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Why We Bang

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Why We BangThe film, Why We Bang, produced and directed by Orlando Myrics and Clifford Jordan for Ghetto Logik Entertainment is an independent film that documents the historical background of LA's Bloods and Crips gangs, then transitions into several interviews of current and former members of the Bloods and Crips of Los Angeles.

Ghetto Logik, a Film Company based in South Los Angeles offers their first urban documentary as a result of being disappointed in seeing outsiders far too often portray the stories of ghetto residents. "We just got tired of seeing people, not from our community making so called "Hood movies" that did not really depict what our community was all about, our goal is to bring real images and real stories about real people to the big screen."

Their first effort, Why We Bang is an in-depth look into Gang Culture in Los Angeles that shows up-close, the life in South Los Angeles, talking and walking with real gang members first hand. Their approach was to show the gangs, their motivations and deadliness and to capture the voices of the mothers who have lost children to the violence that gangs bring. Their story, through several narratives will inform you Why We Bang.

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  1. BluePhotonic

    OMG, if I hear "Know what I'm saying" one more time, I'll kill myself..

  2. longb83
  3. longb83

    big documentary oneness is d key

  4. me
  5. me

    christ this was a boring doc.

  6. AJ
  7. AJ

    let them kill eachother. and after make there a nice park

  8. Niels
  9. Niels

    For someone living in a country where not everybody owns a gun, or spaced out gangs roaming the street this is a pretty disturbing documantary...

  10. honkey
  11. honkey

    may an earthquake hit your hood..know what I'M sayin!

  12. Achems Razor
  13. Achems Razor

    It cost to much money to live in US. Guns are expensive! You need at least 3, one in the house, one in the car, and one on your person.

    I would not go to the States unless I had an "Uzi" to keep me company.

    ...know what I'M saying!

  14. twitcherpated
  15. twitcherpated

    It may not be the best doc but everyone who commented on it so far is an ignorant bastard, or just plain racist. Keep the offensive remarks to yourself. I'm also glad you holier than thou euro trash aren't coming to the states, you'll only serve to weaken our gene pool.

  16. Fillip O
  17. Fillip O

    twitcherpated, think you just succumbed to a touch of racism yourself!
    i agree, no-one who's commented has shown any understanding. i wonder if any of those who commented would be any different than these people if they were born into it.
    a good docu, nice to have the people living it take centre stage, rather than an opinionated moralist (Louis Therouxesque) warping things.
    it's sad that it's such a destructive cycle, and that the forces supporting this cycle are far stronger than those trying to break it apart.
    think we need to accept gangs as being there for the long term, but there needs to be a way to reduce the violence, especially where it kills innocents. advertisers are good at manipulating people, perhaps they should be employed to somehow stigmatise violent actions. Edward Bernays would know what to do.
    know what i'm saying?

  18. leverhundar
  19. leverhundar

    Twitcherpated... the 'euro trash' are being racist? LMAO. hypocrite much?

  20. Achems Razor
  21. Achems Razor

    "Euro Trash"-would be a good name for a rock band!
    Or maybe there is one already?

  22. Tom
  23. Tom

    This was a good insight into the world of gangs. I liked what one of the older guys was saying, "You could have killed someone who had the cure for cancer, you could have killed someone who had the cure for AIDS." Its so true these men and women have so much potential and if they can get out of this cycle they can do great things. It's an easy thing to pick up a gun and go kill the guy who killed your friend, its in our nature to get angry and want justice but it wont end the violence, that persons friend you kill will come after you and your friends after him. They see peace as unsustainable and a far off dream, but really gang wars on this scale are the real unsustainable things.

  24. David
  25. David

    interesting message . stop banging theres is no future.. but i have to say its not entirely their faults... when u know what the governement do behing to make this gang bang a cycle in the hood.. BUT NOW THAT WE KNOW THAT LETS NOT BE DUMB AND PLAY THEIR GAMES

  26. zoink
  27. zoink

    ZZZZZZZZZZ .... know-what-i'm-sayin'?

  28. Capricious
  29. Capricious

    Very boring movie, if not annoying. Even though I grew up in some grimey ass places and was even in gangs as a youngster, I could never understand killing people over colors. I also could never EVER wrap my mind around the thought of living a hopeless existence where you simply didn't care about anything, yourself included. What a wasteful way to choose to live your one shot at life.

  30. yalljusdontunderstand
  31. yalljusdontunderstand

    For the people who have something negative to say your ****** talking that **** on the computer how would you like it if your little 7 year old brother or sister or son or daughter got killed in gang violence that nothing to joke about. You Don't like how we do it out here DO NOT COME TO LA. And for the people who don't understand that life style keep going to work every day because opinions are like ********* everybody got one. But very good movie i know a couple of people that were on this doc.

  32. johnny
  33. johnny

    i used to be in crip but now i am out they shoot me they stabbed me nd they jumped me now i am free nd all off yall niggass have to get out of this gang life

  34. Sam
  35. Sam

    Mind-numbing, know what I'm sayin?

    I am so tired of hearing all the excuses about why they perpetuate the violence and all the victim mentality complexes. We are not simply products of our enviroments, we still have choices, choices to do right and wrong. Grow up boys, stand as men and make your own choices for your own life. Stop supporting our corporate prison system by donating your lives away to the machine, unite with each other and face the real problems. Your children will live in the world you create today, it's your time to break those chains, stop blaming the system.

  36. Geez
  37. Geez

    I like the way they say the US Gov't invented crack and gave it to them. Maybe we can find and post that documentary for all to see. Geez.

    After watching this, which is titled "Why we bang", I still don't know why they bang, know what I'm sayin'? These people live where they choose so they choose that life. Why aren't they teaching themselves "black on black love"? The people pretty much made it clear not to go in their 'hood so I'm not gonna go and teach them. I not only see people not working, but drinking and smoking spliffs. On camera yet. Good luck and congrats to Johnny above!

  38. John
  39. John

    Geez what planet are you on? They did not choose to live there you fool. And there have been ALOT of docos, books etc on the subject of crack being fed to the black community. Just because you grew up in some plush suburb in a privileged family doesn't mean everyone else did too. They can't "choose to live" in your perfect neighbourhood. Geez.

  40. D-K
  41. D-K

    While "there's always a choice" might be an oversimplification when it comes to this particular subject, there are several conscious choices involved when it comes to the residing community to perpetuate the system that's in place.

    There is a choice of leaving it all behind, or there wouldn't be refugees. Some people risk life and limb, crossing borders, dangerous waters to better their surroundings in order to better their own lives and that of their childrens'.

    It requires utter passivity to place blame externally, it takes effort and/or intelligence to break a cycle. Absence of crack would not settle any territorial disputes over "turf".. it would takes presence of mind to see things as the are, rather than see them in a way to doesn't lie the fault squarely in the lap of the supposed victim

  42. D-K
  43. D-K

    lie = place

  44. rebelliuss
  45. rebelliuss

    anyone who watched this and wasn't affected even a little by the mothers talking about their son's being lost in those senseless ways is just cold and has no heart.
    I'm not from the states but i have seen friends where i come from shot, stabbed and killed, or die from O.D's. i still have friends who cannot leave that world no matter how much they try because others won't give them the peace to move on. I came very close to being enveloped into it myself but was lucky enough to get out pretty early. luckily where i come from it's not as easy to get a gun as it is in the states, which leads me to my question;

    Where do all these guns come from and how do they get to the streets?

    Personally i don't know the solution because it's easy to say that they should all just get along and be friends, it's just not that simple, Ignorance breeds ignorance and hate breeds hate, and there's just too much hate for that to happen.
    All i can say is i think that the American government should take this conflict as seriously as the Palestine/Israel conflict and try to develop a roadmap for peace.
    Another thing is I don't believe they should all try to love Each other, because love can turn to hate very quickly. but I hope they can learn to respect each others right to live and find peace.
    Here's to Hope and Respect.


  46. InedibleHulk
  47. InedibleHulk

    Two things:

    Nobody is going to solve the problems of "the black community" while anybody is still referring to them like that. There is no black community. It's a convenient illusion. They live in many communities of many people, and each one has the same problems that every other American has to a degree. The longer there are "black neighbourhoods" (in the civics sense), and a war on drugs, this crap will just keep on multiplying. That's a very concise and slightly imprecise version of my thoughts there.

    Also, I love it when people upload the Stockholm '77 notice with their videos!

  48. Jacob M
  49. Jacob M

    These kids come from hard places, and their fam are their strapped homies. So from birth your set up with another family, another father to answer too. Where i came from we were falling through the floor, my uncle lived in a tree house in the back, we had no glass in the windows, you know? I never shot at nobody

  50. wiser
  51. wiser

    the fascist usa gouvernment profits in many more ways.

  52. jose
  53. jose

    These people are fun to hunt!!! No one ever misses them!!

  54. jose
  55. jose

    Glad to see ol two pack is in video. to bad he's feeden the worms - ya knowz what im sayin?? Screw the west side C.R.A.P.S.

  56. jose
  57. jose

    hey jacob you say you fell out of the apple tree??

  58. jose
  59. jose

    Gangs are fun to hunt and shoot!! I am so glad they are here - much better than paper targets!!!

  60. jose
  61. jose

    when its all over noonie is going to need a much bigger cake - you knows what im sayin??

  62. jose
  63. jose

    It's so fun to watch stoned in-breds try to make a simple point!!

  64. jose
  65. jose

    ize bang becaze i haz a high q thatz wy i wentz to collage and gots a digree in how to rais bangrs in test tubes. i thinks that i have a iq in how to be stupid becas i donts know how to tak or ak in or sociity. iam a bang pece of crafp!!

  66. djrakman
  67. djrakman

    this is a raw gang doco boring but true to the bone (ya know what im sayin'?)

  68. D
  69. D

    "Where do all these guns come from and how do they get to the streets?"

    It was brutal listening to the mom whose babies were both shot in the head. Can you imagine the sight of a bullet in the eye of a 10 month old baby ?

    I found this documentary interesting from an anthropological perspective. I hope more studies like these inspire people to come together.

  70. L
  71. L

    Interesting insight about the Gang subject, I knew more about the Motorcycle clubs way of dealing and thinking because I have lived with people of different group when I was a teenager, without being part of it, I witnessed a good part of the life... drugs, guns ( not many Ak-47 or Uzi here in Montreal) and yeah Montreal has them all "community" as people like to call them, since I work with arab, african, haitian, chinese, and people from all over the world, I try to learn from their point of view, however alien and offensive they may sometimes feel, I still try to make something of it, know what I'm saying?

    Anyways, I think we all make decision, but those decision ARE related/affected a LOT by the people around US, the situation of these people, and surely the existing culture that's specific to every damn city and even Hood as they call them...

    This documentary has it's human worth.

  72. maker
  73. maker

    All those blacks could choose a different life if they wanted to! Why not move to another, more decent part of L.A. or even different town? Than go find any work - at some bar, at car wash, at warehouse or whatever. There are jobs that don't require any education and that can give you a good starting point. At least to pay the rent and food. You can choose the way to live your life. You know what I'm sayin?!

  74. Frank
  75. Frank

    That's what the system and needs and does. The old Roman maxim - Divide and rule. Get people to turn on each other so the powers that be are left to rule over us all. The black panthers and the revolutionary thinking which went with it terrified the American ruling classes. The radical ideas were beginning to spread to the rest of society. They went out to break it and this and this wonderful but heart breaking documentary shows you the results with young black men from the same social back grounds and with common interests turning on each other. I hope one day enough of us will see the light and rise up against our oppressors and create a fair and humane for everyone regardless of race, creed, on nationality or any other weapon the ruling classes use to divide us.

  76. kaya
  77. kaya


    well said u wer spot on

  78. Dimon
  79. Dimon

    good doc just didnt agree with the woman in the end whos saying send the people locked up to go to Middle east to kill muslims , how you gonna say that when your message is to stop killing , or is it okay to kill muslims because some goof said it is ? and for everyone who wonders how to make things normal again , knowledge is power my brothers the more you know the harder you're to control , turn off your TV , stop voting , and look for alternative sources of information , not a CNN or a BBC network :), im from Russia , we did it in very early 1900's without guns , just brains and maybe a few farm forks and shovels , theres more of you and you have weapons , stand up for your shit or succumb to the extrermination of your own race by your own hands . the goverment keeps making rules that only apply to the population how about we make rules that apply to them ? food for thought . peace .

  80. ProudinUS
  81. ProudinUS

    pretty good doc. Amazing how some commenters can judge when they don't know nothing about city life.

  82. Coolflexa
  83. Coolflexa

    What that Minister Tony guy said about corporate investment into the penitentiary system is so damn on-point.

  84. Coolflexa
  85. Coolflexa

    Interesting doc overall.

  86. redteddy
  87. redteddy

    Watch 'B**tard Party' on this same site. Its much better researched and executed than 'Why We Bang' which doesn't really offer much insight.

  88. Vicky Lindsey
  89. Vicky Lindsey

    Maker, it ain't that easy. Where do u suggest "they" move? Violence happens "From the Top of the Hill 2 the Bottom of the Hood" ! Trust me, it is not just a Black issue! It's an issue we ALL need 2 b CONCERNED about! Instead of pointing fingers @ what "we" should do without attempting 2 help, Get Involved by Choice Not Force!!!

  90. Vicky Lindsey
  91. Vicky Lindsey

    I loved "Why We Bang". It's not a matter whether u feel it's good or not, it' a matter of it being true!! Unless u have Solutions 4 "Our" Problems, Don't point fingers on what "We" should do! As a matter of fact, "We" are Solving "Our" Own Problems! If U're ever n Los Angeles County area, visit "Us", the Southern California Cease Fire Committee, every Wed @ 6:30pm @ 7900 S. Western Ave, L.A. 90047! If U're Not gonna about Peace & Solutions, Don't Talk about what u think "We" need 2 do!

  92. Network
  93. Network

    I wonder when does the Black community take responsibility for it's own actions? Bill Cosby set it best and he's then deemed a racist by the his own. Well here's news, he is 100% right.

    They continually just pass the buck to every one else. In a nation of minorities and immigrants they are the only one who haven't done a thing to change their own situation. Looking at the likes of the Nation of Islam (who killed Malcom X after he realized it was sham), Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson it's clear they have no leaders.

  94. Long John
  95. Long John

    The building is for a Nation, not a gang. To assert ourselves as Kings, Queens and Warriors,..not gangstas, hoes, nor thugs. This is what the original purpose of the education and Organizing was about, but the u-a-peons turned it ot itself-

  96. Long John
  97. Long John into itself. Now for years been killing, don't know why, but won't stop on each other while others are killing them with no retaliation. What gives??? 'o killers. Where is Yore real heart??? Check our the organization Cooperation Unity Peace, Inc., the structure for the B-C Nation-1st Family Malcolm i. Piece-Up. Power.

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