I Want My Sex Back

I Want My Sex Back

2018, Sexuality  -   49 Comments
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Author Rene Jax knew she was living in the wrong body as a young boy. By the time she hit her thirties, she decided to undergo an operation to become a woman. She's regretted that decision every day since. Her story, and others like it, populate the probing documentary I Want My Sex Back.

Gender transition is a hot button issue in our modern era. As the public consciousness of this issue grows, more and more people feel the freedom to express dissatisfaction with their birth sex, and they finally have the means to do something about it. As a result, transgender reassignment surgery is performed more frequently and with greater efficiency than ever before.

For Rene, who had suffered a bleak and confused childhood she could never shake, the hormone therapies and eventual surgery did nothing to quell her inner demons. The same is true of Billy, an athletic ex-NASA employee, who suffered sexual abuse as a youngster. Billy underwent an operation to become a female, and then transitioned back after finding greater despair following his monumental decision.

Walt, an older man who found a passion for cross-dressing as a child, first started hormone therapy back in the 1980s. He is now an outspoken objector of transitional surgery. In his view, this impulse results from mental illness, and must be treated through thoughtful psychotherapy instead of a surgeon's scalpel. The other two subjects of the film echo his sentiments. A devout Christian, Walt now counsels others who feel confused about their gender identity.

All three subjects in the film have led lives of anguish filled with taunts, self-hatred, suicidal thoughts and, in some cases, violence. Today, each of them share a clarity about the ramifications of their transitions. Happily, they seem to have reached a period of relative peace and self-acceptance in their lives.

I Want My Sex Back only examines one side of this issue; it's likely that the producers could have found many others who claim to be content with their decision to transition. But the perspectives presented in the film are sincere, thought-provoking and important to consider.

Directed by: Mikhail Barynin

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Ti si
5 months ago

Why not available in my country?
This is country bias :(

Svend Tveskæg
7 months ago

"Gender transition is a hot button issue in our modern era." No, it's not.

2 years ago

male and female, anything else is just agenda!

2 years ago

This is just pure transphobia.

2 years ago

Russian propaganda.

Louis Ward
2 years ago

You are so transphobic it's frightening, you come across as someone who'd like to physically harm transsexuals which is really awful, I literally feel quite panicked and scared right now knowing there's people like you out there who mean harm to my trans friends, maybe even kill them, this is awful.

2 years ago

HE made himself into a freak

3 years ago

So glad to see something like this. Bottom line no matter how much you nip, tuck, pluck or suck out whatever you can’t fight REALITY AND YOUR ANATOMY. Do what you do live your best life but not about to play make believe with anybody sorry not sorry . Society is damn sure not going to convince my kids that if they think it hard enough they can wake up and be the opposite sex, that is a mental disorder period.

3 years ago

What I find offensive is that the trans women are not hot babes in tight pants. Disappointed!

3 years ago

Personally, I am a man in a man's body always longing for female company. So can only empathize with someone who claims to have a transgender issue. Perhaps, what is relevant is a deeper and independent psychological evaluation before resorting to reassignment. In modern systems there are many vested interests at play, including religion, surgeons, pharmaceutical companies...... As can be seen from the comments here everyone has a take on the issue, and everyone can be wrong or partially/fully correct. So exiting without judging.

Jon Jonzz
3 years ago

Fact is that there are only 2 sexes. Based on the sole criterion of production of reproductive cells, there are two and only two sexes: the female sex, capable of producing large gametes (ovules), and the male sex, which produces small gametes (spermatozoa).
Personally, if someone wants to spend their own money "changing sex", go ahead. Doesn't really change your true sex. Maybe the issue is deeper then an outer, physical change.

Can this site stop with this
3 years ago

When will this site stop supporting propaganda? Even though detransitioners exist, they are in the vast minority. Regrets for gender reassignment surgery are lower than regrets for any other surgery. Calling it a "top documentary" is an insult to the art of documentaries.

Thomas Bachman
3 years ago

This is a great documentary. I recently had penile surgery to remove cancer. The result is that the surgeon removed the entire head of my penis.
I feel terroble as I enjoy sex very much. At the age of 80 I am in good health. I feel like a freak, how can I approach a woman and unable to have her enjoy me.
This taking away a large part of my life.
wish I could have a transplant to replace my penis.

3 years ago

I have only seen 4,5 minutes of this russian program, but it seems VERY clear, that:
A) This is some deep religious, non-factual propaganda.
B) The hard facts in this program are fictional, and I done cases directly false.
C) This is from a severe trans-phobic point of view.
D) None of the involved teans-people, seem to have been cleared by a responsible MD, but have been medicated/operated without any professional guidance.

Useless program!

4 years ago

You have to have courage to say stuff like this these days. The people who made this documentary are very brave. To speak up in order to save people's lives is a noble thing. Transsexual propaganda and genital mutilation have led to death of tens of thousands of people. When will it end?

Gillian Beresford
4 years ago

This film implies that transgender orientation results from a troubled childhood and that most people who get gender reassignment surgery regret it. But it doesn't provide evidence for either of these views and I would think it is mistaken about them. It also subtly turns the viewer against gender reassignment surgery by showing the blood and guck that occurs during the surgery.

Gillian Beresford
4 years ago

This "documentary" implies that transgender orientation is due to a disturbed/abusive childhood. And it implies that most transgender people who get gender reassignment surgery are unhappy with it. But it doesn't provide any evidence of either of these views and I think it is probably wrong about them.

Mark Gaboury
4 years ago

Way to go RT!

4 years ago

this is transphobic religious russian ****.

Valkyrie Ziege
4 years ago

; It really comes down to, men have problems, and women have problems, and changing sides isn't a problem solver, nor is it an anti-depressant.

Uma Maheswar Nakka
4 years ago

The surgeons should try to counsel the concerned before undertaking any such surgery.
This feeling is mainly psychological associated with many other reasons like parents dressing children as girl.

This practice goes mainly with parents having no daughters.
This changes the minds of the some boys treated as girls in such families .

And parents have to realize this. And so many other reasons which also includes fancy towards lady garments.
Apologies if I am wrong in my opinion.

4 years ago

I understand the message they are trying to send. They still have not convinced me that being trans is bad. Once they started putting religion in to the mix they started to lose my interest. I am sure that I am not the only one. They should have kept the religion out of the message.

linda J
4 years ago

Religious nonsense with made up statistics. 40% of people who try to commit suicide are people who have changed genders? Give me a break.

Molly Graver
4 years ago

Why is the tard reading the Bible. God has left the building - a long, long time ago.

4 years ago

Jesus christ came to die for the sinner like you my brothers

4 years ago

What a bunch of sick religious garbage.

4 years ago

Thank you all for telling your stories...you gorgeous wonderful people..it’s a beautiful thing to come back from “all that” and just knowing and loving Jesus is all that matters...I really hope you are all well and happy still... thumbs up for spreading awareness...Any drop in the ocean in this matter needs to be heard...thanks again for your stories..??? He’s got the whole worrrld in his hands ????

Rick Tilley
4 years ago

Got nothin at all against any person Gay or whatever...but...Have never met one who was truly happy with their life...ya think Satan has any influence in their lives ?...nahh

4 years ago

Yeah, this is sponsored by RT or Russia Today ..... just a grain of salt to mull over.

4 years ago

Gender 'confusion' may be due to exposure, in utero and during childhood, to endocrine disrupting hormones, EDCs. EDCs are 'everywhere'; scented laundry products, scented personal hygiene products, cleaning products, plug-in air fresheners, artificially-scented candles, car-deodorizers, phthalates in plastics, flame-retardants in furniture, almost every petroleum-based product. EDCs are called 'gender-bender' chemicals. They confuse the chromosomes that differentiate male and female, in and out of the womb! EDCs are unregulated. Because something is being sold on a retail shelf doesn't mean it is safe for you, or your unborn children. Confused sexual identity is one aspect; another is that human reproduction is nearing the level of species extinction.

4 years ago

I think the “quick fix” mentality that has been fostered on us by consumerism encourages people to act before they think things through.

4 years ago

Apart from the Bible-reading part at the beginning, which gives a very misleading impression of the slant this film takes, this is an excellent documentary. It does not say that sex reassignment is wrong for everybody. As the older man says towards the end, if you want to change your sex and you've been sexually abused, then what you need is psychotherapy. I would qualify that by adding the word "first." It could be that, after exploring the issues with a trained, experienced counsellor, a person could well choose to still go on with the surgery. Or it could be that they may come to some realization, that sex reassignment surgery (SRS) is not the answer to what makes them unhappy. But definitely consultation with a trained counsellor is in order. And I think, by pointing out some people for whom SRS was not the answer, that that is the point this film is making.

4 years ago

Let's give 12 year olds ridiculous amounts of hormones their body doesn't use because Bill Nye said that gender is fluid and he's a scientist.

4 years ago

let me start off by saying i mean no offense, to each his own.

unless youre born a hermaphrodite, im just not buying this. he's a guy that identifies as a girl, but that doesnt change the fact he's still a guy, the only difference now is he's mutilated his own genitals. my only complaint is that there are legal definitions for male and female. identity issues, on the other hand, is a completely different story.