WACO: The Rules of Engagement

WACO: The Rules of Engagement

1997, Conspiracy  -   40 Comments
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WACO: The Rules of EngagementWe realize that you have the ability, and it's not below you people, to do something like to erase all evidences. Why do you have the press so far back? You can give me any kind of crap you want, I know, you know, the reason we're not talking to the press is you people have gotta cover your butts from what you did and that's what's goin' on here.

Waco: The Rules of Engagement is the first full-length documentary film to present the complete picture of the series of events outside Waco, Texas during 1993 that resulted in the shooting of 4 federal agents and the deaths of 86 men, women, and children of the Branch Davidian religious sect.

Waco: The Rules of Engagement is a highly detailed examination of the interaction between David Koresh, his members, and Federal Law Enforcement. It shows how the FBI misled the public and American political leaders in order to focus overwhelming force on a group whose diversity of race, national origin, and apocalyptic religious beliefs made its members easy targets for lethal abuse of civil and human rights.

Gripping and deeply thought provoking, the film provides America with something it truly needs - an opportunity to review the historical record of events at Waco. The findings raise doubts about the FBI's version of the story and their larger role in similar instances of law enforcement.

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  1. jon

    Let me see. In order to save the children in the compound, the Govt sets fire to it and kills everyone. Under Clinton's watch and janet Reno (sterO0

  2. hank

    When the 'state' commits murder, it is called 'justice'. When citizens act legally, to defend themselves, they are judged to be murderers. What we saw in this documentary is a micro view of the many crimes and outrages governments carry out on a regular basis.

  3. johnnyringo

    Whoops,added that other comment accidentally ....Anyway,yeah bully hits little weird kid,but the kid happens to be pretty tough and humiliates the bully and runs him off with a bruised ego,only he returns with lots and lots bigger bully pals.Unfortunately that was a fight they were going to lose no matter what,it would just be a matter of what level that loss would be.....

  4. johnnyringo

    This was like the grade school bully attacking the strange little kid cause he is different ecxept

  5. Dave

    To terry (old fox) I watched the documentary twice and no one will ever convince me Janet Reno is not corrupt what a dirt bag. She back up the FBI OVER AND OVER.

  6. Dude

    This whole affair is just so dumb. Pump the house with reefer smoke, start up a barbecue and place fans near the food. 2 hours tops, and there wouldn't be one person in the compound. Plus they'd all be like, "you speak to God, David?" " get the f*** outta here".

  7. Steve Perreira

    The premise for the action and the ATF raid are comical except for the mayhem and death of innocent civilians that ensued. Watching the initial assault on the Branch Dividian Compound was a shocking exhibition of the worst possible approach. Anyone with experience in government finds that most agencies are incompetently managed. Lying to cover up is a necessary survival mechanism. No one lies more than the enforcement agencies. These pigs, including mercenary military operatives, killed innocent women and children in cold blood. I hope they are proud to be defended by that most disgusting wretch Chuck Schumer.

  8. Derek Seymour

    i love this doco. Sherrif Jack Harwell is a legend. A voice of reason


    How about Joe Biden and Senator Chuck Schumer covering up for the FBI. I wonder what the quid pro quo was on that one. Reno was just pathetic. It was like watching a bunch of liars repeat their lies (like Hitler and Bernays said) until the lie is the dominant idea in the historical record.

    And DOA 60 minutes would never tackle a story like that one now. Those people begged for press coverage and assistance in the negotiation. Where was the media - chanting into a camera like it was all some big joke. I wonder what year journalists became so utterly useless. Not all of them are spineless cowards. The war in Kosovo killed 30 of them. But where are the ones that will really stand up and fight to protect US citizens on their own turf right here at home?

    Never having owned a tv, I missed a lot of the spin. I believed what I was told that they shot each other and were dead before the fire burned. No one ever mentioned the kitchen, or the CS gas, or the FBI taking over from the ATF and using military tanks on the actual buildings. Wow.

    Of course now, if you step out of line, they nip you off before you get too far (Paul Wellstone, Aaron Schwartz, JFK, et al.) The body count is now in the what, couple hundred that we know about, and who knows how many we don't?

    If you count dead corporate whistle blowers, or even the bankers who can't seem to stay off roofs, etc. We really do not have a viable government governing citizens with inalienable civil rights.

  10. Eric Lawson

    I believe this is just another terrible example of how Religion can make people crazy. Where was God through all of this !! Atf and the FBI certainly did not practise their Christian beliefs. Other than An Eye For An Eye !! Sad all the way around . The Documentary on its own was very well done !!!

    1. b4k9zp

      ATF and the FBI are not "Christian" organizations! They are prohibited from being such by the "separation of church and state" so beloved by liberals.

  11. Terry "OldFox" Seale

    The ATF is fully responsible for this tragedy. Up until 1973, I think, ATF was just a small part of the IRS charged will collecting tax on moonshine. They are Tax Accountants, Auditors.

    But they were issued guns and spun out to play cops and robbers with NASCAR drivers. They've always had a milquetoast inferiority complex up against the real cops who deal with murderous Mafia and street gangs. They are itchy trigger fingers yearning for some real glory. ATF has no jurisdiction on child abuse or polygamy. There were no Class 3 weapons there. The Affidavit underlying the raid alleged merely that an AR15 receiver could by an outstanding machinist with the right tools convert single-only fire into automatic fire despite the heavy engineering on the AR15 to make that virtually impossible. They attacked these people by shooting their dogs first purely on a fallacious theory that the suspect might be able somehow to convert a semiautomatic into an automatic machine gun.

    Janet Reno was no friend of cops. She only had a 97% conviction rate in Miami because she never prosecuted any but the most open and shut cases. Every time she prosecuted a cop for misconduct or negligent homicide, she failed to convict and caused another "riot." I knew a man in her office who assured me, and I believe him, that she was 100% honest and super-integrity. But her shortcomings were competence not corruption.

    1. b4k9zp

      The ATF has a long, long history of confiscating legally owned AR-15, AK-47 and similar SEMIAUTOMATIC ONLY rifles and shotguns, taking them to their "laboratory" which no one is ever allowed to see except ATF agents, and ILLEGALLY converting them to fire in fully-automatic mode, most often by damaging the firing mechanism and safety system so that the weapons fire in no other mode but fully-automatic, until the magazine is empty. Then they charge the registered owner of the weapon with illegal conversion of the weapon to fully-automatic, and illegal possession of a fully-automatic weapon. Many law-abiding citizens have had their rights stripped from them because they could not afford to fight the federal government.

  12. kakinsnatch

    I'm an atheist, although I believe in not discriminating against anyone or group period. I don't agree with their belief obviously, but whats next war on mormons, oh wait that was already done, but atheist are among the most hated groups of people so don't think the government is above fu*king with us, atheists. Anyway what ever happened to live and let live a concept that has always been above the US government. No one cares until their the minority being f*cked with and that my friend is to late, thats why we need to care about the rights and our freedom before its to late for you.

    1. b4k9zp

      The Branch Davidian compound raid on February 28, 1993 was not because of their religious beliefs, but because Koresh and some other un-named individuals had allegedly illegally converted several SEMIAUTOMATIC ONLY AR-15 rifles to fire in fully automatic mode, in preparation for what Koresh had called "The coming apocalypse". It was that minor federal felony, for which NO ONE was ever indicted, and no one was TRIED before the night of April 18-19, 1993, when they were burned to death without a trial.

  13. Cracker122049

    This was a classic example of government murder in the faces of the amerikan citizens to instill fear. Just take a good look at how much more in your face these traitors are today!

  14. Alex

    It's been alleged that US Army Delta Force operatives were on the ground that day not only advising but providing sniper support and participating in the assault, similar to the Ruby Ridge incident. The FBI's Hostage Rescue Team was modeled after and trained by Delta Force.

  15. shafawn

    I remember when the people in Waco were murdered. I cried all day and grieved for our nation.

  16. Tyler Farrell

    worst documentary ever... completely void of all motive, reasoning, and thought. A one sided piece of conspiracy bullshit that preys more on the ignorance, stupidity, and credulousness of people than did David Koresh. Forgot to mention that he was a polygamous pedophile with numerous underage wives who bore his children. and that theyre audio recording from inside the building of Koresh himself ordering the cult members to start the end all fire... Bottom line; if they would have just come out, which they had no reason not to, they would all be alive [period!].

    1. MNMVR

      If that were so is the answer to burn the victims to death? Children, women? The video clearly demonstrated why they were afraid to come out, but even if they just didn't want to, Clinton had no right to murder them! In America we used to put a polygamous pedophile in jail. We didn't murder his victims, at least we didn't until we had to protect a major presidential screw up. How many lives were worth Clintons reputation?

    2. b4k9zp

      A far better, more logical and factual documentary than the lies perpetrated by Janet Reno, Bill Clinton and the democratic party.

      Polygamy, pedophilia and other alleged crimes were never proven, and are not FEDERAL crimes demanding the death penalty without trial.

      there is no such recording. The fire was started by ATF and FBI agents, because the Branch davidians were unconscious (except for the six who escaped, to be tried later for murder and illegal possession of automatic weapons.

  17. knowledgeizpower

    "video removed by user" this looked interesting I remember hearing about this when I was younger but darn I wanted to view this one :(

    1. b4k9zp

      allegedly there was a copyright dispute. Methinks that the federal government ordered it removed from the internet.

  18. Anthony Wrifford

    How did this happen? How did so much evidence go missing? Where were the professional negotiators? Even me, an amateur, could have negotiated a peaceful end to this. When you hear so much of the telephone conversations between the "opposing" groups, you have to wonder.


      There is a really good book about the corruption in the FBI crime lab. It's a classic. I read that book and mentally walked away. We have no government.

  19. Anthony Wrifford

    I remember April 19th, 1993 as the day I ceased forever to pledge myself to the Democratic Party or any other political party, for that matter.

  20. Craig

    Evil prevails when good people do nothing

  21. Victor

    "We are the media!". Bunch of clowns.
    That was their answer to a cry for help.
    Most of the media are bumbling fools...those guys probably had sticks with marshmallows on them.
    Holter should investigate Reno and the ATF.

    Wanted to try to forget about the Clinton admin...Haiti, Somalia, Bosnia, USS Cole, missle to just kill Bin Ladens family (still can't figure why he would destroy WTC?)...and this...bet you would find one of his cigars in the rubble if they looked.

    Rep Joe Biden .... wow. Why didn't this post before the election

  22. Ron Burgundy

    Look up Manufacturing Consent, it's on youtube. It will help you understand how and why these things happen and why and how we get the wool pulled over our eyes.

  23. fact

    Joe Biden, your a government thug...SNL has you pegged...not funny though.

    SGT. ______

  24. webster

    Quite a coincidence that the trial for Randy Weaver's trial started almost exactly on the first day of the Waco raid. The ATF desperate for a media distraction? Randy's son and wife were killed by the ATF for his refusal to be a spy on thier behalf. The sniper that shot his wife was also present at the Waco standoff and raid. Watch "Ruby Ridge" on this site for more infuriation!! I live in Canada but we arent any better off. Regular gun owners are treated like criminals and the police force attacks the public with impunity.

  25. Alexandrea

    They played Nancy Sinatra all day and all night. That's torture alone, my God.

  26. matt

    I hear you Tracy, that is disgusting to say the least. If govt are so reckless on that, imagine on 911, if you aren't familiar, there is a great deal of evidence on this site.

    If you are familiar, I suggest to you "Bill Clinton: his life" also on this site... It'll blow your mind, friend!

  27. Tracy

    This one I cannot watch again, though it is this very situation that brought me to the end of the innocence as it were. HOW could anyone EVER believe any differently - - - ? meaning, how could anyone watch what has been uncovered and still believe that the BD's deserved this? My god.......................WTH are we supposed to do???????????????

  28. Leslie

    Pathetic!!!! I'm Mormon, hunt and drive a 4x4. I even own guns bought at gun shows. Guess I'm on the hit list.

    The government lies to us about "weather balloons." I bet Chuck believes that, too!

  29. jerald meiers

    as an military veteran, and a state law enforcement officer, and long time police officer, agent, investigator. I have come to believe that the government agencies, murdered every one of the people whom died in Waco, TX. the branch davidians' !

  30. johnny

    Hmm... makes you think twice when the government goes around crying wolf on people who believe different things (muslims). Shows how the police control and easily manipulate the media. It is clear that Mr. Schumer is in bed with police because he defends everything they say no matter how obviously false it is. Shows how police lie as george carlin said, cops are trained liars. Shows why we should deeply suspect when cops accuse people of being so called cult leaders and how they use claims of child abuse to muster public fear to justify their actions (think warren jeffs).

    I find it how a group of people who claim to believe so much in the law that "they are willing to risk their lives" as they say cares so much about the law that they make a concerted effort to ignore it and violate ever aspect of the constitution that deals with civil liberties of the people.

    They claimed to believe that David was molesting kids and had illegal guns. So the cops response is to murder everyone, murder innocent children, murder women, murder men, burn them all alive and shoot them to death, use tanks to run over people and crush their bodies and cover up their crime.

    I use to think Obama was about change, now that I see he takes that scumb bag joe biden as his vp and that other scum bag timeothy guitner (a goldman sachs employee who helped to ruin the economy with all the bulls hit derivatives and selling worthless crap), as kids die from synaide gas, they shot at people to prevent escape from the fires they set. Joe biden the same scum bag who helped to write the federal assault weapons ban and made it a capital crime to murder a law enforcement officer even if it is a case like this. Obama's face is black and he talks differently but don't be fooled by his smooth words and groovy style. Where I come from we have a saying that goes like this: in nature a dove does not fly with a pack of vultures, and

    Then you have Janet Reno th ex-attorney general who also sides with the police. No surprise there as her dad was a cop, and anyone who knows the child of a cop knows how they are so blinded with bias in favour of cops that they might as well be one.

    A former narcotics agent discussed how many police are addicted to adrenaline. They will wait for the last moment to arrest a person who is obviously guilty, open fire on suspects they believed are armed to initiate a fire fight, allow someone to run back into their car so they can make are chase, challenge suspects to fight so they can fight and use their weapons. Why? All because they get an adrenaline rush from doing this that feels better than any other drug on this planet.

  31. lisa

    It looked to me, as if the authorities were practising war, with living people. It looked like some sort of military exercise. These people were too afraid to come out, and to see a little child all curled up, after the effects of gas. It made blood rush to my head. So what happens next? Does anyone care? Do you remember when the military opened fire of students, demonstrating over the Vietnam war. What I mean is, they have done this kind of thing before. I for one, will never think ill of these people again.

  32. Charlie

    The amazing amount of bold faced lies is something to consider. The FLIR evidence really adds to the unbelievable amount of cover-up. Please look-up false flag operations to gain a greater knowledge of how the government achieves its means in any possible way. Truly disgusting!

  33. matt

    That documentary was amazing! Joe Biden lies at the end pretty well. RIP to these poor souls, and may those who decided that raid burn in hell.