Warped by War: Inside Putin's Russia

Warped by War: Inside Putin's Russia

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The thunder of war drums echoes not only across battlefields, but also within the societies they impact. Vice News' documentary, "Warped by War: Inside Putin's Russia," dives into the heart of a nation reshaped by the conflict in Ukraine. This unflinching exposé goes beyond the headlines, revealing a Russia transformed by the chilling grip of fear and a tightening grip on dissent.

Putin's full-scale invasion of Ukraine sent shockwaves through the world, but its impact within Russia is a story waiting to be told. "Warped by War" ventures beyond the state-controlled narrative, giving voice to ordinary Russians struggling to navigate a new reality. Witness the chilling effect of a government crackdown on dissent. Independent media outlets have been silenced, replaced by a relentless barrage of state propaganda that paints a one-sided picture of the conflict. Fear hangs heavy in the air, with citizens wary of expressing any opinion that deviates from the official line.

But the documentary doesn't just focus on the clampdown on dissent. It also explores the war's profound impact on a generation raised on a different vision for Russia. Young people, who once dreamt of a brighter future, now face an uncertain path. Their aspirations and anxieties are laid bare, revealing the war's toll on the very fabric of Russian society.

"Warped by War" isn't just about the conflict in Ukraine; it's about the human cost of war itself. We see the anxieties of parents sending their sons off to fight, the economic hardship brought on by sanctions, and the growing sense of isolation from the rest of the world. The documentary offers a nuanced perspective on a nation at a crossroads, grappling with the choices made by its leadership and the potential consequences for its future.

For anyone seeking to understand the true cost of the war, not just in lives lost on the battlefield but in the social and political transformation of Russia, "Warped by War" is a must-watch. It's a thought-provoking exploration of a nation struggling to reconcile its past with its uncertain future.

Directed by: Andy Hayward

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30 days ago

I know I will get many negative replies to this.
This so called documentary (the western narrative repeated by all western propaganda machines) ignores the facts that, Since 2008 Putin in so many instances ignored Western provocation, and tried to keep the peace . He admonished the west when they broke their Agreement not to bring Nato closer to east. He Warned them, multiple times. He signed Minsk I and Minsk II agreements which the the west did not keep. He even pleaded in December 2021 with UN and security council to prevent this special operation. But his pleas were ignored. simple question- Why did we have Cuban Missile crisis? Because in retaliation to US placing missiles in Turkey Russia placed theirs in Cuba. That event almost caused a US Russia War? With that lesson in history in mind why did the west is trying to do exactly the same? to bring Nato to Ukraine? Is it because they thought Russia does not have the might of Russia? this was a gamble West made and lost!
Remember if Russia had placed its forces in Mexico, we would have been cheering USA perform shock and awe attack on Mexico City by now and saying how wonderful US military is as we did when they bombed Baghdad without any thought to their Civilian. West has lost all morality and they have no right to talk about moral values.