Water: The Great Mystery
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Water: The Great Mystery

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Fascinating movie spans the globe to reveal recent discoveries about water, the most amazing yet least studied substance in the world. Witness as researchers, scientists, philosophers and theologians try to understand this unique liquid and all its miraculous properties still waiting to be discovered.

It was there that Heisenberg and Bohr came to Einstein to tell him it looked like the minds of the researchers were affecting the results of the experiments. Mind was inexorably linked to matter. Einstein later said, "Everyone who is seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that a spirit is manifest in the laws of the Universe-a spirit vastly superior to that of man, and one in the face of which we with our modest powers must feel humble."

In this amazing film, Water, the Great Mystery, we can see that science has made a quantum leap into understanding how mind can be recorded by the most simple element in nature (water) and on the periodic table: H20. If water has memory, and its main component being hydrogen, then the whole universe would have memory. Hydrogen was born between 100 and 1,000 seconds after the big bang. It makes up 75% of the known mass of the universe and now is part of the missing mass equation.

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  1. Whatever the comments positive or negative, what cannot be ignored is the extant to which the bible mentions water. Beginning from the very first scripture in Genesis where we are told the first element to exist was water. 'and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.' and then to the last scripture where we are told that the fountain of youth does indeed exist:
    Rev.22:17 The Spirit and the bride say, “Come!” And let the one who hears say, “Come!” Let the one who is thirsty come; and let the one who wishes take the free gift of the water of life.

    So the bible connects eternal life with water? So water is important extremely important and look when Christ Jesus was crucified we are told what? When His heart was pierced blood mixed with water poured forth from Him? Luke 23:46

    So Life no question started in water and even the womb brings forth life in an envelope of water. So water is a key to understanding the beginning of life no question.

    Further to this we also have some interesting questions in the book of Job where we are told or asked rather Does the rain have a Father? Who fathers the drops of dew? Job 38:28

    Surely rain falling from the sky bespeaks an intelligence of enormous creative power yes? Without water gardening and hydrating this planet life wouldn't exist now would it?

    Of all of the questions though found in the book of Job imagine this one:

    “Have you entered the storehouses of the snow
    or seen the storehouses of the hail,
    which I reserve for times of trouble,
    for days of war and battle? Job 38:22-24

    What is this? God is a military commander with his own weapons? Does this then explain this?

    And lastly, climate change is taught throughout the bible and it even gives us the solution to our climatological problems! That's got to be the most amazing thing of all.
    And there is a book written covering and proving it totally and completely and verifiable so at that to. Climate Change the Work of God by Gerry Fox.

    But as was mentioned the most profound and exciting thing of all is that there is indeed a fountain of youth reserved for the believer in Christ Jesus though of course it gets mentioned as Eternal Life!!!!

    If water does indeed have memory it is because of that ultimately and it may even be the reason behind the long ages of people in the Old Testament. Three rivers we are told went out from the Garden of Eden with one of them being destroyed by God in the great flood. Was there a reason why?

  2. Great scientists think outside the box and consider the possibilities and that which has yet to be proven true. Evidently many of the people commenting here are small minded and as such, would never achieve anything Great!

  3. I encourage anyone interested to read all 177 comments w/out even seeing the documentary and see what you conclude about what has been shared. This is what I did. In summary, I concluded that everyone has a right to their opinion, that some people seem to have more constructive information to offer than others, that every comment was useful, and my personal summary impression, is that a closed mind stifles growth and improvement for those who possess it. Life and the universe/god? is amazing and we have a lot of process to experience and share as we continue to seek ever more awesome information about the ultimate truth of existence. Thanks you all for. sharing! Have a wonderful trip.

  4. Videos with background music playing while someone is talking is absurd. I usually exit the video when this happens. When I'm listening to someone speak, I don't want to hear music!

  5. We mock what we can't understand. Fear what we cannot explain. The point of this is that we know so little about our Eco system and what really makes it work. And for those of you who think you do, Sorry you have such small minds!!

  6. These comments... On my god. lol. Wow.

  7. I would like to ask the producers of this documentary to provide me with the references upon which just 5% of the posited correlations in this "work" are based... I have access to university libraries in a couple of countries, so I can look up the original articles...

    Thank You

  8. This so-called "documentary" juxtaposes and correlates so-called "observations" between completely unrelated things...

    It purports to show "experiments" that are absolutely NOT controlled for purity (for instance) of chemicals and of vessels...

    Data on reproducibility of experiments are not provided, nor are the justifications for allegedly measuring parameters with equipment designed and used in other arenas...

    To people familiar even with only the most very basic understanding of introductory high school level of chemistry, physics, and biology... please, please do not watch it...

    After about 10 minutes (or so) you will develop massive headaches, with the pain intensity characteristic of a small stroke, and you begin to bleed from your eye sockets...

    This is simply utterly horrible.

    But, I suppose we do have the first amendment to permit freedom of speech (expression) and thus this so called "documentary" could legally could be made...

    Please see the comments of ClockClockClock above for more details...

    On the other hand, this since this "documentary" is based entirely on pseudo-pseudo-pseudoscience, it can potentially serve as a jumping off point for an "industry of misinformation" for those of us familiar with real science...

    I already hear this "documentary calling me to violate personal ethics and produce, publish and sell utter unadulterated garbage...

    As WC Fields said: "There's a sucker born every minute"...

    So I am issuing a small advert to those who want to make a lot of money... Just think of the riches (and the villas on the Medditeranean) that could be obtained by peddling this nonsense...

    Looking for just a few volunteers to help with the writing so we all can retire there...


  9. The description for this film shows that the filmmakers have absolutely no idea what they are talking about.

    1. To call water "the least studied substance in the world" is such a blatant lie. There are many scientific sub-disciplines spanning various fields devoted almost entirely to the study of water in some form or another!

    2. The idea that philosophers or theologians have any useful insight about the science of water is just silly.

    3. You are totally misunderstanding the observer effect.

    4. Water's "main component" is not hydrogen. The molar mass of water is ~18 g/mol. Hydrogen accounts for ~2 grams of that.

    5. Water is not an element. H2O is not on the periodic table.

    Edit: Spirituality is great; in fact, I consider science to be a very sincere and spiritual pursuit. That said, there is nothing laudable about pretending to know things you can't know under the guise of spirituality. Science (especially that which pertains to water) is already beautiful and does not need to be 'enhanced' with mumbo-jumbo.

    1. The description doesn't mean the writers wrote it. You should watch it, make up your mind on what you believe and keep it to yourself.

  10. I want science to stop the rotation of the earth.

  11. can you explain the proven observer effect - mr scientist ?

    1. The "observer effect" is unwittingly the worst named effect in science. Leading all sorts of unsubstantiated new age BS by people who do not understand the concept. A more appropriate name would have been the "interaction effect". But when you realise that interactions between matter cause the effect, and no human observance is required at takes the new age BS out of the situation.

    2. it will work it's way in, you have already proven how you understand we are not in control. There is no reason to argue, no reason to prove the truth. The truth knows. It is aware, and it is guiding. There is a spirit within all things, and all you have to do is accept it.

  12. have watched this twice and am so intrigued and appreciate the simplicity of waters power

  13. I'd like to see a water crystal after a jewish prayer or some prayer from a new age type religion.

    1. shouldn't mater at all so long as there state of mind was the same, the emotion behind the prayer is the same and the over all goal is the same. what "God" you worship dosent mater

  14. I'd love to know what frequency that Dr Alexander Solodilov used to separate the oil from the water.

  15. dont agree with everything , but it was awesome , God is awesome and above all and is the creator of the universe and he knows all the mysteries about water , we are only human and we only think we are intelligent but not compared to God almighty, he protects what is His and He is worthy to be Praised honored and glorified , because he is bigger than man science , i love water absolutely love it and this video was really really cool.

  16. When people say things like "science has made a quantum leap" it demonstrates a lack of understanding. A quantum leap is actually one of the the smallest measures of increment possiible.

    1. They also missed the boat on facts with calling water, H2O, an element. It is two elements, hydrogen and oxygen. The simplest element isn't a chemical, it is hydrogen. One proton, one electron. Can't get simpler than that!
      So, one proton and one electron has magical memory. Uh huh.
      I've heard this cattletrap for ages, all woo, misstatements, outright lies and tons of incorrect assumptions, no facts, no science, no reality.
      Just like the "part of the missing mass" nonsense, as if stars suddenly weren't largely made of hydrogen, a nebula isn't largely hydrogen, interstellar gas clouds aren't hydrogen any longer, they've not been observed since the first telescope, the first spectroscope.
      But, bovine defecation sells.
      Can I get a load delivered in the next two weeks? I'd like to fertilize my garden before spring.

  17. where can I view, rent or buy this movie "water"

    1. Glen, have you heard of Torrents? I d/l as a torrent, water.avi and copied it onto a disc....

  18. Strange to just have aliens as a similar film! Wonder have long we gonna think that :)

  19. maybe one should not agree with water having memory, after all I wrote in my fantacy story in which has its authentic ink and paper, as part of a story in which is only in transcript form, I will keep your book and youtube in mind when needing to pull it up for reference. thanks

  20. I actually managed to watch through the whole vid. But I was expecting somekind of notification in the credits that i just got punk'd.
    Where did it come from? Well the main accepted theory is with comets.
    Who bestowed water on our planet, and why? Mysterious...
    The only such planet in the universe? Funny.
    Only substans on the planet that can exist in three states? funnier.
    No scientist knows why water expand when it cools. Funniest? Ask anyone who has read some chemistry and they would probably pretty easy explain the intermolecular bindings causing this.

    The experiment with the nice looking water formed crystals caused by spoken words and mozart tones compaired with the ones caused by "bad" words and hard rock is just hilarious.

    So looking at it this documentary was actually really funny. But Im going to watch the Richard Dawkins one now

    / @Toppkvarken

    1. are you for real , you are so negative you take something awesome and have to make fun of it because you are a small person a scared person, that seeks out the need to destroy beauty i hope God has mercy on you and heals your broken soul.

    2. Up there with Spinal Tap as one of the greatest mockumentaries ever.

  21. Well another, I can't watch. I guess they don't want it seen

  22. “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”
    -Albert Einstein

  23. Faith is the hole in the mind that lets the manipulators in. The greatest trick the religioso ever pulled, was convincing the world that doubt should not exist, that faith is the fundamental power of human experience. Doubt is what takes us forward, faith can only hold us in place, blind and unquestioning. Doubt is essential, for survival and progress. Doubt is the siser of curiosity and the mother of logic. Doubt authority, doubt holy men and politicos alike, make doubly sure you doubt my words and the words of others, that appear like magic before your eyes. IT IS NOT MAGIC!

    :) aaahh, I feel better now.

    In regard to the doc, water is a very interesting substance, and there is vast amounts of real science involving it, and the work continues. The universal solvent. We are the aliens with acid for Blood! In your face Ridley Scott! Err, anyway, this video has been removed on copyright grounds... thus proving that its root purpose is too make money.

    With sincere doubts,

    1. thats because your bound by the knowledge of Good and Evil and believe the lie instead of the truth

  24. Well, Atheistic/anti-theists who are scientists can "debunk" all they want, and label it "pseudo-science" but what they are missing that this film transcends the limits of science. Instead, It goes into the area of faith, something that is not easily controlled or understood. That is what threatens those who are irreligious and nonspiritual. I watched this movie and I think people should watch this film with an open mind and heart as there is much in it that can inspire and ultimately help us as a human race. I think it's sad that people have such a dismissive and casual attitude about water when what is really at the center of our lives and plays a huge role in it. Water should be respected as it is a source of life but also can cause death and destruction.

    1. That's like saying "you can debunk all you want, but I believe 1+2=7 and nothing can change that". Well, good you you, just don't expect to be taken seriously by anyone except conspiracy theorists.

  25. ....wasnt the whole water has memory thing debunked??

  26. I have been influencing the weather in my area for many years I have watched on the weather channel hurricanes change directions as I sent love and peace and a new direction to them as to the route to take and instructions to cause no harm. I watch take a sharp turn up between two islands, bend away from Florida and go out into the Atlantic. The guy on TV said they had never send anything like that. I thanked God and I went to bed.
    It is great to follow his instructions and see them work.

    1. Aloha joana2001,
      I, too have changed predicted weather patterns, altered the path of storms and stopped altogether rains during wedding ceremonies, one time being during the worst storm we had seen on the Big Island which washed out bridges and closed the main highway around the island for 3 months, yet, right where we stood, and for just the time requested, it did not rain a drop. Water is intelligent. Part of the Hawaiian spiritual practices testing known as kindergarten is to sit and disappear and reform clouds. This practice was also mentioned in the movie "men who stare at goats", so even our US military knows about this capability.

  27. an amazing expression of the shamanic way....

  28. By the way, thank you very much to the hosts for making this movie available in English on this site. Finally had the chance to show it to my husband.

  29. This documentary as well other movies or books on this subject have been very popular and widely discussed in Russia for several years, as probably, Russians are more open minded and more view flexible than Americans who would rather stick to their rigid doctrines than to open their minds and hearts to something new and unusual. "I know that I know nothing". The world is so endless in its miracles and so rich of its secret knowledge, but it is not going to reveal them to us unless we will be ready to accept them. This documentary is an attempt to do an interesting research on one of them. You can shut yourself down and stay in your comfortable box, but the space inside this box would not turn into the whole universe with this, even for your own... There was time when the statement that the Earth is round was a horrible crime to say... Do you want to join the World History Inquisition gang?!

  30. Nice to see alot of comments in here. But most naysayers stick to just saying it's bullshit. You put yourself on the forground like someone who knows alot about this subject. That's exactly what 90 percent of the world said about Darwin 100 years ago and many "smart" Americans still do today. So you better start listening to these doctors, professors and NOBEL PRIZE winner!

    To all you self fullfilling scientiest, you don't have any phd's. You don't have any idea of the research put in this documentary, so i suggest you come back here with REAL arguments, facts or experiences. Such as the makers of this documentary did. Yet the same goes to some believers of the doc.

    That's the way grownups discuss...

    I have seen professors argumenting this doc. from Russia, England and USA. Don't know your job is fellahs, but these guys are just more credible than you guys! You better stick to your job and let the scientist do the talking...

    I did the rice test myself and it worked. Can anyone explain this to me, or does your vocabullary only goes to "i don't believe or bullshit". Because saying that these days clearly is scientific enough to become credible.

    I especially get disgusted by people who think this is a Christian doc. promoting Christianity, then I think you should finish your 1st grade. Or start a course to learn to reason. Because you have just no idea mate... BTW most scientists aren't believers of any faith and holy water is the only water that doesn't come out of our tap or in little bottles. It gets handled with care and that's what it gives it structure. That's just something to proove that even today we can have and create structrurised water. They also talked about water rituals and other stuff such as holy water. They are just showing the fact water was very important to all societies and cultures around the world. And since we lost most of them, we know how and when they do these things. But whe don't know why our forefathers did them. Is therefore this water really holy and ready to perform miracles, does it cure cancer? Nobody said anything like this, so keep your atheistic mindblock to yourself. BTW i'm not a believer of any faith myself, but i know my place in society. And I think especially the non-believers should keep an open mind to things that aren't explained or decently researched by science. This may be just the baby steps.

    On the other hand, i'm not saying it's thrue and all of it makes sense! But i just want to see some arguments peepz! Wether you are pro or contra, I don't give a sh*t! The experiments worked for me and other people, that's what makes this doc. very credible. But this doesn't mean the whole explenation in the doc. is 100% right. The rest time will tell and in the meantime we make our own thought and story about it. That's what we should be discussing.

  31. Don't throw the baby out with the bath water. Yes, this docu makes too many wild statements, but it also raises valid points and ideas. The existence of water memory is controversial at best, with good double blind experiments seeming to argue against it so far.

    On the other hand, 'structurized' water is known and proven to exist. Also known as water clusters, these are bonded configurations of water molecules in varying number. That means charge distribution is different on clusters of different sizes - and that will change how it interacts with other atoms, molecules, compounds.

    Note, these clusters form and break up extremely fast, in tiny fractions of a second they come and go. Can words or emotions change the net number of 'good' clusters in a water sample? Maybe. There's definitely a need for solid research on this.

    This docu is worth watching as a source of ideas for further study; it is *not* a source of reliable information.

  32. Dear Folks
    Hi. Everything's life is due to water. It forms two third of our bodies. Homeopathy has used the most mysterious, though simple looking substance to make its curative remedies.

    Always use healthy water and food to insure your health.

    Be Well and Good Luck , Seyedaghanoor Sadeghi M.D. & homeopath

  33. So many errors in the first 5 minutes, I can't take this seriously. #1, water is not an element. Who bestowed water on this planet? Comets. Comets did. One can not say that Earth is not the "only such planet in this universe".
    1 atom in a hundred million will kill "all the germs"? Way too many claims here without evidence to back this up. "The President of the US uses this water"; suuuuure he does.

    Argh. What a waste.

    1. The information you're presenting to rebut this documentary is even more unsubstantiated. We don't know how the water got here and most of the accepted beliefs among scientists today are based more on what they personally would rather believe rather then what can be factually proven.
      It's far more likely that eath is the only planet even capable of supporting life in this universe. Current science doesn't like that reality because it shows how rare these conditions and life itself are.

  34. Nathan Kagan I totally agree with you. That we as humans have to accept that we in fact no absolutely batshit about things. And you can often sense the direct opposit, that people dismiss anything new, because "hey we already know this, AND THEN ITS FACT", which is completely nonsense.

    And to be honest, i hate when scientists say "this is how it is" no matter how convincing they are, cause you always need to keep an open mind, cause its not like we know when we have reached the right conclusion. Just look at history, we have been wrong so many times before, who says we cant be wrong about some of our major beliefs/theories, and yes i do believe we are completely wrong about most stuff we know. I mean how could we be right? We dont even know anything close to the source of everything, we just know a pinch of the tip of an iceberg.

    tldr: we dont know anything, better start living with an open mind, cause truly when and if we find the answers, it will be something f--ked up that will be hard to wrap your head around anyway.

    Thats actually the big flaw of many critits, they want the world and our reality to fit into something simple and easy to understand, cause if it isnt then its a lie, when in fact everything points to our and the existence of everything is truly complex beyond any understanding we have.

  35. Yeah, this is a total embarrassment. So fantastical and pseudo-scientific, it's actually hard to sit through.

  36. Absolute total BULLSHIT for UNEDUCATED LUDDITES !!!

  37. this doku mixes up facts with lies. The holy water of the church is emotionally charged with guilt, fear, suffering etc. It is charged with the information of people, who commit their crimes to the priest (from pocket thief's to murderers) This documentation is Propaganda for christianity and the church. Wake up!

  38. subtitles?

    1. Second to last, at the bottom of the screen, there is an arrow in the shape of a triangle, and it's pointing upwards. Click on the arrow and a menu will pop up. You will see the letters CC('Closed Captions'). Clicking on CC toggles between the enabling/disabling of 'Closed Captions'(that which you called "subtitles"). If you see 'subtitles', then click on CC and, voilà! GONE(or ON, as the case may be).

      Hope this helps.

  39. i'm shocked I can't play this, the producer has frozen us out of the equation. Water for the rich!

    1. You aren't missing much.

  40. There are theories that life in the Universe is spread by water.
    I really respect people who admit that we as humanity know very little about the Universe.

    1. I like your thinking. I was with Lisa Randall last night at Town Hall Seattle, she agree the LHC was one of humankind's greatest endeavors. I would like to see more work with water, particularly the phenomenon of water memory. We know so little...

  41. Very interesting and inspiring documentary! Now i'm making my own pure water with a special bottle that has written positive things on it. Each time i fill it up i put my headphones on the bottle and put binaural and relaxing music to it. :) Thank you for this!

    1. Thanks for sharing that...I'll give it a shot myself.

  42. Thanks for great doco..... google .... What is Life? A Non Particle View another interesting take on this subject.
    Very thought provoking.

  43. This is a catching beautiful idea. Affects deeply the emotional side. Wouldn't it be great if this was truth? By the end of the film you may be in such an "extasy" state that the idea of rationally analyse all you've seen is not very seductive. A lie told often enough becomes the truth. And it really may be truth, i'm not putting this hypothesis aside, but it is important to digest the info. Go and make your own experiences with rice bowls and water!
    There are some ideas that are so poorly exposed: where are the reasonable facts regarding the telepathy experiment? After all, the both men were being exposed to the same experience/conditions and it is normal that their brains were presenting similar behaviors... Among lots of other things... And why does this doc is sponsored by a bottled water company, who says sells water with properties of love, prosperity, etc., but uses eco-mother-earth-friendly plastic bottles? And what's the point in producing water with love properties? Should it be truth i think each one should achieve it by himself. By the way, just as the plumbed water (as they put it in the movie), i don't think that bottled water is a very happy water, after traveling in dark trucks, and so on...
    Anyway, thanks for providing lots of interesting information!

  44. I found the information presented in this documentary were fascinating. I thought the experiments showed without a doubt the damage we do to each other by all of our abuse and bad feeliings.... it explains all of the sickness we have, I thought this doc was mindblowing, and i am thinking about water in a hole new light now..... would recommend it to anyone with an open and curious mind

    1. And it's most likely bullshit.

  45. top shelf

  46. This is a strange doc. There seems to be some interesting ideas here, but in my opinion the claims I saw made here do not seem to be presented very well.

    Sadly, I was only able to make it through about 25 minutes of this doc so far due to it's lack of ability to hold my attention. I hope to finish it later, as I am usually curious about unorthodox viewpoints on any subject.

    1. The problem may be not the documentary but your attention span :-)

    2. No. The problem is in the many errors made in this that are presented as fact and with little or no evidence to back them up. Just claims. This opens with so 3 errors right off the bat. It's sad.

    3. Yes, I agree, my attention span like water simply flowed toward and through a friendlier medium and thus satisfied my insatiable thirst for knowledge. /thank you.

    4. I really enjoyed this work. Any other titles? Cetaceans are masters of the medium. Think of their millions of years over us... woweee.

    5. Hope i will be not the only sane person left, who treat his life source with love and respect

  47. This is the fantastic perspective on the element water, this clearly shows how we are abusing the elements with ignorance, There is always more than science and science don't know how to explain it, This doesn't mean it is not there, but that is only felt with consciousness of self.
    Science only says how it works, but science so far never said why it works.

    I had worked in many countries in many projects, but so far I have never seen such a ignorant people like in USA. It is not the problem with the people, it is the way they were bread and brought up by the American society.

    1. There is truth to this statement but such is the case in many lands my friend. But nonetheless, point taken. Now the big ? is, "how do we fix it because if we don't then we all suffer the consequential results since all organisms are innately connected in ways we have yet to overstand because science has only approached the ideation of life from an extraneous standpoint. Let us just pray that the collective conscious is transformed perhaps thru some miracle of nature and humanity can begin to move forward together, as one species. History has shown us that these transformations usually are brought about thru some sort of calamity because we were/are too stubborn to humble ourselves and set aside foolish superstitions, and antiquated belief systems.

  48. "when the students are ready, the teacher will appear" this is an amazing documentary, and so true...Unfortunately they are people spiritual immature which lead to all this "ego" comments below that you can read... thanks God science is been merge with spirituality.. so we can see the real truth... i will recommend this documentary 100% off course for people that are talking with wisdom no intelligence but wisdom... another one very god is quantum communication!i would say the narrator is boring but the information is priceless and very true.

  49. I haven't watched this documentary yet, but I just wanted to say thank you for providing it free of charge to everyone! I can't wait to check out the other documentaries on this site. Oh, and I subscribed.

  50. I stopped watching at 1:41 when the narrator asks the inane question, "Who bestowed water on our planet?"

    1. Comets. Comets all had too many shrooms and all decided to have a party on our planet. But it was a trap! An elaborate ruse!

      That'll teach you comets.

    2. I stopped after 5 mins after the statement "we are the only planet in the universe that has water"

  51. A truely incredible documentary. The comments from the majority of people claiming this to be nonsense frustrate me a little. We must be open to changing our perception of this world and its capabilities. We are not the most inteligent we have ever been. I'd say we are extremely arogant and naive. The most important element on our planet gets ignored everyday, we take it for granted and don't acknowledge the fact that it gives us life. Open your minds people. Why can't it do more? Too far fetched for some? Our scientific discoveries are based on our own perception of the universe, not necessarily the correct perception.

  52. This is a joke!.. What are energetics?.. Totally pseudo science

  53. So I have been trying the rice experiment for about two weeks. So far all are pretty stinky and gross, but the negative one has the faintest hint of black dots. I may have to try the experiment again being that it is sitting on top of my fridge at home, and if this movie is correct, all emotions that are going on in the kitchen are effecting all three rice waters. I need a bigger apt to isolate all three, haha! I really want this movies concept to be true. Maybe it's true in extreme situations of faith and love, or vice versa??

  54. I'm conducting the experiment at 52:10 with the rice water. If it works, I'll be totally convinced. If not, well...pseudo-science I guess

  55. I have made water into wine, added a little grape concentrate and yeast, wait 6 weeks and presto
    I'm Jesus. In case you haven't figured it out water will be the next oil with you paying through the nose for it.
    I't is already illegal to catch rain water in parts of the US. Next will be the air you breathe.

  56. *

  57. Einstein also said E=MC² which is important while watching this film. To those who reject the idea of all this, here is a quote from our Sir Isaac Newton
    “A man may imagine things that are false, but he can only understand things that are true, for if the things be false, the apprehension of them is not understanding.” :)

  58. Is it just me, or do you also think that the people complaining about how bad a doc is are less intelligent than they think themselves to be? I took one look at this and knew that it would be entertaining at best. To me it seems that if you were so smart you would recognize these things for what they are and not watch them. Either that or have a laugh and not take things so seriously.

    Those who are getting upset about "bad science" seem to act just like people who get upset about the misrepresentation of their religion (OH snap!)

    Einstein: "Imagination is more important than intelligence."

    This means that it takes imagination to come up with ideas to test. It takes mindless learning and repetition of provided information (apparently what a lot of you define as intelligence) to maintain the status quo. It takes imagination to suggest the IDEAS (not facts) that move the world forward.

  59. This IS pure pseudo-science, but that is inevitable...
    Science, as shown in the film, knows too little on water to find evidence of claims using methodology... though the information should not be rejected or ignored. I wouldn't consider this movie a scientific film because of it's lack of valid evidence. This Film is a Spiritual Film, for the heart(consideration) rather than for the mind, to be absorbed into our informative database rather than choosing if it coincides with our personal bias belief system.

  60. Warning: This product contains pseudoscience and may cause varying degrees of unintelligence.

  61. We are starting to understand what the ancients knew . I think this is one of the most important movies you can watch and share with friends . Religion is becoming more of a science. In the past people who dealt with herbs were called witches . People in the past who study the human body were of the devil or witches .......Hopefully we are past all of that and can see religion as a science .....and something beautiful . Our world is on the edge , which way we will take it . Its up to us ......of course it always has been . Lets leave it in better shape than when we found it for future generations.

  62. wow this needs to be featured on PEN & TELLERS: BULLSH*T....
    what a waste of time. they throw around the word science so liberally but there is an absolute lack of it in this presentation

  63. quite interesting. A few years back i saw a film called What the bleep we know and they showed the Japanese dude and his experiments with water crystal formation and tried it on some plants by taping words to some of the pots of plants and noticed they were a bit healthier( the ones with positive messages) than the others without messages.

  64. PS. It is weird that my two dogs only drank water when we poured it out of the water cooler we had in our house....they never drank water we gave them from the tap :S

  65. I found this documentary interesting. But I'm still finding it hard to believe that all the research is unbiased. I'm definitely going to research this, LOL in the meantime, I may randomly thank my waterbottles.

  66. @g,d:

    I know all the pros and cons of distilled water, I can also list all the "pros" which will fill a book from many peer sources. If you are interested you can look them up yourself.

    Best to you also and good luck on your water purifier sales.

  67. the AMA used to recommend purified water, whether from RO or distiller, but they do not anymore, I have been told.

    no water occurs in nature like RO and Distilled...

    but all the best to you, I am not trying to change your mind!

  68. yes, the theory that purified water sucks minerals out of your body is just that, a theory...

    here is what mercola used to say about distilled water, he changes his tune according to the market... he is a salesman more than a doctor, he is sometimes not right...

    Early Death Comes From Drinking Distilled Water

    During nearly 19 years of clinical practice I have had the opportunity to observe the health effects of drinking different types of water. Most of you would agree that drinking unfiltered tap water could be hazardous to your health because of things like parasites, chlorine, fluoride and dioxins.

    Many health fanatics, however, are often surprised to hear me say that drinking distilled water on a regular, daily basis is potentially dangerous. Paavo Airola wrote about the dangers of distilled water in the 1970's when it first became a fad with the health food crowd. Distillation is the process in which water is boiled, evaporated and the vapor condensed. Distilled water is free of dissolved minerals and, because of this, has the special property of being able to actively absorb toxic substances from the body and eliminate them.

    Studies validate the benefits of drinking distilled water when one is seeking to cleanse or detoxify the system for short periods of time (a few weeks at a time).
    Fasting using distilled water can be dangerous because of the rapid loss of electrolytes (sodium, potassium, chloride) and trace minerals like magnesium, deficiencies of which can cause heart beat irregularities and high blood pressure. Cooking foods in distilled water pulls the minerals out of them and lowers their nutrient value.

    Distilled water is an active absorber and when it comes into contact with air, it absorbs carbon dioxide, making it acidic. The more distilled water a person drinks, the higher the body acidity becomes.

    According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, "Distilled water, being essentially mineral-free, is very aggressive, in that it tends to dissolve substances with which it is in contact.

    Notably, carbon dioxide from the air is rapidly absorbed, making the water acidic and even more aggressive. Many metals are dissolved by distilled water."
    The most toxic commercial beverages that people consume (i.e. cola beverages and other soft drinks) are made from distilled water. Studies have consistently shown that heavy consumers of soft drinks (with or without sugar) spill huge amounts of calcium, magnesium and other trace minerals into the urine.

    The more mineral loss, the greater the risk for osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, hypothyroidism, coronary artery disease, high blood pressure and a long list of degenerative diseases generally associated with premature aging.

    A growing number of health care practitioners and scientists from around the world have been advocating the theory that aging and disease is the direct result of the accumulation of acid waste products in the body.

    There is a great deal of scientific documentation that supports such a theory. A poor diet may be partially to blame for the waste accumulation. Meats, sugar, white flour products, fried foods, soft drinks, processed foods, alcohol, dairy products and other junk foods cause the body to become more acidic. Stress, whether mental or physical can lead to acid deposits in the body.

    There is a correlation between the consumption of soft water (distilled water is extremely soft) and the incidence of cardiovascular disease. Cells, tissues and organs do not like to be dipped in acid and will do anything to buffer this acidity including the removal of minerals from the skeleton and the manufacture of bicarbonate in the blood.

    The longer one drinks distilled water, the more likely the development of mineral deficiencies and an acid state. I have done well over 3000 mineral evaluations using a combination of blood, urine and hair tests in my practice. Almost without exception, people who consume distilled water exclusively, eventually develop multiple mineral deficiencies.

    Those who supplement their distilled water intake with trace minerals are not as deficient but still not as adequately nourished in minerals as their non-distilled water drinking counterparts even after several years of mineral supplementation.

    The ideal water for the human body should be alkaline and this requires the presence of minerals like calcium and magnesium. Distilled water tends to be acidic and can only be recommended as a way of drawing poisons out of the body. Once this is accomplished, the continued drinking of distilled water is a bad idea.

    ... Disease and early death is more likely to be seen with the long term drinking of distilled water. Avoid it except in special circumstances.
    Zoltan P. Rona MD MSc
    Airola, P. 1974. How To Get Well. Phoenix, AZ: Health Plus Publishers.
    Baroody, Dr. Theodore A. Jr. Alkalinize or Die. California:Portal Books, 1995.
    Haas, Elson M. Staying Healthy with Nutrition. The Complete Guide to Diet & Nutritional Medicine. Berkeley, California:Celestial Arts, 1992; p. 22.
    Rona, Zoltan P. and Martin, Jeanne Marie. Return to the Joy of Health, Vancouver: Alive Books, 1995.
    Rona, Zoltan P. Childhood Illness and The Allergy Connection. Rocklin, California:Prima Books, 1996.

  69. I realize that Mrercola is also selling a water product, I use a water distiller, before you go off on a tangent that distilled water leeches chemicals etc:, again no scientific papers on whether it is bad or good for a person. No double blind studies done.

    Have used distilled water for years, with no medical problems. So will stick with that.

  70. mercola is selling a water filter, and his comments about alkaling water are not backed up with any facts.

    got any documentation of harm? I have heard this claim many times, but nobody has ever provided any case histories of harm.

    high alkaline water with increased negative ions has been used in asia for 30 years, I am not aware of any contraindictations.

  71. people have been using water ionizers in asia for thirty years, it is not "purified" water, it uses the minerals in the water to temporarily rearrange the molecules, it increases the pH and reduces the molecular cluster size, as well as concentrates the negative ions. the pH and negative ion increase are measurable.

    most people who call it snake oil, like steven lower at chembunk1 refuse to be open minded, and think they know more than others. people who try the water get results they don't get from regular water.

    being skeptical is one thing, being close minded is altogether another.

    I never called emoto's pictures science, the crystals are beautiful tho!

  72. @gavin dickinson:

    You are talking about water crystals. I realize you are trying to sell your ionizers...But.

    Crystals will only form on an agent, such as an impurity, check all the various forms of crystals in the world.

    Emoto's so called science is nothing but snake oil!!

    The only "pure" form of water is distilled water, as in rain water, or by mechanical means etc:

  73. not all water is created equal. we are over 70% water. the same water that was here when the planet formed is still the same water we have today, there is no new water, which I think is fascinating... my company paid Mr. Emoto (he is not a doctor) to take a pic of the water from our machines, which are called water ionizers... the crystal is beautiful, I actually have an animated gif of it forming if anyone is interested.
    wonderful movie, makes you wonder, water is truly a mysterious substance when you take the time to examine the various facets like this movie does...

  74. The human mind, I suspect, is capable of believing anything. What I struggle with is if I would prefer to live in a world where everyone (or even most people) thought and behaved rationally for the most part.

  75. water has some truly exceptional properties:

    a tremendous heat capacity

    the ability to solvate salts & sugars & proteins, providing an interior sea for, first sea animals, and later, terrestrial ones.

    the curious property that solid water is less dense than
    liquid water (thus insulating life in the seas during ice-ages)

    without water, we dont have life on this planet.

    that's all pretty almost magical, without being nonsense. make a doc about that, somebody.

  76. Most of the stories in this documentary seemed tinged with hyperbole but I don't disregard it altogether. It is still an intriguing film that has me saying thank you to my water before ingestion.

  77. How anybody can siphon off money from people's pockets with this kind of hogwash is beyond me.

  78. Considering that water happens to be "diamagnetic", and also has the ability to assimilate almost anything that is exposed to I believe it is very possible that varied "energies" directed toward water could in fact change the arrangement of the molecules themselves along those field lines, for better or worse. I also believe that the "memory" he was referring to was in fact relating to the distinct chemical composition of the water itself because we all know that water in different places is chemically different. Science will never be absolute because there is always something new to learn and I will continue to have an open mind no matter how much religion ends up in science.

  79. Very good documentary. For some who have difficulty with the religious interpretations look into the book "Vibrational Medicine" by Richard Gerber M.D.. Gives documentation from a scientific perspective of how water, chemicals, cells and subtler levels of life communicate with everything else through vibratory patterns of "language". The unseen is actually senior to what the sense organs reveals about our environment. It could be said that the grosser sensory vibration is the static that prevents perceiving and awareness of these subtler emanations. Another way of grasping what the religious figures are communicating is to understand water as a metaphor for consciousness.

  80. I really enjoyed this documentary. There is a lot of information in here that many understand in an intuitive way and to see it tested scientifically is very interesting. I know that some have said that this is psuedoscience, but I don't believe so. This makes a lot of sense. Great movie! 5 stars. If people were more connected then it would just be common knowledge as I'm sure it was in the past. So much of our understanding of energy has been lost with technology. This is one of my favorites!!

  81. It appears that every fringe guy and his wife are chasing after explanations of how humans communicate telepathically. Now it's via the memories in the water in our bodies.

    I listened for any actual scientific hypothesis and explication of mechanisms claimed but I heard none. It's not good enough to make lots of florid claims and say 'No chemist can understand it, they simply can't!'

    It would be great to think that water can be altered beneficially, but I can't understand how 'the structure and properties' of water can be so altered. It's hydrogen and oxygen. How can these molecules and the way they hang together be altered to produce inexplicable 'subtle energies'?? We can explain different states (ice, steam, liquid etc) but why not this 'water as memory recorder' and 'water as vehicle of good/bad vibes'??

  82. What i notice on this site is every doc has so many negative comments and so few positive ones. Are you all so arrogant to think you know more than these scientist conducting new experiments? Make your own dcumentaries if you aready know all the answers. Why even bother being interested in dcumentary film making if you are already completely satisfied with every coventional theory? At any rate this film was extremely interesting, so stop spreading your negative energy please.

  83. Wow when an argument is lost, the haters spew venom, for it is all they can do..
    I liked it for the most part.
    It covered a lot, even disinfo. But then who is perfect among us?
    KATRINA did not cause the disaster in New Orleans, the town survived, until the levies were blown(research this before blindly denying)

  84. @Believer "Water has been from the beginning of time"

    It was actually Hydrogen and Helium that where from the beginning of time.

    "From elementary students to scientists, which if you were smart look at the factual results from kids. They are more pure minded than most adults. They want a true result and are less likely to cheat."

    Really? you believe kids are the best people for scientific research? Hate to rain on your parade but research shows that most children apply purpose to everything. An example "rocks are jagged so animals can scratch their itches" This wouldn't get us very far.

  85. @Phillip Walker No science doesn't know everything and we don't claim to. Praying gives you nothing, science gives us answers and understanding which provides technology. God has been kicked out of biology and thanks to Hawkings has now been kicked out of physics. Your God of the gaps hasn't got many places left to hide.

  86. @Tigerspaw Have you performed your own study? Do you own a high power microscope? Your vote~ BS~ Has no relevance here.

  87. My Vote........BS

  88. "quantum leap into understanding how mind can be recorded by the most simple element in nature (water) and on the periodic table: H20"

    ..emm... water isnt an element, its made up of 2 elements, hydrogen and oxygen. Hydrogen being the most simple element in nature and on the periodic table, water isnt on the periodic table at all, because its not an element. Not watched the doc yet but I am instantly filled with confidence in the scientific credability of its makers given the preamble. I think we were taught about the periodic table around age 10? Maybe 12? Perhapse they were ill that day.

  89. @Steve:

    You reveal a great sense of humor. That should mean you are intelligent.
    If you are predisposed to make the rice experiment to dissipate any doubts, than it shows you are a humble person.
    So, for that matter, I really hope your test corroborates mine...
    By the way: there's something I realised after the experiment: my 3 glasses were side-by-side, perpendicular to the window. Please avoid my (possible) errors and put the 3 glasses paralel to the window. Theoretically the result could be different because the first glass received more light than the second, and third...
    Despite this, good luck! and please feedback the results!


  90. i must admit i thought it was all rubbish,water is water and it does not have mood swings if you are not nice to it.we all do some pretty grim things in water.surely the water in the toilet gets pretty upset when we P on it! then it takes that unpleasant memory out to sea where it is diluted and remembered.the oceans would be so angry.But then i read some of your comments and i softened,somewhat.i will try the rice experiment with an open mind.and appologise to the water in my toilet before i do whatever into it.

  91. Dont know what all the fuss is about. i only know you cant beat a long cool glass of water when the summer sun is above your head. by the time anybody finds out anything important about the mysteries of creation we'll all be in infinity.
    Dont worry, be happy.

  92. @Believe: Bless you, brother!

  93. @Believe:

    I smell snake oil, (LMAO). You can talk to water until the cows come home, doesn't change anything!

  94. Water is the greatest resource out there and if more people would just stop listening to people like these haters, we might actually have a chance to fix our world. There is nothing wrong with peace, harmony and love. To the non-believers give your opinion, and stop spewing and spitting on every idea that you are fearful of. Water has been from the beginning of time a source of healing. It's the first thing doctors recommend when you are ill. Not coffee, soda, or juice. Water. The water test has been proven over and over again. So if you want to be a hater great for you. It, however, will not change the factual results that people receive from doing the test. From elementary students to scientists, which if you were smart look at the factual results from kids. They are more pure minded than most adults. They want a true result and are less likely to cheat.
    However, I would not believe in the results from those with such distain to the test, because I believe they would sabotage it in order to save face. Also, if you are filled with that much hate, or non-belief to the test, then how can your results not be skewed?
    Peace, love and harmony is what we need more of in this world. You call it snake oil. I say the haters are the ones that people should be leery of. Hiding behind their words to gather as many as they can to make them believe it's not real. Healing through water, not a novel concept. It's real. I wonder if those speaking poorly on this could actually find peace in their life free of the drama. We all know people like this that can't survive without drama and stress. They drain others positive energy and happiness because they themselves are miserable and are not satisfied or feeling lacking of something in their life.
    This is a great documentary, it has facts, it's real with real results. That is the focus. The haters will continue to hate and spread ill will. For the rest of society, wake up, pay attention and walk away from these people. Water is what keeps us alive, cleanses us, and helps us heal. It's the primary source for all life. Cherish it, appreciate it, and be grateful we still have it. If by speaking kind words, can change the molecules in a glass of water, it too changes you. As we are made of the same substance.

  95. Just make sure to play classical to your water everyday for a day before you drink it now. 0.0

  96. Guys| Guys! Be calm - you are insulting each other over differences of thought!
    1- I did tried the rice test, and it worked! (Do It Yourself if you dont beliee - it's easy)

    2- I believe that everything in the Universe is energy, therefore, thoughts (as light) is energy. Phillip Walker mentioned NDExperiences to enlight this mistery we dont fully understand yet. There's a BBC documentary about this on Youtube (type "BBC - NDE, The Day I Died")


  97. @ Phillip Walker

    If you were a doctor i think that you would have more respect for sci/tech as it makes your alleged job much easier to do and without it many more people would die... Are you a creationist in disguise. Not that i need an answer, i have eyes that see!

  98. @ Phillip Walker:

    Well, heard of people seriously pray to god to find a parking spot.
    But now should pray to water?

    Seems like all this god stuff is everywhere, water is water, H2O.
    and whatever trace elements are in it.

    Near death experience? what has that to do with water.
    And try not overwhelm people by saying you are a doctor, all that does is give the illusion that you may be lying.

    Sure, I found it hard to believe, but I did a little bit of my own experiments

    I tested the tapwater / rain water experiment with my 2 cats, and it worked. I also tried normal tapwater and tapwater that I prayed to for a week, and my 2 cats drank from the tapwater I directed my prayers at, then performed another experiment using tapwater and rain water (again). I even used a different container every time.

    There is alot of evidence online, but you shallow minded people disregard them as fiction or opinion. MILLIONS of people have drank from the well of Zam-Zam, to quench their thirst/hunger and to relieve their sicknesses and disease. THOUSANDS of people have written about it online.

    I'm not sure how scientists can make these constant theories in their scientific communities, which many people call BULL****, and yet they refuse to listen to anything that may hint the existence of god (even something as pure and as simple as water)

    I really hate scientists know-it-all shallow minded view, and the fact that they try and "play" god. Thousands of years ago before there was any "science" people stayed close to their god and the world was MUCH more peaceful. Hundreds of years ago people thought that the CELL was the smallest 'building block'. Then they found that the smallest 'building block' was a Molecule, then an Atom, now a Quark.
    and every time they PROVE that it is RIGHT, even though they DONT KNOW EVERYTHING. Science cannot even explain thousands of phenomenon, such as how stem cells "know" what to form, near death experiances (which have increased due to new technologies such as an AED machine, which is widely available in many public facilities).

    As a doctor I have seen many people go through near-death-experiences, sharing similar stories EVERY TIME, and yet scientists dismiss all of the millions of afterlife claims as "delusion caused by lack of oxygen delivered to the brain"

    Wake up, you don't know everything.

    1. If you are a doctor my a55 is a chinese type writer.

  100. @ John Seals. You completely represent the nature of human thinking. We know everything, we have so precise measuring equipment for everything that we can state things straight forward and aclaim them true...yet no one still really knows what matter is, so how on earht you can say something such...please people,lets face the truth that whatsoever knowledge we´ve aquired so far, we still know NOTHING about the world around and its most basic principles. People who say the opposite are ignorant and arrogant for me.
    People please dont be like that and be more humble towards the nature :)

    1. No one knows what matter is? Do you live under a rock? We know exactly what matter is genius.

  101. this documentary did a great job at making me very thirsty, and yet left me somewhat scared of my tap water. am i a water hippie?

  102. Interesting subject, but darn those annoying subtitles, and that awful, boring voice of the narrator too. Felt like it was in an old chemistry class film showing..what a pity!

  103. wow that was so bad i had to stop after 10 minutes.

  104. science can be boring. sometimes it is shallow. many weak minds crave the method so they might hide behind the collective understanding (they want to specialize so that they only have to answer a limited number of questions, thereby maintaining their ignorance toward all other subjects)- science is the tool of the big human organism. the botched and the deluded seek the comforts of science. science is useful... but for what?

    there were many interesting points in this documentary, some were not so compelling-- but those dogmatists of the religion called science are always on the hunt for something to make them feel justified in their narrow ways of approaching reality. sorry, reality will always be more strange than your textbooks will allow you to think. great minds approach reality with courage, they do not hide behind the curtain seeking only to affirm what others have already thought.

    religion has been harmful, but at its core there is something beautiful and human-- science has been harmful, but at its core there is something beautiful and human. both of these are useless once they devolve into rote affirmations of dogma. little baby scientist maggots relish the opportunity to attack any system of thought which opposes their worldview, only by doing so can they maintain the illusion that reality is definable and their definition is correct.

    god is dead, science is dead, and from the ashes has arisen the androgynous human.

  105. O.k. guys I am all about keeping an open mind but come on, mind powers effecting the structure of water- B.S. Never has thier been one spec. of legitimate evedence that we are able to project energy, vibes, mojo, or what ever you guys want to call it with our minds. In fact in the several thousand years of humnan existance no one has ever proved they could effect physicall change exept through technology or physical actions, What exactly is this new force that we are projecting into the water to rearrange its structure, Can we measure it- observe it- or even realistically reason it's existance? Why would this mysteriouse force only effect water? Is thier something about hydrogen or oxygen or the combination of the two that suddenly give them the ability to recieve, comprehend, and react to this human brain rf- or whatever medium it uses to send this "information" to the water molecule? Let's get real folks- Water molecules are a collection of atoms bound together in a particular way- that's all.They don't have ears, eyes, anttenna, or any other means of recieving outside data not to mention being able to process said data- nor the brain to formulate the corrcect responce. Water is water... that's it.
    I know that some work performed can not help bring up spiritual questions- do I have a soul- where does man's power end and God's begin- what are the correct motivations to be involved in science- but these insights and inspirations should come from the results of objectional, rational work that leads to hard facts and answers that can fuel the next big questions. Once this has been accomplished then one may look for what moral suggnificance if any this discovery holds for them. For instance when I was a child I was amazed at the ability of a catterpillar to change into a butterfly. So I studid the stages of the transfermation and observed it to gain the best scientific ideas I was capable of at ten years old, not much, but I got help from my physical science teacher. In the end the magic was traded for fact, but you know that butterflies wings where no les breath taking or inspiring when he emerged. And when considered in the grand schem of evelotion and natural selection no less awe inspiring or touching than it would've been for someone else of the impression that some grand diety had created it- in fact it was more inspiring and beautiful not to be affiliated with a God that has mudered and sanctioned torture,genocide, infanticide,
    destroyed innocence just to get the guilty, asked those who he called his children to slay his other children that had displeased him- Hell he even turned someone into a pillar of salt just for looking the wrong way- or maybe because she didn't obey-well that's much better- maybe my maid doesn't obey I'll just kill her- would i still be considered a benevolent person?
    I got a little off track so I'll clarify my point. Just because the laws of physics made it so and not God doesn't mean that it isn't still beautiful and capable of changing you for the better

  106. I do like this doc. BUT, like many, many others, can believe 100% of it.
    Be critical!! and get what you thinks is true.

  107. Thank you for publishing this documentary.I would recommend that every watch it.

  108. Absolutely one of the best and most relevant documentaries I have ever seen.
    As for all the nay sayers out there: even elementary students have done experiments on the effects of emotion on growing plants; one given love, one hate and one neutral. The plant that has been loved grows far better than the one given hateful thoughts and emotion and better than the control plant. Don't believe it? Try it for yourself! Is it the plant that is reacting to the emotion? After watching this documentary, I believe that it is the water within the plant that is being altered which in turn affects the growth of the plant.

  109. water has a short attention span, though.

    maple syrup is much smarter.

  110. I will reproduce the experiment of the 3 glass of rice - though I think I'll add another: the one I do not speak to, but THINK. Afterwords I will post here the results.
    Shame I don't have a telescope to see the molecules, otherwise I would test the same words, but in different languages.
    Sorry for my cepticism, but see to believe - in this case - is peacefull, right?

    But if anyone can fill me in with "the facts" (like the ones I can't replicate - does the molecule of the water really changes it's appearance concerning the environment/karma/energy??) Thanks


  111. I think it it a wonderful piece of work.
    Such as a teacher who presents information, more and more reading is better for understanding it.
    But, at least, if one gets motivated to do real world experiment that's realy the fantastic moment when information turns into wisdom.
    Peace and light for you all. At world wide web: empresarialinformatica
    PS: I would like to receive the transcript or subtitles in English or Portuguese (Brazil or Portugal)

  112. This is very interesting. I am not a scientist so i have no professional input, but i would guess that most of those who commented with their expert opinions are also not qualified.One thing i do know is that we live in a very awesome and magical universe. We take the most simple things for granted, who would have thought 200 years ago that we could power our homes with an atom.

  113. how lame. makes no sense at all

  114. Why people assume something is wrong or right just by watching one documentary. Where's the harm in just saying maybe? No one should form their opinion that fast without having more proof. Believing everything that's told to you is a sure way to get mislead. And refusing absolutely any idea that you don't understand is a great way to keep the truth hidden. Your own mind can mislead you, don't make judgments of any kind quickly.

  115. Piqued my interest!

    Looking at website that dan26 recommended.

    S.M.M....that was the Homeopathy one.

  116. Didn't a documentary in which water memory was proven wrong just get added a few days before this one?

  117. Masaru Emoto’s rice experiment...starting right now...i'll let you all know how it turns out :-)

  118. Thats great,

    I really do wish there was more access to the Russians research, they seem to be doing alot crazier things than North Americans...

  119. I though the way the narrator spoke was a bit curious, but at 6:23 he dropped the bomb: "Water has memory."


  120. I am sorry, but this video is just so much bull****. I think such pseudo-science like this should be banned. The weird "scientists" in the film should be a wake-up call right away, Austrian, Swiss, Japanese, Chinese, Russians, priests, Jews" makes no sense whatsoever. And by the day, nothing about this is science, the "water memory" idea has been disproved every time it has been tested. Just like homeopathy, water is water! Vlatko, you should write a larger warning: THIS IS NOT SCIENCE!

  121. Truly magical !! Yes it sounds like pure bull++++ but it still makes you think !!!
    I love you all...so spread the word and all will be peaceful :)

  122. I agree with what seekingmind added to this commentary. Documentaries are always pushing a certain point of view, but, in this case, I think the point was cloudy at best. The possibility that water can possess attributes of "memory", or can be influenced by intention is extremely intriguing. I wanted, (as always), to see what evidence of this the maker of this piece had discovered. What I saw was terribly unsatisfying. I love the idea that spirituality is all pervasive and can be tapped into and exchanged between all forms in existence. Substitute the word energy for spirituality, and I think we are now entering the quantum realm. As a matter of opinion, (mine), when I hear most of the quantum gurus describing the adventure of seeking answers through scientific method, I'm always left feeling as though I've just gotten a spiritual message. Seeking provable conclusions is utterly honorable, but not always a necessity. Seeking is. I wish I could offer up lots of really great quotes by amazing people to assist me in legitimizing this commentary, but, because I spent the 80's, 90's, and part of the new millennium living the way you wish you had, I can't remember any. (hence the need for my own spiritual program). So... back to my point. In the case of this doc, in my opinion, the religious references were unnecessary and detracted from the far more fascinating mystery of how, and why water seems to be effected by the concentrated feelings and intentions of man, and also by being banged around through pipes and stuff. Okay then. Have a nice day!

  123. Have any of you done Masaru Emoto's rice experiment? I heard about it last September and wanted to see for myself how much affect if any, my intentions could have on water. On one I wrote: Love, Peace, Respect, Happiness. On the other I wrote: Hate, Pain, War, Suffering. And of course I used a control that said nothing. For the first month I would read in my head the words on the jars and try and convey those emotions towards them. I ended up ignoring them for most of the time they sat on my shelf because nothing was happening to any of them fast enough to keep my attention.

    Then one day 3 months in I looked over and noticed the Hate jar had a mold spot on it and was turning colour, but neither of the other two seemed to look any different. Now almost 8 months in the Hate jar is gnarly looking foul shit going on in there all black, red and green liquid. The Control jar is pretty icky but nothing compared to the Hate jar. It's mostly a tan creamy goop. The Love jar is believe it or not still white. There is even still recognizable pieces of rice in it. I wouldn't eat it mind you. Parts of the jar is starting to tan more solid firm than the others. I got pictures to prove it and the jars still. Heh.

    I was skeptical from the start but my rice experiment results turned out just like Emoto's claimed they would. Lots of people on youtube have done the rice experiment with results much like mine.

  124. Great doc, it was great to see the physical picture of a drop of water under the microscope linked with different thinking scenario.

  125. This should not be called a documentary. Its full of silly claims backed up by nothing. Total psuedo science. A wild idea is not the same as a theory or hypothosis. A waste of time. This show will only confuse people.

  126. I couldn't get through the part where the Russian researcher starts about Jesus turning water into wine. My open mind started to close the door on this one when a "scientist" refers to scripture for supporting evidence. Or when angry water makes some unnamed people in an unnamed place under unknown circumstances sick, because they were meeting about weopons of mass destruction. One thing all life in all forms that we know it has in common is water, I really enjoy Dr.Emoto's work but alot of this stuff is discredited when they start making quantum connections and using this to support other theories when this by itself just can't yet stand alone. I am hopeful for the day as are most of you when we can have some proof of something else, the problem is we can never take human interpretation out of the equation. On the other hand science itself is only based on "theories" and least we remember it all only occurs under a certain set of conditions:) I don't want to piss off all the "What the Bleepers" I actually encourage them, at least it leads to furthur questioning which in my opinion is more useful to humanity than assuming we have all the answers or that the case is ever settled on anything.

  127. Have not those who disbelieve known that the heavens and the earth were joined togeather as one united piece, Then We parted them? And We have made from water every living thing. Will they not then believe.

    Holy Koraan

    There is your answer Prof. Einstien!

  128. imperical data is the cry of the new divinity ... science , even if human ever figured out what Universe realy is it would only open the door to the next question that would lack imperical data .

    the chinese have an old story ,,,, one day a new student was walking with the master thru the infinity of heaven , when the master started talking about something that the student KNEW was impossible and so the master asked him how he knew it was impossible ..well said the student it was in this booka dn that book and when i tested it i found the books to be true .... so the master gathered all the books and made a wall and told the pupil to stay there behind his wall of books and human knowing in INFINITY and the master steped to the side and continued his walk leaving the pupil behind him at the end of humanitys infinity .

  129. Ok nobody piss off the water. We all know what happens when you get water annoyed from this documentary! Tread carefully when in the midst of our liquidy friend! Be a water-fearing person. Hallelujah!!

    On a serious note I have zero idea what this documentary was about. Is that what they are doing in russia nowadays. Wow seems sooo far-fetched but if any of it is true, then whoever can learn how to access the information bank stored in water then oh my God! Wealth, power and superiority!! A personal message to water from dear old me: If you can hear me, please oh please keep your mysteries just that, mysteries. Dont let any human get within 10 ga-jillion feet within attaining what secrets lie beneath, they will most definately use it for evil.

  130. Amazing Documentary. Those who disagree, maybe it's the water your drinking.

  131. amazing purely amazing one of the best documentaries ive seen in a while

  132. Water is the best Medicine.
    My recommendation: Explore the Masaru Emoto´s Works.
    Kinds Regards
    From Argentina

  133. :) :) :)
    Highly recommended!

    dan26, how does one TRY AT HOME?

  134. All you scepticts about "voda" are nothing else but people that did not see evidence about miracle properties of "voda". I am experimenting with "voda" and all i can say that everything you see on the film you can TRY AT HOME. Try to read more about William Raich and Viktor Schauberger.

  135. It seems as though even clever comments can be ignorant and baseless which is pretty much the norm it seems to me. I think the human race in certain parts of the world has alot to learn about the truth of are origins and its far to soon to think we know it all I mean if the developed world is so brilliant why are so many people so screwd up greedy depraved and depressed? To say that it is just the water would be a great understatement, we have an ill planet and we need more than documenteries and useless ego trips to give are selves,animals,plants,environment,and the whole earth balance and a healthy life. We are living breathing water and spirit and part of one organism who has taken are lives for granted and often times are ungreatful for are profound gifts.

  136. ty for adding it:)

  137. If this doc had focused on the scientific research and findings behind the various formations seen in the water, it would have been far more interesting for me. The religious overtones seemed entirely baseless and out of context. Way too much "story time" in this. Could it be that any old pedophile could say "i love you" into his toilet bowl, and the waters' molecular form might resemble that of the water influenced by the music of Mozart?

  138. Wow, my brain just threw up.
    This doc is full of more cr^p than China's sewer system.

  139. I wonder how long until Ren and Stimpy episodes start making it on here :P

    I'm happy that the documentary adding mechanism is not biased, but this is all laughable.

  140. There are so many id**** in the world. People who can be led to water but can not be made to drink it. This information has been known since the beginning of time but modern Americans for the most part see the world as composed of dead matter, chemicals without life or sensibilities, they themselves are spiritual dead in turn.

  141. Notice that two of these "experts" in this documentary are criticized in Richard Dawkin's recent documentary put on Topdocumentary.

    This is a load of poppycock - my way of avoiding an obscenity. I am glad most of you commentators get that it is "pseudoscience" and "snake oil"

  142. the doc its self is a B for BAD....but i do thinks it is quite true that water holds much of same data properties as crystal does. so on one hand "wow" that was just an awful bad directed video. on the other hand "wow" good information every one needs to relearn before it is too late :)

  143. I smell snake oil.

  144. This is Psydoscience, dont be fooled...

  145. THis was a pretty bad doc in my opinion. I ended up cringing everytime this guy said water about 2 minutes in. Water is said about 2.5 million times in this movie. Count for yourself.

    Then shoot your foot with a pickle.

  146. What a filmn-water-whoever thinks about it until ther're thirty or they don't have it.Thank You Top Documentary. What a Website!

  147. Oh boy...another comedy!

  148. This is worth a life time documentary. This is one of the reasons I appreciate science. So many things from traditions make more sense. And a new perspective on human behavior and society is open.

    "Water suffices" in words of saint Frederick Nietzche!