Janis Joplin: Her Final Hours

Janis Joplin: Her Final Hours

2007, Biography  -   47 Comments
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Janis Joplin is the undisputed queen of rock and roll. It's a fact that there had been no female superstar of rock before Janis came along. Her rule of thumb was if it feels good do it.

Janis also hides her self-destructive, darker side. She was a very troubled girl and a genius and at the same time she was looking for some kind of relief to not have to be Janis.

A blast of nearly pure heroin will end her short, dazzling career. This is the analysis on the life and death of Janis Joplin, the undisputed queen of rock and roll.

This riveting documentary (which plays out almost like a detective story) painstakingly unravels the still-disputed events which brought down the queen of rock 'n' roll.

You'll revisit Janis's early life and meteoric rise to fame, then discover how her out-of-control drug addiction and a cut of nearly pure heroin ended it all.

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1 year ago

I saw a documentary on her last 24 hours. How do they have video of her shooting heroin

Bobby Freeman
3 years ago

I live in Hollywood, about 15 years ago I was headed up Orange Dr and made a right on Franklyn. Stuck in traffic I looked around and saw an empty bottle of Southern Comfort
sitting on a park bench across the street from the a motel. I just thought someone had just left it there.
A few years later I was driving down the same street and saw the empty bottle of Southern Comfort sitting on the same park bench again. Then I got really curious and told a friend about it. He said WOW Janice Joplin died at that motel! I finally put it together and realized its probably a big time fan/ friend (who could be famous) that knew her in the old days.
So October 4 is near and I gonna head down there to get a few pics and maybe leave something small on that bench! Has anybody known about this?

P vinod Menon
3 years ago

I just want to know whether late prince liked janis was he in anyway influenced by her music as a child

8 years ago

I was born in 1960 so I remember her a little, I don't remember her death. Since then her music has surfaced now and then in my travels (read napster). And last week I ran across the Dick Cavet interview on youtube, I was blown away how young she appeared, I until then remembered her as a crude overweight 35 year old. I think I developed this crazy view from the black and white snowy TV signal back in the day. Now I have seen most of the video that is out there and listened to her albums, I almost weep about thinking about her life. If I could go back in time, as I am today, and I would become her guardian angel. I would praise her as a beautiful woman she IS.

8 years ago

this is not riveting- as described- but it is a wee look into her life. There is so much more to know and learn about this wonderful woman. Her siblings are head of her "estate" and take control of what the media and what we see and hear . But,,,,,,this aint bad. The real story has been told by Myra Freeman and we have yet to see a TRUE film about Janis. Her good and her bad times. The whole truth- which is what she would most likely want us to see and know.

great dead
8 years ago

Completely overrated and again another immortal when dead

Eric Lawson
9 years ago

A very sad lonely spirit so much talent. I felt for her in this well done documentary !Her parents were just awful. The high school Sean scared her for life.Dammed Heroin. Good bye RIP Janis !!

sandy salerno
9 years ago

She was the first real female Rock star in a mans world. A true artist.

Rocky Racoon
10 years ago

This is why the war on drugs has to stop and substance use has to be legalized. If Janis KNEW what dose she was getting or even if the antidote was available that can reverse the OD in minutes we get disasters like this. That banks launder the cartel money the cia helps in both directions-Stop the nonesense stop the war on our brothers and sisters and mothers and fathers.

10 years ago

Not that it matters, I suppose, but I have a good friend that was actually staying at the Landmark when Janis died. He and some of his friends had spoken to her earlier in the day, when she came down to the pool ---lonely, needing people to talk with. I was told she was quite friendly, funny and very kind. When her body was found hours later, everyone there was in shock---to say the very least.

10 years ago

If not for drugs Janis would not have been the 'persona' that she was. Drugs allowed her to be 'free and uninhibited' on stage, and everyone was mesmerised. The sad part is that it was also what made her an Icon by her romantic young death. Drugs didn't just kill Janis, they helped give birth to her legend.

10 years ago

...both alcohol and drugs. It's not the same. Alcohol is not drugs. It could have been like 10 minutes shorter when they didn't repeat that last hour throughout the whole thing but hey, it supports the title. Making the difference with the lifestory. Overdosed... because it was pure. Things like that won't happen when it's legally available.

10 years ago

I saw Janis with Big Brother in California. I was 15. I will never forget.

10 years ago

Very sad & tragic that after all the deaths & loss of brilliance in the past that there are still young, talented people chasing the dragon & all these young artists who think they can touch that dragon & not get bit. You are never gonna catch him, but he's gonna catch & eat you.

RIP: all those fabulously talented musicians, singers, song writers, poets, comedians, actors, authors & icons of every generation lost to this false, wonderful, euphoric feeling of a warm security blanket. It's a death shroud not a warm fuzzy blanket.

To the brilliant, talented, young & vulnerable in this moment; it WILL take over your life & all that is good in you. All the while you're thinking it is only enhancing your abilities. Stop! Look to the past & all the great & wonderful peolpe lost to it's cold embrace. There is no glamour in dying young. Only heart ache & loss for those you leave behind.

Janis Joplin rocked & kicked @ss! She was a fabulous talent & great at what she did on stage & the few recordings we have of her entertaining thousands. She would have been far greater & much more accomplished had she lived longer & had a chance to expand her portfolio & touch many more lives over the years with her gift.

I could name many who went too soon because of addiction & the result of the grip of drugs. D@mm!t, this world would be so much better if most of these great artists were still around today imparting their wisdom, comedy, drama & fantastic music in our lives.

10 years ago

I was fortunate enough to see her perform in Toronto and nothing could prepare you for the power of her performance. I will always remember that feeling of loss when I heard of her passing. I can only wonder at how much we have missed.

10 years ago

Please stop the psychobabble. She had a disease called addiction. Like many performers who have money and can afford an unlimited supply -- they overdose. It most likely was an accident. She wasn't edgy -- she was most likely suffering withdrawal.

10 years ago

Wherever the spirits of Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, and Janis Joplin have taken refuge from the living, it's "got" to be a more exciting place than the realm that we are stuck in.

10 years ago

It's a pity she couldn't handle her demons - it's hard.