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Wired: South KoreaIn South Korea addiction to gaming has become an epidemic, with murders attributed to it and psychiatric units struggling to cope. And whilst the South binges, North Korean cyber warriors have been striking.

"Sitting in a chair for a long period of time can lead to slipped discs or the formation of blood clots, causing damage to other organs" Dr Lee Jae-Won explains, as he describes how addicted online gamers play for 4 or 5 days non-stop, before being hospitalized.

Dozens of killings have been attributed to online gaming and babies have been left to die by their addicted parents. Surprisingly, that's not the only thing South Korea has to fear from the internet. North Korea have developed a sophisticated capacity to infiltrate the South's computer networks.

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  1. TheAgentOfDeath .

    but seriously who the hell is kim ga yeon, not even on the top 100 list of korean movies stars. serisouly this documentary.

  2. 31jetjet

    Too short.

  3. Hexotica

    Absolutely fascinating. This doco deserves a much higher rating than it has been given. It is a factual overview of the virtual world in South Korea that illuminates the very dark side of how technology is affecting young gamers and how it is being used by North Korea in cyber warfare. The interviews with North Korean defectors were highly informative of exactly how dangerous technology can or could be...

  4. ZarathustraSpeaks

    Again, as long as we "drink the koolaid" of blaming other people, other companies, other products and anyone but our own responses to these "genetic defects" we will never deal with these problems. "Genetic defects" can be attributed to almost any human behavior or weakness but does nothing to deal with problem. All life is a "genetic defect" but we each have to deal with cards we are dealt.

  5. texastea2

    I agree djc with one exception, in my opinion it is beyong threatening and has been harming for some time now. It is all a vicous cycle.The Koreans and in general the Asian nations celebrate gaming because it IS such a large part of their consumption. It is an industry that they are deeply involved in and (invested) in.Certain Koreans at the top of the food chain pay alot of their money (write offs) employing psychiatrist and all kinds of phd 's and on and on tasked with getting everyone playing their game.They are very very clever.The human mind is very open to suggestion.It has weaknesses and vulnerabilities as well as amazing strengths. These people have actually mapped neuro circuitry in the brain studied kids brain activity while doing certain things looking for a way (once again) to hook the person adult as well but the cash cow is the child.
    It is a sickness that is destroying the earth.All the republicans in the US hated and still hate Jimmy Carter but time last far longer than our embarrasingly short lives. Time will ultimately prove President Jimmy Carter correct in his WARNING to the American people before he left office.America is on the path to becoming a Nation of consumers.Consuming many times what we produce.It will lead to disaster.We should have listened.Can you name a more HONEST politician PERIOD? ANYBODY?

    1. AntiTheist666

      I agree we live in times of consumerism gone mad but can you
      describe a bigger oxymoron than a HONEST politician? You might be waiting an awfully long time for an answer.

    2. Blucross

      Eisenhower ! He gave us a grave warning about the Industrial-Military complex and the creation of NEVER ending war.

    3. texastea2

      We did not heed that warning neither. Again, a country whose citizens are collectively ignorant and/or indifferent will never be truly free.

  6. nathan chaplin

    very interesting .. it did stray from the gaming addiction by the end, but all in all a very enlightening movie

  7. Hyunyoung Ingelid

    Is it about wired Korea? or North and South Korean relationship? Clear the main point.... just bla..bla.

  8. David Ewer

    As Faxcion says, this film could be described as a game of two halves - it began with a expose of internet and gaming addiction in the South, but went on to look at N Korea's supposed plans to attack the south and other nations like Australia.

    1. Imah Sim

      I agree. I came to this documentary to learn more about the gaming addiction of S Korea and was disappointed since it integrated more information about their war with N Korea.

  9. Faxcion

    So.. Was this supposed to be a S. Korea gaming problem or another we hate N. Korea film?

  10. Anirudh Gargi

    I am in n S.Korea currently ! i can feel so much about this ! They are all the time hooked to their pc and smartphones !

  11. TheDanishViking

    Interesting film.

  12. Luke waddington

    exceptional look into the door of Korea, South and North, thanks.

  13. simona kenda

    First time I join the discussion here, though I'm a friend and very observant of Documentay films. I'm speaking on behalf of the women, children and the non violent people of this world. We can never tell what you want dear Seals (or simmilar), yet we always must be considered a colatteral damage. We don't fight, we don't use tactits yet who dies as a results is us. We're also don't need no publicity! The time maybe has come to get the real WikiLeaks and you and your friends will have to see who is the real ppl of this world, we are peaceful. All off you have the prospective that there is enemy and all we the collateral damage have to do is to is to take your orders, your propaganda. Who is really gonna die? Hmmm? I want only to tell you that life is too short for the games you want us to play. The games that you know! We Civilians want to live without these games, we want to live in peace, we can do it! How this is achieved, easy, don't look for another war!

  14. ZarathustraSpeaks

    Ok, now I get it. The problem is S. Korean depression, consumerism, technology , PC cafes, and everything and anything except using your brain. Perfect parents in every way except they lock their kids in the closet for some game time. Oh yeah, and the trainspotters that choose video gaming instead of life after they have had their jollies making babies for the world to enjoy.Maybe a little "angst" is called for?

  15. Drdocwilmot

    There is a big demand in South Korea for the "puffer fish" dinner. Sold at "high end" restaurants and prepared by licensed chefs, the diner must sign a waiver before he or she eats fugu... as people have died from it which makes the meal more risky and exciting.

    Puffer fish is a great delicacy and very expensive in South Korea...The neuro- toxin (tetrodotoxin) in the fish must be removed... but not all of it... a little creates a tingling body numbness that can be translated into a five hour blow job for the fat cat business man or South Korean gangster who takes his "friend" to dinner.

    Due to this phenomenon the "friends" mouth will become a sensational news item... South Korean paparazzi will surreptitiously photograph the mouth and print it in tabloid contests where participants try and guess the person eating fugu based solely on the picture of the mouth appearing in the paper... under the headline: Who's Mouth Is This?

  16. Nosferat

    Gaming or just sitting too much in front of the pc can be easily considered an addiction just like tobacco or booze.

    It seems harmless and many people do not consider it as being addictive, however I feel sorry for the folks that are trapped and do not even know it.

    There is a small upside and a very big downside to gaming as being encouraged as a sport,a way to make a living. Society should be the one to put some brakes on this.

    The first problem is just like with smokers or heavy drinkers " I can quit anytime I want, I just don't want to right now", it's the same BS I hear from people who spend 4 hours/day on facebook,then another 2-3 hours on twitter and so on, or 9-10 hours/day playing a game. You are addicted, you need help or your life will be in the toilet in a few years. Nope, you will not get to be the top gamer, there are other tens of thousands of people trying to become professional gamers.

    You most likely will end up alone on the streets, without a steady income, without friends and then there will be no alternate reality you can escape to, maybe if you start sniffing some glue you will get to play skyrim in your mind.

  17. Mercenarry ForHire

    Wow... just wow. :o

  18. ZarathustraSpeaks

    Double and triple BS. Addictions come in all forms but people make choices. Addiction to smart phones kill people every day. It does not change the fact we either have self control or we dont. If we dont have personal responsibility we have nothing. Making dramatic proclamations about the dangers of "gaming" does no more to address the problem than prohibition did to cure alcoholics.

    1. Gladen

      That may be the case but when you open claiming B.S, expect others to prove your claim wrong. If you want to discuss and not argue the facts of addiction that is fine, however there is no need for angst here. This is a discussion forum.

    2. texastea2

      One thing about it if there was no alcohol one would not need a cure for alcoholism.The drug itself (alcohol) is the only trigger for the disease.Prohibition did not cure alcoholics because the desire for it and the lust of money from those breaking the law and making and selling alcohol and the "officials" who enjoyed the benefits of such activity never allowed the spicket to be turned off. Besides whiskey makers do not spend billions of dollars on learning how to get you hooked on their product as early as possible.
      We all have brains that are "manipulated" by marketing. Perhaps if you could be a subject in a scientific study I am sure the sonys and nintendos of the world would love to get hold of that brain and pick it apart until they figure out it's weakness.
      Alcoholism is most certainly a genetic defect. On the other hand ALL brains have ways to be manipulated. Could never fool you with a simple experiment could we? The answer is of course we could. We could drive a bus right past you and you would not know it? Total self control is probably not acheivable. Mastery of control takes a lifetime most of us just want to live life.

    3. ZarathustraSpeaks

      As long as we "drink the koolaid" of blaming other people, other companies, other products and anyone but our own responses to these "genetic defects" we will never deal with these problems. "Genetic defects" can be attributed to almost any human behavior or weakness but does nothing to deal with problem. All life is a "genetic defect" but we each have to deal with cards we are dealt.

    4. texastea2

      Hide your children then because I have some really good koolaid. I guarantee you they will want it.So you as your comment attest to would have no problem with me marketing to your children? All life is not a genetic defect forms of change are defects but life itself is not a defect defects come with replication. The reason one blames the companies is simply because they are the ones doing it. True we have to deal the cards we are dealt. Unfortunately we are talking about our future (which is funny because the future will not include us).It is our children and their children.Not a card game.
      Marketing to children is wrong. Simple.It is not rocketscience.You are full of it if you say you would let me market to your children.If you would then you should not have children (except for me getting rich selling them CRACK) .How foolish your so called argument is. If it is simply self control and children have tons of it according to you why the need for them to pay millions of dollars for psychiatric experiments.Follow and film children from the time they wake up til the time they go to bed.Then they hook up the wires and experiment with different late night activity seeing if they can get the child to dream about the things they want them to dream about.There is no disputing this, it is out there for even YOU to research.Oh yes there are parents that feel just as you that allow their children to be used as guinee pigs.You really think thats a good idea do ya?
      If we are born with so much self control why are we not allowed to drink until we are 21 years old smoke cigs,Hell one can never smoke a joint of pot they are thrown in jail even if they are sixty years old.Wonder why? Why can't I market them to YOUR children. You simply have put no research into this.For the truth is you could have evidence piled up 20 ft and it would not change your outlook.For what ever reason ( it's usually alot easier) to just say simple proven meme's than to look at research and make a decision based upon evidence and facts. According to you there is no problem. What do you suggest we should do to protect our children.Put the burden on THEM ?Makes sense to me NOT.Oh yeah your strategy was I believe"don't drink the koolaid" yeah lets just go with that plan it is only our children.Good luck with your children if you ever want to prove your point I know people willing to give them koolaid for free.If you truly feel life is just self control. PS it is not a defect but the way the brain works that is being worked on all in an effort to hook your children NO PROBLEM. They simply will do anything to sell more.You do not need defects you simply need to be human. I could manipulate YOU very easily it is why we have wars.

    5. ZarathustraSpeaks

      What you are saying is your brain and the brain of your children are sponges and nothing more. Obviously it is our role as parents or guardians to make ultimate choices on what our children do to protect them from what we consider harmful until they can make their own choices. Part of that process is teaching them to think critically rather than just telling them to stay away from the boogey-man.Whether its the evil marketers, the conspiracy theorist, the bible thumping preachers, the bacteria phobic fear mongers, the liberals, the conservatives or the politicians spreading their propaganda I have always taught all three of my children they have the ultimate control over their lives with critical thinking. Alcohol, smoking, video gaming are all choices they will have to make on their own based on observations and critical analysis of the info. available. Everything you see in life is someones marketing attempt from their perspective just as yours and my comments are on this subject.

    6. texastea2

      Lets get you a cookie for the worlds best mom. Meanwhile I will keep working on how to corrupt your children and since you think somehow that it's a good thing for me to try and sell drugs to your children and as a drug dealer I can make more money if I get em hooked early Speaking as a drug dealer that does not give a damn about your kids PLEASE keep telling everyone I am good for the children.Or at least you do not care because you are WAY to smart for me.Thank YOU.
      "everything you see in life is someones marketing attempt from their perspective" WHAT? Being caring loving sharing is not "marketing" doing what is best for the real LIFE is not marketing. Water is not a commodity to be "marketed" Air is not a marketing tool. Competing against one another instead of cooperating with one another and caring for one another is simply stupid. So I would assume it would be alright with you if we allowed bath salts to be advertised on tv in a childs tv program? Heroin? After all it is a parents job to teach them as you have yours right? You make no sense and knowing that you are a parent of three after listening to this comment is disheartening. Teach your children to be kind and LOVING not that it is OKAY to try and screw them for your benefit. MY GOD what do you not understand?

    7. ZarathustraSpeaks

      Thanks for the tip on teaching my children to be kind and loving (as they are), but I am not relying on some bureaucrat to protect my children from every possible 'evil-doer". Teaching them to think for themselves is more important than any government protection they will ever get. You can stop being "disheartened" about my children as 2 are in college and 1 in graduate school and doing quite well making their way in the world without me constantly watching over their shoulder so they wont be manipulated by the "mind controllers". This is my reply to your argument even if you cant "get your head around it"
      The real mind controlling and manipulating is being done by the groups and agencies that have convinced the sheeples they are helpless to control themselves.

    8. terrasodium

      "We are not interested in those stupid crimes that you have committed.
      The Party is not interested in the overt act: the thought is all we care
      about. We do not merely destroy our enemies, we change them. Do you
      understand what I mean by that?" O’Brien speaking to Winston in the novel "1984"

    9. ZarathustraSpeaks

      Exactly right, and if we do not have the ability to recognize and reject what is good and bad for us then we have no freedom anyway. Whether its from the politicians we ask to "protect us" or the slick corporate marketers its the same B.S.

  19. PattyBees

    This isn't BS like some of you think- as an East Asian studies major, I've researched things of this nature, how the massive proliferation of technology in Asia (more specifically, South Korea) has impacted society. I can't cite exact details because it's been a while (if anyone really wants them, I can dig through my notes), but I remember there was an incident in which two South Korean parents left their baby at home to starve to death as they sat at a PC cafe and nurtured a virtual child, and there was a case of a boy killing his parents for trying to separate him from their games. These are obviously exceptional cases, but they do happen, and it's really unfortunate.

  20. alans

    Seems like both South and North are in fantasy worlds.

  21. Tina

    It´s coco. Hello, get a life instead!

  22. djc200

    The problem is that S. Koreans celebrate gaming like the West celebrates mass consumerism. At its very core, they're both disorders that threaten to weaken humanity's collective health and the very social structures that they're founded upon. We award the fanatical and the truly addicted while dismissing any thought that their actions have any far-reaching consequences.

  23. ZarathustraSpeaks

    "babies have been left to die by addicted parents"? I call BS!

    1. Alex

      this is some anti computer gaming propaganda sh**
      There is no way you can tie bad parents to gaming, the very same parents would leave their babies to die in any other situation, it just happened to be gaming.

    2. KJ

      Are you also an addicted gamer? Is that why you call it propaganda?

    3. Gladen

      Perhaps before you declare something B.S you might want to do a little research into child abuse and Internet gaming. You will find that there have indeed been cases of child neglect which has led to the death of the child, including known cases of locking them into cupboards and wardrobes to keep them quiet where they have passed away.

    4. ZarathustraSpeaks

      The problem is parenting not "gaming"

    5. Gladen

      I was not commenting on the problem, but the fact of the problem. You called B.S, I directed you to do research pertaining to the facts.

    6. Neal Croskery

      if only it were shenanigans :(

    7. KJ

      Do some research.