UFO: The Greatest Story Ever Denied
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UFO: The Greatest Story Ever Denied

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UFO: The Greatest Story Ever DeniedSomewhere in the back of your mind, you've always known it was true. Special Features: Trevor James Constable - Critter footage that has never been released for over fifty years that reveals entities that exist in the invisible Ultra-Violet spectrum.

Image Tampering - Learn what to look for and where to find structures on the Moon and Mars that have been hidden from you through deliberate tampering by NASA.

Moon - Mars Anomalies - A collection of photos containing highly unusualstructures and other objects you aren't supposed to know about. Suppressed Inventions - UFO and other related technologies. Infra-Red UFO Footage - Featuring George Ritter's Infra-Red footage.

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  1. Daniel Silvan

    The video really got in the way of me enjoying the horrible and much too loud music.

  2. John Fulton

    most elites would be imprisoned if the world converses with e.t.

  3. BasicKarma

    I can't follow this because of the loud annoying music and no subtitles with bad sound tapes

  4. Ynnis Glytyr

    That loud music is really aggravating. they should have taken a better sound technician.

  5. AngryPancake

    I think the comments are worse than the music. How many people are going to complain about it though? No shit! I like how much everyone is a "know it all". We aren't sure about 95% of what everyone on here is talking about. 1. We have no idea if the Bible, koran, torah...etc etc are correct. We have no idea what aspect of scientific "fact" are correct. Light can only travel in a straight line...until we realize it doesn't have to. Scientific laws have and always will change as we continue to apply them to different situations. Yes this documentary was produced poorly, maybe you should have volunteered to help make it better. I don't know squat, I believe things to be true. There is no proof here of anything, except that there is some real unexplained shit flying around and a bunch of folks that know they had a jacked up experience or definitely saw something. I like this stuff because it is unexplained and don't understand how people are saying that this is a bunch of shit. Really? Did you even watch it? If our entire race was a little more humble we would be better off. Damn

    1. Raptor jones

      Thanks for clarifying your belief in extra terrestrials visiting earth is purely based on faith - " I believe things to be true ". I think leprechauns might exist so I side with you. I also think there are some REALLY stupid comments on these docs too.

    2. Charles Overy

      I suggest you get off your ass and do some research before statign claims like you did here!

  6. KingHockeyMan

    Nah, ...it was just my nasty accurate slap-shots you all! It was just a few of my "PUCKS" flyung through the fabric of space/time!....lmao! But all kiddin aside. The "TRUTH" will be obtained soon enough. "GREED for POWER" is the #1 factor. The BS has to stop.

  7. Tom Grant

    The beginning of this doc annoyed me so much i had to turn it off. Why bother drowing out the narrative with TOO loud background music? Poor documentary making iMO.

  8. Ela Bathory

    we have seen UFO above Heathrow airport once, about 2 years ago. I worked for car hire company,just off the runway. I had some work to do upstairs in the office, my supervisor was helping. we saw something like a white dot flying in the sky above terminal buildings, thinking helicopter...(not unusual at the airport), as we came closer to the window, we realized that flying object caught an eye or branch manager too, and the admin lady ... maybe its a bird we thought, but the way it flew was too fast for a bird, no wing movements , and that bird would have to be pretty big . another person came and started to watch. it took maybe 40 seconds, kind of hovering above terminals - moving towards terminal 5, suddenly it got smaller, and smaller and took off to the skys..... we were speechless. All of us been working at the aiport for couple of years, so we can tell difference between plane, bird, helicopter and unidentified flying object ... Kind of weird experience.
    excuse my english ;)

    1. Guest


    2. oddsrhuge

      wow... you obviously went to school.

      Brilliant response!!!!!!

    3. oddsrhuge

      I am curious. it was explained to me, by a "moderator" in a post that the "guest", in that instance, had deleted his/her account.

      How do people continue to be anonymous on this site? That privilege was taken from me a long time ago.

  9. pauliebaby8

    I thought the idea of "Background" music, was just that!!.. Background?? Who ever mixed this sound track, needs and deserves a really long period of unemployment, for making a really interesting docu. impossible to watch!!
    Thanx for that, "Anal orifice!!!"..

  10. Christian Rangi

    Great video .. the background music is overpowering the verbal speech, it's too loud .. needs volume levelling (detracting and annoying). Though, thank you for putting this together and releasing it! :)

  11. TerryPerkins

    I love cats and eating peanutbutter sandwichs. I also enjoy the candy "nerds"especially the purple kind, or maybe some charleston chews from my local country fair. I remember my mom and dad driving me there as a kid in our station wagon. I would always use the snow brush in the backseat as a joystick while pretending i was flying a plane.

    1. stevethedoctor1

      i want the same drugs that they give to you.

    2. oddsrhuge

      Not sure whether to laugh or cry...maybe you should write a book about these events?

      Oh wait, how about become a politician? You are easily as succinct and have a clearly defined position.

      With insight like yours, (and perhaps, a smear campaign, about the evil of green nerds), you could easily become President.



    please lose the background music. fascinating all the same. i believed in this at age 5

  13. Beau81

    the only audio you can hear in this is the damn music.

    Congrats on ruining your own video.

  14. pantrose

    thank you to all that made a statement about the music.
    talk about being cluess. the knucklheads went to so much trouble to put this thing together and its a unwatchable because of the sound. OHH THE AGONY!!

  15. Mike S

    Ah man! The sound is awful! i wanted to watch this

  16. Ashish

    Seriously! What retarded background music!!!

  17. Teri Lynge

    Thank you...This is an excellent presentation! I have seen a UFO up close, and I know they are here!

  18. jen

    Im kinda freaked out after watching that. If only they left out the "rods" stuff. Monsterquest totally disproved rods (IMHO anywa)Could have done without that music. Ugh. Still that footage from Columbia really gave me the creepy bumps. Wonder what aliens would want from us?

  19. Aleko

    This doc. looks like u.s. propaganda to intimidate the world that they have contact with alien and bu... sh...and staff.

  20. Mark

    The music totally f$#% this for me, had to stop 5 mins in

  21. Paul

    I have to say I agree completely with Kevin - the music level is way too high.

  22. Dylan

    Umm... how can anyone deny this, there is a non-profit organization known as The Disclosure Project,with over 400 government, military, and intelligence community witnesses testifying to their direct, personal, first hand experience with UFOs, ETs, ET technology... yes I copied and pasted, but what I am saying is that why would it be a nonprofit if it was hoax and why would over 400 people testify for the fun of it.

    Close-minded people and religious fanatics are the scum of the earth. Religion causes more wars then anything, in fact, people actually cannot wait for the rapture. this means there are people that can't wait to die, and I call those people faggy emos.

    1. Raptor jones

      If you research the disclosure project, some witnesses are known sources of disinformation, Greer has continuously exaggerated and embellished claims, twisted accounts and stolen others footage - leading to copyright disputes. He also headed some nutty new age cults during the late 80's who perpetuated complete rubbish. And he has always charged for his conferences and team gatherings to fund his interests (which is why the term non-profit should be used lightly). That's how I can deny this. The claims of alternative medicine (for example) have been scientifically investigated, and consistently found to be groundless. But this still has never stopped people making money from it, just as there is money to be made from the whole UFO phenomena.

    2. WTC7

      Such dismissal without any supporting evidence is disinformation in itself. "Some witnesses are known sources of disinformation" is a pure BS argument without offering their names and the exact source where it has been proven they have been caught lying.

      I don't stand in defense of Greer and his motives, he means nothing to me. But the Disclosure project of his, where he gathered hundreds of former US military personnel and external military and government contractors in two (that I know of) press conferences during which they provided statements of relevant extraordinary events they witnessed while in service and pledged to confirm the same in a potential congressional hearing under oath, is certainly no joke. Most of these people assumed positions which required responsible treatment of confidential information during their service and have no desire of their names and reputations being smeared by their giving statements of 'dubious' and 'otherworldly' nature. If some of the hundreds of them took part in the press conference with some personal agenda, it is highly unlikely that all of them did it for the same reason. Otherwise, one should seriously question the whole of the US military and governmental triage of people who work for them as either professional military men or contractors they hire. Still, I find it highly unlikely that all of them are nut cases.

      As for alternative medicine, again taken uniformly, without any kind of discrimination by Raptor jones, the practice based on Ayurvedic tradition is a part of the UK health system, as a supplementary part of it true, but it is part of a mainstream health system nevertheless.

    3. Charles Overy

      there are two things wrong with this statement.

      1. There is no given proof of stated claims. I have read a lot of material on Mr. Greer and Raptor Jones...you have no idea what you are talking about here. You state copy right disputes and yet give no sources and I would put money on it that you can't!

      2. The subject of people being conspiracal on the uFo phenomena just to make money for self interst is like anyone you would probably claim to be a conspiracy theorist. Hypocrit? Probably!

  23. JT

    I so want to buy into the stories told in this video, but the amateur editing kills any interest I have.

  24. John

    I so want to buy into the stories told in this video, but the amateur editing kills any interest I have.

  25. John

    could you please turn the 70's music off? its hard to take you serious when your music is so loud. Is that better?

  26. John

    Turn the Stupid ass music down!

  27. John


  28. jimmschimera

    Firstly I would like you not to take any of my comments personally and take it as rationally as you can with a mind as open as nothing!
    Your comments are loaded with facts and statements from science and scientists. It seems that you are an avid reader of science and its new founding's. You present yourself as a rational minded person until your conclusive statement which defies it and present you otherwise.

    You have suggested to seek answers for life and universe from BIBLE and this very statement of yours threw me up into the limitless void of universe, from which I don't seem to come back.(Now I am writing this from somewhere else in space.oh! never mind)

    Ok lets make it straight, are you trying to gel science and superstition and attain a balance, your so called balance of consciousness? I wonder how could you justify your arguments by referring to founding's of science but rest your beliefs on blind philosophies. This is a very undesired combination which takes you nowhere. At one point you talk about evidence and logic and next connect them to concepts without no foundations of logic,reason and evidence. This is hypocrisy!!

    You spoke about hostile 'nature of universe' and its law of hostility to life.You supported it with 900 constants of universe that when harmonically synced to one point can only open the window of life which itself is highly highly improbable. Now being technical, I will connect this theory to the fundamentals of permutation and probability. According to it, the probability of impossibility to life is very high and the probability of possibility of life is at the border line. But we ourselves and all the other forms of life in this planet is a living example of the latter. Moreover, new forms of life is coming into existence increasingly. So if your concept of improbability is true then how come man survived hostility of universe still after so many forms of life in earth before men when the forces of universe were constantly anti-life. It further suggest that for this(constant development and evolution of life) to occur the so called 900 constants of universe had to be repeatedly reshuffled to come to that magic synchrony but your concept suggest otherwise.

    First of all, one what theory this improbability concept of life is based when the living evidence of life is swarming in front of us? Secondly, it is how much we know about the universe that we can go on a rampage to claim such?(when we don't clearly know about our own own solar system,leave alone the galaxy. Our galaxy itself is one amongst the billions of such in the universe)..we haven't still cleared the air on matter. There is this recent 'string theory' to challenge the 'atomic theory' of matter and hence it is not time to be outright but to be humble and show humility.

    The most dangerous practice in this world is to believe and the worst is to believe them without evidence. Even if there is evidence it is better not to believe but to welcome the evidence and investigate without prejudice. I don't know how your mind has steadfastly refuted all these video footages of UFO's, astronauts, NASA scientist's, Ex navy and army and other credible sources. It shows that you have something more stronger and credible than these sources to have a different belief. I wonder what is that. Don't say that you just know it!!!!

    Lets question ourselves and find out the most pressing questions of humanity. Every sensible man knows what is it. The truth of life and universe is the most important and unanswered of all. The best thing for man is to keep an open wind and welcome change with inspiration to investigate further. The truth of universe is vast and infinite yet could be very simple. The knowledge of which, will raise us into different level of consciousness and wisdom. It is only possible by exploring beyond the normal realms, into the new and by challenging the conventional wisdom. Restricting into the established premises will serve nothing. You know what are they. Bible could be a wonderful book of life and living as human but the truth of universe and life is much beyond any of these and bible is infinitesimally small for it.


  29. AJ

    note to chas...so you can copy from a book,very good.the sad thing about your theory is that we being the only civalization and messing up the amazing planet that we have does not say much for us.we all let our varios goverments make extremely bad decisions on our behalf...not good,education is what is needed.
    give peace a chance...PS george bush is a twat

  30. AJ

    note to chas...so you can copy from a book, very good. the sad thing about your theory is that we being the only civilization and messing up the amazing planet that we have does not say much for us.we all let our various governments make extremely bad decisions on our behalf...not good,education is what is needed.
    give peace a chance... PS George Bush is a d@#$.

  31. gero2006

    Overly loud back track. 90+ minutes was too much. Needed editing down. Made claims it never substantiated. For example, started out talking about infra red photography but never developed the topic. Started out talking about evidence of non-natural structures on the dark side of the moon. Did not develop that topic either. Listed items which might have been evidence to support the case for existence of alien life but never actually argued a case. Relied on innuendo and suggestion. Tedious viewing.

  32. Albert

    I love this website, I have been watching all the programs on UFO or supernatural phenomenon. The real reason for this is to see if I could find any information that might explain an experience I had myself in 1998 in northern Albania. I was with a group of friends outside at around 11pm at night in a late summer's day, we were chatting when I saw this light that appeared to be a star as it was stationary. Though this light started to get brighter and bigger in size. When it was the size of a two pound coin or more or less as big as the full moon would look in a clear sky I shouted to my mates to turn and see what it was. By the time they turned their heads to look the light has completely faded away and they started laughing at me and telling me that I had seen a ghost. To this day I have not been able to find out what that light was but it is as vivid in my memory as the day it happened. From the documentaries I have seen and the materials I have read since, the explosion of a star or supernova seemed the closest thing I could think of. Though I am not sure if such a thing could actually bee seen with the naked eye. I'll never forget that light though that is for sure.

  33. Moe

    There are some really narrow views posted here. First off to assume an alien civilization would act in the same fashion humans did/does to each other is nothing more then a projection of our limited ways of thinking.

    Considering how fast we developed technology in the past few decades alone not considering how many great inventions/ideas are paralyzed because it would make existing intuitions obsolete so they are not put forward. We are one great invention, discovery, understanding from completely transforming what we think is possible. Just a look at history and the things people thought were not possible are common place today. Who's to say some other civilization who has not had the thousands of years of fighting with each other and instead worked together figured out things we could not even dream of in our wildest imaginations. Let that thought sink in in. Now consider that for us alone. We didn't fight with each other with wars or created these self imposed limitations and divides betweens humans etc and instead we worked together and shared. The things we could have accomplished would probably make today's advancements seem like stone age in comparison.

    It has always been the ones who dared to dream that the impossible can be done that has helped bring new ideas and inventions to this world. Not the ones who said it was impossible because of lack of vision and imagination.

  34. Randy

    Well, actually, most scientists are fairly confident that there MUST be many thousands of advanced civilizations out there. Statistically, knowing what we know about evolution, and the size and age of the universe... sure...

    But how could they ever find us? People don't realize the mind-exploding sizes and distances involved in space.

    Even from our own galaxy, a civilization would need better luck than winning every lottery that exists all at once, to stumble on us. It would be like searching for one particular molecule in Mount Everest, or the oceans of the world!

    As Carl Sagan said, it would take so long, that most civilizations would probably die off before they ever found us.

    I love Star Trek, but it's bull, I mean, even at warp 10, which was originally ten times the speed of light, it would still take hundreds of thousands of years to get from one star system to another.

    And, even if they did find us, whose to say they would even recognize us as a lifeform? We are probably so completely different from them in composition and appearance that they might gloss right over us. What if they can't even see into our light spectrum?

    What if the same is inversely true for us?

    Too many variables statistically refute the idea of visitations from other PLANETS. But, there are a dozen other explanations for UFO's that I can think of off the top of my head, probably hundreds if I gave it lots of thought...

    Heretofore unknown phsycological/physiological phenomena; interdimensional/time travellers, heretofore unknown natural phenomena; heretofore unknown sentient species from THIS planet... etc... all more fascinating to me than aliens...

    It don't always have to be about aliens from other planets all the time! Youse guys watch too many sci-fi movies!

    1. Brigadier_Gunclap

      They know where we are because they were here before us.

  35. Wilber


    Many "science"-minded folk think like you do. They think that this must be the only area life has evolved, and so therefore, we MUST or 99% HAVE TO Be alone.

    Why do folks like you never look at all the evidence? Scientists must look at all the data. And much data shows that there are things flying around in our atmosphere and beyond it that defy any known human technology. Evidence also shows that other beings exist that are far more intelligent than us, and are not humans.

  36. pantrose

    How did they not notice that the music was too loud and a total distraction, made it unwatchable for me. what a bunch of nuckleheads, I would have liked to watch this one.

  37. Charles B.

    There just something about "Chas" that I like. I read every word; sounded good to me. Might you also be another "Charles"?

  38. Randy


    "Slip under the door..." excellent!

    I got this image of Dracula turning to mist and seeping through the door jam to get to his intended victim...

    LOL! An appropriate image, I would say...

  39. Galloway Grumblefield

    @chas - uh oh, "anthropic" principle? So this is the new strategy the creationists are using to slip under the door? Sounds like just another pseudo science contrived to conform to the Bible.

  40. Chas

    According to latest scientific findings, as astronomers examine the universe far out to its beginning, they find that it is hostile to life, everywhere except in this one little protected place in the milky way galaxy. Moreover, there is only a small window, in the 13.5 billion years of the universe's development, in which humans could have ever developed.

    It's very probably that we are alone because there isn't anywhere else or any other time that we could have happened. There are over 900 critical physical universe constants and constraints that are required to be very finely tuned for us to have developed at all, each of them highly improbable. Imagine the odds of all 900 being accidentally true at the same time? Materialistically oriented physicists, observing these enormous odds, have reluctantly observed that the universe seems to have known we were coming. They call this the "anthropic" principle. They are desperately trying to find some way in which we are not unique but quite ordinary. Steve Hawkins thought that if we found even one extra solar planet, the anthropic principle theory would be disproved. He never looked at the planet catalog. At the time he made that statement, astronomers had already cataloged 400 intergalactic planets. Since then, they have found 500 more, with more coming every week. None of them come anywhere close to being suitable for even primitive life. They have very eccentric orbits, or are bombarded with radiation from the galaxy, or are too close to their star, or too far away, or have too much water, or have no heavy planets on the outer orbits protecting them from bombardment of meteors, and so on.

    Steve's problem and ours, is a problem with perspective. Being advanced organisms ourselves, we are too close to ourselves to see the incredible improbability of advanced life. We are too used to it. But the second law of thermodynamics sets the stage, not for organization, but for disorganization, entropy and decay. The second law is the very thing which defines the direction of time itself. In a sense, we can measure time by measuring decay. Nature is not about creating organisms but in destroying them as rapidly as possible. There is no "self organizing" principle to be found anywhere in nature, no matter how near or far you look. It's not in the fossil record. Chemists have put all the building blocks of a cell in a test tube and waited for it to organize into a living cell. It hasn't happened yet, and of course it can't happen. Humpty Dumpty never gets put together again, the deck of cards never reshuffles itself back to its original order.

    The obvious, but most feared theory, is that an Intelligence outside the universe and not subject to its laws is directing the whole show. If this is true, then monotheism is true and we are faced with the awful thought that we are under observation. That the creator might be looking with horror at what we have done with the free will he gave us. We just know that we ought to live better lives, be less selfish, be less compulsive, be kinder, and that we probably should revere our creator.

    Let's face it, we are very improbably alive, and so are the plants and animals that share this pale blue dot in space. Steve Hawking started with the premise that there can't be an intelligence that made the universe, much less one that made it for us to exist. To justify that assumption, ge first tried the oscillating universe theory, expand, contract, expand, etc. forever. But now we know that the universe is "flat" and will expand into nothing at all eventually, with the outer edges moving apart much faster than light. It will all evaporate, not re-condense. Once again, the second law is not to be repealed. He next tried the infinite number of parallel universes theory which would eventually by accident create the ideal conditions for life. This is the same as the trillion monkeys with typewriters idea where one of the monkeys will eventually create all the works of Shakespeare, by accidental banging on the keys. The problem is that there is not enough time for this to happen before entropy takes it all apart. Not to mention that physics doesn't show any such plurality of universes. Nice try Steve, but no cigar.

    We need to open our bibles and look for another answer. We are long overdue for a philosophical overhaul. The best days of philosophy are behind us. We don't live in the age of reason anymore but in the age of lies (marketing). All of our society is crumbling down around us, as if the second law is in action here as well.

  41. Galloway Grumblefield

    The background music is way too loud. In fact, they should get rid of it altogether. It interferes with too much of the dialogue.

  42. tru

    background sound is supposed to be just that 'background', at times it tries to become the foreground overtaking the narrator lol deafening at times... nevertheless awesome doc...

  43. Wilber


    Why trust what NASA has to say about intelligent extraterrestrial life? They are a government agency and as such are required to lie to the public about things that the powers that be do not want anyone knowing about.

    On many NASA spaceflights there have been sightings. They are always covered-up, but imperfectly.

  44. Randy


    Yes, indeed. Agreed all around.

    I haven't watched this yet, but I will. I enjoy the UFO mythology, but I do not buy into it... after years of study, I see nothing that stands to robust testing.

    But I will put this out to the room, as a World History major:

    The history of civilizations clearly shows that the more technologically advanced always destroys and consumes the less advanced. Whether peacefully, slowly, or violently, the result is the same. The strangling death of the old, weaker culture and the dominance of the new.

    Do we really wish for some technologically advanced race from some distant alien star to come to us? I don't.

  45. mike

    I can't believe how many people believe in ufos and alien abductions and stuff like that! Yes there is evidence (which is sketchy at best) but it does not in any way prove that aliens have been here. I do not deny that there is life out there, it is a big universe after all. Anyone who disagrees with what I have to say should read "Carl Sagan" or "Richard Dawkins" or what just about any other reputable scientist has to say on the subject. Get your FACTS straight and you will see that people believe based on their emotions and not based on evidence.

  46. Besides The Music

    By the way. You can watch this on youtube and volume is turned down......

  47. Besides The Music

    First off. I really hope we all come together as a race and work toward a better way of life.

    It's really sad that corporate giants make the final decisions over our democracy. I think that there are some things that the public should not be aware of however, it looks like the powers to be are holding back vital technology for a profit that benefits a small number of individuals. Lets get rid of fossil fuel and start using hydrogen as a fuel. I'm sure that you (the government) will still find a way to make a profit from it.

    Look all you a--holes (the government) that think that we the people cannot handle these truths. Take a chance on us. You'll be surprised about how well do.

    I think that this documentary is just the thing we need to start the process of people coming forward and educating the public on what is really going on. It's about time the world get a big slap in the face and see the big picture. We are here. We're not alone. Now lets get our heads out of our asses and start working together. I don't know about you? But, I sure n the hell want to fly around in a zero gravity space car.

    So, hurry the "f" up and spill all the beans so, we can get our space cars...


    Power to the people

  48. danish mohammed

    good documenntary but the background music ruined it ! too much of it and it was too loud at times which makes it harder to understand what they are saying

  49. Baji Milici

    You know, it is so sad to find all this out too late,
    is it too late? I would love to run my car on water.
    and my home on solar panels.
    Mostly, I would love to help convert the people, or whatever they are, who want to be the only elite few who have power and money.

    Where did they get their heart? Do they have one?

  50. greg

    Lovely music video but what's the story about all that talking in the background? So annoying.

  51. felipe

    good documentary, stupid music.

  52. Uonji

    The evidence is out there, what is required is that officially it be accepted. Or does it? I don't think it needs official recognition,but spread recognition. People need to treat the subject as if it is already validated.

    They don't accept the truth to the public because they aim to gain power with the information, science and derived products for mass control and destruction.

  53. Slippery Jim

    TO LUKE. " The Abscence of Evidence is NOT the Evidence of Abscence" think about micro biology or radio wave frequencies. Before the microscope the fundamental building blocks of life were unknown. But they were always there. Time to wake up to a new paradigm. We are Intergalactic citizens. Boundry spanners of counciousness in interplanetary biological system, seperated from and by nothing but our unwillingness to accept new truths.

  54. Phantom

    Dear Luke

    Try watching the film befor posting comments.

    I gota say after watching that as a middle of the road on the whole debate kinda guy im amazed at what I just saw.


  55. Ned


    ignorant opinionated comments don't have real value

  56. Ned

    Like some have said, annoying loud music.

  57. Trisha

    Luke, yes said like a good little sheep . lol baaaaaaaaaaaa

  58. Luke Wilson

    UFO's are not aliens. What kind of stoooopid alien civilization will go around flying in a saucer??? I mean cmon they are not good looking whatsover, surely they'd be more creative than that! ALIENS ARE A LIE! THEY DONT EXIST! If they do, well none has come to earth and why would they want to come to this planet anyways???

  59. Trisha

    The truth is out there, keep fighting to expose it, like everything else we need to expose, Governments, religion, you name it, its all about control to the elite, and money, the internet lol is becoming their nightmare, because people all over the world are waking up

  60. Hua

    I also got not quite ten minutes in when I had to shut it off. The sound levels are just atrocious. You can't hear the voice and nothing but BAD computer garage band music overpowers everything.
    Too bad I wanted to watch this. :(

  61. Fox Halfheart

    Good documentary, really BAD sound

  62. myk

    Wow I can kinda see it now, This bush "new world order" thing.It lets drill some aliens! the elites could at least let us know their gonna do it. I mean that seems to be a quicker way right? And how much money would the u.s. lose in its oil sales if it introduced this amazing alien energy? i could apply this all to reality, there for totally believe it. . i guess

  63. Tara

    I don't understand how people can be so close minded to the fact that there is life on other planets? The government is malevolent and greedy, and of course it's going to hide these marvelous wonders to us. It's only a matter of time before it changes.

  64. one race human

    wester leaders have always expolit the nature. I dont know how true is Ufo. but there is alternative furl for future world discover in far past..... all the alternative has been denided by our leaders to mantain there power.....
    think about a million babies and human whi have suffer in iraq for US fuel thurst..... please dont mind my spellings im not a native english speaker,,,,
    make this world a better place before itz too late.
    love & love only

  65. Spiritguide

    We all know the lobal Powers have been lying to us for a very long time. We know the truth we dont need to be shown what we already know is happening. They will be making themselfs public very soon tobius has told me so all hail tobius our new leader..............

  66. Ted

    During ww2 german natzi worked on secret ufo projects.

  67. partyofgodandgreed

    What Jason said.

  68. Fredi

    ok there are ufos, but the fact is there is nothing we can do about them...they're too fast for our crafts to track down.

  69. Mesuma

    Spot on, Kevin.

  70. Greg Friday

    very informing! This video has inspired me to acquire more knowledge about this subject and inform the public...I honestly wish there was a url I could copy so i could publicize it. I also agree with Kevin! Theres way too much music! Other than that this video is very informing.

  71. Kevin

    Very interesting video but i must say i had to quit watching due to the annoying level of the music. I wish there was a version of this with little or no music. I cant understand who felt the need to have these musical crescendos constantly occuring while passing along such important info.

  72. jason

    i think what the shadow government is really afraid of is that the people will learn that there is other life in the universe, that life can and should be better for everyone, and then no one will want to buy the sh!tty products that fund this insane egotistical lying thieving worthless batch of aging psychopaths. maybe...