World War 1 in Color

World War 1 in Color

2003, History  -   33 Comments
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World War 1 in ColorWorld War I in Color is a documentary designed to make the Great War come alive for a 21st-century audience.

The events of 1914-18 are authoritatively narrated by Kenneth Branagh, who presents the military and political overview, while interviews with historians add different perspectives.

The human cost is conveyed by moving interviews with the now very elderly survivors, and by extracts from letters and memoirs. All aspects of the war, on land, sea and air are covered in separate programmes.

The crucial difference between this and the WWII programmes is that the Great War wasn't filmed in color, and the footage has been computer colorized.

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33 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Ken

    Wars are God's way of teaching Geography to Americans

  2. Michael

    First two wars had only one consequence. Death. Victories were shallow at best.

  3. Steve Schein

    The cause of all wars is religion.

    1. PosterBoi

      Very true. Religion killed people as witches in the name of some god and still use it to excuse bigotry today. The hypocrisy is nearly comical when someone like Jimmy Swaggart or Jim Bakker would preach against gays, then turn around and violate one of their 10 commandments by having sex with prostitutes.

    2. Jon

      Are you declaring that prior to religion, there was peace and tranquility that allowed men progress?

    3. Achems_Razor

      Was there ever a time that was prior to religion? If so tell us that time.

    4. Jon

      You should ask the other guy. Reply to him so he will take notice.

    5. Steve Schein

      Not all but most.

    6. Art

      Really? Some not over land/resources? Some not over ideology? Actually, I think one could say all wars are over miscalculations of the other side's steadfastness.

  4. adilrye

    Seeing it in colour makes it so different...

  5. TonyIII

    I'm glad I wasn't raised to speak a language I don't understand.

  6. JeffKelleher

    Don't imagine that colorizing WW I films is a trivial thing; even less that it is the artisitic travesty as when original movies are colorized. On the contrary, letting us see "as they saw it" brings immediacy and reality that will transform your comprehension of that long-ago tragedy.

  7. Petar Vitanovich

    WW1 was an awesome war. It ended the slavery of many peoples, at the sacrifice of some of the greatest leaders, which led countries to experiment in their form of governing, which in turn led to some good and very bad platforms for future generations to base their government and leadership styles around. Even though every WW1 doc makes me feel like a Slavic retard, how they talk about us lol. They seem to forget that in the case of Serbs, we were enslaved for over 500yrs by Ottomans, then Austro-Hungry, and if 500yrs of slavery doesn't lead to revolt, I don't know what does...

    1. Sean Finn

      "WWI was an awesome war"?

      Did you completely disregard what you just saw?

    2. Veritas

      And started the slavery of many others...Don't forget that! And you weren't enslaved by Austro-Hungary. That's the other thing. Your people were fleeing from the turks, and settled on the teritory of the Austrian empire. This empire gave you a home, but when it started having problems, your people started to rebel. Learn history dude.
      Your awesome war started the World War II.

  8. TonyIII

    See Europe commit cultural suicide.

    1. Sean Finn

      Nothing changes. Nowadays, we are seeing Europe commit financial suicide .

  9. communism_works

    I'd like to see a documentary about the footage itself. Which is a recreation, where it was filmed, by who, why, when.. That would be interesting on it's own.

  10. Steven Purge

    War is horrible ....all wars ....People must learn to live in peace....and respect each other ....nothing is more precious as life ....Now we can communicate very easy ....distances are not significant ...people can be .close as they have never been in their long history....

    1. Sean Finn

      Lovely Ideal, but it wont ever happen. Peace doesn't suit mankind. Never has, Never will.

  11. Pangaea

    I agree with MatarD .. first world war (the other one) is a better watch in terms of amount of info fleshed out timline. though saying that, it is nice see what that era might have looked like in colour.
    The only problem I have with the colour is no matter how engrossed I was in the documentary, there was a little part of my mind telling me what Im looking at is not what was (in terms of colourising black and white footage)
    yet still interesting to see colourised ;P

    A worthwhile edition to tdf

  12. Epicurus

    i just finished the first episode, and im pumped to watch the rest. very interesting.

    1. lex lexich

      it would be interesting if not for so many (too) long geriatric periods

    2. Epicurus

      lol i hear ya, just pretend you are listening to your grandpa....or maybe your great grandpa.

    3. Sean Finn

      Yeah its not like those "geriatrics" were there.
      How dare the editors cut into horrific war footage, just to show those men who saw the dead fall daily.

      The only reason your not writing in German right now is due to the actions of these "Geriatrics."

    4. Guest

      So us writing in English is not derived from Empire building, suppression, coercion, murder, torture and slavery; already?

    5. Sean Finn

      Modern English evolved from both Germany and France starting in the 11th century. It was then used by scientists, philosophers and intellectuals to secretly communicate during the 14th-17th centuries, as the church did not recognise English (they used French and Italian). The church would inform each person of what they could and could not think; defiance of the church would usually result in horrible punishments. So, in actual fact, the English language evolved from the desire to circumvent those horrible consequences that you have so eagerly applied to the modern British empire (who was acting in self-defence during WWI.) Torture and slavery may have contributed to the rise of the English language, but those actions were not carried out by those who were actually speaking English, but those who despised English. (Church hated the language due to its scientific connotations)

    6. Yavanna

      a splendid doc indeed

  13. Aldo Solari

    Lest We Forget.

  14. MatarD

    Putting up a WW1 doc. in color hit a soft spot for me, thank you very much.

    However, if you want the story of this war you should instead watch "The First World War" put up here earlier. That doc. is super excellenté.

    1. ishmaelangelo

      Where can I find "the First World War?"

    2. MatarD

      It is nr. 59 under Military and War, in the documentary list

    3. adilrye

      So do you think this one is nicer to look at, but the other one is more informative? Just want a "Review" I guess.