just as good or better.

    3. My Wednesday is good, thank you for asking, wish you the best on your upcoming week also.

    4. ok then let's see you talk that way about muslims? Libtards are usually pretty chickensh!t about that. For that matter how to you feel about atheists that try to recruit?

      Now if there is no god...which there isn't....then evolution is true. But then why do you liberals always hate Social Darwinism? Because it really is just "Darwinism". Survival of the fittest and all that.

      Problem is all you libtards want it both way.

    5. @FreemonSandlewould:

      Are you calling me a libtard? Don't throw your ad hominem around indiscriminately unless your know precisely what it is you are talking about and to whom you are talking to.

    6. and who do u think u r ? loooool

    7. Why are republicans so full of hate. Libtards? Really? Maybe you should join The WBC Too. You would be Right at home huh?

    8. Social "Darwinism" stems from a profound misunderstanding of evolutionary theory. First, "fittest" is not in the sense of an athlete being "fit" - it's basically "whatever survives". Second, "survival of the fittest" applies not at the individual level, but at the gene level.

      Read "The selfish gene" for the gory details.

    9. and u claim your muslim faith to be better ?
      you claim to be kind all loving but you do remind me of those wbc , so go take that ''quran'' and live your life , he was nice to you, you answered in a very ugly way ! i wont argue with a muslim because thats waste of time !

      may the Lord Jesus come to you , i hope he does because he is a living God and he is KIND! He is love :)

    10. What muslim faith? either you have me mixed up with someone else or, yo dog you mergin with me? And chyng@te your lords, gods, jesus's etc: big time.

    11. I am not a christian per se, but respect all tributaries that lead finally to the ocean. You seem to be well on your way brother. Thank you for saying something meaningful using holy scripture to support your claims. Nameste

  106. I wish I could bring her to my church. -E-Cat.

  107. That poor girl... unloved, who doesn't know what love is. I wish I could talk to her and show her what love really is... -E-Cat.

  108. The last 5 minuets reveal one of the saddest and most tragic things I have ever seen. A person who desperately wants to love and be loved, but has a warped idea of what love is

    1. I absolutely agree with you - I almost think he would have been one of the only men in her life who wasn't in the church who took an interest in her

  109. Not to be petty here, but I'm pretty sure it's a sin to use words like "fag", "Jackass" and "dyke". Just saying, Ephesians 4:29 guys

  110. If they are saying everyone is going to hell because they dont believe in the bible they are wrong. God does not judge us on if we go to church or not but God does judge us on our faith and how faithful we are to him. No one in this world is perfect except God, Jesus and Mary the mother of God. If they are saying they are perfect then they are saying they are better than God which they are not. If they talk about the commadments then one of the commandments does say this " Thou shall not take the Lord your God's name in vain." I do believe it does say that but the most greatest commandment of all is:"Jesus replied, Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind." I did not once hear them say that. So dont tell me what is going to happen to me because you really dont know unless you plan on judging me and throwing the first stone. God also did say this though:"Treat others just as you would want to be treated." And protesting at funnerals is frowned appon.

    1. Interesting. Ofcourse because they are wrong you must be right. But all this god lovin sounds pretty gay to me... I will refrain from lovin your god with all my heart ect. as it might buy me a one way ticket to hell. I dont go to church anyway and 10 commandments shy away in the presence of criminal penal code so I guess I am safe from eternal torments and will be teleported with light speed on to Lords tity when my time comes... Ahhh peace of mind here I come!

    2. You know Hesusa, I dont care what religion you are or how you worship God. If you have faith in him and trust in him like I do then we believe in the same God. They are just looking to put everyone down and say that this country that we believe in that God made is bad and that we all are going to hell. Its wrong for them to tell people that they are going to hell. Would you be happy if someone told you that you are going to hell? Im taking no you wouldnt be. Its just how you see things and what you believe in.

    3. To be fair, our penal code and laws are in part based on the Ten Commandments.

    4. Really? Where is the US law against idolatry, breaking the Sabbath, or covetousness? The closest things we have are the laws against murder, theft and perjury - and AFAIK the law against perjury is derived from Roman law.

    5. Mariam aka Mary was a sinner saved by grace.

  111. I don't think the grandpa or priest has even read the bible as it says in the bible that God made humans to have free will so how can he say that God implemented those thoughts of war into Bush's head. They also don't even follow the main principles of the bible such as the new commandment that Jesus put forward love one another as i have loved you yet they hate the world??

    no its not sinful if two gay men love each other but not have gay intercourse
    it is only sinful when they do or get married

    1. He is referencing Old Testament scriptures. God did send "A Lying spirit" to deceive the false seers of Israel and the corrupt Kings and politicians. Each of these parties were preaching a message of peace in their generation but living ungodly (temple prostitution in the temple of God, Idol worship of deities had been erected with in the temple of God and within the cities, homosexual priest in the temple of God, sacrificing their children on the altar of fire, bribery corruption (selling peace prophesies) & Pederasty cults male/female. The culture had reached a height of enlightenment through the flesh and even the children of Israel were going along with the world boasting of their fleshly achievements but YHWH "I AM" condemned them for their way of life and chastised Israel for her backsliding ways. YHWH gave them over to their fleshy ways, cause other countries to rise up against Israel and enslave her and brought plagues on the nations and Israel herself! Read the 5 books of Law (Pentateuch or Torah), Judges, 1& 2 Kings, 1&2 Chronicles, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Romans & Jude. Take a good art history class. After I took a art history class and my teacher would show pictures of the artifacts of the different cultures in biblical times I came to understand why GOD told the Israelite's to burn their buildings because they depicted homosexual sexual acts on their temples, men mating with men, men mating with young boys, teenage boys mating with adolescent boys, women mating with woman or girls, mating with animals & mating with angles (demonic spirits). These is why GOD hates sexual sins it goes against his laws and mandates for human beings, for a male and female to mate in a married union and populate the earth. A man is to cleave on to his wife not a male prostitute or female prostitute or a male child. These acts of sexual impurities are compared to dogs by GOD as being doggish! Male dogs will mate with females or males as is vise or verse for the female dog. A male penis was not designed by GOD to fit the male or female anal it fits the woman's vagina perfectly! To put a penis in the anal or anus were the waste of our body comes out, were the dung aka feces, poop, excrement's comes out is not GOD's design for males or females. Since there is waste within the rectum the penis will be touching that! This form of sexual sin is unclean! This sexual sin is an abomination before GOD because it was not his design for humanity; therefore, it makes it unclean for all of humanity.

    2. He didnt even pull out a bible flip to any scriptures. He just yelled at the congragation. Im agnostic and even i know what he ways saying was wrong.

  112. How is having pictures of stick figures having sex not like the looking at porn?????? I mean come on every time you look at that sign you would think about sex.

    1. @Jessica Rae Bivin:

      You think porn is wrong? Then you are sinning everyday by reading the most disgusting books in existence, the holy books of terror namely the OT yes, the OT and the NT are one and the same. Can not cherry pick, that is a sin also.

      Chock full of porn, incest, sex, feces eating, baking and eating your own children, and many other vile and degrading and disgusting stuff, written about your vengeful psychopathic gods. You have been brainwashed.

      Edit, by the way today is 100th year birthday of Alan Turing "GAY" computer pioneer, and since it seems you are homophobic and think homosexuality is a sin, you better sin no more and not use any computers, ever, because they initially came about because of a gay man!

  113. Did anyone else feel like the girls were flirting with him and were probably having lusty feeling towards him??? The Preacher would also never answer any questions asked to him. I think it is because he feels some kind of uneasiness about what he believes. And for the Westboro Church members, remember that Jesus said that "anyone who has not sinned may throw the first stone", meaning only Jesus and God can make judgement on people and you can not tell someone they are going to hell because you are a sinner and you are not God.

  114. I have tried to understand this but I simply can't. If God is almighty with overwhelming power and so on; how could homosexuality be a sin since he himself has created each and every person to be perfect the way they are? How worthless would he be as a God when he now continues to "fail" with the human race? To say that the Devil lures gay people tohim would be to say that God is weak, and who wants a weak God? I'm bisexual and an atheist and can't come up with any answers to these questions. Please help before I completely lose faith in religious people with strange opinions..!

    1. Listen, most religious people try to be good, i mean that's the point of religion, what we see here is simple and complex all at once. Simply put some nutter thought he knew what he was talking about and managed to convince his kids (omg he's a ******* prophet cos kids are so hard to win over) that gay = wrong... we're all going to hell but not really but yeah kinda etc. There are so many points being made here that its pointless to try and explain it, lets just say let them do what they want till it affects you or something you believe in.
      Violence obviously isn't the answer to anything and they know that, they're so darn clever because they hide behind they're families and kids then bring on the hatred, provoking people into violence and letting the family take the hits so they can seem human and in the right.

      It's all irrelevant anyway because life finds a way, even if we fight it, good will always win over bad, because eventually bad will just lead to extinction and fortunately we're hard wired to survive no matter what.

    2. It is a sin because God made sex to be between a man and a woman but that does not mean God loves them any less than you are me because we sin everyday also. God also sees all sin equal. He judges us on how we try to improve our lives in his eyes and strive to be like him. So no human is a fail just misguided or uneducated. Yes the devil temps but he is weaker than God.

  115. This digusts me! God made all children in his image and likeness. He loves every single one of us equally including gays, straights, rapists, murders, priests, nuns, blacks, whites, purples, and greens. He loves us all equally. It saddens me that these children will grow up only knowing what their parents shove into their minds. They have brainwashed all these children and it's just sick. I pray that they find the right path that God wants for them which is preaching His RIGHT word, loving all even those that it is incredibly hard to, treating others with love and respect, and repenting for the sins that we have committed.
    God Bless!

  116. I feel sorry for those children...and the adults should feel blessed that the little boy was only hit with a soda and nothing else. Bad things could happen to them if they actually went to a part of the country that wasn't in the mid-west. We all need to pray for these people.

  117. Somebody is overcompensating.

  118. On the "rules" there was "dont lie"
    However every member of this cult is lieing to themselves.
    So contradictingl its mind boggling.

  119. I just feel the need to comment on this documentary. I'm a disciple of the International Church of Christ (ICOC) and we actually do hold God's word as our standard for living. I just have to say that the Westboro Baptist Church people definitely do not. They may know the scriptures but taking them out of context and using them support this sort of agenda is more harmful than anything. The pastor of their church doesn't even use scripture in his sermons which is a huge problem. You can't claim to speak from the word of God without actually using His word in your messages; it doesn't work that way. Also, before Jesus Christ's crucifixion he charged his disciples to go out and preach the Word of God and make more disciples. These people at Westboro condemn everyone to Hell without even sitting them down to discuss the path to salvation with them. Also, I noticed that the family has no reservations about using profane language which is also against the Word of God. in 2 Timothy, Paul says that God's disciples must watch their tongues. This refers includes what words come out of your mouth but the Westboro people will throw around the word "ass" in such a way that is not reflective of their faith in Christ. All of this is just a small amount of Biblical evidence why the Westboro Baptist Church members are the ones who are wrong in their agendas and probably the ones who will not be found extremely righteous when they are standing before the Lord. I'm not saying that they are completely wrong about everything I'm just saying that a lot of their teachings and principles are wrong and not actually rooted in the Bible.

  120. I am surprised the interviewer never asked " What about 'Judge not lest ye be judged also'?" He also failed to address the idea that of Free Will.Or "Love the sinner but hate the sin", as preached by Jesus The Christ.This documentary left me wanting in that regard and I feel he DID let an opportunity slip by him by NOT asking RELEVANT BIBLICAL questions of ANY of the senior Phelps.(the children are obviously "learning what they live" without any REAL regard or thought of their own. )(Indoctrinated) Sad that God's message and love have been distorted this way.They are what gives Christianity a bad name and fodder for the fringe extremists of other religions. NOTHING in this (supposed) ministry is indicative of the God I know ........................ Jesus wept (and so do I)

    1. My guess is that Louis Theroux, being an atheist, didn't bring up biblical questions, because he's trying make common sense out of all that in a humane, more sensible way. Two people discussing their favorite nitpicked bible verses doesn't really lead to anything (especially with fanatics like the Westboros).

      Still in the long run, it's not much different from the other bible-based religions. They just interpreted it their own way.

    2. On the last line of your comment, it is different from other bible-based religions because this one, like mentioned in the documentary, picks and chooses. What it doesn't like it ignores and what it likes it preaches: stupid, no?

    3. @Doniel Wolf
      and other religions don't pick and choose?

  121. I feel sorry for them.

  122. She thinks its courteous to bash the those whose lives were taken, and wonders why people are mean to her. Its not mean for her and her family to go to a funeral where loved ones are burying a life that was taken, they are mourning and the last thing they need are a group of ignorant m*rons, who use childish posters with hateful words on them and spreading " the word of the ever hateful GOD" I don't understand why know one has those kids taken away, I mean the father said he would smile if his kids got hit by a car and their life was taken, if they would smile about that, than I wonder what they would do, if a perverted church member wanted one of their kids, they'll smile and hand their child to them, the old pastor looks like he has kids and woman waiting in line to "service him". Its discusting.

  123. Truthfully, I'm not sure what saddens my heart more-the actions and "doctrine" of WBC or the amount of people that commented on this thread that say they have no belief in God what-so-ever! There is no Biblical excuse for the Westboro group. I'm not sure what to say about the other. :(

  124. This makes me so sad! It is quite astounding how deeply fixed these people's mindset has become. I just feel so sorry for all of them, especially the girl Theroux talks to towards the end. It is painfully obvious that she is too terrified of going to hell to allow herself for a minute to think how crazy the ideas propagated by her family (and only friends) really are.

    I just find myself desperately trying to figure out a way to reach in to them, and just shake some common sense in to them. They are prisoners in their own brainwashed minds, that's what they are.

    And what a rude man that pastor was!

  125. These people are coming to my town to picket the death of Steven Sutton. I do believe it will take place tomorrow 6/6/12.
    Oh what will the outcome be?

    1. @Mantid
      "what will the outcome be?" hopefully nothing. they are in it for the attention and if somebody reacts they will sue you. now i am not saying they don't deserve a swift kick in the ... or worse but thats what they want. i hope they get ignored and fade away into obscurity. that is all they deserve.

  126. What the worst thing is, is that they take 7 year olds to these pickets. wtf! I would not be held responsible for my actions if I ever saw one of these idiots. I just hope I have an IED ready for them when I do.

  127. Without making a case of Special pleading, can someone tell me why god gets to write all the rules and wield all the power?

    1. I believe, and this is my personal opinion, that Humans as a race created God. Humans wanted something bigger and almoghty to believe and place their hope in, so they created a false God. It's been preached for thousands of years now and once you get into a habit of something, especially God and religion in society, that it's difficult to break out of. My point is, God gets to create all the rules because he is supposedly all-knowing, powerful and almighty.

    2. I agree 100% with you on that. But these people who arent the only delusional ones will never get that.Its funny how they are so against fornication yet exactly how did their brainwashing kids come upon, not to mention, how did they become of. I hate judgemental people, especially those who cannot for the life of them back up their belief .

    3. my dear thats just it GOD dosent GOD and all created do as a whole you see this world is just how it should be that is why it is. to be terrible and full of conflict it is what i call the greatest of schools it all becomes clear when we die and go back looking on what we learned. hell is below heaven heaven is above hell. if from where we are heaven is above well then where the hell do you think we are now.( thats just a little scramble together of different topics hope you like it)

  128. Couldn't WBC be considered a terrorist organisation? They are terrorizing the American public.

    1. They are protected under the Freedom of Speech and their "religion" is registered. Also they are not modifying the flag in a physical meaner, so they are doing nothing that can get them in government binds.

    2. Actually, not modifying the flag is irrelevant - even if they, say, wiped their butt with an American flag on which the stars were drawn as stars of David, it would be extremely offensive, but still legally protected speech. The First Amendment is that strong.

  129. How are these people still alive? Don't you yanks carry guns anymore?

    1. Kansas isn't really a yanks kinda place if they were to be in new york home of the true blood yanks im sure the wouldn't be returning home X^D

  130. Captain C2, i thought the same too. However the 'cult' family will have some other explanation behind the object being thrown at the kid. They just cannot take their own 'medicine' or should i say vitriol?

  131. louie is a god in the uk

  132. Any Christian would want to draw other souls to Christ, to save ppl from sin rather than announcing their damnation. Jesus Christ so loved the world, nothing in this ministry is reflective of the love of Christ.

    1. I agree, They are basically cutting you down and letting you rot. I had more to say, but I'm not quite mature enough to know how to say it with out offending someone by accedent.

  133. Did they ever stop to think that the kid getting pelted with a soda was a sign from God telling them to stop picketing?

  134. I think they've got a point. When you look at the changes we have seen in recent decades, coupled with the loss of God from people's lives, we can see there is a lot of truth here. I don't want to picket someone's funeral, but I also don't want to burn in hell, and I can read a bible, and if you're going to tell me something about homosexuals is ok when my bible says quite clearly that it is not, you are denying your LORD God and are thus destined for the most vicious corner of hell.

    1. @Sam Manktelow:

      Do not use your vicious hellfire damnation threats to justify what the WBC are doing, or use your vicious threats at all on others, to justify your abysmal beliefs in your invisible deities.

      If you do not follow "the comment policy" then you "will be thus destined for the vicious corner of hell" by having your posts deleted.
      (fair warning)

    2. Honest and serious question here: Where EXACTLY in the Bible does it say that being a homosexual is a sin? Is it Old Testiment or New? The point of adultery that Westboro uses is invalid to me, so please try to find another one.

    3. The book of Leviticus, 18:22.
      Unfortunately, it's not wishy-washy about it, either.

    4. The book of Leviticus also says that you're not to wear clothing made of two kinds of material...and it's not "wishy-washy" about that. I don't see people raging against poly-cotton blends, why is that?

    5. Leviticus is a book of the laws, but mainly for the laws of the religious leaders since they came from the tribe of Levi. There are different types of laws in Leviticus. There is the moral law and then there are the purity laws (not wearing clothing made of two kinds and not eating pork and shellfish which was good since they didn't really know how to clean them properly and kept at the right temperature) which religious leaders needed to follow because they had to go into the Holy of Holies which is where the presence of God was. Also there are the sacrificial laws which were told so people could be forgiven of their sins and be made pure. Jesus did say to keep the laws on the sermon on the mount but he referenced the 10 commandments. When Jesus died on the cross, he was the ultimate sacrifice, making us pure because he was perfect.

    6. But if two men love eachother but aren't having sex, is it still sinful since it says that when they sleep together, like a man does with a woman, it's bad? (I'm an atheist and have read the bible but I still don't get this thing..)

    7. I suppose they could call that (or try to get away with calling that) Platonic love. However, obviously, when the bible says "sleep as a man does with a woman," it means intercourse. But something tells me that the god they worship isn't interested in the splitting of legal hairs... at least not when it comes down to whom THEY wish consigned to the flames!

    8. right in there with no incest nor adultery. curiously tho, in the same book, “Almighty God” insists, that regular sacrifices be made of the cattle without blemish, only then can one be saved. In truth, moses interpreted what he heard and regurgitated it as best he could. Instead of following the every word or such second hand rendering, best to follow his example and go straight to the source or the word which is God and all things. John says, the word of God is written in the hearts of ALL men. Jesus said "The Kingdom of God is within you”. Best then just to listen up, or listen “in’ as it were. nameste

    9. @Samantha Evans

      The religious stance on homosexuality does have a lot to do with the book of Leviticus as @Brennilthos64 has mentioned. You can find an amusing riposte to this at “Riddles of the Bible” here at TDF. The post I refer to is headed - Some more riddles of the bibble. I hope you find this helpful.

      The Crucified One

    10. God said that sex is between one man and one woman. So yes being gay is a sin but it is no greater than any of the sins we create everyday.

    11. Romans 1:26-27

    12. Romans 2:1

    13. Good grief! How do you sleep at night with all that hate and condemnation in your heart? What a miserable sad way to live. You just admitted you believe what you do and live the way you do because of the fear of hell. Hell was concocted to keep people like you in a mind prison your entire life. You will live your life in your own corner of a self-made most vicious hell. Haven't you heard that a mind is a terrible thing to waste? Religion is an accident of birth as Thomas Paine wrote. If you were in the middle east you would be screaming Allah is great and hating christians and Jews. The people at WBC were raised in fundamental insanity at it's worst and to them it is right and normal. I don't think the true Creator of this world had killing and hate in mind for his creation but you do whatever you please with the years you have left. I feel only pity for you.

    14. where does it say? just curious...

  135. their views on the military almost bring me to tears. My husband is a US Marine and I am damn proud of him. God forbid I ever have to attend a funeral after his deployment. and if there is any picketing, I'll have a pistol in my purse.

    1. I totally agree with you . My husband is in the army and i am so proud of him. If they hate america so much they should go live in Afghanistan or Iraq and see what our husband's do. They are ignorant and should go overseas to live. Thank you for what your husband does.

    2. They should go to Afghanistan and get lost in the desert, never to be seen again.

    3. God bless your family. I plan on being a US Marine as well, but maybe since fighting for justice is wrong, I won't. Even though two people are going it, WBC and God himself such as when he used his power to guide the Israelites through victory only when Moses held his arms up towards the heavens.

    4. Matthew if you do become a marine acts of justice will be far outweight by acts of injustice, suffering and moral bankrupcy. For example Iraq war is illegal. It has brought only suffering to a nation under false pretences. The result is cca 116.000 civilian deaths and for what? So the west might maintain their standard a little longer consuming stolen oil and getting rid of a dictator put in place by USA some 32 years ago.
      That aside I cannot think of a recent war that did any good or brought justice - quite the opposite but I will give you the opportunity to prove otherwise.

    5. as i recall we put out all the fires on the oil fields that iraq lit and gave them back. if we were stealing oil our gas wouldn't be as much as it is. so eat a d*ck.

  136. the old man passes away that be grate you all hate poor kids god love all

  137. this people are sick. thats all they are, sick! if God hated Homosexuals so much why did he out them on this earth to begin with? i don't understand. I had a Homosexual uncle so no matter what anyone tells me he's not in hell he was a fantastic person!! the fact that they disrespect the flag and the people who stop the terrorist and coming and ripping this family to shreds? they take america for granite! wow just wow this is NOT a religion this is a cult. These are psychopathic crazy people who brainwash everyone around this. I feel bad for this journalist, he had to spend a long time with these phycos! omg this is driving me nuts. ill go to hell, just as long as they won't be there.

  138. where is child protective services for these children?

  139. I wish their Jesus would bring the rapture and take these people home.

  140. It hurts me to see this. the Bible teaches that we are to love one another, and not to make are selves higher then others. no one can be perfect and we should not laugh about someones soul that is going to hell. For Christ is the way the truth and the light no one comes to the Father except through him. for this entire documentry never once i herd them say that. we as christense should lovingly share the word and not be so B-L-U-N-T!!! don't laugh or cheer because someone has died for their country. they vary well new what they were doing. this is the nation of freedom. if you don't like it then leave. remember those soldiers who give their lives every day for are country, keep us safe. if they didn't do Gods calling then this nation wouldn't be here. for God gave us this Nation, and that is something we as the people of the United States should never forget. people are not FAGS. their just lost. and need Christ.

  141. I like how they are all patriotic and stuff, wearing the American flag and all, even though they are talking all this crap on America. Hypocritical much??

    1. oh they're not. Notice the flag was upside down in one scene? that shows distress. And a flag (doesn't matter the country) isn't aloud to touch the ground, it's disrespectful. One man had the flags tied to his shoes...

  142. Does anyone notice that they kind of change everything they say and never give any facts that the way they believe is the better life style. When the man says Louie is trying to be God, the man is playing it out to himself that he is God, making choices only God makes. As myself I think what these people are doing is wrong, because they are technically harassing all the people that are in America. They should go to hell for trying to IMPERSONATE God.

  143. That younger girl, the 21 year old one, has SO much pent up sexual energy. The way she talks and laughs sideways and flirts and's so weird.

    1. Totally my thought

    2. A 21-year-old girl who laughs and flirts? So weird.

  144. This family is just a modern-day Charles Manson family. Only difference is, this group hasn't murdered (yet) and they are much more public. My opinion, we should stop paying attention to them completely. They take all criticism as proof that they are right, so it is pointless. Obviously they are completely full of bull **** and hate. They made up their minds so don't bother with confusing them with facts; just ignore them. Angry Gramps is angry.

  145. It is sad to say free speech is free speech. These humans have a right to say whatever they want....period. Since we live in this country they have the right regardless of personal opinions. A few thousand years ago the things and peoples they condemn would put to death. just like these people want. (ever hear of people living too soon.... well maybe they are living too late) They have the right to say what their faith says and we have the right to say they are wrong. I personally like them as people, but dislike their ideologically representations of their personalized faith.

  146. The most frustrating thing is that there is no way to change their way of thinking. These people are completely lost in their own beliefs. In their own messed up world, they are right no matter how many times they are proven wrong, and no matter how people react, it's good and a proof that they are right. Worst part, of course, is the children that are raised into this sick church, and destroyed by brainwashing.

  147. That old turd trying to be hitler.

  148. It's nothing short of a miracle that these people aren't murdered yet.

  149. To close a childs mind is s religion must do. What better way then to convince them to hold the follower above the individual.

    Let children learn about different ideas. Let them draw their own conclusions. Let them make up their own minds when they grow up

    To brainwash or to put these ideas into the mind of an innocent child is pure moral suicide and is child abuse.

  150. Not a chance Poopy pants!! haha just as crazy as the movie Red State... i didn't think that these people existed!

  151. all i been seeing,& hearing is one thing with the westboro so called baptist congragation is GOD HATES FAGS, but not one time did they show in the scriptures on what they preach on that GODS says these things ,give some scriptures on these things to prove your beliefs, because all of it is lies, the preacher avoid a lot of questions and he's a demon in disguise very angry the BIBLE SAYS GOD IS LOVE not hate so get your facts wright, stop twisting the BIBLE on what GOD is about.these people spend there energy on making signs , and telling people they're going to hell when they'er condeming there ownself !!

  152. Ok so I saw this documentary a few years back and also have seen others centered around these people and though i find them fascinating I cannot help but despare at how deluded and misguided a group of people can truely be.

    Im not a Fan of any wars at all that arent 100% necessary by that I mean where a nation or force poses a direct and immediate threat, I know this will be counter to alot of peoples beliefs and may be viewed as disrespectful to service men and women especially those who die during service but that being said to tarnish and sabotage thier funerals and memorials for them and thier families is shameful and wrong. These people have died full stop no matter your beliefs or opinions families and friends have every right to pay thier respects and mourn in peace. If this were to occur infront of me I doubt I would be able to contain myself and Im not a violent person in the slightest.

    These people are being horribly misguided by a man who has no repect for anyothers other than himself and truely relishes in people following him. Though christened and atteneded Sunday School(bible school) I am not a practicing christian I still have a firm grasp of some of the basics and the commandment "love thy neighbour" seems to be pretty much ignored. Coupled with a famous quote "judge not least ye be judged". Now I know that I dont have the references for these quotes Im not trying to be a religious scholar just can clearly see that these people just dont comprehend the world around them and how messed up thier views of how "god" wants them to live and condems others for how they do.

  153. Theres so many things i could say right now. But what is there to say?

    1. Worst part is that the children are being brainwashed so hard that bubbles shoot out of their ears..

  154. funny that when they die and realize they wasted their life believing in "god " and hating homosexual`s
    god is an ideology for the weak that are scared of death and need something in the back of there heads to keep them sane
    educated people like (scientists & professor`s & politicians ) do not need "god" to believe in neither do they need religions as they came in piece that death is a natural process's and everything and everyone dies end of story
    sad though how 99% percent of the planet needs religions gods and blah blah
    comes to show how weak and confused the human race is

  155. My personal problem is with some that are viewing these videos. You say this isn't what God is about or God is love. I'm a Christian and don't believe this. Maybe not all on this page but I've viewed quite a few comments on youtube. "I hope they get hit by buses".. "I wouldn't mind beating the crap out of them" etc... (not exact quotes, due to language and other things...) I don't get it. Yes, personally I think they are unbelievably ridiculous. They just hate and hate and hate, won't answer any questions because they don't have answers to any questions, especially that old "pastor". Not once did you get any answer other then " your being silly" or " don't waste my time with this silly questions.." or " Why are we talking about the... you know what.. nevermind I won't get into that.."

    Anyway, what in the world.. you say they are so radical as to wish harm on everyone.. why be like them and wish harm to them? Sure, I understand where your coming from. The first reaction is to get angry and just wish everything awful upon them, but what is that really saying. We wouldn't be any better then they are. It's hate that they are "preaching".. (not that I would call it preaching)... Don't hate them back. Pray for them. Half of what they say makes no sense at all. Don't give then deference or credence to anything they are saying. People are right.. ignore them. Stop giving them our attention.

    We had some of them come to our town for Gay Pride a couple years ago. I went. There weren't that many of them. I wanted to go over and just ask an enormous amount of questions but we were all blocked off.

    It was said that if "we would just get their message" all the pain would go away. Well, I'm not sure what she was talking about. Whether, we "got" there "message" or not there would still be pain and suffering. And I don't know about you but I can't just sit around and ignore it, even if it wasn't my pain and suffering but someone else's.

    But, my main point was don't "hate the hate, love the hate" if that makes any sense. Jesus would want us to gather in a circle around them and just pray, not hit then with a monkey wrench, which I'm sure we've all imagined doing, just saying. But this is just my opinion :)

    1. I would like to, what I believe is, offer up an explanation to why people want them to get hit by a bus. With that much hate, and that much conviction that death is funny to them and everything else (i need not explain, we both watched the video and saw), they would want to see these people's end so that they cannot spread the hate and procreate only to spread more. I would honestly laugh at their demise, in their times of pain and final hours. I would laugh because they do the same, and I think that when the tables are turned ( no matter how much they say they laugh at hell ) they won't find it so funny. I can honestly say I'm not concerned about this group. They are small, they don't seem to be growing, and they seem to be pretty loosely organized as far as who would do what if something happened. So when gramps bites it, hopefully they will be lost.

      If there is a god (WBBC is proof there isn't) then put them all on a plane, children included because it's too late, and let the pilot sacrifice himself for the better of the world.

  156. this family is mentally r*tarded

  157. Apparently they skipped these verses of the Bible, seeing as it doesn't fit their ideology:
    "As for the one who is weak in faith, welcome him, but not to quarrel over opinions. One person believes he may eat anything, while the weak person eats only vegetables. Let not the one who eats despise the one who abstains, and let not the one who abstains pass judgment on the one who eats, for God has welcomed him. Who are you to pass judgment on the servant of another? It is before his own master that he stands or falls. And he will be upheld, for the Lord is able to make him stand." Romans 14:1-4

    1. The perfect statement of how God's words teach us that we are to help guide and accept those who are lost.

  158. a couple of those girls in the church (one who wouldn't dwell on her past temptations and wouldn't talk about them) are more than "doable" to bad they are in that weird church. Wouldn't mind getting into that at all!

  159. And another thing. The video is labeled the-most-hated-family-in-america the title alone declares bias.

  160. They claim not to use violence. Yet through their actions they cause other people pain and suffering. They imbed in their children a hatred only Hitler and other terrorists would appreciate. I vote we kick em out of the country they claim is going to hell in a sparkly rainbow hand basket. Let them appreciate the term "freedom of speech" a little bit before they go stepping on the memories of soldiers who died defending these freedoms. And as for the "You don't have to agree with their words to respect them" statements. I suppose this would be true if it weren't meant to dehumanize.

    1. they say its not through their actions that's caused us sinners pain and suffering, its because cause we hate the words they are saying and picketing, which is the word of "God" >_> I hope we can eventually export these people else where, they don't belong in such a wonderful place, with such freedoms that we have here.

  161. I am a 28 yo, college educated, gay male and am appalled at the majority of the remarks left by most of the viewers. Besides being riddled with grammar and spelling errors, it is clear you watched the video with bias.

    Try watching and LEARNING what the Westboro Baptist Church believes and the reasons behind their faith. I am obviously not a supporter of their beliefs but I understand and respect them. I actually enjoyed the family as the people they are. Not one time were any of them actually mean or hateful to anyone.

    America needs to wake up and learn something for once.

    1. As I understand it the family protests at funerals of dead soldiers, saying things such as "God hates America," "You're going to hell," and other -hateful- things. Families are mourning for their dead while members of this group wave their signs and shout, disrupting the mourning process and preventing closure. What is that if not mean and hateful?
      I wouldn't care if they were quietly handing out pamphlets, holding hate meetings to discuss those they think are going to hell, or hosting a website. But that's not all they do, so simply understanding the reasons behind what they do is not enough; the "reasons" behind their faith do not excuse their behavior.
      I have no opinion of them as people, as I do not know them. I do not care to know them, based on their actions and the opinions they've made perfectly clear.
      If you want to excuse them on the basis that they were decent people, think on Hitler. In those home videos he made of him and Eva, he seems a decent guy, capable of love and laughter. That certainly doesn't excuse the fact that he burned and slaughtered millions of people for no other reason than he didn't like them and they were against his beliefs.

  162. It is so interesting that these people preach a message of hate, and present it as a message of God. As far as I can remember, in Judeo-Christian theology, Jesus Christ preached a message of love and tolerance.

  163. LOL at that family

    1. I agree. I think fire with fire is the only weapon here.

  164. I never met this people, but I already hate them a lot.

    1. lol. hate begets hate.

    2. lol. hate begets hate.

  165. these people are enbreeds what do you expect when having sex and making babies with your brother or sister or first cousin. you know their brain is not right.they have not ****** with the right family can so many people use GOD for hate? i guess people will say and do anything it really doesnot matter any more.what has a young soldier losing his life have to do with some one being gay?Gay and lesbian people die for this country too,so *** wipes like this ****** up family can have the rights they have;although they do not deserve them.

  166. I wonder what the family would say if one of their members were killed in some sort of accident. Perhaps if the grandpa died in a wreck... then what? He was killed by god? Maybe if the mother died choking on some meat... like the soldiers in the war.. god killed her because she wasn't obeying his word?

    Hmm.. I wonder.

    1. Believe it or not... They do actually believe, that even if it is a family member. It was ordained by God, based upon sin.

      General sin, I guess, which is far and away above corporal sin.

      But c'mon scientologists believe that when it rains the souls of the supplicants, wash into your brains.

      Some mainstream Christians believe the Earth is 3000 years old, and even given that fact people lived to be 900 and more, and talked to snakes.

      Pick your insanity and and follow it. But people need to stop telling others, that their belief is flawed, while their own is the only "true" path to....

      Where are we going again?

    2. Thank you for having a brain and some sensible contribution to this page other than more colorful terms to call the members of the Westboro Baptist Church.

      You don't have to agree with their words to respect them. Has the saying, "agree to disagree" gone on extended holiday?!

    3. It interests me, that most vehement single-idea opinions, seem to come from those people who identify themselves as "believers" of one or another faith. The word "tolerence" appears to be alien to these individuals.

      Although, most have the audacity to claim: "I am a devout -----(fill in the blank)", as though by saying it, it implies their own sainthood is above reproach.


    4. In the doc. the girl who wouldn't talk about her past and laughed saying the journalist was going to she said that if she got hit by a car and died she woould go to hell.. I don't understand why she would though.. if in her belief she is going to heaven. their beliefs confuse me to death.

    5. I think she meant that if she was to get hit by a car it would be God's way of saying she wasn't good enough, and deserves to go to hell. Whereas if she survives until the rapture she gets a VIP pass to heaven. They didn't talk a ton about judgement day in this documentary but from what I've heard of them they believe it's imminent. But you're right, confusing as hell and probably one of the most inconsistent belief systems out there.

  167. I try to be faithful and be a good Christian, but when there's people like this it really upsets me. That girl irks me something terrible. "I laugh about you going to hell" "we doing them a courtesy." Someone should write the original meaning of the word faggot (deals with wood and the amount of wood) and picket a chant about it in front of the church.

  168. i don't condone violence like talking about, but at least don't hit the kids. They don't understand everything yet. They are just pulled with the adults in the church. Oh, and the teenagers. I would really like to strangle them. Especially the one that laughed about him going to hell and she ain't got time for boys and there's no point in getting married. Unless God changed the rule, he said be fruitful and multiple.

  169. I am all for freedom of speech but this is not even close. I use to live in Topeka and know how bad they are there and it makes me sick that they involve children who are innocent to begin with and do not understand that what they are experiencing with their parents and family is pure hatred that they seem to be "saving" everyone from. One of these days they will be picketing and their mother or father, sister, or brother, or themselves will be shot or something by someone who has simply had enough and are at their breaking point and I cant even imagine the hurt those children will feel because they are not learning anything. Very sad. If it wasn't for our courageous soldiers they wouldn't be able to preach freely like they do in the first place. God teaches us to love one another and he doesnt make people do the things they do everyday we do that on our own. We were made to sin because we ar human. Does not mean that we should but we are human and God knows that. I could talk for hours on this family and what they are doing all I want to end with is when we die if we were sinners and we want to be forgiven for ANYTHING, all we need to do is ask for forgivness and it will be up to him. ?

  170. I'm just curious: If they hate the USA, why not just leave? Go to the Middle East. They're either gonna shut up or get shot. Either way the rest of us win.

  171. How dare they go to those freaking funerals ....Ugh

  172. The children should be allowed to develop their own views and not forced

  173. I think Fred Phelps is a repressed homosexual himself and that's why he has so much hate in his heart. I wish someone would turn the tables on them and picket their church on Sunday. Maybe when Phelps dies, the gay community can picket his funeral.

    1. I agree, by way of Ted Haggard as an exemplar, the most outspoken anti-gay individuals often reveal themselves after years of repression to be latent homosexuals themselves.

  174. If these people hate America so much and believe God hates America, then why do they live in America? They are Americans, so I'm sure according to their twisted frame of thought He would hate them as well. They could be using their education, money and time for a much better purpose, considering they aren't really making any changes anyway. All they do is yell out horrible things at people for no reason and make their children do the same. Hopefully, the young ones will understand they were brainwashed by their families and get out of there, so no more of this fooloshness is spread around. If there by some chance is a God and he is the ulmighty whatever, I highly doubt he is a racist prick. Because if God created man, then he created black man, jewish man, asian man, homosexual man, transgender man, etc. Why would he hate anything he created, and then continue to create it? Makes no sense to me. I feel bad for these people when they die, when they are they ones going to hell all because they were brainwahed into this distorted way of thinking by an ignorant unintelligent bigot of a man who cannot even answer simple questions about his "faith."

  175. I do not see the big issue with these people exercising their first amendment rights, because just as everyone whines, complains, and comments on what they do I'm sure that you would much rather live in a nation that has the first amendment rather than having a government structured belief system and controlled conduct on what views my be presented and in how you may present them because if you believe that they should be jailed, shot, ect. for exercising their rights that is borderline fascism. Except they have a message and choose to ignore or adhere to it.

    1. What about the children who are put in harms way?

  176. ok...this was my lesson in tolerance...from the insight i got i still hate them...

  177. Holy Jesus, Holy Jesus, Holy Jesus,. Speaking of JESUS. He never said, "God hates fags." NEVER. There is a scripture that says, "If a man sleeps with another man, like he sleeps with a women, it is an abomination"."The Bible NEVER uses the word FAG! In the OLD or the NEW Testament! These people are "putting words in God's mouth. Jesus NEVER said ANYTHING abut ""fags" or "gays." The word FAG is NOT anywhere in the Bible! PERIOD!

  178. If I worked for SRS (Kansas's child protective services), I'd be going to pull those kids out of there. They are endangering their children by bringing them to pickets to spread hate and bigotry. This time it was a cup of soda. What if next time, it's a brick?

    1. As a social worker, I completely, 100% agree! Her dad will laugh if she gets hit by a car and dies, because she would be in hell? I think God is having a very stiff drink, wanting to shout back at them: "THAT'S NOT WHAT I MEANT!!"
      Those poor kids...

  179. i mean only god

  180. hmmm...sounds like Hitler

  181. You know if you're christian and don't like what they are saying. Why don't you go and picket or protest them? I really think other religions should start standing up and talking out agains them. Don't sit here and complain go do something about it.

    1. Then you start having religion vs religion and that's not good. The truth is there's no real easy way to deal with them.

    2. Yeah!!! or i could just ignore them and take comfort in the fact im most likely going to outlive the idiots. death is the only solution for dealing with these people. never argue with an idiot. they'll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.

  182. People like this make the world hate Christianity. They are preaching the exact opposite of their "faith". Christ taught to love, not to hate.

    Sadly this is turning so many away from the love of Christ..

  183. the children need to be taken away from that family, and put in homes that will actually teach them the truth.

  184. God, their logic literally MAKES ZERO SENSE! It blows my mind that these,these things are on earth. WBC come to Kent Island MD, lets take it outside.

    1. I know they were saying jesus is only go but he is bot man and god
      and they said the jews killed jesus not the romans

  185. Well, I'm almost fu*king speechless. I feel completely sorry for all those brainwashed children.

  186. I just can't believe how brainwashed they are, the church only came into existance because of the crazy mind of Fred Phelps, a man who beat his wife and children regularly. He is clearly a deranged, mental, angry human being and somehow brainwashed some but not all of his children. And the Steve Drain guy, I have no idea how he was converted, he must just be the stupidest person to ever live. I just don't understand how anyone can believe in God and Heaven and Hell, when we die we're dead and we won't "go" anywhere. Theres no spirit or soul, we're just be dead and we won't know we're dead. It's just like being asleep but forever, we won't have feeling or experience, we won't be in fairy tale land of heaven or hell we will just not exist, we have no conciousness of anything. And thats the sad truth, I mean yes its very depressing but that IS the reality. Im an atheist (clearly) obviously I don't want to believe that, Id rather believe theres a Heaven and we get to see our loved ones etc. But that isn't going to happen, and for me the whole idea of religion seems based on people wondering what happens when we die, and it seems alot of people are scared so much by this that they believe in heaven.

  187. Hello my name is Kyle Hess I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saint, and after watching this documentary it is time for my input to do this fairly I will express my anger and frustration on this family and faith but then like what my Heavenly Father wants me to do I will show them the very few things they can be smiled at for. First of all you guys are just insane. God does have a part in whats going on in the world but he doesn't kill people just because they did something wrong. God isn't punishing America because of the gays or the Jews or what ever. Mankind is punishing each other because we spend so much time thinking about the differences we don't look at the similarities. Yes people are going to go to hell for mistakes but we have a chance to make it better to repent. How dare you go to the funerals of these soldiers and mock there names and there families because you don't like what they did and stood for. How dare you drag your children into these pickets. They are children they should be playing and making mistakes, not calling America and other faiths gay and damning them to hell. How could you be happy that people die. You say that you and your family would be happy if a loved one died because you know they sinned and there going to hell while you go to heaven. That is a lie. If that sweet little girl was to die right now you all would be devastated. If your knowledge of the word of God is as good as you say try this: Lev. 19:18-Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself, Love one another; as I have loved you, John 13:34,Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends, John 15:13,Christ suffereth because of his loving kindness towards men, 1 Ne. 19:9. The list goes on. Guess what those are from the bible. Even though my list of complaints with you people goes on and on and all of you may hate me because i'm Mormon guess what? I would still help you out if you needed it because I want to help people I want to save people. I want to bring them closer the there Heavenly father. If one of you viewers or one of those loonies where to come up to me and needed help I would do it I don't care if you're gay, Jew, Pagan or what ever I would help you because that's what God wants us to do not deface funerals. If you don't like what i said then here use a plane ticket to picket me have at it I wont scorn you. (EDIT) @imjustaman:...personal home address and email "censored" not allowed...(Moderator)

    1. "If one of you viewers or one of those loonies where to come up to me and needed help I would do it I don't care if you're gay, Jew, Pagan or what ever I would help you because that's what God wants us to do"

      i help people because i know that it is what i would want done for me and because i feel empathy and sympathy when i see someone suffering needlessly.

      do you really only do it because you were told that is what god wants you to do?

      if someone does something for want of reward or fear of punishment, they are not really moral or good.

    2. @imjustaman:

      Do you wear "magic underwear"?

      Do you practise or believe in "polygamy"?

      Does your "heavenly father" live on a planet near the star "Kolob"?

  188. There are sins in everyone and they are too ignorant to understand. God gave us a life to learn the good and bad, to experience whats right and wrong. What these people are doing is an absolute sin! Let god take care of the people's fates not a group of crazy lunatics.. It's so sad to see this happen in the world.. I can't say they are going to hell because im not the one to say so, but it seems very likely...

    1. THANK YOU, JEEZ, someone finally f***ing said it.

  189. I'm also seeing a bit of a paradox of sorts here. If the members of this church don't really care, or even relish in the fact that everyone but themselves are going to hell, why bother picketing or spreading their message? Why not sit back quietly in their compound and wait for the end of days secure in their knowledge that they will be saved? They can't be trying to recruit members because that obviously isn't working.

    It's also quite suspicious that the leader of this so-called church seems to be scared to answer questions from an outsider. If his knowledge of the bible is so superior to everyone else, you would think he would have an answer to any question posed to him.

    Also, I wish this documentary went a little further and sought out interviews with the members of the family who have left the church and see what they had to say about why they left and about the family they left behind.

  190. I'm glad that none of the young ones seem to be allowed, or even want, to get married and have kids. In a few years time this crazy message will die with them.

  191. I can't wait until THEY go to Hell for being so ignorant and rude. THEY are disrespecting God, they can't talk to "fags" at all because Jesus loves everyone! No matter what race, gender, religion, or "interest" Jesus loves them and that will never change. JESUS LOVES EVERYONE. PERIOD. That should be the message that these "people" {not sure I can call them that} should be getting across. THEY will rot in Hell, and all the homosexuals that they hate will go to Heaven. This group IS a cult. Who could be heartless enough to crash funerals?! Talk about being disrespectful...

    1. Not to be the devils advocate here because I'm totally with you, but if Jesus loves everyone then these people are included in 'everyone' and if you go by this then they will have a chance at the end of their lives to repent and still be saved. That's the problem with this particular part of Christianity. That it removes responsibility from the person(s) that is, in this case, preaching this barbed hate. That they can be forgiven by, in a sense, pushing their sins onto a scapegoat, in this case Jesus who died for their sins, and therefore those sins disappear and all is forgiven.

      But Louis makes an interesting comment during this doc that seems to get glossed over by the members. That if Jesus was standing in front of them today and was preaching to love your neighbor and feed the poor and heal the sick, that they might be calling him a 'fag enabler'. Their message seems to be the antithesis of what Jesus, not the bible particularly, was preaching himself.

    2. Yes, they can get forgiveness, even at the very last breath. So can Charles Manson. God looks at the heart, though. Saying you are sorry for the way you lived your life as you are dying is not the same as repentance. Repentance is a change of direction, a reversal of sinful ways and attitudes.
      I would like to see these folks repent and seek forgiveness. I don't see it on a grand scale, though. One or two will fall away, as they have, and may or may not seek forgiveness from God. The doctrines they preach and the solidarity with which they believe them.
      What you see as a problem with Christianity, I see as a blessing. I do believe in a deathbed repentance, however I think it is very rare. A person deciding not to sin anymore simply because they will soon be unable is not the same as repentance. God looks at the heart. He looks at a genuine desire to stop sinning.
      I hope these folks see the light of truth. I do not expect they will.

  192. what a awful set of people. we should picket their church everyday. i bet people would come in the thousands. bunch of brainwashed sickos

  193. I heard one of them preach in a documentary film that Jesus said "Who is my mother? Who is my father and brother...?"

    Those who are Jesus' brothers are those who followed his teachings and treated those as THEY would like to be treated.

    To treat everyone as equals and accept those, no matter HOW different...isn't that what Jesus preached? Isn't He the one who went and helped all those who were deemed "undesirable" to everyone else?

    THAT'S means to be a follower of Jesus. Do unto others as you'd like to be done unto you.

    Filling these young kids what it heads with crap is just going to make the just as narrow-minded as everyone else. I just hope this Phelps family realizes that ignorance kills.

    Also, Kudos to the guy with the covered license plate who chucked the drink bottle out his car window. Granted, he hit the 7 yr old boy in the head and hurt him, which whom I felt bad for. I only felt bad since he had NO IDEA what it was that he was portraying to others through the sign he was holding. But as said, to the Drive-By-Drinking dude---KUDOS TO YOU!!

    I'm hoping one day, to see a NEW photo posted of the Westboro Baptist Church with a HUUUUUUUUGE Nazi Swastika spray painted over the entire front of the Church. They saw WE'RE going to burn in hell? Yeah well, God dislikes fascist, narrow-minded people like the Phepls Family.

  194. I heard one of them preach in a documentary film that Jesus said "Who is my mother? Who is my father and brother...?"

    Those who are Jesus' brothers are those who followed his teachings and treated those as THEY would like to be treated.

    To treat everyone as equals and accept those, no matter HOW different...isn't that what Jesus preached? Isn't He the one who went and helped all those who were deemed "undesirable" to everyone else?

    THAT'S means to be a follower of Jesus. Do unto others as you'd like to be done unto you.

    Filling these young kids what it heads with c*** is just going to make the just as narrow-minded as everyone else. I just hope this Phelps family realizes that ignorance kills.

    Also, Kudos to the guy with the covered license plate who chucked the drink bottle out his car window. Granted, he hit the 7 yr old boy in the head and hurt him, which whom I felt bad for. I only felt bad since he had NO IDEA what it was that he was portraying to others through the sign he was holding. But as said, to the Drive-By-Drinking dude---KUDOS TO YOU!!

    I'm hoping one day, to see a NEW photo posted of the Westboro Baptist Church with a HUUUUUUUUGE Nazi Swastika spray painted over the entire front of the Church. They saw WE'RE going to burn in hell? Yeah well, God dislikes fascist, narrow-minded people like the Phepls Family.

  195. If Amercia is doomed and apparently everyone is here is a fag or a fag enabler, why don't they move somewhere else then? Maybe some uninhabited island where nothing "gay" will find them...pssh, a--holes...I think that Gramps guy had a gay lover who left him, breaking his heart and making him hate all things gay.

  196. Very weird family indeed , unbelievable :

    They should get the nobel prize for just that haha

    They deserve ,at least, to get a prominent place in the Guiness book of records in relation to weird behaviour, weird thinking .....

    1. I'm not so sure about the Guiness book,but place for that sort of people is the mental hospital!

  197. Great documentary. Kudos for keeping your cool Louis (must have been extremely difficult)!

  198. Fred Phelps 3:16 'For God so hated the world that He didn't bother sending His only Son, since only the Phelps family is going to heaven anyway.'

    1. it's actually sad that i gave this a thumbs up lol

  199. not true, Jesus will not be holding a sign when He comes back. I'm a Christian, and i'm utterly disgusted by this church. they've thrown their own twist onto things.

  200. This was the perfect opportunity for Louie to hear about the Grace of God, know Him, come to Him, be saved and have a changed life.....wasted on people who are enemies of the Gospel. Sad...the girl in the last part couldn't even comprehend works vs grace for her own self. The only people who go to Hell are those who reject the open hand of Jesus Christ who died for their sins. They refuse to take His blood as payment for sins. Anyone can be saved, anyone.....Westboro has a lot of facts, like a socket set has sockets, but they don't know how to apply them, though they think they do. NO CHRISTIAN smiles and laughs at someone bound for Hell. It should grieve the heart of a believer in Christ to see someone die without Christ, not get giddy excited over it! Even God the Father Himself could not look on His own Son who was judged for my sin and yours, He didn't get giddy and stupid smiley. Let me say if you have watched this nonsense (Westboro part) please know this is NOT what Christ came to do. You are the reason He came into this world. Jesus said I have come to save the world because it was already condemned. God Truly does love YOU, He does HATE your sin, but He LOVES You. He sent His Son to die in your place. He doesn't get goofy happy when you die and go to Hell, and you will if you reject Him. BUT God did more than we deserve, He made it possible for anyone regardless of any sin committed to cleanse their life by believing on His Son and receiving the forgiveness through Him. When you receive Christ, you don't stop sinning, BUT NOW your heart is desirous to please God, obeying His Commandments than pleasing your sinfulness. We still mess up, but He sitll forgives. Westboro has no concept of Grace. They are a radical, twisted perversion of what God says in His Word. There will be judgement, this they spoke truly, but if a person will follow Romans 10:9-10, John 3:16, they will escape the wrath to come AND will want to tell others in a gentle way, not as these people. When the disciples wanted to call down fire on mockers, Jesus told them they didn't even know what spirit they were of. Trust Jesus Christ as the Saviour of your sin and your soul. Repent and ask Him to come into your heart and save you. He will. That's what He came to do. Westboro does not speak for Christ, at least, not the message of the Bible in its plain truth. Don't let these unfortunate, miserable people destroy any searching Hope you have and as they do, turn off people to the Gospel. Sin will be judged by God, There is A Hell, people are going there, but they could have their lives changed by looking to the loving eyes of the Saviour, my Lord and God. Jesus stands with hands wide open to You. There is NO other way but Jesus, but know that whomever you are, whatever you have done, He stands ready to forgive you and make you one of His own. You will be so different than Westboro, and the Lord will reward You one day for your giving the Gospel to other lost people by speaking His heart of Love and Grace. GOD DOES NOT HATE FAGS OR AMERICA, He hates the SIN not the Sinner. To say otherwise would be contrary to the only Book He ever wrote. Trust Him today, before it is too late. GOD IS NOT THE REPRESENTATION THAT WESTBORO CLAIMS, GOD ACTUALLY DOES LOVE YOU PERSONALLY AND WILL WELCOME YOU COMPLETELY IF YOU WILL REPENT AND TRUST HIM. I pray this will help. May the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you and if you will let Him in, change You for eternity.

    1. @Jon Browning:

      Please read the "comment policy" above, TDF is not your personal pulpit for your deities, so please cease and desist. You are wasting your and our time!

  201. That last part, I wanted to cry for that girl. She seemed sad and conflicted to me.

  202. Christians kill each other every day and they continue to kill. More people have died because of God than all the other wars put together.

    Hey, do you believe in my god??? No I don't... Then I must kill you!

    So sad.

    1. Yes, many people have been killed because of a god,but Christians aren't the only ones that have a god. I think it's more accurate to say that people kill others in the name of religion. Anyone can hate and kill others in the name of anything. People are hated and killed in the name of peace, but is peace about hating and killing people? No. When you think of peace, is the first thought that comes into your head "murder?" I hope not lol The Christian God is not about killing people. You also have to look at individuals, not just the religion. You cannot say what a group does represents the religion as a whole.

  203. im sad that they're putting a bad name for Christianity... sad sad sad

  204. The end was really chilling, the way Jane turned around and said she laughed at Louis because he deserved to go to hell. In a way I feel bad for the generation that grew up in that house, became ostracized and had no where else to turn but to fanaticism.

  205. I'm a Christian and I don't agree with any of this. It's ironic because Jesus never preached hatred or judged people and said they were going to hell. He helped the widows, the sick, he stoped a woman who committed adultery from being stoned to death. What this group is doing is the total opposite. So please don't believe that all Christians have these beliefs. I agree with the journalist, it's a cult. They are picking what they want from the Bible and using it to hate others, which is what the Nazis did.

    Picketing at a funeral is unbelievable. There are not words for it. Believing that people die because God is cursing them and they will immediatly go to hell for that....well no one, not even them, stand a chance then. I'm glad my God has mercy.

    1. Amen to that brother...

  206. "The last Christian died on the cross." ~Friedrich Nietzsche

  207. what there doing is wrong on every level its sickening they need to be stop

  208. i would love to find these people and hurt them

  209. I really don't give a flying f*ck what anyone thinks about me, or what happens after this life. But what I do care about are these poor innocent children and why the government is not doing anything to protect them from these religious psychopaths?

    These people have serious mental issues and these children should be taken away immediately! I wish they would just outlaw all barbaric Abrahamic religion that exists. At least we would live life in a better and more civilized world. This disgusted me.

    I also felt bad for the people who were doing the documentary. If anyone should go to heaven, it should be the documentary people for putting up with these sociopaths. Poor kid got hit with a Sonic cup full of drink. And for what? Some bullcrap he doesn't even understand?!

    I think gramps is an angry man who hates gays because is is so buried in the closet himself. He wants a dirty sanchez from a big sexy bear of a man, lmmfao. That is why he is so homophobic. Mr. you just need to fall out of the closet with your million corpses already.

    1. lol (: that last part made me laugh

  210. I think the so-called documentary filmmaker "Steve" is more despicable than of the Phelps family members. They were born into the cult where as he made a conscious decision to sell his soul to the devil and bring his entire family into the cult. Sick!

  211. What I got from the film was that all the hatred shown to the Phelps just makes them worse. These people are brainwashed, tightly controlled cult members under the sway of a frightening, cruel charismatic patriarch. Offending the outside world keeps them isolated, keeps them from being able to think for themselves or break free. Attacking them & their children is making the situation worse. The best way to help them or stop them would be to either ignore them or be kind to them.

  212. This is not a documentary, but an opinion film with an anti religion agenda to get across. Like the girl said, the host Louis is a "scoffer" and a "mocker", and he certainly is because of his mainstream thinking, education, and atheistic beliefs. That said, religion has been meddled with and softened over the centuries in order to get more worshipers and their guilt and fear donation money. The thing I can not help thinking about is, "what if they are right?". They are not that far away from hard-shelled orthadox fire and brimstone small church preachers. Now we live in a much more civilized and accepting society, so religion had to change with it in order to stay in business and flourish, both financially and in the number of souls to save. So it begs the question, "Was God wrong BEFORE the civilization, modernization, and mitigation of religion to reach and appeal to more of the modern masses ?

    1. This is a cult who brainwashes children, puts children in direct way of harm for their own instant gratification and picks and chooses which part of the bible they want to abide by. In their own fictitious story book (the bible) it says that no one is to judge another except god. Only god has the right, the authority and the perfection to pass judgement over anyone, but yet these people and all bible based religions do so. So they feel they are equal to god, because they feel they have the right to judge others. If there really is a hell then I will be seeing you and them right there, and we can all burn together.

    2. @fggrewgfregre regregreg
      No one is right. All people need to do is care about others, as well as themselves. These people in the video are the product of a generation or two of psychotic thought and behavior, which has resulted in a severe dysfunction passed down with each generation.
      Their behavior is abnormal and creates harm, not only to themselves but to others.
      They have found a way to deal with their social isolation by engaging in nothing short of psychopathic behavior with the 'outside world'.
      It's interesting how they target the recently bereaved and emotionally vulnerable, in a most gross and abhorrent manner. They swoop like vultures on those who would already be experiencing the utmost sense of defeat, and are therefore in a weakened state.
      Don't listen to them, go look at pictures of the beautiful universe and then decide if you can see a plan they could possibly fit into.x

  213. It is so sad that these people are so blinded by hate and "God's Wrath" that they don't realize that the entire world is not a bad place. They think that all these soldiers are "fags" and wrong for fighting for their country, but if they didn't fight for this country, the WBC wouldn't have the right to stand and picket, and believe what they do. They should be thanking them.

  214. Brilliant example of the dangers of religion. Normally we wouldn't morally be able to accuse them of anything, yet being that they impact society around them entails that they can no longer be ignored. This is the case of so many christians. Is it inconceivable that perhaps everyone should just keep their personal beliefs to themselves??

    1. i don't think it's fair to say "so many christians", because i think that implies the majority. while we all realize something has gone horrible wrong here, i think the loud, abrasive, damaging "christians" are in the minority, it is just unfortunate that by being so vocal about it they place a characterizing label over the whole world-view. i still think the message and purpose of christianity is a powerful and good one. people (all people, types and locations) just can and do take and twist good things into bad things.

    2. If I had been stipulating that I was expressing my views on the majority of christians I believe I would have used "most" instead of "many". I was merely reffering to the fact that an individual who's intellectual construction and condition is based on a strict set of rules, and that his adhesion to these rules is what will define him both phsycologically and socially, one could assume that the individual in question would be unreceptive of any view that endangers his core values, without taking into account the process of critical thought. For example the ensuing violence and bigotry that occurs whenever the question of gay marriage is brought to the table. In paris 1 million people were brought together by this manifestation of hate, that my irish friend is number qualified by some as "many".

  215. Proverbs 24:17 Rejoice not when your enemy falls, and let not your heart be glad when he stumbles.................I love fighting them with their own book.

    1. ain't it a great feeling when you can remember a whip of info from the bible and recite it as defense. It's epic.

  216. shes so insane that she thinks its a good thing to spread hate to everyone? They are not doing a kind and loving act by saying "god loves dead soldiers." And they wonder why people hate them???? Come on really? Im sure god isnt happy about people going to hell so why would that make her happy?

  217. it's a shame that instead of sharing the message of God's love for everyone, these people feel like they are doing his work by spreading "God's hate" ...for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son....(you know the rest) john 3:16...i feel bad for you people and may God have mercy on your judgemental and hateful souls...i think your pastor is the false prophet the bible talks careful and pray for yourselves!! =) have a blessed day

  218. This is beyond sickening....In the bible it is written that we should love our enemies but it seems that these people are full of hatred towards the world..And who are they to judge that others are going to hell?? I think that they are just sick people and their congregation will fade away.

  219. Personally I think these people don't really believe what they are professing to believe. I think they are just doing it for the notariety--like that pastor who burned the Qur'ans.
    The prob is that the kids are following what the fame-seeking parents are teaching them & it may lead the kids to get beat up or killed in their later years when they move out of dad & ma's house & start living in the real world with all it's diversity.

    BTW, Did you see any adult men out their by the highway picketing?

    1. I agree! I also think Shirley is addicted to confrontation, the "Reverend" is a latent homosexual, and the other adults are just too lazy to think for themselves and need to follow to feel they belong. It is the kids that really suffer, and I believe that what they are doing is child abuse and the children should be taken away.

      They say they (and God) hate america - well then go somewhere else.. oh right, no other country has laws and rights you can hide behind like america does -- if they lived in 3/4 of the countries of the world, I guarantee they would be killed in less than a month and the other countries won't let them in.

      They are the world's best Trolls.

  220. How can Child Protective Services not have taken those children away from those monsters? This is inhumane.

  221. I would so cover my license plates and run some of them over at a picket. Good stuff.

    1. The young children can be rehabilitated from the brainwashing, but the older ones, just run them over and let their god sort them out, lol.

  222. How is this allowed? the unpatriotic hateful message?!

  223. they should just suicide

  224. What an ugly, ugly man this 'Rev' Phelps is, dogmatic, ignorant and ridiculous.

  225. feel bad for those kids, living a life of hate. Cleary the mother has some sort of mental illness. Not good

  226. Here is a quick one, (don't live the only life that you get from a man made book) Just be respectful and good. If only they could put all that passion and hate into picking up trash instead of being trash. Maybe they should read Tuesdays with Morrie a short read for there simple minds and lay off the so called scripture that made them crazy mean.

  227. Oh wow I was not expecting this. Jesus. Those people are barking mad.

  228. Read the book, "Homosexuality and Christian Faith," edited by Walter Wink. ISBN 0-8006-3186-2
    Jesus did not preach hate. He preached love. He also stated that no one knows the end of times except the Father in heaven. These people are not following the Jesus of the Gospel. Everything in the church is of hate, not of God. They are NOT following the bible. Jesus also said, "Do not judge unless ye be judged." They are condemning themselves. Do not judge Christians by this church. It is not a church but a cult and it is dangerous.

    1. @Revliz
      while i agree they are a cult and crazy . most of what they preach they can back up with passages from the bible (old and new testament). that is the problem with a book (or books) that has been edited, translated, rewritten over and over and so open to interpretation. almost any behavior can be justified from these books. not that i hold all Christians accountable for these nut jobs but they can back up their claims with as much so called evidence (bibles) as many Christians

    2. Thank you. In the book I listed it is written by prominent church leaders from all denominations with factual clarification on biblical authority and the challenges that churches must face. It is excellent and sure turned me around. I now believe in equality and acceptance of all of God's people. It was a real eye opener. They are taking scripture out of context. When one reads scripture they need to look at the times it was written and how it speaks to people today. Many people see what they want to see when it totally means something different. The coming of Jesus and the New Testament changed things. In my church we are open to all people. We do not turn people away and we do not judge. We are there if they need us and anyone can receive Communion. Jesus did not condemn and neither do we. What that church (and I use church lightly) is doing is NOT Christian. They are a group who teach hate and it is horrible they are teaching their children to do the same. They are also causing a lot of pain. Our soldiers have given their life so we can have the freedom of speech among other things and they have made a mockery of that. It is a very sad situation. I have a husband and we are in ministry together. We will perform same sex marriages because we believe in equality and we believe it is right. I have seen some very loving same sex relationships. This does not hurt marriage. Take care

  229. That kid getting hit by the drink was really sad. I think what these people are doing to their children is child abuse. I have a hard time fathoming that these people are actually real. Disgusting creatures using the God and Bible as a way to try justifying their messed up ,cult like, hateful behaviour.

    1. But according to their own philosophy, shouldn't they be rejoicing that God decided to have the drink meet the kids head? He could have decided to have it miss by a fraction of an inch, but it didn't - so God must have chosen that to happen and they should be happy, no? isn't that why they picket funerals? creeps.

    2. I really agree with you, these children should be removed from their homes. Not only is it emotional brainwashing, but they are being put in situtations that could be physically harmful

  230. dear god, and jesus of corse, could you please protect me from your followers? mabie guide them in a less hateful path in this reality called life? oh and jesus, when are you comin back to see us? were all confused about alot of things, but i think for all of our own sake and yours you should help these people most of all. soon would be best. they are giving you and other christians a bad name. most imporitantly father please guide us in the right path. i know you are always watching! amen! - love, r.k.

    1. Please go back to school. PLEASE. Not judging, but you lose your point...

  231. saitan in the image of evil is REAL. god dosent hate anybody. he made this life about what we can create. im not a christian, for true religion is in the heart. i feel for the kids in that family though. still too young to understand what the hell their yellin about. that level of brain-wash is evil. these people are truley some of the most anti-american, brainwashed, ungreatful, and ignorant perverts ive ever stumbled across. i wonder what the pastior looked like without all the make-up on? those soldiers, that they were cursing fought for their right to religion, free speech and to keep their kids safe. people like this make our freedom of religion and speech a bad thing. makes me sick.

  232. the oldest sister and Lewis totally had a thing going on ;)

    1. in his next documentary with the family there were some defectors but she wasnt one of them, I was as surprised as he was. She seemed to have some genuine qualities.

  233. can everyone in america just vote to kick these crazies out of here?

  234. Those people didn't even know what the fu*k they were talking about. This is why I don't believe in a god. If that's the way god wants things I shall not be apart of it. It's disgusting.

  235. Honestly, beate, I have no idea where you are getting your information. There is no way to conclusively prove that animals or reptiles are "homosexual". The fact they are driven by their animal instincts to reproduce has nothing to do with their "attraction" to a specific gender over another. 1 male dog humping another male dog does not make them "homosexual" anymore than 1 criminal inmate screwing the prison bitch. It's about dominance, and animal instincts not about attraction. Next, I suppose you'll be saying a dog who humps your leg is "attracted" to human legs! Talk about idiocy!

    1. @Ron Jon:

      Lame excuse for trying to troll, quit preaching and quit trolling.

    2. is there any way to conclusively prove that god is real? or that homosexuality is "bad"?

    3. this the only true christian in america they are saying what the bible say

    4. exactly

  236. This is exactly the reaction they want (from people like you). You assault them physically, and they file a lawsuit against you and clean your (financial) clock.

  237. I'd be interested to know what the WBC believes concerning freewill and who created Satan. Perhaps another reporter can ask more theological based questions.

  238. this makes me so sad...

  239. this makes me so sad...

  240. This kind of garbage is why I am no longer a christian. This obvious cult takes everything to the extreme. If they really believe in the bible then what happened to the laws of the old testament being overridden by the message of love and understanding and forgiveness in the new testament? The so-called pastor is the most hateful, psychotic jerk I have ever seen that claims to be a christian. It is heartbreaking to see how these children are being brainwashed into these id**tic, cultish beliefs. I can't believe that someone has not physically harmed these hate preaching lunatics while they were protesting at some poor familys most grief filled moment while saying goodbye to someone they love. If there is a god and a hell and these people don't go then nobody is. The children should be taken away from these hate filled m*rons and given a chance at a normal life instead of being indoctrinated as the next generation to preach one evil old mans twisted version of christianity. May that self righteous psycho burn forever and ever. Amen.

  241. jael totally has a thing for Louis ;)

  242. BITCH...she just got some CLAY inside her head..

  243. OBNOXIOUSNESS as a religion?!

  244. im a atholic but this is way to much! i mean dead soldiers funerals really!?

  245. what ever happened to " do not judge and you wont be" ??

    1. Whatever happened to reading scripture in context? Try reading Matthew 7 not just one verse taken out of context.

  246. This is why I'm atheist.

  247. You are FAILING TO TELL PEOPLE TO REPENT NOW!!!! How about that part..That's where you are NOT doing The Lord's Will...The time of Judgment is Upon us, But your messages is JUDGMENT and HATRED....Where is your LOVE for ALL?? Tell them To REPENT!!! Help them find JESUS...He LOVES US ALL and WANTS US ALL TO BE SAVED!!!

  248. What saddens me, is the complete rejection of the point by certain posters of this video.

    The "people" in this family are like all of us. They have hopes, dreams and their own take on reality. We are bombarded by "what is right" on a day to day basis by institutions, societies and media pundits.

    So I ask of you all again (I include religious and secular proponents) What SHOULD we all believe?

    1. My thing is believe what you want to. Nobody has any right to tell you what to believe. (which they make their family believe or they reject them). However, keep your beliefs to yourself. Don't force them onto someone else. Why do they care so much who is going to hell. If they feel that they aren't thats all that should matter. Don't worry about what I'm doing or where I will go when I die.

    2. Okay. But then you are saying that the right to free speech is flawed. I say, the right to ignore opinions that are clearly ridiculous, is a personal choice.

      As soon as we all stop giving gravity to these zealots, the better we all will be.

    3. Exactly. Media and social outlets need to stop giving this group attention. Like a child throwing a tantrum, sometimes you just need to brush it off and ignore it. Attention only encourages them more.

    4. You're right, but think about this - being outside the box we automatically have that ability to think in ways they cant, so with that being said, we should try to control them with the media. So what we do, is let them get the attention, let them take that next radical step, let them bury themselves. If we can distract them enough that they can't form a plan b for when gramps dies, or something goes wrong or someone disappears, then they might just be left to dry out and die sadly. When one of those girls finds out someone find them attractive, even at their own demise, lets see if the light bulb comes on.

  249. Luna Shine said: "one chance at finding happiness"

    Happiness is the way, it's not something you chase after. That thing one chases after is often just materialism.

  250. You know what the very worst sin is? Rejecting grace through faith in Jesus Christ! Also here is a few sin's that God states are ones He abhor's.!# a divisive heart(dividing people)2.Slandering another..3 gossip It's been said the human unregenerated heart carries in it every sin that man could possibly commit thus the need to be born again. One can't earn it or will it into reality but must recieve it as a free gift by simply beleiving in Jesus.I feel pity for the Phelp's as if they do not see their sin they will hear the word's of Jesus saying to them'i never knew you' and the hell they so gleefully declare and decribe to all will be their destiny.As much as i abhore these ppl's message i really don't want them to be lost for an eternity.I can't understand how fred phelps children who witnessed the vilest acts and language while growing up can not see that thir father is a very sick and twisted man(read nates phelps bio).To follow him will send them to the very hell they fear.

  251. I'm wondering if someone were to shoot the old man, kill him, would these people stop? They seem to believe that everyone who dies does so because they are EVIL...therefore if he dies in their eyes its because he sinned...HE was wrong. At the same time, by doing that we would be no netter than's like they're a test America had to pass...

    1. People like this rationalize to an extreme. If he was killed then all the deaths of solders would be punishment for his death.
      Also that's kinda a horrible thing to say.

    2. They would make a martyr out of him.

    3. another thing that doesn't make sense to me. If you die because you are a sinner and you are going to hell, then why would there be a heaven? Wouldn't the non-sinners just live forever??

  252. Wow very well trained people. I would not be able to answer back so quickly and defend my opinions so well...especially if I'd be so wrong in my ideas like they are

    1. I'm not sure if you're being sarcastic, but they really didn't defend their opinions at all. They spurted answers out quickly so you would think they knew what they were talking about, but their answers really didn't "say" anything about why. They just kept repeating themselves. "Because God says it should be" "Because God hates the Fags" They never explained parts of the Bible that said these things or anything. But I do agree that they are well trained.

  253. Oh God have mercy on these people! Please show them grace through faith in Jesus Christ,not of themselves,not of work's it is a GIFT OF GOD.Please release them from their prison that satan has bound them in! This is extreme blindness from demonic enities.there is no other answer. They know the bible well yet they don't know it through the Holy Spirit nor can they comprehend it as it is spiritually decerned. How can they ignore the blood of Jesus Christ? How can they ignore the great commision and that is to go out and preach the gospel of Jesus. How can they not see their sin of arrogance..of rebeliion for Christ has commanded that we be(through the spirit)be conformed to the image of Christ. An image that is loving,kind,joyful,gentle,patientfaithful,goodness.Jesus is meek and lowly they are arrogant and self righteous,Jesus forgives,they condemn,Jesus saves,they torment, They are the exact opposites of the Lord Jesus Christ.

  254. The sad part is that they are doing exactly what parts of the Bible tells them to do. We must do away with religions once and for all to see real change.

    1. Joao, What you fail to realize is that religion is only ONE OF MANY forms of controlling weak-minded sheeple. If it weren't religion, it might be economic control, political control, or some other form of manipulation of the masses.

      For example, Richard Dawkins, one of you atheists favorite people, convinces the masses of all sorts of misconceptions... like the fact that global warming is caused by evil humans... or the fact that a communist/collectivist form of society is the most fair and provides the most social justice... when these ideas have been proven time and time again to be false.

      People need to realize that someone is ALWAYS trying to manipulate them for some cause that is less than perfect or just flat out WRONG... they need to learn to use logic and critical thinking to see through these charades and manipulations.

      Sadly, it is the government-run public schools that turn people into conformist sheep...easily manipulated by whomsoever tries to sway their opinion about something in order to gain control over them. You are trained to always respect authority blindly and without question.


    2. Allthough it looks like you are warning people not to get manipulated you are actually trying to manipulate people yourself with this post. I dont know if this post is ment to make people aware of them being manipulated right now or that dont know yourself how genius your post really is.

    3. no the sad part is they are doing only PART of what the bible tells them to the part that was done away with by the coming of jesus whos own words shared in the wisdom of "love thy neighbor as thy self" what we need to do is to remember that it is not our place to judge others (judge not less thee be judged) and we need to remember that it is others choices to do what they do and ours to do what we need to do to serve god, not preach what we "think" is his will. instead of preaching bits and parts of the bible, share the whole story, i cannot stress enough how misleading it is to share only one or two versus out of a chapter of a book in the bible, let alone mix and match them.

    4. No they aren't, I'm agnostic and not a huge fan of religion but religion never tells people to do this.

    5. I agree whole heartedly.

  255. It's sad honestly. The little kid is cute and made a cute little booklet of god's rules. It's not wrong to obey and preach about god, but don't do it in a manner of picketing funerals!

  256. What I don't understand is the fact that they actually think they've read the Bible. I'm starting to wonder if they've ever read a single page. Also, they seem to be answering no questions about their faith and contradicting themselves all the time. How could anyone, who has read the Bible, understand it that way? I have never ever seen the words: 'God hates you' in the Bible anywhere, nor do I think that these people are doing others a courtesy. They hate the world, and discover that the world hates them back. I felt angry with them at first, but now I can only pity them, and the people they pull into hating others with them, like the seven-year-old girl who didn't even know what message she was holding for the world to see.

  257. I'm a Christian, and this is just shameful. God loves everyone, doesn't matter if you're gay or straight, black or white, etc. I'm not only mad at them (Westboro Baptist Church) because they make all Christians look bad, but because they also go against everything God stands for (loving, accepting, caring, forgiving) only to claim that they're "Christian". I want to take a moment to apologize, on behalf of all REAL Christians, to those who have ever put up with any BS from a "fake" christian. And when I say that, I mean Christians who have ever judged you, looked down on you or condemned you because of the cliche "you're living a sinful life" speech. I love anyone and everyone, and I never judge people upon how they live their lives. If you're nice to me, I'll be nice to you, period (quote from Eminem). And to the Atheists reading this: it's all good, I still wouldn't mind having a coffee with you, there are a thousand other topics to talk about! :P

    1. Joel you are what will give Christians back a good name. What you wrote is probably one of the most beautiful messages I've ever heard come from someone describing themselves as Christian. Thank you.

    2. So you’ll recognize them by their fruit.

      21 “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord!’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of My Father in heaven. 22 On that day many will say to Me, ‘Lord, Lord, didn’t we prophesy in Your name, drive out demons in Your name, and do many miracles in Your name?’ Then I will announce to them, ‘I never knew you! Depart from Me, you lawbreakers!’

    3. Joel, I am an Atheists :) and I PRAISE your every word here.

      Very well said and is of great proof that not all Christians are like this family.

      I would most definitly sit down and ENJOY having a cuppa with you too. :)

  258. It's a shame to see so many people, and mainly children, put so much effort forth toward a purposeless idea. Their warnings do nothing but sacrifice the lives of many and the enormous potential of the children. Image if they took the same amount of effort/perseverance towards something positive, like practicing safe sex, they possibly could reach many people. Or **** it even if they did a ton of community service, because the people are anything but lazy.
    The 21 year old girl you can tell wants to/has rebelled and came back probably just because she loves her family. These people shouldn't be hated, but pitied, and their message frowned upon. As a society we should realize that these young people are brainwashed and to ignore them and try and help, not hate/kill them, as that only rectifies their beliefs.

  259. this "church" and I use that word lightly..Picketed a 6 victims here in Atchison Kansas after a grain elevator exploded..The outrage in this small town was evident. Hundreds of Atchison Kansas Residents, along with grain trucks encased the funeral homes here to protect our families of the fallen...They were run out of these funerals 3 blocks away from the services..They never got close, all with hymms and singing praise and prayers.

    1. I think that this family is wonderful. They are teaching their children the hard truth. They are lovely people. lol.

    2. I missed the "lol" at first, I desperately searched for sarcasm afterward.

    3. Chris, may I know the name of the drug you were on when you typed that?

    4. The one that makes you a troll, oh wait that doesn't exist. ;]

  260. What get's me about that 1 lady which I am hoping is not a reflection of the total of the group is her arrogance and self rightousness..She is an arrogant ass.. Making anything beautiful with the concept of God A scary joke.. If anyone was to come to a faith . They would look at her disrespect and say to themselves*This is not the PATH i CHOOSE,,! if SHE WAS MY ONLY EXAMPLE.. ONE WHO has faith.. I'd rather choose to be atheist or Anything... ! Rightousness Means Right-Use-ness.. Of our thoughts heart.How we compassionately deal with ones who are struggling.The Heinous crime being commited by churches and organizations. Is their teaching of hate and racism..hIDING THEIR PERVERTIONS.. To think they are better than their brothers and sisters. Shame on You West Babtist. And I Hope The veil of darkness will be lifted from your BLIND Eyes. God is Beauty. Love. Non hate. Reaching for others who are struggling searching for light. Your arrogance will come bk to you will a deep penalty that mY NOT BE PAID BK IN THIS LIFE..BUT TRUST ME. yOU WILL HAVE TO ANSWER FOR IT AS SO MANY OTHER CHURCHES WHO PROFESS TO BE *THE ONE.*BAH...MAKES ME LAUGH YOU FOOLS. !!!!

  261. the girls shirt says Italia, yet roman catholics live in italy and should be persecuted by the group...
    anyways, these people have no idea of the sick crimes they are comitting and should be thrown into jail for life.

    1. Yea I noticed that too. I also noticed how attractive she was.

  262. funny all these people might be going to hell because they read the bilble wrong i hope they know that god hates the sin not the sinner these people r y christianity is mostly frowned upon i will forever hate these people its funny they only target homosexual when the preacher might a hypicritical homosexual himself. these people dont know god no more than god allows them to know they hit a little kid because of them god tells us to love thy neighbor these people dont even know the people the meaning of that scritptuar how dare u saw the rightous go to heaven when there is only one man who walked the earth rightous and his name is jesus christ. these people have forgotten the most important verse that most christians live by

    for god so loved the world that he gave his only forgotten so that whosoever believeth in him shall not perish but have everylasting life
    john 3:16

  263. well this is a prime example as to why i have no religion, and will never believe in any 'God' of any kind. I believe, 'God' was conjured up by someone who new the world needed some kind of order. The 10 commandments are a guideline to how ideally everyone should live there lives, of which i respect. I also respect anyone who believes in 'God', as that belief brings hope and comfort to peoples lives, which i also respect and understand. But there is another side to religion, as there is to most things, which is people like the ones featured in the above film. Religion breeds as much hate and hostility as it does love and peace. In fact, religion has been the cause of more wars and blood spill than anything else in the world... If you are a christian, you cant say that these people aren't christian just because you don't agree with how they choose to practice it. Despite there extreme manner and behavior, they too also worship 'God' and follow his commandments- (just to extreme levels) do they not? They also highlight homosexuality as one of the biggest sins, i read in a comment below by a christian that 'God' deems all sins equal, therefor there are no protruding sins per say; but this does not exclude the fact that there is not 1, not 2, but 3 homophobic references in the bible?? So again, although they maybe preaching this in an extreme way, and in a way not all christians would choose to preach this, are they not just following what the bible teaches them??? I'm a bi-sexual. I have a son, and i'm not married. I drink alcohol to extent and when i was a teenager i did a vary of different party drugs. I have illegally downloaded music before, and own some pirate copied DVD's. By all accounts, i'm a sinner, am i not?? but I've never hurt anyone, I've never turned up to a funeral and mocked the family's of the dead, and I've never tried to brainwash anyone into believing what i believe. Watching this film, id say i lead a more respectful life than any of those christians. I live my life using the common sense and respect i was born with- yet due to my actions and way of life, i am deemed as a sinner?? It seems religion can sometimes drain us of our natural instincts... And sometimes do more bad than good. But hey, what the hell do i know. Lol.

  264. Only in America

    1. No..not at all actually.

  265. If they hate america they shouldn't be protected by the amendments and then they'll say that god hates america, not them. The 1st amendment should be over ruled by hate speech in special circumstances and cults.

  266. LOL :D. one of most entertaining religious videos.

  267. I honestly do not know what to say to this. It is disgusting.

  268. This made me so mad at first then as I continued to watch it I started to feel incredibly sad. These people are doing exactly what God told us not to do and not doing anything God has told us to do. God sees every sin equally and none is worthy of going to hell for. The only thing you will go to hell for is refusing God all your life. God has called us to save souls and preach the gospel (GOOD NEWS). It breaks my heart to see all these people who drive by or listen to these people with the picket signs and know that they may never accept God because they think all Religious people are fools and God is a hateful God. Who would worship a hateful God? Not me.I know that my Father in heaven is so loving and cares for each and everyone of us. God is love and love does not hate. Where is the love in these signs?

  269. My only question is... if these people think God hates the United States and that we're a doomed nation, WHY THE HELL ARE THEY STILL IN THIS COUNTRY?! Seriously, just leave if you're that upset about it...

    You have a right to free speech. You're abusing it. Leave, go somewhere you think is either not damned or is less damned than this country. Spread your message there, perhaps you'll choose a country where its acceptable to just shoot idiots like you for opening your mouths and saying stupid things...

  270. While I understand where they are coming from, as a gay American and the sister of a dead soldier, I think that they are going the wrong way. I believe that religion is in the person, if you think its a sin then its a sin to you, but there are some things that just cannot be forgiven, such as what these people are doing. The younger seem nice enough but the older generation are stereotypical bible thumpers.

  271. What I wouldn't give to live next door to these sad people, I would have just massive gay-pride parties every weekend, hugely gay parties, lights, fog, kick-a** dj's, everyone dressed up like it's Burning Man. I mean like Big Gay Al, SOOO gay, just to piss them off. Yeah, the cops will get called every weekend and we'd probably end up in court all the time, but it would be worth it just to imagine them getting all in a tizzy about the "evil homosexuals". I feel sorry for them, but it's disugusting the way they're poisoning their childrens minds. The comedianne Lisa Lampenelli has the perfect solution. For every protester that shows up she donates 1,000 to various gay/lesbian foundations or aids research. She raised something like 40,000 dollars to the Gay and Lesbian Foundation, dotated proudly in the name of the Westboro Baptist Church.

    1. I'm not gay (so far as I know...), but I think that's just a fabulous idea. I could even borrow my daughter's feather boa for a while, if I happened to be in the area. And, who knows, maybe eventually a bonafide miracle would happen, and one or two of these pathetic excuses for homo sapiens would learn a little something about the possibility of living without fear, and the real definition of fun, love, and acceptance.
      But who am I fooling? And I'm being a bit less than complete about acknowledging my own feelings here... I'm afraid that what I would probably really prefer to do would be to whip out my big, gay gun and pump big, gay bullets into all of their hateful faces.

    2. your comment should have a 16yrs old warning....lolololololol

    3. Someone bought a house across the street from their headquarters and painted it rainbow stripes. It will be a support site for persons of the alternate persuasions! Personally, I'd play Bronski Beat full blast during daylight hours, but then, I love that band!

  272. I really think they are pro gay rights in disguise. They show themselves off as every worst anti gay stereotype in existence and get the most public attention they can. No one would dare run the risk of appearing to be on their side.

    1. @ James Krajca
      not sure they are that smart

  273. "Who would hit a child"

    ... who would use a child as a human shield.

  274. They are so lucky they live in America, where they have the right to have this opinion. Because other countries wouldn't stand for this

    1. Wrong. At least in Europe they could express themselves in this manner. The difference is that here substancially less people are as shitfu*k crazy as in the states. It would be common sense to send the whole congregation in to a loonybin though. Maybe local residents can have a fund raiser to bulild a new one with exceptionally high walls and a door that once it closes behind them is forever locked. Heh even I would chip in a few dollars. Anything for a good cause.

    2. Don't believe it, We have the British National Party here, not religious but equally vile and hateful.

    3. wrong .... europa ....

  275. Lord, I know this grieves you that the world You created beautiful was made ugly by sin. Thank you for sending your Son to die on the cross for my sin. While He was here, He spent time with those who needed him most - - this certainly did not make Him popular, Lord, but He was being obedient to your will. When I see the hate that is caused by this group of people Lord, it makes me sad to see they are using your name to spread that hate. Lord, You love all people. There is no 'but' - - it's just a period. There is no one person on this earth that can stand & say they are better than any other. We are all sinners Lord, but we can be saved by grace. No works that I do will ever save me a place in Heaven, it is only by accepting Jesus as my personal Saviour. Please grant us peace Lord. Amen

    1. Cindy: I agree the WBC is abusing God's name in a hateful way. Yet your prayer is a bit too inclusive I think, Cindy. God is love, yes, but His greatest attribute is still perfect "justice".


  276. Is Walt Whitman in Hell?

    Or James Baldwin?

    Or Emily Dickinson?

    1. Yes.


      And you know she is! Keepin the place warm for me.

    2. Wouldn't want to trade my future chances for Heaven for any of theirs. Would you?

  277. LGBT, sounds like a sandwich. sleep tight x

  278. There are so many things about this film that make me cringe as a God-fearing Christian... Seeing people like this really make me hate calling myself a Christian since they give all of us a bad name. Though I don't believe Louis was a Christian himself, he brought up a lot of the exact same arguments I would have used against the family. Especially "Don't you think that the way you're conducting yourselves may be turning people OFF to Christianity"
    The fact that their not even trying to win people to Jesus and only spread condemnation and take JOY in that is totally wrong.

    1. Why do you have to fear your God?

  279. This will be my last post, sorry for spamming the last 4 threads, i just cant keep quiet. Though i do not believe in homosexuality and think it is wrong, their way of trying to change people will never work. They are destroying any chance someone has of repenting. And i hate all the actions from this family and how they handle things, but the thing that totally gets me is how they go to military funerals. Just because there are gays in the military doesnt mean everyone in the military is gay! They are young men and women who are sacrificing for this family. And some of them even are religious themselves. /shrug / false prophets imo

    1. I completely agree with you. Their conduct is completely unacceptable and a disgrace to actual Christians.

    2. What is an "actual" Christian? Are they the ones that completely disregard the OT where it does say that the WBC are basically doing their gods and your gods work. Sanctified by your gods! Black and white in your holy book of terrors. The WBC think they are doing gods work and are bound for your "actual" heaven.

      And yes, your religion does not seem to be any fun at all when you have to live in abject fear of your gods.

    3. Actual Christians show love because God showed us love first, not just pointing out peoples flaws, but also showing them how to change and leaving the rest to them. We do not save anyone, we are just messengers to others. And we fear Him because He has the power to judge us and will. It is a reverent fear.

    4. Right, and how do you know all this? just something you are told or have read or even saw movies about? Strictly in your mind along side your invisible gods that you telepathically communicate with.

    5. Not keen on god, when your bad he blames you and when your good he takes all the credit.

    6. Wutnut11: Very well said. Short and precisely to a valid truth.

  280. Matthew 7:1 . google it. this family must of skipped that verse.

  281. and at 29:10 the Bible says that Christians are a peculiar people... these people have 1 thing right, and destroy every other part of their religion, or so they think they have a religion. what they have is a cult.

  282. These people are disgusting. And apparently at 19:46, this guy does not realize Christ purpose of coming to the earth. It was to die and to save humanity. Though it was a brutal and terrible thing, without Christ death, we still be sacrificing animals and postponing what sin does best, kills and destroys.

  283. That one chick totally had the hots for Louis.

  284. @ Blake Dawson, the reason our government can't do anything is because of free speech. I wish the government could do something about the possibility of inciting a riot, because that is illiegal.....

  285. I feel so bad for these people... All they know is hate :(

  286. .. talking about fags

  287. This is the most retarded piece of cr*p i ever seen... When the drink was thrown at that little boy i felt bad for him, but i also hoped that learned a very important lesson which is, don't put children into your religious cr*p. And i found it sad that another little boy whose talking about God hates this nation, of f*gs. I'm pretty sure that he doesn't know what 2x2 equal. These people are obvisually obessed with a religion that they don't even know half about. It's people like that makes me wonder, why havent the government shot these people and dumped them in the ocean like they did to osama bin ladin?

  288. I can't even breathe, this is so sick.....God is love not hate and what about the children???? Hate breeding hate... I am so upset to see this I can't put it into words without offending.....
    Hilaine loves alll......

  289. I'm sorry that those children are being oppressed and history is being misrepresented as well as homosexuals and religion. We have one life and one chance at finding happiness. Death isn't beautiful and life after death isn't fun. We have just this life to make ourselves happy and find what brings our inner peace. May it be religion, science, hope, dreams or finding who you truly are, no one should object to it in this fashion of hatred.

    Time and time again have we proven hatred just ended up in many lives being eradicated and the lamentation of mothers, fathers, siblings... I'm not thrilled with the concept of abortion, but what right do we have to say over that woman's body? I would hate having someone tell me I was wrong for not keeping a child I was unprepared to conceive.

    Children are growing up too quickly today anyway. We must not force them to eat our ideas and keep them as innocent for as long as possible. Girls are becoming sexually active at younger ages, kids are getting abused or self abusing themselves. Adults control their world, my world (considering I'm only sixteen), but we are influenced by those around us.

    What I witness and understand makes it hard to release these emotions. I've learned, though self abuse is terrible, it release tension that the world around me has created. I don't believe in God but I do know if he truly exists he would say something like this: "Life is wonderful. Live everyday like it's a miracle for it is. Peace will come only if one realizes how delicate and amazing life can and will be." This is our world, we make it what we see and hopefully those who have been misrepresented or mis-taught or treated will be able to break free of the restrictions of what life might present and learn to fly. Maybe one day, we can all just accept each other, forget hatred and love ourselves and one another before World War III breaks out over our raw animalistic nature and fear of unknown. Than just maybe, life will truly be a Heaven and we can just be what we desire to be.

    ((I know some might not agree with what I said, but please realize I'm just stating what I believe. I believe life is precious and we shouldn't misuse what we were given. I apologize if this offended anyone with some of my statements or all of it.))

    1. @Luna Shine:

      Very good and concise post, Luna Shine.

  290. From the looks of it, they won't have any more children to brainwash because the new generation of women in the family won't be getting married and having children.

    1. Of course they will. Just from what most of those younger Phelps women have stated and implied, I agree that it may not be a choice that the new generation of females really cares about or will pursue, because they would prefer to serve their "God" rather than themselves. However, they still have young men in that family that can spread their seed.

  291. I watched this Documentary. Finally I get to let people know that there are IGNORANT people out there. Here is one family that is. And this family is teaching their children the same thing. I hope they don't grow anymore.

  292. Nothing like an un-educated gang of big mouths.....

  293. If America is so doomed, why not move somewhere else and give up your US Citizenship???

  294. As with MOST homophobes, it's all about the images THEY have in their head...

  295. Nothing like a bunch of fear mongering Homophobes with a huge case of intolerance - I fail to see where in the Bible it says that God hates ANYONE!


  296. What might be better questions to own them would be like "Do you eat pork?" and if they say yes, look appalled, point accusingly and scream "YOU ARE GOING TO HELL!!!!"

  297. Hey, this family is authentic proof that genetic experiments on humans are taking place in the USA and have been going on for years. Looks like Grandpa may have well been the first unfortunate soul to be cloned using the genes of a baboon many many years ago.

  298. I think Louie spent a lot of time trying to convince the girls in the church that they should go out and find a boyfriend. I am a lesbian so I obviously don't agree with what these people are saying. But at the same time they said time and time again that's against their beliefs so why did he harp on it. If I was them I woulda said ***** you dude respect my "religion" and stop trying to make me change my mind. I think that was uncalled for on his part. It was like he wanted them to break down and say I masterbate at night and I really want a man in and around my mouth. Why are people so amazed and fascinated by the fact that some people remain virgins because thats what the bible says you should do? I am a christian, a virgin I am not! But people find the fact that someone wants to remain pure so absurd. I guess it's better to be slut and sleep around and have abortions. Louie was out of line with that. But I love the way he said come on you ***** "Jesus was a Jew." LOL! Right on. I would love to picket outside of their church. Any other gays reading this we should have a huge pride parade early one Sunday in Topeka.

    1. for this same sick reason it is worse for and to people in not only eastern europa and russia to live a normal life being what they are and like to be with the irony of pedhophilia instead of being criminal and for this reason converted to christianity and/or islam fascists according to jewry : booze dope prostitution

    2. I think that you are the one harping too much on something, Keva. I think the director was trying to make a point that teenagers do "normal" things such as going out and dating; whether it be dating men, women or both. I think it is obvious that he would not say, "Do you ever think of going out and looking for a girlfriend?" to a female member of the Westboro Baptist Church for, I would hope, obvious reasons. That would be the stupid thing. It is counter-productive to what he was trying to get across. And he was certainly not saying it was wrong to be pure, he was trying to make a point about being a kid and choosing to productive things other than spreading hate.
      I also don't think that his intention was to get Christian extremists to say they masturbate (make sure to spell check before posting, Keva) at night or "have a man in or around their mouth". I find it hilarious when people attempt to sound witty when they clearly are not.
      I am afraid that you may have missed the point of this particular piece of filmaking. What were you doing for 58 minutes?

  299. Her son's name is GAYbriel!!! (see 03:50) Her family is doooomed .....

  300. Man this guy must be a saint to put up with them for a extended amount of time over 5 min. He sure did his best but when your talking to a brick wall its hard to get anything out of it

  301. "Even the person who has committed the most abominable atrocity, still remains a child of God." Desmund Tutu .... are you sure tutu : is this your sick interpretation of reincarnation .... let's have a budweiser or a cup a tea with rasputin adolf hitler ceausescu bill clinton saddam hussein .... they must be not so bad after all and with your blessing blessed excuse only christians - jews - muslims - are allowed .... get your self a life and work the land .... with your hands .... not with your filthy brain and mouth

  302. not the so-called funny thing but the very sick reality : jews - christians - muslims - royalty - educated themselves or are educated - by foregoing of course - and they regret and they sorry about mistakes : the killings : abortion - euthanasia - genocide - don't have your own thoughts - atheist - heretic - unbeliever - on this : you will end up judged and dead

    1. Are you a little bit ANGRY ?

    2. not at all and f***** up psychotic dutchies are not ev'ryman's problem

    3. Sorry, but you do come across that way. Its not a bad thing to feel so strongly about it but I wonder if you realise that your point is a little bit lost in the rant, its hard to read. Like I tell my kids,you can say anything you like but once you start shouting I stop listening.There is no way to win with those people, they can't see the wood for the trees. Also they've been around for a while now and don't seem to be attracting new blood, in fact they're losing people. Anyway they can't stop now because they would have to face the fact that they were wrong, the hatred they get only serves to justify their beliefs.

  303. @blissful_harmony

    i completely agree with your post but would just like to add one thing - when the girls were saying who would want me, they hadnt contemplated leaving the church, who would want me (in my opinion) was that they are the most hated family, and no-one wants to join their church, therefore no-one would want to marry them.

    with regards to louis - i completely agree - his style of journalism is what enables him to meet with these people, live amongst them, learn about them and complete his documentary. for those who have underestimated louis, watch other documentaries of his - you will recognise his style and see that this allows him to ask questions others might not get away with.
    i think he does deserve huge credit - barely any of his questions were answered, definately not directly

  304. Jesus is just all right with me .. Jesus is just all right, Oh yeah .. Jesus is just all right with me .. Jesus is just all right .. I don't care what they may know .. I don't care where they may go .. I don't care what they may know .. Jesus is just all right, oh yeah .. Jesus is just all right .. I don't care what they may say .. I don't care what they may do .. I don't care what they may say .. Jesus is just all right, oh yeah .. Jesus is just all right .. Do, do, do, do, do, do, do, .... Jesus is just all right with me .. Jesus is just all right, Oh yeah .. Jesus is just all right with me .. Jesus is just all right .. Jesus is just all right with me .. Jesus is just all right, Oh yeah .. Jesus is just all right with me .... Jesus is just all right ....

  305. I have looked at many of these blogs and I see a lot of people arguing on the word of God, saying that Louis Theroux did not do well when confronted by this family on the theology of God. Louis rarely bit on the points relating to the bible, because I suspect he doesn’t believe in it, and with very good reason.
    The bible has been proven to be written an d re-written throughout time to suit political agenda of 1000-2000 years ago. It is a mash of contradiction because each chapter was not written on its own by one person but several people throughout history who were definitely not born in the same periods of time. It is the same as any other political book that seeks to dominate a culture or society in terms of mass societal control. It intertwines itself with history, marking particular figure heads of the time that would give legitimacy of the book, but re-writing the stories to suit, that is re-writes the social controls to suit their particular need for power (or political agenda).
    Given this, to enter into discussion about the book in itself illogical. The book carefully reflexes on itself so it can provide arguments to questions which are not structured. If structure does come into it though, it cannot provide logic or reason to even one philosophy of being. It cannot because it has been rewritten several times by people that had different philosophies. How can one argue on the basis of the bible when the bible has not logic applied to it, rather propagandist controls?
    The point of this documentary, as I see in its structure and some of the ‘dumb’ questions that were asked was to look at the lives at a humanitarian level of the people.
    Louis has a certain style, to show not tell. He would ask questions to bring out what was there. He’s very astute in feeling out the boundaries and not pushing them too far and maintaining that delicate balance. To get into a screaming fight on the bible would have been pointless and would have meant that Louis team would have had to leave. A bit of cred to Louis on this point please people. He’s being very underestimated in this blog.
    No. What Louis has shown is clear markers of psychological abuse, particularly evident in the children. For me, it brought into question the affects that religion, society and politics, has on the development of a child. That is, not just this church, as quite often the extremities are only used to highlight the subversive undercurrents of what occurs within society. If you follow the behaviour within the family, particularly the girls, there is a clear pattern of behaviour which is evident. I ask whether or not there are any feelings of self worth at all despite the appearance of being righteous. It is alarming to hear some of the comments among the girls. The repetition of ‘who would have me, everyone hates us’ continues throughout the documentary, at different times, with different girls. The controls placed are expansive and their mother is quite adamant on these controls, I would suspect because she thinks she is saving their souls. The girls seemingly cannot make decisions for themselves and they are very people pleasing toward their parents. The fact that a 21 year old woman would ring her mother to ask whether or not she can go out for coffee is a key demonstration of that. She was a ‘good’ girl and rang her mother.
    What’s more, the consequences of not doing what their mother says will mean ostracising from the family as demonstrated by the 4 children no longer ‘with them’ (either you're with us or against us). Their family is the only thing they’ve got, because from the time they are six years old their family ostracises them from the rest of society. Why do they repeat over and over who will want me, everyone hates us? What seems to be the case is the family, in effect has removed any thought that the girls have anywhere else to go and the only ones who will support them is the family and the church. This is the same psychology you will find in abused spouses. The elimination of hope that there is another option¸ and the continual reinforcement that they only way is their way. This is not just this particular church or this particular family. This happens everywhere there is a congregation of a belief system that operates on fear. (Can you think of any other political belief system that does this in modern times?)
    Louis of course cannot say this out loud because 1. They would have asked him to stop filming and 2. He would have had a lawsuit on his hands.
    This is a sad story.

  306. go to school - go to work - or shut the f*** up

  307. according to (new born) fascistic christianity there is something else to be understand too : they are praying mantis because of committing crimes and sins and blaming others all the time for doing this

  308. keep in mind : fascists never sing and next is a gay : not a hate song :

    Oh, sinner man .. Where you gonna run to? .. Oh, sinner man .. Where you gonna run to? .. Oh, sinner man .. Where you gonna run to .. All on that day? .. Run from the light .. Satan's gonna see you .. Run from the light .. Satan's gonna see you .. Run from the light .. Satan's gonna see you .. All on that day .. Don't make a sound .. The Devils' gonna hear you .. Don't make a sound .. The Devils' gonna hear you .. Don't make a sound .. The Devils' gonna hear you .. All on that day .. Oh, sinner man .. Where you gonna run to? .. Oh, sinner man .. Where you gonna run to? .. Oh, sinner man .. Where you gonna run to .. All on that day? .. Run to the Lord .. Lord, won't you hide me? .. Run to the Lord .. Lord, won't you hide me? .. Run to the Lord .. Lord, won't you hide me .. All on that day? .. Lord said: Sinner man .. you should've been a prayin' .. Lord said: Sinner man .. you should've been a prayin' .. Lord said: Sinner man .. you should've been a prayin' .. All on that day .. Oh, sinner man .. Where you gonna run to? .. Oh, sinner man .. Where you gonna run to? .. Oh, sinner man .. Where you gonna run to .. All on that day? .. The Devil said: Sinner man .. step right in! .. The Devil said: Sinner man .. step right in! .. The Devil said: Sinner man .. step right in! .. All on that day .. When you dig in the ground .. The Devil won't catch you .. Dig in the ground .. The Devil won't catch you .. Dig in the ground .. The Devil won't catch you .. All on that day .. Oh, sinner man .. Where you gonna run? .. Oh, sinner man .. Where you gonna run? .. Oh, sinner man .. Where you gonna run .. All on that day? .. Oh, sinner man .. Where you gonna run to? .. Oh, sinner man .. Where you gonna run to? .. Oh, sinner man .. Where you gonna run to .. All on that day? ....

  309. compare this tribe with the waco texas tribe or the k.k.k. tribe or any other criminal tribe and the only reason they still excist is the possibility of their sponsoring of politicians and the only question left : american human beings why are you cowards

  310. they irony everybody the same way as it began between 1914-1918 and 1940-1945 in europa and they are again the same christian fascists because of being new born christian fascists

  311. If they hate America so much, why they don't move somewhere else? Oh, wait, in any other country they would be dead already...
    They hate the only country that allows them to spread their word freely...
    I love the irony...

  312. they are fascists

  313. get your rotten corps off off this planet insane brainsick incest bastard a**holes

  314. What's wrong with you people? Don't you see this is the righteous family? This is what I've been looking for my entire life. We are indeed all sinners and we are all going to hell if we do not join this movement! Don't you all want to go to heaven?...We are all doomed here in ROFL...I couldn't keep a serious face any longer. All the fun people go to hell anyway. According to them I'll be smoking a bowl with lucifer in 40 years. Hope he has some hydro. :

  315. The lifestyle of the members of WBC is unethical and erratic to most if not all of us, however this is America and so they are entitled to the freedom of speech, they are human beings and are entitled to their own thoughts and beliefs. Don't let their preaching of hate cause you to hate, because that just gives their movement more power. I do personally think the WBC group is crazy, but we do live in a F'n crazy world. Rise above the hate and spread Love, Peace, and Unity.

    1. Words of wisdom Casper!. I felt for them all. Poor kids raised in that environment have a tough road ahead. Their agenda actually raises attention to just how bad the interpretation of God and Love has become. If anything it will make more fanatical people wake up and reassess their beliefs. I'm a straight dude living in San Francisco and the unity and respect in that city is pretty inspiring. I forget how twisted the rest of the nation gets until i go on tour with my band across the states. Love is the core of happiness and growth for the evolving species that we are.

  316. I lol'd when that old preacher guy told the reporter he's too dumb hahaha! As far as I'm concerned the reporter is not the dumb one sending everyone to hell just cause they're gay, swedish, or a US army member! This is by far the most ridiculous religious group I've seen so far. I didn't even know they existed until a friend of mine mentioned that they raged against Ireland cause they allowed gay marriage. Lol these ppl need to open their eyes. They're not the ones who should be saying who's going to hell and who's not going to hell, that's just wrong however you look at it. Wrong.

  317. im surprised know one has jumped outta their car yet and beat the hell outta that shirley hater .

    1. Well, they better do that "incognito" or they will get their @ss sued off, most of the (WCB) are lawyers!

  318. How NOT to be!! LOL!!

  319. they are in for a RUDE awaking when they have their judgement day and they are sent to hell by God himself.....I think for what they put their children through the kids should be taken away for being put in harms way when they are taken to protest.....

  320. "You eat yo babies, jackass!"
    "Oh yes, you're going to hell *giggles awkwardly*"
    "its... Its.. FORNICATION!!" "You really like to use that word, don't you?"
    Great people skills, huh?
    The thing that REALLY bothers me about these people is that they are grinding this goddamn (bad pun, I know) message into small children. I mean, you don't have to love gay people, it's technically you're own opinion (Won't make you many friends, but ok.) but don't hate. and don't show practically-pornographic pictures to seven year olds and have them wave those signs around. Just don't. Its wrong, cruel, and highly unusual (for a good reason). Im going to stop now before I start saying some quite mean and probably illegal things. Goodnight.

  321. Absolutely brainwashed and blinded. I despise religion. They don't love God, they fear him, so they obey him and they won't 'burn in hell'. That's why that girl will laugh at Louis when he dies, because apparently God will as well, therefore she is obeying God. Also, one thing I would like to know is; have they actually ever met a gay person?

  322. I FEEL SORRY FOR THEM and especially the kids! our life is hard enough... we need pple making our life better not saying weird hurtfull things like that...they'r a bunch of loony ppl wasting their time instead of enjoying the beauty of life >.<.

  323. I found this doc funnier than hell no pun intended:D
    These people have serious issues obviously
    but Louis Theroux is great at filming serious subjects and just making it
    entertaining and funny in a almost naive slick way I love his docs.

  324. I love this country, and this is f****** insane. I am not sure if there is a Devil who is Red and has horns, but I do believe there are evil forces and people in the world and this clearly backs up my belief. The mother is an eccentric cult leader who has brain washed these kids where they can not even form their own beliefs. I do agree that is it is to easy to access all kinds of sick acts on the internet, but our country is based on freedom and freedom of speech. These people should respect that better than anyone because that is the only reason these people are able to voice their opinions. This is a disturbing documentary and I think they might all be inbread. The daughters are definately rug munching lesbians, and I love lesbians

  325. Oh no! I'm from sweden does it means that I'am going to hell? What a load of crap!

    I feel deeply sorry for the kids.

  326. god hates these ideals, wat a cruel sad joke i weep for humanity if you,d even call it that. Everyone is here for a reason these people are clearly here for the speading of hate *sigh*

  327. well of im heading for hell listening to this i think im already there

  328. This is so sad. Children learning to hate. This church doesn't do charity apparently. No feeding the homeless, no tending to the sick.

    It's sad that these girls are going to grow up thinking they don't deserve & they can't feel the love of a partner (we know one of them's got to be gay) who loves them back. They weren't given the choice of having God's free choice. Their parents took that away from them.

    *Shakes head* Our Gods must be different. Except for every other bible in the world, their bible doesn't teach that judging who goes to heaven & who goes to hell is not up to the human, but only to God.

  329. ,wow this is incredibly warped and terrible would kill every one of these a--holes,if they showed up at my son's military funeral chanting horrible things such as this,how are they able to do this?,i know it is freedom of speech,but harassment?,what the hell,man..

  330. I must be hearing her wrong (56:00),was she realy trying to say,as a child people treated her badly and were mean to her?,when all she was doing was trying to "save tem"what a warped view,thats like hitler saying "i dont know why the jews hate me,i was only trying to make the world a better place"

    These peple although entilted to their opinions,and have the right to freedom of speech,are twisted and need to be shot,now i'm being just as contradictory as they are,the difference is I know I am.

    I don't belive in god,however if there is a god,I hope he condems them to the misery they inflict,a trillion fold for all eternity.

  331. Lord I pray for this family, and I pray you send down your Holy Spirit and you cleanse this family of the hurtful and painful messages they preach. That your word will shine through of love, kindness, sacrifice and mercy. You are a kind benevolent God and Lord I pray with my heart that you will save your lost sheep, for this family are most lost by believing they are found. Have mercy on them, and regenerate this family in your love. Amen.

  332. my eldest brother is gay and he saw my grandmother brutally and cold-bloodedly murderd when he was nine. he helped my mom trough greif and took care of my family. he has been trough alot and seeing people like this makes me really sad and angry. it people like this who kill the innocence and reward the guilty. people like this who started the crusades, burn people alive, and start the holocoust. its people like this who miss the point of cristianity. love and peace for all types of people. sweden saved so many lives. if i am 12 and there is a guy who is as old as dirt saying this stuff, how does that look?

  333. These people should re-read romans, and focus on Paul's explanation about living in sin, back to Adam, and how he inaugurated living in sin (be it homosexuality) and that sinners would have a hard time freeing themselves of slavery to said sin and sin alike. the duty of any follower of Christ is to pray for those who are a slave to sin, not to hate them! By judging others you are condemning yourself to judgment. Speak out of kindness and not anger, correct me if I'm wrong but I believe a significant percentile of suicides correspond to homosexuality, which would seem to come from oppression (hate crimes, rejected by family members, social rejection etc.) correct me if I'm wrong a second time, but wouldn't that put this group in the guilty category for ultimately hating and rejecting someone as opposed to trying to help them, influencing their suicide? Once again, back to scriptures, we are not saved by our observation of the law, but by our faith through Christ, this does not mean that we shouldn't observe the law, but that the law is created to let us know that we are sinners.

    1. Praying... how to think you are being helpful without doing anything at all.

      Khm... let me demonstrate

      I pray for this to be the most liked comment of all the comments here on TDF.


    2. LOL ill give ya one!

  334. I'd like to see them trash talk the Islamic religion. Then they'd get a 747 crashed into their church.

  335. I have just discovered this movie recently. It has not only been an eye-opener, but an inside to the minds of these people. I hated them, but I didn't "know" them. Yes, many of their answers angered me, and I was surprised at how level headed the reporter had stayed while talking to them. I also believe that sometimes, these people help us realize that maybe, america and its people aren't so bad, I mean what other country would allow such behavior? they are pushing the boundaries of Americas freedoms, and rights, testing them. They give a bad name to people who believe in god, making everyone seem like a brainwashed idiots.

  336. To know that there are people so brainwashed and secluded from the world they they truly believe this message is frightening.

  337. The part that made me laugh the most was when the other documentary man that converted said he used to be a genius. So now you're dumb?

  338. Children are usually taken away from parents who abuse them by the government. I don't get how this kind of upbringing could be defined in any other way: abuse, brainwash and oppression.

    1. While what they do is wrong, is it any different then what most America does? Kids today are brainwashed by parents and the media to have a negative, or even a hate-filled view on the Muslim world and Middle East.

  339. the stupid b**** named her son GAY-BRIEL what a hypocritical piece of shit.........

    1. I noticed that too. :)

  340. throwing a slurpy to a kid might seem mean, but if any group of people or familly would spend as much hate time and money towards them, they could not see the sky under all the BAPTIST CHURCH ARE A CULT signs and they would soon drown in or have there head blown off by slurpy. lawyer is the only high level proffession these familly members could ever dream to acheive because science or common sens or moral is required for any other... (compation, respect etc.)

  341. Wow! I thought his documentary on Meth addiction was powerful, but this is amazing. This is an insightful look into the dynamics of a cult. Before I watched this, I despised these people who spewed such vile hate. Now, I have tremendous sympathy for the children who are being brainwashed.

  342. there is also a part II, where louis goes back and see what happened with the phelps. In fact, if you liked this, check all his documentaries, most are good, funny, amazing, a real treat :o)

  343. this is eye opening, i have deep sadness in seeing the deception they believe as truth. The most known verse memorized in the bible john 3:16, God so loved the world. He loves this family and all of us. i will because of seeing this be praying for this family and fasting. I meet Jesus 8 years ago and now spent 5 years in a third world country serving the poorest, broken, untouchable, and Gods arms are not to short to reach this family either. just think with the truth how much they would also lay there life down for a stranger. I pray peace, clear mind, wisdom, and humility. May the eyes of their hearts be open to the God of Love.

  344. this is eye opening, i have deep sadness in seeing the deception they believe as truth. The most known verse memorized in the bible john 3:16, God so loved the world. He loves this family and all of us. i will because of seeing this be praying for this family and fasting. I meet Jesus 8 years ago and now spent 5 years in a third world country serving the poorest, broken, untouchable, and Gods arms are not to short to reach this family either. just think with the truth how much they would also lay there life down for a stranger. I pray peace, clear mind, wisdom, and humility. May the eyes of their hearts be open to the God of Love.

  345. I just don't get how the younger ones see what they do as "warning" people when they also openly state they don't believe in forgiveness. It isn't a warning if there is nothing one can do (hypothetically). People should just picket their every move in the same way, mirror it back to them as is.

  346. No one actually answers his questions. They twist the question or just talk about irrelevant things. So this documentary is really only a vessel for the WBC's hateful messages, not an inside look at their lives or thoughts.

  347. "Even the person who has committed the most abominable atrocity, still remains a child of God." Desmund Tutu

    1. there is a big difference between pissing against a wall or kill human beings

  348. This is a very interesting documentary. Props to Louis Theroux for handling himself so well in what was surely a difficult situation.

    1. this IS very interesting because of this many GOOD americans are already killed

  349. I find it hilarious that these people preach that America is going to hell and that God hates America. Then why don't they leave to another country? The only reason they haven't been thrown into jail for their picketing is because of America's Freedom of Speech amendment in the constitution. So they are protesting soldiers funerals because they are "protecting a fag country", although those soldiers are protecting the rights of America, SUCH AS THE CONSTITUTION. Soldiers died in order for America to be a free nation and to protect it's occupants, even the really stupid and ignorant ones seen in this documentary.

    Oh and at the end when the one younger girl was saying how the public is mean to them. Well little girl put on some big girl panties and realize that if you put hate out into the world, it's going to come right back in your face.

  350. The Phelps are the definition of a cult. Mr Phelps is a cult leader. You know he is having sex with members of his family. Those kids need to be removed. If they were going to be literal with the bible they would go around killing soldiers and homosexuals. They are full of shit hypocrites.

  351. God is love, How the hell is this love?! God's son was sent into the world so SAVE it NOT CONDEMN it. Sick, just sick. I'm so sad at how lost people are :/

    1. Well said! God gave His one and only song. John 3:16. God wanted to SAVE this world, not destroy it. He sent a flood, YES, but He promised He'd never do it again. All these disasters are NOT caused by God, but by weather or man (9-11). What these people are doing is preaching hate, their OWN hate towards to world. Things they say like "the way you live will send you to hell", excuse me, but how do they know how I live?? They don't! "God hates you", where in the Bible does it say that God hates you or anyone? It doesn't! Who are they to tell us what God says or is saying? WHO ARE THEY? They are NO ONE! They have NO IDEA what they are talking about. I watched and listened to what that old man had to say during his sermon, not once did he read a scripture from the Bible. All I heard was "Obama, soldiers, America". I actually thought I was in history class. These people are f--king stupid and need to be arrested for slander.

  352. "God so loved the world that he gave hhis only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life. God idd not send his Son into the world to condemn it, but to save it." John 3: 16 & 17

  353. Geez! Im so happy to be jewish and european:-)

    1. I am so happy that you are too

  354. you talk big but don't really prove a point if you lisen't to hes question they have points and are clear of what he tried to do. What part of shes smarted did you think because she a law student. Let me tell you these those people are what you call ignorant close minded people who only go about on blind fate and cannot justify there means son they resort to screaming, and doing all in there power to shut you up so they can stop your so call blassfemi or whatever so people and the "weaker" members of the church do get any ideas about leaving. Also you could tell that the girls is stress out in the video and is mearly a poppet of her mother and grandfather. To make my point there is no truth in bible or any such thing and if there is a god why would he give them so much rules and give them free will at the same time and don't say anything stupid like he need to be worship or something if there is a "god" like the one you say why would he care about any of use he knows all and sees all so why would he pay attention to what you say sense he already know what you are going to say. And also what makes you think that god that you think is god is the real god there are so many god true out history that you cant say yours is real. Also for all anyone could say "God" could be a alien or something like that. So if you really think USA is doomed in 2012, 2013 whatever you and all the people out there like that are just sad pathetic fck's who should just die and go meet your "god" so he can tell you in those last moment of your brain processing information "I'm not real you die there nothing so yeah you are fked big time... so bye. And last tell me one single thing that proves god is real and has to be real no one of those why am I here or where do we come from crap.

    1. i am glad you are questioning it all...that's a good sign. At least you want to way or another... "believers" (me) have faith that He is real. That's all I/we should need. I don't need to see, to believe. Good luck in your quest for answers. Hope you find them. I pray that our God helps you on your journey, if that is what you want.
      On another note, our God will judge all mankind. That keeps me from being angry.... They (Phelps) are here for a reason I strongly believe. (devils tongue)...and No I cant say whether I am going to heaven or not... I can only hope and pray that God considers me worthy.
      Take care.

  355. Upon seeing the placards in first scene, I expected to find that this was a false flag op by atheists in drag, to draw some heat down on the wicked Fundies. But no, it's the real thing!
    Is that reporter really as thick as he makes out? What a strong and womanly young woman. And yes,America is doomed. And yes, it's Judgment day, call it 2012, call it the Age of Aquarius, call it Homecoming Chickens, call it Global Gag, it's on the way.
    But these folks do appear to be seeking martyrdom, standing as they do in american traffic carrying signs such as "Thank God For IED's" There are lawyers in the family.
    The reporter was out of his depth with everyone except the 6 year old, and that would have been a matter of time. His questions mainly didnt deserve intelligent answers, and I think he was given MANY sharp-as-a-tack answers that exposed his own inflexible assumptions,than his effort deserved
    . "Q: Is this the er ar headquarters right here?
    A: No
    Q:well what do you call it?
    A: my backyard
    And then some little worry he had about sharing backyards oooh etc not a commune is it?
    Who's brainwashed here?
    He just couldnt understand the answers, because he hasn't actually thought about these things, examined the roots of his standard issue belief-kit, like girl-must-date-now. Someone made a good point here that if the young woman had been a secular feminist, the reporter's presumptions would have looked narrow-minded and old-fashioned!
    I personally thought he was impertinent to press the conversation with the young woman in the face of gracious indications to move to less intimate matters. It was a poor compensation for her intellectual and emotional superiority. He couldn't understand how they could be friendly and severe at the same time even. Hope he's not thinking of trying to interview Bob Dylan lol.

    1. He actually acknowledged that he wouldn't be getting through to any of those people especially the mother, and so he simply asked questions and when the others replied with stupid or evasive answers that tried to put the question back on him, he just let them do it, because he didn't care.

      For example the question with the kids. The reporter wanted to know whether or not the grandfather considered that he only had 9 kids, or whether he acknowledged all 13. But he refused to answer it, and the reporter just let him not answer it. Do you really think that if the reporter had come up with a huge intellectual argument over it that the grandfather would have seen reason and answered the question? No, he would have been the dumb bible-toting-hateful-bastard that he is and denied everything.

  356. Upon seeing the placards in first scene, I expected to find that this was a false flag op by atheists in drag, to draw some heat down on the wicked Fundies. But no, it's the real thing!
    Is that reporter really as thick as he makes out? What a strong and womanly young woman. And yes,America is doomed. And yes, it's Judgment day, call it 2012, call it the Age of Aquarius, call it Homecoming Chickens, call it Global Gag, it's on the way.
    But these folks do appear to be seeking martyrdom, standing as they do in american traffic carrying signs such as "Thank God For IED's" There are lawyers in the family.
    The reporter was out of his depth with everyone except the 6 year old, and that would have been a matter of time. His questions mainly didnt deserve intelligent answers, and I think he was given MANY sharp-as-a-tack answers that exposed his own inflexible assumptions,than his effort deserved
    . "Q: Is this the er ar headquarters right here?
    A: No
    Q:well what do you call it?
    A: my backyard
    And then some little worry he had about sharing backyards oooh etc not a commune is it?
    Who's brainwashed here?
    He just couldnt understand the answers, because he hasn't actually thought about these things, examined the roots of his standard issue belief-kit, like girl-must-date-now. Someone made a good point here that if the young woman had been a secular feminist, the reporter's presumptions would have looked narrow-minded and old-fashioned!
    I personally thought he was impertinent to press the conversation with the young woman in the face of gracious indications to move to less intimate matters. It was a poor compensation for her intellectual and emotional superiority. He couldn't understand how they could be friendly and severe at the same time even. Hope he's not thinking of trying to interview Bob Dylan lol.

  357. @ Achems_razor: Hi, size sometimes isn't very relevant. People who've ingested half a billionth of their body mass in el es dee report a transformation in understandings. that's half-flippant only - distance and scale is not particularly important basically. To put it in material terms remote paired particle spin, hologram, fractal maths all display this. Human consciousness, its sphere of perception or influence is not proportional to size.

  358. Religion in itself is a mockery

    1. nothing to do with religion ....

      see : internet sacred text archive home

  359. Send love to these people. Suspend your judgement for a while. Raise your
    thoughts and believe that they will allow just a bit of love into their hearts, so they can eventually sort out what is right from what is not.

    Some of these congregations want a rabble-rouser to be their leader. You
    can imagine that a few of these pastors will go to the dark side, conjuring
    up fear and hatred instead of honor and glory.

    God encompasses all things, and that means all people. Some of us forgot
    about this little subject. Many of us have trouble with the concept, because
    we can't imagine accepting or embracing certain people or groups. We
    discriminate against those who are not like us. We judge them, see them
    as beneath us, less valuable in God's eyes. We start to preach about what
    God does to those who don't fit our preferences. We propose legislation
    to restrict or incriminate people with different lifestyles. We become
    bigots. We get exposed for hypocricy, expecting others to stop doing
    what we do on the sly.

    We can also choose to drop judgement of others, and part of that can be
    practiced internally. If I can accept absolutely any behavior of mine, even
    if I committed murder, then I can proceed to accept the same dark secrets
    others might be carrying around as baggage. This is a preliminary step
    toward open sharing with others. This is a way toward honest dealings
    with people who come into our lives.

    1. You talk as if your god cares one iota of the almost microscopical carbon units that is us, invading the Earth, that itself is as small as a pixel in comparison to the sizes in the universe, and that have been here as long as a neutrino colliding with a hydrogen atom, akin to a flicker of a Planck second of time, according to the time span of the universe. That is sheer arrogance on your part.

    2. How long did you look in the thesaurus before you posted that?

    3. @Guard Lamothe:

      Thesaurus??... Strictly from the top of my head!
      Anything else you would like to know about cosmology, science and the multiverse, physics, quantum mechanics, Hugh Everetts many worlds theory, relativity, The many worlds of quantum measurement, black holes and holograms, The bounds of reality on parallel worlds, string theory, hovering universes in nearby dimensions, the brane and cyclic multiverse, to name a few, have a smattering of all, give me a holler.

      Oh yes, cant forget religion and all its fairy tales.

    4. You know quite a bit sir. Or claim to, I will never know. But I do know the quickest way to become ignorant is to believe yourself to be better and smarter than another. Perhaps I lead the same life with all its experiences and thoughts and learned all the things you not know, would that change what the truth of the matter was?

      Should I then claim I know and am wisest and my judgment is truth if my knowledge is only relative to those around me or on Earth, at our time in existence? Perhaps all your observable knowledge and ideas are useless and will only show us how we really know nothing at all as humans, as a being with a finite capacity for knowledge.

    5. God loves us all, infinitely, you too haha :) if we as Christians are right. I embrace the possibility we are not, can you do the same? God is love. no matter how many atoms or particles or whatever we're made of, its still just a body we occupy, we are souls, and we are all loved completely.

  360. xtianity at its finest

  361. These people are a bit of a conundrum aren't they? They preach that others shouldn't "worship" the dead, yet they celebrate the death of other people. They preach that "God Hates" everyone but LOVES the members of this church. They say that they "don't do violence to other people" yet they verbally and emotionally abuse countless people on a global scale everyday (including those who are already devastated by the loss of a family member or friend). They preach that they are doing people a "courtesy" when they are anything but courteous. (Heck, the so called pastor of this cult wouldn't even give a curious onlooker the time of day because he felt the documentarian was "stupid".)

    The elders of this "church" brainwash the children into thinking that they will not amount to anything other than serving this "vengeful" omnipotent being whose only evidence of existence is a 2000+ year-old story (or Epic if you will) that has been translated over countless languages. (The story of Gilgahmesh anyone?) I don't judge people who enjoy reading the Bible, but I find it a bit unnerving if random believers were to wave vulgar picket signs and shout to my face (or behind my back) that I deserve eternal pain and suffering because I follow a different lifestyle and religion.

    They also seem to both honor and abuse the 1st Amendment of the Constitution, which states: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances."

    I'm not going to make any judgements on what they so "forcefully" believe in, but I think they need to go back and read what the Bible actually preaches. Christianity is supposed to be the belief and practice of peace, stewardship, and civility. What these people preach seems to be the complete opposite: Fear this omnipotent force or suffer eternal damnation for being who you are.

  362. GOD hates....HATERS.......

    1. so God hating haters wouldnt that make HIM a hater as well?

    2. No, because his hate transcends the hate that you and I know.

  363. god hates haters..................

  364. Let him that hath known himself unto thine truth walk therein. Huh? That's in the Bible...

    Cause if you got three or four good pals well then you got yourself a tribe.
    There ain't nothing stronger than that. We're your family now, Chavez

  365. I think encouraging any of these young girls that they could become mothers is a mistake. Let's hope they cannot find men who would want to marry them and reproduce another generation of this noxious behaviour, then this cult will be done. If I was a member of their community, I think I'd question the safe and appropriate environment where these children are being raised, so at least there might be an investigation into the psychological abuse they endure at the hands of their parents and grandparents.

    1. technically its not abuse. Although what the children are being taught is narrow-minded and hateful their parents seem very loving to them generally, if overprotective and overbearing. Its people outside of them they despise. While their envirnment consists of nothing but their family and this cult it doesnt physically harm them and psychological abuse would have to mean that they are unhappy and being degraded and these children dont seem to be being beaten or unhappy at all.

      And thats the tradgedy. These children dont know anything else and will only know this their whole lives. The only actual danger they're in is when they're picketing and even then the church can sue the person for assault and rightly so. I dont agree with their messages in the least, but acts of violence towards them will accomplish nothing.

      Thankfully though, with their methods they will turn everyone away from them and eventually they will die out, as they will attract no one else to thier church and they have to few people to marry and have children with and most of them refuse to marry otherwise. I think this will quicken when Fred Phelps passes on as he is the main voice of this hate. The leadership will no doubt go onto his daughter but give it a few more decades and soon only her children will be left and the church will be nothing but an unhappy memory that we SHOULDNT shut away. We can learn frm these people of how not to treat one another and how cruel and unkind people can be even when they have the 'best of intentions.'

      And although I'm quoting a movie, it's said, "Some of the worst things imaginable have been done with the best intentions."

      (Kudos if you catch the movie)

  366. I find it funny and semi ironic they picket and protest soldiers who help keep our nation free and religiously tolerant. It's because of our men and women in uniform that this community has the ability to do what they do.

    Another not surprising thing to note is how angry a lot of them are. They dodge legitimate questions (especially the leader) and have to fallback on the same argument because they don't know where to go next. Best of luck to the cute, college girl and hopefully she can make it out; she definitely looks like she can piece together (albeit slowly) a healthy lifestyle.

    1. You are a fool to worship the US military. All they are good for is murdering strangers in far away lands. Only a fool worships the military.

    2. There is no hunting like the hunting of man, and those who have hunted armed men long enough and liked it, never care for anything else thereafter.

    3. Who said they worship the military? It's one thing to respect our troops, it's another to support our military.

    4. @ Ann Patrone

      I'm In The Lord's Army

      I may never march in the infantry,
      Ride in the cavalry,
      Shoot the artillery.
      I may never zoom o'er the enemy,
      But I'm in the Lord's army. Yes, sir!

      I'm in the Lord's army. Yes, sir!
      I'm in the Lord's army. Yes, sir!

      I may never march in the infantry,
      Ride in the cavalry,
      Shoot the artillery.
      I may never zoom o'er the enemy,
      But I'm in the Lord's army. Yes, sir!

  367. for Fred phelps to say they are the only ones teaching the truth and going to make it to the kingdom of God is way off base, he is cussing in church, rejoicing over deaths and horrible things I don't think this is right that is sick and the devil delights in tragedy and death. Pray for them they need to wake up and do things differently.

    1. I don't think praying is their problem. They ALL need serious, intensive therapy. No talking to an imaginary sky daddy is gonna cure this king of mindf--king

    2. @ Anthony C. Okafor

      You are so right!

      It's sooo bad, it's off the charts. I'll bet one day we turn on the news only to lean that the bastard's shot himself.

  368. i dont understand why they are living in america if it is soooo terible??

    1. for this reason not only this sick bunch of freaks run away from ev'rywhere after irony

  369. Wow These People are way out there and need to take their Cult loving A**es somewhere OUT of The USA...
    Can you Say CULT CULT CULT. Hate is not God's way.. So what God are they spreading Hate for?
    The Old man is Crazy.

    1. @ Tracy Dekker,

      "Hate is not God's way"

      Tracy, I would not be that kind to God.
      Hate is definitely"God's way!"

      According to the 'Bible' God tells Moses and Aaron to go to the Midianites and kill all the men, then take the booty, the women and children back to their encampments, then to kill all the mothers (because they had sex), then to kill all the boys, and finally to take all the virgins as slaves:

      13 And Moses, and Eleazar the priest, and all the princes of the congregation, went forth to meet them without the camp.

      14 And Moses was wroth with the officers of the host, with the captains over thousands, and captains over hundreds, which came from the battle.

      15 And Moses said unto them, Have ye saved all the women alive?

      16 Behold, these caused the children of Israel, through the counsel of Balaam, to commit trespass against the LORD in the matter of Peor, and there was a plague among the congregation of the LORD.

      17 Now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that hath known man by lying with him.

      18 But all the women children, that have not known a man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves.

      19 And do ye abide without the camp seven days: whosoever hath killed any person, and whosoever hath touched any slain, purify both yourselves and your captives on the third day, and on the seventh day.

      [KJV Numbers 31:13-19]
      ~ God

      "If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood [shall be] upon them."
      ~ God

      God? -- Sound's more like DickCheney, to me!

    2. When you only quote ONE story out of the entire Bible AND out of the old testament, you miss God's nature of grace and mercy. You miss the rich stories of Jesus, who by the way, is God incarnate, who loved and healed and taught, showed mercy and taught His followers by example. The Israelites were instructed those things for survival, much like any other conquering nation would to ensure their survival. It wasn't because God was like a mean kid with a magnifying glass sitting on top of an anthill killing ants.

    3. @jesusgirl

      okay lets see what jesus said.

      Revelation 2:22-23
      "So I will cast her on a bed of suffering, and I will make those who commit adultery with her suffer intensely, unless they repent of her ways. I will strike her children dead. Then all the churches will know that I am he who searches hearts and minds, and I will repay each of you according to your deeds."

      Matthew 10:34
      Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.

      Luke 12:51
      Suppose ye that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you, Nay; but rather division: For from henceforth there shall be five in one house divided, three against two, and two against three. The father shall be divided against the son, and the son against the father; the mother against the daughter, and the daughter against the mother; the mother in law against her daughter in law, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.

      Luke 22:36
      He that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one.

      Revelation 19:11
      And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he doth judge and make war.

      Matthew 15:21-28

      Leaving that place, Jesus withdrew to the region of Tyre and Sidon. A Canaanite woman from that vicinity came to him, crying out, "Lord, Son of David, have mercy on me! My daughter is suffering terribly from demon-possession."
      Jesus did not answer a word. So his disciples came to him and urged him, "Send her away, for she keeps crying out after us."

      He answered, "I was sent only to the lost sheep of Israel."

      The woman came and knelt before him. "Lord, help me!" she said.

      He replied, "It is not right to take the children's bread and toss it to their dogs."


      Matthew 5:18-19
      “For truly, I say to you, till heaven and earth pass away, not an iota, not a dot, will pass the law until all is accomplished. Whoever then relaxes one of the least of these commandments and teaches men so, shall be called least in the kingdom of heaven; but he who does them and teaches them shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.” Clearly the Old Testament is to be abided by until the end of human existence itself. None other then Jesus said so.

      Matthew 5:17
      "Do not think that I have come to abolish the law or the prophets. I have come not to abolish but to fulfill. Amen, I say to you, until heaven and earth pass away, not the smallest part or the smallest part of a letter will pass from the law, until all things have taken place."

      so based on those verses you cant ignore the old testament. Jesus said so.

      why do you believe this silly stuff anyways? you know its just myth right?

    4. God does not hate his people. He is just! And God is LOVE!
      He just punished those people who sinned against Him. And PUNISHMENT is different from the word HATRED.

    5. @ jeff

      Jeff, I think you may be mistaken.

    6. @ jeff

      Part A:
      God hates people. He is unjust! And God is HATE!
      He punishes even those who've done nothing wrong.
      And PUNISHMENT is a word with more letters than HATRED.

      Part B:
      @jeff is arrogant, hateful, petty, mean, vindictive, foul-mouthed, and one of God's favorites.

      Part C:
      I love @jeff, anyway. He's so... How should one say?... Dominant!
      (I'll bet @jeff's got a big one, too, which will put him in good stead with God's Son(who, I understand, is a real knockout!).

      Part D:
      @jeffI, I realize this is privileged information, but are you a top,
      or are you a bottom?
      Just asking.

    7. @ epicurios... it goes on to say...

      Matt 15
      27 “Yes it is, Lord,” she said. “Even the dogs eat the crumbs that fall from their master’s table.”

      28 Then Jesus said to her, “Woman, you have great faith! Your request is granted.” And her daughter was healed at that moment.

      what can be worse than bastardizing the words of our God to meet your own agenda?

    8. @Robert W. Chambers

      yes that is what it says. but are you saying that what jesus said doesnt apply because the woman made him change his mind.

      the fact of the matter is still that jesus said he at first didnt want to help her. it took a common gentile to set him straight.

      he SPECIFICALLY said "I was sent only to the lost sheep of Israel."

    9. @ Epicurious

      if we're STILL implying that Christ is the infallible word of God, changing his mind wasn't an option... only testing hers.

    10. @Robert W. Chalmers.

      why would jesus who is also god have to test someones faith if he already knows everything.

      now you are just making up pathetic excuses like a little kid making up powers for his comic book character.

    11. @ epicurious

      if we're going to say that he knows everything, then, to change his mind would mean that he was initially wrong. Work that one out.

    12. @Robert W. Chambers

      i have worked that one out. it violates the law of non-contradiction and is therefore false.

      either he doesnt know everything and can change his mind, or he doesnt know everything and can change his mind. OR another option...its all a story made up by bronze age sheep herders and isnt true!

    13. how do you know what "god's way" is?!?! In my opinion, they are preaching the "god" of the old testament: the vengeful, psychotic genocidal lunatic. But, all religions are bullshit, so why bother making a distinction

    14. Somewhere out of the USA? You mean Sweden? ;)

  370. Oh the Church is donating monies to send Hate out on vacations. 200.000 a year fools.

  371. Man he is avoidind something.... The more I watch the more I think he is scared. I think he knows his time is coming soon...So he better watch him self. Not everyone. They are to be winning souls not damning them WOW! I want to see them in heaven I will be looking for them.

  372. In the Bible it does state that it should be woman and man intercourse. But it does seem a little Funny that they only focus on just that aspect. He " God " also says that tho shall not kill. But I see no mention of that. So maybe there is some underlying issue. But Who are we to judge. So maybe they shold state themselves better. I think they are placing judgement. Even though they say they are just voices , voices do not picket and call others names...So Whatever I do believe that you will be judged. But who knows. I mean relly WHo really wrote the BIBLE anyway. God in fact did not so whos to say that some " Fag Hater " didn't just add that... I don' know I LOVE EVERYBODY and I worship MY GOD!

    1. I believe the Bible like the Quaran gets miscontrued, I doubt there will be 72 virgins waiting for someone who murders if there is, hope they are the same sex, and as for he Bible, if it is between a man and a woman. Why did Jesus eat, sleep and live with 12 "MALE" and I stipulate "MALE" disciples. And why was he never married? He died at the ripe old age of 33, in those days, that was OLD. It's all about perception. Regardless, I doubt God/Jesus is an evil source who inflicts pain and suffering on "GAYS" please people get with the program. Not one person walking the face of this earth is perfect, everyone has their faults, defects, but does God ask others to belittle them? Who the frig cares who gays sleep with? seriously, do we care who you sleep with? You treat me with respect and as a human, you will get the same treatment, why should it matter to me who you wake up to. Who said being straight is "Normal? News flash, lesbians and gays can procreate too! ( Read a book )
      I don't care unless he/she lays a hand on you in a painful way. If you are abused then it is a concern, but LOVE is LOVE. it has no color, race, creed, sexual orientation. It has LOVE so unless you are GOD, don't judge. He doesn't. You are not born to hate, you are taught to HATE, break the cycle !!!!

    2. God is love. I'm a Christian and I have Atheist friends that I hang out with all the time but does that mean that I'm an Atheist? No. You can't make the same assumption about Jesus. Just because he lived around the 12 disciples and slept beside them (which was perfectly normal for that time period) you can't assume that he was gay.
      He lived to be 33, I believe, so that he could say that he had gone through the same things as all of us. The day to day struggles that we all face: puberty, money issues, annoyances family issues, all of it.
      I don't agree with the homosexual lifestyle, but does that mean that I will hate them all, because they choose it? No. In fact I have SEVERAL gay friends and I love them all as the unique human beings that they are.
      If you go back to the very basics of science and human DNA, (without a test tube, or injection), can lesbians and gays create life? No. That's just a simple fact of human nature and a vital part of the cycle of life. It's science. And even though it may sound shallow and judgemental of me, the fact that we have over 6 billion people on this planet kinda proves that straight is the "norm".
      To me, God created women for men, and men for women. They complete each other. They become one. And I do believe that there is a man out there for every woman and a woman out there for every man. Maybe, it's the romantic side of me. That's just what I believe.
      Your right though. We shouldn't judge each other. But God does and will judge us. And he will do it fairly and justly. I know that this family, disappoints him and what they are doing saddens him. Especially the fact that children are involved.
      I encourage all people out there to actually read the Bible cover to cover and with an open mind.

    3. "I don't agree with the homosexual lifestyle, but does that mean that I will hate them all, because they choose it? No. In fact I have SEVERAL gay friends and I love them all as the unique human beings that they are. "

      did you just say that homosexuals CHOOSE to be that way? well you are wrong. people do not choose their sexual preferences.

      "If you go back to the very basics of science and human DNA, (without a test tube, or injection), can lesbians and gays create life? No. That's just a simple fact of human nature and a vital part of the cycle of life. It's science. And even though it may sound shallow and judgemental of me, the fact that we have over 6 billion people on this planet kinda proves that straight is the "norm"."

      what about people who are straight and infertile? they cant create life. does that somehow mean they are not normal? In fact if you look at the animal kingdom (which we are absolutely a part of) you will notice that MANY MANY MANY animals are homosexual.

      the fact that there are 6 billion+ people on our planet is a sign that we are reproducing too much. if anything, homosexuals are a good thing.

      "To me, God created women for men, and men for women. They complete each other. They become one. And I do believe that there is a man out there for every woman and a woman out there for every man. Maybe, it's the romantic side of me. That's just what I believe."

      but there are more women than men on this earth, so your math doesnt work. there will always be some people out there who have nobody.

      "Your right though. We shouldn't judge each other. But God does and will judge us. And he will do it fairly and justly."

      there is no reason anyone should suffer in hell for eternity. there is no crime or action that would JUSTIFY being punished and tortured for eternity. that makes no sense. only a petty god would do that.

      "I encourage all people out there to actually read the Bible cover to cover and with an open mind."

      i have read the bible with an open mind and i realized how silly and fake it was.

      if you think reading something with an open mind is the way to go why havent you read any of the other religions books with an open mind?

      forget christianity. it is a big hoax.

    4. @ Cawiissa

      There is no such thing as "the homosexual lifestyle;"
      and sexual orientation is not subject to choice.

    5. @ Terrie

      Whenever I read comments about the 72 virgins, I can't help but wonder how the whole setup appears from those poor virgins' point of view!

      Are they perhaps in hell?

    6. [quote]Who said being straight is "Normal? News flash, lesbians and gays can procreate too![/quote]

      that's called sophistry Terrie

    7. I hate people who cannot spell properly. Clear sign of their level of education, morals and standards

    8. I bet you proofread that 5 times before sending!

  373. I honestly think Fred Phelps is a homosexual who made advances to a man and who rejected him therefore hate gays (can't get a straight woman or a gay man), so he decided to marry his sister Shirley ... As a result of inbreeding. His children and their friends must have stories to tell of their continuous abuse - both physical and emotional.
    DO NOT COME TO CANADA. You have no rights here and will be hunted down like the rabid animals you are! furthermore, you couldn't afford the passports, so we are safe. STAY IN THE U.S.A. we do not tolerated backwood, inbreeding hillbullies. These people remind me of the people in "Wrong Turn," such deformed, mentally unstabled, banjo picking sister marrying people! If God is just, you will be sent to prison, gang raped and be someone's B.

    1. 1. Shirley Phelps-Roper is Fred Phelps's daughter, not his sister.

      2. Actually, considering the church shells out, what was the figure? $200,000 per year in travel expenses to do their picketing, purchasing passports probably would not be an issue.

      3. Many of the members of the WBC are lawyers and very well educated--not "backwood, inbreeding hillbillies".

      4. Very few people would disagree with the statement that Fred Phelps is extreme, and that his beliefs are distasteful. But there are two sides to every coin. In the 1960s, Fred Phelps was an incredibly successful Civil Rights lawyer, and his family went through endless torment because their father was involved in this movement. Phelps fought for and won civil liberties for several African Americans.

      I don't agree with their views, but it is not fair to characterize the members of the WBC the way you have. A little research and thoughtful consideration can go a long way.

  374. These people are obviously in a cult that Fred Phelps Sr. started perhaps because he WAS a "fag." I pray for them and especially their children. What I don't quite understand is how Sweden is a nation of fags....they never define it. Also, notice how Fred Phelps keeps saying "next question" is this because he doesn't want confrontation or is it, perhaps, because he knows there is holes in this so called, "religion." I was raised to believe there is a God and he is just. But he is also fair, kind, and most importantly forgiving. No works will save you from the depths of hell but your true faith in him and his word. Which, they do pick and choose which testimony they want to better their mission. I'm just surprised these people haven't been murdered.

    1. @ Rachel Shanae Clayton

      Implying that Phelps may be gay is a form of flattery he does not deserve. Others at this site have also said he himself might be gay, but there is nothing good about that man.

      Please do not try to dump your straight trash onto us.

      He's YOURS!


  375. I'd like to know why the hell we have to pay for thier freaking kids to go to a school payed for our tax dollars. If you hate America so much then get the hell out!

    1. Well in all fairness they pay their taxes too. And you should want those kids to receive an education, hopefully it might eventually guide them away from their families hatred.

  376. revenge is mine,said the LORD.!!!

  377. God hates America? Excuse me but then get the f--k out!!!! Arent't they based in America??? God does NOT hate he is love!!!!!

  378. Wow, have they read the bible? Jesus said this is not what to be like, when he said love thy neighbor. He hung out with the woman at the well, leapers, and over all street thugs. He brought love and hope to the unloved and hopeless; I am no longer of the faith but even I know these guys are insane!

  379. Very stupid and dumb people....

  380. Stupid people. Pretending to have knowledge about the bible.

  381. I love this British guy. He says things so eloquently and so truthfully.

    You can tell that at least the girl at the end has doubts. You can hear it in her voice.

  382. The most interesting character in this documentary is actually the journalist himself; you can see that he is uncertain of his own beliefs.

    The problem with this family is that they go about their preaching in a bad way, but what they believe is actually sound (for the most part). The bible does say all of that stuff. The most reprehensible thing is that they take joy in the suffering of sinners, God actually doesn't want us to. Daniel cried because of the sins of the world, we should be saddened by people turning from God not be happy about it. Though we should know somberly that God will enact justice upon them in the end.

    It is just funny, that they only warn people (in a rude way, but not violent) and yet everyone around them is violent and angry toward them, they probably aren't that far off about the world going to hell in a hand-basket (if not literally, then figuratively). Afterall, what kind of depraved individual would harm a child? I don't care how much you dislike somebodies words or attitude, violence is NEVER justified.

    Though after reading more about them outside of the documentary I also see there is a lot of hate in different groups of people, especially Jews that clearly shows they are Anti-Semitic regardless of how much a Jew adheres to God.

    1. Your arguement is stupid. They go to a scene where every single person attending that funeral is honoring someones life and greiving... obviously they are going to be in a horrified state when they hear these moron inbred retard "god" lovers acting like they even know who the person was or that they are in "hell"

    2. @ Corin Prendiville,

      Westboro Baptist Church is a mere embodiment of typical xtian teachings and beliefs. It is but the WBC presentation to which you object. If that then indeed be the case, it logically, and naturally, follows that xtianity sux and that you are a very sick person.

      I have been given to understand that Abilify(generic: aripiprazole)
      has proven efficacy in treating disorders such as yours. At present,
      it the best science has to offer in its quest to find a cure for religion.

      Do not despair. Help is on the way.

    3. I'm sure that person who threw the drink did not mean to hit a kid, but an adult.

      But in someways, I'm glad it did hit the child. As hitting the child and making him cry, could do way more then hitting an adult with that drink ever could. Not only did it probably scare that child, and the other kids around him. It should have been a big flag to the adults, that what they do brings violence onto their children. That they put their children in to harms way.

      It might just be a drink today, but tomorrow it could be a shot gun.

  383. The ironic thing about this is they have the right to picket and shout their views to the funerals and about America BECAUSE America gave them that right.

  384. The Most Hated Family in America?
    ...not enough.

    1. More like the most hated family in all of the world.

  385. They would never marry or want kids, they state, but that means that they will not or very little reproduce.

  386. That made me cry a lil i feel so bad for those kids =/

  387. We are seriously Doomed as a race if there are still people like this active in this day & age! I would prefer to go to Hell if they are going to be in heaven for eternity. Imagine spending eternity with loonies like this!!!

    1. They would picket

  388. They are so weak. They can't argue or reason for their cause, they can only shout like spoiled children - and "Gramps" is the worst. If this is the deadliest extreme of Christianity, I now feel a lot less concerned by the power of religion.

  389. thats like saying "god hates vans, there for your family is going to hell for driving and riding in vans" it makes no sense. Your life style is sending you to hell? Are we worshiping the same god?

  390. Love my bub xxx

  391. I don't like the hatred that a lot of people are sending towards this church. I completely disagree with what the church preaches and the way they go about doing it, but I can't hate them. Isn't that just the same thing they're doing to me? Hating? I think we all believe in what we believe and no one should have the right to hate someone just because they believe something different from them. If everyone was a little more open minded and respectful of others, would all of this hatred be going on? It just makes me sad to see the children of this church being raised without having any say in their beliefs. Its manipulative and it happens in other churches, cults, and families too. I just wish they could go out in the world and then decide on what they believe. By being secluded and isolated, they're missing out on a lot of life! It's sad to think about. This was a great documentary and I really like how Louis handled it.

    1. @ Kelsey

      "I don't like the hatred that a lot of people are sending
      towards this church."

      You must be str8, cuz you sure as hell wouldn't be saying that
      if you were gay!

  392. Did anybody not see the human in these people? They are not animals deserving torture. Anyone who advocates killing or torture has no better morality than they profess. These are human beings regardless of our opinions of what they are.

    1. These people are not being tortured nor killed, but I would be interested in hearing your opinion about the humanity of these people were they ever to -God forbid- rally/picket at a loved one of yours funeral.

    2. Tina, I was alluding to a remark made that these people deserve torture. Most of these people are mere children. I wouldn't want them at anyone's funeral. Their actions are beyond despicable and should be condemned but to torture another human being is sinking below even their repugnance.

  393. damn these nuts are so damn creepy. especially their smiles. urrrgh gives me the shivers

  394. Them people deserve torture.

  395. I stand with my thought that the problem is that Atheist do not believe in the existing GOD of theists, and theist won't let IT escape their idea of it.
    If science come up with a entirely different description of IT, one that dwelves into the marvels of being a living energy, one that describes the depths of the cosmos, one that revolutionize who the "i" is, then may be just may be....God may become the IT it can be.
    Then we won't need to look in the spaces between the words of an outdated book, we will start writing a new one!

  396. "Shirley L. Phelps-Roper is the wife of Brent D. Roper, and a mother of 11 children. In a 2007 UK documentary by Welsh personality Keith Allen, in which Phelps-Roper and some of her children agreed to appear, Phelps-Roper is shown admitting on camera that her oldest son was born out of wedlock. Allen found hypocritical Phelps-Roper's vocal condemnation on strangers having sexual congress outside of marriage while she herself was guilty of the same.[8][9] According to Kansas City's The Pitch, Phelps-Roper doesn't deny that her son Sam, who was later adopted by Brent Roper, was born out of wedlock but refuses to reveal the identity of his biological father."

  397. In my opinion, they have a good message for the world, but the modus operandi is not the best. There is too much hate for the world, and that
    would not give them the chance to spread their message to the world. If the
    world hate them, that does not justify spreading a message of hatred.
    I think fags are old enough to know what is good for them and what isn't
    good for them. The best way to get people to change is by persuasion.
    The best place to spread these messages is not at funerals when people are
    are struggling with the pain of a love one. I also advise that the church change the placards which preaches hatred and doom. The head pastor must live by example and not hatred and anger.

    1. "They have a good message for the world?"
      ""Fags" are old enough to know what is good for them and what isn't good for them."
      "The best way to change people is by persuasion."

      So which cult do you belong to? The cult of morons or ignorance?

    2. @ TheTruthforyou

      You are the embodiment of what I have always believed TheTruthforyou Christians to be. Forge onward ever onward in your crusade. Your foul language adds a useful touch, too. You are my hero. You serve to drive people further and further away from the evils of Christianity.

      Thank you :*

      Hopefully you, and people like you, will one day rid the world of Christianity, altogether.

      My dream :D

      PS: Is there some way for me do donate funds to your cause?

      a t h e i s m = p e a c e

    3. I think you are exactly right....the more religion talks nonesense, the more they are loosing ground, the more they are loosing ground the more they talk nonesense.
      Let's help them get there asap!
      Peace to all the people on their knees, here's a wish:
      May you realise the lie sooner or later...soooner would be better for the world!

  398. God didn't create people with free will:

    According to genesis mankind took from God the ability to choose between good and evil (free will) and its knowledge thereof by eating from the tree. According to genesis God didn't want humans to have free will, just to worship him!

    Long and the short. God didn't want humans to have free will and was very upset when they took it without his permission.

  399. the one thing i ha....dislike more than rude disrespectful atheists are hypocritical christians. this documentary really pisses me off. though i can't tell them to go to hell.(same judgement could be used on me) i can say that i hope they change their ways before one of them is seriously injured or killed, or they face the very God they bring such a black and bad reputation to.

  400. God created everyone with a free will. You have chosen to be an atheist.

  401. there is no such thing as a GOD. If there was why did he make me an atheist? After all we are all created in Gods image.

    1. I know right, I swear there's some strong s*** in their Holy Water!