Zeitgeist: Addendum

Zeitgeist: Addendum

2008, Society  -   225 Comments
Ratings: 8.63/10 from 366 users.

The second documentary film, Zeitgeist: Addendum, attempts to locate the root causes of this pervasive social corruption, while offering a solution.

This solution is not based not on politics, morality, laws, or any other establishment notions of human affairs, but rather on a modern, non-superstitious based understanding of what we are and how we align with nature, to which we are a part.

The work advocates a new social system which is updated to present day knowledge, highly influenced by the life long work of Jacque Fresco and The Venus Project.

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4 years ago

Addendum: "now, rests on " 2 minutes to 12 o'clock.....

4 years ago

Powerful! My age [82] and experience indicate that within a very brief time the 'human experiment' will end. The Doomsday Clock now rests on 12 o-clock, and environmental degradation may have passed well beyond a point of remedy.

Personally, having lived thru most of the bloodiest century [20th] in human History, the prospects for humanity, thru these eyes. never appeared promising. The monumental, seemingly ineradicable ignorance of men is too great, and too easily manipulated against them for civilization to become established in hearts & minds.

5 years ago

Hats off to those who try to think of a better way. Smashed hats on those who think I must comply to someone else's ideas. Like it or not all man inflicted systems will require compliance.

ANY system is a govt by another name. No govt is your friend unless you are running it. That was the idea behind the USA, for the people to run it themselves. Unfortunately they were lazy and let the English lawyers take over. The lawyers facilitated their masters to take over through corporations. It matters not who, be it the central bankers or those behind them.

This ziet will not happen in my life time, if ever. Not sure I would want to be a part of it. Depends on if I was running it or not...! So until then, until we stop buying what everyone is selling (globalism which is actually going to be communism, the BS we get indoctrinated with in schools and by the major media) and do your own looking into things rather than believing the major media, we will always be ruled by those who want us to comply to their idea of how things should be, bad or good.

I don't need any of them, or any system of govt, why do you?

5 years ago

I challenge anyone to show me a currency,religion or political dogma that hasn't failed through time,that in mind aren't we all practicing failures right now?as soon as we figure a way to rid man of his inherent laziness and ignorance we might have a shot,till then it's all mindless drivel

5 years ago

God damn, you bickering b.... make my head hurt. Who cares to read those long-ass rants with no paragraph breaks? Not I

6 years ago

The paradigm which we operate under is mathematically going to end. The end of the world as we know it (economic collapse) does not mean it is the end of the world. The way of life we are currently leading is pulling humanity down and should be shown the door. We cannot change the world to make our self happy or free. We must change our self to make the world happy and free. The awakening process is a very hard road for those with no guidance. All of the problems we face in the world start and stop within our consciousness. When you realize that you have this power, nothing can stop this change. Humanity has the ability to truly free themselves once and for all.

6 years ago

NO disrespect to any religion or anyone's beliefs. I will try to be short simple and to the point. the idea of zeitgeist is a really good one in theory if it can be implemented would even be better, understanding that everyone in this world does have to contribute to one's survival , meaning everyone does have to work but without actual money, where everyone will have access to everything as the previous or the next guy true equality, think about this 1% everyone works a job 40 plus hours a week just to make ends meet sure you some may manage to have a little more than others , but it's all a scheme or a system designed to keep the commoners common and the elite or the 1 % wealthy which is why they control 40plus percent of the world's wealth. most people cannot comprehend or fully understand how they dictate or control the world's economy but they do, simply by creating scarcity, i.e. few years ago oil prices were almost $5.00 a gallon but today it's just over $2.00 , what changed ? they created havoc and speculation on the market and it inflated the market, mind you the supply and demand hasn't actually changed neither has the world's supply. and now the oil companies are doing everything in their power to suppress the hydrogen powered cars which are more efficient and reliable not to mention better for the environment. the rothschilds and the Rockefeller are the biggest perpetrators and will continue to sway things in their favor (please research it and confirm) , if the world's wealth were to be distributed evenly among the world's population and all wars were to cease immediately there would not be any hungry or homeless in the world. ( just the money spent on wars alone would be enough), understanding where humanity is today that 1% that dictates and seeks out to enslave us while they live a life of luxury and abundance , think if the tables were turned how would they react? , I have no problem working but I also want to enjoy life travel see the world but I could never afford it cause I'm stuck in the same scenario as everyone else. let's spend money on science and technologies to improve and make things better for humanity as a hold not as a profit line for the billionaires.
which is why I agree with the zeitgeist idea :)

The great controversy
7 years ago

Read the book "the great controversy", then read the bible and thus, apply it all to zeitgeist. I am sure heads will be turned. I love all you as God loves us all, even as we keep bickering back and forth against each other like children in elementary school. If you look for truth with all your heart you will find it. Be informed. Ignorance is not bliss, it is a choice.

Peter JC
8 years ago

The Zeitgeist movement allows you to accept or reject any concepts from the 18 essays. It is constantly in flux and evolving. It is nothing like religion. You should be capable of finding your own Zeitgeist, a cognitive parking space if you will, until you move or simply stay.

8 years ago

This is the kind of doc conspiracy theorists love.

Great Scott!
9 years ago

(Any) religion is just an idea, just like zeitgeist. You entertain it, then you're caught with it mentally. Nothing wrong about that, but if you feel disadvantaged by an idea like religion, then there must be something wrong on how you apply (or not apply) such idea in your lives. Shows that you're weak intellectually.

This documentary has lots of great points, but the discussion on religion is BS. Religion doesn't cause division. People misinterpreting their holy text do. Divisiveness starts once an a-hole of a religious leader brainwashes their poor and easily-controlled followers to assert such false idea, even to others who are non-followers.
The zeitgeist ideology is no exception to this pathology. Look at how divided they are now.

9 years ago

there is no religion mentioned in this documentary as matter fact its telling you of how the world economy is working ! How it turned to a religious conversation is ridiculous. Shows the ignorance of people, they will rush the white house to see a president get inaugurated I mean millions of people, including celebrities talk show hosts, yet their veterans who fought for their country have to get donations so that they can live a sustainable life ??? they fought for your country I don't see your presidents on the frontline nor do I see anyone challenging them to the FACTS why would you send Jackals to kill non recipient leaders who do not follow your brainwashing scheme? no one dares to ask or to question. I guess this is why the 1% prevail, leave the rest of them uneducated so they have to join the military and make up your wars so you can validate the reasons why, kill your young soldiers for what ? crazy thing is YOU STILL ALL JOIN THE ARMY even after seeing the realities, now that takes some brain washing indeed. If they can make money up then I guess making up wars is okay to..... WAKE UP !!!!!

9 years ago

This type of world has always been possible,for it to happen the devils have to leave.

10 years ago

Just excellent....the world is such a beautiful place, it IS only profit that is killing it, lets hope we don't spend ourselves into oblivion, the Earth will just restart over again as it has done 4 times already ,until it does find life forces that can get on together as one, it sure seems humans blinded by this money and power cannot..

11 years ago

This is an embodiment of the socialism of 21th century.

11 years ago

I do not agree with what you say except on some of the religious stuff. I am and will remain a Christian. It is man that has screwed up religion and caused it not to be believable. With regards to the money machine - they are not stupid. They will figure out what you are up to. You have clearly stated repeatedly in the movie that they have murdered for their cause. If you think they will go down without a fight you are strongly mistaken. They will hunt you out and kill you, therefore, you are going to have to literally fight for the zeitgeist lifestyle. Also I think you are in a dream world if you think 100% of the world population is going to live like they are suppose to. There are people that are mean and evil for the fun of it, with nothing to do with their raising or any other outside forces. They won't stop just cause everyone is in egalitarian society.

I do not disagree with what you would like to achieve, I'm all for it. I just think it is going to be a lot harder than you think - or maybe you know that but you are not being upfront and telling everyone else that.

One last thought - you said no one would have to work - if not who will grow & harvest the crops and build & maintain the "technology" you keep talking about?

11 years ago

Time to get over it peoples.
Inviable friends, are a physiological problem, not a way of life.

11 years ago

This is the third time this month that I've been educated by documentary about the Federal Reserve and how economics is "inflated" by the creation of imaginary dollars...something I knew nothing about before now.

11 years ago

Back to the nightmare of reality after another brilliant film from Peter Joseph. Thanks Peter. If everybody does something then we'll make a new world.
Remember what Brian said in 'The Life of Brian' - "Don't follow anyone..."
Keep talking!
Laugh and yet feel sorry for those that argue for the continuation of the abusive system - they're victims of an evil ideology - it's not their fault.

ardiana s
11 years ago

what was the solution again?!

11 years ago

Money is definitely the route of all evil.

11 years ago

Religion doesnt solely cause conflicts between people. Christianity teaches us that true Joy comes from helping others through the work of god. Somewhat in the same sense of what this video just told us. Except this concept was written long before, in the bible. Whatever Religion, there is a sense of right and wrong taught. Now adays there isnt war so much on conflicting religions. It's more like, well if you don't believe in my religion then you are going to hell and that is your decision to make, I won't force you to change your religion. There will always be a church united, as long as there are people who believe in it. You won't really know if there is an afterlife until you cross over, and until science proves where our soul or where "life" goes after it leaves Earth, then Religion seems to have the best answer for it.

12 years ago

Good luck with the venus project :)
This is very utopic to believe in that project.
If you want to succeed, you will need to eliminate all corrupt (or corruptable) people on this planet, and this is a lot of people. After, you will need to change human nature.

corruption = money = power = corruption...

This was true 5000 years ago and will be that way in 5000 years.

12 years ago

i really feel that anyone who can denounce these movies in anyway must not be from the same planet as me

mane arcane
12 years ago

Loved the 1st half, didnt like the 2nd.

I dont like the spread of personal views that are not proven to be correct.

I LOVE the spread of CORRECT FACTS of the way things are going in the world.

Any suggestions for enlightening and revealing movies?

12 years ago

i'm just shocked yet in the back of my mind it feels like the whole world is sinking and we'r all with it.

12 years ago

I stopped watching after the explanation of the money system in the beginning. There're some good basic facts there, but they're laden over with so much rightist nonsense that it becomes misinformation. Much better documentaries on this topic are, 'Money as Debt,' and, 'The Secret of Oz.' They're both available freely on the web.

adrian kelly
12 years ago

Hey Mamma D, I'm a grandad myself. For the past few months I've been broken, watching the chaos unfold before my believing eyes. I've not slept these past few months with the worry for my grown kids and my grand children. I've felt a tremendous urge to wrap myself around them, to tell them that Granddad is gonna make things right again. But they don't know this caring grandad. I dare not show myself to them for fear of the terror, my fears will instill in them. Up until two hours ago, I've been in the blackest depression over what I see as an approaching economic apocalypse.But then I discovered "Zeitgeist" and suddenly, I feel a spark of hope.

adrian kelly
12 years ago

WOW. This doc is the Alpha and the Beta. Here's a mad idea. People globally demand their local TV networks broadcast this film on a particular night, with an invited guest panel of experts to discuss. Then turn it into a linked "Globovision". Any body crazy enough out there like to kick-start the motion?
Just a though anyway. Fucksake, I feel so useless!
Ado Kay

12 years ago

"attempts to locate the root cause, while offering a solution"

Yeah, that's what worries me the most about people.

12 years ago

another americano-centric point of view on everything

12 years ago

Adam. You're right. He is against religion because there is no proof that there is a God. Therefore, he doesn't believe in God and thinks it's a joke. But he does believe in his movement.

12 years ago

Oh and I'm not trying to say he is brainwashing or there is a "Church of Zeitgeist" or anything ridiculous like that, I'm just simply pointing out the end gave me the impression of hypocriticalness.

I already boycott petrol and cycle everywhere, buy local produce, and if I wasn't in rented accommodation on a student budget I would much prefer solar panels powering my house!! In fact my dream has always been to go and build and live in a self sufficient house in the hills somewhere, producing my own food etc. Somewhere warm. And sunny.

12 years ago

I've been waiting ages to see the Zeitgeist series. Not had a few hours spare for a while and I must say I love them.

Now don't think I am condemning anything here but at the end he wants us to boycott corporations and spread the word by joining the movement. Does this not seem contradictory? Religion by it's nature wants us to condemn things and spread the word of the creator's beliefs. In a way he is asking us to behave religiously to the "Church of Zeitgeist", and religion is something he is against.

Anyone else get this or am I just a crazy old fool?

Anyways, I'm not slating the series and learned a good few facts. On to part 3...... :-)

12 years ago

I have been concerned for many years about the new religion which has developed – the religion of science. Its followers are no less fanatical than those of radical Islam. I think that is what we have here in this film – followers of the new religion, science. That said, I am not some dark ages weirdo who does not believe in using technology to our advantage. I just don’t place all my faith, hopes and dreams in it.

While I do agree with some fundamental concepts, I disagree with others. My initial gut reaction is this seems to simply be a replacement of the totalitarian system we have now - trading one for another. To me that does not seem like real progress.

What I strongly dislike is that anyone who validly questions Venus or Zetigeist on these posts is summarily attacked and that seems to me very unlike any sort of utopian society and not at all in line with the ideals which the Zeitgeist films put forward. What happened to challenging norms, moving forward and celebrating being wrong?

I do think that some of the ideas could be incorporated into an even better system. A system which is more inclusive of the various needs/wants of everyone. That would be REAL freedom. That’s what it boils down to at the end of the day (for me at least!) – freedom. Not my idea of freedom or someone else’s idea of freedom imposed on you, but real freedom.

It also begs the question: over 90% of the world has belief in a faith of some sort (in the traditional sense). What will happen to them? Conform or be thrown out? How is this any different than what’s happening today? It is just a different ruling class.

What really saddens me is that there is a valuable educational resource on the fractional banking system here, and it is co-mingled in with religion and other issues. Like it or not, that automatically tends to lump the whole thing as kooky or some conspiracy theory camp in most people’s minds. Most people are ignorant about fractional banking and Zeitgiest (particularly the Addendum) offers a clear, concise, pretty accurate lesson. I’ve been preaching the same thing to everyone I meet for over 10 years! Sadly, not all are interested or care. Again, we come back to freedom.

More inclusion of all ways is needed to move forward, not just embracement of science. I do like that alternative solutions are offered and respect the sharing of ideas (which is crucial), but more work needs to be done.

Lary Nine
12 years ago

"Unite us, Wallace. Unite the clans!"

12 years ago

Take this example, The s&p 500 index was around 130 30 years ago today it sits 10 time higher around 1300. Gold was at 800 today its at 1300 dollar, So gold return was poor...except for the last ten years, what you gonna do everything goes up...as long as you stay in the pool you will be wet, the others will be left to dry, hey if the money is US dollar its normal US people serve them self first everythig is fine for as long as man his creative.

12 years ago

This film was brilliant. It offers a clean, unbiased analysis of the failures of our current systems that are designed to keep the rich rich, and the poor poor. But it's not only a sobering wake-up call...it also offers a clear, logical, peaceful solution to these systematic corruptions.

Your best bet is to watch it yourself and decide if this is or isn't the best message for change you've ever heard. Despite attempts to "debunk" this film, and its predecessor, Zeitgeist: The Movie, the debunkers themselves have been debunked. I hear it's time to look out for the next film, "Zeitgeist: Moving Forward"

12 years ago

Thank you for your responds. Yes indeed we MUST change our direction concerning money.
I am a fan of the bartering system and try to make use of it as much as possible.

True that instinct, which used to be called "human nature", is a deduction from the viewable human behavior.

I do think that that subject, but more so the subject of religion, is very very important.
This is why I wish it was not dismissed so easily in this video.

I can tell that the makers of this video very much admire Ron Paul. I do as well.
They should take note that he most likely would attribute any good he does, is because
of his Creator who lends him the ability to do so.

12 years ago

mamma D:

Thank you very much for such beautiful words that sums up the zeitgeist movement, yet some air heads don´t seem to get it when it´s so obvious and logical.

Aaron: They say that there is no human nature, but what we have is Human behavior, but people seem to get confused with ¨instinct¨ which is a totally different thing.

But anyhow, does that subject really make a difference?

The point is, we can argue and disagree on many subjects, but the one thing we cannot disagree is that we have to change our direction and get rid off money or we are destined to suffer a very tragic and violent end.

12 years ago

I am with most of the ideas here.
To say there is no human nature and to suggest that we do not have negative desires from birth is ignorance and I would imagine can only come from people who have not had children.

Babies within months of birth figure out how to manipulate and deceive to get their way.

And I believe religions and/or people bent towards religion is birthed out a natural desire to the supernatural and/or experiences that can only be attributed to the supernatural.

mamma D
12 years ago

After watching TZM movies & visiting The Venus Project website, read the FAQ's, listened/watched lectures/videos & seeing how the websites have grown in such a short time, it fills my heart w/hope for this current generation & the future. At 62, with grandchildren, I say to this generation "I support YOU and TZM/TVP 100%. I feel these ideas are practical & are just plain common sense if you can FEEL that we are all ONE family. We can make these ideas a reality by SPREADING THE WORD that we have now outgrown the NEED for politics, government, religion and most of all money. I know it sounds radical but hey, THIS IS BIG, THIS IS POSSIBLE & THIS, TO ME, IS THE ONLY WAY to a better future for future generations.
Love - Mamma D

12 years ago

quit supporting the same systems that have brought us all these problems. is it that hard to comprehend? to do? to stop feeding the systems , the reality that doesn't work! HEre is a construct and a few definitive ways to start....NEW MOVIE THIS SATURDAY...MOVING FORWARD! SO.. agree 100% or 5%....but start living differently for chrissakes. in time the CURRENT powers/systems/leaders will dissolve if we act...share and start a new conversation....every damn day. anyone can do what I have described. DAniel Nocera has MIT invention that creates hydrogen super inexpensive and he did this with the so called third world in mind...(he opened sourced IT!) but even he knows it can;t happen with corporations...WE have to share and help them... teach. an educated person brought out of poverty will certainly not be your enemy or an enemy of Nature...ever. START NOW ...WE NEVER REALLY KNOW WHERE WE'LL END UP BUT AT LEAST WE START TO ALTER THIS REALITY. DANKE

12 years ago

Blew my stoned head to another level...seriously Zeitgeist is the secret religious bible i was searching for lol no offense other religious bums!! haha..man Addendum just gave me a better heads up about a lot of confusions i had about the monetary system and life itself..it is actually kind of more close to an enlightment mayb if you like cos im high.:)i have always been skeptical about stuff at the very beginning...altmost at the ending part of the movie i had this feeling of being in a world like the Venus project my eyes became watery literally!!it was overjoyed that there is hope for a better future for alienated hippie hearts..
man i promise this day to do my best to promote Zeitgeist,if not for me at-least for my niece or even my own kids and grand-kids who knows...i believe in science and technology cos it doesn't lie and we humans are the abundant resources for exploring it..look at the population!!i wish every person on earth with a brain would grasp the concept..it is a no brainer so less complicated than any system of governance or religion or norms etc..we are too busy tangled in the money web that we have no time for evolution of the brain!!is there a FREE!free your mind drug mr scientists??!!

12 years ago

This gives me newfound hope in humanity.

12 years ago


Yep, that is so true. Cheers to that

12 years ago

This movie changed my life!
Absolutely brilliant.
The revolution is coming. And it's going to happen whether they want it or not.

But all in it's time. There's no need to force things, or try to convince people.

12 years ago

ReligionIsntAllBad & John,

to try to respond to you both, sound economic & ecological planning is not the enemy of free market exchange. I am anti-socialist enuf (just) to see them as complementary. They must go together. And please, my leftist friends, don’t be seduced by the dream that some higher authority can decide what people will need & want. That is a very 19C misconception, & as with Soviet Russia, can just establish another disastrous dictatorship; the Bolsheviks were very full of high ideals & good intentions, too.

On the other hand, it is not socialistically dictatorial to stop money-hungry idiots cutting down all the trees, or to prevent them dumping chemicals in our waters. That way, everyone loses, even the capitalists eventually.

Naked, uncontrolled capitalism always ends in disaster. It’s not becoz of ‘greed’ or ‘evil’. It’s becoz w/out controls, it is a dehumanized monster. Our present system has thrown off all constraints. That is why we are going headlong into multiple disasters – ecological, economic, & global-political. The fault is singular. It is not capitalism, but capitalism unrestrained by democracy.

Sound planning means democratic planning, a principle I am not sure Zeitgeist fully grasps. The acid test for its plan for a better future is its transition plan for getting from here, to that higher form of democracy. That revolutionary transition phase is the essence, the key. Unless it is realistic & feasible, the future will remain very doubtful, or a utopian pipe-dream.

There are immensely powerful & ruthless vested interests between us & that viable future. Unless we factor that into our plans, we are just another bunch of sheep, leading the other sheep to another slaughterhouse. OGT

12 years ago

Religionisntallthatbad and OGT:

Dou you really think that the corporations running the whole show are going to impose "restrictions" on their own markets?

Do you think that politicians can actually impose restrictions on the corporate leaders who elected them in the first place?

Politicians are the actual "spokesmans" of the corporate leaders, so there is no way corporations can be controlled in this current system paradigm.

On the other hand, "scarcity" IS based primarily on MONEY, the more money you have the less scarcity you suffer and viceversa.

So "scarcity" is not something that politicians can actually fix, ...the fact that grapes are more expensive than oranges, or peaches are more expensive than lemons doesn't mean that grapes and peaches are "scarce". It means that the markets tend to manipulate prices depending on their profit interests.

There are diamond mining companies that actually destroy diamonds when their production rises in order to keep them very expensive.

How can we expect nowadays to improve our living conditions when they keep rising the prices constantly at faster rates than our salaries?

"Scarcity of resources" is a man made invention for the most part because it incentives profit and business opportunities, world hunger IS about money and not about food scarcity.

12 years ago

when im hungry, i go get something to eat,
whats wrong with you fool...