I Want My Sex Back

2018, Sexuality  -   15 Comments

Author Rene Jax knew she was living in the wrong body as a young boy. By the time she hit her thirties, she decided to undergo an operation to become a woman. She's regretted that decision every day since. Her story, and others like it, populate the probing documentary I Want My Sex Back.

Gender transition is a hot button issue in our modern era. As the public consciousness of this issue grows, more and more people feel the freedom to express dissatisfaction with their birth sex, and they finally have the means to do something about it. As a result, transgender reassignment surgery is performed more frequently and with greater efficiency than ever before.

For Rene, who had suffered a bleak and confused childhood she could never shake, the hormone therapies and eventual surgery did nothing to quell her inner demons. The same is true of Billy, an athletic ex-NASA employee, who suffered sexual abuse as a youngster. Billy underwent an operation to become a female, and then transitioned back after finding greater despair following his monumental decision.

Walt, an older man who found a passion for cross-dressing as a child, first started hormone therapy back in the 1980s. He is now an outspoken objector of transitional surgery. In his view, this impulse results from mental illness, and must be treated through thoughtful psychotherapy instead of a surgeon's scalpel. The other two subjects of the film echo his sentiments. A devout Christian, Walt now counsels others who feel confused about their gender identity.

All three subjects in the film have led lives of anguish filled with taunts, self-hatred, suicidal thoughts and, in some cases, violence. Today, each of them share a clarity about the ramifications of their transitions. Happily, they seem to have reached a period of relative peace and self-acceptance in their lives.

I Want My Sex Back only examines one side of this issue; it's likely that the producers could have found many others who claim to be content with their decision to transition. But the perspectives presented in the film are sincere, thought-provoking and important to consider.

Directed by: Mikhail Barynin
Ratings: 5.84/10from 38 users.

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15 Comments / User Reviews

  1. linda J

    Religious nonsense with made up statistics. 40% of people who try to commit suicide are people who have changed genders? Give me a break.

  2. Molly Graver

    Why is the tard reading the Bible. God has left the building - a long, long time ago.

  3. adewale

    Jesus christ came to die for the sinner like you my brothers

  4. Oona

    What a bunch of sick religious garbage.

  5. Teejay

    Thank you all for telling your stories...you gorgeous wonderful people..it’s a beautiful thing to come back from “all that” and just knowing and loving Jesus is all that matters...I really hope you are all well and happy still... thumbs up for spreading awareness...Any drop in the ocean in this matter needs to be heard...thanks again for your stories..🙏💖🎼 He’s got the whole worrrld in his hands 💙🎼👏🏻

  6. Rick Tilley

    Got nothin at all against any person Gay or whatever...but...Have never met one who was truly happy with their life...ya think Satan has any influence in their lives ?...nahh

  7. G

    Yeah, this is sponsored by RT or Russia Today ..... just a grain of salt to mull over.

  8. ellie

    Gender 'confusion' may be due to exposure, in utero and during childhood, to endocrine disrupting hormones, EDCs. EDCs are 'everywhere'; scented laundry products, scented personal hygiene products, cleaning products, plug-in air fresheners, artificially-scented candles, car-deodorizers, phthalates in plastics, flame-retardants in furniture, almost every petroleum-based product. EDCs are called 'gender-bender' chemicals. They confuse the chromosomes that differentiate male and female, in and out of the womb! EDCs are unregulated. Because something is being sold on a retail shelf doesn't mean it is safe for you, or your unborn children. Confused sexual identity is one aspect; another is that human reproduction is nearing the level of species extinction.

    1. Teejay

      I absolutely agree with you Ellie and it’s only gotten worse..through all those things you mentioned And more I’m sorry to say there’s not a lot of hope for the future in this situation...many of the guys these days act so feminine it’s scary...The “Gay Agenda” is booming. So terribly sad how God’s creation has been so messed up

    2. J

      What????? There is no empirical evidence on this.

  9. Kim

    I think the “quick fix” mentality that has been fostered on us by consumerism encourages people to act before they think things through.

  10. Mark

    Apart from the Bible-reading part at the beginning, which gives a very misleading impression of the slant this film takes, this is an excellent documentary. It does not say that sex reassignment is wrong for everybody. As the older man says towards the end, if you want to change your sex and you've been sexually abused, then what you need is psychotherapy. I would qualify that by adding the word "first." It could be that, after exploring the issues with a trained, experienced counsellor, a person could well choose to still go on with the surgery. Or it could be that they may come to some realization, that sex reassignment surgery (SRS) is not the answer to what makes them unhappy. But definitely consultation with a trained counsellor is in order. And I think, by pointing out some people for whom SRS was not the answer, that that is the point this film is making.

  11. Kenneth

    Let's give 12 year olds ridiculous amounts of hormones their body doesn't use because Bill Nye said that gender is fluid and he's a scientist.

  12. james

    let me start off by saying i mean no offense, to each his own.

    unless youre born a hermaphrodite, im just not buying this. he's a guy that identifies as a girl, but that doesnt change the fact he's still a guy, the only difference now is he's mutilated his own genitals. my only complaint is that there are legal definitions for male and female. identity issues, on the other hand, is a completely different story.

    1. Aisha

      I think you’ve misunderstood something. This is a documentary about people who transitioned and then regretted it so they went back to living the way they were born. They would in all likelihood agree with your perspective. So I’m not sure what it is you’re not buying.