Vaccines: A Measured Response

Vaccines: A Measured Response

2021, Health  -   15 Comments
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The Covid19 pandemic has brought the discussion about vaccine safety back into the headlines. And yet, despite media making it seem like a controversial issue debated over the last century, it's not. Vaccine doubts only began to emerge and take hold about 25 years ago, put into motion by a fraudster and sadly spread by a misled media.

Vaccines protect us from harmful infections before coming into contact with them. Vaccines help our natural defenses build resistance towards them. They've also been around for more than 100 years, so why is there so much resistance towards them?

There were already anti-vaxxers in the 1800s, and well, their movement died out when the smallpox vaccine successfully eradicated smallpox. All was quiet for most of the 20th century until 1998 when a study linking Autism and the MMR vaccine made waves worldwide.

In 1998, British doctor Andrew Wakefield published a small study in the Lancet magazine linking the MMR vaccine to autism. His findings were later discovered to be fraudulent, but not before they had led to widespread parental anxiety about vaccination and declining rates of immunization against preventable diseases like measles.

Upon closer examination of his paper, it was clear that most of the claims were circumstantial. It also lacked any proof from formal clinical tests. Even his conclusion said that it did not prove an association between the MMR vaccine and autism. Many doctors were refuting his claims, and those that took part in his study had their names removed from the final document. The Lancet even had to publish a prominent disclaimer saying (and we paraphrase): PLEASE DONT BELIEVE THAT OTHER PAPER. IT WILL CAUSE PUBLIC MAYHEM AND POTENTIAL DEATH.

But the damage was done. Wakefield had held a press conference immediately after his study came out, and the press - who did not read the whole paper - ran with it and spread the word. Many in the media supported him, giving him lots of airtime. He kept telling parents, despite his study, they should still get their children vaccinated - just not the 3-in-1 MMR vaccine but a single dose measles shot.

It would take another 12+ years for investigative journalists to discover that Wakefield faked most of his study and had developed a single-shot measles vaccine that he planned to sell globally. He only published a "study" for parents to panic, reject the current MMR vaccine, and use his new one.

In the fallout of this discovery, Wakefield lost his medical license and moved to America, fleeing England in shame. It is also a preview of sorts to what is happening today. The 1998 MMR vaccine fiasco clearly showed how uncontrolled media could incite society into throwing science away, similar to what we currently witness (though it is social media this time) during the Covid19 pandemic.

Today, 23 years later, even after this study was debunked, redacted and proven as a fraud, he still has many followers. Because of the fear he sowed, anti-vaccine sentiments remain, potentially undermining the medical community's efforts to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Directed by: Harris Michael Brewis

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Richard Leblanc
1 year ago

mRNA jabs are not vaccines. You can't redefine something that has been around for generations simply by calling it a vaccine.

Bobby Phillips
1 year ago

This is big-pharma propaganda against actual evidence toward harmful vaccines.

Kat Martinez
1 year ago

The fact is the COVID shots are NOT vaccinations in the traditional sense, because they do not prevent the recipient from acquiring the virus.

What did the Measles vaccine do? It prevented the recipient from getting the Measles. Wow, imagine that. How about the Polio vaccine? Yep, you guessed it. It prevented the recipient from getting Polio. Then there's the effectiveness (or, rather, the non-effectiveness) of the not-really-a-vaccination COVID vaccine. Not only does it NOT prevent the recipient from getting the virus, it doesn't prevent the recipient from spreading the virus to other people.

● Everyone should get the COVID vaccine, they said. That's 1-2 shots, depending on which vaccine you got.

● Everyone needs to get a booster shot, because. ... hey, why not? We might as well cover our bases, so we're sure. That's another shot.

● Well, heck... While we're at it, let's be super-duper, extra careful. We're going to recommend another booster. And, wouldn't you know it. After four damn shots, the recipient can STILL contract COVID and spread the virus to others.

My rejection of these COVID pseudo-vaccines has nothing to do with crazy, con-man doctors or fake, misleading studies and everything to do with the fact that we're being lied to.

Liars are un-trustworthy. I refuse to follow the recommendations of those who can't be trusted.

2 years ago

My son became non verbal at 13 months, we were a month late giving him his 12 month shots. Prior to that he was calling me Mama, was saying Dada and babbling loads. He is 27 months old now and has only started saying Mum. This is after months of detoxing to rid his body of heavy metals and toxins. Vaccines are not the holy grail as far as I am concerned. My older son and middle son also developed eczema and allergies. After the detoxing and gut repairing all their symptoms were cleared up.

2 years ago

Covid vaccine can injure and kill you yet the manufactures are not liable.

John Tripp
2 years ago

Bring back small pox and polio. That should pretty much clarify things.

Devil Travels
2 years ago

This helps me understand some of the reasons people have become anti-vax. It's sad how they have become victims of a con man.
But, then, most con men use claimed authority to manipulate people. And far too many people seem to need authority in their lives.

2 years ago

I love how Anti-Vaxers are refusing to watch the documentary, yet feel like they can share their opinion on it. Nice comments guys.....

2 years ago

Thanks for the preamble to the movie - I won't need to watch it now. I became an ex vaxxer in Feb 1975 when our son had post vaccinal encephalitis after a DPT. Also extreme swings between liquid stools and clay stools, the latter requiring suppositories to help dig them out. Also projectile vomiting that would hit the wall 14' away if I was not quick. He had "baby valium" [Merbentyl] to sedate the pyloric sphincter ten minutes before every feeding to help keep the milk down. We were told we must never vaccinate him again.

He was not expected to live long, but thanks to 3 holistic doctors, some of the cranial nerves healed and the rest improved, he became mobile & had the last grand mal seizure in 1986.
I think that Dr Andrew Wakefield may have been in high school when we began to learn the facts about vaccines, and just how little testing is ever done.
For an eye opener on CDC skulduggery re autism, search for "Simpsonwood transcripts" using Swisscows search engine rather than google. The CDC holds vaccine patents yet have such sway over vaccine schedules. In 1986 Reagan indemnified the vaccine makers as they were facing massive litigation. So now, in the US anyway, the victims themselves have already paid a premium on each vaccine sold & taxpayers pay the balance. Far more are turned away from the vaccine "court" than those who are allowed to testify to their injuries.
Sometimes it takes years, which is convenient - wait long enough with obfuscation & other foot-dragging tactics, and some die, so compensation is set at $250,000 for death.
I have many books on medical frauds long before Dr Wakefield ever came on the scene - not one perpetrator has EVER received the vilification that he has. He must be a BIG threat to the more than 20:1 profits that Bill Gates bragged about receiving on his vaccine investments.

2 years ago

More lies

2 years ago

...the text above...what can one say...? – ...other than perhaps, that this is a propaganda documentary not worthy of being paid any attention to...
I haven't been "against" vaccines per se...but the world today (the "western" world mostly) has been so thoroughly corrupted, that it would take extreme naïveté to blindly "trust" what's being proclaimed by "authorities" or those affiliated with same...
Impunity for the few, renders the many their deeds we shall know them...

2 years ago

You're brain-washed.