The Nine Months That Made You

The Nine Months That Made You

2011, Science  -   23 Comments
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The Nine Months That Made YouHorizon explores the secrets of what makes a long, healthy and happy life. It turns out that a time you can't remember - the nine months you spend in the womb - could have more lasting effects on you today than your lifestyle or genes.

It is one of the most powerful and provocative new ideas in human science, and it was pioneered by a British scientist, Professor David Barker.

His theory has inspired a field of study that is revealing how our time in the womb could affect your health, personality, and even the lives of your children.

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1 year ago

Where can I watch all episodes?

6 years ago

Anyone know what the rap/R-&B song is when the girl with no hair and teeth was on, the one modelling? Melanie I believe her name is.

Lydia Smith
7 years ago

I found this absolutely fascinating. All the scenes of the unborn babies- that was cgi wasn't it? It looks like we are really in there with the baby, but there aren't tiny cameras someone would risk putting in there, are there? Lol, i can't figure it out!...

Charlotte Foreman
7 years ago

Absolutely amazing photos. How in the world you were able to get them. I'll never know. Keep up the great Work.

Scott Gray
7 years ago

How about less miraculous talk and more scientific explanation!!!

10 years ago

well this doc was deleted before I had the chance to watch it but it brings up a thought that i have had many times before ... is conciseness an emergent property of a complex system.. if we could construct a computer with the same amount of connections as a human brain would that computer be self aware?

11 years ago

Because they were doing these tests on babies that were a month away from birth... I really haven't herd of any abortions being conducted that late. Up until a certain point we don't have a properly developed nervous system to be able to processes outside stimuli and pain. This means it can't know it's alive. It's just like your skin cells, liver cells ect. They're alive and performing basic functions, but no sense of consciousness due to lack of nervous system and brain; or In a fetus' case (Btw they aren't even considered a fetus until 8 weeks) lack of a fully developed brain and nervous system.

Anyway, great doc. I really enjoyed it although there were a few parts I didn't quite agree with. I can see a lot of parents using this as a cop out for badly behaved kids. "Oh it's not my fault, they were born that way!" Even if your child is born with a certain disposition they can still be parented. People change and learn constantly. I don't have the same temperament I did a year ago because I taught myself how to react better to certain situations. Just like a child who is born with a 'diva' attitude can be taught to emphasize with others and learn the world isn't about them. I think its unfair to children to say, "well this is how you were born so that's who your going to be for the rest of your life" The Human mind is very adaptable.

11 years ago

So how can people believe in abortion after this? Honestly... We really are human at 1 cell.

11 years ago

I guess we we are a collection of cells with self awareness. It is weird to think how we are created or gathered together in our mothers womb. but what breaths the breath of life into us, what starts the first beat of that heart. With all of the scientific discoveries it is hard to believe in an immaculate creator but man, It is also hard to not believe, because the process is so magical and beautiful. How precious the gift of life is!

11 years ago

FASCINATING! I was born at 6.7 pounds and a month late. My mother had me at the age of 38 and was very sick during my pregnancy. Both my parents have diabetes. I was told I have 80% chance of developing diabetes.

I would love to share this with my students - most of who are women of childbearing age.

Mr. Vlatko, can we have some Spanish subtitles for this? You would really make some adult English students very happy.

Another note: I LOVE the cross cultural research in India and Saudi Arabia. We need more of this in the world!

Another note: "The idea that you could build a human resistant to {diabetes} was astonishing". WOW. WHY ISNT THIS BEING SHOUTED FROM THE ROOFTOPS? Was this in headlines? I want to run up to people on the street and say DO YOU KNOW THIS? Wow.

11 years ago

excellent - many mothers and a few cultures intuitively know this; nice to see some science, and look forward to more.

11 years ago

Absolutely phenomenal doc! I really think that too many people don't understand or appreciate the complexity and importance of a pregnance. As they mention here, This time is when an individual becomes a person. All the hardwiring that will happen goes on during this time. Everything else during life is just building on the foundation that happens here. I kept thinking throughout on investments and how they work. Like any investment, time is the most important factor. If i put $1,000 of investment money away when I'm a child it will grow exponentially and be much more than the many tens of thousands that will need to be invested if starting in my 30's or even 20's. In this situation, the small investment of proper prenatal and natal care will lead to a child with fewer problems in the future. This can directly determine additional problems that the parents will have to deal with for the rest of their lives as well as the childs life. As always, an ounce of prevention is greater than many pounds of cure.
The doc did jump around a bit, although I liked it. I just wish that they would more fully discuss the tangents. Like prenantal testosterone effects, they didn't mention whether prenatal exposure had any ill effect on the child later in life, other than to say that there was an effect in females.
I GUESS I JUST WANT MORE INFORMATION.........about everything!
Take care all, remember..... ego's are highly over-rated, so keep the tempers in check. And thanks Vlatko for another gem!

11 years ago

Interesting wanted them to stay on the subject concerning low birth weight they skipped around a little bit imo. I will view this one again.