Inside Nature's Giants

Inside Nature's Giants

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Inside Nature's GiantsInside Nature's Giants dissects the largest animals on the planet to uncover their evolutionary secrets.

Most wildlife documentaries tell you how an animal behaves, but by dissecting the animal and studying its anatomy we can we can see how an animal works.

Experts in comparative anatomy, evolution and behavior put some of the most popular and enigmatic large animals under the knife.

Veterinary scientist, Mark Evans, will interpret their findings, biologist Simon Watts tests the animals' physiology in the field and Richard Dawkins traces back the animals' place on the tree of life.

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7 years ago

Anthony, I agree with you.

John Jacob Jingleheimerschmidt
11 years ago

It's just a dead elephant. I hope they hosted a barbecue for needy families after the dissection. It's a shame to waste all that meat.

11 years ago

We dont need to study animals...we need to leave them alone. Simple as that. the only reason we have vets is to restore the damage done by humans. Look a bit deeper than what you see. I find these episodes very interesting, but for what purpose? That is a more important question. Is it all really necessary?

Leona Capeling
12 years ago

oh man sometimes reading peoples comments i just have to laugh, i think we need to lighten up here, don't you!!


Gary V
12 years ago

Does anyone have another link to this doc ? I can't watch it here in the UK. Thanks in advance to anyone who has got one to share with us Brits.

12 years ago

do any of you LISTEN??? The animal was euphanized due to a long term untreatable illness!!! Pay attention!!

12 years ago

URON... if you would take time to listen instead of "invent" problems you would find that in the very begining of the film they said the elphant had been suffering a long term untreatable illness and they 'put it down!! ' Pay attention, you failed the test.

12 years ago

Uron, you moron, in the very begining of this doc they said the elephant was euphanized due to a lingering illness and was suffering the doctors were unable to help it so they put it down. duh!!

12 years ago

The girl with pink hair was hot. That is all.

12 years ago

killing an animal in order to dissect it is absolutely intolerable, i can not see how your sick mind cant realise that... dissecting an already dead animal can be discussed, though

12 years ago

anthony i agree with you, that's not the right way of sience

13 years ago

Anthony i at least see a major difference between killing an animal to dissect it on a tv show. Also i think the respect payed to theese creatures is exteremely important, and the scientists in the program are very respectful. Which would not be the case if you popped some cat into a micro wave for the fun/entertainment of it.

The show warns sensitive viewers, and as you probably noticed many of their programs have a live audience of people undergoing a vetrinary education, giving them a oppertunity to learn/experience some things you can't get out of a text book.

13 years ago

Is it just me or does anyone else find the butchering of these creatures to be somewhat distaste-full. Whilst I can see the importance of the anatomical information with regards to those entering the veterinarian professions; I find that the macabre spectacle is slightly unsettling to me. And I assure you I am by no means squeamish(and I've seen allot worst), I cant really put my finger on it but perhaps I am unsettled by what seems to me to be a collision of Victorian-esq Freak-show style presentation with the field of anatomical dissections.

All of the anatomical information is for the most part all-ready widely presented in literature so I cannot see the merit of the exercise, other than of coarse mere spectacle. Honestly are we really so depraved now that we can no longer separate academia and entertainment(not that its a new trend), we have all-ready had live dissection of human cadavers televised (of coarse intended to pay the utmost respect to the deceased when the celebrity-coroner accidentally drops the corpses penis onto the floor live) once again it seems television executives either hold us with the utmost contempt or lack any moral compass.

It seems to me to be the way forward though I mean lets just cut to the chase and pop a cat in the microwave and bang it on telly I'm sure there is some science in that, then we dissect it afterwards DUMMY! so that we can see the scientistic thingimbobinses in the what's-it-me-doodle.Or better yet hitting toads with mallets Live yeah now that's entertainment.

tyler durden
13 years ago

Crawling inside dead whales, must take a special person. Thats a strong gut. I don't envy them, I am glad there are people out there willing to go the extra mile in the name of science.

13 years ago

Thanks on the effort in show an telling of a series I would've longed to see as a curious youth, just like the on lookers at the whale.

Which has put myself in wondering why BBC seems to be doing so well the last few seasons of putting out some decent documentaries, unlike other nations (Cough US).

Also, why the lack of creationist comments on this one? They do seem to be lurking on TDF's site. Ah, I'll end here, before rattling away on my thoughts of why this is so.

Charles B.
13 years ago

Very good doc series. I really enjoyed the giraffe and the crock the best.

Achems Razor
13 years ago

Excellent doc.

Whole series, on youtube,

The Whale.

The crocidile.

The Giraffe.