The Truth About Killer Dinosaurs

2005 ,    »  -   13 Comments
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The Truth About Killer DinosaursIn this innovative series, Bill Oddie takes great joy in comparing dinosaurs with their closest living relatives - crocodiles and birds. He joins forces with a team of experts to scientifically analyze fossilized dinosaur bones and tracks.

Using scientific evidence, Bill constructs life-sized, bio-mechanical replicas of the dinosaurs' weaponry. Then he tests them and dramatically demonstrates their awesome potential. The findings from all these investigations are fed into the computer graphics to produce the most accurate portrayal of dinosaurs to date.

Tyrannosaurus rex versus Triceratops has to be the greatest heavyweight fight in history. In one corner - T. rex - a six-ton powerhouse of muscle and teeth and the most famous killer the world has ever known. Its jaws were packed with over 50 teeth, each up to a foot long, and powerful enough to crush a car.

Velociraptor could be described as the scariest dinosaur in the world. Armed with huge disemboweling claws, as sharp as steak knives, it guts its prey with a single sweep of its powerful legs. At least, that's what seems to happen in Steven Spielberg's movies. But what are the facts?

Next Bill introduces a tank-like Ankylosaur, a dinosaur with the ultimate defenses. With its armor-plated skin and vicious bone-crushing club, the stupidest dinosaur of all time might have been more than a match for a fleet-footed Velociraptor.

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13 Comments / User Reviews

    lex lexich
  1. lex lexich

    made for kids from 3 to 5 years or for mentally challenged, i don't get it why the narrator must be more important than the subject, and why it must act like a retard... too bad for the money spent... i now must go watch sth with sir david attenborough because otherways i'll have bad dreams...

  2. Sertsis
  3. Sertsis

    @Vlatko,... Planning a vacation?

  4. Vlatko
  5. Vlatko


    No, not really. There are lot of docs siting in the queue for months, so I felt like posting them all.

  6. Jeremy Lightworker
  7. Jeremy Lightworker

    this is what ya call bbbbbad science

  8. Oxley
  9. Oxley

    Bill Oddy enough said.

  10. Matthew
  11. Matthew

    True facts in this one :D

  12. Yavanna
  13. Yavanna


  14. Yavanna
  15. Yavanna

    Worth watching but rather annoyed at some of the comments here.....

    @lex lexich

    What utter contrite pomposity on your part. How is the narrator behaving like a retard? How is it made as if he he more important than the subject matter? As for being made for 3-5 year olds well then I must be a toddler because I for one enjoyed it!


    It's Bill Oddie. Was you just trying to sound clever? How's that working out for you?

    @Jeremy Lightworker

    "this is what ya call bbbbbad science"

    Really? In what way was it bad science? To me it was a great demonstration of experimentation and the re-engineering aspects were interesting.

    Out of the 15-20 or so docs issued by Vlatko the last few days this for me was one of the more enjoyable and interesting. Maybe I`m being subjective. I like Bill Oddie. However these three guys above are just whining and lazily trashing what is a decent doc.

  16. Yavanna
  17. Yavanna

    Ignore the haters. Good doc. Well worth your time watching.... (More profound comment is in moderation cos I cut and pasted the R word I think)

  18. Harris Sultan
  19. Harris Sultan

    The narrator is pretty annoying. Sorry English people, he might be an icon in your country but to us outsiders who don't know him, found him pretty annoying. I love watching documentaries on dinosaurs especially from BBC but this RETARD ruined it!

  20. Mathew Scannell
  21. Mathew Scannell

    damn straight. i'm english, that guys a di*k

  22. madscirat
  23. madscirat

    Admit it, folks, you wanted the T.rex to eat that annoying narrator.

  24. Bab
  25. Bab

    Bill Odie was one of the Goodies (70s comedy show). Not the best narrator, but ok.

    The science wasn't solid but the logic was good to excellent, eg. Comparison with modern equivalents. There were a few leaps of faith (eg. How to scale the top speed of a T. rex). I also think a metal jaw for T. rex was sketchy. However, analysis of running styles and brain capabilities seemed logical.

    Definitely not for 3-5 year olds. Suggest minimum of 8 years for a clever 8 year old that could tolerate the violence.

    I would recommend this above Walking With Dinosaurs for better analysis and justification.

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