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Walking With Dinosaurs

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Walking with DinosaursTake the ultimate journey back in time to the reign of the dinosaurs! State-of-the-art digital effects and animatronics by the Emmy Award-winning FrameStore Group (The Odyssey, Merlin, Gulliver's Travels) combine to form living, breathing images that put you in the scene of a virtual lost world.

Using the latest scientific findings, Walking With Dinosaurs examines the 155-million-year history of these great creatures, from the aggressive Coelophysis, who first learned to hunt in packs, to Tyrannosaurus Rex, the most terrifying carnivore on the planet.

Feel the ground tremble as dueling Triceratops lock horns, and soar with Ornithocheirus, who could travel over 300 miles on a single wing flap. Narrated by Kenneth Branagh, this expanded video edition contains fascinating additional material not included on Discovery Channel broadcasts.

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  1. mdohamed


  2. fender24
  3. fender24

    Only one problem though. New scientific findings of soft tissue in dinosaur bones suggest they're thousand of years old,.. not millions.

  4. Achems_Razor
  5. Achems_Razor

    What new scientific findings? Show proof for your claim.

  6. fender24
  7. fender24

    Armitage’s analysis of this soft tissue was published in the journal Acta Histochemica.. "soft sheets of fibrillar bone from a fossil of the supraorbital horn of the dinosaur triceratops horridus" peer reviewed.

  8. fender24
  9. fender24

    well this is actually not a new discovery though, what planet have u lived on? ;P

  10. fender24
  11. fender24

    From several other papers, one learns that original soft tissue fossils have been reported from England, Germany, Spain, Gobi Desert, Eastern China, Brazil, and North America. Doubtless, more original tissue fossils await discovery, and others have gone unreported. Therefore, original tissue fossils are almost a global phenomenon.

  12. Achems_Razor
  13. Achems_Razor

    Ha,Ha, hilarious! religee's are enough to drive a person insane!

  14. fender24
  15. fender24

    New papers and proof has emerged since the t-rex finding some 20 years ago or so? lol you should be more up to date i think...

  16. over the edge
  17. over the edge

    If you carefully watched the link the 1990 find wasn't the only paper addressed there were other newer ones as well. But as you made the initial claim. You obviously have access to the papers. As you wouldn't mention a paper you haven't read. Would you? Could you please provide a link to the best paper that proves your case (not an abstract or summary but full paper) and i will look into it to see if your claims have any merit. Please provide the scientific proof for " findings of soft tissue in dinosaur bones suggest they're thousand of years old,.. not millions" thank you

  18. matt
  19. matt

    Plainly false. I'm not sure if I'm more disappointed with those that made that study up, or those that believed it.

  20. Fender24
  21. Fender24

    Hey Matt
    You can just go look it up its there, whats disappointing is you. There is alot of research going on as we speak to find out how the tissue was preserved. Soft tissue dinosaurs is old news, there is no explanation yet how it has survived for million of years, maybe they are not that old as we think. Its hard to believe it is possible to survive for millions of years.

  22. Fender24
  23. Fender24

    Over the edge,

    Soft tissue in dinosaurs has been reported for over a decade now ;) just thought to inform you.

  24. Orlando S. Gondar
  25. Orlando S. Gondar

    Forget soft tissue that is old news, we are already trying to sequence the genome in the right order from the DNA we have found. DNA!! and even That is old news, so if who doesn't believe we have dino tissues is way, WAY behind.

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