The Untold Story of Emmett Louis Till

The Untold Story of Emmett Louis Till

2005, History  -   125 Comments
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The Untold Story of Emmett Louis TillSimple yet riveting, The Untold Story of Emmett Louis Till articulates the madness of racism in the South of the 1950s. Combining archival photos and footage with deeply felt interviews, this documentary tells the harrowing story of what happened when a mischievous 14 year old black boy from Chicago, visiting his relatives in Mississippi, whistled at a white woman in the street.

The lynching that followed was so gruesome that a media circus surrounded the trial--and what stunned the nation was not only the crime, but the blithe unconcern the citizens of a small Mississippi town felt toward the brutal murder of a black teenager.

The interviews suspensefully unveil the story, moving from the viewpoint of Till's mother to the perspective of his Southern cousins to actual film of Till's uncle, who had the astonishing courage to accuse the two killers in court. Till's mother, Mamie Till-Mobley, addressed the entire country in news footage, begging that something be done so that her son did not die in vain.

The awkward, un-media-savvy quality of the 1950s interviews may seem to come from another world, but the harsh truth of what happened sprang all too clearly from America's still unresolved racial conflicts. A passionate, compelling documentary.

Directed by: Keith Beauchamp

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  1. lmao what even is this comment section??

  2. @assbackwards
    To be honest, I would help others before I would help myself, regardless of race, creed, etc.; but to think that it is normal at all to help someone from a different race as the last option on your list, is so twisted. We all need to help each other, because in the end we are all the same. Love everyone man. E v e r y o n e.

  3. If only he knew what a ripple of change his young and short lived life would have in his country and the impact globally.

    I honestly don't know why people watch documentaries like this to just post hateful racism.
    To quote the ever so eloquent Jim Marsh who decided to post above, 'I voted for Obama but I wouldn't let my daughter marry a black man. So's my right.', your hatred was not overlooked. Deplorable are the views of a righteous, sexist racist. I can't even begin to argue on how his daughters decision is his not right.

    On particular pages, comments should require heritage, colour, and country to be able to post to weed out people who have nothing but foolishness in their heads and hatred in their hearts.

    Black Lives Matter.

    1. I want my kids to marry for love. Black or white it does not matter. What happened to Emmett Till I hope put those horrible people in hell when they died!

  4. i love reading comments before watching a doc.
    most docs have comments related to the docs; the exception is "racist" docs...
    which always have race vs race arguments.
    I fell strongly that all people are good and bad, racist and not....
    Because all of these things are inherent in all beings and key to survival in some fashion.

    I think you all would agree that if you had to help someone, your order would be.
    1. Yourself
    2. Family
    3. Friends
    4. Associates
    5. Elderly / Children / Needy
    6. Your race
    7. Other races

    And if you had to harm someone the order would be reverse

    Therefore, everyone, when push comes to shove is a "racist" or whatever label you deem.
    If you think you are not , then your lying to yourself or are an exception to normality.
    So please quit pretending your not, because its worse then calling people "racists".

    I have to add that in general, no race is superior we are equal
    but whomever has authority over you..they are truly your master and you their slave.
    If you let them

  5. Im ashamed at my own race and felt deep hatred towards those ignorant whites in Mississippi. Who the hell did they think they were? It shows the type of people they are in being able to do something like this to a child and their families who stood beside them. But guess what? There's one fact you have to live with. Your hatred for anyone with darker skin means you hate God. BECAUSE GOD WAS BORN IN THE MIDDLE EAST!!!! AND EVERYONE IN THE MIDDLE EAST IS BLACK!!!!! I hope these two lowlifes who murdered this child suffer and burn for eternity in hell and all those with the same ignorant and hateful mindset! God don't like ugly and Karma always gets you back! We might not have the enjoyment of seeing people like these whites suffer but rest assured when their day comes? They'll suffer forever!

    1. I feel very sorry for you then mr or ms assbackwards, because a life is a life. Maybe something is wrong with me but i feel other peoples pain and anguish as if it were my own regardless of race, creed, color, nationality,religion etc. And yes i do speak from experience! Also note to self, although i never look for anything in return, the good lord has abundantly blessed me and my family with heavenly treasures! You should try it sometime. You'll be amazed at how good and fulfilled you will feel!

  6. Part of me wants desperately to view this film; the other part is just sickened at the thought. The mind boggles at the complete disregard for humanity that was foisted on this young man, who died far too soon for such a ridiculous reason. Racism is a cancer; it needs to be excised. It's disgraceful that we're still fighting the Civil War in 2015.

  7. Monster people

  8. Am so sorry for what, so sorry

  9. Look around now, we are just as bad and to OUR OWN colour, white selling white for sex trade in the European area and for shittist lowest wage paid workers employment can get away with and it still goes on.

    Black bitching about if your not black enough or too much of a lighter shade. which i actually witnessed and found that extremely hurtful for the poor guy and got my help thrown back in my face and got hugely abused by the other end for trying to help the victim.

    From the start of time, white people have been bastards to our own colour, so it's not all about just black people being picked on. I'm sick of the colour racial thing going on, as now it's just an excuse to win an arguement. I'm a white person fed up listening to ALL SPECTRUM of colours going on about skin tone, it has been a violent discussion from past, which we SHOULD NEVER FORGET about any slavery of any kind through time, although it was the northern state of a lot of white people in the america tried to abolish slavery, (that gets forgotten easily) but we can't move forward and stop all this hate if any colour white/black stop bitching and learn that it will never stop if we keep causing a rift between it all.

    Colour of skin is just a colour to me. I have a friend and colleague i work with who is the complete opposite of me. im milk bottle white and his the darkest skin tone. We get on great and not once has the skin colour come up, because it does not need to. We get on with life and thats all that matters.

  10. I just watched The Untold Story of Emmett Till with my 16yr old son and 12yr daughter. Afterwards we had really, really, good conversation about racism, equality and people's rights then and now. I told my kids this is why your great grandfather would get upset with disrespect and not doing your best in school because its like a slap in the face to the blacks that had to endure all that they endured for you to have what you have now. I cold tell this documentary had a strong impact on my son.

  11. Lying shits!! Completely and conveniently hiding the TRUTH about this incident.

  12. I tell myself when it will be justice for Emmet and other thing that was wrong what they did to emmet .R.I.P EMMETT LOUIS TILL now you are in better place

  13. It's disgusting how those red neck toads hid behind their babies in court. As if they were human or something. Gutless sheep. You know there had to be white people who knew this was wrong. (I'm white). My God, was the entire south riddled with brain dead r*tards back then? Gutless F#@King pigs. F**k the South for what they did and allowed to happen back then. F**k them all, north and south for the bigotry and aggression towards another race, who never wanted to be here to begin with! If i hear one more person from the South tell me apologetically that, "Oh, well, that's the way it was." without offering any statement of remorse for their complicity, then maybe they should've succeeded from the Union after all, because we don't need that s*it in our United States. Northerners had slaves too, but we don't talk too much about that, now do we? Maybe it's because the Civil War had nothing to do with slavery to begin with. What a bunch of pu**ies. Our Congress and Senate were infested with KKK members for quite some time, so WTF did you think they were going to do about it? Your tax dollars at always...just getting screwed in new ways now.

    1. Lol! The pendulum has swung the other way. It's so fashionable to hate yourself for being white. Good for you. You're a good liberal.

  14. I think back in those days only whites has rights. It did not matter if you knew the person was wrong no one said nothing and its wrong then and now I thank God that i was not in those times when it was really bad for blacks cause I speak my mind and don't hold back. May God bless his family.

    1. If ya right your alright if your brown stick around if your black stand back We are in the 2nd reconstruction

  15. that was wrong

  16. When will there be justice for Emmitt?

  17. Its weird how god works without being seen, its always humans that do everything. Its almost as if he doesn't exist.

  18. I don't feel sorry for him. Boo hoo. Y'all all seem to be a bunch of liberal pussies or black radicals on this thread. No, I am not politically correct. No, I do not want to hear about how "we all came out of Africa." Spare me that PC tripe...Even if we did, it's clear that evolution worked its magic while the races were separated. More propaganda to increase white guilt and pacify the white population is all that this movie is. He shouldn't have been a trashy animal and whistled at her...

    1. You are very rude and you shouldnt have said that. I think you have no respect for the dead. God got something for you just watch and wait.

    2. amen brother

  19. R.I.P Emmett Louis Till
    Since when does it take the American justice system to realize murder is a crime. From 1955 to 2003, WTF is the problem America with the American justice system. I have never been so disgusted in the way non-white america is treated!! Im so glad i found this documenty, Emmitt you will not be foegotten!! I believe "an eye for an eye" I sure hope those men who murdered that young man receive what they deserve!! Its no dam wonder poeple are becoming Vigilantes, can't always depend on the law for justice!!

    1. Called 'jury nullification' it is when a jury ignores the evidence and votes their conscience or desire. It was very common in the Jim Crow south. We could say the OJ Simpson case was a recent example, Though poor young Mr. Till was horribly tortured and beaten to death and then mutilated just about every way imaginable. This is the 2nd time I watch this. It should be shown to every (2nd or 3rd year in high school) class in the USA.
      He deserved to Live in Peace.

    2. beautiful heartfelt words brother I couldn't of said it better myself

  20. Can't ya just FEEL the LOVE?!

  21. I think we should bring retribution back. Look at our society now. Ninty percent of all crimes are commited by minorities. Watch the television shows Cops, Bait Car, The First 48, ect..ect..ect... We need to bring back fear, Our prisons don't seem to be getting the job done. But, they do put a huge strain on our economic system, much less welfare,section 8 housing, black school system corruption, ect..ect..ect.. The future of this country after a national crisis will look a lot like New Orleans after Katrina. Whites tend to help one another in times of crisis. Blacks turn into animals. There going backwards, not forward.

  22. transparency still did not work in the south

    people in belfast watched (catholic ) schoolchildern get urine threw at them photos shoved in their faces on way to school a day later 9/11 happened.............i want the transparency shown in every human right violation until justice is done to neocons'righr wing politics the world over


    1. first of all that was done by a huge mob of those bastards

  24. For one...the president is bi-racial. I'm in your face you racist. Now that felt really good. Ignorance shown is a guarentee of stupidity. Imagining how a race hates is simply a gratification of your own hatred!

  25. Just imagine how much these people must hate that there is a black president.
    Must admit that really feels good.
    In your face racists!

    And @ lucy:
    Your just a wonderful human being!
    Btw what´s that thing called when you mean the opposite of what your saying?

  26. i feel the flim just showed of all how the laws were back then look in your bible and remember this ' the frist shall be last ,and the last shall be frist ,sit back and let GOD do his work

    1. hopefully a little faster sister

  27. @ Lucy
    If your grammar and reasoning are anything to go by then you have just stepped out of the primordial soup and have actually turned your stupid racist argument against yourself. Well done. I assume you're a troll.

  28. First of all the little boy shouldn't be whistle at white woman in back in old days. it wasn't proper back then as you view as nowadays are totally major different.
    Don't blame on whites.blame on little black boy who start whistle at her in the first place. nowadays very sad to see some type of low self esteem plague on whites people that Africa America people NAACP have overpower and be the king of the world that sort of authority command.. don't appreciated it and it wasn't right. back then was proper and moral and nowadays it isn't likely proper and moral where respect? it is true back then whites bathroom was very clean before civil rights came along..and now the bathroom isn't really clean like long time ago.. do you know what so odd? white girl should honor their mother and father as God said..the trick is girl did not honor mother and father why because she end up with black guy. it sound like not honor their parent's ancestry. well really whites females should have known better not to fall in catering where society easily acceptable with blacks in nowadays..thinking blacks and whites are much of same.oh please the cultures are way different and why have to get it mix all up? to have bi racial still no honor or respect toward ancestry. this time no blaming on whites people and to make guilt trip it a brain washing by blacks want to say white's bad or faults geezers..enough of Bull..
    whites invent a lot of things back then and black people should thank don't overstep on whites no more..leave whites alone.

    1. Lucy,

      You have raised a compelling point and eloquently enlightened us all. On behalf of all black people I thank all white people retrospectively. We shall never overstep on whites again and will indeed leave whites alone. Now take your medication and everythings gonna be alright.

    2. I am a white girl. I am 27 years old. I wish all racism would end. LMAO @ overstep on whites. who_me you rock! ! !

    3. your spelling, grammar, reasoning... you sound like either you have knocked your head against something, such as possibly a 'white' wall, or that you are approximately 4 years of age. Either way, it seems you have firmly got your head stuck up your white backside, in some sort of backward hairy doughnut way.
      Firstly, get your verb tenses right, or stop clumsily talking rubbish that belongs to archaic times.
      Secondly... actually, just keep quiet. There is no room in the modern world for your opinions. YOU are in a minority, not black people.
      Enough said.

    4. You got them all thinking Lucy, I understand you, you are saying black and white do not mix, Eh gal?
      Guess should be the one to inform you, we are all black, we all originated out of Africa, a long, long, long time ago. Even though I am white, "Black" is our predominate gene! I imagine this should turn over a lot of whites in their graves, no?

    5. What the hell is a "predominate" gene? The spelling and concept are idiotic.

  29. I am so disheartened by watching you all argue in text. Why must you try to best each other?

    Some good points were made, some ignorance proven, and some completely irrelevant information shared.

    Can we not just mourn the loss of this boy together?

    Can we please now fight hate with love?

    Marvel at the beauty of luminous black skin, sky blue eyes, or lustrous Asian hair.....

    Be curious and learn about different cultures because ignorance is the root of fear and hate.

    Love, DON'T JUDGE.

    I am a blonde and blue eyed half first nations. I feel guilt because of my appearance.....guilt for my racist ancestors and guilt because I am not distinguishable as a native.

    1. well, I am white, I am blue eyed, and I DON'T feel guilty because I am not bigotted, and because at least I attempt to fight for everyone's rights, no matter what their skin colour. What happened in the past belongs in the past, and it was mostly due to lack of education, as it can be clearly shown by some of the comments on this page.
      I suggest rather than sit there and mourn 'together', feeling guilty, you stand up for people's rights, as Bob Marley rightly said decades ago.

    2. no sweetie what happened in the past does NOT deserve to stay in the past ESPECIALLY when it has to do with HISTORY! that was VERY ignorant of you to say such a thing... WOW... but i am pretty sure if it was the other way around you would feel what us blacks feel every time we see a situation like this, whether if it was from the past or current. keep your blonde haired and blue eyes comments to yourself. there was nothing POSITIVE about what you wrote. smh

    3. Understandable my fellow white brother but that past can never be erased and what else is there that can truly change that horrible past existance as we have seen true peace comes with unions of real love done in harmony.

  30. I find this thread to be disheartening. I read the comments before watching the documentary as a prerequisite and its sad to see that the very hatred that is responsible for this young boy's death is still very much active and fueled by the memory of his story. When will this stop? When will this young man's death and the deaths of those of the very nature no longer be in vain? What happened to this boy's life saddens me as a black man. I could not bare to even watch the video out of fear of seeing what he looked like after this brutal murder because i knew it would stir in me an anger, a bitter hatred for not only the people who did this to him but also for those people who look just like them. Don't let his deaths story be the reason that we continue to hate. Don't fuel your hearts with hate but let it powered by change, powered with love. His death has impacted the movement of equality for african americans. It evoked and coerced a change in this world.

    Listen to his mothers words. She doesnt want his death to be in vain. She wants him in his story to be a hero and not a victim.

    See it for the change that it made and not for the people who did this to him. LET THE HATRED DIE, LET THE VICTORY OF HIS DEATH TO RACISM IN AMERICA LIVE ON!

    1. couldn't agree with you more.

    2. very well said.but racism still exists.victory"NOT" a disheartened black women.please make sure your children know their history.its soooo sad how unappreciative all kids are nowadays

    3. you got the ticket

    4. you sure your black brother

    5. how many other acounts of peoples deaths do you recall looking like that

  31. @Lee

    I don't mind black Americans, its all the Asians comming here that get on my nerves. That is one f*&ed up race of people

    1. Mental illness knows no race, apparently. Neither does complete ignorance.

  32. this was the worst thing to happen in the 19 hundreds for grown men to actually senslessly beat a fourteen year old boy that is totally wrong then for those two men to get off for the murder and actually confess after the trial because they new they couldnt be trialed twice that was sum bs! R.I.P EMMETT LOUIS TILL AND MAY YOUR SOUL ALSO SAME GOES FOR U MOM.

    1. What rambling. Can't anyone write coherently anymore?

  33. Racists are cowards who don't dare live as individuals. Simple as that. Sad too.

  34. lee i cant see how you are racist if you have read to kill a mockingbird. not everyone has a racist side to them i dont i fight for the people who are being treated unfairly i am white and proud of it racism will never end here in connecticut racism is comming back again i just yesterday i walked down the street to the shakespear theater and on the ground it had the kkk with kill the n****** burn the jews. connecticut still has kkk and so many things happened within the last 5 years here in ct that are all racist related. i will never never give sympothy to thoes who are racist and not being mean but you discgust me just because you have no problem with saying you are racist being a racists to me is the lowest possible thing you can ever be. if u have aids herpes i will welcome u into my home if you need help if you say your a racist i will make sure that door hits your ass on the way out. if african americans didnt come to this country the u.s wouldnt be anything look at history and all the good and all the first things african americans did and still accomplish. as people say god made al of us god made hatred and love people took that and turned into this. a 14 year old black male had to be killed for the civil rights movement to be started how sad is that?

    1. I don't believe you've ever read a book in your life. Your writing is atrocious.

  35. I am THOROUGHLY disgusted by the antics of this "trial" and how these men escaped earthly justice. I can only find solace in my belief that they were subject to justice by the Ultimate Vindicator.

    Though it's hard watching this and it makes me extremely upset; I admire the family of Emmett Till for their unimaginable courage. The quote that still cuts through me is from Emmett's mother in regards to having an open casket, "I want the world to see what they did to my baby." I can't imagine seeing my son bloated and disfigured lying in a casket and holding it all together. She is my hero (or at least one of them)

    @Golden_Standard, I agree with you.

    RIP - Emmett Till

  36. @ Golden_ Standard

    So it would seem you have a few dispositions about "white" people huh? That's not prejudice at all is it? I would highly suggest that you re read your post from say a neutral position, and pretend you are not of any race or particular "color" - then ask yourself how a "white" person might interpret your views...

  37. Wow! There are some really insightful comments on this thread and some really dumb ones too. I am a young black woman from Bimingham, AL. My uncles marched w/ Dr. King and had the hoses and dogs unleashed on them. My grandaddy worked for 41 years at Tenesee Coal and Iron, a subsidiary of U.S. Steel and was a barber on the weekends. He was able to provide a fairly comfortable life for his wife and kids, despite being the oldest of 10 children, growing up in rural Alabama, and having to quit school in the 8th grade in order to work & because they didn't let blacks go very far in school at that time. I read "Slavery by Another Name" during my final year of law school and was hurt to my core. The same company my granddaddy worked for "leased" black "convicts" (the book documents evidence showing that most of these men were not criminals at all and that local officials arrested them on trumped-up charges or for owing debts they never really owed--during that time if a white man whom you'd never met said you owed him $10, you owed him $10, black people couldn't even be witnesses in court and no way were they on juries.) This lasted up until World War II, when our great country realized that it needed all of its citizens (blacks, included) to help fight the Japanese. I think the convict lease system, which was the birth of the chain gang, is when Americans started associating blacks with crime--befor the convict lease system prisoners were usually white & people didn't really go to prison all that often, it was only after states & companies started getting free labor from black men that the prison syste started to expand.

    That being said, I do think that we have come an very long way in race relations, but I am tired of white people saying that we should be content. We will not be content until we are afforded the same humaness as you. For example, studies have shown that black kids in school are suspended and expelled at a much higher rate than white kids for the same behavior. I think this is because their is a bias in our brain that black people are violent (despite the evidence in our history that white people have been much more violent) so the same behavior done by a black child is INTERPRETED differently, violently.

    When I go home to Birmingham, I'm not blatently discriminated against but I can still feel it and some people treat me differently. For example, when I graduated from college and people asked me what I was going to do, I would tell them that I was going to law school. EVERY SINGLE white person who I told this to always asked "have you been accepted?" I was so troubled about this I talked to my white friends at law school about it, their response when they told people they were going to law school..."congratulations" "which one are you going to"

    The racism in America is systematic and instutionalized. It's not so much affirmative discrimination as it is latent white privlege.

    White people think about what advantages you have just because you're white? Better loans, lower interst rates, lower rates re: life insurance, and most importantly the freedom to be an individual. For all of the negative stereotypes about black people, I can show you a white person who has that same behavior. The difference b/tw being white and black is if Bob (white) is a drug dealer then Bob is a drug dealer. If Tyrone is a drug dealer then black people are drug dealers. If Molly gets food stamps, then Molly gets food stamps, but if Shaniqua gets food stamps, then black people get food stamps.---It's always the negative stereotypes, b/c if Tyrone is a doctor, then Tyrone is a product of Affirmative Action, never Tyrone worked hard and is just as smart as Bob (gasp) or black people are doctors.

    Just my young opinion.

    1. 'That being said, I do think that we have come an very long way in race relations''

      we sure have. Culminating with the fact that 'race,' in it's traditional sense...does not even exist. Science confirms that which has always been evident to any reasonable person; that we are all very closely related and, for the most part have the same needs, feelings, and desires,
      Watch: Human Ancestry Made Easy on utube - its really well done and not very long. -and I think TDF has a special on the subject as well. it goes over the work of Dr Spencer Wells (et al) were able to trace the migrations out of Africa some 150k years ago. It turns out that no 2 human beings are more than about a 50th cousins.. that's pretty wild.

    2. What you've wrote totally misses the core principle of what we have watched this documentary shows that racism was at it's highest peek then and sadly we were extremely powerless to stop it and blacks of the south suffered 100's of times much worse then those of the north and today we have a lot of blacks who are un-knowledgable in their ways and people who they choose to commune with, disregarding our past as a way to feel freedom but rest assure Yah will return soon to take care of this wicked world that's ruled by the heathen.

    3. Even the most notorius killers and vicious animals in our day or back then didn't recieve such forms of dreadful punishments what happened to Emmett Till was monsterous and utterly unforgivable.

  38. I find it disturbing to see have easily people starts to argue on this comment board. How do you think wars are started? The past, is the past. Let us look forward and learn from history, and change our behavior instead of feeding on hate and ignorance and instead of looking away and not act. Especially when we witness injusitce and evil.
    Just the other night I was watching a doc in here, about Rwanda. Pure hate, but there was some true heroes involved also.

  39. I heard a rumor that Emmett Till's father was found guilty
    of rape in WW2 and executed for the crime. Is there any
    truth here or is it simply a rumor.

  40. i would just like to say what happend to this boy is disgraceful ......bless his soul.

    what is pherhaps even sadder is the ignorance of mankind to recognise themselves as one. There are numerous simmilarities amongst all religions including prophets and the belief in an almighty father/one god.what is happening is a minority uses religion a dictatoring tool to seperate and thus conquer different parts of the world . Interpretating different sermons out of context to fit with their own twisteed ideology. i personally dont follow any mainstream religoin but i believe in what i believe feel rights deep inside. humans are passionate beings who are willing to fight for injustices but you should fight for what you truly believe and not what 15 years of media propaganda has taught you to believe.
    Whether your white, asian, black or blue you still and feel the sensation of living, you cry, you laugh , you love and you even hate together. it s abput time we all put our differencees aside and fight for a beter world for everyone. i believe in loving thy neighbour.......and that includes my brother and sisters off all colour.

  41. I haven't even watched this movie yet, but I understand what racism is. It's something that is taught, either by parents or friends or whatever culture you may have been exposed to in your formitive years. I lived in LA during the Watts riots, I was in the Army and deployed to LA during the Rodney King riots in 1992. The soldiers I served with there were of all different races and colors. we didn't see a persons race, we only saw innocent people and law breakers. I've lived in many places around the world. Racism is everywhere. My color? Red, white and blue. I have friends of many different ethnicities and I've seen racism rear it's ugly head from every ethnicity under the rainbow. there is a movie called South Pacific that takes place during WW II. In it a marine is falling in love with a polinesian girl and stops him self because of her skin color. He sings a song that says it all, the song is called You've Got To Be Carfully Taught. In other words he learned it growing up.

  42. take the time and read and understand. was up set thinking and typing at the same time counld't type it as i was thinking it

  43. After watching this doc and reading some of the comments,I literally had to get up and take my son up from his nap and just hold him and pray. There is a god, and soooo much belive. George B. you said you was poor and white had to fight when you attending black schools. Okay is that the reason you made those ignorant comments. Let me school you on some things, first of all there are just as many white people on food stamps and etc., but do you know what they call it subsidized. do you think that just because we can vote and are allowed to be treated civil like you because white men said okay now is the time blacks are treated equal and then its done but not to much because the system still is not far. Am and otheres just suppose say oh that happened a long time ago not have right to still feel angry and sad that these things happened. you say we have everything what do we have you just named things that every race has and benefits from. If black people as a whole unite as one we will be force to be reconned with. Black people take a stand, lets talk about repemands other people got theres what about us.
    P.S. everybody is not gang baners and don't try to be. White people started not talking this is fact.

  44. Milton Babb
    Mob rule, murder and lynching have been around since before the American Revolution. White people were the victims for nearly one hundred years then "THEY" started on those black people who would speak up for themselves in moments or times of unfair treatment. This began after the "Civil" war when Black People were appointed to many government positions and were directed to raise confiscatory taxes on all land holdings. The Banks profited from the high evaluations and taxes when the lands were resold, this is the main reason for all wars the banks create the conditions that lead up to wars. The white land owners watched the Black People in Gov. sell their properties with growing anger and hatred, the KKK was formed then by a Confed. General Bedford Forrest and lynching started.

  45. How old are you High Voltage? You may be old enough for this information. It is truly just as shocking as the evil death of very young Emmet Till. If you are old enough, and you wish, I will give you my email address or my home address so we can speak in private.

  46. HIGH VOLTAGE; you musta got hit one too many times, everybody knows who "they" are,"THEY" are protected by a new federal law, "hate crimes", so just pretend you understand until you finally "catch on." Or just read John 8: 42-46 and Isaiah 14 pay special attention to verse 26 then watch David Ickes videos, and study current English history, financial history that is. Paranoia is necessary for survival in this world. Don't be afraid, it's all a bad dream for you.

  47. Milton Babb you are funny! Is there any way you can find out who "they" are? Maybe dunk them in a lake, if "they" float they are guilty? If "they" drown they aren't? Keep hiding in your fog of paranoia but try not to infect everyone else.

  48. If you consider that the verse 26 in Isaiah 14 is valid then the crimes described in Isaiah are premeditated therefore arrest warrants for the perpetrators could be issued by any judicial entity anywhere in the world.

  49. There is no place in the world to run to safety, "they" own the world.

  50. If you are in fact interested in living in a peaceful world.
    "They" are well known. You are evasive and frightened.

  51. Uh oh, someone let a crazy in.... This kind of nonsense doesn't get us anywhere Milton. Would you suggest some kind of witch hunt to root out these "others"?

  52. Beware, lest hate destroy you.

  53. "They are named in John 8: 42-46

  54. A blueprint exist in Isaiah 14.

  55. We are all under the spells of a demonic evil that is long lived and lives thruout the world. No horror movie has barely approached the level or terror these people are capable of maintaining over the rest of us. They use many devices and schemes and brain wash many "others" over generations. These "others" you have already heard of, now you must do whatever is necessary to defend your family.

  56. Hate is an intrinsic emotion, we all express it at one time in our life when we have not developed capacity to control our emotion.

    Black people just happen to be different enough to ignite it on those whites who lack emotional discipline and intellect. Were there no Blacks, then they would have projected onto others in their greater community; catholics, liberals, conservatives, gays, anything that made a group stand out. White people did not start hating and killing after only meeting black people.

    Some white people should be thankfull that there are black people in America, they are taking the brunt of this emotion carried by these hateful people.

    Black people also carry this emotion, but throughout recorded human history, it is apparent that white people have a bigger appetite for hate. The evolution of weapons to kill is proportional to this urge to quench the feeling of hate.

    I sincerely believe that white people, likely through some genetic defect have a magnified urge to hate than other people. This is just a theory, a controlled experiment is due here.

    1. Racist

  57. There is racsim and all the other negative beliefs in the world because there is a politicalsystem that uses any defect in human nature to manipulate all of us to their ends. These people are insane, they have been for a long time. Study history with a view to trailing the causal relationships to a group you feel may be responsible.

  58. Emmit's mother did not want his death to be in vain. His funeral, was viewed across the nation. The glass covering on his coffin let America see the brutality that was the norm in most Southern States. Others lost their lives, Black and White in the struggle for civil and human rights. In the struggle to abolish slavery a mix of humanity worked to that end as well. Unfortunately, the end of slavery was replaced by colonization.

    On this site "Racism: A History" explores what many do not know.
    The singular account in this doc pales in comparison to the collective brutality of an entire white regime against whole groups. Franck suggested the doc and I would add "This is Civilisation".

    I was a youth when Emmit lost his life. His story served as constant lesson from my parents as to the proper behavior of Black boys in the Jim Crow South. We may not have submitted to the instructions, but we knew what was expected. Personally, most white people, by virtue of their birth, start off in life with an advantage. Today, inherited wealth, good old boy protocols and institutionalized racism maintains an unequal playing field in the pursuit of happiness.

    It is an unfortunate circumstance of life that justice is not always forthcoming. The injustice felt by many people around the globe, at the hands of Christianized Europeans will never reach a settlement. This just didn't happen in the 1950's. It started in the mid 15th century under the auspicies of the Roman Catholic Church where Spain and Portugal held favored nation status.

    Franck's perspective is based on facts. It offends Christians because most believers are unaware of the cruelties done in the name of Jesus, Mary and Jehovah (Yahweh). Christians learn creeds, dogma and doctrine. If they knew more they wouldn't try to defend the indefensible.

  59. One more thing I'd like to add. The younger generation around here, as a whole, are not racist against blacks. It's some of the older parents who can't let it go. Thing are changing. I am around a lot of younger people because I have children their ages. I have yet to meet one who is a racist.

    So, contrary to what you hear about Mississippi, things are changing a lot for the better. Yes, still racism, but you will find that in any community, any state, any country to some extent. Blacks are far from the only race or ethnicity that has battled racism.

    My hope is that the white race will not be made the scapegoat for all the racism problems in the world.

    1. Too late its already happened.

  60. We should not make blanket statements. There are ALWAYS exceptions. I was raised in the delta in Mississippi. Not all that far from where this incident took place. I was raised around all kinds of racists against blacks, yet my parents never acted that way. They never acted as if we were any better. Even though we did not have much, my father took what he had and divided it with our black neighbors. He bought their children things for Christmas.

    This was in the fifties.

    I abhor the murder of this young black man. It is sick and disgusting. I live close to his memorial in Tallahatchie County, MS. There are those here who still are racist. There are many who are not. There are many blacks who hate whites. It's a vicious circle.

    I wish we could all get past color or ethnic background, but I'm afraid that isn't going to happen. There will always be those who hate and feel superior.

    I do think it's wrong for whites who had no involvement in this hatred of race to be held responsible as if we did something wrong, just because we are white.

  61. Thanks for the site. I just found it today and already I'm in love with it! It's sad to think that this child was murdered and really never got justice. Justice and truth...where do they intersect?

  62. This was beyond disturbing, even though I have seen so many stories of tortue and senseless killings...I think this struck me so hard b/c the family saw no justice.If the family of Killers have any decency they would have, should have & still are able to do anything in showing some sort of acknowledgment of the crimes of their family. They have an obligation to not only the family of the victim but to the world !!A public statement.I know if it was my family that commited these horrific acts, I would not be able to live with can they ??
    The documentary stirs up many emotions...positive and negative. I can only hope this brings people unity rather then divide people/races more.

  63. instead of looking what divide us, why don't we look at what unites us. We're human beings. If one day Aliens do come and visit our primitive world and ask what do you call yourself, do you say I'm white earthling, I'm black earthling, I'm asian earthling, or you just say, I'm earthling, welcome to earth.
    We can't choose our parents, whatever color your parents are, that's your color. You're white cause your parents are white, you're black cause your parents are black, your chinese because your parents are chinese, so why judge people for something they can't do anything about?
    We can choose what we want to become, so choose to look pass the color and see we're just the same inside. Keep learning and educating yourself, this website is great for that. Peace out.

  64. Some people sound VERY, VERY dumb - just plain stupid, dumb, uneducated and dumb and ignorant too and they ought to do something about it. That means, GET SMART, pick up a book and read some history, stop feeling sorry for yourselves and GET SMART, get involved and help others and forget about the little ego thing.

  65. Some say when you are white you have it easy. You don't know what poor was when I was growing up. I lived in the poor section of town so I had to go to the mostly black school. So much for segregation. I was the only white kid there. I learned to fight everyday that's about it. Blacks get up off your lazy asses and take responsibility for yourselves and quit judging white people as if we are the problem.

    You people have more than any other in the world, civil rights, food stamps, voting, you share in everyday life here in America. No special rights for blacks anymore I think we all are Americans and should act like Americans not some pampered bunch of whiners jealous of rich white people. Your problem is yourself. Too much gang bangin and no reading or school.

  66. I think people do have a racist side to them. Today it's en vogue to be anything but white. You ever been to an all black Wendys or KFC? Horrible service. There's reverse racism everywhere from everybody. I voted for Obama but I wouldn't let my daughter marry a black man. So's my right. I have had blacks work for me and there's alot of good ones and bad ones. I just want to live on my side of the fence. Thier ways are not my ways.

  67. Shows how sick some white south americans were. Now I know there was racism in Britain aswell during the period of tills death but not this extent. Why is racial profiling such a big issue in the states, a country of immigrants. lol.

  68. whoever made the America Laws for Justice left out a whole race of other non white.
    Read your newspaper all this mess is still going on.

  69. @ Paul - easy for you to say you're not a racist. you probably are, internally. every white person is conditioned to think, whether consciously or not, to think superior from that of a non-white person.

    whoever thinks he is not racist, or doesn't think discriminatory thoughts or stereotypical remarks about another person different from them, race-wise, color-wise, is indeed a racist.

    i like the way oprah puts it. racism is ignorance. white people easily like to deny it, or think they suffer the same experiences as a non-white. take a black guy, who has a daughter who is white (because her mum is white) and goes to a predominantly white students. the poor father feels stink for picking his daughter from school because he's worried that once he picks his 'white' colored daughter from school, other parents/teachers/students, will immediately have a stereotype of him. What's even worse, his daughter would have to suffer the consequences of teachers, parents or students asking her questions about her 'black' father.

    poor guy can't help tryna' fight the feeling, even though to have that feeling because white folks make him feel very 'black' (including all the negative thoughts, the stereotypical ideas) however being black isn't always that easy.

    when you're white, you have it easy. can't help it because everything we see in the media, images in public, news, are presented by predominantly white people.

  70. Check Doc "Racism: a History" absolutely brilliant.

  71. @Franck
    Glad to have helped increase your diction buddy!
    I guess we'll agree to differ. I suppose people will beleive what they want in the end...

  72. @Tombo
    Thank you for "blinkers", i learned a new word today. The next time i go horse riding I'll know "saddle" & "Blinkers". Cool.

    P.S: Stupidity wasn't aimed at you personally, so stop taking things so personally. And i still believe and have seen that everything is in the name of God, Christiane God.

    Peace Out.

  73. @ Tombo,
    Indeed i missed your point, thanks for rephrasing it. Cut & Paste, yes, and why not ? i couldn't have said it any better.
    Where i still differ is the conquest, the way, the reason and the end results. I still don't think it's comparable to the ways and end results of Christianity.
    Ok, so you didn't go to that type of high school, my point was Catholic high schools and elementary schools do stuff Christianity down children throat.
    I do see the world quite wide and open minded, but i do also have my limits with stupidity. I think you meant "blinders" mate.
    Black Men were converted to Christianity by White Men, and everything they've done to that kid was due to their belief in the right translation of the bible, preachers racist sermons. Christianity is the only one, is the true one, the most powerful one, the richest one, the best protect one by God.
    "In God We Trust" do you know where you can find this phrase everywhere.

  74. @Franck
    Wow! You totally missed the point! I never set out to bad mouth Muslim acheivements in Spain and I know that they brought great benefits there, as your excellent "cut and paste" work suggests.
    However, if you think that their conquest was all peaceful, plain sailing and rose tinted then you are quite naive my friend. Of course power and greed are issues otherwise why would people aggressively take land and then enforce alien cultural aspects onto others (even if they turned out to be beneficial)?
    Anyway as you pointed out, that is beside the point of this topic. To try and bring us back:
    My point is (and was); that regardless of religion or colour, when a group of people get powerful they generally believe they are better than everyone else and tend to attack weaker peoples.
    You can even see this in the playground with the large kid attacking smaller weaker kids. The big kid could even come up with a reason to justify his attack. Think about that on a global scale.
    You can't say things like "only Christians do this" or "only black men do that" etc. A simple look at history will tell you that most peoples have trodden on one another from time to time.
    Also don't give me any of your nonsense or assumptions about "Catholic High School", I didn't go to one. Take off the blinkers and see the wider world mate.

  75. @ Tombo.
    Muslim wars ? Those are actually wars between Muslim Clans, big difference.
    Conquest of Spain was done by Umayyad Caliphate. A caliphate is the Islamic form of government representing the political unity and leadership of the Muslim world. What's interesting here is, under Islam, Christians and Jews were recognised as "peoples of the book", and were free to practice their religion. Córdoba, the capital of the caliphate, was the largest, richest and most sophisticated city in western Europe.[note 11] Mediterranean trade and cultural exchange flourished. Muslims imported a rich intellectual tradition from the Middle East and North Africa. Muslim and Jewish scholars played an important part in reviving and expanding classical Greek learning in Western Europe. The Romanized cultures of the Iberian peninsula interacted with Muslim and Jewish cultures in complex ways, thus giving the region a distinctive culture.[17] Outside the cities, where the vast majority lived, the land ownership system from Roman times remained largely intact as Muslim leaders rarely dispossessed landowners, and the introduction of new crops and techniques led to a remarkable expansion of agriculture.
    Now greed and power are not the issues here are they. This is exactly what future Priests learn at Priest school and in Theology at University. In high school you learned that Christians discovered poor retarded races and they would trade a mirrors for gold and convert or die.
    Maybe we should find somewhere else to continue this conversation, we're getting away form the topic at hand, and it makes a hell of a lot of reading for Vlatko, witch is not really necessary. Then i could tell you about pre-Christianity and all about the Vikings. But first you should brush up on your history and forget what your Catholic high school stuffed down your throat dude.


  76. @Franck
    "All wars were started by Christianity" LMAO! what about all the wars that preceeded Christianity? What about the Muslim wars and conquest of Spain, or the Pagan Viking raids on Northern Europe etc!? Don't be so blind. Religion is a handy tool to justify conquest and persecution. The real issue is greed and power, which is unfortunately part of human nature, no matter what colour or creed you are.

  77. "The Untold Story of Emmett Louis Till"
    Oh Boy ! What a mess here.
    When are all you people going to understand that the color of the skin is not the problem and never was and still not it???
    This White Superiority Complex comes from the Dark Ages in Europe, precisely from the Church ! All Wars were started by Christianity, all Colonizations of different Races were started be Christianity. The Church Had the ultimate power over everything and everyone, like Kings for instance. They would scare people with their bull $hit and kill anyone who would question them, like women for being witch, men for wouldn't kneel. Every where they went they got the Kings to kill entire Races, then much much later gave them a choice to convert or die. Simple, isn't it ?


  78. Oh Boy ! What a mess here.
    When are all you people going to understand that the color of the skin is not the problem and never was and still not it???
    This White Superiority Complex comes from the Dark Ages in Europe, precisely from the Church ! All Wars were started by Christianity, all Colonizations of different Races were started be Christianity. The Church Had the ultimate power over everything and everyone, like Kings for instance. They would scare people with their bull $hit and kill anyone who would question them, like women for being witch, men for wouldn't kneel. Every where they went they got the Kings to kill entire Races, then much much later gave them a choice to convert or die. Simple, isn't it ?


  79. @ carlos1234:
    Everyone that considers themselves to be part of a "race" will look at others they believe to be of another "race" as different.
    This means you start comparing each other and find that anything they or you do can be put down to their race. Like saying "oh, he didn't help that old lady over the road becuase he's white, black, yellow... whatever". When really he just wasn't taught to respect or help others.
    It's rubbish to say things like "white people as a race have always considered themselves better then other races".
    Do you think ancient civilisations, at the peak of their power, didn't think they were better than everybody else? I know Pharoes considered themselves to be gods. Egyptians at that time thought they were the ultimate people and yet were they considered white? No.
    Nobody will accept anyone else as equals unless people are taught to forget boundries, colours, religions and even countries.

  80. well im not surprised about this at all.......typical white history.....white people as a race have always considered themselves better then other races (colored races)......and there will always be nazis, skinheads,kkk and anything similar but i guess its in there nature to be like this.......nature vs nurture.........but maybe im wrong maybe the white race will change and they will except everybody as equals one day and stop looking down on colored people....... JK NNNNOOOOOOOOOOOO......THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN!!!!! :0

  81. It is sad to think that there was actually a time when african americans had to lived through this horror and the bone chilling era of "The Jim Crow Laws". To think that one could be so vile and so cruel to mankind is sick. Watching this documentary, it is hard to believe that the average black man was scared of the white man, and white individuals were viewed to be the superior race. Although it is sad to say, a lot of racism still exists in the south, however so many advancements have been made that allowed equality for all of us. It is amazing to know that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., didn't just sacrifice his life for black people, but for all races, making sure that we all live in equality. Of course the men who caused this crude crime were wrong, however, hopefully they sought forgiveness in the Lord before their death. My prayers will always be with the Till family, and for all the other families that were affected by the crude times of the Jim Crow Laws.

  82. they should both shut up i mean yall stole the land from the natives....
    no americans just an outcome off filthyness.
    there will never be justice on stolen land.
    not in my world you can call me ignorant im waiting on that day that the curtains fall for everyone that calls him selve american.

    discusting they are

  83. Why do people refer to black Americans as African Americans and not just Americans? Similarly, why do most Americans feel the need to hold onto their heritage so hard, Irish Americans, quarter Irish, quarter German, half Swiss American. Come on it's a joke! let the roots go and you'll all get on a lot better. I know most Irish wouldn't consider an Irish American anything other than an American. I personally don't see African Americans, just Americans.

  84. Oh ya I'll go whistle at a white B**** right now and I wish a mutha***** would attempt to walk up to my door talking about I want the boy that whistled at the white B**** I would say (okay Boss I'll go gettem) Ima come back and blow thier mutha***** a** off and thats for real.

  85. It's so sad to see how evil some people were in those times and even though we still deal with racism today I'm so glad that African Americans have risen beyond the circumstances and humilty that we once had to endure. And I also want to say to any racial, evil, low down, heartless person that would do something like this dosen't deserve to breath and it makes me so mad but I know god knows best and everyone must pay for thier wrong doings so I hope those two individuals are burning in hell like Emmit Till had to burn.

  86. not everyone.
    it is unfair to say everyone has a racist side to them.
    it is also not true.

    1. Paul- from a mixed raced point of view ive seen both sides of the coin.i see your point - two wrongs dont make a right - but you cannot compare LEE's comments to being as bad as those animals. That could make a person doubt how seriously you take this attrocity.
      p.s from further reading you will find the woman instigated it so without talking visciously i think its fair to call her a b***. Both my blonde haired blue-eyed GF and I think so.

    2. no such thing as 'race' -There is only one race the human race. What we see a race are the result of local adaptation to environmental conditions. In fact we are so close we re all related. No one is more than a 50th cousin apart from anyone else on this planet.

  87. yes i'm a racist but i don't go to the extent of killing people. everyone has a racist side to them.

  88. Obama had a white mother.

    You say Caucasians have "said bad stuff" about you.
    Then you misquote "Mockingbird" just so that you can say that "white man is trash."

    No group of people is trash; not white, not asian, not black, not hispanic.

    If you want to continue to be a racist - that is your choice - but that doesn't make you any better than the men who killed young Mr. Till.

  89. i'm an asian and have seen so much of this discrimination. a lot of caucasians talk bad stuff about us. and i agree with eugene. that woman deserves to be called anything since she has done smth so horrible. i once read in the book to kill a mockingbird that 'you'll see white men cheat black men everyday of your life, but let me tell you something and don't you forget it-whenever a white man does that to a black man, no matter who he is, how rich he is, or how fine a family he comes from, that white man is trash."-Atticus. But it doesn't matter now. because the most powerful man in the world now- obama- is a BLACK. just consider all those who have died in injustice in the past have all contributed to the gender and race equality there is today.

  90. Eugene.

    You say you are Christian - yet you call the woman a B****.
    Did you know the woman? Were you there? Do you know all the circumstances? I am thinking NO!

    You say you aren't racist - yet - in your anger - you use a lot of racist terms.

    You make racist generalizations and propagate negative stereo-types.

    The men who hurt this child are wrong - but you are supporting them and their anger by letting them influence you to talk this way.

    I am a Caucasian man born in Chicago. I feel anger, too. I just don't express it the same hateful/racist way that you do.

    Find God and ask him to help you fight racism without being a racist.

    be well

  91. They did that to a human being for whistling at a white b****. What do I feel right now? Anger. Pure raw hatred. Many people in the south are still like this. T

    I am a white immigrant to America. I love America. But I hate people like this. I swear to God that I will fight against racism all my life.

    These southern hicks call themselves christians. I am a christian. The family of Emmett are christians. You people are the antichrist incarnate. At least the family of Emmett has the satisfaction of taking a spit at these people from heaven into hell.

    1. I feel you brother