How Big Oil Conquered the World

How Big Oil Conquered the World

2015, Conspiracy  -   36 Comments
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Our reliance on oil is only growing, and our unabated demand continues to bulk the pockets of the energy companies in the process. There are few regions of the globe that remain untouched by this powerful industry, and fewer lives that aren't affected by its dealings. Produced by the always provocative Corbett Report, How Big Oil Conquered the World skillfully traces the nefarious origins and evolution of this energy behemoth.

The film sheds light on aspects of the oil industry that have remained largely obscured by official historical records. For many of us, John D. Rockefeller comes to mind when we reflect on the moment when Big Oil first became big business. But the beginnings our global captivation with this precious source of energy really began with his father William, a man who gained notoriety for his illicit romantic affairs and tenacious gifts as a snake oil salesman. The industry as it exists today - and the general demeanor of the world it has cultivated - is a direct reflection of his slithery personality.

The documentary does not allow the son John escape from intense scrutiny, however. The filmmakers reveal the oft-told tale of how his company Standard Oil used merciless bribery and strong arm tactics to become a worldwide superpower. But in doing so, they deliver a series of surprising and altogether horrific anecdotes. According to the facts presented in the film, even the world's most revered philanthropic interests haven't been immune to the Rockefellers' devious touch. These pursuits have long allowed the richest elites powerful sway over the masses, and the ability to craft a world and a workforce that bends to their needs.

What's past is prologue. How Big Oil Conquered the World recounts the deeply checkered history of the oil industry to form a context for the even more troubling future that awaits an unsuspecting public. In these modern times, they have their fingers in nearly every conceivable pie of influence - from pharmaceuticals to green technologies to education. The scourge of rampant greed, and the continuing emergence of global monopolies, empower these companies with enough leverage to control every facet of our lives, and to make sheep of us all.

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1 year ago

Lots of trolls here in the comments. That can mean only one thing, James Corbett must be onto something! : )

3 years ago

Translate into French please

5 years ago

So that whole video was just for you to state that global warming is an illusion.
You smoked to much weed man.

5 years ago

The overpopulation problem does not exist.The aliens do not exist ,one will eliminate the other.

5 years ago

The overpopulation problem will be cured by the alien invaders,who do not exist.

5 years ago

Very good documentary, especially meaningful, I also stored some good documentaries, hope to have friends to exchange study together

Bob Santos
6 years ago

More boring than I expected. Really wanted to learn about this.

Jack MeHoff
6 years ago

Cleosaurus - Does the CIA have a good health insurance plan?

7 years ago

i think the last 5mins is trying to say they want to try and control the weather

7 years ago

Truly terrifying

7 years ago

Compete? Yes! If you don't like dirty oil, convert to or get a dual fuel vehicle. Ethanol is carbon neutral, far cleaner, less dangerous, doesn't go bad like gasoline. Or go electric.
If you don't want their diseases, stop buying their food. Grow or buy nonGMO and organic. VOTE WITH YOUR WALLET until you come up with a way to put them out of biz like the buggy whip.

7 years ago

Hard to cover everything, such as those same families'ownership and control over the major media, as well as everything else mentioned. That is why some vehemently claim they don't believe in conspiracies! Ironically the conspirators, through their media companies and well placed reporters' constant belittling of any mention of the word conspiracy, has brainwashed far too many into thinking they are superior intellects because they don't believe in conspiracies. Hilariously sad but true. In short they fear being considered a conspiracy believing kook by the very media that constantly is conspiring to mislead them about so many things. Easily proven by the recording and play back of the reporting on events and topics which they wish to mold your opinion on. Flip the dial across the nation and the socialist reporters are all repeating the same words with very little variation. The independent reporters don't bother with some of those events or point out the nonsense and manipulation. Both usa major political parties do a bit of lying. However, the media is dominated by the democrats which have been taken over by the collectivists. They want to remove all competition. Rockefeller said it himself. Socialism, progressivism, communism, corporatism or fascism all varying degrees of different flavors of collectivism is their path to ridding the world of any competition to their interests. Also similarly clever to use their media to convince people that capitalism is their enemy when it is collectivism hands down (and on the ground wishing they had that horrible capitalism back).

It is easy to catch a wild animal. Build a short length of fence and put some free food it likes up against it. Keep adding to the fence and keep putting food in the original spot. One day you can just close the gate on it as it is eating. Then the wild animal will realize it has been captured and run around the fence encirclement making noise until it resides itself to the situation and then goes back to eating. Yet what incentive is there to feed it much after you have caught it? You put a yoke on it, force it to pull your wagon and only give it enough to keep it functioning lest it have enough strength to break free from the wagon or when the fence gets older. That is the very thing the banksters want and socialism is their fence. When they offer free stuff, free health care, free cell phone, free college, free food stamps, should understand their game.

If you don't like the monopoly the oil cartels have upon us while looking to expand similarly into other areas ... what is the solution? COMPETE! That is the method of capitalism.

7 years ago

If our society is viewed as an organism, then oil is the drug it's addicted to.

7 years ago

This docu is a bait and switch. It starts with interesting history that devolves into conspiracy mumbo jumbo. The first half wasn't a waste of time, but the second half is.

7 years ago

For those who are left with some confusion - there will be a follow up documentary to this one.

Awakened and pissed
7 years ago

I think this was a fantastic documentary and it shows a number of things. It shows how an innocent child can be corrupted by a father that didn't care about anyone but himself....and how that lesson can come back to haunt everyone on a world stage. This child that had learned all the wrong lessons and who became a Psychopath.

I do NOT see where there is any conclusion reached about the oil magnates inventing Global Warming as stated above by Cleosaurus but I do find the last few statements, that "the biggest problem we have facing the future world is overpopulation" much more scary, because we know they have the money and means to carry out any plan they see fit to mitigate that "problem" and I are the problem of which they are speaking. Don't ever believe it can't happen because it already did on a smaller scale...only 6 million, but thru control of food, water, resources.....they can do as they want without much restraint.

Dennis Horsthuis
7 years ago

I am amazed at this documentary for its ability to reflect and uncover aspects of how ingenious these powerful family entities have permeated our societies! I have always felt that a few have both influencd and controlled the systems that we all rely on.
One may feel that we have been manipulated, however, this duping of society's of the world has come at a cost to the Natural world. This bill maybe larger than all of the amassed wealth that these families have accrued ,and will be paid for by ourselves & generations to come. I thank the Corbett report for a very interesting piece of journalism and hope that it sparks provocative questions about Our future on this wonderful planet EARTH.....

7 years ago

Don't bother with this documentary. It's a long infomercial leading to one grand false conclusion that the modern oil industry and its many offshoots have engineered a final takeover of humanity by inventing global warming as a the greatest snake oil story of all time.

If it looks at all interesting and well done it is largely because it takes shamelessly, and without mention, from a much longer and more deserving multi episode documentary - "A History of oil" which, incidentally, makes no such claims.
This doc will build your anger towards big Oil and then leave you by telling you that global warming is its brain child. I had not yet heard that version of a global conspiracy theory before. Corbett is characterized as an anti-environmentalist conspiracy theorist (among other things) if you bother to look him up. Caveat Emptor.

7 years ago

Amazing history lesson, I am confused by the last 5 minutes though ... is he trying to say that climate change is a fabrication by these "oil-igarchies"... I assume he will be voting for Trump too... SMH

Ton Coppens
7 years ago

From Oil Control
To Control Big Oil

Roger Andout
7 years ago

I was completely impressed by this until... the Duke of Edinburgh gave his tuppence worth; he that is known globally for gaff after egregious gaff. To misquote G Marx; "I'd not endorse any cause DoE would espouse". Does his imprimatur mean so much, especially after demonstrating his family's (albeit indirect) influence in the previous 70 odd minutes?

Leslie Johnson
7 years ago

They stopped just short of addressing The New World Order, and it sure looks like this is where we are headed. Sickens me.

7 years ago

What politricks said

7 years ago

Looks interesting

7 years ago

I was blown away by this is incredibly interesting, informative and up-to-date documentary. It accurately points out and puts together so many important puzzle pieces into a clear bigger picture in just over an hour. In my opinion, no other documentary has accomplished this so succesfully yet before as this fantastic piece of research by James Corbett.

Even if you think or claim to have "seen it all before", make sure to watch this one as well, you certainly will not be disappointed!