This is Coffee

This is Coffee

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This is CoffeeAbout 1960 maybe earlier, Coffee brewers institute offered classes in coffee brewing. Upon completion of instruction, we were awarded a 1/2 gold colored coffee cup and hung it over the entrance to the bar. Tap water should be fit to drink. Never boiled or perked. 210 degrees. No more. Fresh coffee in a can or bag is near unattainable unless you find fresh roasted beans & grind 'em yourself. To test, take a pinch of coffee and roll it between thumb and forefinger. You should feel the oil. Second test, place a hot cup of coffee across the table and you can see a thin film of oil on the surface.

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  1. Bucur Felicia

    I have already share this lovely documentary! Coffee is my constant in my entire life! If I would tell what about my love, I would say: COFFEE!!! LOVE COFFEE as an ART!!!

  2. Nic

    LOVE IT! Obviously the method is changing over the years, but it's fun to watch a 1961 short film about coffee. Love the retro narrator!!

  3. Tanzanos Eleytheros

    Water quality makes the difference. It can make the best coffee taste horrible. NEVER boil coffee! The perfect temperature to make coffee should be around 96° centigrade and not boiling!

  4. CherryBombpop

    Oh wow I loved this, all the vintage coffee makers and other household items are great. I'm a barista, and used to work picking coffee beans in Hawaii, so coffee always interests me. One thing that caught my eye was the tap water at 6 minutes in - definitely NOT clear. Ugh. I remember my parents using a percolator when I was a kid, and they had a bunch of old coffee cans around the house for holding odds and ends, they were that old key-open type. Now guess how old I am. XD

  5. ranii02

    the description of the doc was random/doesnt make sense.
    and yeah..kinda boring. but i made a word to myself to watch documentaries in full xd

  6. Layla Phelps

    Wow was that boring. Who has time for 'proper coffee' when there's a Starbucks on every corner

    1. Sarcastic_Drew

      because Starbuck's sucks... unless of course, you like overly-roasted, bitter-tasting, burnt coffee. :)

  7. carlcat

    Great documentary if you're Fred Flintstone. All the coffee they used was preground so already they are not making proper fresh coffee. To make a proper cup of coffee one must must fresh beans, not more than 2 weeks old from being roasted and grind them just before brewing them. Water from the tap, I don't think so, I use filtered water from the fridge door, otherwise chemicals not filtered out could ruin your machine and make a really nasty brew. The narrator's voice brought me back to my childhood, that was fun.

  8. Stan Eicher

    I thought care was also an ingredient. Maybe I misunderstood. Are water, coffee, and time the ingredients of care? Dammit, I'm all mixed up. That vacuum thing looks fun.

  9. Simone

    Watch Black Gold instead if you want to know about the real story of coffee. It's a brilliant documentary.

  10. David Whitehouse

    This brings back so many memories. If it weren't so late in the day, I would be brewing a fresh pot right now. The pots in the film I have used at one time or another. Though I have grown to love tea much more than coffee, the pungent, yet soothing smell of a freshly brewed cup is more than I can resist to this day. Thanks for the availability of this fun video.

  11. IslamRose

    I don't really like Coffee that much...I feel so sorry for myself!



  12. Evil M. Asterplan

    Yea, this is all pretty much steaming bull. There is no perfect way to brew coffee. I would be embarrassed to offer a coffee of half milk half coffee to a Frenchman like giving a can of Budweiser to an Irishman. Thirdly you can measure the water precisely before you boil till the cows come home you will never have a precise measure after the boil. thirdly piss off if you want to pour boiling water over ground beans. Nothing like scalded coffee ground to destroy a cup of brew dude. Starbucks or Timmy's, Maxwell House or Kopi Luwak doesn't matter, if you like the jive of your java then you're doing it right.

    1. Matt van den Ham

      You're crazy! Yes of course you can perfect a cup of coffee just like any other recipe. And I'm sure they've taken in to account the water reduction of the boiling process, it's probably not that significant anyway.

  13. Atte Mede

    It was amazing to see a Pyrex measuring cup has not changed in 50 years.

    This was great. It documents how some people in the early 60's wanted coffee to be made. It was informative and entirely worthwhile to watch. I love this kind of thing. If you don't--there's all sorts of other things to watch but rest assured-there is a market and audience that appreciates it-even on an emotional level. It's evokes nostalgia in my case.

  14. kimdracula

    I love these vintage docs!

  15. gero2006


    Can we have more vintage documentaries please? I would like to suggest some of the 'Public Information' films broadcast in the UK during the 1970s/80s. There was one advising workmen on building sites to wear a hard hat and steel-capped boots. I remember the voice-over almost word-for-word:

    "Sir Isaac Newton told us why
    An apple falls down from the sky
    And by that fact it's very plain
    All other objects do the same -
    A brick, a bolt, a bar, a cup
    Invariably fall down not up!
    So if at work you drop a spanner
    It travels in a downward manner..." etc

    Then we were shown a spanner falling on a workman's uncovered head, knocking him out. And the last lines of the poem were:

    "...The effects of gravity can be grave!"

    Ah, happy days! They knew how to entertain people back then.
    I can't even begin to describe the wonder with which we watched the 'Keep Britain Tidy' and 'Learn to Swim!' cartoons. Bliss. Youngsters today have no idea what they are missing. Awash with nostalgia and contented.

    Geronimo is happy ;-)

    P.S. My coffee always has an oily sheen I thought that was a sign the cup was dirty not that the brew was good. Whaddya know? Ya learn something every day at TDF.

  16. maher

    very very nice, it was very educational and inspiring. keep up the good documentary

  17. ann

    I think you have to ask Ethiopians about real coffee,,

  18. DZ

    Good documentary! Does anyone know where i can download it?

  19. Mike

    Loved it, vert nostalgic

  20. CC

    Coffe is so pervasive to our society, and I would just use an automatic coffee maker for a good cup of coffee because it is convenient and makes rather good coffee.

  21. Simon

    I'm with Yavanna, this was terrible. It didn't really show anything.

  22. Peeroette

    Loved it!

  23. Christopher

    Great video! Former starbucks barista, i wish i had one of these incredible vintage coffee makers to help me "make it perfect, every time."

  24. Yavanna

    that was awful.......... an old advert from the 50s? How is this a doc?

  25. expresso machine

    Nice. Very informative.

  26. V

    Excelent documentary!