Why Big Oil Conquered the World

Why Big Oil Conquered the World

2017, Conspiracy  -   20 Comments
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Environmental advocates have long protested the role that oil companies play in exacerbating the climate change crisis. Their voices have rattled some of the world's most influential leaders, inspired meaningful reforms, and galvanized a desire for more clean energy solutions. This has led many to believe that the age of Big Oil is on its way out. But according to the feature-length documentary Why Big Oil Conquered the World, its reign has only just begun. The film theorizes that the industry is actually based entirely on the principle of exerting power over the people. Up until this point in history, oil has served as a means to that end.

This thesis begins with eugenics, a Darwin-inspired movement that supported genetic manipulation, and the breeding of new generations that would possess only the most desirable human characteristics. Many members of the elite threw their support behind the study and implementation of eugenics, including John D. Rockefeller, Jr., and their goals soon took on an even more sinister tone. They proposed the isolation, containment and complete control of "subnormal" populations, such as the disfigured, uneducated and impoverished. They lobbied for the power to decide who lived or died.

Their approach might have changed over the intervening years - and their harsh rhetoric softened - but their ultimate goals have remained unchanged. They've simply adopted a more polished public relations image. Meanwhile, the masses are oblivious to their nefarious ulterior motives. The oil oligarchies even worked to hijack the environmental movement, and perverted the message of conservation by suggesting population control as a means of reducing our carbon footprint. In recent years, their vocal support of the Paris Climate Accord has proven equally suspect. Can the culprits behind our current environmental catastrophes really be trusted to free us from them?

At times, the film plays like a science fiction based horror movie, but it provides substantial footage and extensive research in support of even its most outlandish claims. Direct quotes and on-camera sound bytes prove especially damning to the powerful figures at the center of these schemes.

Whether you embrace the film's premise wholeheartedly, or remain skeptical of many of its accusations, Why Big Oil Conquered the World provides a wealth of eye-opening revelations that are worthy of consideration.

Directed by: James Corbett

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3 years ago

Its very helpful to have a society which incorages evolutionary development. Don't aggree with any taking of life for there theory of eugenics. ###society have benifity allot. could be mostly in the developed countrys

3 years ago

The issue with this docu is that it is claiming to be about the rise of big oil, but is actually just climate change denial.

Judy Campbell
3 years ago

I watched both both documentaries and thought this was amazingly thought provoking. In our 2020 coronavirus pandemic, I've been searching for what's this really about as our 'invisible' enemy and the levels of control being exercised are getting extreme. I think the world is in the grip of a smoke screen and the planning was superb at the highest level. The amount of people who question measures imposed on them is minimal. I think the Oiligarchy will be a step closer to their objective.

3 years ago


Is the goal for the oil-igarchs really "power"? This is stated in the introduction without backing. Isn't the goal just reinvestment? i.e more money or what we call normal capitalism?

To me it seems this documentary tries to portray the working of normal capitalism in the light of "evil" "power crazy" men. But to me that sounds like they direct attention away from the fact that accumulation of wealth among the few is a natural consequence of a capitalist system.

Do you agree/disagree?

4 years ago

Hats off to James Corbett for getting this information out.
@PasserBy: Banning the ICE (internal combustion engine) is of little consequence to the oil companies/oiligarchy. They will just develop TV propaganda that TV zombies (cannon fodder, as the elites call them) will believe about oil becoming scarce and jacking the price up very high, so the cost to charge your electric car, plus mileage tax, will be as expensive as to fill it with petrol. Not all of them but many power plants, plastics, pharmaceuticals, and all things mentioned towards the beginning of the documentary involve oil and gas. In addition the cost of producing food would increase substantially since energy intensive, if grown by big ag, the Rockefeller-Monsanto way.

GMO food, Chemtrails in the air, Fluoride and other chems in the water, Vaccines stuffed with latent carcinogens and other nasty things, wars, are all to get rid of all us cannon fodder.

What are you going to do about it? They are counting on you doing nothing.

4 years ago

Haven't we essentially determined that eugenics is more or less true?I mean, I'm not advocating for "undesirables" being prevented from breeding, but I thought naturally that two people with high IQ's have a far greater chance of having a child with a high IQ than two parents with low IQ's. Same goes for things like weight and height, right? Isn't this sort of thing coded into our genes and depending on the statistics/ chances have a likelihood of manifesting? e.g. Two tall parents wont always pass on tall genes to their offspring, bit it's more probable that they will... So why not the same for IQ?

4 years ago

A very good narrated and info filled documentary by James. The NWO are being pushed into society through the delusion of convenience by technology improvemens. I agree with Shalimar on the fact that it is frightening but that is exactly what THEY want. Fear drives their agenda. On that topic, theck out the frequencies of human emotions. Very interesting study.

5 years ago

Loved this documentary. Corbett puts it together so nicely! This was all new information for me.

5 years ago

Interesting how Big Oil founded, funded, and now controls the environmental movement

5 years ago

Awesome, i was aware of a lot of this.. but you laid it all out very smoothly. Very, very good documentary. Looking foward to more!

Jay Steff
5 years ago

No mystery here, but plenty of talking points for Enviro crazies.
See we have a product that delivers a service everyone needs, at a reasonable price, to all points on the globe. Margins are slim however, it is LOTS of slim margins from so many users.... that stuns most consumers even if fair.
So little to see here as it is just a profits by scale.. and there are so many small profits. I wish I was in that money stream. ... and so would you if you knew the facts and details.
Very cool and very easy.... you all used oil products every day,,,,,, Obama was trying to take us off the need train for oil products...for green power ie-Solindra et all..,. but he failed miserably.
So blame Obama also. He is on that eternal vacation of all x presidents called a pay for nothing reward to just have served. And he did "0" to get there.

5 years ago

With a lot of places banning ICEs by 2030-ish (most ICEs would be off the road 20 years later or so), I wonder how the oil companies will adapt.

I.O.U. Agency
5 years ago

STAN MEYERS is all you need to know for the solution to OIL.