9/11 False Flag

9/11 False Flag

2008, 9/11  -   178 Comments
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9/11 False FlagThe world has changed after September 11th. It’s changed because we’re no longer safe. These words were used by the George W. Bush, elected President of the United States in 2000, to dictate the political direction for the 21st century. Whereas Americans launched attacks relatively quickly, first on Afghanistan and later on Iraq, based on falsified evidence, doubts about the official explanation of the events of 9/11 are steadily increasing.

The speculations that surfaced on the Internet directly after the attacks were considered to be just wild conspiracy theories until recently.

However, circumstantial and substantial evidence paints a clear picture. The responsibility for the terrible attacks seems to lie not with Islamic terrorists but with several high-ranking members of the US government and military.

This documentary focuses on the inconsistencies in the official version of the events and on the evidence which has been suppressed regarding September 11th. It also answers why we still know nothing about it and why we are being deceived – including in Europe.

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  1. Any working link?

  2. It was a Mossad operation. Anyone stating anything different is either incompetent, paid dis-info or a liar!

    Any so called 9/11 truth documentary that doesn't mention Mossad and is receiving exposure on major platforms through legacy media or is widely available is bunk! If they were on point they wouldn't be allowed a platform or to be freely accessible.

  3. I can see by these comments, a lot of people are very afraid of challenging their world view, and I know how painful that can be, considering it shake's you down to your core, and that's the part that holds you up. When your foundation is made of straw it will collapse just like building 7, it will, as I see here, take much more time to come down and that is a very sad fact.

  4. Not an inside job at all, it’s a shame that all of you 9/11 Truthers are so dumb and unable to learn

    1. And guess what?, ray still thinks Oswald did it! Wake the hell up raymond.

    2. Ray thinks this came from flight 93 because we all know before hijacking an airplane you gotta put on your hijacking bandana

  5. Every way you look at it, it's so obvious the gov't lied about what happened. Inside job? Absolutely, at least partly, building 7 down, were they drone military airplanes, no plane hit the Pentagon, where is the wreckage in Pennsylvania? Come on, the official story is nonsense. It was likely a false flag op.

  6. Your all full of crap , those buildings were hit by planes . It’s so obvious. Molten aluminum and water are very explosive. So spare me your dumb conspiracy theories. Those people were killed by Terrorists and that’s the end of it . Islam is a violent religion and there’s no way to change what you set in stone by your mistakes.

    1. Building 7

    2. Did you, or anyone for that matter, see any evidence of a plane hitting the Pentagon? The video footage I've seen shows no evidence of a plane. The plane didn't just disappear into absolute nothingness. A few small parts won't cut it. I'm not saying you're wrong. I'm just genuinely asking because I'm not convinced. Point me the way.

    3. You sir are an ignor**t id**t ....apparently you still believe in Santa claus...please explain your theory on how building 7 fell exactly like 1 and 2 when it wasn't even hit by a plane

    4. You’ll never understand the world you live in by sticking you head in the sand like some ostrich.
      Stop attacking those who are trying to bring out the truth that those in power have perpetrated on their own people

  7. They are going to nuke different regions of the USA we must stop them.

  8. All of you real Christians and Jews should stand for religion in defense of muslims. Because your govt has led to believe that is the enemy. You know; after decimating muslim countries and their people; I see no reason why muslims shouldnt be mad

    1. You have it all wrong. Some of you guys are proud of 911. Bin Laden and his org proudly took pride.

    2. Bid Laden didn’t do it, never copped to it when it would have have been the coup of all coups to take credit for.

  9. I was right in court after being hired , I wanted a fire drill and a no flight take off on sept,11,01, George W. Bush said that's not going to happen . This is what he regrets . Im owed the reward money in the most wanted.

  10. Yes, the truth is coming out. That truth being, this staged murder of Americans on 9/11 was done by liberals, contrary to the video's belief, to kill the conservative. How? B/c the Bush Admin wouldn't have had long enough to set this up being it's first year. All this deceit the video mentions couldn't have been done by an organization less than 10 months old. The Clinton Admin set the stage for this, Bill and Hillary pressuring the future influence, saying "we need to do something about Iraq harboring terrorists and violating UN sanctions," their own words in 1998. GW Bush was just taken for a ride on his lack of knowledge thereof, and Hillary was a profound influence, as was traitor Powell, on the WMDs approach to military action against Iraq. They both agreed and supported the attack. Hillary voted for it. The conservatives/republicans are being duped; used as a scapegoat. The real truth: Bush was caught off guard. Had no idea what to do. No logical reasoning can accuse a 9 month old administration of such devious acts. Bush doesn't have that acumen to accomplish such a travesty.

    If we're to take our country back, this is where we recognize those pitting Americans against one another by purely blaming and never taking responsibility for their own mistakes. They can't absorb their own mistakes. That would begin to open up speculation, further research and discovery, of their intentions. I'm not asking "the opposition" to argue w/ me, but to answer this: do you really give Bush and Cheney that much credit for devising some scheme as this video claims in that short of time? Impossible! When you hear people say, "the administration knew this was going to happen, they had light of it, so, why didn't they prevent it," because, it was the Clinton Administration and liberals that devised this scrupulous scheme. In fact, it was supposed to be Hillary Clinton as POTUS, right now; hence, the obvious hatred they have for the Obamas.

    Republicans and Democrats of Traditional Value...stand strong against all of congress b/c we don't know who the traitors are in both parties. Of course, we have an idea. This is all about POWER. So, those that show their greed for power (sorry, but, Obama is #1), we need to stop, now! Boehner looks a little conspicuous, Reid, McConnell, Pelosi, and you can probably add a few more. This video is right in discovering a plot, uncovering falsehoods throughout, but, it is the so-called liberals and so-called conservatives in congress that have hi-jacked both parties. Oh, the irony, hi-jacked!

    1. Yep all of America can can be narrowed down to two groups, Republicans and Democrats

  11. I have no doubt about goverments involvment in 9/11 but it is a cul de sac of diversion---were we fed his information to keep us all outraged and trying to prove the impossible, leaving the powers to be free rain to carry on with their grand plan ---whatever that may be!!!!! are we watching the finger and missing the moon. To gain freedom we must be ever watchfull, To lead with our thinking and not be lead.

  12. This is a bunch of crap. Anyone with any level of common sense can see that. People making money blaming Bush.

    1. You are obviously uneducated. That doesn't even make sense.

  13. "Elected President, George Bush?" Well, he is already under a misconception and this movie has yet top begin! ANYONE that still buys-into the government's lies about 9/11, is still under a form of hypnosis. OR, they're just plain gullible!

  14. Forget he way the buildings fell. All you have to do is closely examine the trajectory of the united and american airlines planes. They simply can't fly the way they did with the given built in software in those planes. You can't fly 100 knots faster than listed maximum speed. Yet they did. It's physically impossible to do 180 degree steep banked turns pulling 5 to 6 G's and not stall out. Yet they did. Only possible explanation is GPS guidance. This technology was available in 2001. It was available way back in 1994. see FLIGHT TERMINATION SYSTEMS by systems planning corp. Dov Zakheim . Also see NASA's Crow landing flight facility in California in 1994. 110 united airlines 747 aircraft took off and landed by remote control guidance by augmented GPS signals.

    1. I'm confused..... on one hand you're claiming these maneuvers were physically impossible, THEN you are claiming it's possible if computers were flying the plane? The airframe would not care who or what controlled it.
      There was nothing at all about the plane's trajectory that were outside of their flight envelope. Stop BSing people. The rate of descent was steeper than that recommended for commercial flights with passengers for comfort reasons, (such rapid descent makes people's ears pop and causes pain) however the aircraft could easily do it and more.

    2. You're assuming the planes had passengers. Some of the planes from 9-11 are still in operation. Therefore, they were substituted with 757 drones. We're not really certain if any plane was actually loaded with passengers.

    3. There were no planes, they were CGI, plenty of video evidence proves it now, the "hijackers" were still alive and well after they were blamed, the "let's roll" cell phone conversation couldn't have happened because cell phones didn't work on planes then, the debris from that supposed crash looks like it was just dumped there, there were no bodies for the coroner to pick up, the list of things that are wrong with the official story is just unreal

  15. Is this the usual "controlled explosion" rubbish or is it sane? If its talking about the political wranglings before and after the hit then it possibly carries some merit. Condoleeza Rice's speech not long before the attack pretty much buried them - they knew it was coming and ignored it. But then, like Pearl Harbour, when you need to be able to go from a pacifist footing to a war footing on the turn of a coin, you need a pretty big excuse and this was.

    1. The buildings could not have come down without assistance.

  16. Bush, the legacy of Criminal leaders, run amok...

  17. Could you please remove some of all the "god damm" pop up links, i wanna watch the great movie you made mate:)

    1. @Lasse Søren,

      There's never been "Pop Up" on TDF website, as far as I know.
      'Been here for a while...

      Check if you'd have 2 windows opened?
      Else, you have a spam trojan.

      Pop up never occured to me , not even once.


  18. Hmmmm…. Why didn’t the truth about this came out in Wiki leaks?

    1. wikileaks is also government controlled propaganda to make you think they are transparent.what did they tell you after ?that they actually killed raped tortured more people than you taught and its all on camera.thanks wikileaks

    2. You guys are master artisan trolls. Ok I'm bored with this silly page now and have the info I need - if I watch this it will be 90 min of my life I dont get back. Cheers!

  19. When r the American people gonna realize that everything that happened on 911 was for a reason and it had absolutely nothing to do with muslims...lol....Americans believe anything the government or the media says to them.........Its all about money money money

    1. The money was with Oil - the 'states has been in dire financial strife since the time of Ronnie Raygun, its economic collapse was inevitable and pretty much for the exact same reasons the USSR collapsed (and to some extent Europe, though not quite the same). There is a reason China is the only superpower left on the planet now. So, they needed an absolute reason to shore up their ownership of arab oil fields, f**** over the Russians on the Caspian pipeline, and secure all the shipping choke points north of Africa. This event provided a beautiful excuse - but the public, my gods, only stupidity on a scale that .... really can't be described .... could have caused them to buy the Iraq story. Iraq had nothing to do with this, it was purely Bush Snr and his corporate buddies desperately wanted to take Kuwait back - but they got away with it.

    2. @ThisIs,


      I prefer the principle of a good opportunity for some Tycoon Elite regarding the Caspian pipeline. Not an "All Out &Planned" Gov. operation or false flag for that matter.

      Peoples don't want money in decades from now, but immerdiately.

      Regarding Iraq, there was more money at stake (Somewhat Immediately during the last 10 years) than there can be "Immediately" in the Iraqi oil field.

      And here, I mean the military cost of moving the US Army abroad and spending weapons abroad.
      Of course, legally approved by the US Congress.
      Not as Nixon/Kissinger war crimes in Eurasia I vaguely remember?


    3. The approval by congress was pending WMD's would be found in Iraq. Either way, it was not legal according to international law, and since our constitution says that any international law that we agree to is binding in our own land, the approval by congress was in itself illegal.

    4. @Peabot,

      This leaves me wondering if the "Pending law" ever passed, was enforced. How many peoples knowns...

      You say "Our constitution says that any international law that we agree to is binding in our own land".

      Hum... In hope that the US security services, the whole army and alike (What ever the CIA became" can keep a lid on those past 10 years or so that the US spent in Iraq.

      Coze it's been a while since the whole world knows that whatever a USA official agree & sign, doesn't mean that it'll be repected in any manner.

      I could point quite a few breaches that happened in those last 10 years but rather ignore. Just don't do it in my backyard.
      The problem in now days are the speed of the electronic medias.
      Not only television as everyone knows but independant journalists and of course the Internet.

      Here, I understand that one could tell me that "It's the Elite", ok.
      But then, isn't is a democractic county, yes or no?
      There's something else that keep the system from going into high gear. And I don't want to get into it.
      I'd feel as if it'd be like barging in.
      Peoples need to find their own solutions.

      I'll have a look on what cme out of that law at the congress.
      Anyhow, George isn't there anymore?
      See you next time around.


    5. "The approval by congress was pending WMD's would be found in Iraq."

      LOL! That appears NOWHERE in the joint resolution. You're making that up!

      " Either way, it was not legal according to international law,"

      Actually the UN charter allows sovereign nations (that would be Kuwait and Saudi Arabia) OR AGENTS ACTING ON THEIR BEHALF (that would be us, we have written agreements) to provide for their own self defense against attacks by aggressor nations and against their immediate threats. Our actions against Iraq were not their own singular aggression but a resumption of hostilities sanctioned by the UN itself in Desert Storm, postponed in a cease fire agreement Saddam was signatory to but had failed to live up to the conditions of.
      He'd had 12 years to do this, people mistake our patience for us starting a new war as us the bad guys.
      9/11 was caused by our policies used to contain him. After that it was imperative we change them, and it was silly to think we could just walk away and trust he would not continue his behavior as before.
      I'm not sure why all of this is so hard to understand.
      There is plenty of evidence supporting the idea that the WMD we asserted he had, was transported to Syria and/or Russia before the invasion- yet that still is not at all important. Whatever we could catch him with was irrelevant, the final ISG report states he was going to make, AND USE, more.

      But why was it so crucial we invade? Oil. You drive or use any consumer products made from petrochemicals? Accept it.

  20. I agree with all of the evidence that has been coming out since 2006 implicating the US Govervment in this terrible False Flag event. It is important for people to realize that the government does not always tell the truth. What makes me personally angry is that I was fooled for 5 years until the release of the documentary Loose Change V2. It made so much sense with regards to what really happened, vs the government spun story.

    I know now some of the reasons why the US government wanted to launch the False Flag event now 10 years after the event, it many of those reasons are energy related. 1) Securing land in Afghanistan for an oil and natural gas pipeline to take energy from Turkmenistan, send it down through Afghanistan, through Pakistan to the Arabian Sea. Several attempts had been made to work with the local tribes and everything failed. Military action was the last resort.

    In Iraq Saddam had ceased Western oil facilities and was not interested in either giving them back or sharing oil with the US. With Iraq controlling the 2nd largest light crude oil reserves (easy to process and affordable) Saddam had to go.

    Another reason was the destruction of World Trade Tower 7 that contained all of the evidence to indict many Wall Street Executives who had manipuated the stock market from 1998 until 2000 during its largest run up in history. This evidence was destroyed when World Trade Center Towere 7 was destroyed.

    The people I feel sorry for are the victims of these buildings who were not killed by foreign terrorists but by their own government. I feel badly for all of the families of the American soldiers who died to secure future energy supplies for the United States under the false assumption that they were revenge for 911.

    It is a tragedy that George W. Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney and their administration did this. It ruined the reputation of the United States around the world and its integrity.

    Utimately in the end the United States and the world must find a replacement for oil and natural gas as an energy to fuel America's cars and trucks. Based on current consumption all oil reserves will run very low around 2030.

    1. I think Building #7 was supposed to be hit by #93. They went the wrong way. Since they were SO FAR OFF, South Dakota Military (Their National Guards?) shot it down. Rather than tell the truth, we saw that rape job on Pennsylvania soil, that was supposed to look-like a jet had crashed there.They didn't want to admit they shot down a plane that was supposed to have lots of American citizens in it! Cheney just decided later in the after noon, that #7 had to go to cover the 2.3 TRILLION DOLLARS the Pentagon says they "lost." (And "we the people" can't "lose" a hundred bucks!) Have you ever seen such poor fake-work in your life? There was no "jet," there was no "engines," there was no "bodies;" much like the Pentagon. They need to put Kubrick back to work. Even with new equipment they can't match his fakery! He faked out everyone in '69. The trouble with watching TV, even very large ones is, DEFINITION. You just can't "see" what is really happening in its entirety. For instance the expulsion of gas on a regular basis (squibs) as they dropped indicating demolitions going off. The reason everything turned to powder is, they put the nano-thermite paint EVERYWHERE. THEY mix it IN the paint used for "remodels." So once it began to fall, it all turned to powder. It's been in the paint used THROUGHOUT the Twin Towers. (Just a guess of course) What's this I hear people were running down the street on fire and then disappearing? Why did I never hear about that on MSN?

    2. Ok, number of problems, or is this just a well tuned troll? Actually, its got to be a troll, nobody could STILL be that pig ignorant now in 2012. Point form: nobody shot down 93, it crashed. It was being pursued by 3 f-15s at one point but none of them fired. You can't hide a shot down airliner, it just cant be done. The buildings fell down because Jet-A1 burns at 2000 degrees Celsius. It is utterly amazing they stayed up as long as they did and a tribute to their engineers and engineering. Yes the cladding was inadequate, nobody expected a Delta-class fire to break out 100 stories up. They had cut corners on the cladding, and possibly tower 2 had a bit more, which could have helped to extend its life. Powder - go and learn some physics and find out what happens to solids under extreme compression. The expulsion of gas - this is the one that makes me sick to my stomach, just on the basis of how stupid you'd have to be to think you're looking at squibs (which they dont use on big demolitions by the way, they are very complicated affairs and require precise computer timing and pre-clearing of every floor, otherwise all you do is blow one of the walls out). Dumbass, explosions happen THEN a demolition building falls. Here, you are seeing the floors fall FIRST, and what is spurting out is still-burning Jet-A and office materials. Ok thats as much effort as I can be bothered with - never argue with a fool and all that.

    3. @ThisIs,

      May we take good note of "Jet-A1 burns at 2000 degrees Celsius"?

      By stating such things (Witholding other names), yoy loose the benefit of a doubt.
      And once lost, lost for long.


  21. Capitalism fails again. The Military was AWOL and the Nations of the world let us down. Now the Citizens have decided Lets Roll!

    1. Obviously, the Capitalism didn`t fail.
      War is business. Someone made money out of all this!
      I guess tthe "We the Corporates" got their share?
      And I find that it's a heck of good thing that the "Bill" was paid through the US citizens credit card.
      In a way, what the UK provided was something within the range of the tipping.

      No hurry to pay, the time you're busy at this, the rest of the G8 have a few other business to do.


  22. It really amazes me that so many people can try to sound like geniuses on the topic, but at the same time have the WORST grammar. PLEASE, please, learn to read and write before you post on here.

    P.S; stop playing Dungeons and Dragons too, it's bad for your brain.

    1. It doesn't matter if someone dont follow the perfect paterns of grammer or make spelling mistake, the important thing here is that we all are eager to know the fact and to express our feelings and in order to do that i dont care if I make mistake wile i spell a word wrong or write a sentence with grammer error.

    2. You just don't get it yet, do you? These events are heinous! Murder of American citizens on a huge scale perpetrated by our own gov't! You'd rather pick at grammar &/or semantics?! Aww, c'mon Dude. It's okay to grow up a little and chime in on the subject at hand. Or, maybe you don't have anything intelligent to say. That's probably more like it. It's easier for you, from the shallow end that you troll, to take irrelevant pot-shots.

      I agree with Vinette, above. He states many reasons for this travesty. Reasons that aren't too much of a stretch for a mind containing a modicum of reason and logic. He's taken the emotion out of a response I may have had myself. Emotion that I'll inject here...

      You'd never hear me cheer louder from my own rooftop than if I were to see reports of these four people having been assassinated... 1) HW Bush! 2) GW Bush! $) Dick Cheney! 4) Don Rumsfeld! - These murders would be a good start. They may not own ALL the blame for what transpired in this country on Sept. 11, '01 but they were in public office and LIED TO ALL OF US!!!

      This country's federal gov't is despicable. If I could only wave my hand to water the tree of liberty with their blood, I'd have done it by now! But, instead of something righteous (like that) happening, we have all just sat on our asses and watched them cut down the orchard with their LIES!

  23. 9/11 was an inside job,end of story....only brainwashed people like most of Americans believe the government's version of 9/11

    1. There is increasing evidence that raising star and singer: Miley Cyrus is linked to the causes of 9/11. Her corporation benefited with Billions of $$$ through insider trading as a result of this inside job. Her corporation also lobby's for beneficial treatment from the government including tax breaks and deregulation. It's no wonder that she could coerce the government into doing such a thing.

  24. HAHAHAHA... the lady who says she finds it "idiotic" that a government could blow up their own people. Apparently this woman is not a big fan of what we call READING. Especially history. People in power have been doing horrible things to people not in power as far back as recorded history. For sport, for power, for any reason they see fit.

    1. For Sex?


    2. Sex, and.... "The attitude of the American public toward the external projection of American power has been much more ambivalent. The public supported America's engagement in World War II largely because of the shock effect of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor." Quote from "The Grand Chessboard" by Zbigniew Brzezinski

      911 event was a old school false flag / stand down operation.

  25. what a way to get complete control of a whole population, through fear, in just a few minutes... complete enough that they beg you to take away all of their civil rights within weeks. sound familiar? make sure you watch the documentary... End of America

    1. No doubt we all know Alex here

  26. Without a shadow of a doubt that the event that took place on September 11th 2001 was an 'False Flag Operation.' I have to admit though like the vast majority of people would agree with me that it really did look like a terrorist act on mainland America, Initially thats what appeared to be, it was only several months later that new evidential materials was starting to surface. Muslims more precisely Suadi Arabians were to be blamed but over half of the 19 Saudi 'so called' terrrorists mentioned by the American officials (muppets) are alive and kicking, there have been several interviews and sightings of them. But mainstream western media dont want to know. I have actually seen better documentaries than this. Farenheit 911, Loose change, 911 Conspiracies, Zeitgeist, Arrivals, (all can be watched for free on Youtube) and many more quality fact driven documentaries that prove again and again that American government like Dick, Donald, Condoleeza, Collin and several other cowboys were behind this. Its amazing that a person of George Bush's intellectual calibre could have duped us all in believing is true. More importantly i worry for the American people because their Presidents (past and present) are always taking their people to war. It just leaves me with two options. (a) American public are suprisingly very stupid or (b) they are hungary as the presidents to go to war (offensive or aggressor) and both these options are deeply saddening.

    American people always get duped into causes of war. Its not just about material gains and huge profits they gain economically and militarially by their government but now they seem to be entering their final phase of the 'New World Order' or world dominance. America have military bases all over the globe even in rich and well established countries like England and other Eurpean lands and are free to do as they will. Imagine that scenario where for example Britain who gave birth (literally) to Amarica in terms of their English language and Democracy, Politics, Economics, Culture and many more attributes would allow these Yanks to trample over them like shit. Theres an American military base in over two thirds of the worlds countries. Do your research and i bet you will find one in yours, if not, definately your neighbours.

    I can go into the nitty gritty factual and evidential details of the 911 deception. but it will take me a while (few pages) to lay out the details, but instead i will list some of the unexplained or facts they wish to ignore. Thermite and Thermate which was found at the twin tower site. Only authorised military or high ranking government officials can purchase or trade such toxic substances or at the very least trace back were the thermite and thermate substance came from. The unexplained explosions thoughout the twin towers before the the actual controlled demolition. The firemans radio and video cameras dont lie, secondary explosions and fire thoughout the 110 storey building were radioed to their captains or commanders. As mentioned already most of the alleged 19 hijackers are alive and kicking. Larry Silverstein signs a record 3.2 billion insurance deal on the buildings a couple of weeks before the disaster, also gave an interview were he says a decision was made to 'pull' a term used by demolition experts to nbring the towers down. Building 7 did not even get attacked but yet falls down at freefall speed. Put share options were traded upto 30 times the norm several months before the tragedy, so some people knew something was about to happen. Vast majority of jews (about 5000 of them ) just didn't bother turning up for work that morning, strange but true. The most respected caretaker of the buildings who knew the building inside out and actually saved countless lives by leading them out the buildings, his witness statement was discredited by the 911 Commision report, at least we can all agree that the Commision report was fabricated and heavily edited which gave no real answers to the victims families, it holds no weight, imagine that. Countless news groups that captured witness statements of them saying 'secondary explosions' going off in those twin buildings. And the funniest one to me is that a Saudi passport is the only thing that survives in the rubble.

    Theres countless facts that i can go on all day but its best to see for yourself by watching credible documentaries and doing simple research. Do you know what your respected leaders and officials (also men of wealth and power) from all over the world do in their free time. Well google this. Boheimian Grove. And thats not all try researching Bush family tree links with the 'Skull And Bones' cult. Also see what the Billderburg group do in an secret annual gathering and the Carlye group trading with the Bush and Saudis. The world news now is not what you see on your large lcd or even led screens. Cant take nothing for granted these days. if your open minded and not narrow minded you will see whats going on behind closed doors.

    Thats the reason why Britain has kind of woken up to some of the media antics especially from the Rupert Murdoch group and glad they have banned trash media groups like this entering UK, at least thats a start, soon CNN, Fox, and other American media trash will get banned. Dont need that blatent bull news in the UK. Need to stick to traditional, impartial and independent quality news.

    Can someone explain why the Norway terrorist attack is not mentioned as a terrorist attack by the western media? A clear act of terrorism? Its amazing why we can have far right groups such as the English Defence League(EDL) and Ku Klux Klan (KKK) to live their daily lives and not be accociated with any forms of terror, but the far right Muslim groups get labelled as Al- Kyder or terrorist groups. In my dictionary any group that is on the extreme and carry out massacres is a effing terrorist.


    2. "Al Kyder" is Al-Queda (For those who don't recognize 'HillBilly')

  27. I wouldn't be surprised if remote-controlled testing of boeings were perfected at groom lake.

    1. Good point PinchedLoaf, sure why not. Raython should also be looked at very closely for there remote flight technology, ie, Predator Drones, etc.

      Look at this crazy thing I found on the Internet below.

      ¨°º¤ø„¸? Undetonated
      ¸„ø¤º°¨Nano Thermite`°º¤ø„¸

  28. Well Americans shouldnt be mad b/c most voted in behalf of going to war, now that they know the truth they're upset. Stop jumping to conclusions and look things through first.

    1. ummm...when did the American people vote to go to war? I am pretty sure it takes a resolution from Congress. It is true that almost all Senators/Representatives voted to invade Iraq and Afghanistan but the American people did not have a choice.

    2. hmmm must have been sleeping the day they had the vote to go to war or not...

    3. Yeah, 'been sleeping since the mid 50's. Right after Bush Sr. have offrered safe-heaven to NAZI war criminals.
      -Overthrowing demotracically elected Mossadeth in Iran so the "Sleepy" US citizen get some thrills out of getting a few dudes totured.
      -Assasination of the democratically elected Chili president by the CIA henchmen.
      -Same thing in Panama where the USA placed a USA look alike psychotic sicko to torture his population and later brought him down after Bush found out that the dictator was not bringing him all the profits!
      -The CIA/USA army drugs deal from the Irangate with the USA "Star Man" the extremely dishonorable disgusting Colonel North. Star GI Joe in USA dreams.
      -The USA army & CIA white-house ordered selective murders in Vietman, left aside the war crimes committed in Laos & Cambodia.

      Now, remember once & for all, everything coming out of the mouth of an american citizen is in most cases a lie!
      With the population they have over there, if the "Russian Peoples" have said "No, no more, you stop where you are, how come the USA nation are sub-humans to that point where they'd be that cowards?

      No! They lile it and nothing better to their eyes than a seeing a little teen girl running over a bridge with her skin dangling down her back after she got burn by "Made in USA" napalm while her family house got bombed!
      Next, the standard usual USA liars telling the whole world in public that Saddam possess WMD!
      -No doubt that the USA knows about that, it's them who sold these to Iraq!

      Whenever anyone ask me: -What is Hitler wold have won for a while"? Really want to know?
      Look at the USA! The home of the war criminals.
      A land of wastes.


    4. Back to France

  29. Most, if not all of these claims have already been answered and discredited. This documentary is largely outdated for a 9/11 conspiracy.

    1. You say so.

    2. Come on Thang, "Most, if not all of these claims have already been answered and discredited?" By who...Dick Cheney? LMFAO! haha

    3. The only way to discredit is to hold an full invetigation into 9/11. So far all evidence points to an inside job. US is in Iraq after the fictional WMDs and in Afghanistan after bogey man OBL has been "killed". Follow the money and political objectives of some murderous nuts.

    4. People hate it when facts get in the way of a good conspiracy.

    5. discredited by who?

    6. yeah eh? It has been proven that plains, don't fly. God's (oops, dyslexia) don't byte and fires cause global collapse in multi-story buildings in slightly less than free fall speed.

    7. I hate to admit it, Americans are testa-dura. (hard-headed) Much like some religious folks, that I won't bring up here. Look for the truth hard-enough, and you'll find it.

  30. Now I've finally watched the video. Powerful.' Every home should have one. That's what needs to be encouraged, accepting the responsibility of actually thinking about "controversies" and "conspiracy theories" logically. That's a good start! And widely perceivable as a good thing. Like the very big point made which I personally had allowed to be drowned out by media noise: 9/11 was pretty obviously not done by "the 19 Arabs", so who? We who are affected by the new zeitgeist of pre-emptive "anti-terror" invasions, which is everyone, has an interest in the question "Who did it?"

    1. Why do you answer your own questions?
      Your reasoning does not follow:
      Not(19 Arabs) does not equal (Top officials of the US government).

    2. Agree. I don't know why you say I answer my own questions. I say (Not 19 Arabs) equals (Who Did It?)

    3. There is a need for correction in the fairy tale "19 Arabs". Some of the "19" arabs were alive and were pictured in Saudi news papers.

    4. Yes Jameel, I liked that the film points that out - it was an important historic event say Presidents etc, but let's not fuss about who exactly murdered, "we threw you a story, end of discussion, get over it".

  31. fiction?

  32. well, what's encouraging about the situation as seen from beyond God's golden shores, my friends, is to see that so many Americans know what so many non-americans do, that there are huge conspiracies, and that the controllers of the u.s. weaponry and propaganda infrastructures have acted against human beings and their cultures (including u.s.a) like an alien species, without remorse, but only appetite and strategy.

  33. I guess i can see why these particular people may not want to mention Israel.
    I love the little things the Germans notice.In 500 years a look back will see what we did to native americans,Japan,Iraq,Vietnam and we will look worse than the Nazis ever could.I love my country but these realizations are simply to much.I know that all intelligence agencies around the world believe the Israeli- mossad responsible.

  34. Pretty good doc, not all-inclusive but it hits on the major points in a good time frame. Nice introduction into false-flag operations.

    With all the information and videos I've absorbed over the years it's been clear for some time that there's more to 9/11 than the official story. I'm over the shock of realizing our government is run by some pretty nasty people. What really scares me is that nearly a decade later so many people are still in denial about what is obviously going on. I know many have it worse off than I do, so I try not to complain too much, but damn it's a frustrating time to be American.

  35. to the person who posted the son post, wow.I live in one of the states the son visits and goes fishing and golfs .like to be a fly on the wall where he runs his mouth on one of his Binge nights .to the good old boys ..Friend of mine used to caddy for the family when they were up this way ..hum ..years ago ..talk about hitting the nail on the head pal, your a genius..

  36. well, i guess reading all these crazy ass post gives me an even better perspective on the issue.Let alone watching this Doc.watching it through the eyes of someone outside of this country .gives me a big headache thinking about how the families of 9/11 and the soldiers who have died and wounded .were given a bogus report by the Gov. and couldn,t respect them enough to even .make an honest effort to that end .what the hell are we afraid of Americans. come on we should be able to do better than this.don,t we believe in any kind of truth or justice anymore .Are we going to let this be swept under the carpet .shame on all of us for not demanding more ..like Forest Gump said thats all i gotta say about that .this is shameful how can we look each other in the eye ..shameful ..

  37. I really enjoyed the doc (well as much as you can enjoy something concerning this topic) and it was nice to see a non American view on it. Not that I dont enjoy the American docs on this subject, I do, because if the American people dont question the story being fed to everyone and demand real answers to real quesions in order to find out the truth then the maniacs in charge will never be stopped (Rumsfeld, Chaney et al have been pulling this s*** for decades). But I digress, I did have a point when I started typing this, it was just nice to see that people in other parts of the world (I am Canadian) see that what really happened and what the American Government are passing off as the truth are very different things.

  38. Awesome Documentary. Sadly, the majority of the citizens of the U.S., when in doubt, find it more comforting to just go shopping at wALmART. The government, via the passive media, can lie outright and get re-elected.

  39. I don't often ask myself that if just because I am the son of the former president of the united states and essentially groomed for presidency,that I would participate in setting up a terror plot like 9/11. But lately, I stopped thinking of all those amazingly weaved words that bill hicks dreamed outloud in his politically charged shows and that I watched in late night cocaine binges while eating burritos: I think this is the world we have, and that we always will destroy to create, take the easy way out and fight over whatever it is that we have to fight over because just as I beat my wife when she does not iron my shirts I also have a short fuse over those freakn arabs. So yes, I blew up the buildings, not because I am some evil person, but because there is no dreaming of a better world, there is no taking steps you can't take, and having a peaceful world is a step we can't take yet. I did it because otherwise those suckers would have made our burgers cost 15 dollars and toyota corollas 30 grand and we can't afford that are you kidding me?

    So, yes the US is the imperial power of the day, and yes america lives as well as it does today because of all the millions or kinetic action casulaties in the name of oil and what have you. So yes, we did and will continue to do those things: remember that we have nukes to blow up satan out of hell, and even if those constitutionalist dreamers take over the US after country wide protests and civil war, they will also fight whatever kind of war they will in order to keep up with the Joneses.... or Xin Lius..... or Mohammeds....

    Just as you don't give a freak over the beggar on the street or the dead babies in Syria or the multilated sexual organs of preteens in Africa....well.... why be temporarily morally superior just because TV says so? So calm down.... and... 'enjoy the ride' as Bill would say....because life out there suck for most people..... as in hunger/heat/homeless/war/pain/burka sort of sucking....

    God Bless America and xoxo,

    George Dubbya Bush

    1. Well, Dubya...

      You are charged with High Treason. You will receive enhanced interrogation (since Torture is now Standard Operating Procedure, because of changes in the law due to the acts of Terrorism of September 11th 2001) until you name all the names of all your conspirators that committed this act of False Flag Terrorism on America, it's constitution, it's citizen, and ultimately on the world.

      You will be hanged when and if found guilty by the highest court of law in the land. There will be no plea bargain, or presidential pardons, like Obama has vowed to give you. The current President is just worried about the precedent, but Congress removed the sitting Presidents powers to pardon such acts of High Treason. Dick Cheney was the first to come forward with his direct role in the Stand Down / False Flag Operation, trying to cut a deal, since your television confession on FOX NEWS LIVE. Former Vice President Dick Cheney has named names, and was also to receive the highest punishment afforded under law, but passed away during enhanced interrogation.

      When and if found Guilty, Sentence, and a date has been established for the public open air enactment of the punishment issued by the Supreme Courts of The United States of America. This punishment will be commenced on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial where you where sworn in as President of The United States of America to serve and protect America's constitution & Liberties.

      Before Congress is legislation to name a New National Holiday to be called AMERICA DAY, to commemorate the event every year to remind the Government in the Highest Office in the land that they serve the American People. CNN has already booked the exclusive rights to show-time the special event. The event is being called: CNN's Live American Liberty Day Celebration Event.

      Don't you dare try to justify what you have done, and let God be your final judge.

      God Bless American and enjoy the devil's company.

      Walter Cronkite

      (Jesus... kinda creepy, you can tell I have been working on some screen play writing this week lol... Hollywood could make quite the movie script around this. "Confessions of the President: The Devil Made Me Do It")

  40. I've always been good at telling if someone is lying, just by looking into their face,.. and these boys are lying like no others.

    How did we let these demons take control of our lives ? Too much beer and pizza ? Too much video and internet porn ? We are responsible for this, and we are the ones who are destined to burn.

    1. Well said Willy, but they made it happen. You could not stop it. They will burn. Not you.

    2. Yes,.. but we made them, then set this out into the world to chew away at the fabric of our flesh.

  41. KainOOO
    I have no definitive opinion on the truth or reality about 911 or any of related theories of what actually happened. What I do see is total ineptitude in all matters by the government and "mainline media" in almost every effort they make. I just dont see any compelling reason to believe they have any greater ability to succeed in "clandestine" operations involving multiple players. My point was not about super sensitivity of some in relation to the term "conspiracy theories" but rather to point out how our nature as humans in search of meaning always seem to seek out the "mysterious" whether in the form of religions, alien life forms or theories that are impossible to fully refute. I cant prove or disprove any of these but I do recognize they tend to affect how we look at different subjects.

    1. "I just dont see any compelling reason to believe they have any greater ability to succeed in "clandestine" operations involving multiple players."

      I see many compelling reasons to believe they can, and repeatedly have succeeded in clandestine operations - the Manhattan Project, The Gulf Of Tonkin incident, and Operation Gladio, to name but a few. There are many more.

      As for the label of "conspiracy theorist", I believe that it's become a very barbed tool, that's used to all too often to stifle articulate dissent. The American administration likes to say that people shouldn't tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories, but you can bet your bottom dollar, that behind the scenes, they're busily working away helping to fuel the more outrageous ones, as a way of polarizing peoples opinions and burying the truth under more and more layers.

      I don't believe that people questioning the events of 9.11 has anything to do with some sort of innate facet of human nature, desiring mysterious explainations to world events. Rather, I believe it has a lot to do with people knowing full well that they've been lied too, and that justice needs to be served, also that we are all in very real and grave danger if we bury our heads in the sand, and let them continue to get away with it.

    2. Again I openly and freely admit I have no knowledge or ability to refute the various questions raised about 9/11. I do believe we all have a built in desire to look for the answers that are more intriguing to us. I don’t really think any of the examples you provide would compare to type of operation that would have been required for the 911 theories with a wider range of citizens outside of the military directed against US citizens. I would like to think our motivations are as pure as "justice that needs to be served" or truth that needs to be known but I just have not seen evidence of it. I just don’t buy in to the thinking that just because questions can be raised about something provide a basis for assuming a conspiracy has occurred. We are now 10 years away from 911 and the burden of proof still lies with the accusers.

      "It is astonishing with how little wisdom mankind can be governed, when that little wisdom is its own."

      William Ralph Inge

    3. "I think the difference in our analysis of the "evidence" makes the case even stronger for people tending to "take sides" on any particular issue which will always distort our perception and cause us to "defend our turf". We all "want to be right" which never aids in the search for truth. It is a basic human "defect" which undermines our political institutions as well as skewing human understanding of "reality"."

      I think the difference in our analysis of the "evidence" is that I base mine on studies that use historical records for foundations on which to base them, whereas you voice nothing other than vague opinions which you then attempt to back up with psycho-babble.

    4. "I don’t really think any of the examples you provide would compare to type of operation that would have been required for the 911 theories with a wider range of citizens outside of the military directed against US citizens"

      Really? Operation Gladio ran from about 1948 to 1990, and involved multiple secret services across Europe, including the SIS, MI6 and the CIA. The Europe wide cells acted as agent provocateurs, and were behind a number of terrorists bombing, which targeted civilians across Europe. That so few people know about it, and they managed to keep it secret for so long, would seem to prove my point.

      "We are now 10 years away from 911 and the burden of proof still lies with the accusers"

      On this point, we would seem to agree! When exactly will the American administration provide proof to back up their conspiracy theory? Because from where I'm standing, it looks like you could fly a 757 though the gaping holes in their story.

    5. I think the difference in our analysis of the "evidence" makes the case even stronger for people tending to "take sides" on any particular issue which will always distort our perception and cause us to "defend our turf". We all "want to be right" which never aids in the search for truth. It is a basic human "defect" which undermines our political institutions as well as skewing human understanding of "reality".

  42. Why are they saying that a plane flew into the pentagon??? Everyone knows it was a missile that struck it. Even in there own footage you can clearly see the ROUND hole where it struck with no signs of impact from the wings or the tail of an airplane. They seem to be right on about everything else, why get this part so wrong???

    1. Any photos/video of a missile? I would like to see. I agree that the round hole is quite odd considering the fact that jetliners are square.

    2. I would also like to see any photos/videos of a PLANE hitting the pentagon!!!

    3. Agreed, photos or video footage would certainly help. Unfortunately though, in the immediate aftermath of the attack, the FBI called on nearby businesses and seized their CCTV tapes. And the Pentagon itself, which one would assume to be one of the most surveilled buildings in the world, apparently wasn't able to capture a single image of an aircraft.

      It's now known that the FBI are in possession of 85 video tapes from that day. One would think that at least one or two of them would be from more helpful vantage points than that of the few frames, they eventually released.

      For a government that says "let us not tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories", they sure seem reluctant to clear this one up.

    4. If a missile hit the pentagon it would not have left a big round hole where it entered, in fact it wouldn't have left much of anything to look at it. It is entirely possible that the wings and tail of the plane were destroyed on impact and never penetrated the building, leaving only the fuselage. Trying to convince everyone it was a Boeing 757 full of passengers when it was actually a missile involves too many people as well. The air line is involved, the people that were supposedly on board and all their families are involved, any eye witnesses would have to be dealt with, first responders would be involved, state coroners office would be involved, the list goes on and on. I just don't think they could ever get that many people to lie, fake documents, doctor security tapes, etc. I am not saying the government wasn't involved at all or that they didn't intentionally drop the ball but, I do think those planes were commercial air liners and that there was American citizens on board that lost their lives. I also think those people and their families deserve more respect than they get from our government and the conspiracy theory crowd.

    5. Thanks for that indepth analysis. I guess the wings and the tail folded up to go through the hole leaving the windows intact on each side of the hole. Wake up. A missle or drone plane could have a delayed explosive could have easily made a hole like that. Where are all the bodies. A real jet aircraft with a load of fuel would have burned the building to a crisp.
      their are ways of shuting people up with threats of loss or death. This wouldn't be the first time to shut up the real truth of a witness.

    6. Almost ten years after the event and you are saying there was just a round hole in the wall of the Pentagon. How someone can manage to make a statement like that after that length of time is amazing.

    7. That is only one "Detail" among so many others.
      Before part of that building collapsed on its own, photos shown that a commercial jet couldn't fit in.
      It may have been exaggerated indeed but that isn't the point.

      The whole sums up to what is known as "Benefice of doubt".
      3 Building crash on their footstep?
      Not even one topple or tilt over?
      Steel would melt at that low temperature?
      And so on. So on...
      Only one sole "Detail" being found to be exact would make the USA political Elite part of the persons who are guilty of these crimes. However, as we know, the debris were swiftly picked up and sent to your "Dearest" friends, the Chineses communists!
      Another reason why the USA political Elite do not deserve the benefice of doubt in any manner. Far or close.

      Finally, to top that off, we have this guys Powell who shows up at the United Nations and state to the face of the world that he has satellite photos, spy photos & so on proving that Saddam has WMD, he not trying to build any but rather has it.

      Because, the USA has the most modern the most advanced technology & most competent specialists to acquire these infos. Ok, the whole world knows that for a fact.
      The only problem is that the USA is the land of the lying mobsters, organized crime.

      Now, do you have any idea how long 95% of human beings will remember that while we see the war crimes committed by "Democratically Voted" psychotics through Wikileak?
      If it wouldn't be Wikileak, it would have been other means.
      As generations goes by, we always get to know.

      Have you ever heard of the CIA overthrow of the democratically elected Mossadeth in Iran, in the early 50's?
      Same scenario but with a murder in Chili.
      Drugs deals by Colonel North while the USA army took part in massacres in Nicaragua against its own USA congress laws?
      You want more? War crimes in Vietnam by corrupted criminal USA leaders and army.
      30 years of hell graciously provided by all USA citizens who voted these beasts in. If one do not vote in the the USA, it is a crime and sure can be brought to court.

      Millions of crimes, not 3,000 victims.
      After 50 years these 3,000 enjoyed viewing the little Vietnamese teen girl running over the bridge, her skin dangling down after her family home was bombed with napalm, my 1st though is: -Whatever God there can be, had done justice!

      More, ever heard of the Georgia, USA based & Panama satellite american "School of Assassins" where USA youngsters are taught to torture human beings?

      Bare this in mind: -"The benefice of Doub".

      There is at least one filth in the USA constitution: Any worldwide financial entity can provide any amount of subsidies to any USA based political party.
      USA is not the land of its citizens, it is the land of the free & brave mobsters.
      How long ago did those “Fathers” composed that constitution, in which conditions and took how long to establish their concepts?
      Did they, could they fore viewed the 20th and 21st century?

      Frankly, it becomes obvious that being at the hand of that sort of Elite, the USA citizens, nation can not update their constitution to adapt at their modern reality.
      That land is the “Land of the Free and Brave”, mobsters that is!
      And they will not let this happen.
      Anyhow, the civil rights are suspended in the USA.
      No more civil rights. An eternal state of war.

      That population will not, can not ever take its responsibilities; it would become such a mess!
      Nothing less than a suicide
      Beside, who really care, the more it goes, the more their Elite turn against their own citizens since they can not gain back that “Benefice of Doubt” to the rest of the world. A good thing for the rest of world.
      All things considered, the money is there within that land of their’s. They will charge the cost of “Protection” on their credit card accounts. Whenever the account statement wil show up, the foreign businesses may negotiate once faced with weapons?

      It could well happen that late of soon that "90-95%" of the rest of humanity will have no other choice but to go over there in the land of the mobsters and set the things right.
      Meanwhile, I have time to retire and be buried.
      Who care? Not me.

    8. benefit of a doubt

    9. Don't they have 87 cameras at the Pentagon? Good point Colin Doran, we are not being lied to, just selectively told what we need to hear.

  43. @ debk2000
    "The Revolution is coming."

    They have toothache, and their teeth should be pulled.
    Their soup's burnt. They shout for better soup.
    A woman finds her husband too short. She wants a taller one.
    A man finds his wife too skinny. He wants a plumper one.
    A man's shoes pinch, but his neighbor's shoes fit comfortably.
    A poet runs out of poetry and desperately gropes for new images.
    For hours an angler casts his line. Why aren't the fish biting?

    And so they join the Revolution thinking the Revolution will give them everything:
    a fish;
    a poem;
    a new pair of shoes;
    a new wife;
    a new husband;
    and the best soup in the world!

    So they storm all the citadels and there they are, and everything is just the same:
    no fish biting;
    verses botched;
    shoes pinching;
    a warm and stinking partner in bed;
    and the soup? Burnt!

    And all that heroism which drove us down to the sewers,
    well, we can talk about it to our grandchildren ? if we have any grandchildren.

    ~ Marat-Sade by Peter Weiss

    1. Excellent post. I have not seen this "poem" before but it sums up well what I think drives the conspiracy theorist crowd. If they could ever "get to the bottom" of these "evildoers" then all our problems would go away. The truth is the "evildoers" will alway exist and getting rid of them wont solve the real question of "what is our purpose as humans if there is any.

    2. There is a gulf of difference between a "conspiracy theorist" and someone who has simply educated themselves sufficiently of a topic as to have an informed opinion, and of which that opinion happens to not coincide with the status quo.
      I like the poem too incidentally, and I agree with its principle and recognise in its words truths to my own past.
      It changes nothing however of the fact that the official version of 9/11 is riddled with inconsistencies and baffling unlikelihood.
      I am not adequately educated, wise, intelligent, blessed, evolved or lucky enough to really know any potential purpose to humanity. I am however far more certain of what our purpose is not, and it is not to close our eyes or our minds to matters that influence our lives, it is not to cast opinions of subjects we have not sufficiently appraised, and it is not to accept without reasonable investigation the declarations of others, especially to those that claim their statements are definitive.

    3. @ ZarathustraSpeaks

      The poem is taken from the play, Marat/Sade. The full, unedited title of the play is:

      'The Persecution and Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat as Performed by the Inmates of the Asylum of Charenton Under the Direction of the Marquis de Sade'
      "~ Peter Weiss"

      The play, Marat-Sade, was written in the late 50's or early 60's, in German, by German playwright and poet, Peter Weiss, and by 1961 had been successfully transferred to English and subsequently performed in London by the Royal Shakespeare Company before coming to the New York stage.

      The play is a play within a play and so YOU become an integral element in the play, itself, just like all of the other actors.

      In 1966, Marat-Sade was then made into an excellent film retaining from the Royal Shakespeare Company all the original caste and crew .

      Director: Peter Brook
      Producer: Michael Birkett
      Ian Richardson
      Patrick Magee
      Glenda Jackson
      Michael Williams
      Robert Lloyd
      Clifford Rose
      John Steiner,
      Freddie Jones


      Marat / Sade: Patrick Magee, Clifford Rose, Glenda Marat / Sade (1966). Patrick Magee (Actor), Clifford Rose (Actor), Peter Brook Read more about DVD formats.) Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1; Number of discs: 1

      You can buy it for pennies on the dollar.
      People buy garbage and throwaway the good stuff.

    4. The revolution is coming

      A little laughter and a few games will help to change the world....a lot will keep it changed.

    5. Out****ingstanding comment.
      Though I find your position a bit bizarre. Look deeply into the NIST report, you'll find the argument for CD pretty absurd. Look particularly at all the photos and film immediately before collapse, showing the distortion of columns right at the affected (impact and burning) floors. This supports the official hypotheses and only the official hypotheses. Look at any film clips of large building being imploded by CD, it really is completely dissimilar.
      If following the scientific method is your philosophy, think that to refute the official hypotheses requires an alternate one be published to stand up to scrutiny and peer review. Nobody has done this, they only seek to poke random holes in the consensus.
      That's not at all scientific.

  44. Loved this film. Liked that it covered so many events, especially the London Bombings.

    The Revolution is coming.

  45. For some reason all i can view is the first ten comments. If i click next or the number two, in order to go to the next page, it just keeps processing but never pulls up the comments. It does this on every documentary, not just this one. Is it on my end? It was working fine just yesterday.

    1. I guess It's on your end @wald0. Clear the cache and the cookies from your browser and restart.

    2. It turned out to be because I changed my browser from Internet explorer 8 to Internet explorer 9. This was a automatic update from Microsoft for windows seven so you may run into this with others soon. I changed back to fire fox and it works like a charm. There is probably a fix for this issue in the Microsoft knowledge base, but I prefer fire fox anyway. Thanks for your help.

  46. I liked this film. Worth a view. I love the Germans frustration with the obvious absurdity of the "Official 911" fable coming out of the White House, dutifully repeated in the mainstream media like CNN.

    The term False Flag Operation comes from the old days of wooden ships, when one ship would hang the flag of its enemy before attacking another ship in its own navy. Because the enemy's flag was hung instead of the flag of the real country of the attacking ship, it was called a "false flag" attack.

    911 was a False Flag /Stand Down operation, and this should be understood by the citizens of world. This type of PSYOP is less effective if understood by the general public, and becomes a questionable tool in managing/manipulating the public if they are aware of false flag operations.

  47. At this point, even if even the masses believed 9/11 was planned... the damage has been done. Now the next wave of events are occurring. Libya, Syria and Iran. They keep coming with more and more attacks that once people realize the falsehood of one it is decades later. Money is taken, people are gone. And they know this ... so it is too late this 9/11 thing. Crime committed and succeeded. It is pointless to keep talking about it. Just look at the 34 QUALITY docs on 9/11 just on this site. How many more need be made? It has become ENTERTAINMENT now, not a tragedy or atrocity.

    1. Your first 5 phrases are not pointless, they are actually very important and without this doc we would not have read these exact words that i support here!
      Thank you!
      So ya Libya Syria and Iran....WHAT do we do?
      We stand divided, the ones that bark about the truth of the media and the ones that bark about the lies of the media. We keep it between us when in fact it all has to do with the top.

      One day TDF members may agree on a cause and make it so f***ing
      loud, an earthquake of thought may shake the world at large!

    2. "They keep coming with more and more attacks that once people realize the falsehood of one it is decades later. Money is taken, people are gone. And they know this ... so it is too late this 9/11 thing. Crime committed and succeeded. It is pointless to keep talking about it."

      I disagree. The 9.11 attack was the continuation of a strategy they've relied on for a good many years, and there's a reason for that - it works. The way I see it, they'll continue with false flag ops for as long as they feel they can away with it. And they get away with it by repeating lies so incessantly that people believe them. So how do you protect against that - simple, by repeating the truth continually. And the more you repeat it, and the more evidence you provide, then gradually, more and more people will begin to wake up.

      My view is that 9.11 was actually the first instalment of the "Shock & Awe" tactic, that they later boasted about. So the question for me is this, how can they top 9.11 when they feel they need to ratchet up the fear levels again. A nuclear device detonated in a major western city perhaps?

      The stakes are too high to just sit back and resign ourselves to their treachery. The lies have to be revealed, and people need to be woken up.

    3. f***ing bush should be spending his retirement in prison!

    4. I am going to have to disagree with you that it is pointless to keep talking about it. I see where you are coming from, but I know LOTS of people who refuse to believe anything except what they have been fed. I think that is a defeatist attitude. To simply sit back and enjoy the show... well. Knowledge is power and we have to help empower others with it. :)

  48. I like this documentary - clearly stated without the usual shouting and bombast. I refer here, of course, to Alex Jones who, it must be agreed, has done so much to bring these matters to the attention of the public.
    Unfortunately, his style (which blasts my eardrums and I don't like) puts many people off. Still, he is doing good work, overall.

    This documentary may, perhaps, reach those who prefer a quieter approach.

    It is the content which is important, not the style in which it is delivered so I commend all those who not only seek the truth but also encourage others to to do likewise.

    One question I have which is not addressed here is: "Where did the buildings go?" That is, how were the twin towers turned into a fine dust? This was not your usual demolition!

    1. "One question I have which is not addressed here is: "Where did the buildings go?" That is, how were the twin towers turned into a fine dust? This was not your usual demolition!"

      I agree, the twin towers weren't a typical type demolition at all, as there was clearly a great deal of explosive force at the top of the towers. So much so in fact, that small, shattered fragments of human bone were later found on the roof of one of the nearby buildings. One thing's for sure, a gravitational collapse could not have blown people into tiny pieces, and flung bits of them over great distances. Only explosives could achieve that.

      In one sense that I am aware of though, there was one effect apparent, that bore classic signs of controlled demolition. The steel beams tended to be cut to similar size lengths, and there is one picture that I'm familiar with which exhibited the classic signs of a cutter charge having been used - a clean diagonal cut, with molten metal around it. The point of doing that in standard demolition is to reduce the steel down to sizes that can be easily shipped out when clearing the site. And they certainly wasted no time in doing just that, to this particular crime scene.

    2. It went to China. They packed all debris, dust & all in containers and shipped that by boat in China.

      As you say Earthwinger, if a gravitional collaspe is considered, what would be left on the footprint of the building should be more than only the dust as we all seen.
      Huge pieces of buildings with torn cross-members of steel.
      There was only a few first ones at the base of the building.

      Silverstein said: -"Pull it down" and it sure was "Pull down".
      How did they knew that they's had to do that in the end?
      3 obviously non gravitational crushing according to worlwide specialists is a mathematical impossibility.

      I wouldn't believe in a formal conspiracy from "A" to "Z" because there are yet no fact that support that.
      But a few sure knew well in advanced and took the opportunity to use that fore comming event for their own personnal interest. Money/bribery did the rest.

      Bare in mind the "Volatised" unaccounted bills at the pentagon? Roughly ~ (1.1 to 1.5) billions USD?
      How much would you settle for in order to shut your mouth?
      We'll pay you a nice little 30 rooms masion in the middle of the pacific plus a lifetime retirement.
      Refusal would rather mean a 1 way ticket ride.

      Pretty simple. I do not object as long as only the USA citizens pay for these taxes. I count myself lucky not being a USA subject. But I'd rather not see the day where the USA nation would decide to get rid of its Elite that suck their blood!
      Where is it the easier to find many, many peoples owning wealth on planet earth, huh?
      The USA Elite sure knows where, in the USA.

      So, be cool & patient, heaven will welcome you in do time.

    3. The stern German, no nonsense paternalism presentation is what does this doc to a great learner.

      - Bitte! US-Bürger müssen ja nie wissen. Der Affe hat sich von Früchten, alle verstecken laufen!


    Point ONE:
    I have no theory as to the ‘who' or 'why’ of 9/11.

    Point TWO:
    Newtonian Mechanics dictates that the free-fall collapses of World Trade Center buildings 1, 2, & 7, were the result of controlled demolitions.

    Point THREE:
    The USA PATRIOT Act, at 342 pages, consisting of 156 separate sections, under ten discrete titles, covering 350 subject areas involving 40 different federal agencies, was written within the three week period prior to its introduction to Congress, on Oct 2, 2001, at the average calculated rate of 16 pages per day.

    During the ensuing three weeks, subsequent to its introduction to Congress, while the Act was being read and debated, a series of anthrax letters were sent to news anchors, leading Democratic Senators, and to the Supreme Court.

    The bill was then passed by both houses of Congress.

    Then, on Oct 26, 2001, 45 days subsequent to the controlled demolitions, the USA PATRIOT Act was signed into law by President George W. Bush.

    Point FOUR:
    The Bush/Cheney Conspiracy Theory is patently self-evidently absurd.


    1. hello, 0zyxcba1 (interesting name? haha)

      You got a pretty good score, with 3 out of 4 answers correct, B+.

      You need to go back and do a bit more research on answer number FOUR. You see, the events of September 11th where an old school stand down / false flag event used to mobilize the emotions and feelings of the American people. 911 was a PSYOP to justify multiple theaters of war, justify transformational policy, create a world of terrorism narrative, Trillions in war dollars, rebuilding of America's defenses, evisceration of the constitution, etc. It's all pretty obvious. False Flag operations are as old as Rome.

      Now before you say, "But... Osama Bin Laden the boogie man DID IT!!", ask yourself... Who really benefited from 911.

      If you can figure out who created this following paragraph, you will have your answer to number FOUR: "the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event - like a new Pearl Harbor"

      Good luck


    2. @ GoughLewis

      If I read you correctly(and I am not sure that I have), then you have misread me.

      Pont 4, "The Bush/Cheney Conspiracy Theory is patently self-evidently absurd," should not be taken to mean that the intended PURPOSE of the absurdity is rationally absurd. If 9/11 was indeed a so-called 'false flag' operation, then naturally the 'absurdity' makes perfect sense, regarding its would-be function.

      "The Bush/Cheney Conspiracy Theory" may quite well be "patently self-evidently absurd," on purpose.

      It must be obvious that I harbor my personal ideas as to what really went on, and why. I do not post these personal conjectures because they are just that: 'conjectures'.

      [I must confess, I do enjoy hearing the conjectures of others!]

    3. @ 0zyxcba1 (Below Comment Responce)

      I think we understand each other... your POINT FOUR was actually to make clear that the "Official Conspiracy Theory" put out to the public by the Bush/Cheney White House is "patently self-evidently absurd"

      Well, we are in consensus 0zyxcba1, it is patently self-evidently absurd... laughable really. lol

    4. G.W. Bush: "Dick, we need to frame these Al Qaeda guys with some kind of terrorist attack .."
      Dick Cheney: "George, I am working on it and I think I've come up with something that is patently self-evidently absurd."
      G.W.: "That is brillant Dick, because although it is self-evidently absurd, the intended purpose of the absurdity is, of course, not rationally absurd.."
      Dick: "George, you have grasped the subtlety of my brilliant plan."
      G.W.:"Dick, I love it when an absurd plan comes together."

    5. Colin Doran, I think most Producers would pass on that script... you don't have a grasp on reality. Don't give up your day job.

      This is how Presidents talk.

      Dwight D. Eisenhower: Farewell address (1961)

      "Now this conjunction of an immense military establishment and a large arms industry is new in the American experience. The total influence — economic, political, even spiritual — is felt in every city, every Statehouse, every office of the Federal government....

      Yet we must not fail to comprehend its grave implications. Our toil, resources, and livelihood are all involved. So is the very structure of our society.

      In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex.

      The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist. We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes."

    6. Evidence please (Documentaries don't count)

    7. Get off your arse and find it then. Do we patriots have to do everything!

    The wildest conspiracy theory of all time!

    Newtonian Mechanics dictates that the free-fall collapses of World Trade Center buildings 1, 2, & 7, were each the result of controlled demolition.


    F = ma, where a ? 32'/sec²
    F(due to gravity) = G[mM?r²] ? T(for WTC bldg's1&2) ? 10 sec.

    ~ Sir Isaac Newton(1703-1727)


    ACTUAL time, T(of collapse) ? 13 sec.

    "The top of the North Tower began to suddenly telescope about a fourth of a second after the radio Tower started to fall. In views from the north the top is swallowed up in about two seconds. The CNN live video clip shows the mushrooming dust cloud reaching the ground at about 13 seconds. As the descending pyroclastic dust cloud drops below Building 7, the rising smoke plume shifts to the east revealing the empty space except for the short-lived spire. The first glimpse of empty space where the building stood is at about 13 seconds."
    Google: 9-11 Research: Speed of Fall

  51. My favorite quote from this film was when that guy said on PNAC developing race specific bio-weapons "That way of thinking... In a racially effective biological chemical weapon... That is what these people are about... In Germany they would be thrown into prison for hate-mongering which is where they belong" I agree 100% we need to prosecute these PNAC Zionist war criminals.

  52. It's not about conspsiracy theories, rather about unanswered questions that if pursued to their conclusion like good scientists will allow us all to know the Truth!

    1. Hi Nick. The air traffic report is public to be read so there is no 2 hours alert that was not answered. Air traffic was not at that time taking this issue. Planes can get out of radar simply by a short-circuit and things are even worse in case of disabling the transponder, a thing that did happen to 9/11 crashes.
      I am from EU and I've read (in brief) the report and makes no sense for considering at least that the report will not reflect air traffic POV.
      I'm a bit also disappointed of associations of the the case of air traffic like: the same air traffic controller had more leading crashes. So to make an association, if I'm a police man and I will arrive twice too late in case of a murder, means I'm incompetent... which is at least dishonest for the hard work of ATC people.

  53. We to begin with unfortunately this scenario is not beyond belief this society has no interest in let face it their subjects they have been willing to kill workers of all classes including their chief of state if it serve their purpose and increase their wealth and power. There is a long history of acts like these through out America from the beginning of their colonization to today Republican governors thinking they can rule their states like governments they have have supported around the world. The idea of genocide mention in the documentary is all to true when they found out that the natives of the Americas were increasing they setup a program of sterilization of native women of child baring age from Canada to Argentina and Chile to keep these people from regaining control of their lands so doing something like 9-11 is not beyond them.

  54. New facts underlined in there.
    Pointing out rediculous things.
    Some already known but but left aside because of the so much more stupied ones.

    To sum up everything, there's nothing that support real straight forward conspiracy as such.
    Rather, a bunch of crooked mind opportunists who just stand by and planned their move for their own interest.
    That fits the case as a glove, especially the crumbling tower #7 and the pentagon incident.
    A (1 or 2)+ billions dollars disapeared at the pentagon a few weeks before 911? Papers and bills went to a better world?
    Considering the intelligence power of the CIA or whatever other organisation that replaced it, they knew for sure what was coming...
    And they "Fitted" (Monitorized) it.

    It's been a few generations since the USA Gov. offiicals took the habit of lying to its nation and the rest of world. I wonder if this habit is contagious?

    As a concern for security, I rather not set a foot over there.
    They may vote for either parties over there and comes down to the very same thing.The USA Elite will suck the blood from their fellow citizens once they'll be ignored by most if not all the rest of the world.

    We can find all we need in "Not Made in America".
    Beside, it never been a good thing top deal and make business with Mafia style persons. Let them resolve their home problem on their own.
    They'll 1st have to pay their loan back to the communist Chineses.
    Then, we'll see. For now, they are dangerous individuals.

  55. It's true. I heard it right from Geo. W.'s lips, we would be at war with Iraq, and that was in 1973 when he said this.

  56. Conspiracy theories look & sound true to a non-expert, but they are not. 99% of them are practically impossible for any government or organisation to achieve.

    1. Conspiracy theories are 'just-that', a theory of conspiracy,
      They aren't meant to be factual interpretations.

      Nevertheless conspiracy theories do provide a stage in which individuals can question and challenge the status-quo establishment and offer alternative insight into a specific questionable areas of society.

      You would be a fool to believe everything a conspiracy theory tells you, yes. But you would be an even greater fool to dismiss everything a 'Conspiracy Theory' delivers simply on the basis of what it is.

    2. and One would be a fool to believe the OFFICIAL story!

    3. I'm so tired of the stupid conspiracy theorists. You want to watch a serious, unbiased 9/11 documentary and it's almost impossible. The so-called truthers are everywhere and their followers will swallow anything without examining and questioning the facts.

    4. I agree with you, but I also sympathize with Paul. I am a little tired of the truthers screaming in my face all the time, calling me a sheep simply because I don't tink they are qaulified or informed enough to know what happened. I have heard at least one hundred different versions of what happened, everything from out right lies and misinterpretted facts to second hand speculation spewed forth like some kind of divine revelation by the lastest documentary making new age messiah with micrso soft movie maker and an internet connection. The truth is we don't know what happened, all we know is what they let us know. But, I do know this:

      If we would spend as much time and effort trying to understand and be involved in our political system, raising the next generation of leaders with the proper values and sense of civil responsibilty as we do on conspiracy theories or worrying about which politician might have cheated on his wife- the rest of it would take care of itself along the way and we could live in rythm and happpiness together while exploring outerspace for eternity. (A line I stole and adapted from my favorite comedian and philosopher of all time, the late Bill Hicks. He spoke more truth than anyone I have ever heard speak.)

  57. An interesting doc. I have no idea what the American govt is using as proof of an attack by muslim extremists. The producers of this doc have neatly arranged a number of compelling arguments, ran through some chains of events on the day of the attack(and finding them implausible), and concluded that involvement of the American Govt is the only thing that makes sense. An interesting doc indeed. It's too bad that they can't prove the veracity of their own account of events any better than the government can. I would have been happier if they included interviews with some of the people who were there that day, like air traffic controllers, or contractors on the Pentagon's structural upgrades, and they can tell me about how events unfolded, what they saw, and what they did or did not do, and why. Without them, I am left to take the producers word for it. Also interesting that they couldn't find anyone to speak for other points of view, making this extremely one sided.
    In order to believe this, you first have to believe that the American Government is ready and willing to kill thousands of it's own people, destroy it's own iconic buildings, get Osama bin Laden to co-operate with them by taking responsibility, and make the entire Islamic faith so hated by angry citizens it would make Hitler blush. All to advance their political agenda.
    I don't know if they're capable of all of that, but it's not the first time that they have been accused of this sort of thing, I would ask the surviving sailors of the USS Liberty if they think they are. They might have a unique prospective on such things. Ike's dire warning of our dependence on the military-industrial complex may have been prophetic.
    I totally agree that another investigation needs to be done, but who on god's green earth could possibly be impartial and incorruptible enough to do it.

    1. Bin Laden never admitted responsibility, there was only that vague "home movie" that came out months later of someone who looked rather different discussing the event. That makes Al Quaeda unique in that it would have been the first terrorist cell to commit terrorism and then not claim responsibility, for the whole point of terrorism is to get your point across. We never heard Al Quaeda or its spokespeople claim resp.

    2. your forth like is cause I like the name Bambi!

  58. Well I believe this to be true. who wouldn't? it sounds true doesn't it. The gulf of tonken thing was supposedly true for almost 50 years, and the gulf war baby story was also true, and so was weapons of mass destruction. Tell me what credibility the government has in these situations? they don't have any. I, as a common guy that won't ever read any official report with 1000 pages will just have to trust my gut.

    At least this is how it works is south america: the whole system is like the mafia,albeit in a mcuh smaller scale: they create crime on purpose to them combat it just in time for elections..... a.k.a you pay them to protect yourself from them.

  59. The words speculation, indication, couldn't have happened that way, and others similar are used too often without any real corroborations. The 9/11 Commission has told a story of the terrorists using a time line, individual names of hijackers and victims, flight schedules, on air conversations between hijackers and air traffic controllers, etc., that takes us through the entire operation. If anyone wants to reject that account and accuse someone of committing the most atrocious crime in American history then that person (persons) must do the same. Discussing snippets of video, taken at random, while sitting in an office does not constitute evidence. This would not even be enough for a Grand Jury hearing. I'm not saying that they are wrong. What I am saying is do your homework. Don't talk to a few witnesses. Talk to hundreds of them. Compile a body of evidence establishing a time line, opportunity, motive and definitive perpetrators. Present it in a manner that would be difficult for a good defense lawyer to defend. If this was an inside job, this type or reporting must be done. The world deserves it.
    George Bush may well be the smarmiest individual I have ever seen, anywhere. It is understandable that people would believe him or even want him and his cronies to be guilty. That is just not good enough, however. Our justice system demands proof of guilt. So far the 9/11 Commission has done a much better job of proving who the guilty parties are. Its time for the "truthers" to get together and cooperate in a comprehensive investigation that would leave no doubt. Until then their allegations and speculations are nothing more than hot air.

    1. "George Bush may well be the smarmiest individual I have ever seen, anywhere."
      Whattt??? He is not smart. His elitist occult group "Scull and Bones" is :D

    2. Smarmy means unpleasant and ingratiating. It does not mean smart.

    3. thanks for the laugh...the capacity for human idiocy is interminable

    4. Jack1952...
      You make the mistaken assumption that the "Justice System" you tout is functioning properly. It is not. It certainly was not during the whole of the Cheney/Bush regime. And as far as providing proof of guilt; They had the power and influence of the American government at their disposal, if not beck and call. A few highly placed co-con's, compartmentalized operations, and the assistance of a highly elite intelligence service over-seeing all of it. Evidence was illegally destroyed, post haste. And the evidence that remains- and there is vast amounts, is manipulated, withheld or simply ignored by anyone who could get the truth out there in a believable fashion. The 9/11 Commission was a ridiculous sham, headed by a Zionist who overruled witnesses and flat out refused to hear the testimony of most others.

      No, it isn't the people who demand a smidgen of truth from this government and these people who have anything more to prove. It's all out there for the world to see. A conspiracy has been proven and proven again. It's the duty of the small minded and the collusive to dig themselves out of the muck that is the official story, because it's a bald-faced lie! And it continues.
      Doesn't THAT bother you?

    5. You have missed my point completely. The 9/11 Commission may well have fabricated their version of that day. However, even if it was a lie, they did present a scenario from beginning to end that follows a logical step by step progression. The Truthers do not. They jump from one snippet of information to another and never tie it all together. They do not establish any real complete chain of evidence. Any prosecuting lawyer who presented their case in the haphazard way that these truther films are presented, wouldn't be in court an hour. Truthers cannot give slices of information and then proclaim they now know the entire story. There can be many anomalies in any historical account, even when one is relating the complete truth. Anomalies are loose ends.... not evidence. If the truthers want the rest of the world to know that truth they have to present it in a professional and organized way....in a way that cannot be ignored by even the most skeptical of individuals. If they do not they are only making unfounded allegations. We live in a land governed by law. Even if the Bush/Cheney group broke the law we still need to use the law to stop them. That is the right way build a just society.
      I'm not saying that the Bush administration was innocent. However, in the eyes of any court they would be found "not guilty".

    6. I appreciate your apparent tenacity to insist on balance, but the time has long since passed to presume anything will come to resolve the "anomalies" you refer to. However I tend to believe there is overwhelming circumstantial and physical evidence (of controlled demolition)that quickly surpass the minor distinction of mere 'anomalies.'

      The very aggressive resistance put forth to thwart literally any investigation into 9/11, first by Bush/Cheney and continued and fortified under this current guy- only reinforce the necessity for such an investigation. This time, maybe a less fluffy version of the events could be determined.

      But I'm not gonna hold my breath, we still have no "official" revision of the events surrounding Pearl Harbor. It's still just those "bad old Japs." Many innocent, unsuspecting American's and Hawaiian's were unnecessarily sacrificed, for much the same reason.

    7. I think I understand you 1952. You know that 911 commission report, as corrupt and embarrassing that it was, has produced results "suspect" to you, but still... "the 9/11 Commission has done a much better job of proving who the guilty parties are." Haha wow...

      Well you convinced me... Dick Cheney & Co needs a real trial.

  60. they should call the mentalist and castle !! they will solve the crime in no time , then the other 50 percent of the usa will get it

  61. Saw this doc before, always worth re-watching.

    Am curious to see what comments will transpire from this doc.

  62. "The world has changed after September 11th. It’s changed because we’re no longer safe. These were the words used by US President George W. Bush in 2000 to dictate the political direction for the 21st century."

    2000? Wasn't that 2001?

    1. Yes you're right @Meaghen :P. It should be: elected President of the United States in 2000.

    2. No!
      @Vlatko, you're wrong!
      It should be: selected President of the United States in 2000.