The Roswell Incident

The Roswell Incident

1995, Mystery  -   22 Comments
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The Roswell IncidentDocumentary from Channel 4 shown in 1995 about the infamous 'UFO Crash' at Roswell in 1947.

In the summer of 1947, there were a number of UFO sightings in the United States. Sometime during the first week of July 1947, something crashed near Roswell.

W.W. "Mack" Brazel, a New Mexico rancher, saddled up his horse and rode out with the son of neighbors Floyd and Loretta Proctor, to check on the sheep after a fierce thunderstorm the night before.

As they rode along, Brazel began to notice unusual pieces of what seemed to be metal debris, scattered over a large area. Upon further inspection, Brazel saw that a shallow trench, several hundred feet long, had been gouged into the land.

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6 years ago

guys, i apologize. what i had written was all the way back in 2008/9 when i first began researching this subject and my opinion has VASTLY changed. reading back through this i can definitely tell how much of a skeptic i was. that's all gone now. the evidence is overwhelming. i personally put to test the technology a few "whistle blowers" elaborately came forward with (i study and practice engineering a lot)and i was floored by the result. let's just say i KNOW it's real now. there's absolutely no contrary. it's fkn real. pardon my french. i know the physics behind it, we do understand it today, and you're right, it has nothing to do with aerodynamics.

mike repo
7 years ago

yes it happened, yes it was covered up, autopsy faked put that aside. was anyone watching the same doc as me! old people are inclined to tell the truth i believe them. the military men involved waited to tell the story right near death, tell you something?

Erik Grizzly
11 years ago

In response to Martin. You can't compare the physics we know as humans to this technology because this technology breaks the laws of physics. There's more to it than just anti gravity. It's a whole propulsion system that is beyond our knowledge right now as far as people writing in a comment section. The thing is there's so much information and misinformation regarding this topic that it's hard to really have a logical conversation about it. The UFO's and the technology seems to be real due to the thousands and thousands of sightings. The actual grey aliens idea is not etched in stone as actual fact because it has waaaay less sightings than actual UFO's. It can be propaganda just to cover up the actual technology. The only thing logical is the technology seems to be out there due to the sightings. A cover up is logical because the information about this topic hasn't been discussed with the public by the govt. Keeping the masses stupid, oblivious, illogical, ignorant etc is logical because you see the manipulation on society everyday on TV, magazines and other media. So if it's logical that the masses are being dumbed down than it is also logical that this agenda is coming from a source which can be called "the powers that be". And using logic "the powers that be" are anywhere from 10 to 1000 of steps ahead of the masses if not more just by watching there manipulation techniques. It is also logical to say the powers that be are inhumane. So all this logic leads you to ask who are the powers that be? My opinion is the "Powers that be" are not human beings as we know it because they're actions are not human and they're manipulation and mind games are more advanced than thought process of the average human being. The powers that be might be a more advanced form of human evolution or they may not resemble humans at all. I have studied countless info on this topic and other topics similar and my conclusion is there is a very, very, very intense mind game being played with the humans on this planet. I don''t know how deep it goes, I don't know how long it has been going on, I really don't know the true meaning to a lot of things due to this mind game. But I do know this mind game is out there and it is beyond the average human thought process. So in order to progress through this mind game you have to think a few steps ahead in the way you would normally think..

12 years ago

Probably those people saw some botched up experiments, and that film is a red herring.

12 years ago

The Alien Autopsy was amazing; did you catch the part where they took the Alien's contacts off his eyes? If you really look and don't look away, you will see the Alien's eye lid try to close or flinch......if it was a dummy it would not do that. This would prove it was dead and still had reflexes.

Also has an extra finger and toe, 6 one each hand and foot.....the crash debris had some key boards that had slots for 6 digit hands and little marble like rollers to control the space craft.......if that was common in 1947 that would make us 30 years more advance but we are not. But the Military is advanced and it's mainly because they took this advance crash site and incorporated it into making computers, planes and yes a mouse devise for better computer control.

12 years ago

I truly believe that UFO's are actually Secret Nazi aircraft that were seized during WW2 and then taken to Area 51 for experiments. The nazi's were always experimenting with ways to control the minds of people. I Believe they started the whole UFO thing as a way to control the minds of people into believing there is Aliens flying ships around the earth spying on us.

12 years ago

this is all about oil...and entrenched markets like aerospace and defence.
roswell...and it's "truth", are a threat to those interests.
-greed is still the word of the day, same as it was in 1947.

if it was proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the us government has been lying to its citizens for over sixty years over this..we'd have outright rebellion.

that is why your sister remains safely anonymous!

-or something to that effect.

12 years ago

??????? Sorry, what was that?

Oh, yeah, me .... thinks ..... anti-gravity .... mechanism .... may .... be .... broken .... ?

12 years ago

The autopsy is fake, the film maker said that himself at one point. There is a rumor that he later stated that although the one he made was a fake, he based it on the original footage he saw. But this I could not verify anywhere, so I leave it there - it's a fake.

However, I would like to comment on the premise that the UFOs are the secret aircraft (probably made in the US as it quite certain that they are the most technologically advanced state today). I myself tend to think that some of the reported UFOs in the last several decades actually may very well be such aircraft. After all, research into 'saucer' shaped aircraft since the WWII is not even a secret at this point and it is highly likely that some advances have been made in that direction by now.

But let's assume that ALL of those UFOs, for which some other conventional explanation could not be provided, are secret US technology.

1. For example, how can we explain that these objects on more than one occasion rendered a number of US nuclear warheads inoperable, at several locations where they were stored (statements of retired US military officers (Disclosure Project - Witness Testimonies)).

- One possible explanation is that they were testing their newly acquired technology, and it obviously worked.
- That, however, begs the question as to why have they not used this super technology in the wars they waged and are still waging? What's the purpose of this technology they supposedly possess if they won't use it when they need it? If the US possesses such technology, it would give them such an advantage against their enemies that any war they would start would be over in a matter of hours (or less). With such technology, the US could have ended the Cold War long before it ended with the fall of the USSR.

So, to the "we build weapons", I ask - why do you build them if you don't use them on your enemies?

2. How do we explain a large number of UFO reports from the past:

- The Gazette of the town of Nuremberg, Germany records that on 4 April 1561 a number of the town's inhabitants watched objects in the sky above - "balls approximately 3 in the length, from time to time, four in a square, much remained insulated, and between these balls, one saw a number of crosses with the color of blood. Then one saw two large pipes, in which small and large pipes, were 3 balls, also four or more. All these elements started to fight one against the other." This battle lasted for about 1 hour. A local artist made a woodcarving depicting the event.

- The discoverer of the Haley's comet, Edmond Hally, recorded on two occasions sightings of strange 'bodies'. In 1676 he saw a "Vast body apparently bigger than the moon." He estimated it at 40 mi. above him. He also stated that it made a noise, "Like the rattling of a great cart over stones." After estimating the distance it traveled in a matter of minutes, he came to the conclusion that it moved at a speed greater than 9,600 m.p.h.
In 1716 he recorded seeing an object which hovered for more than two hours.

- NASA engineer Joseph Blumrich, after having read Daniken's book The Chariots of the Gods, set out to debunk Daniken's proposition that Ezekiel from the Bible described an encounter with an extraterrestrial aircraft. Instead of proving Daniken to be 'full of it', he eventually wrote a book himself describing in detail, from the engineering perspective, why what Ezekiel saw was actually a craft.

I chose the above examples out of many that are out there. In the end, maybe some conspiracy theorists 'don't think their babbling bs through' but it seems that some of the 'smart' ones on the other side of the UFO spectrum do even less thinking.

12 years ago

@mary. i've seen a few other documentaries about this subject and according to one 'insider' (claims he worked at area 51 on anti-gravity technology) the 'live' alien is held at area 51 and helps design re-production models of the alien's space craft. lol it's a pretty big story to wrap your brain around. I personally dont believe it. According to this nut, the alien can speak to you via mental telepathy and make YOU verbally say what he wants.

@gero2006. The autopsy is definitely fake. if you notice when they cut the alien open, no blood comes out. Yet, you can see them remove its heart. A heart's purpose is to pump blood throughout the body as we all know. if theres a heart, theres blood! thats a fact. All i saw was a heart, no blood.
Since it's a different form of life it could be some other liquid besides blood. But there's still no liquid. One might ask, then why does it have a heart? answer > Because the video is total bs.

I've actually watched quite a few documentaries on our own technological advancement and ive learned that in the late 40's to early 50's our govornment built a flying disk that could monitor russia's nuclear development and actually launch a full-blown counter-attack from space. They reportedly built this air craft at area 51. I personally believe thats what crashed in roswell. Think about it, an extraterrestrial space craft with Anti-gravity technology is NOT going to plumbit to earth and crash. why? because earth's gravity wouldn't apply, hence Anti-Gravity. The only way for that to happen would be for a bunch of drunken aliens to mis navigate and fly right in to earth's surface. Yeah right... OUR "flying disk" crashed because we didnt have anti-gravity technology then.

Area 51 is not a holding bank for aliens like most people believe. That is where all of our advanced military weapons
are created and tested. The B2 bomber was spotted and reported as a UFO around area 51 before it was made public. So have several other fighter jets, like the F16. Thats what we do there... We build weapons, Not employ aliens lol.

Conspiracy theorists do not think their babbling bs through before they come up with their theories.

12 years ago

Im afraid the government has done far worse then employing Nazi scientists to build rocket ships, and testing those rockets on monkeys. Look into the CIA project MCULTRA, or hell, theres human torture going on right now and nobody does anything. Nazi scientists and animal testing just isnt a big enough scandal for people to be worrying about 50 years later.

But on another note, I wonder what could possibly be so important that this is still a secret after 50 years? I mean aside from the unsupported report claiming that this was a different balloon than the one they first said it was. If it was new secret millitary technology there is no way that it would still be a secret 50 years later. Its testing would either be abandoned, or it would be unveiled and used in combat. And you would think that, if it could, the millitary would give a decent explanation, if only to shut people up. It really is a strange situation.

12 years ago

Good documentary.

12 years ago

Citing this doc. for my National History Day project.. anyone know what the name of the channel was?

12 years ago

Alien autopsy looks like a badly done hoax.

Main documentary was interesting since I have never heard the Roswell story before. Plus nice footage of desert - I always like to see desert scenes.

Some of the Roswell witnesses seemed to be telling the truth. However, none of the truthful ones mentioned seeing aliens. The believable witnesses only mentioned seeing strange materials recovered by someone else from a crash site or being told by someone else that they had had strange experiences. This is hearsay evidence and not of much value to prove or disprove anything. It is certainly not evidence of alien life.

Those who talked about seeing aliens first-hand (e.g. the person who claimed to be in some top-secret organisation) were less credible. The top-secret guy kept blinking when telling his story - a suggestion that he was probably lying.

Some cover up by the military certainly seems to have occurred but for what purpose, who knows? who cares?

I was more concerned at the casual mention of the employment of Nazi scientists by the US government. That is a real scandal. I was also concerned at the sacrifice of monkeys and chimpanzees needlessly strapped into prototype space rockets. How was that any real help in developing manned space flights?

People focus on bogus stories of aliens and ignore the real-life scandals. The American government must be thankful for conspiracy theories they keep the public looking the wrong way. There is plenty to be ashamed of or incensed about but aliens are not the issue.

13 years ago

I think they found the type of lightweight material they use in aircraft today...

13 years ago

Informative documentary . . . Though I don't believe the alien autopsy was real. That is truly a fake. I do believe there was a crash of a UFO nature . . . Also, they said one was alive out of the five . . . What happened to him? Is he still alive? Did the military send him back into space? Plus, what's the big cover-up anyway? Who cares if there's alien life out in the universe . . . We are here so why can't there be other life forms as well? These military people are total idi*%s.

13 years ago

Wow, very informative documentary. Helps to fill in some holes in my understanding about the incident. Great facts.