Vox Populi, Methods of Manipulation

Vox Populi, Methods of Manipulation

2011, Conspiracy  -   96 Comments
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All over the world police states are becoming the superior form of government. Even people from countries conditioned to identify themselves as free are fast becoming informed that they're living under one expanding, dictatorial, central government. By now it's occurred to almost everyone that there's something terribly wrong with the way the world is being governed.

Government corruption is the rule, rather than the exception, internationally, and it's been so since the beginning of recorded history. Corporations are running uncontrolled and out of hand destroying people's lives, communities, countries and the planet itself. We are drowned in anxiety, despair and light entertainment. People have been kept distracted on purpose, they've been kept in war on purpose, and they've been divided on purpose.

This film seeks not only to uncover the conspiracies which undermine our governments and societies but also to examine the nature of reality and in doing so offers some solutions to rectify the paradigm in which we are living.

Take a moment to pause and consider why it is that we're here on Earth? Is it to spend our entire lives working to pay the interest on the national debt? Or to line the pockets of criminal bankers? Or to acquire as many as trinkets and toys as possible? Does anyone honestly believe he who dies with the most wins? Are we here to run on a proverbial hamster wheel? If this is the reason we're here then why are the most pleasurable things in life the things that are free?

Some people would have us believe that our purpose in life is to work, multiply and die, or to just entertain our five senses, and of course to pay our taxes. This is hardly a reason for incarnating on Earth. We've incarnated here for a greater purpose. We are here to love and to be loved, and the truth is, love is the answer to all the elements that plague our society.

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Zack Lonbee
3 years ago

??? This kid thinks anyone was ever free

4 years ago

Ugh, more Agenda 21 nonsense. So sad, because a few of the things said here are true, but it all gets chucked into the loony bin with the whacked out assertions.

6 years ago

Most important things in life in order #1 protection and maintenance of the earth (what sustains the planet, you know, so life can actually exist #2 freedoms.
Most important thing to humanity currently in order #1 power/money/superiority. Wether you think there's a new world order or super powerful people running the world from the shadows, it is nearly irrelevant, because we are fighting human nature at its core just to avoid extinction. People need to stop being lemmings, leggo that ego, and if you're not as smart or logical as someone who IS willing to Stanford up for justice, and those top 2 important things, we'll than step aside for the rest of us. PLEASE! If you don't care about freedom, fine, but some of us do. If you don't care about the earth though, you need be forced and get up off it. The logic and common sense guild.

Zac Tolan
7 years ago

The spirit thrives on love. The soul thrives on truth. The body thrives on good food and exercise. This movie has truth! Good for the soul. I'd say just be careful not to jump to conclusions, for instance putting too much emphasis against evil bankers and the like. All that is symptomatic of just people being ruled by Satan and oppressing others. The real actual power that is greater than evil is found by submitting to Yahshua, the son of God. The problem is that people who claim to follow Him are hypocrites. That, however does not make the very real power found by submitting to His coming kingdom any less real. Here's a message to keep you on your toes: "If the head of the household knew at what time the thief was coming, he would not have allowed his house to be broken into."

7 years ago

we the people need to come together and stand up for what is right..

7 years ago

I'm halfway through this video, and it's everything I have known for the past several years. I love the detail and historic causes of many evils. Thank you.

8 years ago

This documentary really resonated with my world view. The first point it made about energy is something I have understood for many years. If all the actual matter was compressed so that there was no space between protons, neutrons, electrons and then atoms within molecules, this entire planet would fit in less than a five gallon bucket

Space is deep, on many levels. We are vastly more energy and space than matter. The producers could have spent ten times the amount of this entire documentary elaborating on that point and it's implications. There were other issues they wanted to present and they did so effectively in my view.
I have criticisms but they would be moot points within the context of this excellent work.


8 years ago

You bloody Americans are all insane and in need of nice, old fashioned electro-shock therapy. It's what Jesus recommends. d= ;)

Michael Campbell
8 years ago

John 15:13
Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one's life for one's friends.

Michael Campbell
8 years ago

1 john 4:18
18There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves punishment, and the one who fears is not perfected in love.

8 years ago

this is the second or third documentary i have began to watch that describes energy as polarised, and defines love and fear as two distinct ends of this dichotomy. where in hell is the empirical or theoretical basis for this? These docs seem to dive straight into the implications (i.e. SO IF THIS IS LOVE THEN WE NEED LOVE) but simply skim over the details of how the idea came about. I'm only 10 minutes in, and they introduced this love-fear idea right at the beginning.

Love and fear do not seem to be plausible opposites. At least intuitively, the idea doesn't come across as sensible. Add to that the fact that love hasn't been defined properly and is such a subjective construct. You'd think that someone with a scientific mindset who wants to be taken seriously would use any word but love in his theory and explanation.

I've looked through google, hoping to find some explanation or at least a hypothesis. on the face of it, this theory doesn't even seem to have a concrete name that people agree on. There isn't even a wiki page acknowledging it. One notable example is a video called the DNA Phantom Effect, but even in that there is little background info, just an 80's guy saying "we've got physical results!"

So i would love someone out there to link me something at least remotely credible on the surface that says that:
1. Love is not just an emotion, but can be reduced to a waveform.
2. These waves of love and fear affect genetic coding.

I think i'm a person who is quite biased by other people's ratings of something like a documentary, and on this site i've found the ratings to be generally fair. This just looks so pseudoscientific. (i'll admit i also stopped watching because i know David Icke is in it and probably wants to talk about lizard people)

9 years ago

I don't believe the facts set forth as not facts, but believe them to be illusions.

Wrong conclusions in this movie.
Corruption is more human than reptilian in nature.
Genocide and war are conducted by the romish office of the inquisition, and followers that mean well by following orders from what they worship.

9 years ago

"Take a moment to pause and consider why it is that we're here on Earth? Is it to spend our entire lives working to pay the interest on the
national debt? "

Ok...how about to pay for the roads/railways/power lines/water lines that that debt was made to pay for?

"Some people would have us believe that our purpose in life is to work,
multiply and die, or to just entertain our five senses, and of course to
pay our taxes."

This is what always gets me about Libertarian propaganda like this. It's all fair and well complaining about paying taxes (let's not pretend this film is about anything else)...But if you're going to try and raise it as an issue you need to offer at least some sort of replacement for where roads and hospitals are going to come from.

gotsda .
9 years ago

After the initial clip of quotes taken out of context, or are fabricated by splicing previous clips together I see a load of images of politically powerful images and then it says interviews, with David Icke. That's right the person who made this believes the guy who talks about reptilians.

9 years ago

In my opinion, it's largely a load of crap. Even though I do like the idea of a world order pulling all strings in the world, but it's just so unlikely.

I do think banks own the US (because of the facts shown) and that they are to blame for a lot of bad shit, but I don't think some Illuminati cartel owns the world. I absolutely believe that the US banks own the US and therefor have power on a global scale, but they'd never own the world with their "secret" bloodlines which have been ruling since the Egyptians and their pharaohs.

Also, love doesn't connect us, greed does. People want to be better than someone else, and that's a fact. People want to showoff their wealth to people who actually don't give a shit how well you're doing! Those are the basics of a community, whatever the size. There's always a hierarchy, sometimes unwritten, but there's always one. An elite group, then the middle class and then the poor or the lowest class. Take a look at primitive tribes, just from a random African country, it'll prove my point. The people in the elite group would be the magical healers and the "wise" people, then you'd have the normal tribe people and then the women on their period, because they just thought that it was disgusting to be around a women who is bleeding for a week, because she isn't pregnant.

9 years ago

Just a comment : JFK was in power as the CIA proceeded to the Cubain Bay of Pig hoax.
It's a matter of maffia's casinos in Cuba.
As well, had the power to realise that the Vietnamese had the same freedom of self recognition as any nation does.
He sure knew coze he was educated.
If JFK was unfit to be aware of the CIA deeds though his party informants within his team, he's part of it.
USA Pres, are commanders, aren't they ?
I mean that I gotten tired of hearing his empty notorious speech years ago. Everyone knows how Gran'Pa Kennedy made his money and how he was against the attrition of crime corps in those years.

Going from JFK to now days is the same as going from the Democrate to the Republicains and vice-versa. "A No where ride"­

Holy preaching doesn't mean much to me.

Black Scholar
9 years ago

The current Narrative is that Black men and boys are the blame for
doggie fighting. Forget that the SlaveMaster fought black slave against
Black slave. Forget that white folks raise and breed demons. Forget
that white folks evolved from an Icy Place where scarcity was the norm
(Europe). And that they killed each other to eat. This is today's
world created from the mind of the psychopath that is European. Look
around. Everything that is Negative evolved from the European.
Genocide, rape, disease, death, starvation, and theft; these are
European values propounded upon the world.

What will become of
our Beautiful Earth? She will get tired of being DISRESPECTED and shut
it down. After all she is 4.5 Billions years old compared to 15,000
years of the European virus. She will shake em off and spin a new life
form. One that works in Harmony with the Universe.


Lauri Neva
9 years ago

Anyone who can read and chooses not to read does not know all this. That is the real shame. We are truly living out the legacy of 1984!

Horst Manure
9 years ago

Forget about it all Japan will take us out over the next few yrs.

Lynley Ruth Butt
9 years ago

Firstly, " it's occurred to almost everyone", assumes a critical mass when there is none, to get things moving...Secondly... Moving where? In a better direction? There is no concurrence only conflict and division. Thirdly, the weight of individual problems for successful survival are so great that there is no energy put into change. Fourthly, old methods of generating energy are obsolete and not only harmful but ridiculous which further depletes confidence. The only ones willing to put shove before gab are extremist activists.... And their activities are mostly negative gainsaying and obstructionism. People have lost patience with the push and shove as well as hard sell of the world, especially with overpopulation and competition for resources. Developed Nations Are as cynical and exploitative as ever and entirely obliged by ignorance need and crude desires to make for the shorter term good... Money in hand rather than "treasure laid up in heaven". ReIigion is a total failure...the whole long historic line of it is dissolved in hysterics not reason. Islam has failed to make the final point... That only science, conscience together with the only faith that can be right out of all the diversionary tactics and factions ...a binding Holism

9 years ago

It's a pity that people have figured this out just at the point we discover that the human race will be extinct in in a couple generations if not sooner. (ref: intergovernmental panel on climate change)

anna miller
9 years ago

The first step is being aware. For those of you bored with the message, perhaps it is time for you to take action or stop complaining.

9 years ago

Why would anyone want to sit a listen to this HS - How many times have we heard this?

9 years ago

Just for grins, check out the eyes on the child at 1:08:59 to 1:09:03. The image was preceded by an hypodermic needle. Did you see both or did only one image consciously register? Hum-m-m-m..

Pierre Duguay
9 years ago

From an atheist perspective, when talking about energy, love and meaning/reason for existing. i can't help but laugh. Might as well be talking about the celestial teapot. You can't just make statements without evidence.

I have to agree with Janeen Clark on this one. This is uninformed crap.

9 years ago

a collapse of the current economical system is a must for the investors
of undermining the 'old democratic ballast' which contradicts their
'liberal' ideology of 'free markets'.the key is to beat
by buying,corrupting or even killing the opponent....& that's how a
'new world order' is unavoidable (cause & effect) due to termination
of opposing views with the help of controlled mass-media outlets &
forcing financial cuts in public education....'breeding' a generation
of ignorants & complying consumers!that is not a conspiracy theory
just a sad fact of current affairs!

9 years ago

All this film does is provide us with a new enemy. It does exactly what it accuses the ruling "cabal" of doing. Generate fear and encourage a reaction to that fear. Any dissension is met with accusations of being a part of the brainwashed masses or even being a shill for this elite. It does not take into consideration some of the basic human directives that is part of our evolution into humanity. As long as we see enemies, we will have a struggle and a struggle needs leadership to direct the foot soldiers in this battle for "freedom". Heaven help us if we have individuals like David Icke directing this struggle against this imaginary "NWO".

Janeen Clark
9 years ago

our society is collapsing due to domination through the use of punishment and reward structures like money and government this began because of scarcity. right there is more info then this film tells you. next in order to turn that around we need to remove the domination structures that led to government and money all punishment and reward is domination through the use of violence whether it is in language or systems at large that is the root cause. that is more information then this film maker will present in his next doc in 3 years. finally once all domination is removed from society and becomes obsolete the past can not repeat itself. next we use technology to create abundance where ever possible. declare the entire world the property to all people, and use compassion and empathy to work together fir the first time , just like single cells did in order to create advanced organisms this is the evolution of life we can see the evidence all around us look at the cellular structure of plant life in order to utilize the sun's energy with photosynthesis this is the way to success through co-operation. in fact all Remanence of division is obsolete and must be treated as such to succeed. there are very specific techniques people can use to overcome their own brainwashing like for example how we use language to dominate others through reward and punishment calling someone a name for example. marshall rosenberg is a great place to start beginning removal of domination through language and communication. this must take place for our larger structures in society to work off of compassion and empathy.

~Oliver B Koslik Esq
9 years ago

The speaker "Freeman" @ 0:49:15 makes some stellar points!

9 years ago

@ 3:15 I had to stop the video and listen to the song Sheep from Pink Floyd, since I hadn't heard it so long, and the film makers cherry picked the intro keyboards.

Janeen Clark
9 years ago

there is more wrong with this so called film than right. it is films like this that make mainstream citizens that begin to go outside the box and stumble upon trash like this believe "oh that's all just conspiracy non-sense" and then they never take any of the topics that have truth to it seriously therefore never look into it again. the maker of this film is so ignorant about the topics he presents, 90 percent of the truth is missing from this film , while the 90 percent information that IS in the film makes no sense is not clear and concise, and does not refine the information and research and carry it all the way back and break it all the way down to get to any truth, understanding, or resolution. this is a perfect example of laziness and scatter brained non-sense that fails to take even one specific topic break it all the way down present it and resolve it.