I Want More: The Internet's Billion Dollar Fraud

I Want More: The Internet's Billion Dollar Fraud

2023, Crime  -   2 Comments
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In the age of boundless digital possibilities, a sinister shadow lurks beneath the surface of online investment platforms. This documentary delves into the heart of a multi-billion dollar fraud that has ensnared thousands of unsuspecting victims.

Through poignant interviews with individuals like Ulrike Schneider, whose life savings were ruthlessly exploited, the film lays bare the devastating impact of these scams. We witness the heartbreak of victims who placed their trust in promises of rapid financial gain, only to be left with empty pockets and shattered dreams.

The filmmakers don't just expose the victims' plight; they delve into the minds of the perpetrators, offering a chillingly close-up view of the motivations and operations of the criminal networks behind these scams. Adrian's story, a young man lured into the dark world of call center deceit, serves as a stark reminder of the psychological manipulation employed to exploit vulnerabilities and greed.

The film goes beyond mere exposé. It delves into the intricate psychological dance between victim and perpetrator, exploring the factors that make individuals susceptible to such schemes and the warped moral justifications used by those who prey on them.

With exclusive access to unprecedented footage from within the very call centers where the deception unfolds, the film provides an unparalleled glimpse into the inner workings of this insidious criminal enterprise. We witness firsthand the manipulative tactics employed, the relentless pursuit of profit, and the callous disregard for the lives destroyed in the process.

This is not just a story about financial loss; it's a cautionary tale about the human condition, the allure of quick wealth, and the devastating consequences of misplaced trust. As authorities wage an uphill battle against these elusive cybercriminals, "I Want More: The Internet's Billion Dollar Fraud" raises critical questions about the ethics of the online world and the responsibility we all share in protecting ourselves and others from falling prey to its darkest corners.

Directed by: Niklas Resch, Caroline Uhl

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6 months ago

I did this with $300 but I did not give more ,if it does not work with $300 ,it will not work, with more ,they said i could not get my money back but i was able to take it back ,which they were angry about and were able to take it back from my bank account ,the account I used had no more money ,so they could not take more

Ralph Hollister
Ralph Hollister
6 months ago

Interpol should be able to tell the authorities in places like Kosovo that they must give up these alleged criminals for a trial or they will be taken by force, including military force. Harboring a criminal enterprise is a blight on humanity. On the flip side, if the victim's country was willing to take a few coins from some stupid woke agenda and invest it in anti-scam police forces, most of this crap would never happen.