Zeitgeist: The Movie

Zeitgeist: The Movie

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Documentary Zeitgeist: The Movie, authored by Peter Joseph, reflects on the the myth of Jesus, the attacks of 9/11, and the Federal Reserve Bank as well as on a number of conspiracy theories related to those three main topics. It was released free online via Google Video in June 2007. A remastered version was presented as a global premiere on November 10, 2007 at the 4th Annual Artivist Film Festival & Artivist Awards. The film has attracted significant public interest.

If you dig deep enough into any one of the issues and resolutions presented in the film you'll find that there are actual facts to support each one of them. We have been lied to! It's as simple as that. We need to wake up on a planetary level and work towards a fossil fuel free planet. We can't afford to wait and debate whether "God" exists or not. Stop nitpicking the particulars and act. We're running out of time and most importantly resources. If there is a God, I doubt he likes this use of money and the monetary system and how those in power (with money) have used it to benefit only themselves and further destroy the environment and all life on this planet.

Think about it. Six corporations, (mostly made up of families who have married each other for years) are determining the fate of the human race and the planet, through their advertising money spent and blatant misuse and abuse of power. Are we going to stand here like sheep? Or are we going to work together and help change the future of humankind for the betterment of all?

We choose to be greedy, we choose to be hateful, we chose to segregate each other into categories, we chose to twist the rules, omit a word, and judge where none of us has a right to judge. We can only do the best we can. It's not even about faith really, it's about being deeply human. How we choose to deal with our humanity is just a choice. We all have the same finish line to look forward to. Faith is what you choose to hope for after you cross it.

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  1. Why is this documentary even this highly rated? Interesting idea but the first part on religion had so much misinformation.

  2. While it is an entertaining idea of a free society based on machines it is flawed just as our current one is. Someone would still have to make decisions. And it wouldn’t take long for that to be exploited. The addendum is based on the Venus project. And their stating of a utopian society facilitated by machines will never exist. It wouldn’t take much for it to be corrupted just like this one. The idea that humans do not have a nature and we can all just coexist is not new. But has always failed. In fact now that I see the end result of this film it is the same old story. An agenda.

  3. In this Covid era, you wonder what plans these people have against the world population.... And here we all are, dying or getting vaccinated... Well, Jesus is not coming to save us..... Though he's a source of Vitamin D, which is seemingly helpful. Lol.

  4. I really hope people watching this validate the claims rather than just talking the misinformation at face value. Most of these ancient gods that share similarities to Jesus' story dont actually bear any similarities to Jesus in any way unless you look at the 2 areas in which they are being compared and are really looking for anything to disprove Christ which is intellectually dishonest and just a slap in the face to their audience. The historical evidence shows that the main claims about Jesus are true (unlike these mythical beings) and even atheist scholars agree up until the point of the resurrection. The fact that they try to provide alternate theories proves how desperate they are to avoid the truth. How easily refutable these claims are proves this further. Just go search for yourself, look into the opinions of the experts/scholars/historians etc, and beware misinformation. Skepticism bred by it spreads like wildfire on this subject.

  5. Interesting. Whether the first part of this is accurate or not, it doesn't prove that Jesus is a myth. I think even most atheists accept that Jesus was a real dude who walked the Earth. The important part of this movie is about the Central bank & false flags and wars that were unnecessary. All the financial crashes and wars were planned? I have heard this from multiple sources now. The evidence is mounting. This should enrage every American. Watch Absolute Proof and you'll see how the elections are rigged as well. We are being controlled & lied to by both parties & the news media. We only think we have a say. We only think our vote matters. We only think we are free. From all that I have read, the Great Reset is coming. They are going to overspend which will cause hyper inflation, then economic collapse, chaos, violence and then mass starvation. They want most of us to starve, the Builderberg/Davos crowd has said that 90% reduction in population is needed for sustainability per WEF. Learn Permaculture and get a water filter. We will lose the power grid and stores will be empty. Being self sustaining is the only way we will survive it. Don't go to a FEMA camp. Be prepared because the global elite don't give a crap about any of us. As Bill Gates said,"Too many useless eaters and useful idiots."

  6. Ambition

    Three men met at a tavern table. One was a weaver, another a carpenter and the third a ploughman.

    Said the weaver, “I sold a fine linen shroud today for two pieces of gold. Let us have all the wine we want.”

    “And I,” said the carpenter, “I sold my best coffin. We will have a great roast with the wine.”

    “I only dug a grave,” said the ploughman, “but my patron paid me double. Let us have honey cakes too.”

    And all that evening the tavern was busy, for they called often for wine and meat and cakes. And they were merry.

    And the host rubbed his hands and smiled at his wife; for his guests were spending freely.

    When they left the moon was high, and they walked along the road singing and shouting together.

    The host and his wife stood in the tavern door and looked after them.

    “Ah!” said the wife, “these gentlemen! So freehanded and so gay! If only they could bring us such luck every day! Then our son need not be a tavern-keeper and work so hard. We could educate him, and he could become a priest.”

  7. What people fail to realize about religion is that it was never divinely created. Religion was created by man, and man alone. Named, categorized, and filed by the numbers or passages, to which man wrote on his own. The council of Nicea, was in fact the only panel that voted on everything. From religion, to wars, to art or just about anything to do with man including Jesus's rise to fame as some prophet in order to control the people. Without religion there would be anarchy. Yet let's not forget that he did mention of the inquisition headed by none other than Tomas Torquemada who by the way invented most of the contraptions used to torture citizens.

    Religion, the Vatican, and many other institutions are the most corrupt organizations on the planet. By jarring opinions through political means is the only way to vie for complete control over the populace using god or some form of deity as the tool of justice to stop those who question our governments motives. As for George Carlin he was a comedian yes, but he was also a modern day philosopher who took his work seriously when it came to learning about specific rotten apples in both the government, and within the diocese of the Vatican.

    Peter Joseph provided a lot of entertainment yes but so did Michael Moore using his own brand of comedy bashing the political figures at the same time in his documentaries. Quips about who stole what or who made more than the other, and so on. Before Peter was a film maker he was also a part of the money scheme on wall street as a broker so he does know what he is talking about when it comes to the monetary system.

    Evidence about jesus suggests that he did not exist at all, and even if he did... he was probably just a man with a lot of clout with the people for peaceful solutions rather than taking up the sword like so many other notable warriors did. Minos, mises, and manou all did exist in stories. I'll say that again...stories, and nothing more. After researching some archives about jesus's time as an adult there were very little transcriptions about him from eye witness accounts including roman legionnaires who at one point stated that he was of little use to the citizens calling him the christus or chreastus. Meaning the very same word Anointed one. So peter was right on that note. This is how conditioning of the mind works from the most powerful institution in the world begins.

    Say the myth long enough, people will believe it over time. The more you push it like a drug the more they will need it. Here's a question to most here... If the devil is as evil as people say he is, and whispers into our ears to do evil deeds... then who or what whispered into his ear first to rebel against his father? Remember to do a bad thing you have to have an outside source. Right? So - with Lucifer being the right hand of god... who whispered, and made Lucifer turn against his own creator? Since all angels knew nothing of evil when heaven was created along with the angels then surely a dark presence decided to stir up a hurricane using the best of the best only, which was Lucifer. Why him? Why not Michael or Gabriel? or even Azazel?

    It's all a stage act between political powers, the religious institutions, and the war mongers. They know how to manipulate coerce and stupefy the public opinion because without those organizations there would be the opposite side of coin. Total chaos using powerful thinkers. We need those intellectuals to help weed out the criminals that sit in congress. Otherwise people like john above me will keep on haggling on about who was right, and who was wrong. Since this is a forum to a degree I think the film was excellent for peter's insight.

    There really is no absolute right answer and yet no wrong answer either.

    1. Why is there such an effort to classify the points presented as "fiction" or "conspiracy"? Isn't it obvious? Peter Joseph obviously struck too close to home. This isn't about whether he's 100% factually correct... it's about making you think. Those who stand to lose their position of power (whether through money, religion or fear tactics... Ah! I repeat myself!) to educated masses , MUST "debunk" works like Zeitgeist, the Movie. As many comments in here have stated, Do You Own Research! Don't rely on the regurgitated and re-told iron age shepherd's stories written, printed, edited, translated, REwritten, REprinted, REedited, REtranslated (repeated ad nauseum). Look at contemporary accounts (Hint: there AREN't any accounts contemporary or otherwise, of Jesus DURING his adult lifetime). Most accounts of Jesus Christ were written long after he supposedly died. "Memory is a complicated thing; a relative to truth, but not it's twin." - Barbara Kingsolver

  8. Just my humble opinion, but when a documentary uses a comedy act to support a hypothesis It loses its value as a fact finding documentary and becomes nothing more than simple entertainment. I don't believe this film is fit for someone honestly seeking the truth. The Church does collect money. I can't vouch for every dollar spent, but arguably much good has come from Christian service to the poor and needy through Church funding. What has George Carlin done with his millions? And I'm sure Peter Joseph has made out handsomely for his entertaining documentary. Peter, you owe your audience better and I hope you can see your own hypocrisy. For your information - virtually all New Testament scholars and Near East historians, applying the standard criteria of historical investigation, find that the historicity of Jesus is more probable than not. This film is poor entertainment at best, but for those earnestly seeking truth, skip it. I have an idea for your next documentary - Expose film producers that make millions by espousing their ignorant preconceived opinions and then sell it as truth!

  9. This documentary contains almost exclusively false information (AKA bull****)

    When I was summarizing this documentary a few years after watching it for the first time I put a few question mark at statements that were made. Upon researching the information that I seemed to miss I stumbled upon a website called "skepticproject". It analyzes this documentary (and all the other Zeitgeist films) statement-by-statement with actual sources, something that I really missed in this documentary.

    As a fairly strong atheist the first part about Christianity was especially disappointing. The entire fairy tale would be explained with some simple astronomy. Upon reading the analysis on skepticproject however, I found out that almost all astronomical claims are fake and that his links are logically very weak.

    I'm not allowed to post links, but searching for "skepticproject com" should do the trick. The site and the information are still online as of July 2017. If you are unable to access the site, try the internet archive.

  10. The first part of this documentary is a total waste of time. The author blames religion for all of mankind's woes then spends the first hour attacking Christianity. Not one word is said about Islam which has enslaved over a billion people and has codified into its laws such cruelties as stoning rape victims for adultery, chopping off the hands of petty thieves, beheadings, slavery and domestic violence against women. It seems that atheists, the left and others that are quick to attack Christianity are just as quick to defend Islam.

    I would like to point out that many of the atrocities pictured at the beginning, even those committed by the West, have little to do with Christianity.

  11. Sorry, I just don't buy what you're selling regarding God. I recommend anyone who is truly seeking knowledge to read "Evidence That Demands A Verdict". Anyone with an opinion and a buck can make entertainment like this.

  12. So part of what stood out for me, in this movie, was the allegation that basically USA had 2400 of its own soldiers killed in Pearl Harbor, millions killed in WWI and WWII, 58000 killed in the Vietnam War, 3000 killed in WTC bombings and 1000s in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. The human price the US Govt seems willing to pay for monetary "profit" is limitless ...and then the fake media brouhaha that is played out simultaneously over every life lost.. The only guy with ideals is the one who goes out there and gets killed.... And he/she gets NO say in anything. It seems like every war is unethical but somehow the ones who are made to physically fight it are coerced into it with their idea that they are at the very crux of what's "good" and moral in society. Why does the average person even buy into these lies...? Why?

  13. don't* always go by what the internet says and people.. Investigate! Research! The first part of this movie is 100% false

  14. First off Jesus is in all the records

    For those people who don't believe Jesus was a living, breathing person on earth is like saying They don't believe in George Washington, even though there is a ton of evidence that he existed. Don't be naïve. Do your research, investigate, do always go by what other people say.

  15. Jesus never existed. Josephus was a fraud. Sun God. God's sun. Stop believing this Jesus lie people. You Christians have done enough damage to this world. Just stop.#Youniverse

  16. Richard Dawkings unmasked our organized religion, be it Christianity, or any other. all religions are synchronistic, evolving from some other religion, adopting few things from, adding new things, renaming the Gods, and Goddesses, and copying the events. One can accept religion, if one can accept miracles, and somebody's dreams as a base for the new religion. I personally reject all religions using logic. I like the books by Harris The End Of Faith, Dawkings The God Delusion, and Sagan's COSMOS.

  17. If Jesus was a myth, then He was a myth believed by historian such as Pliny and Josephus. He was a myth believed by the people who wrote about Him and experienced Him. And the fact that religions might have something in common? Gasp! Say it ain't so! Some of the commentators blather on about sheeple. Given the willingness to believe such easily refuted garbage, look in the mirror, for crying out loud.

  18. What you have been taught about Christianity is wrong. There is nothing you can do to "earn" your way into heaven and there is nothing you can do to stop yourself from going to heaven. That is what Jesus died for, our sins. He gave us the Holy Spirit to help us communicate with Him. All you have to do is accept Jesus Christ as your savior, ask for the Holy Spirit to live in you and ask for forgiveness of your sins. You don't have to change anything about yourself. Just have a relationship with God by talking to him and asking him for what you want and he will make change for you. The more you seek him and long to know him the more he will prove to you he is here. What are you losing by seeking a relationship with God?

    After years of not being sure if God exists or if the Bible is real and relentlessly searching for the truth (even following The Zeitgeist Movement for a while) I have been convinced that he is real. He can be proven to be real through science and through history.
    Just as God is real like it says in the Bible, Satan is real. He has dominion over the earth and he manipulates us into thinking Christians are crazy and ignorant. Isn't that what you would do to your enemy? Satan wants us as far from God as possible because he knows that in the end, he loses. There is a spiritual war happening and we are in the middle.
    If I where your enemy I would want you to feel empty and lost so I could fill you with lies and lead you down my path. We are being manipulated and distracted, kept fat and lazy, selfish and greedy fighting amongst each other so we won't see what is really happening and who the real enemy is.
    For those of you who believe there is an elite group of people secretly manipulating world affairs, why would they want to do that , what is their end goal and what do they want from us? They are being used by Satan and what he wants is to possess every last soul in this planet.

  19. Notice people typing novels when it comes to this movie. People are so conditioned with their paradigms of living, the risk of them being wrong is inconceivable.
    Continue living your lives and leave these problems to the more aware generation of people...

  20. I just want to add this idea.

    People say this film has some facts wrong, or even that it does it on purpose.
    Well, hypothetically speaking, let's say most of what they're saying is truth. Do you think it's principal target of "hostility" would let this film just be? Wouldn't you think it could create or erase evidence as needed to make this film "bad"? So instead of you focusing in the main message of the film, which isn't the 9/11 or religion, but about learning and caring, you all discussed ONLY about what it got wrong.

    I'm not saying this is what I believe, mind you.

    But as I see it, this is a piece of art. It's visual appareance (in this case, it's presentation and sources) might be false, but in art that's of no value, only the viewer can give the value. So, as a receptor, I perceive this piece as a good way to open your eyes into actually thinking. If I were the director, I'll be glad people are discussing about my work. It means they did indeed get the message. They are thinking and doubting about everything, even about the "truth" presented to them.

    That's my view on the film. It might have some facts wrong, or all for that matter. But now I want to start searching for the real thing. Thanks to this.

    Pd: I know my logic has it's downsides, but works for me in this particular case.

  21. Thankyou and I will continue this learning program though I have spent many years in the Yukon bush and wish to share this doc and possibly correct something if it is not too late,I feel sorry for our future gen.Bye

  22. what is our most powerful weapon? To be fearless? To believe that everything has its course and there is no good or bad?

  23. What can be done? The only thing we have in our favor is balance in the natural order of things.what does that mean we stand up and do something about it? the right person during the right time that can speak the language that we all can understand so that we can all
    Band togetherand evolve to the next level?

  24. I am amazed at how much of this is not taught in our current education system. I wonder why??? I have taken several religion classes in college and have never truly understood the common factor in religion and I am starting to get a better understanding. I feel many people will watch this and be very interested but may not do anything about it. Most people I know now a days think that its not their problem and someone in the future will save us or help us. Not happening wake up people!!

  25. in a panopticon society i find it very hard to take in as an actual authentic historical event, in other words its a load of bolloxxs carefully designed to leach out any possible miscreants in society or terrorists as they might otherwise be known but still found the first 45 minutes quite entertaining please get a grip or try telling the truth!!!

  26. the first part of the video is giving you two points of evidence depending on if you are a christian or an atheist because a christian would say, this only proves that there is a god in some ways by saying everything is linked over a very long period of time in which no human order can last, so there must be something contorting all these events, but im not a christian I am an atheist just thinking of what this video actually is trying to say over the long term.

  27. this guy is like Michael Moore's protégé, spouting speculation and theory as fact to support an overall judgement. Similar to Moore though much of his judgements are probably true, but the 'evidence' he provides is mostly unfounded.

    1. Have you done any of the research yourself? Or are you criticizing his work without any evidence of your own? Thought so.

  28. Neil Phillip Melly

    you should learn your bible. jesus never said " He also said he who is without sin can cast the first stone (to the adulterer" like every other part of the bible men wrote it. but this particular passage does not enter the bible until much later and many bibles actually admit that in the notes..

  29. my last comment was in response to antithiest three sixes not you docoman. sorry for any confusion

  30. John chapter eight verse fourty four. I choose to have GOD has my Spiritual Father. The fruit of the Holy Spirit is love, peace, joy, gentleness, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, long suffering and self control. Are those not qualities worth having. The Lord says be hot or cold but not lukewarm and you are definitely not lukewarm so you have got that going for you. You can still change. You have all the time in the world.

    1. All these great qualities you mention were around long before your poxy dog came on the scene. Religion is simply not needed and does much more harm than good. I find it interesting that you won’t even put the numbers 666 together on your posts instead you use three sixes which is longer to type. How mad is that? It reminds me of superstitious actors calling Macbeth – The Scottish Play. Go on I dare you put 666 on a post of yours. Go on, go on, go on, go on, go on x 666.

      You have all the time in the world to change too. Checkout “Why I am no longer a Christian” and “The God who wasn’t there” for two fine examples of people eventually seeing the light.


    2. You yourself said those numbers were mumbo jumbo and didn't know what six six six meant but I will give it a shot. A hexagon is a six sided shape. A hex is another word for a curse. What are the three curses of this world? Money, sex and power. People will do anything and everything including lie, cheat, steal, manipulate, betray, murder and so on for any or all of the above. if you noticed I don't use digits in any of my posts because digits and symbols are evil they are the work of the devil. GOD is the Word. I don't mind taking extra time to type out words instead of using digits because I am doing GOD's Will.

      How are you seeing the light by worshipping the prince of darkness? You live in a world devoid of hope and continue you to put your faith in like minded individuals because you don't want to believe we are accountable for our sins.

      I used to sin with abandon, maybe even worse, probably even worse than you and had nothing but contempt and hatred for GOD and HIS followers because I set out on my own which gives satan our souls on loan but GOD will always take them back HE saves HIS children thats a fact but know there is a price to pay it starts with doing things HIS way.

      GOD just kept humbling me over and over and by all accounts I should have been dead many times over with the total disregard I showed for my own life, but I am still alive because I finally saw the light (which is in the inside).

      I have turned my life around in so many ways with the Lord being my motivating factor. It simply wouldn't have been possible without HIS help and the support of true believers.
      You dont have to be a slave to sin if you dont want to be. Life is so much more rewarding by not giving into all the temptations of the world that simply leave you feeling empty inside unless you continue to repeat or feed that burning desire to stray away from GOD by sinning without remorse over and over. To sin is to punish GOD, but GOD only punishes those HE loves. I am grateful HE punished me and will continue to do so if I exhalt myself. I need to stay honest and humble and continue to walk the straight and narrow or I will end up in trouble again.

      I will agree with you religion 'can' do more harm than good in the wrong hands. It is man made after all, but we needed a Saviour the moment we fell from grace in the Garden in Eden for we all die in adam but we find life in Christ. Don't forget it was Jesus who stood up to the religious hypocrites who demanded everyone follow their traditions and customs or else and who were clean on the outside but dirty on the inside. That problem still exists today.
      I am now making the choice to walk away from this discussion board much to the joy or perhaps disapointment of some of you and your allies since you won't have me on here to bash anymore.
      It would be foolish for me to think I could come on here and convert those who were once like me so vehemently opposed to GOD, but its simply no fun preaching to the choir all the time either. Yes I will admit at times I was preaching rather than debating.
      You all made valid points and rational arguments why I shouldn't believe, but fortunately my personal unique relationship with Jesus Christ is unbreakable and eternal.
      I wish you and your allies all the best and hopefully no hard feelings. GOD bless you all.
      P.S. I bet your all thinking thank GOD we don't have to deal with this lunatic anymore. How ironic would that be?

    3. "You were trying to convert"? of course you were trying to convert by all your preaching! That is mostly what religee's do? is it not? no one here were trying to convert you! I personally do not care one way or another. I have given you links about your friend in the sky, no response forthcoming, lol

      You have no right from your vague authority to offer any blessing whatsoever from your invisible deity's to anyone on this site, I take umbrage to those obtuse remarks, how do we know that you are not in league with all of your Satan's minions, vile creatures of the night from the depths of depravity and purgatory.

      You offer not one iota of proof of your entities, just quoting from your vile man made book of lies, your god is not a god of love but a vile, vindictive, corrupt power hungry, jealous deity of hate, you probably have not even read the horror book of the Old Testament have you? That is part and parcel of your religion.

      You say you are leaving our band of industrious posters, please do not let the door hit you on your way out.

    4. Very well said. I was wondering if the door should hit him in the a$$ on his way out would he turn the other cheek?

    5. "Yes I will admit at times I was preaching rather than debating."
      lol, I must've missed the parts you were debating. How'd that go for you?

      No mate, I don't thank GOD unless it's sarcastically. Which is ironic. :)

    6. I see you didn’t take up my dare. Here’s one I made earlier for you 666 just to make you feel at home. Burn baby, burn. (Just kidding, I wouldn’t wish hell on anyone; I leave that to the sick minds that push this sick poisonous nonsense.)

      “If you noticed I don't use digits in any of my posts because digits and symbols are evil they are the work of the devil.”

      LOL that’s just plain nonsense; your Devil is as nonexistent as your god and just as ridiculous ...yet you live your life by it???

      Thanks at least for your admission of preaching. Independent thinkers grow tired of it very quickly as I’m sure you’ve noticed. Telling non believers they live in a world devoid of hope is not only wrong but an affront to many who live fine upstanding lives full of joy and hope without the need for a god.

      The Crucified One

    7. I wonder how he gets along driving then, with all the digits and symbols written on signs all around the place? The roads must be the devils playground. lols. 666. Oh O, I typed it....

      That is amusing, digits are the devils work.

    8. It's also weird how the church doesn't seem to have a problem with digits and symbols when it comes to counting up the offerings and tithe 'take'. I wonder how they'd go if they were written a cheque for $666, I'd bet they'd still cash it. ;)

    9. Have to jump in on this..."digits and symbols are evil they are the work of the devil."

      Really? How are you typing then? You're not using letters--which are symbols, btw? By your own standards, you are worshiping the thing you fear every time you sit at a computer or pick up a pen.

      Superstitious nonsense is the death of reason and sanity. And I'm not even talking religion here.

      You've accused AntiTheist666 of "worshipping the prince of darkness" and yet have completely missed the ironic nature of this handle. Those "digits" are there to challenge your beliefs,--human to human--NOT to give glory to some imaginary boogieman.

      EDIT: PS, just re-read and found this treasure: "GOD only punishes those HE loves. I am grateful HE punished me and will continue to do so if I exhalt myself." Sounds like you have a bit of an S&M fetish...

    10. 6's used to be a nice guy, but since he got damned and is hanging around the 'moral trash' that non delusional non religious people are, he's really gone to pack. Even his name which was once amusing has now turned evil. And they said he was such a nice boy once....
      At least he'll have some friends for company if there is a hell, I'll be there too apparently ;)

      Note to self...must remember to bring some steaks and sausages, drinks and marsh-mellows... it was the other team that was into catering miracles...

    11. you should really see a psychiatrist. all this loose word association is a sign of schizophrenia.

      the words hexagon and hex only match in the english language. which is relatively young.

      please go get help. find a psychiatrist and tell them you are taking religion WAY too seriously.

    12. Antitheist666- I have heard that the 666 number has to do with the original fall from grace. Lucifer and 1/3rd of the angels went against God and 2/3rd were faithful. The 2/3 is the 666, but I am uncertain why the mark of the beast would not be the 333 instead? I think his goal is to turn the 666 against God as well or something like that. I can't find the reference & I'm not religious, but I just found it interesting. Maybe someone with more religious background could explain it better. The actual sign of the beast during End Times will be in the hand or on the forehead & probably contain luciferin, which glows in the dark. Luciferin was named after Lucifer - the light bringer.

  31. Neil Phillip Melly

    you state "can anyone predict when where and how severe the next earthquake will be? thats just one way GOD keeps the human race humble and reminds us of HIS presence" so you need a threat of mass death and destruction to stay humble?

    also "there will always be those unscrupulous ones who try to profit from ones misery" is that why Christians show up with bibles but not condoms in aids stricken countries? judgement but not tolerance for the LGBT community? the organizations hold pride, money and reputation over protecting innocent children from being raped?

    1. a Christian who condems others is only condemning themselves

      Jesus specifically said do not judge for in the same measure you judge others you will be judged. He also said he who is without sin can cast the first stone (to the adulterer) and no one could because they were full of sin

      the Christian religion is flawed and filled with hyprocracy to this day and like all religions no religion can save your soul nor calling yourself a Christian on Judgement Day will save your soul either
      Jesus warned us of hypocracy when He said they honour me with their lips but their hearts are far away from me
      and when some of the church leaders said but teacher didn't we prophetize in your name He replied I never knew you
      you are supposed to enter into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ which means its just that personal. Everyone's relationship and what is expected of them is unique to another person's relationship with the Lord since we are all different and dont all possess the same abilities or will or life's circumstances that we can all achieve the same goals.
      Jesus is the Son of GOD and His Words stand alone. Like He said Heaven and earth will pass away but my words will never pass away. His Words are just as relevant today as they were yesterday and will be tomorrow if there is a tomorrow. They are timeless.
      He came into this world with limited powers, was a servant to his disiples and was ultimately tortured and killed for speaking out against the hypocracy and useless traditions of His day and teaching us the greatest commandments which are to love GOD with all your heart, strength, mind and soul and love your neighbour as yourself and to do unto others as you would have them do unto you (the golden rule) which sums up all the Law and the Prophets.
      and don't forget He died for our sins so He could bridge the gap between us and GOD.
      I think your your problem is with Christianity and not Jesus because if you knew Jesus by opening your heart to His Words if you read them you would find it very difficult not to love Him
      Jesus Christ is the perfect man. He was sinless but He took on all our sins when He was crucified because it was GOD's Will and His love for humanity was so great He wanted to give everyone a chance at salvation.
      Try not to let the injustices of this world in particular those perpetrated by so called Christians prevent you from entering into a personal relationship with Jesus.
      The Lord is well aware of who really has the love of GOD in their hearts and who is faking it or is so brainwashed by false teachers. Jesus spoke of this when He said you can tell a shepherd by its flock meaning the misguided church goers who blindly follow their church leaders may be fooling some but they are not fooling HIM.
      None of us are perfect. I know I'm not, but the beginning of knowledge is fear of the Lord. Try not to let the injustices of this world think that GOD is unjust. HE only wants us to see the good in everyone and to trust HIM that HE will right every wrong when the time is right.
      Simply read Matthew Chapter five versus three to twelve. I know thats what keeps me going. By the way you made some really valid points. If I failed to address any of them please let me know.

    2. You say that Jesus said;
      "Heaven and earth will pass away but my words will never pass away."
      How will Heaven pass away? I thought it was supposed to be there for all eternity, so how will it pass away?
      And don't answer it's a metaphor, that's BS.

      One of many illogical things you've posted on this thread.

    3. GOD created the Universe with HIS Son Jesus Christ the King of the Universe before time (John Chapter one verses one to five). The Universe is infinite and constantly evolving. Remember there was once a war in Heaven when lucifer and those he convinced to rebel against GOD but lost and were cast out of Heaven down to earth where he and his demons try and collect souls to take with them to hell for obeying him by disobeying GOD.
      Heaven and earth will be renewed upon the Lord;s return. It is only our souls that GOD is interested in and saving because He will constantly be showing us a new Heaven that just gets better and better as long as we are steadfast in our love for HIM and keep HIS Universal Commands.
      This world (earth) offers us nothing GOD can give us. We can look to the heavens now and see changes in our solar system and what images things like the hubble telescope provides. There are black holes that will swallow stars and galaxies but out of those supernovas new stars will be born. Just like the flowers pass away in the winter and are reborn in the spring so too will heaven. We are made in HIS image but it will be your inner beauty, the beauty of your soul that will determine what you look like in Heaven.
      This planet is a jail for our souls. I believe we are all sinners from a past life and we are here because we broke the universal code of Love that exists in the Universe. GOD has given us all another chance to redeem ourselves and re-enter that cosmic journey of love and enlightenment.
      I honestly do not know if I answered your question in a way that will satisfy your skeptisism but I tried. I still have a long way to go. The truth is no human will ever understand GOD or Jesus fully because our limited intelligence will not allow us to ever be on the same level with our CREATOR. HE will always have supreme power and knowledge and will continue to work in mysterious ways as a way of keeping us humble.
      I coined the phrase if there is something you do not know that makes you a fool. If you think you know everything that makes you the biggest fool of all.

    4. No, you didn't answer anything new on why your words are illogical and contradictory. Just confirmed once more you're not here to converse, just preach.

      One more incorrect thing, among many, is your statement;
      "There are black holes that will swallow stars and galaxies but out of those supernovas new stars will be born."

      You display a lack of understanding on how the universe works in that sentence.

      No, supernovas are not stars being swallowed by a black hole, they are stars exploding at the end of their life cycle.
      (if they 'fell' into a black hole, how are their remains left behind to start new stars?)
      And extra info for you, the heavier elements (everything heavier then hydrogen, helium, and trace amounts of lithium and beryllium) are created by stars, so our solar system is comprised of remains from at least a 2nd generation supernova/exploded star.

      Nothing we've observed absolutely requires God to have to be. Certainly not any of the incorrect assertions and preachings you've regurgitated on here mate.

    5. Maaaaate,,,come on can you do me a favor and run out side go upto the nearest gum tree and headbutt it as hard as you can.
      Then come back inside, sit down in front of your keyboard and with the added value of the solid whack to your head logic may appear, and rational thought may actually accur and with this new found intelligence you may just start writing something worth reading...

  32. if you dont need GOD why does GOD need you
    anybody who doesnt think they will have to change at some point in their lives is only fooling themselves
    propaganda videos like this only serve to give comfort to those who wish not to believe because it conflicts with their personal beliefs and they are willing to sell their soul in exchange for the best this world can offer which is a world of sin and disobediance to GOD by refusing to do the the first step in redemption to the Lord which is to repent
    take a look around at what a disaster man has turned this world into
    it is your failure to make a connection with our loving creator that prevents you from knowing this world offers nothing GOD can give you
    the biggest lie of all is believing this world is as good as it gets

    1. By all accounts your ''magic man'' does not need anyone as to date there is no evidence to support your or anyone else's claim that he/it actually exsists.
      We use reason to fight religion and we use logic to come to conclusions. These are the systems you should fight if you want to address the source of atheism and such. Of course you would come off as illogical and irrational, but that is your dilemma, not ours.

      If he can never be proven it means that he can never be observed in any way which makes divine intervention impossible because then we would be able to percieve him. If he cannot alter anything ever, it means that he can’t do anything, and if he cannot do anything then the whole idea of God is superflous and God himself is non-existent.

    2. your fundamental flaw is lack of faith
      GOD has touched the lives of countless people because they opened their hearts to HIM and came to the conclusion there has got to be a reason for living and the only thing that gives life meaning is to serve our Creator by helping others since we are all HIS children, unfortunately not everyone believes that because they look for any reason not to believe instead of to believe.
      it is man's nature to seek power but we know power corrupts so what hope does mankind have
      GOD does everything on HIS terms HIS timing and is accountable to no one but HE will right every wrong at a time of HIS choosing for no one knows the day nor the hour
      are my poems and some of the statements I make polarizing? Yes. For the Lord says it is better to be hot or cold but not lukewarm.
      I knew posting comments and spiritual poetry on this particular website which is a breeding ground for athiests would open me up to verbal abuse but thats nothing to what Jesus had to endure. Its a small price to pay for spreading the Word.
      Google the poem Desiderata. You might find it more balanced than mine but still hopefully sends the same message I'm trying to without causing such a kneejerk reaction. GOD bless.

    3. You have such an almighty cheek saying that @jackamax has a “fundamental” flaw. YOU are the one making ridiculous fundamentalist claims here! Spreading the word you say, sounds more like preaching to me! Have you watched this doc or got anything to say about it without proselytising? Otherwise please spare us your doggerel about your dirty dog.

      The Crucified One

    4. Yawn! all you are doing is preaching like some street corner religee, means nothing, just a hellfire and brimstone threat, albeit a mild threat that we are supposed to endure by your boring preaching posts of your own invisible gods that reside in your mind, and that reside nowhere else.

      In other words you, an almost invisible insignificant carbon unit, a pixel of the cosmos seem to think you have a pipeline to your gods and are your gods little sunbeam to everything that is.

      Show us some proof that we can take to the bank! Schizophrenic maybe??

    5. until the evidence of your creator becomes a available it would be nieve of me to accept your story or anyone else's without having doubt about this subject or any other subject. If you could provide evidence to what you believe other than faith or crap you think is evidence I'm shaw a decient debate or conversation may occur. Your preaching and poems mean nothing to me other than thinking your a fool

  33. GOD has the final say on everything

    1. How has your magic man got the last say on everything?

      Its apparent that by your other posts on other threads you have no idea what your talking about.

      For that to be correct you must first prove that your magic man does
      exist, and to date smarter people than you have tried and failed so good luck with that....lol

    2. dont feel sorry for those who have GOD in their lives be sorry your not one of them

    3. Your a f--k wit, you have no idea what your talking about at no stage did I say I felt sorry for you or any other f--k wit that believe in your ''magic man''. Most of the time I try to show them the contempt I think they deserved.

    4. you'll get your proof GOD in fact does really exist on Judgement Day so keep in mind that its never too late to get into GOD's good grace which is by the the way is the only thing that is keeping us all from hell for all eternity.

      GOD gave us all the gift of free will to either accept HIM and prove our love for HIM by obeying HIS commands or reject HIM like you have and as a result be filled with contempt for all the true believers who try to do HIS Will or wish to live their lives without any moral accountability to the MIGHTY ONE. GOD is not the problem HE is the solution. In other words man`s only hope is found in GOD

      Jesus Christ was not a rational man because a rational mind suffocates the soul. He is the Truth and spoke only the Truth because HE shares the Holy Spirit with GOD. In other words Jesus Christ is not a liar. HE was crucified for speaking the Truth.
      The Truth will always break a chain of lies. You need to be honest with yourself before you can be honest with HIM.

    5. ''Judgement Day'' you say? Have you got a date for that or are you making another assumption with out any real evidence?

      A gift of free will you say by obeying his command.....
      Having to obey your magic man does not sound to free to me.

      Your statement about ''magic man jr'' is BS and you seem to be living in your own fantasy land. I could say that your assertions amount to nothing more than lies as you cannot prove that anything you have said about your ''magic man'' and ''magic man jr'' is the truth. It sounds to me that your not being honest with yourself or anyone else for that matter.

    6. Isn't God going to get lonely all by his lonesome in heaven while the rest of us get what we deserve - eternal torture for being born into sin? That seems fair.

      Good for Him! I'm sure all that stuff you said is true, too.

      Eternity is a really long time, especially towards the end - Woody Allen.

    7. @Preacherman Neil Phillip Melly

      You can't see the contradiction of free will on the one hand and obedience to commands on the other, can you? Or what about a loving god that invents a hell for those that do not wish to brainlessly obey?

      Most people here have no problem in respecting believers. It's as soon as people like you start preaching that respect is replaced by contempt.

      You're just repeating what you have been fed with like an automaton. Sorry mate, but it's clear that you are not divinely inspired.

    8. if you do not obey GOD then who are you obeying? You must be obeying someone (other than yourself) who tells you that you should disobey GOD or that HE doesn't exist. Free will is choice. Every choice we make has consequences good or bad. GOD is Love so by rejecting GOD you are rejecting HIS Love. HE rejected HIS only begotten Son to give us all a second chance to enter into an eternal paradise with HIM.

      There are man made laws we must follow or face the consequences. Why would GOD make Laws without any consequences.

      I am not in a position to judge you or anyone for that matter because I will judged with the same measure I judge others. Only GOD knows what is in our hearts. HE knows us better than we know ourselves.

      Why would HE let us unfairly judge each other if HE didn't posses the ability to judge us perfectly according to our heart when its all said and done.

      I just think you fail to realize how infinite, supremely powerful and truly perfect GOD is and cannot comprehend a divine force with incalcuable intelligence because you like me and everyone else on this planet have limited knowledge and are flawed.

      No one is worthy to be in HIS presence but HIS Grace allows us to attack, mock and berate HIM and HE is willing to forgive us for that and give us an eternal afterlife full of love we cannot fathom. If that still isn't good enough for you HE warns us HE will give us the complete opposite.

      As long as your alive you have a chance to get into GOD's good Grace. You don't know when your time is up so why take that chance?

      you have many allies on this comment section so I expect they along with you will reply to my latest post. I accept the conseqences but I am not holding my breath that they will be positive. Its too bad because there is nothing positive about being negative.

    9. There you go preaching again. I ought to flag your response, but what the hell... ; )

      - I'll skip the utterly bizarre story of your god rejecting his son.
      - What gave you the strange idea that everyone must obey someone? I should tell you that I have anarchistic tendencies.
      - Free will is definitely not a choice: either you are born with it or not. If we all obeyed someone, then no one has free will. As said before, I think we do.
      - There is no rejection of god when you start with the assumption that no god exists. Ever thought of that? Therefore: no rejection and no laws.
      - You do not seem to understand that the terms good and bad are relative and man-made, not universal. The principle of good and bad existed before man did, but they have always been relative.

      - You are judging me and at least everyone who disagrees with you, I think you judge even everyone, you only don't realise that you do.
      - No, I cannot realise how infite your god is, because I think he does not exist, therefore no attacking, no mocking, no berating, that would only be a waste of time.

      - If your knowledge is flawed, how come you assume to know so much? Don't start with the bible telling the truth, because you cannot say for certain if that's true or not.
      - I agree with your last point: I try to always look on the bright side of life...

    10. Hmm I see, you're clearly having hallucinations. Better see a psychiatrist and have him prescribe some potent antipsychotica for you.

    11. Tell your Gods to give everyone some money, which the religions never seem to have enough of, by the way do you pay tithings to your religions? If you don't you may be going to HELL in a hand-basket!

      Can't wait for the RAPTURE so the planet can shake you crazies off like fleas on a dog.

    12. God has no say on anything because he doesn’t exist.

    13. I'm finding it very difficult to hold back with this fool, however I'm trying to play nice. If he keeps persisting I know my demeanor will change and I know the outcome when that happens. I'm not the big girls blouse he thinks I am.

    14. the past is dead the future is blind the present is a gift from GOD

      you cant change the past and no one can see into the future

      can anyone predict when where and how severe the next earthquake will be? thats just one way GOD keeps the human race humble and reminds us of HIS presence

      of course in each way man unites in the face of tragedy like GOD intends us to do there will always be those unscrupulous ones who try to profit from ones misery. that is part of man's human nature and fall from grace

      you use the 3 sixes in your name but do you even no what they mean other than its supposed to be the mark of the beast. please share the meaning of this set of numbers

    15. Yes there’s lots of mumbo jumbo surrounding this number. I use it as a tribute to Nietzsche who wrote a
      most excellent book called “The Antichrist”, I’m a bit of a Horny Devil at times too...

      The Crucified One

  34. This video is just a bunch of crap trying to convince uneducated people.

    1. The bible is just a book trying to convince uneducated people. And back then it was believe or get killed, some education

  35. Still bothers me that Christianity, particularly the Roman Vatican component of it, depicts Jesus as being White..if they can get that "fact" right kind of blows the rest of the politically biased stories away really...oh..and what happened to the unpublished gospels? ( if Jesus was a real person, he was born to an Arab / Hebrew family in the middle east....2000 years ago..not many white Arab / Hebrew families around!)

    faith is always a personal choice, believe in what makes you comfortable...point about this movie is, there is more truth in it than people want to believe...

  36. Those of you here that think the Bible is a myth, you are full-filling the prophetic warning of people that will not enter into the kingdom of heaven.

    Luke 13:23-24 and 28, “Then said one unto him, Lord, are there few that be saved? And he said unto them, Strive to enter in at the strait gate: for many, I say unto you, will seek to enter in, and shall not be able ... There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth, when ye shall see Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob, and all the prophets, in the kingdom of God, and you yourselves thrust out.”

    Why do you continue in your enmity against God? just because you love your sins and wont even bother to turn from them?
    Wicked you are who do not have Faith in Jesus Christ..

    take a single cell, break it with a needle pinch, i promise you, that Cell will never put itself back together by itself.
    Fallen, you need a savior. even if you may pride yourself on Egypt being the copy for the 10 commandments, then where is a savior in the Egyptian Religion?

    1. From what I understand the bible is a book of gospels. When any parts on any book " gospels" the it has been edited and therefor not the truth but someones opinion. When all the gosples are included only then can it be the truth, but only in some peoples opinions. I rather get left behind.

    2. God did 911 - He was the conspirator! Just like Jericho, Sodom and Gomorrah, on and on. He has a history of this kind of behavior.

  37. During parts II and III, I couldn't stop thinking about Ron Paul.

  38. Hmmm... Resource-based economy. Must look that up.

  39. Whether or not you believe 911 to be an inside job or not is ultimately irrelevant. Everyone should be able to agree that the event was used, as with all similar events in the past, as a pretext for war and to persuade the public to support such policies, which only serve and benefit vested corporate interests like arms and oil. That's the bottom line. Ideals of democracy and liberty are strictly for public consumption, while unbelievable crimes are committed against peoples of the Middle East.

  40. Sources are not properly cited. If you want to see this piece debunked in a way which properly uses primary and secondary sources look up conspiracy science.

    1. Sources for what exactly? There are multiple topics in the film, does calling in to question one topic dismiss the whole film?

  41. one big irony is that it is the same broken system that gave rise to the creation of a samsung personal computer that i am using right now that informs me of that same broken system

  42. It's too bad, that when people make 'claims' of things like, we are all alone, they neglect to inform the reader , that it is just their 'opinion', and that said opinion, can not be proven, just as science atm anyway, can't prove god. DOes science need to do that, for god to exist ? Is god independent of the abillity of science at any one time in history, to comprehend the universe around itself and therefore actually be able to 'understand it fully' ?

    1. When one person "claims" it is an opinion, when another agrees it is the begining of a religion.

  43. For a movie that claims fearmongering is a bad thing, this movie sure does a lot of it. This movie is designed to make you feel afraid. You can tell that the people who wrote it felt afraid.

    This movie ends with a statement of faith - "We are all one", we are actually *not* individuals, but part of a big worldwide organism. This belief was drawn from the Buddhist tradition quoted at the beginning of the story, which is the religious direction that the filmmaker wished to sway you in.

    How this belief, however, possibly resolves or draws a conclusion to the dilemmas presented in the rest of the film is dubious at best. If the whole Earth is dying, won't you die with it?

    This is also propaganda in its classic form. The eye at the end is meant to be hypnotic, but it is really distracting and, combined with statements I don't agree with, particularly disturbing. If the filmmakers were actually honest, they wouldn't make such obvious, brazen attempts to sway or control you.

    Considering the recent theater shooting, some of these comments seem particularly scary....

    1. And what you say can also be considered fear mongering. We have nothing to fear but fear itself.

  44. We can make comments on religion and 9/11 etc... The bottom line is we are living in societies that slowly but surely eating away at our way of life and our rights as individuals, Government's are controlled by the central banks and decide what they can and can't do. Why would a government authorise a central bank to lend the government money and be charged interest as well. Why would a country give a bank so much POWER ?
    If countries like Germany, England and the U.S.A. can have their Government's pretty much controlled by these individual's that OWN these central banks what hope have we as individual's battling away in the struggle of life have to retain our right's ?

    We don't have a chance !

    P.S. - I can't even post this without giving the SYSTEM my I.D.

    1. Because those who get the interest get rich and powerful, our own politicians. Our countries don't give them this power it is done without our permission by greedy politicians. Any president who has choosen, government printing it's own money at no intrest, over privatized banks printing money with intrest has been assasinated. Printing our own money without interest has been proven to be benificial to all people lower, middle, and upper class. Pivatized bank printing with interest benefits only the private banking system and the people get poorer and the middle class is slowly destroyed and the filthy rich can rule their Kingdoms

  45. Not all the worlds religions fit this bill. There are aspects of religion that humanity NEEDS. There are aspects of science that humanity NEEDS! To discard all religion is to throw the baby out with the bath water. I for one find truth in all religions if you look at it right. I also don't take the bible literally. What I do know is this: some people who don't believe in religion, are becoming as fanatical about it as the Spanish Inquisition. I find it amusing that some these people try as hard to "save" my mind as some Christian followers try to "save" my soul.

    I advise anyone to make up their own mind about all of this. I follow a religion that encourages the study of science and knowledge, that is open to all other religions, and races and cultures. Unity is what is important. It also believes in God, and divinity. Such ideas are not mutually exclusive. Acceptance people, acceptance and independent investigation of the truth.

    What are the effects your beliefs have in your life? Do they improve your life? Do they harm others? Ignorance can be found within a scientific community as much as religious. Let consider how the Canadian government is silencing scientists from speaking out about environmental concerns. Let's consider how people subjugate people, and they'll use whatever tool they can, be it religion, politics, or science. Eugenics is a progeny of science, and couldn't be more off target.

  46. i love the way the devil works. remember people a lie plus the truth is still a lie. what better way to be deceitful than to get the truth and alter it so slightly that people will beleive it. please watch AGE OF DECEIT if your looking for the truth what ever this man says jesus is the truth the way and the light and the only way to get to what we know is heaven is but by him.the devil has a plan to destroy gods good im here to help plant the seeds that people need for eternal salvation by reminding them what is truth

    1. @PleAse_ReaD:

      Who are you and by what authority do you have that you say you are here to help, and to make such ridiculous statements, so my suggestion is to quit trying to preach your obscure faiths, Devils, Demons, and Satan's, and whatever invisible gods are stuck in your mind to the gullible of which alas, there are many.

      please read the "comment policy" above. No preaching!!

    2. Ehm... How do you know it is not you who have been deceived? ;) Watch something about critical thinking instead of preaching here. Highly recommended.

    3. you state, "(jesus)...only way to get what we know is heaven is but by him..." - so you instinctively dismiss; just as popular and also different God(s)/deities (than the son of god/christ/spirit version that millions of brutaly misled christians believe in as if it was 500b.c- in the US) that MILLIONS of people worship/believe in/strive to better themselves through/have a stronger faith in/spirtuality governed by a set of particulars, and yes, get to some form/phase/nirvana/of what you also refer to as "heaven." CANT YOU SEE how divisive YOUR faith is to the other 2/3rds of the WORLDS POPULATION? Is there actual warm blood running through your veins Christian? WHAT ABOUT humans who do not hold ANY "religion" in very high esteem, DUE TO THE HORRENDOUS HARM IT HAS PROVED TO CAUSE OVER THE LAST 2000+ years? The non-stop-bloodshed in the name of (insert your god here) since the beginnings of time. For exactly what (win or lose)? Oh, I get it - your heaven is "better" than someone else's(try not to instantly think of skin color, ok ? Anyhoo, I just want to say, that TRUE FREEDOM, this includes the ability to think CRITICALLY- although in places like TX - they are trying to strip that course from ALL PUBLIC HS, and Comm. Colleges - say thank you Neocons/Perry & backed by religious righties that have been vomitingly good in pushing thier agenda around that state for far too long .... oh, yeah back to Critical thinking....like why does it bother YOU soooo much that there is EXTENSIVE proof that this planet is millions and millions of years older than you think ? ask your own source....if the bible stated that the world was flat, would you believe it? - like the bible states to ask to much is to want to know the knowledge of GOD which is a BAAAAAADDDDDDD thing, right? WHY? ...... ok im done, one more thing though....IM SATAN and Im comming for YOU.....Im coming for your brain.....(in Dracula scary-voice....) woooo hooooo hooooo...whooooooo....woooo.....hoooooooooo

  47. Oh how I miss the rationality of the masses.
    edit:- 'of'......sorry.

  48. In response to "Smoky"
    I quote "I know a lot of good Christians." "They don't try to "save" anybody, they don't go door to door trying to sell religion,"

    Most "good Christians" are "Fishers of Men". Besides Zeitgeist is not targeting any one religion, it is only an opinion, observation, and expression of observation.
    No one is making you agree with the topic.
    Also I seldom hear of agnostic, atheist, or other groups complaining about people voicing their opinion about being a Christian.
    Everyone is entitled to an opinion and the right to express the opinion, you also have the right to make your own decisions.

  49. This documentary would be more compelling if it omitted the "Jesus myth" and just discussed 9/11, the Fed and other conspiracy. I know a lot of good Christians who believe what they believe and ask for nothing but that freedom. They don't try to "save" anybody, they don't go door to door trying to sell religion, they simply believe what they believe and ask for only the right to do so in privacy. Religion has not been established by the same people who created 9/11, the Bilderberg Group, the Freemasons or any other kooky conspiracy nut theory. Christianity has existed for over 2000 years and there is plenty of scientific evidence and documented proof of that. Whether you believe in it or not is up to you, but you don't have a right to tell anybody what to believe. This "film" doesn't discuss anything that you haven't heard in any Mythology class. This documentary reflects the primary malfunction of most liberals/conspiracy nuts, they become indignant about the fact that people "push religion on them" when in actuality, they seem to be the only ones telling you what to believe. I don't see too many Christian documentaries have as much mainstream success as Zeitgeist, Bill Maher's "Religulous" or one of George Carlin's stand up shows... wonder why that is?

  50. Whoever wrote the part about biblical plagiarism should review Carl Jung's idea of the collective unconscious. The writers of the bible need not plagiarize; great floods and virgin births, among other things, are universal ideas that present themselves in almost all religions and myths predating Christianity. I am not religious but I think Christianity, like most religions, came about as a response to man's existential crisis... it's capitalism and conquest that has turned it into the circus it is today.

  51. When I read through the comments I feel there is no hope. The religious wont listen to reason (Nothing new) and others think this is either the NWO or a bunch of lies, because it challenges everything they know.

    Good luck and long life.

  52. the political party in charge now is of no concern. when both parties share the same agenda it doesn't matter who is in power. the two party system is simply another way to mislead you into believing you have a choice when you don't. so don't feel that the problem has been resolved by a change in president.

  53. Yeah, because we can't be responsible for our own actions. we HAVE to have a God to stop us from pillaging and hating and raping each other and our earth. We all want to have a voice, but none of us want to be held responsible for our own actions. Therefore, there can't be a God, because he does't reach down and stop me whenever I go and do something hateful and stupid. Maybe instead of asking why God would allow all these bad things from happening if he existed, why not ask ourselves as a race of free-thinking and independent choice makers why all these bad things happen while we coexist as a human race created by and parented by God? Why don't WE do something about it? I guess it's just easier to blame and forsake someone else. Outright proclaim that there is no God, but admit freely that if there were you would be perfectly happy giving up free will and choice for perfect peace and euphoria. Am I right? I guess when my 18 year old goes in the ditch in his car because he was driving 85 in a 55 on ice, he should blame me because I was not right there in the car forcing his foot down on the break. Because, everyone knows a good parent would make sure no bad choices would ever be made. Maybe because I am such a bad parent, allowing my 18 year old to make choices on his own, I don't exist. That must be it. Pft. I'm such a silly.

    1. Yes, based upon your comment, you are a silly! Don't worry though, us "sillies" (ooh, a new Universal patch to identify us), are starting to coalesce around and idea based upon common sense and humanity....crazy talk, I know.

      But, I see the dawns early light, with no bodies of martyrs and heroes lying in the dust.

    2. You speak of free will yet on the very nexus of free will you chose to equivocate. Either you believe in God or you do not. Anything otherwise is "gaming the system".

    3. I say that you do not have to have god in your life to be a moral and good person. I am an Atheist and see evidence of this every day.

    4. Absolutely. 'Do unto others and you wish they would do unto you'. Boom! Done. Over. No need for anything else. Have a nice day.

    5. Great post! I would only add that faith is a hope for meaning in our life. Choosing to believe something that is not logical is an expression of thinking their is a better way to live our life than what comes naturally(original sin if you like).

  54. I'm a human being goddamnit! My life has value!

  55. I am god and I support Peter Joseph.

  56. Beware my friends,because Zeitgeist is the key to The New World Order; they want to make you believe that where religion has failed,the abolition of it will function.What Zeitgeist wants is a world without God,completing Satan's project.Read the Bilble,respect the Word of God and you shall be free.This new society will be founded on hathred and not love;hate towards God,what they will call senseless myth.As things will go on,you will see that I am right.But I love you all,as Christ loves you.

    1. I am christ and I do not love you.

    2. The Bible should have explicit content warnings. There are several instances where this God of Love has told his chosen people to go forth and commit horrible acts in his name.
      Genocide, Rape, Pillage, Infanticide are all included in the instructions to Joshua while leading his people to the promised land. Lot's daughters committed incest with him as well. These chosen were instructed to cut open the pregnant women of another city and spill the unborn child unto the sand. They were instructed to kill all men women and children but keep the virgins for themselves.
      This is in the Bible and is very disturbing. Would you do these things yourself if your God asked you to? I would hope not! Remember all these things were done AFTER these guys received the Ten Commandments.
      The out right hatred that comes from the pulpit these days against those who may have another opinion is telling of whose got the Holy Spirit and who does not. Especially after 2008 Presidential election.
      These people are delusional and mislead and throw hate at this man who struggles for peace. The Bible says Peacemakers will be known as sons of God! But to these delusional ones GB has been anointed as chosen and he has not pursued peace at all.
      God said ask for wisdom and you shall receive it. Well ask and you will see that the Truth shall set you free, Yeah FREE of religion. Thanks to the Bible I no longer consider myself a Christian because I agree with the words and lessons of Jesus. The Christian religion has nothing to do with Jesus anymore. Not the real Jesus anyway. You might ask who they are really following.

    3. Your uneducated. Obama care actually wants to put little microchips in us. That is the real NWO. This is not NWO. This is planetary survival. You too will wake up one day.

    4. I believe in god i believe there is something out there watching over us. But there's no need to spend money worship him like some cult people. If he is all good then all you have to do be the best person you can be. Be good to others and yourself don't do anything that hurts others and yourself and you will live a beautiful perfect life.

  57. Jesus Is Lord!

    1. I am your lord!
      Bow before me mortal!

    2. I agree completely: the Sun is our master.

  58. The UFO and the Nazis from Jupiter revealed all this truth for them to make this "serious" movie

  59. haha are you all serious?

  60. On religion - there cannot be a god because if there was wouldn't he ensure the dictators (bankers/politicians/corporate owners) got terminal illness instead of ordinary working class people who never do any harm to anyone. No dictators = no famine/war - which is what a god would aim for if there was one.
    On the 5% of the populace who own all the wealth - obviously they have an awesome life while they are alive - spending it - whilst amassing more to pass on to their children. But do their own children not realise how selfish their wealthy parents must be because they are destroying the planet to accumulate this wealth. There is no point in passing the wealth down if their is no planet for their children to live on!
    Or - just maybe the point of their wealth is to invent as much technology as possible so that the other 95% of the population is no longer needed (they seem to think ordinary people are expendable anyway). They (the other 95%) can then be killed off meaning the oil/resources will last much longer as there will be only the richest 5% using them (wonder if they're clever enough to make sure they don't carry on depleting resources by getting sustainable energy installed just before they kill the installer off!). And with 95% less population global warming will significantly slow down (a justifiable excuse to their children for continuing their quest for more money no doubt). However, eventually, they (the top wealthy) must turn against each other for money accumulation as there will be no more working class to gain profit from - the result - a few families inhabiting the entire globe with loads of money but no one left to show off to with all the fabulous material things they have (worked hard for [they think]) - they all commit suicide as there is no point to their life with no one left to compete against or earn more profit from. THE END.

  61. Interesting that no muslim phrophet is mentioned. In a time, and land area where the judao-cristian faith has split, where there is civil unrest, instead of mohammhad uniting both the faiths and reinforcing Gods message, he invents his own one and proceeds to stir up hatred. The temple of the rock after being sacked by the romans is invaded and taken over by muslims. How antaganistic is that? The most holy site of judao-cristian faith is now the muslims most holy site, and only allowed into by them. The koran quotes mohammad as saying he is not greater than any other prophot, and accepts moses jesus and jonah as previous prophots. So why do they insist theres is the one true religion, and the only single god? Muhamhmad clearly made it a point to the arabs to not make any distinction between the great apostles of God.

  62. All of this is PAGAN : ) . And what ever the Egyptians had was taken from Pagan Religion as well, Also know as the Mother Goddess Religion. the world worshipped the Goddess but changed the Woman to Man, politicized religion, inserted war and here we are. Goddess centerd societites have been know to be peaceful in harmony with the land, and free of war. No Comment on the GOv thing.... Im not going to go there Im just not I dont know.......

  63. Krishna was NOT born of a virgin. Devaki was married to Vasudeva and Krishna was her eighth son. Sheesh!

  64. Zeitgeist is fraudulent, like many media mediums it is there to encapsulate the minds. This time the niche they've found is decent peoples need to see good done. Unlike my brother and some of my friends (the ones that give a damn) I never trusted the zeitgeist movement, notice that in their videos, the vision of future cities always have a lot less people living in them. Their rhetoric sways good people into assuming the same ideals as the N.W.O, the bilderberg group, who are already building one of these sustainable cities. Sounds great but their agenda is depopulation - the murder of 4 million people. For those avid Zeitgeist followers, you've probably already seen it but I refer you to 'David De Rothschild at Zeitgeist Europe 07' on youtube. Here you'll see him, David Cameron and Tom Brokaw plugging carbon tax which is actually charging you for the air you breath and paying for this city project. Ironically once 2 million can be housed they wont need that tax because due to a few already beta tested diseases most of you won't be breathing. So please people, oppose zeitgeist, they are laughing at you right now at how they were the ones that did the impossible and charged you for air and how easily they manipulate the good meaning people of the world. As a side note, its said that the depopulation is need because people consume to much and the Earth can only sustain 2 million... Not true, with the means at our disposal she could sustain another 2 million on top of the 6 that already inhabit her. Also it would only take 100 years to colonise Mars only 25 years until people are living permanently on the surface. If only people would realise that life IS hard work and we must all pull our weight. The true reason for 2m is that 2m is easier to control than 6m, 8m or 10m. Most people don't trust Bill Gates, Google or the Rothschilds but these are just some of the benefactors the Zeitgeist movement

    1. Sustainability statistics are relative to the consumption rate of the people living on the Earth. Most take into account the effect of American consumption on a global scale. Since American consumerism is often lauded as the "ideal" and what the 3rd world should be striving for, the maximum capacity of the Earth decreases dramatically.

    2. Of course, but consumption is relative to people. Everyone assumes America is the biggest consumer but it depends on how you look at it. England is the cause of most of the starving nations plight as the powers in countries like Kenya prefer cash to food for their people. So instead of growing our own food we buy all theirs, in fact since foot and mouth (which our government admitted was weaponised) Englands only two major farm produce are apples and lavender. Fuel may soon be an issue of the past as some genius, British of course ;) has created a synthetic hydrogen based petrol with the same viscosity as the carbon based fuel so you won't even need to retrofit your engine or tank. After tax it'll cost you around a dollar a gallon 67p over here. Ur, the first civilisation in babylon modern iraq was built on lush alluvial ground its where the garden of Eden was. They cleared so much land it turned baron. This is where we are unsustainable, mass deforestations. The ridiculous thing is when man invented the house brick we continued cutting down trees for furniture when we could use chinese bamboo, paper when we could use papyrus and hemp. Though the logging industry otherwise known as the banking industry could never allow this, as the light bulb conspiracy will teach, for maximum profit you must use superior materials to build inferior products. Better sourcing, smarter logistics and sturdier craft could allow sustainable living FOR ALL! Australian aborigines believe we were put here as janitors to a garden I don't know how that idea became lost to man but we tend not to think of earth as home people don't think outside the brick box.

  65. Regarding the religion part of Zeitgeist, does anyone actually hold it credible anymore? Numerous factual inaccuracies and unsupportable conclusions to further the producer's self agenda. Can this really be considered a documentary? And if this portion is riddled with such errors, how are we to believe that the remaining parts are credible pieces?

    1. "Numerous factual inaccuracies and unsupportable conclusions to further the producer's self agenda"....are you speaking of religion in general or the documentary?

    2. Why don't you research all of this and make your own documentary?

  66. Excellent movie, i lived in soho, and i seen people coming back from there covered in white dust. this movie really opens your mind to whats really going on around you.. everything is connected in some sort of way with each other. an in the end the target is us, the PEOPLE. i probably might just watch it again. maybe i'll get something different from it.

  67. Planes hit the buildings.I was in Greenwich Village & the 1st plane almost crashed into my building. It was headed towards Silver Towers on Houston St which looks like the WTC except smaller, then picked up altitude, leveled out & crashed. When it first descended it sounded like it was nose diving-LOUD.

  68. So if two of the planes didn't hit the pentagon and Shanksville were did they really go???

  69. everyone should watch this. it makes everything around you make sense finally.

  70. Let me tell you... if the madness in this sick system of "democracy", capitalism and mind control escalated to chips being forced to be put in my body, I'd get some automatic weapons and a hopefully large group of people and take down as many money puppets as I was able to

  71. We who base conceptions of reality on science must accept peoples´ religious conceptions of reality; Messias, salvation, Gods Plan, etc.
    In order to be able to work together practically for a world more equal, against oppression and against the madness of capitalism.

  72. Religion and spirituality are the same thing and aren't purely based off the stars or created to control society. They are simply mans old way of explaining things we couldn't explain in the past. Celestial objects become a focus in these things because they are clearly visible, but unreachable and up until the last millenia or so unexplainable by mankind. Hating religious people for the way they were raised just makes things worse.
    You people need to realize that religion isn't the enemy of human advancement- although it does provide obstacles. Poor education and misinformation are the real problems in society today. Even in a zealous catholic household If a child is provided with a properly funded education, (to avoid the misinformation that comes with homeschooling in such a household), the choice in beliefs between fact or religious fiction becomes an easy one. Down with films like this that inspire halfwit youths to hate the society that they'll have to live in anyways! Up with education!

    1. Religion and spirituality: Are they really the same thing? Identical? Or just a high degree of similarity? As I understand it 'spirituality' has a loose and multifarious meaning. Religion is more well defined.

      All of my ex-girlfriends are spiritual and after quizzing them It seems as though they are using a stipulative definition (defining the meaning to suit their own purposes with no concern for the common meaning) and to be fair, no descriptive definition (common usage) exists.

      Does a descriptive definition of 'spiritual' exist?

    2. "You people need to realize that religion isn't the enemy of human advancement- although it does provide obstacles. Poor education and misinformation are the real problems in society today".

      Nice contradiction. religon is poor education and misinformation. You become religous by hearing and learning about that certain religon. .

      Religon = poor education/misinformation = problems in society.

    3. You are naive. If you are a child raised in a strict religious household, the likelihood that you will ever break from that downward spiral of illogical thinking is null. The only possible solution, which we both agree is education, is discouraged and many times banned by the faith-thinkers. The child raised in a religious family is brainwashed and discouraged from any education that might call into question their faith. It is a small percentage of any child's mind that will ever escape that mind-trap. The only solution is to stop religion from attacking the minds of children.

    4. Religion is not an obstacle or an aid to human advancement. People and the choices they make with or without religion determine what happens in the world. You are dead on in your first paragraph.

  73. if everything in this movie is true, and the banks/government run everything in our lives and want to maintain chaos in order to rake in the benefits then couldnt this movie be another example of that, keep the crazies thinking crazy to invoke hysteria into people that there is an incredible network or lies behind every major war/ act of government, obviously the majority of society will probably never hear about this movie or see it, only a small number of people will, so couldnt this be another tool to maintain the chaos we live in today as was mentioned throughout the entire film, think about it

  74. we are moving in to a new world order we are one of the same no longer is truth the law but law is truth think about it do you take my word it.

  75. Look, in the documentary they mention how all religions stem from the stars above. Religions are more or less created by people in power to create a framework to work in and to create fear in people so as to not do the right thing. But speaking logically, religion, as has been told in this documentary and as of what I know as a fact; its astrology that has created most of the myths. And why? Why have people created so many faces of this act of astrology which is interpreted into religion and god? The people who added on and created more followings I believe are people who wanted much of the power and decided to cook up a story from what was already available. But what is already available. When we look up into the sky, from your eyes or mine, we'll still see the same constellations in the same arrangement, which means that all religions will have a thousand similarities as the stars is what the religion runs according to.. Which in turn means, IF there ever was a god, there was one. And religion is an excuse for power. That's how we all know it. It is mixed with politics and rubbed back on to our faces..

    I'm sure you all know that there are specific calendars for specific religions, the most common of which, which we is internationally accepted is the christian calendar. This is an idea of perception man. Religions were created also because the stars we're interpreted in slightly different ways.. As the saying goes, "to each is own", the ones who created these calendars perceived it in a different way than others, thus leading to various festivals and benchmarks in that particular religion. Its that simple.

    Did you know the Ramayana, the book written by Valmiki was written by him after he had a dream about it and claims to have been "told by god himself to reproduce his glorious story on paper."
    And we Indians actually bother following a religion based on a dream that some fellow or monk or whatever guy of whatever caste had?

    And again, there is this Idol in Bombay which is the biggest idol in the world of Lordm Hanuman in the Hindu Mythology which earns Rs1,00,00,000 a damn day. Can you imagine? And no one is going to believe thats going to charity, cause in year, thats alot of money which can save thousands of lives from hunger. What the people behind the corruption and the ones donating don't understand is that if this money is donated to the poor, it will in turn help the country as a whole and will automatically make the ones donating ( for something to obviously gained from it, from god ) lead a much more comfortable life.

    Its all an idea man, there are a thousand ways to look at whats going on this dirty world of ours.

    we're just getting sucked in deeper. Its the younger generation that needs to stand up and revolt against F*****S like our dirty politicians.

  76. I REALLY enjoyed this documentary,I think we as people should stay open minded & think for ourselves instead of just believing in what society as well as friends & family has programmed us to believe since birth.We should all have a voice & a choice.As for myself(Not like anyone on here knows me or even cares)I have struggled with my beliefs since I was a child,my dad died when I was eight years old & I have always believed in God(still do)although I have believed in full christianity(God is the "ALL KNOWING,KNOWS ALL SEES ALL")I've struggled with what's REAL since my fathers death as well as my shitty life up to now as to why an amazing God who loves me/us so much would let such bad things happen & as for the bible omg what a book.So many questions why this then why that,after watching this doc it makes more since to me than anything I have heard or argued or researched to this day.God is our sun planets earth trees he created us what an amazing concept as for the devil well.....we self destruct it's a fact,can we say the devil made me pull the gun rape a child beat a woman hahah I think not.Although I am not judgemental I believe people should believe in what ever they feel is right just please for your own sakes stay open minded.As for money and slavery I believe that with all my heart & for the chip they have put in people you won't ever catch me agreeing to that also I am going to ask h&r block shortly about the laws in filing taxs perhaps there are things I didn't know guess we learn something new everyday:)My friend turned me on to this doc glad he did

  77. this is why everything is fu%&#@ up two side two every story and all this argueing about who is right if you people were in the same room youd be kill one another everybody stop and think about it, it does not matter live your life to the fullest and do the right thing

  78. WHY the hell do they say Horus is the sun of the god, and then they keep showing pictures of RA! (which IS the sun god) Horus is NOT!

  79. The only thing one can do is just live each life every day, enjoying the moment and the present.

    I liked the first part of this because it is very well done and, according to a lot of my studying on Ancient Philosophy, is correct. It's not based on "lies" as some have said. It shouldn't condemn one's current paradigms, but expand them.

    The second and third parts get a little too fear-inducing/propagating for me, personally... just because, yeh, I have heard all of this before and all it does is scare me. So what happens if all the energy I'm giving off is fear-related? I put more negativity out into the stream and that's not what I'm here for. I just wanna love all the world and the people in it. Not down on the film itself or the points presented, but yeh... eh, anyway.

    That being said, the last parts of this I didn't much enjoy, but the conclusion was great with the Carl Sagan and Bill Hicks quote action.

  80. @Vilewoman ... Nicely said.

    @Host ... Longtime user, first post, Thank You.

  81. Nothing starts a debate quicker than religion.
    I am not going to say the bible isn't real. It is a real collection of stories (whether those stories are true or false is beyond debate, it is a matter of faith).

    I will however, touch on the subject of what "Man" has done with Christianity since it's onset. Jesus preached love and kindness. I highly doubt he had the Inquisition, The Malleus Maleficarum or the Western invasions of the Americans and the slaughter of millions of Natives in mind during those speeches. Nor the thousands of Pagan's slaughter because sex, herbal medicinals, and worshiping nature was "The Devil's Work".
    "Love thy neighbor as you love thyself" was simply not heard. Early Christian leaders became the persecutors instead of praying for those who persecute you.

    I would like to throw in a few words about the documentary. It wasn't entirely correct in the subject of religion. The most accepted and widely used Myth of Horus has nothing to due with a virgin birth. Osiris his father was murdered (by his brother Set) and "raised" from the dead by his wife and sister Isis. Isis used magic to find Osiris's parts and created a golden phallus to impregnate herself with Horus. The other version is she was impregnated by fire.
    Krishna was born in July and was the eighth child (someone else mentioned this as well).

    As for the 9/11 and Banker stuff, well I will need to due much much more research on my own before I make a final opinion on that, but one thing is correct. 9/11 and this movie have the same effect. To cause fear.

  82. It never ceases to amaze me the lies or out of context garbage people will come up w/ to 'persaude'. How do you sleep at night.

    Deuteronomy 7
    "(12-16) Abundant blessings for obedience.

    Then it shall come to pass, because you listen to these judgments, and keep and do them, that the Lord your God will keep with you the covenant and the mercy which He swore to your fathers. And He will love you and bless you and multiply you; He will also bless the fruit of your womb and the fruit of your land, your grain and your new wine and your oil, the increase of your cattle and the offspring of your flock, in the land of which He swore to your fathers to give you. You shall be blessed above all peoples; there shall not be a male or female barren among you or among your livestock. And the Lord will take away from you all sickness, and will afflict you with none of the terrible diseases of Egypt which you have known, but will lay them on all those who hate you. And you shall destroy all the peoples whom the Lord your God delivers over to you; your eye shall have no pity on them; nor shall you serve their gods, for that will be a snare to you."

  83. @ I love Jesus:
    You need to open your mind before you can disclose or refute others' ideas. I take it you are christian, and a devout believer in God? Then you must have read the bible?

    I wasn't raised in a religious family, we never went to church, we didn't pray or say grace, and we didn't go to catholic school. As I grew older, I decided to go to church at my own accord, and try to discover my own being, and beliefs...I discovered that I am better not believing in fairy tails. Read the bible, and then you will understand, before you start judging others, and condemning them.

    Since the begining of time, there are records showing of some 3000 supernatural beings, and over 2000 of them being some sort of deity. Now in the bible "God" states in the book of deuteronomy (7:14), something along the lines of, "if your brother, mother, father's daughter, etc. shall try to convince you of another god, you must be the first to strike, stone them, and beat them to death." now this isn't verbatum, but very close to it.
    Now who is to say that THIS Christian "God" is correct? out of so many deities ever created in existence, why is this one correct? Does that sound like something your oh so loving God would say? If God loves everyone, then it shouldn't matter their beliefs... yet now the bible says that you should kill them. If you are a believer, and a devout follower, and truly LOVE your god, you should be out killing everyone who speaks ill of God, and those of other faiths, or those of no faith... yet you probably don't. In fact, most Christians don't (if any). This now means, YOU are going against the bible... the word of God. Now YOU are being blasphemous to your all mighty creator. Now you should eat your words, as YOU will be the one with regrets come YOUR Judgment Day... Sounds silly doesn't it?? Well if you truly believe in God, and believe the bible, then this is FACT for your life. Especialy since the bible is supposed to be taken literal... after all, it's the word of God, not some poet... God doesn't speak in metaphors.
    Now I am not one to tell people, who, or what to believe in, but don't go around telling people that they will burn in hell, that's not your place.

  84. It explains Jerad's obsession with currency.

  85. I think the person who made this film will regret it o his Judgement Day. Glenn played audio from an interview with a friend of Jared Loughner, Zach Osler. Osler said, “He did not watch TV, he disliked the news, he didn’t listen to political radio, he didn’t take sides. He wasn’t on the left, he wasn’t on the right,” adding, “I really think that this Zeitgeist documentary had a profound impact on Jared Loughner.”

  86. hey lol@comments... do you believe in anything that doesn't involve criticising others? I see your posts all over this site and all you have to offer is how you supposedly have it all figured out in some way that surpasses every other persons knowledge or even lack thereof. just curious, because it seems to me that it's incredibly easy to insult others whilst it is far more difficult to offer positive alternatives, or even, documentary gods forbid, actually support something, anything... and finally, where are all the documentary films that you have made that makes you such a master of the realm?

    Vlatko, what you have done here is an amazing thing! I disagree with the contentions of some of these films, agree with others, and some involve both positions. but most important of all is that ideas are being expressed! dialogue is being created! Even if we disagree with an opiniion it's always adventageous to understand the argument itself and from what mentality it originates.

    Example: if you hate Fox News... watch it so as to better understand the mindset of it's adherants FOR THE PURPOSE OF MEANINGFUL DIALOGUE! and of course, the same should be said for those who hate MSNBC... we need to understand eachother rather than simply find fault in one another! duality is our cursed modern disposition, while commonalities will be our avenue to escape it!

    Lastly, hey Vlatko, I'm dying to see that dang Lee Atwater film "Boogie Man"... and also, your viewers might enjoy "Casino Jack" the film about lobbyist Jack Abramoff!

  87. Sorry its actually released on the 15th

  88. Why nobody is sense making? In here not too much English good wordings. Maybe Borat I go calling for purposes to explainings.

  89. To Jay:

    Yeah lies! Even though everything you believe in has no evidence whatsoever.

  90. Just joking about the toilet paper. I do understand.

    Indred Cold,

    that makes sense! Most of us do not understand the depths of the governments influence but we will in the near future!

  91. As for governments spending billions on war let me remind you all of Iraq and the fact Haliburton an subsidiaries made the tools for the army from weaponry to kit and boots . Same companies making as much money rebuilding the country's infrastructure they aided in destroying we all know the invasion of Iraq was orchestrated and contrived. Its not the first time they've done it either or the last.

  92. To All
    The problem is the infrastructure to deal with a sheeple revolt has already been considered,discussed, the protcols written and tested by an administration mentioning no names lol exercises carried out on a small scale under false pretence to gage reaction and resistance from the populace. The average human being does not resist and simply complies when failure to comply means shot on the ground you stand on. Think that ridiculous? Think again .

  93. Mychal:

    Getting off of the social parasitic grid does not mean that you cannot use toilet paper, your tooth brush and that you´ll have to live like a caveman deprived of the latest technological advancements.

    Getting off from the social parasitic grid, means that you stop supporting Governments, banks, monopoly industrial cartels by not buying their products, and buy instead those products from smaller companies...¨

    And all of this actions are already happening everywhere, 30 percent of the people goes to vote in the majority of the countries, less and less people are going to the banks for new loans every year, and so forth.

    This is how you can bring an entire corrupt parasitic system to it´s knees, without even leaving your lifestyle or your city, without sacrificing yourself.

  94. John, so true I wishj i could just go right off the grid but I like toilet paper!

    Technology to work for us how wonderful that would be! Think of what the human race could really accomplish!

    The whole point of the film, our betterment!

    I firmly believe that we should believe in whatever form our god takes but to have money as a God is just wrong and it has ultimatly
    destoryed our world not the money itself but the love and lust for it!

    When did money become our measure of a person(question). the very idea that I could pursue any type of investgation is very intruging to me and I would have love the chance to study say biology.

    Not to give this chance to our children is just wrong. But the only way to make change is to stand up and fight for our planet.

    I want people to understand this is about our evolution as a species. We are changing our planet and we will be held accountable in the end if not us but our family the human race!

  95. It is funny that governments can spend billions on wars but they have homeless and hungry within their borders. What do they say always it will cost too much i.e infrastucture say for Hydrogen but they have no problemm spending the same amount to keep the pipes flowing with oil.

    I guess I`m just a nutbar!

  96. Indred cold:

    No, nobody can be ¨completely self sufficient¨, we all need each other all the time for everything we need.

    If we manage to break the political and corporate chains around our necks by not supporting them in ANY f...n way, they will have no choice but to adjust the system to the one we want and need.

    We have to make technology work FOR US, and not just for a few rich cats.

  97. John, I understand fully this Idea and fully agree, that is actully what i have been trying to say. thank for this!

    JustG, TALK ALL u WANT! All I want is to leave this world for our children! ANd the time for talk is over,we need something.

    What do u propose! please I`m listening!

    Indred Cold, This is exactly why we need a new system, and I truly hope the best for u and your in my prayers.

  98. @ John
    Indeed I commend you on your efforts to opt out of the as you named it 'social parasite grid' I too try in as much as I dont take bank loans have a credit card etc but I as you in all probability cannot help but contribute one way or another as unless one is COMPLETELY self sufficient for food,goods and services we ARE contributing to it . Sad but sadly True. I cannot heat my home , feed myself , connect to the web , travel without doing so. Things are tough all over my friend and only getting worse year on year. On a personal note i've today been informed I am soon to be put out of work as the company I work for is "consolidating its operation " a term people are hearing more and more as company directors and board members think tank their way to bigger profit margins for themselves and their shareholders. Have a nice day corporate britain and fck you very much.

  99. Michal:

    Of course the rich elites and corporate leaders will ignore what Zeitgeist proposes, they are quite happy in their places of privilege and advantage. So they are not going to change or better anything in the world.

    You dont seem to understand that Zeitgeist is not about following some leader in a blind way like politicians and religions.....Zeitgeist is a series of ideas that you can contribute with in order to create the changes we need as species.

    I contribute with the Zeitgeist movement by getting off the social parasitic grid, such as bank loans, credit cards, political elections, tax revenues, monopoly busssineses corporations, and so forth.

    Change can only happen with ACTIONS and not with a few words thrown here and there.

  100. Mychal,
    My point is quite simple, you try to shut down active discussion about the doc then go on to support it.

    Ultimately, productive discussion is healthy, your attempt to quiet those who don't agree w/ you, not so much so.

    Isn't that clear?

  101. JustG, thank you for pointing out my agenda. What was that again, U never really said so I really cannot respond.

    What is a active truther?

    And a forum is really the exchange of views. And I realize all will not agree with me!

    Again it is not a war of words but having a better life not for us but the ones who come behind and the legacy we leave. I cannot be any plainer then this!

  102. Mychal: This is a forum on Zeitgeist. And in the commentary, they make many arguable points. Now the point of having a forum here is to discuss the points good or bad made there-in.

    Your bias does not set the agenda and you should look deep enough to see that docs like this are neutering once active truthers and is a part of the very agenda you say we should fight so hard against.

    Have a good day now.

  103. At the very least the Zeitgeist are trying, they will be ignored because their not the staus quo. We as a about to be extinct species can live to what we have denied future generations by blindly following the norms set out by people who just want to profits.

    Folks, it truly doesn't matter if their is a God or not. THe entity gave free will so lets use it not for us but for future generations who rely on us to look after what will be theirs.

    I sincerely hope that maybe we can see that we being led down the proverbrial garden path. Their not letting out the technology to allow freedoms and the quality of life we deserve as human beings.

    WE GOT to the moon, we're on Mars and beyond yet we can not find better fuel sources Shame on them! How much money do u truly need when does your spending even out. Quite early actully and it is the game that becomes fun for them moving us around like poker chips. And even having the thrill to committing murder in the name of democracy and their god!

    Funny, how everyone here is caught up in god not god stuff when the real question is!

    What Are WE going to do for the now? Think about your children and your extended family namely the human race and we're all earthlings!

  104. Well put Mychal

    If we are unable to abolish the monetary system, then nothing will change, absolutely nothing.

    Money = competition, profit, war, crime, human distrust, hunger, pollution, environmental destruction, pride, anger....etc

  105. oh to those who want to comment on my spelling and grammar take its meaning!

  106. Ok Folks!

    A thought we all know that the the earth is in dire striaights whether or not you believe in God or not. It really doesnot matter it is all words, We as a global people nees to make some kind of change and we know as living thinking beings. We get so caught up in trying to prove each other wrong without truly seeing the truth. THe truth ah what is it? Well, we live in a world ruled by those whose soulless agenda is profit, plain and simple. I could care less about the god stuff cause it has not I repeat not solve the problem. Has it!

    Well, we need something more a global human understanding that for us to continue on this self-destructive course WE WILL CEASE TO BE! Great agrue all you want about GOD no god but we are DYING and KILLING our ONLY Home.

    So who really cares what u think honestly. Stop the fighting and join as one people and do what is right!

    Kinda simple isnt it! Like all change it'll be hard but I believe that we are very hardy and intelligent race we just need top come together and solve these problems not for us but our CHILDREN or dont they matter as long as U have your things. These politicians and global Corps could care less. Should we as parents doing our job to protect OUR children.

    That's okay though just leave it in their hands I am quite sure they will have their best interests at heart.

    So I really dont care about your bullS**t about God or not but our stewardship of the ONLY planet we have, and we're just going to let them screw it up for freakin profit.

    Shame on us ALL! for not having the backbone to save ourselves from the very few that right now control our destiny through greed.

    Ps have a good nights sleep! I'm quite sure they are!

  107. @John
    If I may add my two cents. Christians commenting are generally referring to the parts about religion.

    However, depending who you ask, there may be some who still believe that 911 was not an inside job.

    I would also add that there is no utopic wonderland just waiting for people who don't want to work.

    Hope that sums it up in a nutshell.

  108. Nomen Nescio:

    Would you care to specify which part of this doc is ¨fiction¨ and what is ¨truth¨ according to you?

    Is it all ¨lies¨?

  109. It would be of service if Zeitgeist is seen for what it is; it is not a documentary, as much as it is a commentary. Very little fact, in fact. What it presents is not a theory, it is essentially not even a hypothesis. At most Zeitgeist can be said to present an assertion, and even that is generous. On a related note; presenting hyper-selective, out-of-context and unrelated factoids as if they would represent a recognized narrative--essentially presenting fiction as fact--is rather unethical, would you not agree?

  110. Christ is in the stars because he created the stars and of course his life would be there for all to see. The organized religions are not Christ; they worship him but don't always do what he says; hence when he says in the over edited bible (talking about the Priests in the Synagogues) "Do what the say; don't do what they do". The people who preach and don't carry out are sinners so don't look at their horrid lives. Take care of yourself. Just because the Catholic Church is money obsessed doesn't mean that Christ is; he grew up poor, he told the Priests off in his day that's why they killed him remember. He's Spiritual there is no money needed in his realm.

  111. @Dave Actually the 'historical' part is a complete fiction so the remaining points are a given.

  112. Not to offend anyone, but if you're looking to get major answers and info about the afterlife, Zeitgeist does not have these answers. This is a documentary, a collection of what we know as recorded history presented in a way that attempts to sway the viewers point of view towards those who created it. I emplore people to do the research for themselves and make their own judgements based on the facts arranged in a way that clear and understandable.

  113. That's confusing. My point was that the portion on religion in the 'documentary' was completely bogus. It's agenda driven and not based in reality in any stretch of the imagination.

  114. To be perfectly clear.I am saying that I agree with what I saw and heard in the documentary. I am not a scholer on the subject Myself but I have asked alot of questions and refuse to take anything on "faith" alone. I do beleive there is a almighty and powerful force We can call "God" for the lack of any other better Name or description.

  115. Yes I am refering to "Zeigeist"

  116. @MYnameis
    You're talking about Zeitgeist right?

  117. only wish that I could share this with anyone I've discused the concept of religion with.. It sums up the whole thing so well. I myself believe ever part of what I saw and heard from a man that did his homework on the subject..
    Too many people of this "age" we are in are too lazy to research the origin of their belief.. Allowing others to dictate what they should beleive and trust "on faith".The search for truth is never ending and how can any one person beleive that all the answers are in one binding.A binding put together by "Man".With only the parts included that suit their perpose. The purpose of manipulation.

  118. @John
    You apparently missed the point...

  119. dan pfander:

    Hahahahaha, no one can prove that´s wrong, but can YOU prove it right?

  120. Maybe its time to end this thread,its become boring and some of you seem to have too much free time on your hands. Go about your lives and believe what you will because you have "free will" unlike some less fortunate people on this planet. Be thankful for it and say no more.

  121. maybe we all worship the same God and the religons just have a different name. And with a big bang God created the heavens and the earth, added animals and installed evolution to make it work. this is my theory can you prove it wrong?

  122. Allan:

    ¨Go to school and learn something ¨real¨?


    Could you give us an example of something ¨real¨ that we could learn at school?
    you gotta be joking.

  123. Haha what a joke. Why does THIS GUY have all the insider info? What are his credentials? Why is nothing cited? Please people, go to school and learn something real.

  124. Hi Vlatko ... I thought about your arguments a bit and I think I have come up with a new nick that acknowledges the common ground we found together. Also it got me thinking about the nature of belief and disbelief and questioning my concepts ... which is good ... again thanks a tonne for the site :)

    This is a good time for me to watch A Brief History of Disbelief, which I have had my eye on :)

  125. "Religion is just a man made product for seducing and controlling the ignorant masses."

    Yeah catholocism was lame :( ... like ... really lame :(

  126. Vlatko ... thank you for repeating my original point. The existence of God is indeed intrinsically non-provable.

    I think the problem is that now you are trying to analyze my statement “it has not been proved that God doesn’t exist” on its own, instead of as a rebuttal to "it has been proved God doesn't exist". Why would I bother saying the one except in response to the other? Also was it stupid and pointless for me to do so? ... quite possibly because who really listens to each other at that level anyway :/

    I see where you are coming from with my God vs your God. However you can see how it is easy to interpret "Science is not trying to disprove your God" as some kind of strange aggression towards me personally ... since I haven't quite made the connection as to why you brought up science. I do find it quite true, though.

    Re: Atheism as a belief ... it looks VERY belief-like indeed from my perspective, although it certainly varies between individuals. The strict definition of belief: the psychological state in which an individual holds a proposition or premise to be true. In specifically asserting the preposition that there are no deities, you are not displaying an absence of belief at all. You are holding the premise "there are no deities" to be true. In the absence of provable facts about the non-existence of deities what are you left with to support your atheism but beliefs?

    Honestly not trying to be a jerk either, so please excuse me if I have come across as offensive in some way. I really enjoy your site so I am in NO WAY trying to piss you off. In fact I would like to say thank you for a cool place to watch these vids and discuss :)

  127. Well Vlatko ... I certainly agree the goal of science is not to disprove God. Also it surely wouldn't be to disprove "your God" or "my God" since I thought I made it clear I myself do not believe in a personal God in any shape or form ... but that might have been in comments on other docus.

    I think, Vlatko, that you have completely misinterpreted me. I am not trying to "prove" the existence of God to you or anyone :) It almost seems like you wanted me to be trying to prove it to you ... so that you could explain to me how it is impossible? I am simply saying that both sides of the "lets prove/disprove God" war have been at an impass for literally hundreds of years.

    And I think you are wrong that religion is all bad. Buddhism is a religion that does not actively promote the belief in deities ... it seeks only to aid people in alleviating their suffering. I understand where you are coming from. There is a mile-long list of HORRIBLE HORRIBLE things done in the name of one deity or another. However, there is an admittedly not so long list of truly amazing spiritual figures as well. Saying all religions have always been bad seems like you are overreaching .... bigtime. If it was proved God didn't exist, then possibly I would more on board with "all religions are bad" ... but even then as I already mentioned ... not all religions even focus of deity worship.

    Also, this particular docu is rife with inaccuracy in part 1, sadly. It makes it hard to take their points seriously.

    1. @ReligionIsntAllBad,

      I was using the phrases "your God” or “my God” figuratively. It means belief in God creates divisions among people.

      I know you're not trying to “prove” the existence of God, but you're saying "it has not been proved that God doesn’t exist" which is an obvious logical fallacy. If you need proof that God didn’t exist to change your nick to "religions are bad", then I guess you'll never change it, since the existence or non-existence of God is intrinsically non-provable.

  128. Also one thing that really saddens me in these comments, and pretty much comments everywhere on religion ... people keep saying we have to get over our religious bigotry. But then in the next breath they say something only a complete bigot would, directed at the person accused of bigotry. Atheism is a belief ... you believe in the nonexistence of deities even though there is no direct proof for such beliefs ... though admittedly it is a more practical belief to most people.

    I hate to seem like a condescending douche ... but I just wanted to let anyone know who didn't yet realize ... it has not been proved that God doesn't exist. I keep seeing people acting like proof that God doesn't exist has actually happened, is over, and now we are moving on.

    1. @ReligionIsntAllBad,

      1. Religion is really, really bad since under the veil of giving a good morals and code of conduct, divided the people so deeply that they can't stop fighting each other. Religion is just a man made product for seducing and controlling the ignorant masses.

      2. Atheism is not a belief. It's an absence of any belief.

      3. Yes it has not been proved that God doesn't exist, but did you see anyone trying to prove it (the existence or non-existence of God). You can't, or no one can prove or disprove imaginary beings. Does that mean that since we can't prove or disprove the existence of Santa Clause, Zeus and Hell Boy, they actually exist or not.

      Science is not trying to disprove your God. It never tried. There is no need to. It only wonders about the nature, space and everything around (inside) you.

      You're using one of the most obvious logical fallacies: "You can't disprove the existence of my God, therefore he exists".

      The other side could easily use this: "You can't prove the existence of your God, therefore he doesn't exist".

  129. This is a shining example of a propaganda documentary. I cannot judge the intentions of its creators ... I imagine they are generally good intentions; however the effect of the docu is quite clear ... it is a polarizing propaganda piece. I don't think this documentary is doing anything to open the eyes of people who believe Jesus was born by immaculate conception, and came back from the dead but wasn't a zombie. It just fanning the flames. Also the facts presented on religious myth vary from slightly to WILDLY misrepresented. I am not making this up ... the religion section you might as well pretend was never written as far as decent, unbiased, factual, and scholarly knowledge of history and myth.

    I disagree with the first commentator that it is 'full of lies'. You are assuming the creator of the docu intends to spread misinformation, which I dont think is true. It is simply full of inaccuracies some small and some quite large. You do not have to look very hard to find the scholarly responses to various portions of this documentary. And I think we can all agree ... regardless of what is the truth, this documentary displays a fairly biased viewpoint :)

  130. non idem est si duo dicunt idem

  131. Ok john...one last time..I read your post before you
    started writing to me..It is obvious where you would like to be setting in the God/no God arena.And your dragging it around with you to add credence to 9/11 which brings us back full circle to my original statement that you dont have to drag religion into the equation to realize 9/11 was an inside job.
    The fact that numerous nation,cultures,have a belief system that may worship more than one god, is not proof, as you state,
    that God does not exist....One truth does remain constant...
    "No matter where you place man in time, in the mountains,jungles or deserts...sooner or later, without being told, he will hoist something up and call it God, be it sun,moon ,mountain, manitou,or mahatma......The fact that since time began man has maintained a belief structure that has lasted to this very day, I would suggest is stronger evidence that God exists, than not..and another thing john,
    I spent 17 years as head of a GIS(general investigations)
    If I was going to wire a building for demolition and be seen lugging shaped charges, stringing wire,timed det cord, etc the first thing I would do is run down to city Hall and grab a [permit in case some smart cop or investigator asks what ta fuk im doin..John your stupidity overwhelms me..write your mother, not me

  132. hal durant:

    So....have we not been fooled about 9.11 and religion?

    If those two issues are included in the same movie, I think its because they are two of the biggest lies of all time.

    And then you want to know "why haven't any person go to New York City hall to ask if Company filed for a permit in the month prior to 9/11 for the demolition of “any building” in the vacinity of ground zero???

    Do you really think those records actually exist?
    Do you really believe they would just leave such evidence by leaving such record there?

    Do you really think the gov would need to ask permission to demolish any building?

  133. John;I had to backtrack to see what i had written..Let me explain..I clicked on to zeitgeist and listened to some guy give a running commentary on religions since the beginning of time...That being said, What in hell does that have to do with the whole 9/11 incident?..Basically what I saw was a subliminal attempt to go aboard the belief system of people who may believe in whatever..again has nothing to do with 9/11 unless what he was trying to say in the part before 9/11 was "look you were fooled on religion and you are being fooled on 9/11"?
    Now, getting back to the issue at hand john...You are preaching to the choir,I am a certified ,card carrying member
    of a previously noted movement called the lunatic fringe, after that we were called conspiracy theorists..which has now be shortened to "Truthers"...I was the lunatic fringe when jfk was shot, I was a conspiracy theorist when ted gunderson head of the san diego fbi office said the 9/11 bombing in 93 was the work of an FBI informant working in conjunction with the fbi..Lets not go into the thermite issue or whether Bushs brother who was in charge of security may know something about whjen or if it may have been planted there...Now how come not one dam soul has gone down to city hall in New York City and asked the question..."has any person or Company filed for a permit in the month prior to 9/11 for the demolition of "any building" in the vacinity of ground zero???

  134. hal durant:

    Do you believe what this video says about 9.11 is just a "conspiracy theory"?

    Ok, let's just take building 7 for instance, based on how we ALL saw it collapsing, it was clear that it was demolished.
    Not to mention Silverstein said they "had to pull".

    Do you know how much time and preparation it takes to rig a building with explosives in order to bring it down?

    It takes a couple of weeks and in some cases months.

  135. Why is it that those who would have you believe that 9/11 is a conspiracy,start out by undermining a belief system of those they are trying to convince...When you start out to convince someone to your side of an opinion, why would you immediately piss off your listener by attacking his belief structure and having him move arms length from you, and your opinion...
    I would suggest the second part of the video didnt need the undermining by the first part, and did nothing to substanciate
    part two or add credence to it....mandingo8112

  136. Healer:

    So because people cannot prove that god doesn´t exist that is a prove that it does exist?

    If god existed there would only be ONE god and not thousands og gods and religions, and that is a good prove that ¨god¨ DOESNT exist.

    You are free to believe in whatever you want, but if we keep on living the way we are, this planet will transform into a living hell on earth.

  137. If you enjoyed this you should try esoteric agenda and kymatica by Ben Steward!

  138. My little imsight to where we go after we die: watch the document about london underground ghosts. Ghosts and people with real near-death experiences are the only ones with some real edge to this question.

    Then about the document. I didnt watch it, will probably some day. I am a person who has faith in god. It may be that all religions spun around one entity greater than ourselves, and I don't know if that entity is almighty. Seeing how much and how severe sins men in power can do over the rest, I feel like we must sometimes take our fate into our own hands to some poinr. It is like raising a bear: the parents must be harsh to their child bear in order for it to learn to live on it's own. In same way god gives us space to act on our own.

    Bible is most likely written by humans, even thw original one. That alone makes it more likely to contain wrong info, misunderstandings and bad translations. People of that time may not have known how to call certain things that are more impacting than what they've used to see. I know this may all seem like an empty or delusional writing of a religions person to some atheists reading this, but think of it from our point of view. How can you know that god doesn't exist? What waterproof proof do you have? That bible is inaccurate and has false information? That we are not living in a paradise? God has given us space so that we can shape the world by ourselves, it's called freedom. Bible is most likely created by humans and is thus most likely imperfect and inaccurate. To me those are no proofs. Only if you can do such a scientifically paramount act as bring one's knowing back from the dead and have the person talk about what death is like, I may consider accepting there is no god. Until then or until we die and most likely won't come back to tell about it, I reserve myself the right to believe in at least the possibility that god exists.

  139. Hahaha yeah nice one Jake ! If time does NOT exist how can you state the letter J did not exist before the sixteenth century ? That relates to passage of TIME. D'oh !

  140. Some knowledge for you all..... the letter j didn't exist until the sixteenth century, and the 6 days it took to create it all is symbolic, not literal...Seeings that time doesn't even f@#$%^& exist.

  141. simon

    No way and I mean no way was it all created in 6 days.

    Your argument will be the interpritation of what a day is. Well if that is your argument then if a day in gods mind means X then what does the 10 commandments mean? What is real in that book and what needs interpretation?

    So we come back to Genesis....the bible is a book of fairy tales because we know that things have been shaking and baking for billions of years. God did not say that on the first day there was a small ball of mass that exploded and over billions of years god created an environment for man to flourish. Nope it was all done in 6 days. I
    If anyone can prove the 6 days to me somehow someway then I will leave you alone. I don't do faith. Faith blinds people just like faith that govt's are conspiring 9/11. You have to work that one on faith. Planes hit the towers @ 400 to 500 km per hour fully loaded with fuel. There is no question to any person with a logical and knowledgeable mind on what caused both towers to fall in the same fashion after similar impacts and time after impact. NOPE gotta be the gov't yuk yuk yuk.

  142. Just another guy

    regarding the twin towers. Not only jet fuel but the actual metals in the airplane burn. Can anyone say how many pounds of magnesium are in one of those planes?

    No one wants to look at that or think about that. People love fear. They love conspiracy. They are blinded by it. Old Testament = FEAR

    The sun was not the focus of other peoples in history. The cycles of the sun were. For at least advanced thinking cultures it was.

    Science will proove religion to be what it is one day. One day it will happen but faith will fight scientific proof. ie... the universe has been expanding and contracting and expanding for hundreds of billions of years or longer. No creator with a plan for anyone just all of us living in the cosmos.
    Hawkings and Sagan. Now there is some logic on what is what.

  143. The Bible was written by jews for jews,,they were the chosen people, according to them, they alone received divine revelation..no other nation claims this privilege..The Egyptians, Greek and others had their own gods..according to history,,So why not the Jews..?..this could be their God..According to them, Moses was sent to liberate his people from the Egyptians,,where was he during the holocoust..?..what happened to the 7 plagues to the Germans..?..Why no other nations ( americans,english,french, ets.)were chosen.?..Where was God during all of our tragedys in history ( 9/11, Katrina, earthquakes, famine and others).?..Jesus said to Peter.".you will be the pillar of my church.."...but which church..?..Babtists,Catholics, Evangelist, Protestants, etc, etc.?,,could it mean all jewish churches in all nations..?..of the wolrd.?..Lets use our free will to think and analyze objectively...is there a plot by the jews to control all of us..?..

  144. People are failing to recognise a very simple yet ever powerful concept on here and that is the power of faith on the human psyche. And the thing with faith is if one has it nothing and no one can dissuade one form it. The faith questioned by zeitgeist is of course faith in god/jesus/religion etc but its a futile discussion to have on here when either side will not tolerate the belief of the other. I am without such a faith but accept wholeheartedly other peoples faith and their right to it.

  145. @Andrea
    You may want to do some research. Jesus is the sun? I can't believe that people still fall for these things. You realize of course that son/sun comparison only works in english and the ancient world wasn't speaking english right? I suggest you go over to the 'religion' portion and watch Zeitgeist refuted.

  146. the connection andrea, is in the narration. if a lie is maintained for long enough. then it is hoped that it will eventually be accpeted as the truth. 9/11 being the most evil of lies and the monetary system being the greediest!

  147. The first part is spot on. Joseph Campell said something once to the effect: "How many people have died for a symbol?"
    Jesus is the sun, it is so obvious, I feel stupid for not having realized it sooner! There is another really good documentary about this topic, called "The Naked Truth."

    This does not mean there is not something "more" out there. It just means that you will not find that something by follownig religion. I found spirituality after I left organized religion. It is a dead end street.

    I'm not really sure why he included the other 2 parts along with the first one, I don't see a connection.

  148. This film is not intellectually honest. It's Bible concept (the Bible being one book) in untrue. The Bible is a 66 book by aprox. 40 authors written over 5000 years all testifying to a relationship with God. This is why we check our facts. As you look for facts don't trip over Noah's ark on Mt Ararat. Just one of may verifications God has put before us to show the validity of Christianity.

  149. A little off topic Steve but yeah man its a favourite of mine hence the name.

  150. oops wrong movie lol.
    indred cold=mothman prophecies

  151. Donnie Darko is my favourite movie.lol

  152. One opinion I hold is that Organised religion is nothing more than a system of control. Im not saying people should not believe in god,just that any individual can praise their god on their own terms without an organisation such as the church.

  153. krishna was not born to a virgin, he was the 8th child of a married couple...

  154. Indred Cold, I agree with you all the way man.Alot of people refuse to believe that our gov`t has done any wrong doings but I know better.I`m just glad that i`m not as closed minded as most people in this country...lol

  155. Try Pantheism
    All is god
    You are god

  156. Take some time to research the CIA amongst other agencies and I think you may find they have often been responsible for things the average American wouldnt believe.

  157. What i find amusing is the lengths some people on here will go to explain their opinions on Zeitgeist. I have watched it and literaly scores more so called conspiracy docs and have taken something from all of them.Im non religious so dont care what it states on that,have never trusted my government or any other for that matter so paid careful attention to that and as for the banking system ,just look at the last couple of years of it for any misgivings you may have, I think one should think for oneself and believe what you will.

  158. As someone said below.. WAKE UP SHEEPLE.

    Do your research and open your minds and eyes!

    Some my find this hard to get thr head around, but hey some of 'us' beleive a man created the world in seven days!!

    As Mr Hendrix said: When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace!!!

  159. @ Simon
    theory of evolution explains diversity of life not the origin of life..

  160. Why's everyone bashing religion haha, this world is Hilarious.
    1. The explanation for why there's life on earth amounts to "It grew off crystals", "Aliens put it there" or "It just happened".
    2. The explanation for how the information embedded in DNA came to be, is nill
    3. The Explanation for the big bang is "We're still working on it, but for closure sake, it also just happened"
    4. The explanation for the Cambrian explosion, biological big bang is, "Give us a sec, there must be a reason other than religion"
    Conclusion, Science is a faith, except instead of "We believe God did it" It is "We believe time will show us something we've been missing that magically explains everything" 98% of paleontological find, disagrees with evolution, the more we learn about the cell, the more we realise it couldnt have "Just happened", so Time isnt on side, making it a harder "Train of thought" to believe than simply saying a designer created it all.

    Factual Scientific findings (Not theories) are inline with the Bible, and creation, Gravity, Cambrian explosion, the big bang, e.t.c. even micro evolution, they in no way contradict the bible, people go read that book.

    A guy calls himself a christian, smiles at you, then goes and kill someone, and you say "OMG See! Seee! chrstians!" but if a guy told you he was a millionaire, and had only a dollar in he's pocket, you'd laugh at him.

    My point is this, religion is not Christianity, Science is inline with the bible, 100% of atheists may have read the bible, but either they dont understand it, or they're understanding of science is lacking.

  161. To Francois: Although you feel the messages are good in the bible,people who know that all of these stories are not true facts shouldn`t be preaching it and making money from it.They take kids and scare them to death sometimes with the garbage they tell them.You have people coming up with all kinds of garbage because of the bible.Just look at the mormons.They taught for years that black people were cursed by God...lol..What a bunch of bull.They were preaching racism all this time and you think that this book has good messages...lol..It`s hard to make people see what`s right when they have been taught wrong all their lives.Just because your parents and grandparents believe in something doesn`t mean it`s right.You have to do your own research and take a look at all of the facts,then make a decision based on the facts.Not some science fiction book that people have been taught is the undiputed truth.We as humans are so far removed from what we should be right now that you think everything people come up with is the truth or good for you and that`s not true.Quit letting things you can`t prove determine how you live your life.You have your own mind,Use it!!!!!

  162. at GODISREAL.
    You Sir are a fool..
    a quote from your text "I’m sure you all believe in the big bang theory when none of it is provable either, but u question the Christian religion and the life of Jesus."
    at least scientists are trying to understand how things work,
    without the silly scientists u would still be in the dark ages with your silly book, also what about the religions that came before Christianity? Greeks,Romans,Egyptians to name a few, what of their Gods?
    this is why the world laughs at creationist

  163. I think the important thing is the message conveyed by those books, NOT trying to connect facts. Showing citations out of their context is wrong. The Bible like most other books was written in a way to make it interesting and pass messages to the reader. Hence the stories about fishermen, kings, shepherds, people and places that the readers could relate to back then. There was nothing wrong in re-using stories that were written before, if the correct message is to be conveyed. Now, if political and religious organizations are using the books to their own purposes that's another story. It's not Jesus' or anybody else's fault. In this documentary they seem to use the same techniques as the ones they oppose, in order to pass THEIR message! Which seems very wrong to me... There is no point trying to fight propaganda with a different kind of propaganda!

  164. Putrid, re-regurgitated, atheistic, conspiratorial GARBAGE bound together with bacon struck from a pig's rumpus to make it look believable.

  165. Partical, I think you hit the button right on the head.I wish everyone could wake up and see what the real truth is like you.I lost my best friend because he doesn`t beleive that there is a small group of individuals, who are very wealthy,that control everything.This was a well thought out plan.They control what people think by advertising on commercials and so on.The world is so much different than it was years ago and to me it`s not getting better.What is getting better is the fact that there`s alot more people who have waken up and starting to see the truth.

  166. First of all skeptics always argue points that are irrelevant. They focus on the names places myths. Do the study. Religion is leaving and the age of truth knowledge & science are upon us. If you think Jesus is real then prove it. You cannot dispute the astrological comparisons and scientific/astrological facts. I was reading one rebuttal to the zeitgeist movie by a complete air head. He made claims of archeological proof that Jesus existed and many of the happenings actually existed and happened but left out where you can find this info. I want to see the evidence.

    The only scientific and archeological evidence I know of actually proves the exact opposite. Jesus never existed and the bible is full of personified mythical stories that have no basis or foundation and there is no evidence that any of it ever happened. As well science has very well disproved many things in the bible. The astrological explanations are logical and real tangible facts and cannot be disputed I knew this in the 4th grade in 1967 when we were studying Horus and set and ancient religions. It is the only way the bible makes any sense. Another note the Zeitgeist isn't saying there is no higher power or god it is saying that the elementary christian version is all mythical and is based on the astrology and science of the true existence.

    If you consider what science has discovered and the proved theories in the last few decades it is reasonable to say that we are so far from the knowledge and understanding of our true source and probably not even capable of understanding it. I can never understand why people are so afraid of being mortal and realizing that no matter what happens or where we came from we cannot change any of it by making up myths and telling lies. SO why do they exist? Thats a no brainier. People always use the word conspiracy like it is a weapon. Lets face it the banking system is corrupt and responsible for inflation. The federal reserve is owned by a private group not the government.

    The government is corrupt and full of people with their own agendas. There's bribes and payoffs all the way down the line that perpetuate the bullshit you cannot dispute that. Opening ones eyes is easy all you have to do is look and seek the truth but you have to be willing to accept it. Why are humans so weak and frail that they cannot accept the fact that they are going to die and no one knows what is going to happen for sure and just live a "sustainable" life. People are so confused and focusing on the things that mean nothing. All of your actions and almost everything you spend your money on has a negative effect on the world. My point of view is the astrology and science is real and fact based.

    I don't need to define my creator or source I just need to live and learn. I can tell you there is no god that is going to save us from ourselves so we need to stop polluting and stop taking the world for granted it is more important to our existence than some bible created by an emperor and his council. If you want to worship something that has meaning then worship the earth and learn to heal it not destroy it. Think about it you don't need oil, you don't need pharmaceuticals, you don't need poisoned food. Our creator gave us everything we need to sustain life. No more false gods no more outrageous promises and no more lies. Grow up and face the truth like a human should. Protect the earth. Stop buying oil it will go away.

  167. An eye-opening documentary. Unfortunately the Zeitgeist movement is not offering a solution that is better than the one we have now. It's Marxist control of the state by another name. I find it sweetly bitterly tragic that these people can present evidence and information so credibly but then use it to come to some bad solutions.

  168. As i open the curtains the sun blazes in, it's so nice to feel the sun, once again on my skin, I think about the worlds problems and where to begin, the system is evil, so much so, we don't even recognize our sin.
    Polluting the earth with our Cyclical Consumption
    EVERYTHING is made to break and that's not just my assumption.
    The monetary system is the one to blame
    Money-debt-profit, were all going to die in vain.

  169. Sarah,you need to wake up from that long sleep you`ve been taking and do some more research.This is not the only documentary about these subjects.I have been researching for some years now and I`ve found all kinds of information that will blow you away.If people would veiw things with an open mind and not judge by what you`ve already been taught then you would be able to see what`s really going on.It`s all common sense.

  170. Sarah you should watch 9/11 in plane sight! If you into conspiracy theory's watch CNN, Fox news, Sky news e.c.t.

  171. Seriously Sarah, you gotta be kidding.

  172. Sarah:

    Like it´s fact???? hahahaha

  173. the 9/11 stuff was being said like it's fact. this is disgusting

  174. Mo_chara,I would suggest you go on youtube and check out the origins of christianity.There`s plenty of clips where you can find the rest of the story about the origins of christianity and the origins of Jesus.I believe that someone was up to no good back in those days.Because from what i`ve seen,the term christian derived about 100 years before the biblical birth of Jesus.And also the name Christ was supposed to have come from a man by the name of Serpis Christus.I think he was a roman or greek emporer who had control over Egypt at the time and wanted to be the pharoah of Egypt and also wanted to be deified.So the conquered Egyptians came up with the concept first and later it developed into the bible.You also have to realize that the Egyptians kept records better than any other nation in those days.They left behind mummies and writings on the walls of temples that are still around today.You can see Osiris for yourself.They`ve already dug up his body.Now you can`t say that for christianity.There`s no evidence that Jesus really existed.Also,a man from Israel would not have the name Jesus.Why would he have a latin name?In all actuallity people are praying to the wrong person.That alone shows me that something is wrong here...lol There`s too many contradictions in the bible to just say it`s the truth.The God of the bible changed from old testament to the new testament.If he`s so almighty and powerful then why does he have to keep changing his veiws of man when he created us?A real God isn`t going to make mistakes when creating human beings.He won`t have to send his son down to do his work or to die in the way he supposedly did.I say do more research on the origins of all this religeon stuff and when you find your answers your mind should feel a lot more freer than before.That was the purpose in the first place.To create something with rules for the people to follow.And if you don`t follow these rules God will punish you.That is why it says in the bible to obey the king.Religeous leaders and Rulers were the only people who gained from christianity and it`s still that way today.That is why people are just now knowing the truth about all these conspiracies that went on in the past.They knew that if everyone knew the truth the church and the ruling gov`t would loose money.I suggest we all wake up and smell the coffee.Join together as 1 and make our own rules that benifits the people.

  175. Interesting documentary. The concept of all these being born on December 25th is interesting because in all those ancient religions they never used the Gregorian calendar anyway. We use it now but it was full of conjecture anyway.

    If you know the Hebrew calendar you can kind of guess when it was. The use of calendars were different in each culture then, so take it with a grain of salt when saying particular dates.

    And the argument against Josephus, he did not live at the time of Jesus but like any other historian we accept today did not live in the time of George Washington or Louis IV, but we accept them as experts. How do we know what they are telling us is true about them? Because someone wrote something about them makes it true?

    The constellations mentioned in Job are Orion, Arcturus and Pleides. Nowhere else in the Bible does it mention any other constellation. But comparing these other religions to Christianity one must think a bit.

    1: If Moses were not real but yet part of a tribe that was real and is still very real today, how could this fake person create such days as Pesach and Rosh Hashana that are still performed to this very day. The origin is in Moses, a "fake" person.

    2: If Abraham were not real then how could his grandson Jacob be the father of the tribe of Levi which the priests came from? Did the priests come from non-existent people? And yet there was a real temple in Jerusalem that was maintained by priest of the tribe of Levi. So not real people had real babies. That is a miracle.

    3. Pharaohs existed (or did they?)and we accept they did because someone told us they did, yet there is not one person today who claims to descend from a pharaoh.

    4. If Jesus never existed, then he was nothing more than a comic book hero. Yet no one wages wars in the name of Superman or Spiderman. No one wages wars over Mithras. The Romans believed their Caesars were living gods. Why don't we accept this? They were real (or so we are told)so therefore the Caesars must be living gods, just like Pharaohs and so they must be immortal if they are gods. Why do we not worship Julius Caesar along with Nike? Oh but we do worship Nike, but we don't confess that we do.

    So what we have are real people descended from not real people who practice real traditions created from those same not real people and these not real people told us about a not real man who made a very real religion that is still practiced 2,000 years later after this not real person did not exist.

    Real Christians were thrown to real lions for worshiping a not real man, by the real Caesars who believed themselves as living gods. Don't you see where the propaganda started? So worship Caesar and do what he says. But not one single Caesar disputed that Jesus existed, that is why Jesus was a threat to them and all adherents must die.

  176. Hey Me,I was like you.The first time I went to church I knew something was wrong with that picture...lol I never believed in those stories in the bible because they are too far fetched.It was created to rule over others by making them scared of this person whom you can`t see or hear.I wouldn`t suggest anyone to believe in something they can`t see,hear or at least produce a shredd of evidence of it`s existance.People have to understand that just because your parents belive in something doesn`t make it the truth.You have to do your own reseach to find the truth and not go by a book that someone else says is the truth.It is so obvious that governments have been keeping certain information from us.And that is to keep all the citizens seperated in different ways.If everyone in the U.S. was to band together and move as one then the people will have the power.Therfore they have created all these myths to keep us going against one another so they can continue to rule over us.It`s really not as hard as people make it.Once we all realize that we are really the same we will then realize that the same people have been ruling over us for centuries.And these people do not have our best interests at heart.

  177. To Daniel and amar:
    what difference does it make if this biblical or coranian
    or mohatman data isn't "acurate" ?
    You have to understand that when it comes to thousands
    of years of history many "facts" are adjusted and changed by
    religious people in order to "update" their strategies to newer
    followers. So there is no such thing as the "truth" and even less
    when it comes to religions.

  178. i havent finished...but,what he says about krishna is defintely false..see, dwarka (city of krishna) found (2001) under the sea of the coast of gujarat (india)...

  179. The major flaw in this video is assuming Jesus Christ was actually born on December 25th. Attempting to expose the truth about an issue using a lie created by the catholic church, sadly shatters the whole theme of this documentary.

  180. Whether you like it or not, if it makes you think, even a little, it has been successful.

  181. DoE: What do you mean it doesn´t belong in the doc?

  182. the 9/11 part doesn't belong in this documentary.
    Great documentary nevertheless

  183. Lies mixed with truth , the most devastating of combinations.
    Zeitgeist Is the controlled opposition's work of art.

  184. not sure if someone has mentioned this above but in april 2009 9 Danish scientists found exploded and fully intact military weapons grade nano-thermite in the dust.....100% proof inside job. Neils Harrit - google.

  185. Hey Father John! A fly fell into my soup and I ate it... Now Jesus lives within me....LOL

    PS: Shouldn't it be called: New World Dis-order?

  186. somewhere around the 40 minute mark- "eminent attack"- check your dictionary- makes you wonder what else he didn't bother checking

  187. Score one for the good guys. Sometimes I feel like the world has been trapped by Santa clause and were stuck inside a shopping mall while everyone outside is being pillaged and burned.

    I hope god comes back again and falls into an oven or a pot of boiling water or something kinda biblical but mostly dumb.

    How come god isn't an insect?

  188. Steve:

    Actually I'm not new to this, I saw them 2 years ago and I did another version with subtitles for addendum in spanish about a year ago.
    I'm a 3d animator working on animated feature films, I offered my skills to the zeitgeist movement, this is the most radical and important movement ever design. Ive been a member of this movement for a few months now. cheers and keep on spreading the word.

  189. Al welcome to my world, this whole movement radically changed my belief system. I went to the first Zeitgueist day, and have made so many people watch the doc's.

  190. This is the very best documentary I´ve seen in my entire life, ( I´ve seen hundreds ) and after reading what is proposed in the zeitgeist movement and the venus project my vision of the world have changed dramatically, I will share this series of documentaries with all the people I can.

  191. This is bad beyond words

  192. PS Aforementioned comments from any faith healers have missed the point? Wars are fought because of Religion and a craving for Power. Our Belief system SUCKS! Believe in yourself for a change. God is your THIRD EYE....

  193. I'm Ready! To join the REVOLUTION. Crusade against New World Order... Fight the corporate demons... One question: Should I pack a lunch?

  194. the only way someone can not beleive most of this is if their cup of tea is all ready full of cold water

  195. if you are in Christ you are not of this world an of its problems of it lies of its hurt an pain you arehe said be IN THE WORLD BUT NOT OF THIS WORLD....simple put for god will guide you though no way ......

  196. James,
    What does god say when he talks to you? What does his voice sound like, can anyone else hear him?

    What else I'd like to know is how many licks/mushrooms does it take to talk to god?

  197. Joe bigots like yourself waste your lives with superstition such as Christianity, your no better that the Islamics who blow them selfs up in the name of Alah!
    As long as their are religious bigots in the world, we will never move on!

  198. lol@comments, if you think documentaries are supposed to not have a purpose then, you need to watch more fox news. Documentaries are biased because like even something as a simple as a history paper in university requires a basis. What you seem to forget that bias is based on facts. So if anything, you should argue against his facts not his bias. Oh dam then you are bias, what are we to do! Take what makes sense, find out for out for yourself. Nobody asked you to believe, it might be a human idea to make sure that the information given to you is valid. So stop eating off of a plate and try to make a meal that you made!

  199. ps anyone refuting this scam on a religious basis is just as equally as foolish as someone who buys into this mockumentary.

  200. im not even sure that people know what a REAL documentary is anymore. first rule, the creator of the documentary should not let their opinion be known, because it would CREATE A BIAS!

    this is not a documentary at all. it is the filmmaker slanting reality to conform to his uninspired conspiracy theory.

  201. Excellent watch.Liked part 1 the most. The film maker ties it all together quiet well.Enjoyable.

  202. Jesus is for white, Mohamed for Arabs, what about African, what do they got?

  203. Jesus is white, and God also, but goodness is in every race of people.Sin is lawlessness, but evil comes from the heart.

  204. I am a Christian and I have seen some supernatural events none of you can explain to me or tell me different that Jesus isn't real. You guys are so blind, and you do NOT KNOW how Satan works. HE is laughing right now that you guys believe all this junk bout undermining the deity of Jesus, and have hardened your heart to God. IF no God exists what is our purpose in living? You tell me.. why do we die? Why even try to be good people if there isn't an afterlife? Even if you refuse to believe in Jesus, think about it.

    You see how intricate our body is and the pattern of the sun rising and the seasons and space, etc... and you say it just came from a bunch of particles rubbing together. You listen to scholars who are merely human and because they have 4 degrees they automatically know the truth. scientists are suppose to be smart but true knowledge they lack. Some of my university professors were the most ridiculous individuals I meet. I'm sure you all believe in the big bang theory when none of it is provable either, but u question the Christian religion and the life of Jesus.

    An atheist once said "Its easy to be an atheist when you are alive, living your life with money and success. But when you are on your death bed, its hard"

    I pray for all your souls that you may find out the truth. You just do not want to believe in a God because you do not want to be accountable for your sins and be told what is wrong about your life. When you die you will realize who Jesus is and by that time it will be too late.

    When there is MANY evidence/documentaries of people who can prove Jesus, none of you want to listen. But you'll jump on anything that seems to disprove it without even looking into it. It makes no sense. You are not looking to find out the truth you are looking to disprove and mock Jesus. Its not even funny.

    Anyways, I'm praying for you all! GOD DOES LOVE YOU.

  205. Movie proved some good points. Isn't athiest at all really. Obviously the writer does believe in religion in one form or another by stating that the sun is what humans have looked to. When you look to the skies and the heavens to pray, it isnt because you believe heaven is there. it is because people have passed down throughout whatever religion you have followed that when you pray. you look up. Because they say heaven is above you, and hell is below you, you pray upwards. So when the writer talks of the sun being almighty....who knows maybe he worships the sun. Which i see no problem with. Religion is a subject i dislike due to so much bickering. ESPECIALLY christians. I am a christian/self beliefs. And look to history......christians always start shit with other religions. not to say those religions dont start stuff but who are we to go to "The Holy Land" and just say get out this is our land? And now we are doing it again. Idk im not trying to offend anybody i just dont see what it matters what you believe.......Just believe in something. If you believe, and truely believe in anything. You will be happy and have guidance in your life. I dont give a damn if its buddah, god, allah, jesus, muhammad, Hell (i know this will offened somebody but) why not go off and worship Marilyn Manson. (Dont worry i knoooow. I chose somebody that was dispicable to most of the public to make my point. Who cares what others belief. Once you attempt to change their beliefs you are greedy. Sorry if i offeneded anybody. I just wanted you all to know. Religion would not be controvercial if we all got along and stopped saying eachother were wrong. Zeitgeist is right because they see what is common between religions. Everybody should start seeing the similarities and not the differences. Is it a sin to befriend the nonbelievers? the infidels? the atheist? no. is it a sin to kill them? if even for religion? yes. welllll there is my take.

  206. As an atheist I would like to say this film isn't so good. He makes so many conenctions with religion in the beginning and then dumps it merely because it evolves over certain happenings (which he doesn't argue and seems to agree with) and because governments (or I should say America most specifically) use it to manipulate and control individuals. Then he goes out to say THERE IS NO GOD. Seriosuly? Even Dawkins and Hitchens are good enough not to make absolute statements like that and their evidence against god is ten times more valed and hundreds of times more expansive that this guys cheap movie. If you want atheist logistics and rationale, read Dawkins, not some 9/11 film. Looking through the comments that's all you people are talking about, the religious part of the film. The agnostic side of me says that there is no true knowing, and if there is a supernatural or "God" then who are organized religions (especially the bad side of them) and governments to determine what these supposed realms are in detail? The filmmaker doesn't grasp this.

    Secondly, if 9/11 was an inside-job then why are we blaming God? Maybe it's America's need for it's greedy resource wars, and population manipulation... in places like Japan and Europe they don't seem to be having these issues with religion and government and people seem to live happy, it's only Americans that take things to extreme and constantly make indirect blames and generalizations. I dislike both libbies and conservative rednecks to be honest. One claims dominance of higher institutions such as the suppsoed supernatural and uses traditional ignorant methods in politics and business and the other dreams of all for all and none for none with equal human rights and abilties, it a world where fact has proven that there is mass resource lineage and science that has proven people are more their biological determination that make them different (yes even in superiority such as physical ability and intellect) than "equal individuals".

    Get over it, America is the downhole. You argue about human rights with little microships being inserted to track you. Seriously? Lets look at the human rights violated when you all purchase your name brand clothing from third-world sweatshops amde by children who are prohibited to see their parents, eat, or sleep in order to meet a labor quota. Or how the average American consumers multitudes more. The UN's WHO has claimed that the US eats 4-5 times the meat that the average individual should consume. In Europe that is 1-2 and in Asia it is less than that. Or how America uses the majority of food resource amd energy than any other country and wastes most of it, along with being the biggest emitter of polutants into our dear environment? Where are the rights for the majority of the world population in poverty who are deprived of these resources where American wastes tons and more than any other country. (And we don't even have the biggest population or land mass, and out import rates are epically unporportional to export rates). (Sources: WDR 2008 by the World Bank).

    America where everyone lives this way now wants equal healthcare, no poverty, full resource allocation and ownership to each individual, right to full child birth, and overall equal representation in society wants this while maintaining the culture that it does by "freeing themselves from myths of government control or God"? Please go see what government control and God are to other places in the world and become serious with your arguments.

    One might assume I'm a commie (the system that has failed over and over- ironically run by atheists- and each uprising has killed millions of innocent). No I am not. I am a naturalist, I belive in nature/science and science alone. Empirics, logistics, and reason are by base system where other formalities that have been made by people to accustom their nature of superiorty, want/greed, and individuality such as human rights, laws, and some ethics (but not all) are second-class.

    Americans ought to be proud, they have massively developed capitalism (thankfully one of the most darwinistic systems to ever exist), however now the libbies and conserves are fighting for the opposite when it's a known fact you can't have all the candy in the candy store and that there's no such thing as a utopia. The tree of knowledge/science is a massive one where Americans (and other nations) have only taken the sweet fruits that have allocated resoruces in technology, medicine, etc. that have dreadfully increased world popualtion and have put epic strain on resources, and they have left the bitter fruits (which are also necessary) which claim what is "taboo" and "unethical" and "hurts peoples feelings" that systems of natural selection, biological determination, levelings of people, population control(possibly but maybe not- eugenics), resource maintaining and limits, and possibly full genetic acknowledgment are needed.

    This is the end of my argument, not all is surreal but is something to consider from the naturalist.

  207. I just heard my train of thought fully derail. The only people responsible for the 9/11 attacks in New York were the guys who flew the damned planes into the buildings. This kind of thing is like a new Christianity, minus a savior. Believe this blindly, because we say so. That's Christianity right there.

    If you want me to ever believe anything that you claim, get Bush and Cheney, on live TV to the world, to admit that they masterminded this, or that they at least participated in the planing and execution of this. Outside of those statements, all you have is a magic bullet theory.

  208. I thought that this documentary presented a valuable opinion. Personally I feel that those who dismiss it out-of-hand as well as those who accept it outright are irresponsible. What a great way to cause those who "believe" to investigate their beliefs.I will watch the follow-up both pro and con.

  209. Thought provoking - obviously the point.
    The world is a single organism - with multiple personality disorder.
    We allow the personality of the bully to overpower the others. It gives both sides someone to blame. But all sides are one. We play hide and go seek with ourselves. Why?
    It's like playing a card game with yourself and taking sides.
    Blaming the "power elite" is the same thing.
    Those that are consumed with power live in fear of losing it. Trying to control something, inturn controls the controller. Seeking absolute control requires absolute controling - which enslaves the controller.
    The "Power Elite" are backbiting and coniving against each other all the time. They're not enjoying their money or power... Their appetites are ravenous, but they are the ones that are consumed with scarcity - they really really believe this stuff is important.

    The trick is to NOT WANT. That is done by ENJOYING NOW. There is no "arriving" - that is another myth. It's all "going" and always will be.
    If the movie makes you feel like a victim - that's YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. You want a villian - you got one.

    In the end, the sun gets too big and burns up the earth and all the mansions and monuments with it. Observe with a state of wonder and enjoy the ride.

  210. I believe in god. The zeitgeist movie does not wont you to think there is no god. The question is what do you think god is, and can you even think about it or is that already a know fact to all of us. Great things are simple. I think god is energy. Energy is infinite and it cant be destroyed. It can be used for doing good and it can be used for doing bad. Lot of religions have good things in their belief system. But they are all not completely true. And when you find a lie in the belief system you know that man wrote it not god. You don't have to be in one religion you can take what is best out of every religion.
    Now let me back on the subject.
    The film points out lies from the past.
    I´m reading the comments of the film and wondering why does our church lie about 25.12. well why????You say " they picked that day to coinside with a pagan holiday and the winter soltice. they wanted to give the pagans something “christian” to celebrate in place of their pagan holiday."
    I say how can that kind of spiritual authority lie to us. And you let them do it. Over and over again. If they can lie about jesus b day they will lie to you about other things as well.
    To be a good person you don't have to be in any religion. What does the church say about people that have that kind of opinion. They say they go to HELL. What do you think?

  211. What a nonsense? Anybody reading bible and history will know this documentary is not correct. There is no proof of this stupidity. This is just deceiving people and selling stupid ideas. The main aim of the person who made this documentary is to somehow make truth the lie and lie the truth maybe for selling new ideas or book.

  212. Great documentary. Control, Control and more Control. Religion and fear always works. :D


  214. SystmHck hi!(please get an easier nickname :D why not your real name :D )
    Excellent link! Thanks alot! Hope everyone sees it. It's just 10 minutes.
    --The truths of The Bible will always prevail, no matter the opposition.

    PS. Note what that David Spangler says (Director of planetary initiative, United Nations!).

  215. People need to realize what a very interesting series from BBC where all about, called The Century of The Self.

    This movie plays with the current political and social issues of today and makes the viewer conjure up some fallacious conclusions about life, religion and the world we live in. However, while it does present some real facts about life, it offers the viewer a bizarre blend of erroneous, irrelevant and highly imaginative claims which its zealous followers are just to quick to overlook.

    It is interesting to me that most people will not research this film, the facts therein, the producers, etc, and will start thinking and talking how Zeitgeist and its religious leaders want them to, becoming mini evangelists of this new doctrine.

    If you are aware of the New World Order, you would know that it is part of their plan to create a New World Religion so creating hatred towards people of faith is needed in order to destroy the old and build the new. Its the same method used by Hitler, Mao and others.

    The main religion promoted today(The New Age)through the media tries to coat itself as a new "philosophy" or come up with corny names like "Zeitgeist" but if you were just to dig in a bit deeper than the average person you would find that this movie and its sequels are full of New Age, Gnostic and Theosophical religious propaganda. The New Age is the "in" religion of Hollywood these days and the one religion that mentors the UN.

    Lack of knowledge is really the cause of a lot hatred, wars, racism and religious intolerance and blaming God or religion is just what people in power want you to as the faster they can make you accept their views, the easier it is for them to control you.

    Those who are fans of Zeitgeist and just think it is a "free thinking movement" maybe you should go ahead and research a bit on Lucis Trust, Helena M. Blavatsky and if you r unbiased in your researched, you are "just seeking the facts" you will realize that "Zeigeist" and the New Age are and Theosophy and its teachings promote the same.

    My own study on theosophy (though I hope I'm wrong) has made me realize it is just another religion.

    Theosophy= neo-gnosticism, occultism, satanism, racism.

    I also think that this movie plays masterfully with the human ego at a subconscious level, with the "you are your own God" New Age doctrine and the "do what thou will" Crowlyian doctrine, both of which have been deeply weaved in many levels of western society, so I am almost sure that many people, specially people who think they are "free thinkers" will embrace it and be "enlightened" by it.

    This movie is an attempt to metally braniwash the world and (specially the intelligentsia) at an international level.

    People in general, would benefit from being aware of the real colors of this highly intolerant, sugar coated, new doctrine and maybe stop and think why a movie like this has been oh so lovingly made and produced just to "enlighten" us and set us free from our "bad world" and "bad religions" and all those "bad people" out there...

    Zeitgeist and Co promote a fear mongering and hate message. Viewing the content of the comments that this movie has in the many sites it has been "magically" placed all over the globe it becomes obvious to me that it is fulfilling its evangelical mission.

  216. I posted the third part on Zeitgeist refuted (August 29th, 2009 at 15:46), since I couldn't here.

  217. For Max -Part 2
    (my friend continues)
    About robotics and AI. However sophisticated our AI robot can be, it is no more than simulated intelligence. Again, we're using God's recipes so to speak, to create something that He already made. I think that such endeavours, despite their materialistic/reductionistic roots, do nothing more than demonstrate 1) how impossible it is to arrive to our current complexity of life and intelligence by random processes and 2) the necessity for an already existent template/"recipe" off which we must work.
    (I had to cut it in three parts)
    3rd and last part comming up (...)

  218. For Max, Part 1
    I have “two answers” (well, not exactly) to your question. One is mine and one is from a friend of my mine who is a geneticist (and holds degrees in a great many other scientific fields (e.g., biomedical science, specialty in cellular/molecular biology, and the list is a long one):
    So your question is:
    “What is the implication, in relation to faith, of building an artificial biological virus?”
    My answer:
    None. a) Faith has it's own “hypostasis”, which forms from actual indications/evidences and "sequences" that lead to it. b) One fact/event cannot negate another fact/event. c) Man -like his Creator- can create. The difference is that God creates His own material and design, while man “borrows” from them both.

    My friend’s and brother in Christ answer:
    “Well, not really. As the link mentions, viruses are not technically living organisms - which is why it's fairly easy to build them artificially. They are essentially a floating, extremely fragile envelope of proteins (very limited types - sometimes just one!) containing a relatively small-length DNA/RNA molecule. They can only survive through rapid replication by use of another cell's machinery.
    Thus, in creating a virus, we really achieve nothing more than making a fairly sophisticated biomolecule - hardly the creation of life!
    So the ethical implications would be restricted as to the purpose and use of the artificial virus. Viruses would not only be as weaponised agents of biological warfare - though, sadly, that would certainly be a major reason for making one. Viruses can be - and are - used in a molecular biology method called transduction, in which a virus (a "viral vector") is used to insert a particular gene into the genome of another cell, e.g. a bacterium or even a eukaryote in order to study the properties of that particular gene.
    Now, of course, we can't stop with viruses. What if we get to the point where we can create a bacterium - an actual living cell? There's already research heading to that direction. Well, again, I honestly don't think it has any implications on faith, despite the intentions of those involved. Physical life (not necessarily intelligence) is essentially the well-balanced, harmonious function of biochemical reactions - no great mystery there. Which means that, if we could figure out every single reaction component of, say, a cell, and know how they are put together, then we can, if we have the means/technology, make a cell ourselves. But what does it mean in terms of our faith? Nothing, really - using God's tools and recipes to make what He has already made hardly negates His existence or the necessity of Him as Creator (actually, it virtually proves it in a way).
    2nd part coming up (I hope...)

  219. Max, hi!
    I’ll try sending it in two parts, otherwise, sorry, it’s the end of the line. It's like I'm blocked... and don't have time for this. If the case the two parts don't show up, ask Vlatko to pass it on to you.
    Anyway, my answer belongs here. The forum can be an option in the future.
    God bless you!

  220. Alex,
    Try the forum?

  221. Max,
    sorry I've been having problems with my connection. I sent my comment to your question 3 times and couldn't get it through. I sent it to Vatko, maybe he can. Time will tell.
    Hope this message gets through at least.

  222. Sorry, "Zeitgeist exposed" is now on top of the "Zeitgeist Refuted" film. The order was changed.

  223. Oh I was supposed to add, I know all that is completely off topic and Im sorry if I've disturbed anyone by it, If there are any objections to the comment, I don't mind if its removed.

  224. Hunter-Seeker-Algorithm
    You have some interesting views, especially for someone in the situation you seem to be in (family wise).
    In regards to Jainism, like every other religion that came out of India it is rooted in Vedic thought. Which is wonderful but do not close your eyes to the other faiths created by the Vedas. Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, many others. The thing is, each different faith took root due to Ashrams (schools) being unable to communicate with one another over large distances so though they all taught Vedic thought, people being people, created different religions out of them. To really understand the essence of Vedic knowledge you have to do a LOT of reading from different areas. As well you have to understand that within Vedic thought is also the idea that everyone has different levels of capacity to understand Divinity. This is not saying that if one WANTS to they cannot try and and eventually understand it all, it simply means that each person is born with a different amount of "hunger" for that knowledge, some people don't care, some just want someone to give them a simple answer and they can run with it, some people want to delve into the depths of the ideals and figure out the "Truth", and many iteration in between. This being the case within Vedic "Theology", there are many levels of thought, each level directed as a particular level of consciousness.
    A simple example is that most people think the statues the eastern religions supposedly pray to are Idols and thus they are not monotheistic. Some religions WITHIN Vedic thought even think so but this is simply one level of thought that is taught so that people who are not ready to try to figure out the entire concept can have a small foothold that they can use to reach a little closer. In actuality, in Vedic thought, there is one God (using the word god for easy understandability, I should say one Divinity), each of those names and statues are simply different names and faces given to that one divinity to represent different facets of human life, human nature, and the world and Universe itself, but they are all the same Divinity, but to make it simpler for people to understand and relate to it, it is given different faces.
    This is a simple example of different levels of the same Vedic Ideal.
    A problem that arises from this (which is why you should read from many sects and not one) is that people are people, and they use religion to control. Vedic thought in itself is not prophetic it is a path that you can get good ideas from to make your own path but people have used Vedic thought to create their own little control structure, such as the Vishnuvites and Shivavites, that believe in that face of god prophetically and even believe in something akin to heaven, both concepts are pretty dumb within Vedic thought but, these ideas are brainwashed into children with these sects and thus it manifests in society like Christianity and Islam.
    The thing is the Vedas do not say they are the words of a god, nor do they say follow me or perish in flames, so killing people in its name or in the name of anything created out of it ...is pretty dumb.(That's why most other sects under Vedic thought always distance themselves from these folks, even the Hare Krishna movement is pretty weird since they make Krishna out to be some sort of prophet ..which he is not and never was, he was simply a person who spiritually understood the world better than others around him (a more realized soul), so its silly to "prophetize" him)
    In any case just wanted you to understand the base of Jainism a little more and how it came about, since understanding the root of something is your first step to understanding its entirety.

    Oh and a side note for anyone thinking I'm preaching, within Vedic thought is the idea that, Everyone has the right to chose their own path to God, be it atheism,or Christianity its your right to chose, once you don't hurt others while doing your thing, got no problems with you and wont ever try to convert you, just want to share my ideas.

  225. Going to church shouldn't have to be a requirement. It used to be in the Old Testament. If you truly beleive then you will be hungry to learn more about God. Therefore you will be happy to go to church on Sunday instead of look at it as a chore. I was the same way a month ago but then I just started having conversations in my head with God and I started getting answers in the strangest ways. ABL which means always be listening cuz you never know when God will speak to you. On the money thing, you give what you can to the church. But mostly you give what you can to others that are less fortunate than you. You'll be surprised at the joy it actually brings to see the look of thankfulness on their face. And if they spend on something bad, that is their choice...you presented them with an opportunity that they didn't have before. The only thing that us as a human race have control over is our behaviors. God controls the rest. Peace be with you. =)

  226. First of all i believe that there is a god because something had to have produced life on this planet but i feel that religion is a man made tool to control everyone's train of thought. So that you are lead to believe and follow the traditions that supposedly have been handed down from generation to generation. I believe that the roman society created Christianity to gain a control over their people and to spread their empire even further by diluting peoples mind to believe everything they say. Don"t get me wrong there is a god but i don't understand why if Jesus is with us all the time why does he require me to go to church on Sunday and praise him when he himself said that he will always be there with us. Also the money shit I'm barely getting by and he wants me to give money to the church so that they can buy new mosaic of Mary or new historic windows. For real is there any 1 out there that has these same beliefs. All of these so called coincidences according to the church i feel are too common to be lies. So think real hard bout this shit cuz yo this shit juss blew ma mind.

  227. I have to say many things that should open eyes of the many people that I saw respond to this video. I for one, have not seen it because most videos on religion are no longer God based but religion based. It saddens me to see all these people, here and in everyday life, bash God as if God is the one that created Religion. Religion is man made. Therefore religion is always going to be tainted by the sick hand of Lucifer. God of course is the creator of all, from beginning to end, earth, and the massive universe above. If one would just read the prophecies in the Old and New Testement that have been and still are being fulfilled, ones eyes would truly be openned to what is truly going on. Mass society manipulation by a electronic box in our living room called a T.V. This invention is informative on some things that are good but its the media that spins it bad and hypnotizes America into what I like to call "county fair grounds entertainment." Only 4 corporations own all channels on your T.V. You don't think that the 2 people that own those don't aren't rich and want to manipulate and control you so they feel powerful? One World Government, human chip implants (Mark Of the Beast), One World Currency, World Wars, 10 horns of the beast in Revelation (G8 is holding a conference in Italy as I am typing this message. Who knows when we will get to G10?). We are headed down the path to Christs return which is very very soon. Take the time to study the Bible alone without anyone BUT God guiding you. Pray for the guidance and I guarantee you will receive it. Ask and you shall receive never had the meaning of asking for personal pleasures. It meant to ask God for help with guidance, patience, kind actions, becoming a better you spiritually, etc. You don't get to heaven by good works. Christ already paid the price for you so that you can be accepted into heaven. All you have to do is have faith that God has been there and still is. Accept the Gospel (good news) of the debt that was paid and that Christ is the one who took that debt off of your shoulders. Once you have faith and received the gospel, then the good works come naturally. That's where Catholisism had it wrong. They believe the exact opposite. WRONG. It even states in the Bible that the world religions will be false at the end times. The ones that will truly understand that, are the ones that recognize that world religion is man made and flawed. Like I said earlier. READ THE BIBLE. Pray to God for guidance and your eyes will be open to the greatness of Gods kingdom. Start with the book of John. Look at what Jesus does, as well as look at what Jesus doesn't do. I am doing a study in the Bible and I found out last week that in the Bible there are more verses that have to do with money than heaven and hell combined! The reason behind that is because God knows how crucial money is to our lives. Money determines the true nature of ones heart. Martin Luther said it best, "If silver and gold are things evil in themselves, then those who keep away from them deserve to be praised. But if they are good creatures of God, which we can use both for the needs of our neighbor and for the glory of God, is not a person silly, yes, even unthankful to God, if he refrains from them as if they were evil?" Money is a gift from God. When you hear those weird people on the church networks on T.V. preaching the "Health and wealth gospel", you should know that their intentions are evil. Just because you give them 100 bucks does NOT mean you will get back tenfold of what you deserve. Money when given to us is to be used for the good of mankind. I watched one of the Harry Potter films the other day and one of the questions that good ole Harry asked was "Is magic evil?" The response was no. Magic is neither good or evil, it is the user that determines how the magic is used. Same goes with money. The 10 fold returns that one will get might not be in the same form that you gave. But one should never give money expecting anything in return or even bragging to anyone that one even gave money out. Then it is twisting the whole reason of giving back into a form of self gratification. I have only been studying the Bible fervently for the past month because I too was a sceptic of religion. Once I realized that my walk with God is with God and I alone then I realized the difference between man made religion and God. Man made religion is just like the government...twisted and truly dead because of greed, self satisfaction, and power. God truly just wants a relationship with his people once more. Like in the old days called THE BEGINNING. The end is near and all the rulers of the world know it, that is why the truth is getting covered up more and more as each day goes by. I plead with everyone to break the dust seal of your Bible and get back the relationship you deserve to have with your creator. Remember that Emmanuel means GOD WITH US. Just where he has always been but we are too blind to see it. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen.

  228. I'm not sure how much of it I believe... I'd have to look into the facts. But I thought Part One was spot on.

    I definitely think anything that gets people thinking critically about all this stuff is good. Whether true or not, we need to keep questioning.

  229. I think this entire film is self defeating. It points the finger at myth makers, it shames those who try to bring about a fear among the people, criticizes those who make profits and cautions against a unifying world. It seems to me that this is exactly what will be the result of the film. 1. They have created myths, 2. struck fear into people, 3. made money and 3. attempted to unify everyone in one cause.

    What exactly is the moving trying to get people to do? "Be more critical in how you think!" OK thanks, did I needed 2 hours of self-defeating argumentative BS to tell me that?

  230. Sorry for the spelling. Especially that: "Every much" in number 4. That just killed me! I -of course- meant" "Very much."

  231. About Zeitgeist: The Movie
    (regarding the first part, about The Bible and Christianity.)
    Please try to be calm and objective in order to be able to take -at least- a glimpse of the injustice done in this movie.
    These are just a few comments…!! There was much more nonsense to comment on!
    (I will not comment on the historical facts that blow Zeitgeist from the map, since most are already found on “Zeitgeist Refuted” -found by those who want to be objective).
    1. We are shown a hand that “has evolved” writing 1+1=2 (representing logic) on a piece of paper, and then someone removing the hand and the paper with the equation (logical thinking), just to replace it with The Bible. The idea is that The Bible and logic don’t go together. This is COMPLETELY LUDICROUS! Anyone who believes Christian beliefs are illogical, that they don’t make sense, either does not really know what logic is, or is simply too stubborn to admit the opposite. I mean, even a fairy tale, can be 100% logical (!!) yet false when compared to the facts of reality. If you never went to school and are cut off from the world, you might think (as some did) -based on your observation- that the world is flat. This is a logical observation, for in fact from “where you stand”, you cannot “see” it is round, you just see the horizontal line. Based on the factors at hand (your hand), your conclusion is a logical one, but not correct when compared to reality. In conclusion, likewise, believing that The Bible is not truthful is something we can talk about, but believing it is illogical, is pure uneducated nonsense.
    2. The movie starts with pure atheistic propaganda. It blames everything on religion, it touches our sensitivity (images of war, children crying next to their murdered parents etc.), it equates war with Christianity (religion in general). It even makes itself to be a savior, one who will save us from The God and religion of The Bible. It protects us with the truth (ha!) by telling us through the words of George Carlin which are included: “I don’t know what God is, but I know what God isn’t!” (Oh you great benefactor you!) In other words: “Look, the christian god of the bible cannot be the real God! And you know why? We know What the Real God is, and it’s not Him!”
    Well, really?? How do you know that… oh wise one?? How do you know what God isn’t????? Have you… revelation?? -Guess what? I have some news for you: God can be anything, even be the sadistic God (this is what they usually imply) that He is accused to be by those who are ignorant and arrogant (and vice versa). Hypothetically speaking, who can deprive Him of what to be?? Why can’t a God be sadistic and still be a God?? Why are you able to be sadistic and God can’t?? “Because he is God!” you protest. But how do you know what being God is?? Any answer you give, is just your view, nothing more. Get it? I hope so. So don’t serve philosophical junk food for wisdom, young people may be deceived, people in general.
    3. Then we hear the very funny (12:18-12:46): He will send you to hell….. “because He loves you!” Don’t the atheists see how irresponsible, frivolous, arbitrary, this remark is?? Can’t you see this has nothing to do with the God of Christianity? I mean, being an atheist haven’t you studied The Bible, that you are now trampling all over? If you have, haven’t you noticed the sacrifice of Jesus Christ made in order that the man who will accept Him in repentance and faith, be saved form hell?? Isn’t that to you, even as an atheist, theoretically at least (!) some kind of love from God’s side (even if you’re not completely satisfied by it from your perspective)?? I mean, try to be honest. Didn’t you see such an effort on God’s side from the beginning of the Bible till the end, to approach man for his own good?? Irrelevant if you understand His tactics at all or to a degree. Don’t you see Christians approaching people, in order to speak to them about salvation from hell?? Don’t you know this is God’s will? Really, you don’t know all this?? You don’t see A God Who shows love at all?? And you really think the comedian’s stupid remark is true: “He will send you to hell… because He loves you”???? Then I have to ask: Do you have a brain your head man? What are you doing with it? Rather, what are they doing with it?!!! (My intent was not to insult anyone, but to awake the ones that should.)
    4. Having said: “he will send you to hell… because He loves you!” he immediately says another stupid thing: “He loves you and He needs money!” Are we suppose to take the composers of this movie seriously?? Now that’s faith at its worst! -I mean, equating God Himself with someone who needs money? The Bible teaches this??????? We Christians believe this?????!!!????? You honestly believe we do??? Only a real immoral idiot can -right off the bat- equate God with the christian con artists, that a big part (if not the biggest) of the Church world wide condemns and exposes? The guy who made the movie allowed this remark to be part of the movie. What does this really say about him? Every much.
    5. Then in comparing Jesus to… the sun (!!), he says: “Jesus Christ is born again, every morning”! What?? Jesus Christ is born again?? Every morning?? (24:30). Theologically, being born again, has nothing to do with Christ! It refers to those follow Christ, becoming children of God. Jesus was already The son of God!
    6. Let’s see another ridiculous claim. At 24:36, we learn: that Christ’s crown of thorns, represents…. the sun’s rays?! A crown of thorns does that????? What a foolish comparison! I mean, speaking of evil fairytales! But really, did you object when you heard this, by saying… WHAAAAT???? Even as an atheist, don’t you have to be sensible and truthful?
    7. Then he says: “…the twelve disciples… they are simply the 12 constellations of the Zodiac” (24:36) WOW! Did the 12 at least exist or were they just constellations?? If the second, how can he prove that? And how can he disprove the opposite!!!! I marvel at the extreme arbitrariness, and the gullibility of some people (some times willful gullibility!).
    8. At 24:16 up to 24:44 we again see (do we?) the tactic he uses to prove his prejudices. He chooses to use words from The Bible (out of context), in order to make a parallel to his ideas! Completely irrational! He’s making a puzzle of his own fantasy. I mean, you can apply this tactic to any science book, and make all sorts of comparisons with other stories!! So?
    9. Another “gem”: He calls upon a particular ignorant Christian (that is, if the story is true. It could be; there are many around, just as there are many atheists like him around.) who said: “God put those dinosaur bones there, to test our faith!” Wow! Another eye opener to Christian perspective. We are grateful. -Do you really believe this is what Christian’s believe??? Why would he use such idiotic examples in his movie?? Doesn’t it show that he is just to much of a fanatic… to be careful in his research?? This is a good question to contemplate on! One answered in Zeitgeist Refuted.
    10. Does any body notice anything while watching from 9:00 up to 10:47?? Or is it a coincidence….?

    In closing, does the viewer see from the above samples that he is being brainwashed? It has all the tools for the purpose. Please be honest.
    Regarding the rest of the movie, it too, has nothing to do with Christianity. The fact that a new world order dictatorship is coming up, is -I believe- true from most perspectives. The time is not far. But anyway, is Christianity to blame? IT’S NOT! But -a bold question- isn’t it more probable (like 100% probable!) that atheists or/and pantheists occultists (masons etc.), would be behind it? From a Biblical perspective… IT DEFINITELY IS!
    One more comment. The speaker says that the government does not want an “informed public capable of critical thinking” and that this is what brought on Zeitgeist. THIS IS CAPITAL IGNORANCE ON PART OF ZEITGEIST!!!!!!! It is not an example of critical thinking, but of a) a pathetic attempt to manipulate people in order that they turn against religion b) mixed with critical thinking. And this to make Zeitgeist seem like “a savior figure” while it is just another sheep in wolf’s clothing!! Regarding the “uninformed public”, because of Zeitgeist, they are now misinformed as well! Think of my comments above, and see Zeitgeist Refuted (I disagree with the preaching at the end, and I believe it should not have been in the movie!)
    The rest I leave… to your heart.
    May God give you His increase!

  232. Jainism to me appears to have the most (although limited) appeal of the surviving religions out there for me - Their knowledge seems literary, out of this world, how a religion over 4000 years old at least could have known about the expanding and collapsing of the universe over infinite millenia is beyond me.

    This movie is amazing - and for me seems to connect the dots of many things in my mind. Although there are some questions that are never answered. But one of them was - how a man who owns the world would not seek to increase his prestige by using his power to help others- the worlds richest men are narrow minded - they view the world as a game, think prison break finale. This must be wrong - if you struggle it must be to some avail...

    Fear or Love? I have heard my brothers (baptized church of god member) derogatory comments about this movie and decided not to watch it a while ago, but this movie seems to sum up many things for me.

    I cannot see this as anything but truth. First consider the film all lies, now ask yourself who could possibly benefit from this film? What are the motivations and expected outcome. If the motivations cannot be identified, and the message comes from a unheard of minority - whose goal is to increase your freedom no matter how frightening that is, the message is most likely the truth.

    There are truths, there are lies, I seek the power to decipher between them- to weed the garden. Truth leads to true hope. Hope leads to life. Faith in abstraction leads to slavery.


    The only thing I really doubt in this is the common theory of evolution... I think more likely is adaptation within taxonomic Families or even Orders.

    Watch the obama deception they add to this argument.

    I know my logic is flawed in the above argument.. and I could ponder for a life time many of the propositions in zeitgeist but It is really late 3:00 am- I actually had an emotional reaction to this... really unusual.

  233. Zeitgeist is from the beginning an atheist propaganda.

  234. to this chris fellow...

    jesus wasn't born on the 25th of december or at all for that matter. he is nothing more than the representative of an amalgamation of the popular religions in rome around that time. take the christmas example, do some further research. you will get it.

    josephus was born in 37ad. that means he did not live while jesus 'lived'. anything he may have written amounts to nothing more recorded hearsay propogated by superstitious folks. the gospels were written decades after the supposed messiah died. jesus himself never wrote a gospel. paul's journey started after a hallucination. try to remember to keep these things in mind.

    as for the issue of martyrdom.. as a christian you reject the notion that allah is the true god and that muhammad is his prophet. however you recognize that there are a lot of people ready to die for it. the point is that in matters of faith perception is truth. it is the sad reality facing all religious people. just because you feel certainty does not mean you have experienced reality.

  235. Guys, think about it this way: how often do you come across material like this in a main stream media? So, do you still think that the facts in this movie are incorrect?

  236. as far as religion goes many lies for many years but i did live in a haunted house for a number of years think what you what why didnt the world trade center fall to one side instead of straight down in a free fall we all know that big money runs the show and war makes money so who made the most money christananity as proposed is afoolish belief because money and time always corrupt good intentions as far as the federal reserve goes look who started it and you know its a scam try this think as an independant dont have blind faith realize that everyone has some angle and fight back

  237. I want to know why so many people, people who lived and breathed with Jesus were so willing to go to their deaths if all this were just a lie.

    Hard to answer, people do do funny things though, look at the Rev Jim Jones and Jonestown, or Islamic suicide bombers, must be true if they're willing to die huh?

  238. Also, imagine this. they say Jesus was not a historical figure but people who followed him were willing to die to spread his message. and they did. many of the deciples were murdered for spreading the gospil. other early christians gave their lives. and for a lie? come on.
    what about the apostle Paul? was he a not a historical figure? did he travel the entire Roman world spreading the gospel or wa that just a story. I want to know why so many people, people who lived and breathed with Jesus were so willing to go to their deaths if all this were just a lie.

  239. Hold on a second with part one of this documentary. First of all the bible never claims that Jesus was born on dec.25th. that is a tradition, just a day that the catholic church picked to celebrate christmas. they picked that day to coinside with a pagan holiday and the winter soltice. they wanted to give the pagans something "christian" to celebrate in place of their pagan holiday.
    most people, people who care to think and not just be told, would actually read the bible before they try to disclaim it. Example: the shepherds were tending thier flocks when christ was born. Shepherds don't tend flocks in late december, it is too cold in isreal in december for flocks to graze. jesus was probably born in the spring.
    So, unfortunately for the makers of this video, the dec. 25th thing does not apply to Jesus.
    Also the 12 signs of the zodiac and 12 deciples are by chance. that part doesn't make sense anyway. also, Jesus only had 11 deciples. Judas was a fake.
    finally, there is no historical facts that would suggest that any of the saviours mentioned along with Jesus were actually real people. Jesus is a historical figure of fact. Check out Josephus.
    if you watch this and it makes you doubt your faith, take heart. this is just a clever lie. search out the real truth.

  240. Hi Me,
    If I told you the sky was made of blue glass would you believe me. I hope not.
    If I said there was a Unicorn at the bottom of my garden, would you accept that. I'd say no, you would not.
    What about if I said I'd met Khaki for a round of golf....

    What makes all this ridiculous mythology of mine seem totally deranged to you.
    You have the ability of critical reasoning, you are a rational human being. You do not think every report I make has validity, in fact you might think that playing golf with a deity is highly improbable, so your now filtering my claims very closely against what you have tested and know to be valid.
    You need to use your rational filter to question your own beliefs. And also learn from others critical reasoning. At some point your logic will gain the advantage over superstition.
    Here interesting short, to try googling "Top 25 Creationist Fallacies" great use of rational filtering.

  241. if you are wondering where we go when we die, you should google deepak chopra, i find his explanations to make a lot of sense

  242. I would also like to add that I believe in demons and that since i was a child, it was really hard for me going to sleep,as my mother told me stories about satan which scared me like 'hell'.. f*** i blame her for messing up with my head. :)
    other than that, i'm a really nice person !
    This is my biggest confession ever. YAY!

  243. I would like to add my opinion about zeitgeist and to apologize in advance for my English.
    this documentary had a huge impact on me - i'm refering to part I/Religion ( and i guess, on many others ). I never considered myself as an ignorant person, but zeitgeist opened my eyes like nothing/nobody else before! My mother is a very religious person ( Christian ), and I slightly believed in god. Went to a Church several times before ( in my childhood ) but that happened because i was dragged by my mother. I agree that respecting the ten commandments would make you a better person, but I don't think that following them carefuly would be the best answer. Deep down I knew that something wasn't right about this religion thing, and that some things in the bible can't be real, but I never thought about seeking for answers.
    After seeing Zeitgeist, I was scared and pleased with myself. Scared because I've thought: Okay, there is no god, i have been an ignorant, but then what's going to happen when I'll die? - if there is any documentary on this theme, please tell me - and pleased because i finally understand.. everything. It all makes sense. I see the world from a different perspective now, I see the truth...and I feel free.

  244. Hi, Vlatko, keep going man. Great site.

  245. Does anyone have any interesting links to that picture of the 9/11 failed 'I' column, I'm a retired engineer, and cannot easily imagine a such a failure.

  246. If anyone is interested try Adam Curtis, 'The Power of Nightmares'. Our systems of governance are fatly injured, no doubt abut it.

  247. I totally agree with the first part of the series. yes religion is a myth. "the mind is a terrible the to waste" please do your research religious believers, and stop living your life by what you were indoctrinated to believe in from the day you were born. open your mind and you might be free.

  248. The first part sums up what i've been trying to tell religious people for years. Religion is a myth, stop kidding yourselves just due to your ignorance of not being able to understand everything. You can't fill in gaps of scientific uncertainty with anything you want, it's dangerous. We've seen what is has done to so many people.
    I wish I could live long enough to see the age where religion has died out in the majority of the world and left to a historian to learn rather than the common population. Sadly this will never be in our life times.

  249. i think this movie is make sense. some facts are a bit pushed. but most are right!
    wake up sheeple!

  250. Wake up....wake up......wake up American people....

  251. I think the documentary is definitely worth watching. It seems well documented to support the film maker's theory. Yet, like you would with all documentaries, the sources need to be checked. I wonder what Zeitgeist Refuted will say???

  252. Part 1: I agree with most of the stuff said, even if it may be false (not stating it as false but i haven't checked the sources either). By this I mean that all religions stem from one another and keeping "pagan" rituals of prior "conquered" people to ease the transition (following) the new doctrines of the conquering nation/people is completely reasonable and plausible.

    Part II:
    i) The shearing of the core: Any physicist should know that shearing is the most common (less energetic) from of fracture to occur, that is why the demo guys use that method. This is easier than compression and elongation... therefore the fact that sheared beams were found is not fact of cutting.
    ii) Extreme heat/molten metal: not only was jet fuel burning, but you also have to remember all the office material that is easily flammable, and most likely explosive. (have you ever heated batteries? They explode, not unreasonable to think that other stuff exploded (chemical reactions burning) in there adding to the heat factor.
    iii) Mislabeling terrorists: By choosing wrong ppl to be in the "terrorist watchlist" does not constitute a conspiracy. Governments make mistakes, ppl have similar names. My birth certificate has the wrong bdays, my father was sued for child support by a woman in another state because her ex had a similar name (differed only by middle initial), many ppl post 9/11 were put on watchlists for no reasons only because of there names/surnames.
    iv) Running Training programs: How is running a training excercise indicative of a terrorist military coup? That's what groups placed to protect ppl are supposed to be doing. Everybody does it, police, military, hospitals, security guards, schools. Just because you practice training programs and it happens to coincide with an actual event does not indicate insider involvement. that's equivalent to me having an earthquake drill, and then an earthquake occurs, and that means somehow I cause it. That's what these people should be doing, running training programs all the time, many different scenarios, extreme conditions. Just because you train for it doesn't mean you're planning it. That's like security guards (rent-a-cops) @ a mall training for a bomb threat means they're planning to blow the place up. Arguing that somehow because they were running the excersive is evidence is just plain stupidity. The reason the occured together was because of coincidence.
    v) newspaper/media evidence: Just because you show a bunch of headlines from random newspaper articles doesn't make it evidence. anyone can post anything. Where are the references?
    vi) Money: just because officials were meeting with the saudi's does not mean they were in cohoots. just because i meet a friend for lunch does not mean that I know he steals credit card numbers at home. There's no causation to this theory, just because I know someone (on official business) does not mean I know everything they're doing. The Saudi's royal family are some of the richest ppl on earth, and most powerful with the OPEC (oil), and yes it does make sense that officials meet with them. This is not suspicious.
    Conclusion) I'm not arguing that this documentary is wrong, all I'm saying is look at another possibility. Let's say 9/11 was a big terrorist plot against america. The bombs in the basement, the demo explosives, were caused by a group bigger than just the hijackers. Possibly 100 (just a suggestion) ppl involved (think about it: the more you have the more likely it'll get accomplished) and they pull off the most historic event in the US what involved to tanks, missiles, declaration of war etc. The US got f'd, big time,... What's the government to do? Admit that the once great superpower was blown up by a group of terrorists? That a small group was able to hijack planes (plausible), plant bombs in the subbasement (plausible), and plant bombs in T7 (less likely but this i can't explain, sorry)... it all seems likely that the US just got caught off guard, and sometimes david does beat goliath. We got hammered. Do you think the Us wants to admit to it, that maybe we're really really vulnerable to this new type of warfare (fighting small groups not nations)? Why the radical change in laws? Why the war on terror? Why were there no transcripts (video records) of the 911 commision trials? Because the US got so f'd that the goverment was scared. That's what happens when you get blindsighted, you panic, you get scared, you start dividing up our asssets, bringing in things that give you more power (new unconstituional laws/wiretaps etc) because when stuff like this happens you try really fricking hard to figure out what the hell is going on. How would you react is you came home and found your valuables had been stolen? You'd buy new locks, new security, start questioning everybody, become paranoid, get angry, be scared, feel hopeless, and try to make sure this never happens again.
    This seems more likely to me at least. That 911 was bigger then the govt is leading on,... and we got scared so we try really really hard to not have it happen again. i feel this pov is a merging of both theories (the governments cause 911/terrorists caused it) because it explains most of it... at least to me. oh well, it's all just theories until the truth is out there. At least this documentary brought up good points. Thanks :)

    P.S. Sorry for any misspellings.

    Part III:
    i understand the notion of few profiting from the interest. I just remember one argument from high school. The reason a central system was created because if it's much easier to regulate (and yes profit) if everything is centralized. That is why the fedaration of colonies (i forgot what it's called but it was before the formation of States to be united) had such difficulty trading and maintaining order. Each confederate state had it's own money, it's own laws, it's own procedures. You couldn't buy anything in georgia with pennsylvania money, and then you'd have to figure out what was the going rate, who's money was worth more? that's where the idea came from that states had to rule independently but under a centralized government. I don't know I'm talking out of my ass, i'm just saying it's not all bad why it was formed, but the bad part is the taking advantage of people. Nowadays alot of banks are closing due to the mortgage crisis,... wonder if the federal bank had to do with it.

    Finality... i just heard the phone conversation about rockafellar and the "chip"... damn,... that sucks... we're screwed... there goes my argument i guess...

  253. Lies? relax man its just a ride Hahaha.

  254. What makes you think that the most of this documentary is made of lies? Care to explain why you don't believe anything what the film says?

  255. Mostly lies, but entertaining. I really don't believe anything he says and part one is especially lies. Anyone know what programs he used to make this video?