Weird Nature

2002 ,    »  -   25 Comments
Ratings: 6.76/10 from 25 users.

Weird NatureThis BBC/DISCOVERY series reveals some of the strangest behaviour in the animal world. In a series of action-packed sequences, tyres fall from a truck and disturb salamanders, which turn into living wheels. Mexican jumping beans spring to life and take over a toy store. Fulmars use projectile vomit to attack a climber. Hagfish slime their way out of a fishing boat by turning water into mucus soup.

A skunk teaches the hardest street gang a lesson in break-dancing. Animal junkies get high on some strange drugs and we even discover nature's alcoholics. Using new filming techniques and some extraordinary special FX - this is nature as never seen before.

25 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Trina

    I'd like to see more history stuff, Like ancent egypt, aztec and myan stuff. Or midevil history.

  2. bebe18
  3. bebe18

    go wow

  4. bebe18
  5. bebe18

    very interesting doc

  6. Julia
  7. Julia

    Wow!! One of the best documentaries I've ever seen!!
    BBC's ones are always amazing and this one is no exception!!
    Love BBC docs!!!

  8. Eoten
  9. Eoten

    X, most mantids can fly.

  10. alexa
  11. alexa

    wow that was really interesting!

  12. Charles
  13. Charles

    I'm showing all my Korean highschool students these documentaries! Great 30 minute language lessons that are also entertaining!

  14. S
  15. S

    I'm amazed as to what they were able to capture on film. Superb videography! Well done!

  16. Rip
  17. Rip

    Ppl's expectations some times. I don't even think they know how the internet works, procedures, etc.

    Do they even teach kids how to use a dictionary, history of the dui decimal system, life before the internet or does this generation think information has come easily.

    My point being, this site is FREE. Vlatko does this for a hobby and probably enjoys informing and enlightening people from all over the world. Have some appreciation, friggin humans.

  18. 2doR
  19. 2doR

    have you noticed that every episode has 2 words starting with the same letter?:) wierd huh?

  20. Kuko
  21. Kuko

    I love BBC docs too, but I found those imaginary settings quite irritating...Anyway, BBC gives astonishing new information :)

  22. Henry
  23. Henry

    TO admin, the first 2 clips have been blocked in my region. I am in NYC.

  24. Coyote03
  25. Coyote03

    great documentary, definitely worth a watch!

  26. mojoJojo
  27. mojoJojo

    The first 2 clips have also been blocked for my region. why is this?

  28. doc-fan
  29. doc-fan

    Besides 2 clips i can not watch rest of this documentary is wonderful :) Creative thinking and ideas make this excellent to watch. Thanks admin, but please fix 2 first episodes!

  30. Bbobb
  31. Bbobb

    This video hosting site is so slow as to be completely useless. The documentary is unwatchable on this hosting site.

  32. max
  33. max

    episodes at stagevu

  34. Justin_Funski
  35. Justin_Funski

    Amazing photography! BBC at its best.

  36. antiloops
  37. antiloops

    Amazing doc

  38. Finn
  39. Finn

    The narrator seems really excited :D

  40. echafaud
  41. echafaud

    amazing , loved the drunken monkeys and the stoned jaguar

  42. Godsclaws
  43. Godsclaws

    god, cant stand this narrator droning on and on and on... next doc

  44. Xercès Des Stèles
  45. Xercès Des Stèles

    -"waitor, there is a fly in my soupe"

    -"it's ok sir, the cameleon on your bread will take care of it"

  46. Ian
  47. Ian

    I found this to be an excellent documentary, but why does it only have 6.9 stars?!?

  48. Salem
  49. Salem

    Fantastic documentary. Super interesting with solid narrating and fantastic cinematography! Highly recommend to anyone looking for an animal doco. I love how they created mini scenarios to compare and show off each set of animal's unique traits. Can't believe this is only rated at 6.5 stars, 9/10 in my opinion.

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