World War A: When Aliens Attack

World War A: When Aliens Attack

2016, Mystery  -   30 Comments
Ratings: 4.35/10 from 85 users.

An entertaining combination of sound scientific observation and doomsday speculation, World War A: When Aliens Attack attempts to construct the likeliest scenario that would result from an alien visitation to our planet.

Does such an event have its foundations in scientific fact? The film presents a compelling case based on insights from astrophysicists, researchers, historians, military defense experts and others.

The search for intelligent life has remained a constant throughout our modern history, and several key discoveries have been made in recent years. Scientists are certain that Mars harbors the elements needed to sustain microbial life - a solid surface and evidence of water - and they've uncovered the existence of exoplanets in the farthest reaches of our galaxy. On the most basic level, they believe it would be foolish to assume that we are the only intelligent species in an infinite universe.

The film surmises that if we were visited by an intelligent alien species, they would surely possess more advanced technological capabilities than us. For this reason, they would likely be regarded as a menace, and we could reasonably assume that they had the potential to annihilate our planet. How could we begin to prepare ourselves for such a threat? Where would we find shelter, food, supplies, and the caliber of weaponry that could ensure our survival? Other figures profiled in the film aren't as convinced that visiting aliens would have a hostile nature.

Regardless of their intentions, many experts agree that intelligent alien life forms could be in search of our planet just as we are watching out for them, and they could have a significant head start.

The documentary features a weaving of on-camera interviews, informative animations of our cosmos, and cinematic dramatizations complimented by impressive visual effects.

World War A: When Aliens Attack works best when it focuses on the efforts that are currently underway to discover planets like our own. The Earth is blessed with a series of characteristics that make life possible, and astrophysicists are tasked with finding other planets that enjoy similarly hospitable conditions. Some viewers may be surprised to learn that they have singled out several possible prospects.

Directed by: Anne Siegele

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30 Comments / User Reviews

  1. HG

    A rather odd "documentary". It would have been much better without the sensationalist vignettes showing everybody panicking etc. The information given on the investigation methods and such was quite well done, although the cuts to the interviewees was rather annoying.

  2. Geo

    Who writes these story lines? "of sound scientific observation". If this is what passes for "sound scientific observations" rather than wild speculation by scientific SOUNDING yammerers, then Scotty beam me up... oh crap, I bounced off a skunkworks man made UFO.

    The most likely scenario of an alien invasion that this was designed to prep you for... Holograms and semi secret agency man made UFOs. Unless they can convince the dudes from the hollow earth or the next oasis over past the ice, to scare the bajeebers out of us.

  3. Jack O

    What happened to Mars?

    One hypothesis to checkout: the book WORLDS IN COLLISION
    by Immanuel Velikovsky!

  4. Thorg

    I reckon it's entirely possible we are the most advanced beings in the universe and are going to be the ones buzzing other planets and freaking them out.

    1. tony ann

      You need to read more, investigate more, research more, discuss more. Most advanced? like seriously,? seriously! Hoo boy, are we earthlings in for a rough ride.

    2. Oberon

      It's likely that we are the only intelligent life in the galaxy. I base that on the fact that our planet has had life almost since it could possibly support life, while intelligence/mankind is a fairly recent and unique development in between mass extinction events. The filters are working very well.

      But we will never reach the stars, the energies and time required are just too far out of our reach. We will likely destroy our environment and reduce our civilization from its peak technological level long before we even explore much of the solar system.

  5. Devil Travels

    But, there's nothing about Earth that is so unique that any alien civilization would even care about us. There are more and easier accessible resources just in the solar system's asteroids. At best life on Earth would be a minor biological curiosity to any alien civilization with the technology and desire to travel so many light years from their home solar system.

  6. Kayte Ryn

    If there is intelligent life elsewhere that is why they are not coming here.

    1. mike

      luv ya, Kayte

    2. Charlie Brown

      For the same reason that we are not interested in interacting with a colony of ants. We might observe them, they might not even notice we're there observing, but... what could ants possible offer to us? It's the same thing. Why would a super advanced and intelligent civilization want to communicate with us, a species which kill their own kin for sport and takes a dump on its own planet. Why would they?

  7. Merrill or John J Miller

    Well I'm not particularly worried. I've studied martial arts and I usually have a folding knife with me at all times so I'm ready. I think most people would be easily destroyed or enslaved however due to their lack of survival and self defense skills, poor babies. It's survival of the fittest. While most of the rest of you are dying by the bucket full I'll be fighting my way up to a position of authority in their society. Personally I'm not going to miss any of you. I'm sick of humanity and how lame and mostly evil we are. I'm going places baby and you can't cum.

    1. Dave or Pete

      spelt 'come' wrong

    2. Kirby Johnson

      Wow. You really think it's going to be like that? So this is just your own personal idea of the way things will be when they come here.... you and your bad-ass folding knife. Yeah you'll hold them all off with that. And why do you think it's going to be like survival of the fittest? Movies you've seen or what? And so you would stand by and watch your own species die "by the bucket full" while you would be.... what, hanging out with greys maybe having a smoke and mutilating some cattle?

    3. Jackal

      You sound just about as evil as the ret of us -- probably have your sawed-off shotgun and your AK-47 hidden in the basement just in case. :))

    4. Geo

      At first I was laughing until it seemed you were/are serious? If so @Kayte Ryn explains you to a knife's edge. If not serious, then I'll start chuckling again.

      If everyone was good, you wouldn't appreciate them either, since you certainly don't seem to appreciate the many good ones in stark contrast to the un-good. Seems you need to find a better type to hang with... or maybe they do. However, tomorrow I may just agree with you on the bit about a few too many being lame and/or evil ...but I'm not one to toss the whole lot under the bus. Would make for a long terribly bumpy ride.

    5. tony ann

      Don't worry Merril/John, ET is probably scared knowing that Terra has dangerous life forms like you. They will delay 'cumming' until you are gone. In the meantime cum all you want..

    6. Bbigfish

      Lol your hilarious we or they could take you out in a second with a blazer beam and I'd be the first one to tell them how to find you.My new earth would have empathy and moral decency and a love of nature to boot .Better hide big boy lol

    7. nicollette

      This is hilarious I love this guy!

  8. rodney waller

    I see 2 scenarios.they are explorers and just curious(as we are)or they are sadistic and want to destroy for the fun of it.They won't need our resources or slaves or anything on this planet

    1. Charlie Brown

      Curious as we are? Let's just hope we don't discover oil or gold on Mars, you'd see how long until we start drilling on it.

  9. Rizz

    All these movies and articles talk about envasions. Does anyone think they might come here and help? Why is that people always makes us scared of aliens???

  10. AllanA

    Thanks man, I was going to watch this, but the fb told me, why bother.

    Hopefully TD can do better!

    1. Dominique

      Don’t waste your time watching

  11. José A. de Souza Jr.

    Just a whole heap of idle distraction from our REAL problems here on Earth. I don't give a rat's whether aliens from outer space will ever bother to invade our planet. That's part of the fear, uncertainty and disinformation poppycock aimed at keeping masses of idiots distracted.

  12. Don

    Lots of idle speculation and unsupported statements, little entertainment. I question the repeated clips of "home movie shots" without relevance. Prefacing facts with "for some reason" is redundant and the expression "life as we know it" could be just "life". Why? Because we can't say anything about "life as we don't know it". I stopped watching at 11 minutes.

  13. bvers

    Not bad, not bad at all!
    If you just listen to the sientists and not to the storyteller!
    Only then it has some sence!

  14. Roger Andout

    Don't waste your time.

    1. BUGS

      It's not World War Z ; it's a documentary with like it said in the article commentary from scientist.

  15. S. Jenika

    Logically, here is no reason to doubt that there is abundant civilizations elsewhere and they probably are far-far more advanced than us.

    1. Devil Travels

      The absence of evidence from all o9f the star systems we have already investigated seems like a good reason to throw doubt on the idea there is life near our stage of biologic development.