Zero: An Investigation into 9/11

Zero: An Investigation into 9/11

2008, 9/11  -   205 Comments
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Zero: An Investigation into 9/11Zero: An Investigation into 9/11, has one central thesis - that the official version of events surrounding the attacks on 9/11 can not be true. This feature documentary from Italian production company Telemaco explores the latest scientific evidence and reveals dramatic new witness testimony, which directly conflicts with the US Government's account.

Featuring presentations from intellectual heavy weights; Gore Vidal, and Nobel Prize winner Dario Fo, the film challenges assumptions surrounding the attacks. In the words of Italian daily newspaper Il Corriere de la Sera "What results is a sequence of contradictions, gaps and omissions of stunning gravity".

The importance of this film can not be overstated, if its thesis is correct, the justification for declaring the war on terror is built on a series of outrageous lies.

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Mose Stephenson
5 years ago

I absolutely loath those who "claim" that those who believe in the Inside Job premise are less intelligent, when the precise opposite is true!

The ice age took Tyrannosaurus Rex, the Hippopotamus will more than likely be next, but it would appear that the Ignoramus will be with us for some time yet!

It's SUCH a sad, sad, world, especially when even the Chomsky's and the Hedges don't give a damn, meanwhile the same cabal that took Kennedy down were behind 911, and this phony, bloody war on terror! Sad...sad...sad...

Truth Siren
5 years ago

Until someone can explain the freefall collapse of both towers in approximately 11 seconds so soon after impact and the seemingly bizarre collapse of WTC 7 then I'm happy to continue questioning this atrocity...gimme some truth all I want is the truth

David welch
7 years ago

It's one thing to explain away a super natural event. It's another to explain a series of them. I believe my own eyes.. I saw a giant fire balls outside of a building. How could that fuel be the same fuel that heated the building? If you barbecue a steak, the fire is under the steak, not to the side of the steak.. The fire is in the wrong place.

Colin Doran
10 years ago

The people responsible for 911 were the people who hijacked planes and crashed them. Once those people were on those planes there was practically nothing anyone could have done to stop them crashing those planes and killing all the people on board, including themselves, and killing the people in the buildings they crashed into. The only people who could have stopped them were the passengers on those planes and on one of the planes they tried to do just that but failed.

10 years ago

A friend called me on 911 this year to ask me if I remembered where I was on 911? I knew where I was. I think everyone could tell you where they were. I started wondering what time each building was hit? I wasn't looking for a documentary, but I found the top 5. I found this one in addition to others that left me convinced that Building 1,2, and 7 were inside demolitions. If you're interested, 9/11: Explosive Evidence; Expert Testimonies of WTC 1,2, 7 Controlled Demolition 2001-2012. These two documentaries have left me feeling I can no longer trust my government. Just to name a few, the Administration is guilty of Conspiracy to commit murder, murder, Obstruction of justice, and war crimes. After watching the buildings fall, I wondered "How could I have missed that? It was right in front of me?" When I look back on it, I was horrified.

10 years ago

2nd thought-what does anyone think the architects of the buildings would say-whoops! we didn;t build them to sustain an airplane crash? I continue the story

10 years ago

well, the opening scene that states that Bin Laden was not officially written up as responsible for 9/11. This is confusing to me as he openinly, world wide ,claimed credit for the deed?!I shall continue o watch.

10 years ago

Experience pilots, the overwhelming majority, agree what the 4 9/11 pilots did was not impossible at all...In fact some say as long as they didn't have to land or take off, it would be easy....

We cant even dump a bucket of water on a terrorists head on a small military controlled island in cuba without the world press knowing about it yet clowns here think the US successfully faked the last 34 years of Al Qaeda intelligence and it never leaked....Not even a shred..

Its not your fault.....Those spooky vids on youtube are pretty convincing....

10 years ago

Any proof any where planes were involved what about missiles???
Has any one checked with UA to see if the planes are missing, experienced pilots say it is almost impossible to fly this sort of sortie.

11 years ago

we see first hand how the media controls what you see or dont see even with ron paul ,weather you for him or not its more obvious that there not fare and open with the public,if they lie easily towards us what else haved they hidden.

11 years ago

befor anymore time passes or new laws pass,we should ask the U.N to gather the best sciences around the world for a seperate independant researh since the government wont allow it,to put it all to rest one way or another,this is truly serious befor we loose are rights to question and think independantly. and let the c.i.a records all be opened up reguarding this whole episodes we also need to elect more history and science proffesions and not career politions who dont even know geomotry or history very well.

11 years ago

More than a decade, US govt. still standing on the path of destruction of those who are not willing to bend. 911 not only killed millions and helped US to tighten the grip over Midle-East, it also provided US the most awaited oppertunity to impose there will on others. US actually managed to fool most of the world and silenced those who had something against there agenda and plan. Now US is marching on, waging war and killing people all over the world. The US policy-makers are passing bills after bills restricting the liberty and freedom of there people and hoping to do the same with the rest of the worlds population. And to achieve this perticular goal a systematically elimination is on its way. I hope that people in the US and around the world dont just give up without a good fight. I hope....

11 years ago

What I find so shocking is that this documentary is based on some extremely good science and well constructed experiments, yet those who side with the evidence and not with the government, are still viewed as little more than conspiracy theorists with hateful intentions. I'll never forget the mockumentary on 9/11 that the National Geographic channel runs at least once a month, where the narrator attempts to psycho-analyze people who support the truth that 9/11 is an inside job. The narrator says that we somehow want to believe it's true. The implication is that people like me need to place blame for such a horrific tragedy and we'll do that inspite of the so-called evidence to the contrary. I can't speak for others, but I for one, HATE the idea that I live in a country where my government would perpetrate the greatest conspiracy in history, by enginnering the worst terrorist attacks the world has ever seen. I would much rather a handful of islamic extremists be the ones responsible, but it isn't true. I am a talented researcher and writer who is interested in the TRUTH; not proving my ideas and opinions true. When I began my research, my first inclination was that, while my government is guilty of some reprehensible humanitarian crimes, murdering its own citizens was a line they dare not cross. That was before I learned about Operation Northwoods. Northwoods is an actual government document from 1963 that outlined the comission of terrorist attacks by Americans, against Americans for the sole purpose of blaming it on Cuba and justifying invasion. President Kennedy was all that stopped Northwoods from setting off WWIII, and shortly afterwords, he abolished the Federal Reserve and CIA for their roles in concocting such heinious terroristic ideas. Ten days after that, Kennedy was murdered. The point is, that Northwoods outlined both the motive and willingness to employ false flag attacks to justify military action against so-called agressor nations. After I learned about Northwoods, I dove deep into 9/11. What my research uncovered was horrifying, to say the very least. Every day I wish I'm wrong. Every day, I wish I would just wake up from the nightmare that is the United States of America. Every day I wish I was born lacking intelligence because sometimes ignorance really is bliss. But reality is where I live, and the reality is that 9/11 would never have happened if it wasn't for the U.S. government. I wish it wasn't so. But quite unfortunately, it is...

11 years ago

yes, definitely, the justification for declaring the war on terror is built on a series of outrageous lies.
US Government is the new Nazi Power of the planet. They will go down, like the nazy. Big Time!1

Sam Haslam
11 years ago

Out of the hundreds of documentaries made on this subject, this is without doubt the most comprehensive, analytical and damning over-view of the events on that day. I highly recommend watching it.

Colin Doran
11 years ago

Why do you not think hijackers hijacked the planes and crashed them into the WTC and the Pentagon? Is it just because it's the 'official story' and therefore can't be true? Do you think you couldn't go out into the muslim world and find any number of people just queueing up to get back at the US? These are the people who have been on the receiving end of American foreign policy for the last 50 years but apparently the US is so short of enemies that they have to come up with a monumentally complicated plot to attack themselves and make it look like it was done by all the people with a genuine grievence and reason to attack them. The whole 9/11 inside job nonsense depends on writing out of the equation the very real people with very real animosity towards the US.

11 years ago

For everyone! please watch this movie. Start to see the last 10-15 minutes.
and then watch the entire broadcast. Taxi actress acknowledges cheating with his testimony when he is confronted with scientific facts!
Spread it to everyone you know!

11 years ago

.. and let's not forget the tens of thousand deaths in Afghanistan and Iraq which flowed directly from these events. The people who did this are mass murderers approaching Hitler's reputation.

11 years ago

After viewing the doc "Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth", I'm positive that all three buildings were brought down by rigged explosives. But my question is 'how many people were alive in these three buildings before they were imploded? Did the majority of casualties happen because of the planes hitting the buildings or was it the controlled demolition? If it is the latter then we're talking murder... Americans killing their own! We can take out Saddam and Qaddafi for crimes against their people, but who will avenge the innocent ones of 9/11?

11 years ago

Free tickets available for those that think sources outside the US were responsible are all winners. please board the plane asap..destination Oblivion.

11 years ago

911 was an inside job. Old as Rome false flag/stand down operation. The evidence is blatant and overwhelming.

11 years ago

give them fiction.

I remember in 1963-as a 7 year old-seeing JFK -in Dublin Ireland. He was not a bad man despite what some opportunist lazy and cowardly latter day scibes would have you think. Dead men can't sue. I digress

When I heard news of his murder -5 months later-I was scared of this 'Oswald' character. Years later-what Warren et al- overlooked-was evident to anyone who cared to notice.

40 years -or a little shy of it; I have had the great opportunity to visit almost half of the great US States from California to Vermont.

My interest and fascination with aviation -found me at flight test areas and air force bases across the length and breath of a wondrous land-of kind and talented and hard working people.

In 2007-I was privileged to be in the White House -and in retrospect take up JFK''s offer -to visit there-which he made in the summer of 63. I as an 'ordinary Joe visitor' that is

. I have similarly been privileged to have been permitted to 'tour'the Pentagon -twice no less. I stood in the centre or center-of that 'power house'-and to this day -I would see the folks there -as 'good'.

I stood -in Lincolns 'place' in the Capitol building as I tend to do-in a slightly obsessive way -at most -most historic places across the globe

As critical sense developed-I believe I understood most socio -economic -cultural political moves-(though I missed the Ollie and Ronnie Iran Contra intrique-which was some move-by the backroom boys)

Anyway-to bring matters to issue at hand-----I fell for the 9/11 tragedy 'line'---until I decided -belatedly this September 2011-to review the evidence.

The only conspiracy -is to take the meaning out of the worto make it everything that is 'other' to the truth..
The 'evil' which the misguided Mr Bush spoke of -(before and after he rode backseat -behind real pilots onto a carrier)-is the coterie of Cheney, Rumsfeld , and their ilk-who sat out wars in Vietnam and Korea-and schemed ways to make 'meaning' of their lives-by the acquisition of money and power- effect making war on their own nation,

Notwithstanding the cabal of power holders -mentioned in most of the documentaries here ....the lowest form of human life outside of them and lower than bankers and estate agents is the self serving media tribe..

Here in Ireland-the -the aforementioned Random Tedious Effluent videlicet RTE-; along with cartoon class TV3 ;Newstalk' ;Today FM-make up the numbers.

They height of their inquiry-when not insincerely joking and 'joshing among themselves on the latest celebrity - is to ask their audience -'dial up-if you can-and answer if you can-where is New York'-and win a chance to win -a chance to win -something. The money of course -is collected to add to hyper salaries...but one 'member' of their audience wins something.

The scary element is that folk do-and that indicates how easily people can be manipulated-and ultimately 'down the line' controlled

Keep a critical eye-or develop one -if necessary-and try to resist print and visual 'networks'-who will only take your soul away for the price of a holiday or a car .

Seek the truth -in the USA and -across the world
-or in my country Ireland , where the political class are 'only' inordinately clueless and greedy. God forbid- they could ever wage war.

I forgot to mention that in Ireland -there was 'an event'-as the media class might say-

Timeline:Dublin 17th May 1974: 33 civilians and an unborn child were killed
in the Republic of Ireland and officially 258 people were injured as a
result of a series of massive explosions(without coded warnings) when four
car bombs were planted by Loyalist paramilitaries in several rush-hour
streets of Dublin(I I was there),and one in Monaghan town.
Independant research groups have pointed to the fact that special military technical expertise and intelligence would have been required and that they were supplied in
personnel and equipment from several British sources Special Forces; MI6 et
al. .
The death toll was the largest in any single day of the Irish conflict and
pre-empted similarly hideous events that followed in Britain.
That the fairminded people of Britain were never made aware of this carnage
is an indictment on journalists and politicians on both sides of the Irish

As with 9/11 -when truth is witheld -or utterly destroyed-we as humankind lose-and casualty and wickedness continues.

more anon

Maurice Aherne

A plethora of 9//11 official stories are broadcasting as I speak on the aforementioned national channels. One 911 day world changed-is as risable as tthe title. We have all the suspects-both usual and real-and unusual;and we have Laura Bush saying quiveringly-George and I held hands -and I knew things would be different for us from now on'. Yes indeed,love. A lame duck president would overnight be a heroic one-to start with. It was as nauseating as any hollywood spun film -but sadly real.

The opening speeches of another 'on script-onside' documentary -' they have lethal weapons' -replays in my mind the old truth in jest -that is....

How do we know-they have weapons?
we have the receipts---
Sadam +Osama-are---eh -were old friends---eh clients---eh---cut the tape!!!!!

NB-Here in Ireland-the national media RTE or Random Tedious Effluvia 'news ' department -follow the 'line'.
that is when they are not condescending to their audience -or selling them something-or mesmerising them-- in other sublimal ways-while they pamper themselves and their own golden circle of opinion making friends.
Sadly the same-is evident for neighbours in the UK.

Even the more intellectually searching agencies-and less corrupt- in Germany and France among others have bought to some degree-the 'line'

Panem et Circenses- - bread and circuses
...Here! Buy this commodity- you need!
-while we show you sport and musak-and
Give your minds a holiday!
Don't ask and don't worry!--ad nauseum-adinfinitum!

10 YEARS ON-OR 37-if evidence is overlooked and victims forgotten-there is little of value in anniversaries-except for media luvies who have something to sell.

11 years ago

I visited the small town of North Bloomfield, Ohio a couple years ago and was surprised to learn that many people from that town saw Flight 93 flying "low and slow" with its landing gear and flaps down. They said it was so low you could almost see the people in the windows. That is the plane that went off the radar for a while around Cleveland.
I doubt we ever find the real story in our lifetimes.

Colin Todd
12 years ago

Just for the record, I was impressed with the melting steel beams and how they could be cut to bring the building down as good as they were. Thermite? and then to find traces at ground zero of the agent in which the US government use in their own special mix, makes the mind boggle

Colin Todd
12 years ago

The question in all this 9/11 conspiracy that seems to have slipped the net is; If the Pentagon was hit with a cruise missile. What happened to flight 77? And all the people on board?

12 years ago

Here is the proof that American people are being lied to... Has anyone seen the footage of flight 77 crashing, or even approaching the Pentagon? It's been 10 years and there were more than 85 cameras running at the time. Where are the pictures/videos of a Boeing 757 crashing into the Pentagon? Don't think it was a missile? Think again.

12 years ago

I'm just happy I don't live in the states, and I despise our politicians for kissing ass of the Americans + other things. I am against NATO alliance, that put's us in the same bed with Americans . . .

12 years ago

What makes the "official" story so beyond question? I have not heard any debunkers back up the myth with any fact. there is quite a lot to back up the fact that the Gov report itself proves thier own theory is false. the more you research the more it becomes clear, there are many questions, and many more lies.

12 years ago

How can Americans be so blind after seeing these documentaries about 9-11.I am outraged but at the same time don't know where to begin. It's fine to watch these documentaries, but how do you participate and try to make those accountable for such atrocities.

12 years ago

Couldn't agree more Gough - whoever doesn't at the very least raise an eyebrow to all this scientific forensic evidence, is either too dense or worse, paralyzed with indifference.

The biggest worry is not so much about that we've been lied to, but that we can and WILL be lied to again.

Imagine another 9/11 type event, but this time, we go into full blown Martial Law - this time, DHS and the Whitehouse cut the Patriot Act and National Defense Authorization & Military Commissions monsters loose.

Then what?

Too late to appeal ANYthing since Constitutional Law is Suspended.

Something to think about...real hard!

12 years ago

Agreed Gough - thanks for the links.

12 years ago

I was reading an article from a Brilliant man that I genuinely trust, and I thought it was relevant to this film review. So I thought I would share a relevant snippet with you all. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts is the father of Reaganomics and the former head of policy at the Department of Treasury. He is a columnist and was previously the editor of the Wall Street Journal. His latest book, “How the Economy Was Lost: The War of the Worlds,” details why America is disintegrating.

""Niels Harrit, a professor of nano-chemistry at the University of Copenhagen, together with U.S. physicists and engineers published a paper in the Open Chemical Physics Journal in 2009 that proves that nano-thermite was used to bring down the World Trade Center towers.

In the U.S. this startling finding is unreported except on 9/11 truth sites. The researchers say that in the dust from the World Trade Towers destruction they found unreacted nano-thermite, some of which they tested to confirm their identification. The researchers say that they have enough of the unreacted nano-thermite left for others to examine.

There have been no takers in America. Not a single U.S. physics department, most of which are totally dependent on federal government grants, will touch the subject.

The campaign that has been organized against the finding of Harrit and his associates is that the dust has not been in certified custody, and the explosive material could have been added. This claim overlooks that nano-thermite is a material that is not available to anyone except the U.S. military.

It is in this disbelief of hard evidence that America is dissolving.""



Blissless Ignorance
12 years ago

Sorry about the de'javu on the recall analogy. Cut & Paste error.

Blissless Ignorance
12 years ago

I have to say, that most everyone makes valid points, but the one single thing that worries me is this. Just because 9/11 was 10yrs ago, doesn't make it "old news" especially since having been the most heinous despicable crime in the history of America. There's no amount of time that would expire that crime or redeem it. Period. It's an enforced societal behavior being shoved into our brains.

Obama "claims" to've showed proof of birth, by bringing a Certificate of Live Birth vs a real Birth Certificate. If you don't know the difference look it up. But it's goin on 4 years so who cares if he was eligible to rule the country. THIS is how Republics are destroyed. It's called INDIFFERENCE. At the expense of convenience. The convenience to not facing the ugly truths and sitting home and watching our uVerse and Direct TV and iPods and Facebooks and Reality TV, going to the movies. We're "too busy" to get involved with our country and freedom, as a collective force.

How would you feel if there were 5 recalls made on your car, but because you've had it for 4years, you just focus on the newer car instead. Meanwhile, you're in danger of killing yourself and your family because you were too busy looking for a new car. This is just idiotic.

You people, and by you people I mean ALL OF US, need to buckle up and start fulfilling your duties as the bonafide Americans you're supposed to be. Stop falling for the non-stop commercial-free reel of distractions. The purpose of these distractions is exactly that. To keep us too busy to notice what's going on, to investigate, and check and balance. "Oh, that was so long ago, let's focus on the new distractions". Really?

Don't get me wrong, there are times when we can move on past unresolved petty issues, but 9/11 was the opening act of everything we're going through Right Now. If we fight for a full investigation, and succeed; The "War on Terror" will have completed because we took down the biggest terrorists on the planet. Homeland Security - SHUT DOWN, National/Real ID Repealed, Patriot Act - not amended, REPEALED. There are a host of consequential "guns or abusive "rights" the government AND elites acquired as a result of its perpetration towards America on Sep 11. We keep focusing on the future our government is painting for us, we'll never achieve anything but our own demise. Because they make sure to keep changing and adding to it, and multiplying it. Because THIS is the future they're painting for us - control by enslavement. That's the purpose. Keep us tormented and suffocated in problems to where all we can do is cringe in paralysis, helpless, powerless and hopeless - paying our taxes, relinquishing our freedom. But make no mistake, this is about Control - it was that way in Rome, which destroyed the 1st real Republic, always has been and always will be. It is government's natural tendency to feed on it, and we need to take it back.

So, if it's too late to fight for the truth, when is it a good time? Should we make an appointment? When another major city suffers another 9/11 type attack? When they pass the National ID law? When NAFTA goes full online and US jobs are completely decimated? When the next Holocaust breaks out? Please tell me, when it's a good time to pull the stops?

People, the biggest reason, not the only reason, but definitely the most significant one we are where we are because of the pretexts created on 9/11. The elites needed a raise, and War is THE way to fill elites' pockets. End of story. If you fail to learn from History, you are doomed to repeat it. We are repeating it plain and simple.

How would you feel if your car had 5 recalls, but because you've had it for 4years, you just focused on the newer car instead. Meanwhile, you're in danger of killing yourself and your family as a result of said recalls. So please, stop saying we have more important issues, when the most important one left in utter neglect. JUSTICE.

Now, let me be clear on this - I again, in no way am saying that we need to start anything like civil unrest, or violent revolution. I'm simply saying, ENOUGH WITH THE INDIFFERENCE. Spread the word of truth, not just about 9/11, about all relevant truths. The key is education. If everyone was educated on the facts and truth, it would be very difficult to trick them, to manipulate an election, to lie via the mass media. Get it?

Everything that goes on each and every day matters. There's a reason we've remained free, and that is because there have always been 1/3 of our country, that has remained EVER-VIGILANT. But as population grows, that 1/3rd has a hard time remaining 1/3, and soon 1/5, then 1/10th...then we are lost.

The threat to freedom is not so much the perseverance of bad men, but the indifference of the good ones.

The price of Freedom is Eternal Vigilance. - T. Jefferson

Get off your couch, and get busy people!

Good things everyone.

12 years ago

1) If you'd be given a 1/4 million$ to shut up and then be advised that you'll get killed by hired guns if you'd talk...

2) How many "Trillions" of US dollars did Rumsfeld declared publically (TV) have "Disapeared"?

3) In (1.5-3.0) trillions US dollars, how many (100-250) hundreds of dollars is there to split?
Better yet: 100 thou's X 10,000 units is much less than a trillion...

4) How many decades went by before a couples of guys, crew members on the USA war boat blew the whistle about the hoaxed North-Viet attack on their boat?
Which was the "Reason" why the USA went into Vietnam in support of an dictatorial abuser.
Is there oil, gold or anything alike in Vietnam?
Nope! Just one real reason: Selling weapons, napalm & chimical warfare over there.

The "Details" as to "Was there demolition" experts hired to do the job on 911? The whole world just couldn't care less.
What's important is that traces of thermate was formally identified within the ruins over there.
When US Gov. sels thermate to individuals, the sales ought to be registed in documents normally held in building#7.
Was it a real commercial jet, have they killed the US citizen individuals to begin with, or what?
I repeat: -Who outside the USA territory care?

That is of a secondary importance because some "Clown" USA Gov. officer came to the United Nation to state that the USA intelligence has whatever photos (Satellite or other) plus other proofs that Saddam not only possess WMD but also can, but want is planning to produce and use WMD!

That is the most important point within the whole 911 case.
And obviously, if you guys living in the USA go against your abusers (Either Democtates & Republicans), there are detention camps in the USA empty for now, but ready to teach you what "The Land of the Free" mean according to haoxter leaders.

There are only 2 types of "Political Players" in the USA.
They are the same but have their own tour of duty every some (4-8) years.
If you didn't figure that out yet, then it's hopeless!

12 years ago


both WTC towers 1&2 fell at freefall speeds and fell onto their own narrow footprints. some of the tallest buildings in the world and they feel *straight down* which statistically is near impossible if it were just falling haphazardly and not in a precisely controlled manner

WTC 7 fell the exact same way: free-fall speed, onto its own footprint. again, near impossible it just occurred haphazardly without any controlled demolition

the owner of the WTC complex, Larry Silverstein, even said he made a decision to "pull" WTC 7 on a news interview. "pull" is a demolition term for demolishing and bringing down a building.

but these are just chump change compared to other enormous evidence of the lies of the official 9/11 story

seriously, check out Fabled Enemies. focusing on the towers free-falling while ignoring all the rest of the players and smoking gun evidence here is like someone just committed a murder with a weapon left at the scene, and people arguing over what the victim was wearing at the time of the incident, while ignoring the fingerprints and DNA all over the weapon itself

12 years ago

It is an easy thing to conceal by threat of job loss or threat of loss of your life or your families, plain and simple. Now the experts are getting on the bandwagon demanding answers, Architects and engineers and pilots are all protesting the official explanations as hogwash, impossibilities. Flight data provided by FAA has been proven to be impossible, building collapse in freefall also an impossibility. The only ones sticking to the official story is the government, nobody else believes what they say happened, or who did it. Exactly the same thing happened after the Kennedy Assassination, Pearl HArbor, Gulf of Tonkin incident etc etc. All false flag attacks in order to further their goals. The PAtriot Act was already to go and was passed without anyone reading its content, which shows the foreplanning that took place. Now you have no rights, you can be branded a terrorist, and jailed indefinitely with no recourse. Or interred at any one of the FEMA built concentration camps around the country, never to see the light of day again. There are no oversights of these places, which means no one knows you are there, and you can be put in there for no reason, without recourse. Have a nice life!

12 years ago

Doubter? I'm 57 Y/O & far from denying the so-called Holocaust. I do not deny the killings of the whatever were the Brit's aborigens by the Normans a few centuries AD.
I do not deny the enlavement the color persons went into by other garbage speudo-democraties.

Have you only read factually what's written in "Flight Data Expert Confirmation"? Have any idea why these pilots deny the conclusions the 911 inquiry came to?
It relates to the wide turn the jet made before hitting the pentagone. Such a commercial airplane cannot do such thing at such a speed. So, if you are an anti-Truth Movement individual, your statement is far from helping you!

Your question: -"How shound "A" (1?) skyscraper" fall" is not well formulated & should rather be: How should 3 skyscrapers fall"?
3 within their own footprint at gravitional freefall?
In the very dame day? As building #7 has been re-enforced for housing organisations and agencies such as the CIA, income revenu?

Whatever the temperature there could have been in the top of the first 2 towers, I'd rather wonder what was the temperature in floors 5 to 20!
Enough to melt the steel of the core of the building?
Come on!...

Finally, Prescott Bush sure did obtained loans to the NAZI before USA went into war with Germany, well known fact.
It ain't "News" that the Bush are factions preaching for what is known as "Extreme Right", sort of a derived totalitarism where Tycons replace mornarchy.
But they're not the only ones in USA for God Sake?

It's just that they've learned their lessons pretty well from the NAZI Geobble : Mediatic propaganda.
Just usual Tycoons seen over & over since humankind history was reported in writting.
Common low disgusting abusers.

12 years ago

Best hoax ever. This was all part of a plan (Please review "The New American Century" doctrine) - and WTC building 7 confirms it. Just watch video footage, and study the facts - classic, controlled demolition. The same rules apply to the collapse of the Twin Towers. Most people are still in a state of shock and denial.
I agree that more people must stand and demand accountability. Until that happens, nothing will change.

12 years ago

Im sure our government is not innocent in all of it, like turning their cheek to the possible threat and falsifying claims that BinLadin said he admitted to the attacks, and even the chance that some in our government may of help fund this event. But fingers will always point in tragic events and thousands of "what ifs" will be asked, but to actually think that demolition experts went into the building and set up explosives, or thermite in the exact locations were the planes hit seems to be a broad statement to me.
I still have not found any site or testimony explaining how a building should fall under normal circumstances. I would assume that buildings of this size would come down in a real hurry as the weight of the proceeding floors continues to collapse on top of its self. Building 7 was damaged significantly from the collapse of the Twin towers which could even be seen by aerial photos following their collapse.
I should not have said that I did not respect others opinions but really just feel that most of the statements made by the skeptics seem very broad to me. And if it was an inside job, how long do you think some one with this knowledge would be able to keep a lid on it? If their is someone, they are to me no different than the cowards who committed these acts.

12 years ago


while many are still arguing over the physics of the falls (which many architects, engineers, and demolition experts know was a controlled one - check out Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth), many other facts point to 9/11 being a false flag operation

check out the great documentary "Fabled Enemies" on this site. even if you have trouble accepting the facts of the towers falling, you can't ignore many other facts that point the finger at many more people in the US and other nations than a few zealous muslims in a cave

12 years ago

I know what I choose to believe, unlike you and the so called "Truth Movement" are all people trying to get attention and use fabricated or false facts. People who like to think they know what the conditions "had" to be in order for the buildings to fall the way they did. How does a building normally fall? Do these so called experts know what the temperature was in the buildings? I dont think so. Based on speculation and tests on models? I dont have any respect for your opinion and the people who use this tragedy only to show up at these sites on days of remembrance and try to push your so called beliefs on the people there to grieve. Im guessing these same "Truth Movement" followers believe the holocaust never happened either.

12 years ago

I know it's hard to accept the truth.

12 years ago

Thermite and Thermate residues were found by analysis of the dust cloud. Sorry if you cant accept scientific facts. It also explains the molten metal at the base of the rubble for weeks afterwards when no such heat was produced by the fire.

12 years ago

Now thermite was used? wtf this is garbage.

12 years ago

Not to mention the "Nobel prize winner looks like he is a few cards short of a deck.

12 years ago

I like how the debate seems to be over human error more than actual facts. Take for instance how the designer of the towers said that they were designed to withstand a direct hit from a jet, but has anyone even considered that he was wrong?

12 years ago

It was a heck of a good thing to view a doc. which isn't emaning from a country that still has "Freedom of speech" & civil rights.
That is far from being the case in USA considering what "THEY" call their "Patriot Act".
So??? Any USA citizen is as many would state: The last to know?

Annoyingly, most of the crucial topics were already under question within the USA nation. such as the technically proven "Free Fall" within their own footstep of not one but the whole 3 buildings that underline a "0%" probability of while not even one of these buildings tilted over and felt over on one his side. -Still, that fact only raises serious doubts and not proofs.
That, left aside the presence of both "Thermite" & "Thermate" along with submicron particle size molten steel within the "Powdered" ashes a WTC worker working woman provided to this PhD explosive specialist. -Did both become "Rich" by "Organizing" such a scheme?

I don't see the point of any "Yakety-Yak" 'bout what happened to the pentagon & to the other jet that crashed in Shankville because the USA authorities (Either the army or any other "Patriot Act" regulation of some kind of a law to keep the USA nation as well as the rest of the world from seeing the other videos that they seized all over the place.
Just as if these events never occurred.
No one ever got wounded of kill over there, they were the property of their nation's "Elite" because they were "On duty" since that it's the "USA Gov. Elite" who decide.
Beside, what's a civil USA bare handed patriot if he or she denies taking action against any threat from other nation? A USA patriotic citizen "IS" indeed on a USA army duty.
Which is not the case for any other countries or nations on planet earth as publically (TV) declared by the "USA's Elite".
For non-USA countries "Foreign patriots" are no patriots but rather "Combatants" no wearing an official solider suit! That is a typical distinction of the "Made in America" concept. If you're not with us...
Remember the Iranian democratically elected Mossadeth CIA overthrow? The CIA overthrow & murder of the democratically elected Chillan replaced by the USA supported Peron tyrant?
Nicaragua, the CIA covered targeted murders of so many Vietnamese intellectuals under the abusive USA sponsored corrupted fraudster? Massive "Covered" illegal bombing of Cambodia, this against the USA laws regarding USA-Congress consultation?

Summing the whole, let's just say that it didn't cost so much to learn exactly what are the USA citizens!
If they care so little about their own loved ones whom they consider as human beings, imagine how they see the rest of humankind.

On top of that, most if not all within their "Elite" (Senator or any politician that could be) has the guts to stand-up to their abusers and state: -Bring the videos here tomorrow morning or else, you'll spend the rest of your life in (4-4) square feet cage.
All videos we want to view, because "We The Peoples" are the patriots, as patriots as you'll ever be or ever been!
And do not ever, ever forget whatever you have and claimed to have as Cheney claimed to possess while he made his speech at the "United Nations", claiming that any US-Organization (CIA or others) posses any photos or videos of any sort of Iraq based WMD.

Why someone mature as Senator McCain who's a retired US-Army veteran without any reason to seek millions and billion as retribution wouldn’t or cannot be consider as USA patriotic citizen? The whole world sure knows for a fact that he is not the only one among 450 millions!
There's just gotta be some 50 for the least?
The USA government and even more, the USA president shouldn't be the one or the ones to nominate these mature individuals for whom, their wisdom, justice and democracy valor is their prime asset.

By the way, was not striken by the disgrace of being a USA citizen. Just an average white christian caucasian within a "Commonwealth" nation.
I buy raw material for the finished goods my company produce.
Diverted away most of our sourcing from USA.
USA obviously don't need the rest of the world.
On top of this, you guys are becoming dangerous to the well being of humankind. Better not make business with.
-They got weapons, if any different occur & not being insatiable vicious thugs...
We make a living the old fashioned way: - We earn it.

You have any idea where and from whom Obama got his money to fix Bush's goofs? Saving the USA Banks for instance?
The cost of the Iraqi war ~ about the equivalent to the USA debt 2 "Tera". A hard & long drive.

The real problem is that the common USA citizens just can't come out of the hole. All these war mongering were much too expensive. It ain't really sustainable, unbearable!
Late or soon, it'll be another new country and another, and another.

Thanks God, you are 420 million out of ~ 6 billions, is it?
It'll be hell to go over there and set the right!
I hope I'll be passed away by then.

12 years ago

Don't think this doco is disclaiming the existence of Al Queda (of course they exist), just their responsibility for the 9/11 attacks. The confusion lies within the disparity between logic and fact, and, the story perpetrated by specific government agencies and the media. Most of the information regarding Al Queda and Bin Laden, has been fabricated or twisted to suit an agenda and divert attention from the truth. Just like the phony intelligence about WMDs in Iraq - another hoax to lead us into war, and achieve a specific agenda. Don't you understand, this was all part of a sinister plan.

12 years ago

Something i don't understand:

there is some good info in this doco but.. you can't say on the one hand al qaeda is made up, it doesn't exist, osama had nothing to do with 9/11, and then within 30 minutes in the same doco say that informants were telling the FBI that al qaeda were planning terrorist attacks in April of 2001 etc. Which is it? Either al qaeda exists or it doesn't, you can't have it both ways and then not address that in the same doco. Silly, stick to one explanation. Lazy filmmaking.