World War II in Colour

World War II in Colour

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World War II in ColourA collection of rare and unseen footage of World War II and the very latest colorization techniques come together in World War II in Colour.

With satellite-delivered terrain mapping and state-of-the-art graphics, this new series reveals the epic conflict of the 20th century in a fresh light. Narrated by English actor Robert Powell, World War II in Colour is a vivid, in-depth experience that provides viewers with new insights and information.

Newly divulged documents, files and photographs, code breaking revelations, and recently released government papers on both sides of the Atlantic add a different dimension to our understanding of the strategies and battles of World War II.

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  1. A very bad documentary, especially the US guys who try to explain things, such actors. Very biased on allies.

  2. I think that this documentary is quite informative but biased towards the winners. I think that one fact in WWII, Axis Powers have the greater prowess in terms of tactics but they were pushed the might of Allies in terms of numbers of people and military artillery. Though, this is just my opinion.

    Another thing regards this documentary is sometimes, it explains a part of the history of this war in a very comprehensive way but there are events in the war that was simply skipped over or just skimmed over it.

  3. Excellent in archival footage, narration, and good use of color.
    Even history buffs who believe they know all there is to know about
    WWII will find interesting and factual episodes. Well worth seeing.

  4. The Britishers were no less than the Nazis. What Nazis did to the Jews was almost the same as what Britishers did to the Indians. Causing famines, killing more than 3 million Indians, Jalianwala Bagh massacre, looting India’s wealth... YOUR WINSTON CHURCHILL played a major role in destroying our country. And you say he held the world together. Even till date Britishers are not at all sorry for their actions. At least the Germans realize what the Nazis had done in the past was very cruel, unlike the Britishers. PLEASE DO READ YOUR HISTORY!

    1. You are frustrated.....I have to live with them!!

      Of course they were as bad. I am from the west, you don't have to tell me how stupid, gullible and infantile we are....I am surprised the moderators haven't kicked me off for attacking westerners for their bewildering stupidity.....and I am very, very grateful to them btw :)

      What westerners don't get is that the major industrialized nations must invade rape and control the weaker nations in order to obtain the required resources to feed their industries. That would require a degree of thoughtfulness, intelligence and empathy....and strike 3, you're out

      The Battle of Britain really gets up nose as well. The British empire, up to its neck in blood, was fighting off the Nazi's who wanted slice of the colonial pie. Just after the war, the British tortured and murdered 1.5 million Kenyan tribesman in the name of freedom....the freedom for the British do to what ever they like . Doesn't get freer than that

    2. Damn right bhen! We had 2.5 million ppl fighting against axis, and no one talks about that. About the sikh regiements that served, the food that Chruchill took from Bengal during famine, for stocking. Like wtf man ppl r dying. But nahin no one discusses this.

  5. For those of you that THINK that this film is biased from a Great Britain or American view, you have obviously not DONE YOUR RESEARCH! Winston Churchill held the WORLD TOGETHER until (as he had prayed) Roosevelt got the Americans into the fight after the bombing of Pearl Harbor ( which they had no desire to do). READ YOUR HISTORY.

    1. Rubbish, he was a ruling class despot, tasked with holding on to Britain's colonial possessions

  6. Whilst it is quite interesting and even takes into account the Spanish Civil War and some lesser known battles, it is American so essentially it portrays the war as America's versus everyone and they won single handedly.

  7. Me too. I would like to buy this. Let me know how. Thanks.

  8. I'm with Cathy. Where can we buy this at?

  9. I am trying to find a dvd or blu-ray version of this that is playable in the U.S. and am not having any luck. Any of you know where I can buy this from a reputable company or seller?

    1. You need to order a multi region blu-ray player from U.S.

  10. First it was not known as the Jewish problem But (The Jewish Question) Second it wasn't proven that Hitler committed suicide there was a body brunt beyond recognition in his bunker with Eva Braun who was over killed having being shot in the head after drinking enough arsenic that could have kill 10 elephants so don't add or take away from history and I also found a few other discrepancies in this report of World War II IN COLOUR... Thank You, remember we who truly love history are watching and will point anything that is a stretched fact which is in fact a lie...

  11. All the things of this topics are interesting .
    Remember the words I have read in a movie that " Older men declare war , young men fight and died".
    Could someone tell that which General is the best in the whole WW2?
    Honestly , I've 1st learned about WW2 by playing COD games.
    You guys are wealth at knowledge.

    Thanks for sharing the knowledge. :)

  12. This is a phenomenal and comprehensive review of WW2 realpolitik - the players, the ideologies, the technologies, capabilities and all the rest of the factors that played into what happened. The combination of detailed movies in color really brought the people to life and made them more in the present than the usual B&W views into the past, and the military films from the Allies and Axis (less from Russia) were fascinating. Really, all these men were so alike - young, healthy, active. When they were filmed marching in, they were glorious; when routed broken.

    All is not perfect though. The vertical topic focus confuses the parallel things, so it's sometimes hard to track. Yes it leans toward the British view, but they produced it. Yes it has some historical inaccuracies. It curiously left out some major pieces of the story. E.G.: the competition between the British and American generals (Montgomery and Patton) in the 2-pronged Italian invasion and who would get there first and get the PR benefit; glossing over the Philippines and MacArthur; overlooking the garrulous Japanese ambassador and his wordy daily reports decoded via Enigma that gave the Allies a view into Japanese strategies and conditions, including the navy.

    Overall, A+ for history buffs - really ties things together. Should be shown in all high school history classes.

  13. Thumbs up for a nicely done production. Only complaint is the obvious bias towards Britain. Not surprising considering the film's creators.

  14. I have a question about WWII in color.. It is a picture I see time and again in footage of shows about WWII... The picture is of things the Nazis took from concentration camp prisoners. The picture shows hair, gold teeth, dentures, rings and then something long and slim. At first I thought it was limbs (bones) but the ends do not have the correct structure to them. Does anyone know what that last thing is? In WWII in color it is a shot from left to right and my question is about the thing(?) on the far right. I know referring to the "thing" is barbaric, however, I'm not sure what else to call it. Does anyone know??

  15. Once again Western democracies failed to react...- that's a good summarizing...

    The history repeats itself right now with Putin taking Hitler's place. And the West reacting as usual (no reaction)...

    1. I do apologise, but you are and and the words you say and write are made by the heavy propaganda, unfortunately, democracies of the western countries are blind to notice facism of the right parties of Ukrain, who pray at the people, collaborated with Hitler during that cruel war, killing Ukrainian as well as Polish and many thousands of others. It is a shame to know so little of this history.

  16. I'm with Heart Winter, this is THE BEST WWII documentary I've ever watched, and I've watched tons! I'm only 10, but I know everything ( or almost everything ) there is to know about WW2. Heart Winter IS right, we should be showing this stuff to the new generation, show them war IS NOT NICE!! I mean, I love these documentaries and now I'm a WW2 know-it-all.

  17. Precisely the documentary I am looking for. Very easy to understand, complete with geographical mapping, actual footage and beautiful narration. One of the best documentaries I have watched, so far.

    What's ironic is that these pawns of war died, imprisoned, suffered under the selfish and egoistic command of leaders who stayed comfortably making decisions inside their palace. Now, World War II means almost nothing to those who have never been actually there. The appalling number of fighters who lost lives giving trust to incapable and ambitious leader end up being buried unknown. Funny how saints are known better than true heroes of war, right? :D

    I think this video should be shown to the new generation. What we have now is a product of history, and it cost them so much to the point that we can't understand right now. I have not witnessed real war but I certainly hope I will never will, no one will. Even movies, in games that I occasionally play, never had I pictured vividly the cities actually crumbling flat to rubble; or witnessing millions of civilians becoming homeless and dying being caught up in war they never have anything to do with.

    What I wanted is for people to understand what the WWII and its severity was. They're lucky not to have been born at that time.
    People really wondered why I would spend time learning about the past. If people know how it was in the past, they wouldn't be wasting their precious life right now getting preoccupied by trivialities and sometimes even real nonsense stuff.

  18. I think the Japanese would fight as long as there was a fight. They seldom surrendered and generally fought to the last man. The prospect of the US A-Bombing them from a distance and not invading was to much. The fight was over, the war was over.
    I could be wrong.

  19. My English is not good enough for understanding the film with just listening. If you don't mind, would you please show me where I can get subtitle for this series?

  20. My grandpa was a gunner on THE FLYING FORTRESS for the Americans. Cheers to all allies who fought in this horrific war to save Europe.

    1. Thanks to those herous my kids can life in freedom

    2. cool the famous B17 flying fortresses were literally flying fortresses with a 50 cal on each side and anoe gunner, a tail gunner and i thinak a gunner up top too.

  21. After all comments i have seen here no one mention Norway at all. Do not forget we ended Hitlers Atomic Program, and we sunk Donau which was two major events that changed the war. they invaded us but that does not mean we didn't fight for freedom. Go see Max Manus a great man and movie.

    1. No one has forgotten, they just might not be educated in that part of the war. I think it boils down to the media and educators portraying only the parts of the war that they want to be seen. I haven't seen one significant documentary on the invasion of China by the Japanese, where the Chinese succumbed to staggering losses (mostly civilians) rivaling the losses Russia faced... or the bravery of the Finnish soldiers fighting against the Russians and winning battles against all odds. Most mainstream documentaries and historical texts seem to focus only on the Allied eastern & western invasions, Rommel's desert war, and the south east Asia & Pacific theaters. There was a lot to this war that most do not see: not just Normandy, not just Stalingrad, not just Berlin... I haven't researched much on Norway's involvement, but thanks to your post, I will now skip down the path of enlightenment. Cheers

    2. Agreed. I expect, too, that with the help of the media and egged on by nationalist pride, public attention has mostly been focused on big, brutal, slugging matches that the Allies won. I don't know how many docs exist on Midway or sinking the Bismark, but I doubt we'll ever see a movie called "Sink the Prince of Wales" or "The Battle of Savo Island." Norway has probably been neglected, despite its importance, because it's been treated (with some exceptions) as fought by the resistance and as a series of commando raids. As for the Russo-Finish war, it's asking a lot of a Cold War audience to figure out who to root for. The public is averse to complexity and prefers simple good vs. evil.

    3. You bring up a good point regarding the "cold war audience" and complexity issues. I think this is a critical flaw in public thinking. In my opinion, this is the fault (but not limited to) of educators. We are taught to quickly swing toward a biased and borderline ignorant thought pattern, instead of analyzing the complex nature of international relationships. Complexity is uncomfortable! The public ignoring the details seems to show that us as humans will never fully learn from our past mistakes, no matter how brutally apparent they may be. Hopefully, in the next several generations with the ongoing globalization of our world we'll be able to shed prejudice and focus efforts on analysis, understanding, and empathy.

  22. Is the more to the WWII in colour, if so, where is it?

  23. Ladies & Gentlemen: Since I was in the Pacific at that time, I don't believe that there there was man out that didn't cheer the use of the A bomb. If they hadn't, I might not be here. Right up to the second A bomb they were happily slaughtering Chinese and other groups. Remember they had a completly intact and fully equiped army in China and other countries to use to bargain with.

    A not so small matter was that time was against them, they were within 3-4 months of having their own A bomb, which I have no doubt they would have happily used.

    If they had had the time to finish it, we may not have won the war.

    What I hated most was the complete loss of so many beautiful Japanese girls. Sigh

    Don Jose de La Mancha
    "I exist to Live, not live to exist"

    1. The bomb apparently did save lives in the end, but neither did the Japanese have a well equipped army (They had a crappy reserve that the Soviets crushed when they invaded Manchuria) nor were they anywhere near deploying an atomic weapon.

    2. G'morning Luis. join me in the patio for coffee? Lupita, un cafe para Don Luis, por favor.

      Frankly what would you have done with the knowledge available at 'that time' of the events in the entire world ?

      Remember more were actually killed in one night by the fire bombing of Tokyo or in many of the European city's, why no breast beating on them? Frankly being A bombed is far more humane.

      Also you are completely discounting the losses of the allies on top of the Japanese losses with an invasion. Put in full and proper context, the actual lives lost in the bombing were minimal in comparison..

      I am curious as to where you obtained your information that Japan was not on the brink of an atomic bomb? In addition, remember that Germany was sending her enriched Uranium, plus the scientists to help finish Japan's bomb via a super sub which was sunk off of the coast of the US.

      I doubt that there was a single man destined for possible combat in a Japanese invasion that didn't applaud the use of the bombs, but many, such as myself. deplored the loss of so many beautiful japanese gals. Sigh.
      Incidentally, may I ask you for 'your' prognostication for the next 5 years for the US and the world?
      Don Jose de La Mancha

      "I exist to Live, not live to exist"

      Subject: [topdocumentaryfilms] Re: World War II in Colour

    3. I don't know what Allied intelligence knew (or thought they did) at the time of the atomic bombings, which is why I did not comment on their morality or necessity. I explicitly stated that the bombs "apparently did save lives" because I know the prognosis for Operation Endgame was bleak with over 2 million casualties for both sides, not counting civilian deaths (which make an approx. 500,000 deaths attributable to Hiroshima and Nagasaki seem minor).

      I simply objected to two very dubious claims. And since you've said nothing more about the Japanese Kwantung army, I take it we're talking just about the WW2 Japanese nuclear program now.

      According to Dahl, Per F. (1999). "Heavy water and the wartime race for nuclear energy.", the IJN believed atomic bombs were feasible but would be so far off in time that not even the U.S. could complete a working device before the end of the war. Scalia, Joseph M. (2000). "Germany's Last Mission to Japan: The Failed Voyage of U-234." Shows the sub you talk about was not sunk, it was captured and brought to Portsmouth naval base, where about half a ton of UNREFINED uranium oxide was discovered on board.

      At this point in the war (April, 1945) Japan did not have the infrastructure necessary to enrich enough uranium for a bomb (which is still a costly and difficult process in 2012), and if it had it, it would have still taken months with 1945's technology. Then it would have required the design of the bomb itself (gun or implosion or even boosted fission, none of which was proven to work back then), testing of the bomb components (lens, charges, assembly), testing of the device itself and finally making the production model.

      Japan didn't even reach the point of having enough enriched uranium for subcritical tests. Considering the U.S. spent 2 billion dollars at the time in the Manhattan project (What could you have bought with $2 billion in 1945? I'm curious, it sounds like a lot of money) while Japan was actually recycling U.S. bomb steel to get enough metal, I think it's pretty safe to say they simply couldn't produce an atomic bomb. Had Japanese industry been intact instead of largely ashes by that point, they still might not have had a testing device until 1946 and a working model until early 1947.

  24. i love it good work

  25. I could be wrong, but it seems that half this playlist is missing.

  26. awesome alltough a little bit on the allied side

    1. Unfortunately, most docus are...

    2. "History books are written by the winners."

  27. fake i think

  28. Staind716: If you're going to correct someone, at least do THAT correctly.. It's really ''grammar'', not ''grammer''. ;)

  29. @Staind716 re:- Ryan Langdaler. Ryan also says " Now to do this, you really need to pay attention to things like history or current events or things like that." Having stated "Pay attention to things like..." there was no need to end the sentence with "...or things like that." I wouldn't have bothered had he not been so imperious as to offer links re: your grammar and been so obnoxious about his alleged adherence to the English language being delivered correctly.

  30. Definitely, it is the most comprehensive documentary any person interested in Contemporary History can see about the Second World War. The quality is superb and narration is clear. Besides, it is recommended being seen as educative tool about the facts and atrocities committed by the Nazi regime and the Japanese Empire. The sound track adds special dramatism to the development of events. Thank you so much for such a fine work.

  31. but was i willing to clap out everyone but white people to achieve hilter's ideals. **** no. i'm glad Hitler drew it in black and white showing me the Evil behind him and his plan. If he had forgot about his warped ideals towards race i could see support to unified planet. Motive is everything my dear adilrye

  32. Oh god this is what really makes the internet terrible. Not many educated concepts in here, O and I always love when grammar and speeling take a front seat to underlying concepts. Please, please learn a few things about history before you post, and don't spout peace crap cuz it just will not happen (at least for a long, long time). That being said, watch the documentary again and then read a little about the 1st and second world war. If you like what your are reading keep going. The usual best place to start is the Naploeanic wars. They sort laid the foundations for alot of the things that happened later. If not at least understand that the Treaty of Versailles was horrible, the League of Nations was very amusing and unfortunately Russia was the largest component involved in the Allied Victory. A-Bomb is all good and well but Russia and the other allied nations would have invaded Japan from the North and south. The war would've dragged but the end was really preordained. Thats all I guess for now.

    O and nobody cares that any of you are engineers.

    1. So who are you hot shot. The unsilent majority? Telling super intelligent people like myself what to say and what not to say. I'm a free man and I'll spew whatever I like. How do you kick someone in the balls over the interslice. I'd like to use that application now please. Freedom!

  33. Speaking of Canadians, you forgot to mention that during WW2 Canadians were recruited as cannon and ack ack fodder anywhere that a human sacrifice was expected. Canadians got all the suicide details and high-attrition flying missions. Something to do with the exploitation of trust, good will and loyalty to the mother country..? A an ex-emigre to London, Ontario in 1957-58, it guts me to see Canadians running each other down. It will always be the best country in the world to me (compared to Northern Ireland) with the most hospitable and civilised people in the western world.

    1. Canadians got screwed over for sure. Look at Dieppe. Sent thousands to die as a 'test' landing. I've said this time and time again. No one person should think he has the power to send another man to fight and die. I will never wear a uniform or take orders from anyone. Too many think they have a duty for that type of brainwashing. Look at whats happening now for crying out loud. We need to quit fighting and find other ways to occupy our brief time here on this planet. Learn to cook its better than killing or losing your life for nothing.

    2. I don't like inputting "good and evil" into discussion of history or politics, but I do think that to stop Nazi Germany and the Japanese Empire was quite a worthy cause. My personal opinion, I guess.

    3. agreed! to bad they were so evil though. To the victor goes the spoils. I believe the global economy and the advancement of human life on earth has been significantly ****** over because of independent nations. If we had unified the world back then advancement to space and world problems might not be as big of issue as we are facing today.

    4. Amen!!! Canada is to dignified to boast about their vital role in WWII. They have the most livable country on earth in spite of living next door to the bellicose US. After the election of trump it became clear just how much americans have in common with the fascists of 1930's Europe.

  34. but why hiter hate jews that much seriously why???

    1. Because they were all consumed with playing the Jewish Piano(cash register) and hoarding all the money.

  35. Uh...okay, I'm going to avoid the wildly random comments. I do love the colour, as it brings this all to perspective. Watching it in black and white, it almost seems like an alien world. This gives is a sense of realism. It sounds weird, because we all know it happened, but to see it in colour is like seeing it completely differently.

    Anyway, I always find docs like this fascinating. Know a lot about WW II, but as I said before, it's nice to see it in colour. It isn't really comprehensive though, very quickly it jumps from point to point, but then again, it says here the whole series is 11 hours, and I guess if you really wanted an IN DEPTH analysis and explanation of everything, you wouldn't find a longer special...or you could buy a text book.

  36. hey lets get episode 4 rolling instead of it stopping at 21:15

  37. You're probably right. Peace is always a good thing.

    Well worth remembering on this very day. A day which will live in infamy.

    1. It is rewarding to exchange thoughts and ideas with you lakhotson. All too often I respond to zealots (religious, jingoistic, bigoted, etc) , mea culpa. I am trying my damnedest to stop but I am something of a backslider. I can truly enjoy a disagreement as well as an agreement to disagree. History and what might have been make for an interesting discussion. No idea can be proven right but the exchange of views can inaugurate a good discussion. Thx.

    2. Oh it's hard to stop but it's best to say nothing. Anyway all I see are the same arguments with the same Wikipedia links. And that goes for both sides. You could cut and paste these threads from one doc to another and nobody would notice.

      It's a pleasure my man.

  38. Ok, I agree with you on two points. The allies were exhausted and the USA was not. And beyond those you have a good argument also.

    Now let me ask we drop Vietnam and Iraq. After all each came after WWII and could not possibly have any bearing on events in 1945.

    I still stand by my Monday morning quarterbacking. The key here is the USA. Wait, let me correct that. The not exhausted, and most importantly, bomb carrying USA.

    Anyway we didn't go that route, but what we did do is to use that bomb to insure the freedom of Europe. I think we should have used it or the threat of it much earlier. Seems to me since it worked later it should have worked earlier.

    1. Yes, I agree that the nuclear umbrella the west lived under was essential. Also I have always respected the fact that at wars end the Marshal Plan was initiated. It was a most generous act that did much to fight the spread of communism by rebuilding the devastated economies in Europe and bonded western Europe to the USA for over half a century. A win/win if there ever was one.

    2. only problem is we used the bomb after the european campain was over so it did not help insure the freedom of europe. neither italy nor germany had any leadership at the time. they were both a mess politically. so the bomb wasnt to ensure freedom it was to simply break the will of the japs.

    3. To break the will of the Japs was the official line but in actuality what caused the Japanese surrender was the Soviet declaration of war. Japan was already facing mass starvation and potential homeland invasion. The bombs were basically unecessary as most Japanese cities had already been levelled due to area bombing. Hiroshima and Nagasaki had little to no strategic importance. My opinion, the US wanted to try out their new toy.

    4. Even though the US had obliterated their fleet and were closing in on the mainland, Japan STILL would not surrender. Japanese soldiers as well as their citizens were brainwashed and trained to fight to the death. This has been ingrained in their culture since the days of Bushido.

      The only way to turn their mindset around without wasting Allied lives by a mainland advance is to crush their morale, crush the fundamental stubborn honor system way of thinking that so plagued their nation. What better way to do this than to destroy an entire city with one weapon, causing a rampant fear that we may have many of these weapons that would eventually destroy their entire island.

      There was no way to tell if Japan would have surrendered sheerly from Russia's declaration. They SHOULD have surrendered when they saw the writing on the wall from America's advance, but did not do so. Again, pure stubbornness.

      Steven, you are speaking purely in hindsight. It's easy to say "the US wanted to try out their new toy" looking back on the situation. But you have to think in terms of the times. Japan had many chances to surrender and chose not to. They also showed their radical way of thinking by use of kamikaze fighters, banzai raids, and ritualistic (and non ritualistic) suicides. How do you end the war with an enemy that refuses to surrender? By breaking their morale, breaking down the walls of their radical honor system, showing them up-close-and-personal what will happen if they continue with their stubbornness.

      It's funny, even after BOTH bombs AND Russia's declaration, it STILL took 6 days for the emperor to publicly announce a surrender! Stubbornness till the end.

      Japan didn't surrender strictly from Russia's declaration of war. It was the COMBINED use of atomic weaponry and Russia's declaration that caused surrender. You use too much hindsight in your analysis.

  39. There is a sad and tragic irony here. Germany invades Poland and England, being the guarantor of Poland's independence, declares war on Germany. Six years later after tens of millions of deaths, England hands Poland over to the Soviets. What was the point of declaring war?

    Second, the Soviets also invaded Poland along with Germany. Where was England's declaration of war against the Soviet Union?

    1. England didn't declare war on anyone as England isn't an independent country. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is the nation in question (the U.K.), but actually Chamberlain declared war on behalf of the entire British Empire and Commonwealth.

      What disgusts me is that the UK and France declared war on Germany as they were treaty-bound to do so, and then did nothing - absolutely nothing - for six months. It is generally accepted that the UK and France could have defeated Germany relatively quickly had they acted in 1939 and not allowed Germany time to continue re-arming and shoring up their eastern front with the secret treaty they made with the USSR concerning the division of Poland. The fact is that at this time the British government, particularly Churchill, saw the USSR as the greater evil. Regardless of political motives, Britain and France left Poland high and dry, and that is unforgivable.

      In terms of the declaration of war on the USSR that never was, Churchill wanted to declare war on the USSR due to the invasion of Finland and, in 1945 as the war drew to a close, conceived a plan to mount an immediate invasion of the USSR as soon as the Germans were defeated. Obviously, military top brass and the Americans dismissed this idea as lunacy, which it clearly was. Just as there was no possible way that Germany could have defeated the Soviets, there was no way that the British Empire, even with American help, could have been successful. Even with the atomic bomb, the possibility of a Soviet surrender would have been absolutely zero, and they had the largest and most battle hardened army the world had ever seen. Also, it's pretty bad etiquette to declare war on your allies immediately following the defeat of a common enemy, especially seeing as the vast bulk of the work was done by the USSR.

    2. Concerning England, let me pull out another hair so you can split it too.

      The Soviet Union was not an ally until after the invasion of Poland, and if England's purpose of declaring war was to guarantee Poland's independence it makes little sense to declare war only on one invader.

      And oh yes, the bomb would have put an end to Stalin regardless of how many divisions he had. His army wasn't exactly overjoyed with his leadership and would have turned on him in a second.

    3. You're right that the Soviet army wasn't very happy with Stalin, but I still maintain that a Soviet surrender would have been out of the question, even with the bomb. While it may not have been the case in certain Soviet republics, the Russians themselves would not have surrendered to a foreign power. It's simply not part of their national narrative and the thought of giving in to an invading army would not have crossed most people's mind. It was that stoic, intransigent mindset which won them the war against the Germans.

    4. I agree with you and Tolstoy about the Russian people. Nothing budges them from Mother Russia. But I don't think they would have even cared to fight for Poland. The Soviet Army, faced with the combined might of the West coupled with the implied threat of destruction of the motherland by the bomb, I believe would have turned on Stalin, deposed him, and returned to Russia.

    5. I'm going to disagree with you here. The allies, except for the USA, were exhausted at wars end. The British were in a drowning in a sea of debt (owed to the USA), her empire was shaking off the shackles of colonialism, and none of the Commonwealth was prepared to continue the war. As the postwar years would demonstrate, Britain was a spent force. France was in no position to fight anyone. Her empire had collapsed and she was less prepared for war than anyone. I don't know who that leaves to act as "the combined might of the west". Without bases in western Europe there was no way for the USA to deliver the meager number of nuclear devices to any meaningful target. Any bases seized in Europe would have been overrun by the massive Red Army. While basking in victory no one was prepared to to lead an unpopular coup in the Soviet Union. As much a we rightly villainize Stalin now, he was a heroic leader to the politically naive Russian people at that time. Now look at the land mass of the former Soviet Union compared with... oh let's say....Viet Nam or Iraq and imagine any attempt occupy and control. Continuing the war against a former ally would have been an incredibly crazy idea with no hope of victory and resulting in the deaths of millions more innocents.

    6. I replied to you. Just forgot to hit the reply button. It's somewhere here on the thread.

    7. Then again etiquette was not exactly a main priority for any country involved in that war. Or in any other war for that matter.
      But you are right, for the U.K. to start a war against the U.S.S.R. would have been even more of a disaster then it was for the germans.

  40. Well that was a very interesting documentary.
    Watched the whole thing now and there is a lot of good information, especially about the beginning of the war.
    The parts about the pacific war are good too because they are not ass well know to me being from europe.
    It´s always nice to learn something new!

  41. also the Myth that Britain was on its own against the Nazi Horde is still told even in these Documentries 70 years later, Britain was still an Industrial Powerhouse as anyone who has studied WWII properly will know with armies all over the World and fighting all over the World, so why is this still said....the power of propaganda, i would like to see a Documentry on the East African battles and other parts never usually seen.
    China too held up more Japanese than the British and Americans combined, even with no tanks or aircraft they did occasionally inflict severe defeats on the Japanese early on.
    Its as if the war against Japan was fought in the Pacific with China,Britain, Papa new Guinea etc as a side note when facts show otherwise.

    I wonder if propaganda and the like will keep winning over reality?
    China is a current Global major player and its role in WWII will be better known in the future i think and this Americans won against the Japanese myth will go (i am not disrespecting the lives lost and efforts by ALL allies in WWII in these posts btw).

    1. Why do people keep on insisting that this is propaganda? It's infuriating.

      Again, there's a reason that there is so much footage from the American side; WE FILMED THE WHOLE THING. If the piece was titled "China vs. Japan: WWII in Color" - it would be over in about eight minutes. Not much film to colorize.

      If you want to know about China's war with Japan, open a book. That's the only place you'll find a source.

  42. Britain gave thousands of Tanks and APC's (the Universal Carrier one of the most produced AFV in History, more produced than either the T34 or Sherman and thats just from WII, Canada supplied 1,348 of them too) in lend lease to the USSR like America apart from it started nearly a year earlier than Americas lend lease ....never usually hear about that....^^

  43. Germans Armies destoryed - Western Allies less than 190 divisions - Soviets - over 600 divisions

  44. On a serious note this is a very good doc to watch. I have lost all my bias about this war. In my world, I was and still am fed the ALLIES = good, AXIS = bad.

    The simple conclusion is that it was GREAT that the Germans and Japanese were beaten...

    My father was a German soldier, my MUM was an RAF's how they Dad was 17, when he was sent to North Africa, to fight for a cause that was created by...patriotism. Both sides had this "word" rammed down their throats.

    Know what they both told me? War, is just wrong. Try and find a mainstream western news broadcast that agrees with that statement.

    1. My parents grew up in wartime Holland. Canadian soldiers stayed in my grandfather's barn. My father swore that as soon as he was old enough he was immigrating to Canada. They still have a huge celebration every year in Holland honoring the Canadian vets that fought there.

  45. Okay,I understand the resistance to the idea that America may not be the impervious unassailable super-duper power of the universe.Only natural for the placated culture believe so.After all,the closest these experts on the realities of war ever came to a decomposing body is from playing Halo 3.Wow.A whole nation of video tough guys.It's cool,boys.Just stay on your X-boxes.We'll let you know if we need any battle expertise from your vast experience

    1. don't know about the rest of them...but thanks to gaming...I can bench-press 450 lbs with just my thumbs. Most of my other body parts have, unfortunately, become redundant.

  46. The world is sick of war and sick of American warmongers. There is a secret plan in the works to teach the United States a harsh lesson. Canada and Mexico are allies in a devious plot to attack them. While American armies are killing everything that moves in the Mid East, Mexico will attack from the south with 12 divisions of men all carrying fully gassed leafblowers. In a co-ordinated move Canada will then attack from the North with hockey sticks and stale donuts. Its called operation "Rugburn". Watch your asses.

    1. now That's funny

    2. Don't forget...we also have the awesome power of "bacon", in Canada. Bacon, which can be refined into an powerful explosive...with devastating effect! Especially under a blanket.

    3. And millions of gallons of really bad coffee to poison them with.

    4. You forgot to mention it, but the Mexican air force has already been bombing US with burritos, and Canada has infiltrated the US borders with Canadian bacon.

    5. Amazing. +++

    6. Wow. Well our government is just gonna have to have a little talk with you!

      Wait -what's that you say? You're crazy? You're just starving for attention?

      Oh. Well alright then. Never mind. Carry on, psycho.

    7. Judging from the amount of comments you're replying to I don't think I'm the one requiring attention. Have you ever touched a womans breast? Its ok if you're a homosexual. But I don't think that is the case either. You'd probably be the catcher anyway. You sound like a fat loser with a small wiener who likes guns and gets ignored by females and thats got you teetering on the edge. Are you playing Call of Duty online later? Let me know soldier so I can tell my 12 year old nephew he has a new friend.

    8. Homosexual? no. (irrelevant)
      Fat? no. (also irrelevant)
      Small wiener? Seriously?

      Your nephew should stay away from you. You seem like the uncle everyone warns kids about.

      And what am I teetering on the edge of, exactly? Mediocrity?

      You're an apocalypse-bent fearmonger with some seriously poor social skills. In fact, everyone should stay away from you - they probably already do.

    9. Your obviously drunk and have sex on the Brain that is why your fuzzy thinking is from a hangover.I am Canadian and i will agree on one thing we all got sold out with the free trade agreement and then nafta.What u fail to realize is that we as North Americans have been shafted bye our own Government and now that the jobs are few and far betwween would suggest that those two agreements benefitted two types of people,Labour and slave labour.When u buy your next pair of 200 dollar Nikes you will notice they are built in a foreign nation at a cost to zero dollars to nike from slave labor and the profits from that labour is in the billions.As for the working labour force Countries like Canada and The United States could not find enuff local labor because that type of work was beyond our dignity.Do you get the picture yet.One more thing I want to watch this Doc and found myself responding to your insults towards my fellow Canadians,As well i am certified as an Engineer.

    10. Huh? I wish I was drunk but I'm not. When did I insult your fellow Canadians? Because I am a Canadian also and congratulations on being certified as an engineer. I'm just certified.

  47. Very good doc, well done..God Bless the USA

    1. what about the rest of the world?

  48. Amerika..Heed this history lesson well.As our economic power diminishes,our societal structure weakens,national identity becomes evermore introverted and distracted and militarism supplants global diplomacy,the past is poised to overtake our future.Who will benefit?...Clearly,Those who have always stood to profit from human misery.They will be our new masters.And it is we who will allow it

    1. Fear monger...You sound nuts!

    2. I guess you don't watch any news outside of American TV.Grim stuff is happenining outside of our Bradybunchville. I'm not an alarmist.But I have seen these signs before.And before you think it will never happen again,consider the collapse of economic structures like Greece and the violence inherent in social imbalance.Pull your head out of the America's A-OK sand hole and get involved.I'm nuts?We'll see.

    3. ...."we who allow it"?...."we" who call America "Amerika"; we who use the adjective "supplant"...?

      Sprecken Ze Deutch, Komerade?

    4. ja,ich spreche,..*SPRECHEN.*.DEUTSCH..and also*.KAMARADE.Not ALL Americans are constrained by one language only.Our crippling ignorance in this country is kind of a willful Hubris.A Chauvinistic mentality of unimpeachable global superiourity.And this delusional false pride is infecting our kids.The rights and freedoms to THINK,SPEAK,ACT as real Americans is a trust that was fought and died for by generations of REAL Americans.Not just Flag-waving Right-Wingers.We inherit these freedoms as a responsibility and a duty,NOT an ENTITLEMENT.If you feel up to it,defend your freedoms against ALL enemies,foreign AND DOMESTIC(you know who I mean).Are you prepared to fight for those liberties so dearly paid for in blood?I goddamn hope so ...misterwong-Real American

    5. And "SUPPLANT" is a verb.Not an adjective.It is also English.If you have any further queries concerning either language,(Sprechen Sie Deutsch) please consult your local library.Best wishes on your future edification,mein Kamarade

    6. It´s kamerade with an e instead of the a. And doesn´t that word seem to fit much better for making fun of russians instead of germans?
      Sorry for being slightly off topic!

    7. Thanks,magarac!Danke muy mucho molto mille grazie vielmals remercis beaucoups!Kamerade...sounds better already...

  49. Excellent stuff from the History Channel - WW2 is the only thing they do well. God awful how many died over the twisted visions of a few crazy men.

  50. Russia won this war for everyone with the crazy sacrifice of 23 million people. America thought they were the great savior. Don`t worry though America, keep running around the world like its a military playground and you`ll have your very own WW3 all to yourself.

    1. Although the thought of it seems to give you a hard-on, there's no WW3 around the corner. There will never be another war like WW2 - thank god - and who was arguing about the Russians?

      BTW, those 23 million weren't a "sacrifice" - being in the Red Army during that conflict was a certain death sentence. I'm not downplaying their role in the victory, but Russia sure wasn't anything of a "great savior" either.

      Wanna know why there's very little footage of the eastern front? Because Russia would rather shoot it's men with bullets than cameras.

    2. I'm pretty sure Russia would have marched straight through to Berlin regardless of who was on their side, the sheer numbers they had at their disposal like you said was enough. They more less held the Germans at bay and got their s*** straight before the charge.

      That's my take on it ..

      Ever play the old board game Axis and Allies? That strategy worked every time, lol :)

    3. Russia didn't "win this war for everyone" , it was extremely clear that Stalin was primarily interested in the war to extend his own political objectives - it was not for freedom, in many ways he was like Germany, Italy and Japan who's intentions were to acquire new land.
      Russia certainly helped the Allies win but Stalin's intentions were not for the liberation of nations, quite the opposite.
      I am not American but after seeing this Documentary, thank god America did get involved in this, otherwise the world would be a much worse place run by dictators.

    4. My point is I can't believe how many people the Russians lost. And I know they were pr*cks too what with f*****g over the Polish. Stalin was the worst of the bunch probably the little schizophrenic/sociopath/evil b*st*rd that he was. I hate all leaders. Its all for money. All wars. The majority loses out while a minority makes the cash. F*** em all.

  51. good doc

  52. "crossword puzzle experts" lol

  53. thank you for the opportunity to see this series.

    Death and destruction in colour.

    Pity we will never learn.