Skygate 911

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Skygate 911 is one of many independently produced conspiracy theory films released in the aftermath of the September 11th attacks that questions whether the United States government played a role in its own country's greatest modern tragedy. Produced by a group called Pilots for 9/11 Truth, Skygate 911 considers the events of 9/11 from the perspective of aviation professionals.

The filmmakers defer to their audience to act as a jury for the case they make as they call into question the accepted narrative of 9/11. Considering the events of that day resulted in the two longest running wars in US history, they compellingly argue that the following questions warrant serious consideration: Is the government offering supporting evidence for their claims? Is the evidence the government has offered sufficient for their actions? Does the evidence conflict with their story? And has the evidence proven beyond a reasonable doubt justification for their actions at home and across the globe?

By analyzing the physical structure of the planes, take off time from the airport, speed of flight, and supposed location of the different black boxes, the filmmakers pick apart the data that has previously been cited as evidence in support of the 9/11 Commission Report.

The film itself serves as a slightly more sophisticated PowerPoint presentation, leaning heavily on the Ken Burns effect with the camera slowly zooming in and panning around spreadsheets, documentation, infographics, and maps, with a peppering of stock footage thrown in here and there. The narration is even-toned and matter-of-fact, and the simplicity in production helps the filmmakers make their plea for a fresh, independent investigation into 9/11 in a way that lands as rational and informational rather than emotional. By examining the various aviation-related elements of the 9/11 attacks the film offers a unique angle on a topic that has been scrutinized for going on fifteen years.

Skygate 911 challenges the American government's narrative of the 9/11 attacks, adding one more voice to the existing cacophony of skepticism by presenting their materials to their audience as if it were an actual court case.

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30 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Carrie

    My brother was a photographer at the Pentagon that day. This film is junk!! Shame on you.

  2. Warrior56

    Then your brother should have photo's of the cruise missile that stuck the outer rings, so let's see some photos. Or Shane on you!

  3. eddy

    Are you saying your brother photographed the plane hitting the pentagon? What is it that your brother photographed that prompted your post? Please explain.

  4. mike

    Please everyone, just read Dr. Judy Woods book, Where did the towers go.
    Enough said !

  5. Dan

    So we have to go back into our governments past to make a point...

  6. joe

    Bush ordered a missile to hit the wasnt a plane...

  7. even if all this is true

    Even if all this is true. People should let it go. Because believe this, if you will prove that the CIA or FBI or the government did this, things will change in the worst.
    What do you people what to see ? People going in the streets ? a revolution ? what ? .
    Do you people think that if you can prove all this in a court of law someone will be charged ?
    It will never happen. But, what will happen is that the secret services will use the revolution to create a more authoritative government with more restrictions and the situation will be way worse.
    People cant change shit these days. And they knew all this before they did this. Do you think they are stupid ? They knew that the evidence will be found someday and they didnt care. They have alternatives if people rise to a revolution or massive protests. And if people will rise and massive protests will burst, they will be able to impose something that no one on this earth imagines that could happen in America.
    Therefore, its ok to discuss all this for the sake of history, but keep in mind that if everyone would believe these claims there would be massive protests all over the country, and that, will shake the very foundation of the country and the whole world.

  8. Smal A,

    even if all this is true- Nice thinking. Even do i think that worlds revolutions together with internet and us doing what we are doing. the truth will only make us smarter and greater. We should only be afraid if they take away the internet . Until then who can stop the most f--king awsome ofspring of the universe as we know it. We have done great things and that is nothing for what will come.

    Never stop learning.

    Ps. Has anyone missed out the ice age knocking on the door? :)

  9. Sgt jimbo

    Every word you add to the crazy 911 conspiracies; the further you take folks from the real truth.
    Terrorist scum; Islamic whack jobs attacked the US that fateful day & thousands suffered.
    If you continue to perpetuate the dung hill lies you urinate on the graves of those who died and spit in the faces of those who are coming to terms with the real truth of their loved ones being murdered by terrorists.
    I am both special forces and a very deep cover operative. I KNOW there is no conspiracy, only the effort to lessen the blame factor on the US government for missing this attack coming.
    SHAME ON YOU FOOLS> 911 was NOT an inside job. Please understand this.

  10. iseedeadpeople

    'Sgt' jimbo you have your head buried very very very very deep in the sand. You are irrecoverable.

  11. Mic

    (even if all this is true)

    Do you seriously mean that? So you think we are better off letting the so called conspirators who led to over a million deaths threw war and other means just stay in power? A revolution would make things better like Thomas Jefferson stated. It would change things for the better There would be more than just a two party system so other canidates could run for president the corporations would no longer be acknowledged as a person so they couldn't get privilaged rights as a company. Our food trade would become healthy again. People slowly start to trust each due to honest media because people are generally good however the media only shows the bad which effects a lot of peoples world view of others. Obesity would drop and people would become more conscious there would be less crime and money wouldn't be an object like it is today if everything went the right way but a revolution would give us that oppurtunity. So hell yes I would agree that the powers that be should be de throned instantly and the rest of the world would copy us and those that don't would eventually with the aid of the the US and our allies because the truth is everyone wants to be happy no matter what evn though some people all they want is money and they don't seem to be happy though they are rich they have a twisted view of happiness which was conditioned in them. Sorry man love trumps everything eventually that is why the world is waking up.

  12. even if all this is true

    how naive you are Mic. Yes, in a world that could be possible, but not in our world.

  13. ?

    'The internet' is not only used by 'the people' but it is used even more by the world governments and their services. The internet can be weak and can be very easily be controlled and manipulated. Therefore, trust only in your thinking and use your brain and critical thinking to put things into question. You`ll see that eventually, if questioned, the true answer will be revealed. .

  14. Sam Burgess

    I WOULD like cheese with that.

  15. Krovak

    @Sgt Dumbo

    I love seeing comments from demented Americans who still believe it was 'radical Islamic terrorists' even though there is ZERO physical evidence that it was even performed by a Muslim/Islamic individual.

    Have to laugh though, the only people left defending the government are tinfoil hat wearing nutjobs. This guy is a "Sgt" who is also in special ops and in deep cover... but he posts on internet websites. My sides hurt so much at the sheer stupidity of this statement.

    Keep living your "Call of Duty" fantasy buddy, we'll live in the real world where we actually understand that a building meant to withstand multiple plane strikes doesn't fall without being affected by physics. Also, a building with fire to be the first in history to collapse completely due to it is pissing on the grave of every great scientist, engineer, human being?

    Science doesn't exist any more with you f--king retards.

  16. vinh nguyen

    anyone want to die? just reject operation northwood

  17. @apilot

    The only thing they forget to tell you is ground speed and air speed have no correlation. In the flight levels I can cruise at 400+ knots and that is 60 knots over my Vd. My air speed indicator will be around 200 Knots and my Vmo is now my Mmo (max Mach) and moves on the gauge the higher I go. Now the likelihood of me being able in level flight to go 90 knots over Vd at 2000 feet ASL (above sea level) are slim to none. Even if I was using emergency power. They should look at the METAR for that day and use the charts to calculate max air speed that that AC could have achieved with the levers to the firewall at the listed weight, max weight and min weight. (Va goes up if you weigh more and is the max speed you can fully deflect the flight controls without causing damage. Damage at this speed will occur if you oscillate from one max deflection to the other)

  18. thomas m. schaffnit

    it is not plausible that the "official" version of events is true and yet...and yet, the mainstream left wing media like rachel maddow, who i do respect, have no intention of ever mentioning 9/11 truth again. is absolutely up to us. it is up to the ones who know the truth or at least enough of the truth to drag it out into the open. to let the sun shine upon the heinous shit people have done here. and to keep letting people know that justice also works for the oppressed, albeit sometimes very slowly and painfully.

  19. gandalf the vague

    sorry i cant take this seriously, anyone that sounding like casey kasem narrating is triggering my bullshit sensors (and ive researched this topic for years).

  20. Glen

    We should be looking at the covering of pilots ID and find out what it is made of,,,how it managed to go all the way from one side of the tower to the other and land on the foot path with out a mark..Do the Arabs have some fire proof coverings??

  21. AJay

    This max operating speed data has got to stop being used in these documentaries. I'm shocked real aviation professionals would sign off on it. The max airspeed for aircraft is their max INDICATED speed. Radar returns show their actual ground speeds. An Airbus that is indicating 280kts at 14,000 feet in the cockpit will often be showing 340kts on radar. Depending on the wind, an aircraft's ground speed could be well over or under the suggested indicated airspeeds that are determined by aircraft manufacturers. These two things are different.

  22. FukkGlenBeck

    I couldn't even get 3 minutes into the doc, and there's already a bunch of horsesh!t. Is Glen actually serious? He said "How is that not a plane?" when referring to a blurry, squiggly white streak on his screen? Seems like the burden of proof would be on HIM at that point. In other words: Glen, how IS that to be considered a plane?" .. I guess I won't bother burning a burnt bush, but seriously.. From a man who's (somewhat) respected for questioning things that should be questioned... he wants to call THAT a "Plane?!"

  23. Michael

    I was doing this documentary for a project and I found it hard, yet this was a very good and evidential film. How would you do a plot for this, the plots all over the place?! 🤔

  24. Frank Santariga

    Very revealing, excellent research and disclosure.

  25. Terry c

    Iseedeadpeople well said sgnt f***in numnuts does have his head buried in sand more his head up his arse how the f,,,k dare u say people r pissing on their graves what graves most r on a tipping dump in pieces the investigation was thwarted every step of the way from the start by removing all the evidence and shipping it to china ,wow the money they made of this then they send the pieces of them poor Americans to china at best it should of been buried on USA land the investigation just went worse and farcical,I mean u have people of the street as number two tower coming down saying it was due to fires weakening the steel them witnesses by way have no experience in that field yet your bias disgraceful media had all thus b/s beig told,even r bbc informed the world number7 had fell as it stood behind them for another 3 minutes and we get nut loops like sgnt aventaclue talking b/s,get a grip America you aided the terrorists whomever they were certainly not bin laden,why,simple he would of loved to take credit for it ,why did he not,because he didn't

  26. Jeff

    @Sgt jimbo Firstly, I question you claims of 'special forces' activity, as those truly involved, usually have at least average intelligence. Secondly, even if one is unwilling to seek out all available information available on the attacks, such as I have done, merely watching the collapse of the Twin Towers, as well as WTC 7, provides more than enough evidence to show that the buildings were, without a doubt, brought down by controlled demolition. Since we know the truth of the initial attacks, we also know that everything thereafter was all lines in an effort to cover it up. A poor effort at that.

  27. Jeff

    @ even if all this is true The brilliant Benjamin Franklin said, “It is the first responsibility of every citizen to question authority.” I doubt just, "letting it go" would be the proper way to handle 3,000 people being murdered by our own government. We should NEVER just, "let it go." We have let far to much go. It has to end, and will.

  28. Ron

    @even if all of this is true ....I feel it's thinking like that, that allows these powers to continuously do this to its own people. Sheeple, not people you've become. It is our responsibility to question everything and demand truth as a free thinking citizen. I'll prey for you when you walk into their FEMA camps willingly. I choose different. As far as the doc, it's really a compelation of evidence from other docs. Still worth a watch if you haven't really dived into this subject and research.

  29. Ron

    There is alot of debate on this and many topics like it. But in reality, this wouldn't be the first time a war was started with some country over mis information etc. Look into history, bay of pigs/Cuba, Viet Nam, many countries in the middle East, he'll even the Nazis ...A revolution is very necessary, or few generations from now will be lost. If this continues, I imagine a future of dead and killed free thinkers and the re entrance of slavery for the remaining 'following' masses ....I hope this vision is incorrect btw

  30. Paul

    Mossad provided the operatives that executed most of 9/11. But they had help from inside our government. At the planning level, the Bush-Cheney neocons, which included many dual American-Israeli citizens in very high places, were in charge. This operation or something very similar had been in the works for years. Read Christopher Bollyn's "Solving 9/11-The Deception That Changed The World."

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