Zero: An Investigation into 9/11

Zero: An Investigation into 9/11

2008, 9/11  -   205 Comments
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Zero: An Investigation into 9/11Zero: An Investigation into 9/11, has one central thesis - that the official version of events surrounding the attacks on 9/11 can not be true. This feature documentary from Italian production company Telemaco explores the latest scientific evidence and reveals dramatic new witness testimony, which directly conflicts with the US Government's account.

Featuring presentations from intellectual heavy weights; Gore Vidal, and Nobel Prize winner Dario Fo, the film challenges assumptions surrounding the attacks. In the words of Italian daily newspaper Il Corriere de la Sera "What results is a sequence of contradictions, gaps and omissions of stunning gravity".

The importance of this film can not be overstated, if its thesis is correct, the justification for declaring the war on terror is built on a series of outrageous lies.

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  1. I absolutely loath those who "claim" that those who believe in the Inside Job premise are less intelligent, when the precise opposite is true!

    The ice age took Tyrannosaurus Rex, the Hippopotamus will more than likely be next, but it would appear that the Ignoramus will be with us for some time yet!

    It's SUCH a sad, sad, world, especially when even the Chomsky's and the Hedges don't give a damn, meanwhile the same cabal that took Kennedy down were behind 911, and this phony, bloody war on terror! Sad...sad...sad...

  2. Until someone can explain the freefall collapse of both towers in approximately 11 seconds so soon after impact and the seemingly bizarre collapse of WTC 7 then I'm happy to continue questioning this atrocity...gimme some truth all I want is the truth

    1. You have the truth, it's right there in front of everyone. It's really a no brainer and entirely obvious.
      What I don't understand is that they have walked away with blood on their hands and most people don't seem to care.

  3. It's one thing to explain away a super natural event. It's another to explain a series of them. I believe my own eyes.. I saw a giant fire balls outside of a building. How could that fuel be the same fuel that heated the building? If you barbecue a steak, the fire is under the steak, not to the side of the steak.. The fire is in the wrong place.

  4. The people responsible for 911 were the people who hijacked planes and crashed them. Once those people were on those planes there was practically nothing anyone could have done to stop them crashing those planes and killing all the people on board, including themselves, and killing the people in the buildings they crashed into. The only people who could have stopped them were the passengers on those planes and on one of the planes they tried to do just that but failed.

    1. are you doing it on purpose to ignore the existence of fighter jets that can easily intercept airliners?

    2. yeah because blasting a plane out of the sky full of innocent people was an option...Oh and lets forget the laws of physics as well whilst we're at it and pretend that jet planes can teleport instantly to any location.

    3. The people who supposedly hijacked the planes were given special visas over the objections of the visa officer at the US consulate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Some of them were trained at US military bases. And some of them were alive and complaining about the accusations after 9/11.

      New York officials committed felony destruction of crime scene evidence by starting the scrubbing of ground zero on the evening of 9/11 -- over a year before the official investigation began. How many crime scenes are ever cleaned before an investigation? Cover up or incompetence?

      Government scientists at NIST perpetrated scientific fraud in their representation of the facts surrounding WTC7 -- the third building to collapse on 9/11. First of all, WTC7 fell at perfect free fall for the first 8 floors of collapse. Solid steel never, ever offers zero resistance, except in cartoons and government reports. Cover up or incompetence?

      Evidence of explosive incendiary materials (nano-thermite) were found in the 9/11 dust. This is high-tech stuff only made in government or military labs. Government scientists should have checked for explosive materials, per code, but they didn't even check. They assumed explosives were not used. Cover up or incompetence?

      The airplanes were part of the sleight of hand -- a distraction and a method of blaming 9/11 on patsies hired and cultivated by the American government. Why? To justify a never-ending, but highly lucrative war on terror.

      Bush? He was just the clown hired for plausible deniability.

      9/11 continues to be a raging fire. People continue to die in the name of that event. Wars continue. Tyrannical legislation continues to be created. Lies continue to be spun -- all in the name of 9/11.

  5. A friend called me on 911 this year to ask me if I remembered where I was on 911? I knew where I was. I think everyone could tell you where they were. I started wondering what time each building was hit? I wasn't looking for a documentary, but I found the top 5. I found this one in addition to others that left me convinced that Building 1,2, and 7 were inside demolitions. If you're interested, 9/11: Explosive Evidence; Expert Testimonies of WTC 1,2, 7 Controlled Demolition 2001-2012. These two documentaries have left me feeling I can no longer trust my government. Just to name a few, the Administration is guilty of Conspiracy to commit murder, murder, Obstruction of justice, and war crimes. After watching the buildings fall, I wondered "How could I have missed that? It was right in front of me?" When I look back on it, I was horrified.

  6. 2nd thought-what does anyone think the architects of the buildings would say-whoops! we didn;t build them to sustain an airplane crash? I continue the story

    1. One of the architects stated that both towers were designed to withstand the largest jet liner of the day it was built -- multiple hits! This was one concern they'd had before starting the project.

      All 3 buildings (WTC1, 2 and 7) collapsed at increasing acceleration without the usual deceleration at each floor when all the work of collapsing the building would have been done. Too much evidence shows that it was controlled demolition and not a gravitational collapse as the government flunkies try to sell us with.

      In fact, WTC7 fell at perfect free fall for the first 8 floors of collapse. Yet, solid steel has never in the history of the universe ever offered zero resistance, except in cartoons and government reports.

    2. except wtc7 didn't fall "Perfect Freefall" it collapsed from the inside out. You can clearly see the penthouse collapsing into the building a few seconds before the rest of it comes down, it came down that way because it had essentially been hollowed out by the fires.

      Had it been "Perfect freefall" as you claim then the penthouse wouldn't have collapsed first.

  7. well, the opening scene that states that Bin Laden was not officially written up as responsible for 9/11. This is confusing to me as he openinly, world wide ,claimed credit for the deed?!I shall continue o watch.

    1. No, in December, Bin Laden openly and flatly denied having anything to do with 9/11. Never did he say he was behind it. And the only video which was claimed to be his "admission" of guilt, was re-translated by a German group and they said the American translators lied. Bin Laden never admitted anything.

      So, you have to wonder. Where did we get the idea that Bin Laden was the culprit? Who floated this idea? And if Bin Laden was the mastermind, wouldn't he want to tell the world, especially after all his other, smaller (and admitted) terrorist attacks?

      Some suspect that Bin Laden continued to be a CIA asset. In fact, the former head of the CIA, former President George H.W. Bush was having a meeting with members of the Bin Laden family on 9/11 itself. This could be merely a coincidence. Then again, it might be something more.

  8. Experience pilots, the overwhelming majority, agree what the 4 9/11 pilots did was not impossible at all...In fact some say as long as they didn't have to land or take off, it would be easy....

    We cant even dump a bucket of water on a terrorists head on a small military controlled island in cuba without the world press knowing about it yet clowns here think the US successfully faked the last 34 years of Al Qaeda intelligence and it never leaked....Not even a shred..

    Its not your fault.....Those spooky vids on youtube are pretty convincing....

    1. I'm a pilot and many of my pilot friends disagree with you and the "official" story to 9/11.

    2. Sorry Someguy but you have qualified people backing your statement, those who think there was nothing in anyway questionable about the "official story" wont listen to them.

      Anyone who in anyway questions the official story is immediately called a Conspiracy theorist (when in fact by its proper definition conspiracy is not a term to attach to those who question what went on. But one that should be attached to those people - a group of 2 or more - who conspired to either cause the event, allow it to happen or stop the truth from coming out after the fact), a term that automatically makes them feel morally, mentally or any other word you care to use superior to those they call that name. It gives them an easy way to automatically say "don't listen to this person he/she is a crackpot" without having to use those exact words. I will admit some of the "conspiracy theorists" are crackpots but there are extremists on both sides. And more than enough crackpots in the Gov. alone, but even worse there are some very scary and dangerous people that had way too much power and control during the Bush years (both Bush years and even before that). And in all honestly Chaney, Rumsfeld et al come across to me as having some very noticeable psychopathic tendencies, who have been running and planning some very dangerous schemes.

      Just the way the whole Pat Tillman thing played out - how these guys at the end lied in court then when they won congratulated theselves like they just won a football game in front of everyone in the court, total lack of class or morals. And then the "don't f*&k with us, you will never win. Truth be damned" look they gave Pat's family afterwards - shows they believe they can do what they want and they are better and more important than anyone else.

      Then the State Senator from where they lived had the nerve to walk up to Mr. Tillman and try to shake his hand. He was politely told to go F himself and go away.

  9. Any proof any where planes were involved what about missiles???
    Has any one checked with UA to see if the planes are missing, experienced pilots say it is almost impossible to fly this sort of sortie.

    1. The few frames of the Pentagon attack released to the public looked more like a missile than a plane, but the WTC attacks were planes.

  10. we see first hand how the media controls what you see or dont see even with ron paul ,weather you for him or not its more obvious that there not fare and open with the public,if they lie easily towards us what else haved they hidden.

  11. befor anymore time passes or new laws pass,we should ask the U.N to gather the best sciences around the world for a seperate independant researh since the government wont allow it,to put it all to rest one way or another,this is truly serious befor we loose are rights to question and think independantly. and let the c.i.a records all be opened up reguarding this whole episodes we also need to elect more history and science proffesions and not career politions who dont even know geomotry or history very well.

    1. The USA has proven that they have no regard for what the UN says or tells them to do. The UN told them not go attack Iraq as there were no proof of WMD etc. But they as usual did whatever they wanted to.

      So a UN investigation no matter what it concluded, would be ignored by the US (well maybe if it agreed with the official story the Americans might say "see we told you"). The first investigation was a joke, they had no power to speak with whoever they wanted to. They could not force those people they did speak to to answer questions fully or truthfully. The US Gov does as it pleases in every circumstance and ould say sorry we can't have this person or that person talking abuot specifics for matters of narional security.

      No true and thorough investigation will ever take place with the help of the US Government or the people who can truly answer the questions we need the answers to.

      A sad but true fact. This is why others have to do it using whatever facts, evidence ir expert testimony they can get their hands on.

  12. More than a decade, US govt. still standing on the path of destruction of those who are not willing to bend. 911 not only killed millions and helped US to tighten the grip over Midle-East, it also provided US the most awaited oppertunity to impose there will on others. US actually managed to fool most of the world and silenced those who had something against there agenda and plan. Now US is marching on, waging war and killing people all over the world. The US policy-makers are passing bills after bills restricting the liberty and freedom of there people and hoping to do the same with the rest of the worlds population. And to achieve this perticular goal a systematically elimination is on its way. I hope that people in the US and around the world dont just give up without a good fight. I hope....

    1. I agree with what you have to say. It's how I feel too!

  13. What I find so shocking is that this documentary is based on some extremely good science and well constructed experiments, yet those who side with the evidence and not with the government, are still viewed as little more than conspiracy theorists with hateful intentions. I'll never forget the mockumentary on 9/11 that the National Geographic channel runs at least once a month, where the narrator attempts to psycho-analyze people who support the truth that 9/11 is an inside job. The narrator says that we somehow want to believe it's true. The implication is that people like me need to place blame for such a horrific tragedy and we'll do that inspite of the so-called evidence to the contrary. I can't speak for others, but I for one, HATE the idea that I live in a country where my government would perpetrate the greatest conspiracy in history, by enginnering the worst terrorist attacks the world has ever seen. I would much rather a handful of islamic extremists be the ones responsible, but it isn't true. I am a talented researcher and writer who is interested in the TRUTH; not proving my ideas and opinions true. When I began my research, my first inclination was that, while my government is guilty of some reprehensible humanitarian crimes, murdering its own citizens was a line they dare not cross. That was before I learned about Operation Northwoods. Northwoods is an actual government document from 1963 that outlined the comission of terrorist attacks by Americans, against Americans for the sole purpose of blaming it on Cuba and justifying invasion. President Kennedy was all that stopped Northwoods from setting off WWIII, and shortly afterwords, he abolished the Federal Reserve and CIA for their roles in concocting such heinious terroristic ideas. Ten days after that, Kennedy was murdered. The point is, that Northwoods outlined both the motive and willingness to employ false flag attacks to justify military action against so-called agressor nations. After I learned about Northwoods, I dove deep into 9/11. What my research uncovered was horrifying, to say the very least. Every day I wish I'm wrong. Every day, I wish I would just wake up from the nightmare that is the United States of America. Every day I wish I was born lacking intelligence because sometimes ignorance really is bliss. But reality is where I live, and the reality is that 9/11 would never have happened if it wasn't for the U.S. government. I wish it wasn't so. But quite unfortunately, it is...

    1. @Eric Marks
      You have read Operation Northwoods so can you tell me where in any of the plans suggested in it, it says that people would be killed? In any of the plans where there is any detail there is no suggestion that people would be killed, in fact the plans involve going to elaborate lengths to avoid it. There is one place where they talk about assassination attempts on cuban exiles 'even to the extent of wounding' which is a clear indication of the boundaries set.
      I wonder if the people who drew up Operation Northwoods knew that it was going to protect the US from being attacked- forever apparently? If ever there is a terrorist attack , people can reach for their copy of Operation Northwoods, blow the dust off and say the magic words 'What about Operation Northwoods...." and it won't be a terrorist attack at all. It is infallible protection against any attack from outside the US. Of course now there is even better protection ,the magic phrase '911 was an inside job' which wards off any external attack on the US. It's foolproof. If only now we could stop the Government attacking the american people we could all live in jolly la-la-land where everyone loves the USA.

      There once was a shepherd boy who was bored as he sat on the hillside watching the village sheep. To amuse himself he took a great breath and sang out, "Wolf! Wolf! The Wolf is chasing the sheep!"

      The villagers came running up the hill to help the boy drive the wolf away. But when they arrived at the top of the hill, they found no wolf. The boy laughed at the sight of their angry faces.

      "Don't cry 'wolf', shepherd boy," said the villagers, "when there's no wolf!" They went grumbling back down the hill.

      Later, the boy sang out again, "Wolf! Wolf! The wolf is chasing the sheep!" To his naughty delight, he watched the villagers run up the hill to help him drive the wolf away.

      When the villagers saw no wolf they sternly said, "Save your frightened song for when there is really something wrong! Don't cry 'wolf' when there is NO wolf!"

      But the boy just grinned and watched them go grumbling down the hill once more.

      Later, he saw a REAL wolf prowling about his flock. Alarmed, he leaped to his feet and sang out as loudly as he could, "Wolf! Wolf!"

      But the villagers thought he was trying to fool them again, and so they didn't come.

      At sunset, everyone wondered why the shepherd boy hadn't returned to the village with their sheep. They went up the hill to find the boy. They found him weeping.

      "There really was a wolf here! The flock has scattered! I cried out, "Wolf!" Why didn't you come?"

      An old man tried to comfort the boy as they walked back to the village.

      "We'll help you look for the lost sheep in the morning," he said, putting his arm around the youth, "Nobody believes a liar...even when he is telling the truth!"

    2. @Colin Doran,

      Good metaphore indeed.

      I guess tha tthe whole depend on how often one calls "Wolf".
      Only once is a joke but it's heard over and over, that is different.

      I just had in mind, how many time it's been?
      And why's that?
      Not in the sheep's metaphore, of course!


    3. " I am a talented researcher and writer"

      Umm, yeah you said that in your other post too.

      Did National Geographic happen to mention in their piece on conspiracy theorists, that a tenet of the mental condition many suffer from includes delusions of grandeur, and arrogance?

      "President Kennedy was all that stopped Northwoods from setting off WWIII, and shortly afterwords, he abolished the Federal Reserve and CIA for their roles in concocting such heinious terroristic ideas."

      Tell us again about this "research and writing talent" you have! You not only make things up but can't spell either!

    4. Yet, "conspiracies" happen every day. Someone is doing a good job of sculpting the language -- making it impossible to think of conspiracies without thinking "crazy." Completely Orwellian Newspeak.

      So, you have to ask yourself. Who would want all talk of "conspiracies" marginalized? My first guess would be the conspirators themselves.

      And you have to ask yourself, since when did facts become "conspiracy theories?" When did probing questions become "conspiracy theories?"

      New York officials committed a major felony by starting the destruction of crime scene evidence on the evening of 9/11. Yet no on was arrested for this crime.

    5. it's not Orwellian newspeak at all. Considering conspiracies range from Lizard men are controlling the universe to Frank Zappa inventing hippy culture to combat the black panther movement you can understand why conspiracy theorists are labeled as cranks (if the shoe fits).

      The problem with your "Probing questions" is that they are nothing of the sort, because as soon as a rational explaination is presented the conspiracy theorist will do mental gymnastics worthy of Cirque de Soleil to try and find a way of ignoring it. I've lost count of how many times i've seen some swivel eyed loon try and tell me that evidence disproving a conspiracy is actually evidence for it because why else would they fake it?

      You have your narrative, and you base your evidence around that, not the other way around (as it should be with rational thought and critical thinking)

    6. Over the past year i have read some 300articals watched some 100 video clips and repeatedly. Watch every documentary filmed in connection with 9/11 and the sad facts are we will never know the truth from usa government but its there in black and white bush a d all his side kicks are as guilty as hell long may the families fight for justice

  14. yes, definitely, the justification for declaring the war on terror is built on a series of outrageous lies.
    US Government is the new Nazi Power of the planet. They will go down, like the nazy. Big Time!1

  15. Out of the hundreds of documentaries made on this subject, this is without doubt the most comprehensive, analytical and damning over-view of the events on that day. I highly recommend watching it.

    1. @Sam
      Like you I have seen (maybe not hundreds) an S-Load of docs on this subject and while I have not finished this one yet, I am close but free time to watch docs doesn't come easy, I have to completely agree with you. Ok the thankfully short and few cartoon re-enactments are a little cheesy and out of place in this doc, but being a person who has a sense of humour and isn't an uptight pr1ck I did get a bit of a laugh out of it, and a few comments were a little stupid but overall this was a very nicely done doc.

      Nobody on it was ranting and raving like you get on some/most of the 9/11 docs or speaking in a derogatory manner, the old grey haired dude Dario Fo for some reason kind of got on my nerves but hey he has a Nobel Prize and I don't (to be honest I don't really see one coming my way anytime soon either lol) so who am I to whine about how he expresses himself, he is Italian and in the theatre business so exuberantly expressing himself while telling a story is to be expected. But my main point is that the people in the doc tended to speak in a calm, confident and informative way which as a whole set it apart from most of the other docs I have seen. Most of the people and possibly the people who made the doc were European and it was really nice to hear things from their point of view, admittedly most of the things they talked about I have heard many times before (they are though the questions that need to be asked and have been asked for a decade but so far not really been answered, and also the basic facts that are clear for all to see) but there were things that were new to me which was great. So some new things being said along with the expected usual but still (in my view anyway) unanswered questions and theories, said by different people in a professional,well spoken and thought out manner made this one of the best 9/11 docs out there.

      No matter how important it is that we don't forget the tragedy of that day and the human suffering involved I really wish they would stop showing the people falling through the air to the ground. It is just so horrible to see.

    2. I forgot to add Corbett’s other 911 documentary:
      911: War Games (1 hour)

  16. Why do you not think hijackers hijacked the planes and crashed them into the WTC and the Pentagon? Is it just because it's the 'official story' and therefore can't be true? Do you think you couldn't go out into the muslim world and find any number of people just queueing up to get back at the US? These are the people who have been on the receiving end of American foreign policy for the last 50 years but apparently the US is so short of enemies that they have to come up with a monumentally complicated plot to attack themselves and make it look like it was done by all the people with a genuine grievence and reason to attack them. The whole 9/11 inside job nonsense depends on writing out of the equation the very real people with very real animosity towards the US.

    1. It is also entirely probable that the United States has a great number of enemies because of said foreign policy, but still 911 was an inside job. It is not necessary to write anything out of any equation for these two are not mutually exclusive .
      Being an 'official story' doesn't make anything automatically untrue, however evidence indicating such does.
      People sometimes assume some sort of mystical connection between the government and the people of a state, such that the government is somehow less likely to harm its own people than people from other nations. In the end, we, they, everyone, are just 'people,' and people **** with people to get what they want. This is how it has been from the beginning, long before groupings were formalized with pretty titles like citizen, government, and nation state...and as long as humans remain human, this is how it will always be. Parents turn on children, relatives on each other, yet to some, the idea that the government could harm citizen totally unrelated to them and who they have never met, to further its objectives, is somehow totally alien. Go figure. That said, all must be assessed on similar footing. Evil can come forth from anywhere, not only from outside. It's not always the '*******' and the '************' and the '******' (almighty sensors will remove this, but there is no better way to make a point) though it is human instinct to think so. Regarding all the enemies lining up to attack America you mention, preach that one day before 911 and people walk by. Preach that after and people are ready to send their sons to war, and you say a big event wasn't needed?

    2. @Mark Betty
      quote "It is also entirely probable that the United States has a great number of enemies because of said foreign policy, but still 911 was an inside job. It is not necessary to write anything out of any equation for these two are not mutually exclusive"
      The 911 truth movement have for the last ten years have been writing out of the equation , a terrorist attack and the huge number of people with the motive to carrying that terrorist attack, as if they were mutually exclusive. People talk about these injustices of american foreign policy abroad and then act as if the people who have been on the receiving end of it don't exist, and have no motive to strike back at the US but are just compliant brainless goons who willingly do the bidding of the CIA. People are queueing up to attack the US and there are all these warnings ,from at home and abroad that they are planning these attacks, but the US decides to create a massively complicated and entirely self-inflicted attack on themselves, an attack that the people they intended to blame, could not be responsible for (the collapse of the WTC towers, a missile and/or explosives at the Pentagon), would have an alibi for (the hijackers are still alive!), were not from the countries they wanted to invade,that Helen Keller would have noticed (CD in front of half the world live on TV), that was physically impossible (impossible phonecalls from plane,stunt lightpoles in taxi cabs),and that no one with any grasp of reality would come up with (the above plus many many more..)
      The 911 truth movement use the arguement that the government reacted to 911 by invading other countries as if this is evidence that 911 was a self inflicted attack in order to justify those actions. What would the US government have done if 911 had been a terrorist attack? How would they have reacted? The whole idea of a 'false flag operation' is that you react plausibly to an attack - therefore the reaction tells you nothing about whether the attack was real or self-inflicted, by definition. When you actually look at the evidence- an attack by mostly Saudis? to justify attacking Afghanistan? no link to Iraq? Surely to God if someone was going to the trouble of creating a hugely complicated false attack they would put in place as much evidence to implicate the people they were going to blame for it. That's the whole point of a false flag operation. A false flag operation designed to put the blame on Osama Bin Laden and the truth movement point to the FBI website where he was not indicted for 911- as evidence to support it? Instead of providing some evidence that Iraq were involved or even had prior knowledge, the fabrication of which would have been child's play, they had to drag Colin Powells sorry ass through the UN presenting evidence that Iraq had a WMD program, a presentation that would do justice to a truther website but which at least had the merit that he did have a WMD program at one time.
      They point to Condoleeza Rice 'lying' saying no one imagined terrorists could hijack planes and crash them into buildings and then they themselves, 10 years later, are ridiculing the idea of terrorists hijacking planes and crashing them into buildings...

    3. Those buildings did not fall down on the actions of the plane crashes alone. Molten metal. EOS.

    4. Well Colin, I base my opinions on things that are much more concrete. I never speculate before I have completely investigated something. I am a talented researcher and writer who has investigated every facet of 9/11 from an objective perspective. If anything, before I conducted around a 1000 hours of research, I was biased toward's the government's explanation. I thought that my government would never cross certain lines, including murdering its own people. Then I learned about Operation Northwoods. Look it up. It was a plan requested by the state-department in 1963 to "formulate a series of pretexts that would justify military invasion of Cuba." (Operation Northwoods) The request was fielded by the CIA and specifically involved U.S. military assets committing terrorist attacks against American citizens, along with military targets and personnel. Northwoods even uses the phrase "terrorist attacks" when it suggests creating a terrorist campaign in Southern Florida and the Gulf reigion. Northwoods, even says that a "Remember the Maine" incident could be created. The plan's architects said that blowing up U.S. ships and hijacking airplanes would be perfect ways to impliment their strategy. President Kennedy was all that stopped Northwoods from reaching fruition. Very soon afterwords, Kennedy abolished the CIA AND Federal Reserve for their roles in concocting such a henious plan. 10 days after that, Kennedy was murdered. Draw whatever conclusions from that you like, but the point is that Northwoods showed the government's motive and willingness to committ acts of terrorism against its own people to justify going to war. That Colin, is only the tip of the iceberg. After I learned about Northwoods, I dove head first into the most extensive investigation I've ever conducted. I spent at least a 1000 hours researching every facet of that terrible day, and horrified would be too tame to describe my feelings about what i've learned. So, in my case it is the evidence that sways me. As I said, I used to think the government wasn't capable of killing thousands of its own people for selfish political and military gains. Now however, I know without any doubt whatsoever, that my initital inclinations were unequivically false. My government is responsible for 9/11 because that's what the evidence tells us. If you would like a thorough, unbiased look at 9/11 make sure you first finish this entire documentary. It is based on some very reputable people and solid scientific data. Then go to However, if you don't want to deal with the truth, by all means make like an ostrich...

    5. I totally agree. Our government are the terrorists!

    6. Can I say that if you relying on this or similar documentaries to give you a full and honest picture of the events 911 you are going to be badly mislead, as so many people are by the 911 truth movement. The 911 truth movement depends, in videos such as this one,on giving a distorted one-side representation of the facts and maybe more importantly a distorted interpretation of the facts.

    7. ummm... the fighter standdown, mineta's testimony, refusal to do forensics on steel, pentagon's glib release of useless still photos with wrong date on them. pick one.
      no amount of angry arabs could engineer such f--kery.
      not even a superduper smart one with a sat phone in a cave in pakistan.


    8. According to the 911 truth movement Norad were conducting various exercises on 911 which prevented them from responding. If someone stole a car and crashed it into your house would you expect the police to come along and do a forensic examination of the bricks and mortar and floor joists of your house? Do you think a group of arabs are incapable of learning the rudiments of flying planes, buying knives and airline tickets? That's basically all it takes.

    9. Colin, the problem is simple. If authorities were unable to respond in a 2 hour attack in which 3 buildings, one side of the pentagon, 4 planes were destroyed and thousand of lives were lost, whose responsible for that? 19 hijackers (which 9 are still alive) with box cutters? No authority failed on their duties? The Muslims did it, forget the rest?
      If your house is being robbed, you call 911, the robbers destroy your house, kill you and all your family and they arrive 2 hours later because they were doing some drills which prevented them from responding, is that acceptable to you?

    10. 1. There was no fighter stand down. There were planes in the air minutes after it was confirmed the first airliner was hijacked.
      2. Mineta's "testimony" means nothing. He admits he has no idea what the things he witnessed should be interpreted as.
      3. It's not refusal to, there is plenty of debris buried at Fresh Kills landfill. Much of the steel was sent to China, since they had lucrative oil contracts with Iraq that were deferred by our invasion, if there was any smoking gun in that steel if anyone would be motivated to find it they would.
      The NIST and FEMA did not look for traces of explosives because even a child with sharp eyes can view the numerous videos of the towers collapses and see there is nothing at all consistent with an explosives related event- not visually nor audibly. It was a gravity driven collapse which initiated on the floors of impact.
      Why should they waste time looking for something the bad judgement of truthers leads them to believe exists?
      They went through all the steel and catalogued it. The debris was sifted through with a fine tooth comb for human remains. Not one single piece of evidence of explosives was ever found by thousands of workers on the debris pile including firemen and police who lost co workers and could not have been paid off by George W. Bush and his evil conspiracy to remain silent.
      4. Who cares about what the Pentagon has for photos? What makes you think anything needs to be proven to YOUR satisfaction? Many witnesses saw a plane fly into that building, and wreckage consistent with that plane was found inside burning in a huge inferno. That's not enough for you? Too bad!
      You people think asking endless, pointless questions, or arguing from pure ignorance makes a case. Never!

    11. The fighter standdown...what were you expecting them to ok blowing a civillian aircraft out of the sky?

      "Useless still photographes". why would the pentagon have cameras pointing at itself? when they designed the security they probably thought it better to have the cameras pointing around it rather than on it. It's not as if anyone was going to steal it.

      "No ammount of angry arabs could engineer such f--kery."

      Sure because the people that invented Algebra, and instigated modern medecine and surgical practices can't do anything...jees you wear your racism on your sleeve don't you?

    For everyone! please watch this movie. Start to see the last 10-15 minutes.
    and then watch the entire broadcast. Taxi actress acknowledges cheating with his testimony when he is confronted with scientific facts!
    Spread it to everyone you know!

    1. One of the best reasons we can be sure that it was flight 77 that hit the pentagon is because the perpetrators could not have assured ahead of time that the no images would leak out. The same way that Mr Naudet captured the North Tower impact -because he just happen to be filing nearby, so could someone have done at the pentagon. Once they (the perps) saw the images had been contained it became the focus for 'no planes theories' disinformation.
      It is much better for 9-11 truth if we stick to demolition in lower Manhattan where the evidence is overwhelming and seemingly irrefutable. (there is also other evidence for flt 77 having hit the pentagon; witness testimony, plane parts, dna) That one wedge of the building had been retrofitted for blast protection! The job was just being finished when it happened. it's true. Look it up. The planes were most likely remote flown into their targets. But one thing is for certain, anyone who looks carefully at the facts of 9-11 will discover why so many people doubt the official accounts. That such a thing is possible at all just shows how effectively we are managed.

  18. .. and let's not forget the tens of thousand deaths in Afghanistan and Iraq which flowed directly from these events. The people who did this are mass murderers approaching Hitler's reputation.

  19. After viewing the doc "Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth", I'm positive that all three buildings were brought down by rigged explosives. But my question is 'how many people were alive in these three buildings before they were imploded? Did the majority of casualties happen because of the planes hitting the buildings or was it the controlled demolition? If it is the latter then we're talking murder... Americans killing their own! We can take out Saddam and Qaddafi for crimes against their people, but who will avenge the innocent ones of 9/11?

    1. @elidan1900
      If the high ranking politician planned it, this means that they knew it would be done?
      Then, why would Rumsfeld make public the fact that there were a few trillions of dollars missing in the pentagon budget? If I'd be an "Illuminatie" I sure wouldn't let that become public knowledge.
      I would simply have had postponed the "Update".

      Even though, that doesn't mean that these buildings came down as NIST explained. Childish report it is!
      The problem in all this is that considering some past "Bizarre" and mostly events in the recent USA history, were compelled to jump to the "False Flag" scenario.
      And the US Gov. alas was very busy making sure that it would pass smoothly through its relations with NIST.
      There was no reason for that behavior and it triggered US citizen's madness.

      If you happen to view quite a few 9/11 docus, a few, very few will expose the probability that sort of a "Government inside the US Gov." played a major role.
      Plus maybe, 2 other old docu that suggest it.

      Because, going through an election in the USA requires a whole lot of money. It's a "Give & Take" thing.
      The real persons in power are the ones who votes the laws.

      One thing for sure, I can tell you that I wouldn't have spitted on a few trillions.


    2. Still too many questions; even for the '9/11 architects' I was waiting to hear how long it would take to rig up three buildings, to bring them down the way they came down. Does it take a couple hours, half a day, a week...? That would have explained whether it was preplanned sabotage. If floors had to be individually rigged at the time of the attack, then that means people on those floors could have been rescued, and the way they came down it looks like that is what happened. A bomb going off on every floor or every other floor or every other two floor etc. (I don't know). We can only blame the hijackers for the few seconds it took to hit the building and disintegrate, it looks like the real lost of life was done in the collapse.

    3. It is my contention that many of the high rise buildings in major metropolitan areas were prewired for destruction after the Trade Center was bombed the first time. Probably done as a means of making a collapse less deadly to surrounding structures. Totally covered under top secret. There are those who think the bombs were planted by Bush's brother when he was in charge of security pre911. Don't know how the charges were set, but it's prima facie they were. Gravity alone will not pulverize concrete to dust. Toss a chunk off a high cliff and see for yourself. Also molten metal and traces of explosives were found. Game over.

    4. Don't take me wrong, but this film is about CIA creating the inner enemy to have excuse for unspeakable crimes, as war in Bosnia and Bombardment of Serbia, Parting Kosovo, Occupying Macedonia that killed far more people than tragedies in all terrorist attacks combined by thousends and introducing and preparing opinion of publics and media coverings for several more wars arround the globe. THAT IS A TRUE CRIME AND BOTTOMLINE for me.

  20. Free tickets available for those that think sources outside the US were responsible are all winners. please board the plane asap..destination Oblivion.

  21. 911 was an inside job. Old as Rome false flag/stand down operation. The evidence is blatant and overwhelming.

  22. give them fiction.

    I remember in 1963-as a 7 year old-seeing JFK -in Dublin Ireland. He was not a bad man despite what some opportunist lazy and cowardly latter day scibes would have you think. Dead men can't sue. I digress

    When I heard news of his murder -5 months later-I was scared of this 'Oswald' character. Years later-what Warren et al- overlooked-was evident to anyone who cared to notice.

    40 years -or a little shy of it; I have had the great opportunity to visit almost half of the great US States from California to Vermont.

    My interest and fascination with aviation -found me at flight test areas and air force bases across the length and breath of a wondrous land-of kind and talented and hard working people.

    In 2007-I was privileged to be in the White House -and in retrospect take up JFK''s offer -to visit there-which he made in the summer of 63. I as an 'ordinary Joe visitor' that is

    . I have similarly been privileged to have been permitted to 'tour'the Pentagon -twice no less. I stood in the centre or center-of that 'power house'-and to this day -I would see the folks there -as 'good'.

    I stood -in Lincolns 'place' in the Capitol building as I tend to do-in a slightly obsessive way -at most -most historic places across the globe

    As critical sense developed-I believe I understood most socio -economic -cultural political moves-(though I missed the Ollie and Ronnie Iran Contra intrique-which was some move-by the backroom boys)

    Anyway-to bring matters to issue at hand-----I fell for the 9/11 tragedy 'line'---until I decided -belatedly this September 2011-to review the evidence.

    The only conspiracy -is to take the meaning out of the worto make it everything that is 'other' to the truth..
    The 'evil' which the misguided Mr Bush spoke of -(before and after he rode backseat -behind real pilots onto a carrier)-is the coterie of Cheney, Rumsfeld , and their ilk-who sat out wars in Vietnam and Korea-and schemed ways to make 'meaning' of their lives-by the acquisition of money and power- effect making war on their own nation,

    Notwithstanding the cabal of power holders -mentioned in most of the documentaries here ....the lowest form of human life outside of them and lower than bankers and estate agents is the self serving media tribe..

    Here in Ireland-the -the aforementioned Random Tedious Effluent videlicet RTE-; along with cartoon class TV3 ;Newstalk' ;Today FM-make up the numbers.

    They height of their inquiry-when not insincerely joking and 'joshing among themselves on the latest celebrity - is to ask their audience -'dial up-if you can-and answer if you can-where is New York'-and win a chance to win -a chance to win -something. The money of course -is collected to add to hyper salaries...but one 'member' of their audience wins something.

    The scary element is that folk do-and that indicates how easily people can be manipulated-and ultimately 'down the line' controlled

    Keep a critical eye-or develop one -if necessary-and try to resist print and visual 'networks'-who will only take your soul away for the price of a holiday or a car .

    Seek the truth -in the USA and -across the world
    -or in my country Ireland , where the political class are 'only' inordinately clueless and greedy. God forbid- they could ever wage war.

    I forgot to mention that in Ireland -there was 'an event'-as the media class might say-

    Timeline:Dublin 17th May 1974: 33 civilians and an unborn child were killed
    in the Republic of Ireland and officially 258 people were injured as a
    result of a series of massive explosions(without coded warnings) when four
    car bombs were planted by Loyalist paramilitaries in several rush-hour
    streets of Dublin(I I was there),and one in Monaghan town.
    Independant research groups have pointed to the fact that special military technical expertise and intelligence would have been required and that they were supplied in
    personnel and equipment from several British sources Special Forces; MI6 et
    al. .
    The death toll was the largest in any single day of the Irish conflict and
    pre-empted similarly hideous events that followed in Britain.
    That the fairminded people of Britain were never made aware of this carnage
    is an indictment on journalists and politicians on both sides of the Irish

    As with 9/11 -when truth is witheld -or utterly destroyed-we as humankind lose-and casualty and wickedness continues.

    more anon

    Maurice Aherne

    A plethora of 9//11 official stories are broadcasting as I speak on the aforementioned national channels. One 911 day world changed-is as risable as tthe title. We have all the suspects-both usual and real-and unusual;and we have Laura Bush saying quiveringly-George and I held hands -and I knew things would be different for us from now on'. Yes indeed,love. A lame duck president would overnight be a heroic one-to start with. It was as nauseating as any hollywood spun film -but sadly real.

    The opening speeches of another 'on script-onside' documentary -' they have lethal weapons' -replays in my mind the old truth in jest -that is....

    How do we know-they have weapons?
    we have the receipts---
    Sadam +Osama-are---eh -were old friends---eh clients---eh---cut the tape!!!!!

    NB-Here in Ireland-the national media RTE or Random Tedious Effluvia 'news ' department -follow the 'line'.
    that is when they are not condescending to their audience -or selling them something-or mesmerising them-- in other sublimal ways-while they pamper themselves and their own golden circle of opinion making friends.
    Sadly the same-is evident for neighbours in the UK.

    Even the more intellectually searching agencies-and less corrupt- in Germany and France among others have bought to some degree-the 'line'

    Panem et Circenses- - bread and circuses
    ...Here! Buy this commodity- you need!
    -while we show you sport and musak-and
    Give your minds a holiday!
    Don't ask and don't worry!--ad nauseum-adinfinitum!

    10 YEARS ON-OR 37-if evidence is overlooked and victims forgotten-there is little of value in anniversaries-except for media luvies who have something to sell.

  23. I visited the small town of North Bloomfield, Ohio a couple years ago and was surprised to learn that many people from that town saw Flight 93 flying "low and slow" with its landing gear and flaps down. They said it was so low you could almost see the people in the windows. That is the plane that went off the radar for a while around Cleveland.
    I doubt we ever find the real story in our lifetimes.

  24. Just for the record, I was impressed with the melting steel beams and how they could be cut to bring the building down as good as they were. Thermite? and then to find traces at ground zero of the agent in which the US government use in their own special mix, makes the mind boggle

  25. The question in all this 9/11 conspiracy that seems to have slipped the net is; If the Pentagon was hit with a cruise missile. What happened to flight 77? And all the people on board?

    1. Hmmm, perhaps it was a phantom flight? Or a specially timetabled one, with 'passengers' specifically chosen for this 'mission', to fly over the Pentagon while the missile was hitting it? Because there were witnesses who saw a plain flying over Pentagon when the building was struck by - something.

      However, those whom you could see and hear as witnesses to this event in the mainstream media were exclusively those who "saw" the plain hitting the building.

      The word 'saw' I am putting under quotation marks because I am employing the same methodology as the one applied in the official investigation, that is - if dozens, even hundreds, of people who HEARD EXPLOSIONS just prior to the collapse of the Twin Towers were all hallucinating due to the stress of what they went through, so was the "SEEING" of a plain hitting the Pentagon an obvious hallucination as well.

    2. The staging of phantom flights is reported as having been thoroughly studied by the masters of the dark arts as a means of dragging Cuba into a war with USA.

  26. Here is the proof that American people are being lied to... Has anyone seen the footage of flight 77 crashing, or even approaching the Pentagon? It's been 10 years and there were more than 85 cameras running at the time. Where are the pictures/videos of a Boeing 757 crashing into the Pentagon? Don't think it was a missile? Think again.

  27. I'm just happy I don't live in the states, and I despise our politicians for kissing ass of the Americans + other things. I am against NATO alliance, that put's us in the same bed with Americans . . .

    1. Hi David, I'm David. I used to live in a wondrous country, now I live in a regrettable one, and I haven't moved. I will be retiring outside of the U.S. I can tell you that a good number of us aren't too bad to be put in the same bed with, because we aren't our government, some may agree with the govt, but I have not in a long time. I spent a month in Europe 2 years ago, half excited to have a new President, and half ashamed for what came before. Today, I think it would just be shame, not my own, but I become more ashamed with each News cycle.

      There is another side of the card, in fairness that we should take into account. If the European Union had to staff, fund and equip its forces to the degree it currently is militarily equipped via the States, I'd think it would take a large economic toll, is like having a wolf by the hate it, but you are terrified to let go. In any event...were I fortunate enough to be European, I'd vote with you, to let the wolf go.

    2. You are not your Country. Stop being ashamed. Factions within the US Government, with external partners, conducted one of the oldest tricks in the book: A false flag/stand down operation on September 11th. The 9/11 lie is the myth of the ages; it has justified torture, the attack on civil liberties, trillions of dollars in military spending, an endless global war, and many other astounding anti constitutional government policies. This is by design, not a happy accident.

      Sorry you lost your country Dave. I think it was lost a long time ago.

    3. You haven't yet lost this battle, David. As a neighbour of your country, I have to say, that I truly believe, that the American Constitution and the Bill of Rights are two of the finest examples of what the actual term "Democracy" defines.

      Are they perfect? Of course not.

      However, they are a basis and an ideal, by which a people can govern themselves. At it's roots, there is a simple premise...That a citizen of the Republic of America,
      can define and actuate his/her own idea of the "Great American Dream". This last term, unfortunately, has been subverted by a very calculated and single-minded minority.

      These few, have used, abused and amended this document to serve their idea of reality. The reality that I see created, is that, "we the people" serve the masters, and our representatives in Government, help the masters with their selfish plan. These days, without unlimited access to money, no one will make a successful bid for the Presidency...

      Don't know about you, but I see this as a danger.

      A rich person can only identify with a poor person with a bias of some sort. Therefore the majority of Americans, are NOT represented by politicians. And clearly it is very hard to see any real power in Government anymore. If this was localized only to America, it would probably be refered to in today's media parlance as a rogue State or Country. I hate to say this, but it is a worldwide epidemic, except in the few places identified as the "Axis of Evil".

      These masters recognize "$" as the real power and they have made sure that "we the people", recognize the POWER of money, but are never able to understand how it actually works to enslave us. They "control the means of production." Whether it be by a monopoly of goods or in the case of the Media, the monopoly of minds. Now where has this happened before?

      Whether you stay in America, or move to Europe, Canada, Africa, Germany, China....should I go on? You will never escape it, until "We the people", make them accountable.

      Sorry, I didn't mean to write this much, I just couldn't stop.

    4. One very GOOD and truthful post!!!

  28. What makes the "official" story so beyond question? I have not heard any debunkers back up the myth with any fact. there is quite a lot to back up the fact that the Gov report itself proves thier own theory is false. the more you research the more it becomes clear, there are many questions, and many more lies.

    1. I don't think there are many people who say the official story is beyond question. How could it be? It is something that happened in the past and you are never going to know every detail about anything that happened in the past. You are just going to get evidence of various kinds, all of it told to you by other people, that you then have to piece together using your intelligence and knowledge of how things work and how people work. That's all you have. The fact that evidence is told to you by other people is the key to the conspiracy theory view of 911 because basically all that has to be done to create any picture you want ,is to say that people are lying. That's all that's needed. You don't like that piece of evidence?- then he/she/they are lying. In fact whole swathes of evidence can be eliminated in one go by saying 'the official story is a lie'. In fact the term 'official story' actually means a lie to some people. If someone said they had evidence that completely contradicted the official story, it would just like saying it was true. It evokes an almost pavlovian response, along with other words and phrases that divide everything into the black and white, good and evil.
      The second part , that of assessing evidence is the hardest part - evidence by itself means nothing unless sense is made of it, which is why for instance children or people with mental disability are not allowed on juries. In the case of 911 I have seen some assessments of evidence that have just left me wondering what has happened to peoples ability to assess evidence. I try to imagine how I would react if I were on a jury and other jury members were trying to convict someone by presenting the kind of arguments I have seen on the subject of 911. If I was an american I would actually fear for the judicial system and for the prospect of anyone getting a fair trial, given the level of critical thinking and willingness to accept specious, distorted arguments demonstrated by some people in the truth movement.

  29. How can Americans be so blind after seeing these documentaries about 9-11.I am outraged but at the same time don't know where to begin. It's fine to watch these documentaries, but how do you participate and try to make those accountable for such atrocities.

    1. The trouble with this documentary is that it's not a documentary- it's a piece of propaganda setting out a distorted, biased version of events. It's the equivalent of a prosecution case, and prosecutors are not there to present the facts, or the whole truth, there are only interested in a prosecution.

    2. Yeah, but so is the maninstream, only in reverse. Truth is somewhere in the middle.

      You know what I think? I think the conspiracy is to give us so many conflicting conspiracy theories that we don't know WHAT to think!

    3. I totally agree with you here, I have been watching the documentary's this last couple of days.. New ones, and the more i watch the more angry i get.. How can people not see what is going on! How can you argue Science.. I believe more and more this was an " Inside Job" and cannot believe people are still wearing blinders after all the lies that have been told and told and told! I have no idea what to do about this and feel for all the people that have lost loved ones on that day..

  30. Couldn't agree more Gough - whoever doesn't at the very least raise an eyebrow to all this scientific forensic evidence, is either too dense or worse, paralyzed with indifference.

    The biggest worry is not so much about that we've been lied to, but that we can and WILL be lied to again.

    Imagine another 9/11 type event, but this time, we go into full blown Martial Law - this time, DHS and the Whitehouse cut the Patriot Act and National Defense Authorization & Military Commissions monsters loose.

    Then what?

    Too late to appeal ANYthing since Constitutional Law is Suspended.

    Something to think about...real hard!

    1. My friend . . . . .

      Not WHAT IF - - - - -

      But WHEN - - - - -

      Remember Roman empire, how it turned from Republic in to an Empire . . . . Gaius Julius Caesar did it - - - -

      In the states it started with the assassination of JFK, and now this transformation will soon be concluded . . . .

      I think - - - and I hope I'm wrong, but sooner or later, there will be a nuclear event that will push the world in to a Third World War, and it will be orchestrated by the states, and no Terrorists will be responsible, they will be just blamed . . . . I mean come on, the same people who cooked up Vietnam war, and Tonkin bay incident ( That was completely fabricated ) . . . cooked up This war . . .

    2. I know :(

  31. Agreed Gough - thanks for the links.

  32. I was reading an article from a Brilliant man that I genuinely trust, and I thought it was relevant to this film review. So I thought I would share a relevant snippet with you all. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts is the father of Reaganomics and the former head of policy at the Department of Treasury. He is a columnist and was previously the editor of the Wall Street Journal. His latest book, “How the Economy Was Lost: The War of the Worlds,” details why America is disintegrating.

    ""Niels Harrit, a professor of nano-chemistry at the University of Copenhagen, together with U.S. physicists and engineers published a paper in the Open Chemical Physics Journal in 2009 that proves that nano-thermite was used to bring down the World Trade Center towers.

    In the U.S. this startling finding is unreported except on 9/11 truth sites. The researchers say that in the dust from the World Trade Towers destruction they found unreacted nano-thermite, some of which they tested to confirm their identification. The researchers say that they have enough of the unreacted nano-thermite left for others to examine.

    There have been no takers in America. Not a single U.S. physics department, most of which are totally dependent on federal government grants, will touch the subject.

    The campaign that has been organized against the finding of Harrit and his associates is that the dust has not been in certified custody, and the explosive material could have been added. This claim overlooks that nano-thermite is a material that is not available to anyone except the U.S. military.

    It is in this disbelief of hard evidence that America is dissolving.""



    1. Good show! I truly wish it weren't the case, but thank you very much for providing that reference information! I'm a disabled person, with all the time in the world to research, but Id not read about the Copenhagen Paper, or the temerity of those accusing willful tainting of the sample...They're Scientists, not Outcome Makers, eg. The 9/11 Commission...sheesh.

      There is a YouTuber that wants to debate me on this, and I'm wracking my mind trying to decide if it is worth it. He seemingly had some scientific knowledge, but if you are going to ignore The Conservation of Momentum, Energy, or any Newtonian Laws of Motion, which I might add is the easiest flavor of Physics to communicate with a layperson. Actually it just struck me that 'Newton's Cradle" addresses it very well...Then does the guy know maths, and to what level, does he know enough chemistry, and on and on. I lean away from those debates, as most I've encountered are dim and full of politicians. I just despise disinformation being left uncorrected or challenged, since that merely propagates ignorance and stupidity. I also despise debates with the ill-informed, ignorant (willful and non) or stupid, and on come the slogans...what do you guys think? Should I take this guy up on his debate, or politely decline?

    2. Go get him!!!

  33. Sorry about the de'javu on the recall analogy. Cut & Paste error.

  34. I have to say, that most everyone makes valid points, but the one single thing that worries me is this. Just because 9/11 was 10yrs ago, doesn't make it "old news" especially since having been the most heinous despicable crime in the history of America. There's no amount of time that would expire that crime or redeem it. Period. It's an enforced societal behavior being shoved into our brains.

    Obama "claims" to've showed proof of birth, by bringing a Certificate of Live Birth vs a real Birth Certificate. If you don't know the difference look it up. But it's goin on 4 years so who cares if he was eligible to rule the country. THIS is how Republics are destroyed. It's called INDIFFERENCE. At the expense of convenience. The convenience to not facing the ugly truths and sitting home and watching our uVerse and Direct TV and iPods and Facebooks and Reality TV, going to the movies. We're "too busy" to get involved with our country and freedom, as a collective force.

    How would you feel if there were 5 recalls made on your car, but because you've had it for 4years, you just focus on the newer car instead. Meanwhile, you're in danger of killing yourself and your family because you were too busy looking for a new car. This is just idiotic.

    You people, and by you people I mean ALL OF US, need to buckle up and start fulfilling your duties as the bonafide Americans you're supposed to be. Stop falling for the non-stop commercial-free reel of distractions. The purpose of these distractions is exactly that. To keep us too busy to notice what's going on, to investigate, and check and balance. "Oh, that was so long ago, let's focus on the new distractions". Really?

    Don't get me wrong, there are times when we can move on past unresolved petty issues, but 9/11 was the opening act of everything we're going through Right Now. If we fight for a full investigation, and succeed; The "War on Terror" will have completed because we took down the biggest terrorists on the planet. Homeland Security - SHUT DOWN, National/Real ID Repealed, Patriot Act - not amended, REPEALED. There are a host of consequential "guns or abusive "rights" the government AND elites acquired as a result of its perpetration towards America on Sep 11. We keep focusing on the future our government is painting for us, we'll never achieve anything but our own demise. Because they make sure to keep changing and adding to it, and multiplying it. Because THIS is the future they're painting for us - control by enslavement. That's the purpose. Keep us tormented and suffocated in problems to where all we can do is cringe in paralysis, helpless, powerless and hopeless - paying our taxes, relinquishing our freedom. But make no mistake, this is about Control - it was that way in Rome, which destroyed the 1st real Republic, always has been and always will be. It is government's natural tendency to feed on it, and we need to take it back.

    So, if it's too late to fight for the truth, when is it a good time? Should we make an appointment? When another major city suffers another 9/11 type attack? When they pass the National ID law? When NAFTA goes full online and US jobs are completely decimated? When the next Holocaust breaks out? Please tell me, when it's a good time to pull the stops?

    People, the biggest reason, not the only reason, but definitely the most significant one we are where we are because of the pretexts created on 9/11. The elites needed a raise, and War is THE way to fill elites' pockets. End of story. If you fail to learn from History, you are doomed to repeat it. We are repeating it plain and simple.

    How would you feel if your car had 5 recalls, but because you've had it for 4years, you just focused on the newer car instead. Meanwhile, you're in danger of killing yourself and your family as a result of said recalls. So please, stop saying we have more important issues, when the most important one left in utter neglect. JUSTICE.

    Now, let me be clear on this - I again, in no way am saying that we need to start anything like civil unrest, or violent revolution. I'm simply saying, ENOUGH WITH THE INDIFFERENCE. Spread the word of truth, not just about 9/11, about all relevant truths. The key is education. If everyone was educated on the facts and truth, it would be very difficult to trick them, to manipulate an election, to lie via the mass media. Get it?

    Everything that goes on each and every day matters. There's a reason we've remained free, and that is because there have always been 1/3 of our country, that has remained EVER-VIGILANT. But as population grows, that 1/3rd has a hard time remaining 1/3, and soon 1/5, then 1/10th...then we are lost.

    The threat to freedom is not so much the perseverance of bad men, but the indifference of the good ones.

    The price of Freedom is Eternal Vigilance. - T. Jefferson

    Get off your couch, and get busy people!

    Good things everyone.

    1. Good things to you as well. I'm with you in all but the birther stuff. Sometimes a duck IS just a duck.

  35. dunebug88?
    1) If you'd be given a 1/4 million$ to shut up and then be advised that you'll get killed by hired guns if you'd talk...

    2) How many "Trillions" of US dollars did Rumsfeld declared publically (TV) have "Disapeared"?

    3) In (1.5-3.0) trillions US dollars, how many (100-250) hundreds of dollars is there to split?
    Better yet: 100 thou's X 10,000 units is much less than a trillion...

    4) How many decades went by before a couples of guys, crew members on the USA war boat blew the whistle about the hoaxed North-Viet attack on their boat?
    Which was the "Reason" why the USA went into Vietnam in support of an dictatorial abuser.
    Is there oil, gold or anything alike in Vietnam?
    Nope! Just one real reason: Selling weapons, napalm & chimical warfare over there.

    The "Details" as to "Was there demolition" experts hired to do the job on 911? The whole world just couldn't care less.
    What's important is that traces of thermate was formally identified within the ruins over there.
    When US Gov. sels thermate to individuals, the sales ought to be registed in documents normally held in building#7.
    Was it a real commercial jet, have they killed the US citizen individuals to begin with, or what?
    I repeat: -Who outside the USA territory care?

    That is of a secondary importance because some "Clown" USA Gov. officer came to the United Nation to state that the USA intelligence has whatever photos (Satellite or other) plus other proofs that Saddam not only possess WMD but also can, but want is planning to produce and use WMD!

    That is the most important point within the whole 911 case.
    And obviously, if you guys living in the USA go against your abusers (Either Democtates & Republicans), there are detention camps in the USA empty for now, but ready to teach you what "The Land of the Free" mean according to haoxter leaders.

    There are only 2 types of "Political Players" in the USA.
    They are the same but have their own tour of duty every some (4-8) years.
    If you didn't figure that out yet, then it's hopeless!

    1. Dude, no matter what anyone figures out, it is hopeless, and if you are outside the U.S., why would you care as opposed to the rest of the world, as you stated? Obviously it meant enough to you to make a really long post about it.

    2. DADC. Why? For the non-US soldiers who were sent in Afghanistan. Needless to speak 'bout Iraq, the "Huge" coalition consisted in 2 countries: UK & USA.
      Most nations voted against the USA motion for the invasion of Iraq. Hopeless? Yes!
      But in the future, the rest of the world now knows what the "Foreign USA" policy is about. Factually proven generations after generations since the early 50's.
      Ever heard of the "School of Assasins" in Fort Benning Georgia, USA? USA army sponsered school that had a branch in Panama since they couldn't practice their skill in torture within the USA territory. Most, if not all USA army high ranking officers studied at such schools.

      Organised hoaxes reminder of organised crime.
      Considering the whole, I am not much in favor of any low disgusting sub-human and beasty behaviors.

      Good day then.

    3. I care and so do alot of and i mean alot of Canadians, don't know if that helps but there it is:)

  36. @dunebug

    both WTC towers 1&2 fell at freefall speeds and fell onto their own narrow footprints. some of the tallest buildings in the world and they feel *straight down* which statistically is near impossible if it were just falling haphazardly and not in a precisely controlled manner

    WTC 7 fell the exact same way: free-fall speed, onto its own footprint. again, near impossible it just occurred haphazardly without any controlled demolition

    the owner of the WTC complex, Larry Silverstein, even said he made a decision to "pull" WTC 7 on a news interview. "pull" is a demolition term for demolishing and bringing down a building.

    but these are just chump change compared to other enormous evidence of the lies of the official 9/11 story

    seriously, check out Fabled Enemies. focusing on the towers free-falling while ignoring all the rest of the players and smoking gun evidence here is like someone just committed a murder with a weapon left at the scene, and people arguing over what the victim was wearing at the time of the incident, while ignoring the fingerprints and DNA all over the weapon itself

  37. It is an easy thing to conceal by threat of job loss or threat of loss of your life or your families, plain and simple. Now the experts are getting on the bandwagon demanding answers, Architects and engineers and pilots are all protesting the official explanations as hogwash, impossibilities. Flight data provided by FAA has been proven to be impossible, building collapse in freefall also an impossibility. The only ones sticking to the official story is the government, nobody else believes what they say happened, or who did it. Exactly the same thing happened after the Kennedy Assassination, Pearl HArbor, Gulf of Tonkin incident etc etc. All false flag attacks in order to further their goals. The PAtriot Act was already to go and was passed without anyone reading its content, which shows the foreplanning that took place. Now you have no rights, you can be branded a terrorist, and jailed indefinitely with no recourse. Or interred at any one of the FEMA built concentration camps around the country, never to see the light of day again. There are no oversights of these places, which means no one knows you are there, and you can be put in there for no reason, without recourse. Have a nice life!

  38. Doubter? I'm 57 Y/O & far from denying the so-called Holocaust. I do not deny the killings of the whatever were the Brit's aborigens by the Normans a few centuries AD.
    I do not deny the enlavement the color persons went into by other garbage speudo-democraties.

    Have you only read factually what's written in "Flight Data Expert Confirmation"? Have any idea why these pilots deny the conclusions the 911 inquiry came to?
    It relates to the wide turn the jet made before hitting the pentagone. Such a commercial airplane cannot do such thing at such a speed. So, if you are an anti-Truth Movement individual, your statement is far from helping you!

    Your question: -"How shound "A" (1?) skyscraper" fall" is not well formulated & should rather be: How should 3 skyscrapers fall"?
    3 within their own footprint at gravitional freefall?
    In the very dame day? As building #7 has been re-enforced for housing organisations and agencies such as the CIA, income revenu?

    Whatever the temperature there could have been in the top of the first 2 towers, I'd rather wonder what was the temperature in floors 5 to 20!
    Enough to melt the steel of the core of the building?
    Come on!...

    Finally, Prescott Bush sure did obtained loans to the NAZI before USA went into war with Germany, well known fact.
    It ain't "News" that the Bush are factions preaching for what is known as "Extreme Right", sort of a derived totalitarism where Tycons replace mornarchy.
    But they're not the only ones in USA for God Sake?

    It's just that they've learned their lessons pretty well from the NAZI Geobble : Mediatic propaganda.
    Just usual Tycoons seen over & over since humankind history was reported in writting.
    Common low disgusting abusers.

  39. Best hoax ever. This was all part of a plan (Please review "The New American Century" doctrine) - and WTC building 7 confirms it. Just watch video footage, and study the facts - classic, controlled demolition. The same rules apply to the collapse of the Twin Towers. Most people are still in a state of shock and denial.
    I agree that more people must stand and demand accountability. Until that happens, nothing will change.

  40. Im sure our government is not innocent in all of it, like turning their cheek to the possible threat and falsifying claims that BinLadin said he admitted to the attacks, and even the chance that some in our government may of help fund this event. But fingers will always point in tragic events and thousands of "what ifs" will be asked, but to actually think that demolition experts went into the building and set up explosives, or thermite in the exact locations were the planes hit seems to be a broad statement to me.
    I still have not found any site or testimony explaining how a building should fall under normal circumstances. I would assume that buildings of this size would come down in a real hurry as the weight of the proceeding floors continues to collapse on top of its self. Building 7 was damaged significantly from the collapse of the Twin towers which could even be seen by aerial photos following their collapse.
    I should not have said that I did not respect others opinions but really just feel that most of the statements made by the skeptics seem very broad to me. And if it was an inside job, how long do you think some one with this knowledge would be able to keep a lid on it? If their is someone, they are to me no different than the cowards who committed these acts.

    1. Id trust in Physics more than opinions, and that's where you're missing it. Fingerpointing aside, had you studied Physics as long as I have, your post would be much shorter, and offer something more than platitudes.

  41. @dunebug88

    while many are still arguing over the physics of the falls (which many architects, engineers, and demolition experts know was a controlled one - check out Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth), many other facts point to 9/11 being a false flag operation

    check out the great documentary "Fabled Enemies" on this site. even if you have trouble accepting the facts of the towers falling, you can't ignore many other facts that point the finger at many more people in the US and other nations than a few zealous muslims in a cave

  42. I know what I choose to believe, unlike you and the so called "Truth Movement" are all people trying to get attention and use fabricated or false facts. People who like to think they know what the conditions "had" to be in order for the buildings to fall the way they did. How does a building normally fall? Do these so called experts know what the temperature was in the buildings? I dont think so. Based on speculation and tests on models? I dont have any respect for your opinion and the people who use this tragedy only to show up at these sites on days of remembrance and try to push your so called beliefs on the people there to grieve. Im guessing these same "Truth Movement" followers believe the holocaust never happened either.

  43. @dunebug88
    I know it's hard to accept the truth.

  44. Thermite and Thermate residues were found by analysis of the dust cloud. Sorry if you cant accept scientific facts. It also explains the molten metal at the base of the rubble for weeks afterwards when no such heat was produced by the fire.

  45. Now thermite was used? wtf this is garbage.

  46. Not to mention the "Nobel prize winner looks like he is a few cards short of a deck.

  47. I like how the debate seems to be over human error more than actual facts. Take for instance how the designer of the towers said that they were designed to withstand a direct hit from a jet, but has anyone even considered that he was wrong?

  48. It was a heck of a good thing to view a doc. which isn't emaning from a country that still has "Freedom of speech" & civil rights.
    That is far from being the case in USA considering what "THEY" call their "Patriot Act".
    So??? Any USA citizen is as many would state: The last to know?

    Annoyingly, most of the crucial topics were already under question within the USA nation. such as the technically proven "Free Fall" within their own footstep of not one but the whole 3 buildings that underline a "0%" probability of while not even one of these buildings tilted over and felt over on one his side. -Still, that fact only raises serious doubts and not proofs.
    That, left aside the presence of both "Thermite" & "Thermate" along with submicron particle size molten steel within the "Powdered" ashes a WTC worker working woman provided to this PhD explosive specialist. -Did both become "Rich" by "Organizing" such a scheme?

    I don't see the point of any "Yakety-Yak" 'bout what happened to the pentagon & to the other jet that crashed in Shankville because the USA authorities (Either the army or any other "Patriot Act" regulation of some kind of a law to keep the USA nation as well as the rest of the world from seeing the other videos that they seized all over the place.
    Just as if these events never occurred.
    No one ever got wounded of kill over there, they were the property of their nation's "Elite" because they were "On duty" since that it's the "USA Gov. Elite" who decide.
    Beside, what's a civil USA bare handed patriot if he or she denies taking action against any threat from other nation? A USA patriotic citizen "IS" indeed on a USA army duty.
    Which is not the case for any other countries or nations on planet earth as publically (TV) declared by the "USA's Elite".
    For non-USA countries "Foreign patriots" are no patriots but rather "Combatants" no wearing an official solider suit! That is a typical distinction of the "Made in America" concept. If you're not with us...
    Remember the Iranian democratically elected Mossadeth CIA overthrow? The CIA overthrow & murder of the democratically elected Chillan replaced by the USA supported Peron tyrant?
    Nicaragua, the CIA covered targeted murders of so many Vietnamese intellectuals under the abusive USA sponsored corrupted fraudster? Massive "Covered" illegal bombing of Cambodia, this against the USA laws regarding USA-Congress consultation?

    Summing the whole, let's just say that it didn't cost so much to learn exactly what are the USA citizens!
    If they care so little about their own loved ones whom they consider as human beings, imagine how they see the rest of humankind.

    On top of that, most if not all within their "Elite" (Senator or any politician that could be) has the guts to stand-up to their abusers and state: -Bring the videos here tomorrow morning or else, you'll spend the rest of your life in (4-4) square feet cage.
    All videos we want to view, because "We The Peoples" are the patriots, as patriots as you'll ever be or ever been!
    And do not ever, ever forget whatever you have and claimed to have as Cheney claimed to possess while he made his speech at the "United Nations", claiming that any US-Organization (CIA or others) posses any photos or videos of any sort of Iraq based WMD.

    Why someone mature as Senator McCain who's a retired US-Army veteran without any reason to seek millions and billion as retribution wouldn’t or cannot be consider as USA patriotic citizen? The whole world sure knows for a fact that he is not the only one among 450 millions!
    There's just gotta be some 50 for the least?
    The USA government and even more, the USA president shouldn't be the one or the ones to nominate these mature individuals for whom, their wisdom, justice and democracy valor is their prime asset.

    By the way, was not striken by the disgrace of being a USA citizen. Just an average white christian caucasian within a "Commonwealth" nation.
    I buy raw material for the finished goods my company produce.
    Diverted away most of our sourcing from USA.
    USA obviously don't need the rest of the world.
    On top of this, you guys are becoming dangerous to the well being of humankind. Better not make business with.
    -They got weapons, if any different occur & not being insatiable vicious thugs...
    We make a living the old fashioned way: - We earn it.

    You have any idea where and from whom Obama got his money to fix Bush's goofs? Saving the USA Banks for instance?
    The cost of the Iraqi war ~ about the equivalent to the USA debt 2 "Tera". A hard & long drive.

    The real problem is that the common USA citizens just can't come out of the hole. All these war mongering were much too expensive. It ain't really sustainable, unbearable!
    Late or soon, it'll be another new country and another, and another.

    Thanks God, you are 420 million out of ~ 6 billions, is it?
    It'll be hell to go over there and set the right!
    I hope I'll be passed away by then.

  49. @Iggy
    Don't think this doco is disclaiming the existence of Al Queda (of course they exist), just their responsibility for the 9/11 attacks. The confusion lies within the disparity between logic and fact, and, the story perpetrated by specific government agencies and the media. Most of the information regarding Al Queda and Bin Laden, has been fabricated or twisted to suit an agenda and divert attention from the truth. Just like the phony intelligence about WMDs in Iraq - another hoax to lead us into war, and achieve a specific agenda. Don't you understand, this was all part of a sinister plan.

  50. Something i don't understand:

    there is some good info in this doco but.. you can't say on the one hand al qaeda is made up, it doesn't exist, osama had nothing to do with 9/11, and then within 30 minutes in the same doco say that informants were telling the FBI that al qaeda were planning terrorist attacks in April of 2001 etc. Which is it? Either al qaeda exists or it doesn't, you can't have it both ways and then not address that in the same doco. Silly, stick to one explanation. Lazy filmmaking.

  51. This doc. is just a democratic left-wing ploy to futher their agenda.Why would US kill our own?
    I know, many will say so Bush could use this as a tactic to finish his daddy's war and protect the oil supply.
    I don't beleive our government would go to the extent of murdering our own!
    This crap is just ridiculous.I really don't know the motive behind the film.Do they want civil unrest in US?
    I turned this pile of rubbish of at 1:05 and I'm ashamed I left it on that long!

  52. Fellows, who needs discussion here? The Zionist vermin psychopath movement was responsible for it. Five and a half years of planning. All settled a year before, lo and behold in an Ashkenazim cemetery. Two years to install the cut charges and the thermite. What is the name of the person who leased the complex, before the demolition derby. Is it a Arab name, is it a Spanish name, is it a Russian name(somehow related)no, actually it is a German name. Most of these fossil elements go by them including also their ugly hook noses. Go back to Khazaria. The stinking hole you began 10 centuries ago.

  53. I agree with you Peter. The only problem is the same agenda and foreign policy continues under Obama and will under any new candidate that is allowed to run for the office. The system is completely corrupted by the power behind the scenes that is manipulating events for their benefit. The banking bailout was just another huge money grab at the expense of the people and the world is being directed towards an abyss. Sorry if that seems dark but they want to reduce the population to lower the demands on resources for their own benefit. If you look at the accumulation of wealth over the last few decades the top 1% has reaped 80% of all new wealth and that is rapidly increasing to the detriment of the middle class. The Fema internment camps built in the states are there for when the masses revolt so they can manage the elimination in an orderly fashion. Its the new fascist regime using an updated nazi idealism. Wikileaks proves their agenda for future wars in Iran and North Korea and this is why this information is so dangerous to the agenda. Vote with your pocket book and any company trying to discredit Wikileaks can be punished, ie Visa, Mastercard, Time magazine etc.

  54. Disbelief,Outrage,Liars,the Devils Demons,Thousands of lives were utterly destroyed. Why in the hell cant this be reopened,As a Canadian I scream obscenities at Bush, Cheney,Rumsfeld,Wolfowits, There is way to much evidence that supports an act of treason and these ????????? should be arrested and the people who lost so many have a right to march straight to the homes of these evil people and make citizens arrest. Bush signed the PATRIOT ACT. So I say wake up America YOU YES YOU can Arrest these criminals for HIGH TREASON under the PATRIOT ACT. I sure hope Obama gets re-elected. Maybe for his second term he might demand the Persons suspected be arrested under the Patriot act for Perjury,Obstruction of justice and thousands of counts of MURDER> They will pay when they stand before a higher power very soon and will suffer a fate far greater than the innocence lost on 9/11. I am Canadian and Scream at the thought that nothing is being done about this YET.

  55. Yes, America is being lied to. But 9.5 years later you all need to be focusing on why, not how. 9/11 may never really be uncovered and there are more urgent things happening at the moment. Take the energy you've shown here and use it to prevent this s**t from repeating itself.

    @jihad 4 lyf
    You're funny :)

  56. This documentary is great but the constant text flashing they use throughout is extremely annoying and pointless.

  57. Very well put Blissful Ignorance. Unfortunately, greed coupled with apathy - unchecked and unregulated, historically leads to very bad results. Plus, common sense seems to be a rare commodity these days. This is where we are, and where we are heading. We live less and less in a democracy, and, more and more in a capitalism, where money is the deciding factor, not justice or values, or what's right for the people, but, advantageous for the "powers that be". Nothing will happen regarding 9/11, or what's happening in the U.S. and our society until the people stand up and demand values and justice.

  58. 9/11 Was planned by the zionists sitting in whitehouse and downing street....PROOF WANTED?????????????????????????????????


  59. I don't believe there is Vlatko.

    Which makes our presence in the Middle East that much more offensive.

    What they did say was "Yep. War. End of story."

  60. Vlatko: Is there a single 911 doc made that says, "Yep. Muslims. End of story."?

  61. Unfortunately and sadly, I have to agree with you, Ampex1.

    I used to shrug at the suffocating difficulties of overcoming MSM and political puppeteers manipulating the system and its officials, taxpayer's money and resources to further their own agendas. But after all the sifting through all of the possible initiatives, it all boils down to one single act to overcome this: Abandon your indifference.

    America needs stop its widespread departure from the true American values that once made it the envy of the world - enough, not to demand it...but to seek it for themselves; and spread it. Even if it's with their coworkers, neighbors, their own families is a given. We must stop our blind reaction to indoctrination through dependence on our government and its special interests to support us. We must once again become self-sufficient. It's not enough to work in a desk for 50hrs a week, if your end product is just some paper fiat money. We've stopped learning, teaching, growing - living. Caring.

    Put aside our "political" prejudices along with all other prejudices, our sloth but most of all, our Indifference. We must reconsider our relentless pursuit to living the "easy" life. with our iphones and SUVs and cruises and fast foods; our time sharing summer homes, and 1200 channel satellite TV and radio. Can we stop speeding through the week just so we can enjoy Sat & Sun? What's wrong with the rest of the week? Do we stop breathing Mon-Fri? Rekindle life with your own friends and families, folks.

    The only way we've grown is Slothful; to the point of inviting our own demise. Indifference truly is the seed of self destruction. If only we learned to shake it off and start living rather than merely existing. Or would the secret to life be to go to college, work, pay taxes, get married have babies and die? There must be more to life. But you can't have a fruitful life if you've learned to ignore or worse, accept the decaying quality we've learned to muddle with in most cases. Now I'm not blind to how many have it worse around the globe, but we've learned to accept that the only constants in life are death and taxes. How is limiting ourselves to a cup of water a day just because others are w/out water for a week or starving, helping anybody? Well, Indifference rationalizes this.

    How can we expect to help our neighboring countries when we can't even govern our own lives? I mean how is it that America, the "super-power" of the planet still suffers from starvation in some places? Poverty, Illiteracy and Disease figures are staggering here. But we're busy playing world-police. This isn't about welfare, or universal anything...there's no such thing as a free lunch. That includes other countries! But we can't help others if we can't even help ourselves. And that starts with the People calling the shots, not government "authorities" or special interests that pay for their campaigns and Select them.

    If we all make it a point to get involved, collectively; with what, how and who are truly running our lives...then we've taken a step in the right direction.

    My relevant point is: If we can't demand that our government come clean about tragedies/crimes like 9/11 - then we have relinquished the powers granted to Us by our Constitution and are doomed to repeat history.

    Let us evolve.

  62. The 9/11 Commission Report is not worth the paper it is printed on. It's pre-determined outcome had nothing to do with scientific investigation, hard evidence, or witness testimony.
    The evidence and testimony presented to the panel that challenged the "story" was ommitted, rationalized away, or conveniently paraphrased.
    As far as I know, there is still no real evidence to prove, beyond doubt, the determinations of the 9/11 Commission Report.

  63. I meant evidence that "proves" or confirms the 9/11 Commission Report, Ampex1.

    The only evidence I've found, contradicts this report, and implicates govt officials, agencies and departments.

  64. There is an abundance of factual and scientific evidence. The question and dilemma now is, how to proceed.

  65. PS
    If you do in fact hold scientific evidence and facts on the 9/11 all means, please enlighten the rest of us.

  66. Once again, you blindly launch yourself at the very 1st sign of "official reports" claiming the recovery of people, wreckage, and so forth. The FBI assumed jurisdiction of this site and pretty much gagged anyone to speak on it. The NTSB has, without debate, relinquished their reports, data and any other information, to the FBI. Where the heck did all these reporters and DMORT members, etc get authorization to speak on it? And even if they by some presidential order get authorization, WHERE'S THE EVIDENCE?!

    Until someone can actually prove that a jetliner crashed in PA, let alone provide any trace of passengers, DNA, bodies, burial sites, flight manifests, etc...this is all left up to speculation based on what we do have - a scorched 10-20ft hole a little over 10ft deep with some mail, papers, or light debris with a small forest fire beyond it. That's it.

    Having said this, as well as having extensive evidence of past plane crashes, involved in a myriad of scenarios/flight patterns/size/speed/location/etc; based on this documented and recorded information, we are left to draw our own conclusions: there was no plane -

    Visit this page if you want to get your MainStreamMedia Twilight Zone on. This is what it's like to "speculate" w/out evidence.

    Note: The U.S. government never released a detailed description of the alleged crash of Flight 93. Normally the NTSB would in their crash investigation report, but the FBI claimed jurisdiction over this alleged incident, so the NTSB said they are not planning to issue a report and no other government agency has released an detailed report so far. Therefore, we are left to gather the official details of this alleged crash ourselves from mainstream sources such as news reports and the Flight 93 Memorial center.

    Most if not all of us here have at one time or another doubted and questioned how the implications all of the actual EVIDENCE found and accounted for, contradict anything and everything the "authorities" claim. But again, you choose to miss the point altogether. If things are the way your essay above suggests, dare I ask, yes again, do-you-have-any-new-hard-evidence to SUPPORT any of it?

    Until you do, yourself and your kind a favor. Try a little critical thinking before daring to speak on something for which you simply have no evident tangible information.

  67. If you watch the actual live video footage of the aerial fly over the Shanksville crash scene, you clearly see a hole 10' x 20' in the ground. An awful small hole for a jetliner and all those bodies to have disappeared into. Amazing to think that anything could have been identified out of that. Next time you view a jetliner crash scene check out the impact area. I guarantee the area is bigger than 10 x 20. Amazing how much dreck can be falsified afterwards.

  68. The extracts I posted about Shanksville were in response to just one of your comments giving all of this 'enormous amount of irrefutable evidence' which included the statement 'that Shanksville displays the aftermath of a fire but no fuselage or bodies or blood was ever said to be found'. If it's a waste of time just to read accounts from the people who had to actually do the grim work of recovering and identifying bodies then that says something about the way you look at the evidence -to describe their accounts as a 'gargantuan load of bullsh*t' is not very creditable. Was it scientifically-backed evidence that you used to make that statement about Shanksville? I've heard so many people quoting the coroner about 'not seeing a drop of blood', all I have does is show another quote from him - don't you think it's important to show all the evidence?
    On the question of word-play scenarions , you are the one who started that.

  69. Let me put an end to all of this time wasting, Wright.

    Whether you want to believe it or not, this is not "my views", I'm really not sure how else to tell you, so I simply will say this to end my contribution to your childish rants.

    There is an enormous amount of irrefutable evidence that directly and without shadow of doubt, contradicts if not completely disproves, the 9/11 Commission Report and our government's stance on the events of 9/11.

    All that gibberish you cut and pasted before your last comment, which doesn't even deserve to be acknowledged, is a complete deviation from the question at hand and the evidence. Just a gargantuan collection of bullsh*t derived from reports and/or writings designed to exhaust the reader and distract from the issue at hand. Much of it is even out of context.

    I'll say this one last time:
    - Bring us Sound scientifically-backed evidence to support the Commission Report and stop wasting our bandwith, server space and time with your comic book speculations and MSM babbling. -

    We've already done our share of believing - it's time for you to do your share of doubting.

    Please stop posting fantasy word-play and scenarios.

  70. If you think either of the pieces I quoted are out of the 911 Comission Report then you can't have read the 911 Comission Report-after 9 years looking into 911 that is surprising to say the least. In fact you don't seem to have read the pieces themselves as they both state the source. I suppose I should apologise for presenting some evidence that doesn't conform to your views.

    "There are two ways to slide easily through life: to believe everything or to doubt everything; both ways save us from thinking."
    - Alfred Korzybski

  71. Sweet Jesus, you must be 12 years old a.wrong. Are you quoting right out of the 911 Commission Report? I rest my case - like I said, your ignorance is too far advanced for you to even speak. Not just on this forum - in general.

    Please visit your local rehab center, pharmacist, psychic friends network or church.

    Good luck - you're gonna need a lot of it.

    I'd apologize, but this really was quite amusing.

    Thanks for the laugh.

    1. Who are you addressing???

  72. @blissless ignorance
    "If someone burglarized your car through a broken window, there is Evidence that – YOUR CAR WAS BROKEN INTO. Pardon the caps, but it seems as if you’re having trouble understanding the issue at hand. The evidence of the break-in may or may not Implicate a neighbor, or an ex, the paper boy, your brother who used it yesterday, Jared from Subway or the Taliban – it does not declare WHO broke into it, but the fact that your belongings are no longer in your car, it pretty much rules out that it wasn’t just a stray golf ball or a rock spat out of a lawn mower. The possibility of it implicating someone is born when you ask your brother if he knows anything and he says nothing or hangs up the phone or refuses to talk about it. Well then there’s reason to believe he may either be IMPLICATED in the burglary or have information on who did. I hope to God that you get this analogy."

    If your brother hangs up the phone and refuses to talk about it then there is reason to believe that he is inplicated. You might be even more convinced if
    - your brother had previously declared publicly that he was going to damage or steal your property
    - he had previously damaged your property
    - there were also 100 people outside your house when your car was broken into who said they saw your brothers car stop at your door and someone get out, smash the window with a tyre iron, steal your belongings and drive away.
    - you find out that your brother and some friends of his were practicing breaking into cars
    - a tyre iron is found in your car and there is one of the same type missing from your brothers car.

    But then a neighbour knocks on your door and says ' I don't think your brother is responsible at all , I think you pretended that someone broke into your car , just so you could blame it on your brother. In fact I think a golf ball damaged your car and you arranged for someone to hit that golfball and the 100 people outside your house are all lying about it. '
    You look at him and slam the door in his face.
    Off he goes and sets up a website where he says that you slammed the door in his face and refused to answer his questions so this is evidence of your guilt and involvement in a cover up. He puts up a photograph of the broken window in your car with someone standing in front of it so you can only see a small part of the hole in the window and says 'the hole is too small to steal his belongings' and that this damage could only be caused by a small object like a golf ball. He doesn't show the picture of the car window where you can see there is a large hole in the window. And all the other neighbours who never really liked you read his website and start looking up things about you and about your brother - that you had previously helped him financially , that the damage to your car could only be caused by explosives, very probably an explosive golfball - that a neighbour said ' I heard what sounded like an explosion outside'. They find out that some of the people who saw your brother breaking into your car are journalists.... Some of them actually work for the same company that you work for. Since this was your car you would have plenty of opportunity to fake the damage to it. Someone points out that you are in fact a keen golfer...coincidence? yeah right. They say that you claimed on the car insurance that you had just recently taken out! How despite this warning by your brother that he was going to damage your property, you had left your car outside instead of putting it in the garage. The evidence against you mounts until it is overwhelming , so that only a blind sleeping fool could believe the 'official bs fairytale story' about your brother being responsible. Anyone who goes on the website and says maybe his brother was responsible is told "How dare you! " and is accused of trying to disrupt their forum and of having 'hidden ulterior motives to discourage or disinform us'
    You hear all these accusations and you say that 'people shouldn't believe all these outrageous conspiracy theories....' More evidence of a coverup!!

  73. @blissless ignorance
    Washington Post May 2002

    “…Miller has kept in touch with many of the families. Five months after the crash, once the long, painstaking identification process was completed, he realized he had one larger duty remaining. Finally, some fragment of each of the dead had been positively identified, either by DNA or, in a few cases, fingerprints. So now the remains were going to be returned, he says, “and some people were going to look inside the caskets and I wanted them to know it would be shocking. I had to explain . . .”

    So Miller arranged for a mass meeting at a New Jersey hotel in February at which 88 people representing 36 of the 40 families gathered with officials to discuss belated funeral arrangements and to confront other painful questions: What should happen to all the “unassociated effects,” the thousands of pieces of possessions that could not be identified? What about the ultimate resting place of the unidentifiable remains, which are commingled and include tissue of both victims and hijackers? Burial? Cremation? And where would the remains go? There are no answers yet, and some of these questions will be addressed in the memorial design process, in which Miller urged the families to collectively take a leading role. “

  74. @blissless ignorance
    Extract from a newsletter from DMORT (Disaster Mortuary Operational Response Team ) January 2002

    DMORT III Update
    By Paul Sledzik
    Commander, DMORT III

    While several DMORT teams were deployed to New York to assist in the World Trade Center collapse response, the members of DMORT III traveled to Somerset, Pennsylvania, to provide victim identification services for the crash of United 93. The flight, which crashed in nearby Shanksville, carried 38 passengers and 6 crew. Among the passengers were four terrorists.

    The Pennsylvania Team

    The response was augmented by personnel from several other DMORT regions, in addition to two new DMORT specialty teams. Local responders and members of the state funeral director association also provided assistance. The team arrived on September 13 at the Somerset County National Guard armory, where the morgue had been organized. After meeting with the local and federal authorities, the team went to work on setting up the morgue operation. The local jurisdiction did a superb job of providing basic equipment for the facility.

    This response marked several firsts, all of note because of their importance for future responses. These included the deployment of the DNA team, the establishment of protocols documenting the operation of each morgue section, responding under a memorandum of understanding with the FBI, the response of the FAC team and the collection of family blood reference samples, the inclusion of a formal triage station as the first morgue station, and the first use of the Kenyon International Services mobile morgue.

    The FBI was the lead authority in the investigation because of the criminal nature of the crash. Although victim identification responsibilities resided with the local coroner, his capabilities were severely taxed. Attempts to have the site declared a federal disaster through the state proved unsuccessful. The FBI stepped in to establish a memorandum with HHS that allowed DMORT to respond. During the activation, the crash site was under the control of the FBI; the DMORT operation focused on the morgue and the family assistance center.

    Since the DMORT morgue was deployed to New York, we relied on the mobile morgue of Kenyon International Services, Inc. Kenyon did an outstanding job of outfitting the morgue and providing supplies for the operation. The Kenyon team served as the “red shirts”, locating supplies through local channels, tracking down unique equipment, and supporting the morgue operation to the fullest.

    Pennsylvania Morgue Site

    In their first response, the DMORT DNA team, headed by Dr. Joyce deJong, worked closely with personnel from the Armed Forces DNA Identification Lab (AFDIL). Given the particulars of the crash, DNA identification played a primary role in this response. The DNA team had trained earlier in 2001 at AFDIL, and the coordinated response with AFDIL proved beneficial.

    The DMORT Family Assistance Center team, who had just completed training a few weeks before September 11, had their first chance to deploy to Pennsylvania and New York. In Pennsylvania, the team was headed by Cindy Arnold. The FAC team worked out of the Seven Spring Mountain resort, the site of the family center established by United Airlines. They worked closely with United, the Red Cross, and the NTSB to collect victim information. The national travel restrictions posed some problems in obtaining records, and some families chose not to travel to the assistance center. Collecting family reference blood samples for DNA analysis was established. A DMAT nurse collected and documented the samples from family members and helped to collect direct reference samples.

    Given the legal investigative aspects of the crash, a decision was made to produce written protocols for each section of the morgue operation. Under the direction of Marilyn London, each section of the morgue operation produced a written protocol explaining how the section worked. These protocols were compiled, producing a document describing the particulars of the United 93 morgue operation. These protocols will serve as a tool to describe morgue procedures in the event of legal proceedings.

    Given some of the concerns involving the numbering and processing of remains at previous responses, a triage station was established. Staffed by a pathologist, an anthropologist, and a dentist, the triage team sorted through the remains, first separating personal effects from remains. Once the personal effects were transferred to the FBI, the remains were examined to ascertain their potential for identification. Potentially identifiable remains were assigned a sequential number, a file was created, and the specimen was carried through the morgue operation. Non-identifiable remains were stored in containers, weighed daily, and stored in a separate area of the refrigerated truck. The triage process helped to focus work on remains that would most likely lead to identification, eliminated unidentifiable remains from the morgue flow (also reducing unnecessary paperwork), and greatly simplified the numbering system.

    The DMORT response began on September 13 and concluded on September 25. While on site, ten positive identifications were made through dental and fingerprint examinations. As of December 2001, 40 of the passengers and crew had been positively identified. Four unique DNA profiles, representing the terrorists, have also been isolated. Thus, all passengers and crew have been identified to the extent possible.

    DMORT III and their colleagues from Regions IV, V, IX, and X are honored to have served the brave passengers and crew of United 93, the “flight of heroes”. The support and camaraderie between the local officials, the FBI, and the DMORT teams proved invaluable to team morale. While isolated from the events in New York and Washington, the team focused intently on their work. Each team member held a deep understanding of the importance of their role in providing the highest level of care to these victims.

  75. Hey Ampex1, thanks for the heads up. I am a moderator there, however we've been forced to embark on new sites with higher security, since much of our videos and official documentation are either being suppressed or outright "bulldozed" off the site without even having the common courtesy of notifying

    Funny how conspiracy 'theorists', as many call us, are persecuted to such lengths. The attacks on PFT911 as well a many others is a clear sign that are no more theories here.

    God continues to bless America - but America must return to the fundamental values that made it the great nation it is today; if we are to deserve being blessed.

  76. A.DeadWrong - the 1st thing we need to know here is: Are you really interested in knowing the answers to the questions you are posing? That old coin you toss has two sides. Let us say, for argument's sake, that by some miracle, Congress decides to exercise their Constitutional power to disseminate all the information held back from us by our gov't, tomorrow; and writings, videos, recordings, military as well as civilian personnel along with transcripts all came out from hiding to show the truth...based on your stance on the subject, something tells me you would reject most if not all of it, discarding it as hoax and fabrication of all sorts. You see the problem here isn't the proof that has been exhaustively presented for 9 and some'odd years...unbeknownst of which you with extreme bias and prejudice, have chosen to blindly reject or rule out; it's not about scientist and architects from around the world, not just from Yale or Harvard or even Europe, AROUND THE WORLD, conclusively and unanimously without shadow of a doubt, with unflinching resolve, redundantly contradict and CHALLENGE the allegations in the 911 Report. No, it's not about military personnel, both high ranking and non-commissioned offices testifying AGAINST the mainstream load of crap being fed to us - it's about your reluctance and denial to accept the flat fact, that not only have we been fed despicable lies, but that we've muddled through them for close to 10years without our overdue closure. That is, I hope that it is reluctance and not complacency since it almost strikes me as if you were "reaching" for an adverse reaction from us in some way shape or form so as to disrupt this forum or once again have hidden ulterior motives to discourage or disinform us. Your line of questioning not only proves that you Ignore the necessary information and/or facts to even listen in on a debate over this, but that even if you didn't, you are already rejecting any possibility of this not being the media-fed bs you've already come to terms with and learned to swallow.

    The Bush administration was never questioned over the extra-official evidence found. It wasn't until said administration itself negated the possibility to examine whatever evidence there WAS in the 1st place; this act alone - is what placed our government in America's list of suspects.

    If someone burglarized your car through a broken window, there is Evidence that - YOUR CAR WAS BROKEN INTO. Pardon the caps, but it seems as if you're having trouble understanding the issue at hand. The evidence of the break-in may or may not Implicate a neighbor, or an ex, the paper boy, your brother who used it yesterday, Jared from Subway or the Taliban - it does not declare WHO broke into it, but the fact that your belongings are no longer in your car, it pretty much rules out that it wasn't just a stray golf ball or a rock spat out of a lawn mower. The possibility of it implicating someone is born when you ask your brother if he knows anything and he says nothing or hangs up the phone or refuses to talk about it. Well then there's reason to believe he may either be IMPLICATED in the burglary or have information on who did. I hope to God that you get this analogy.

    If there was any PROOF of any negligence, criminal activity or wrongdoing in general on the government's behalf, we wouldn't be having this conversation, hence my use of the word "implicated". Now let me break this down for you, for it seems as if you're going to hurt yourself with all the reaching in your response. Aside from the fact that evidence to PROVE: that there was no plane in Shanksville, evidence that PROVES that it was NOT a plane that hit the Pentagon, evidence that irrefutably PROVES that the 3 WTC buildings did not disintegrate as a result of two airliners crashing into them and a few fires, but were DEMOLISHED using high tech explosives and tecniques, or some other high tech devices/methods. This is only but a fraction of the evidence gathered absent the Bush administration's compliance to provide it.

    I will not rehash the "facts" over 9/11, especially with someone raising petty questions over military pilot protocols; as if you had some way to "corroborate" or something of importance to do with this information or as if this was even relevant to the points we are all making here, as WTC commented - I was responding to a comment YOU made early in this page, that was absolutely wrong, Mr "Wright". Even if I as a pilot were not prohibited to divulge details of any standing present-day protocols, I wouldn't waste my breath to explain it to you. Why? Because A. you are not equipped with the knowledge or references to acknowledge, confirm, accept or even comprehend such an explanation and B. all I would get from you, if anything at all would be a sigh, you will remain silent on the subject and I will have wasted 10 mins of my life with someone questioning what color was flight 75's pilot's shirt on 9/11. Everyone knows it's white, but it doesn't make a difference! Nevertheless, in the spirit of human hope and my tenacity to show you some form of light, I can say this, if and when fighter jets are unleashed over restricted air space, it is not to chit chat or negotiate with the target - pilots are already on high alert; rules of engagement and countermeasures along with SOPs have already left the table and awaiting a simple GO. Decision which is left up to the pilot's carefully informed decision should the call be left up to him, whether it's due to a communication breach or insufficient intel on command's behalf to call the shots. There are two possible outcomes to that scenario; the threat responds and complies or it is given an ultimatum and gets shot down. Plain and simple. Now that you've stored that away along with all other irrelevant information, let us move on.

    This is blatant abuse of the the Executive Branch of withhold information from legislative and judicial branches - yes, so long as this privilege and the national security reason[s] for which it is exercised, is not superseded by a higher national security risk, mandated by Congress and the governed, absent resignation or impeachment is considered; either way this secrecy cannot be absolute.
    Anyway, this too undermines the point in that if there is nothing to hide, why hide anything at all. Transparency is necessary in order to reach closure in all this. But Bush and his pals didn't want transparency, the goal was - War.

    That having been said, your problem lies in that it's not the evidence already at hand that you should be focusing on, but the lack of it from our gov't to challenge said existing evidence that IMPLICATES them in this hineous crime. Even if no scientific evidence existed, terrabytes of which do exist, the gov't has done absolutely nothing to retaliate the laundry list of doubts and unanswered questions as well as open accusations, speculations and incriminating evidence that places them as the culprit or an accessory to it.

    I say again, there is HARD COMPELLING EVIDENCE that the events of 9/11 did not occur in the manner that the Commission has led the American public to believe. This too is a FLA-T FAC-T. Let me break that down as well, because, something tells me I'll be wasting my time reading how I hyphenated flat fact...NO ONE here has said that anyone blew up the WTC and struck the Pentagon with a tactical projectile. If there was PROOF, many people would either be executed or imprisoned. The scientific evidence simply yields that the WTC was blown up, that it was a missile that struck the Pentagon, that Shanksville displays the aftermath of a fire but no fuselage or bodies or blood was ever said to be found, that WTC 7 was reported to have fallen as a result of fires, then later the same day Silverstein, the owner no less, OPENLY admitted to having it "pulled" or ordered for controlled demolition, that there were pools of molten metal under the WTC rubble in excess of 2000 degrees 5-6weeks later that exacerbated the NYFD's rescue efforts, the likes of which could never be produced without thermite, thermate or similar agent, NOT jet fuel, not burning printer toners or chairs; that not one of the "alleged" terrorists appeared anywhere on any of the flight manifests, some of which are STILL ALIVE; that Bin Laden was hospitalized or just released from hospitalization during the events, again...the list goes on.

    I spent 2 years trying to debunk what I had witnessed on television, in 2001. I am not an architect, nor do I know anything about architectural structure or buildings, but the moment I saw that 1st building come down, I INSTANTLY KNEW, this was not caused by a plane. INSTANTLY and so my mission to find a reasonable explantion for this began. Having seen and read and discussed with people in the US and abroad, once again, there was just too much sound and scientifically-backed evidence to ignore.

    There is one more fact present here however...and that is, you clearly have not seen all perspectives regarding 9/11 or are even open to looking at them and therefore, until you do, and I only speak for myself, I no longer consider you capable or even worthy of raising any other question other than, "can someone please brief me on the historical and scientifically documented accounts of 9/11, so that I may make a better informed decision on this subject?".

    When you change the way you look at things...the things you look at change. - Wayne Dyer

  77. Hi, WTC7

    I just shuddered, a little bit...

    I love being beaten by women... Let me get my wife to slap me around...

    Excuse me...

  78. Randy,

    Again, you provoked my smile :-). But don't be looking forward to my rule..... I'm carrying that semi-sized whip, from my horseback riding days.... :-)))). Just kidding, it's not that big at all.

    Good night Randy, and sweet dreams :-)

  79. Hi, WTC7!

    Yes, I understand. Especially as an American, we sling a lot of cr*p around the world and you get caught up in it!

    Also, I totally "get" the responsibility part of your argument. I certainly do not like being part of an Empire that does terrible things around the world...

    However, you will get your chance, again! History shows that we all go 'round and 'round...

    I am looking forward to being ruled by you!

  80. Randy,

    No wonder I like you :-).

    Just one small remark here, I live among human beings (on a daily basis if you can believe that) and I kind of realized what they are and what they are capable of... unfortunately sometimes. Anyway, I know by know (trust me, I'm not that young) that the humans change with difficulty, but they CAN change :-). I change all the time (not the color of my hair and don't use make-up) but I am not the same person I was 10 years ago. Humans can also learn, if they wish to, and with new knowledge they change - always. It is, however, the rigid societal rules and small-town mentality (even in big cities, even in countries) that prevents us sometimes to adopt and express opinions that differ from the ones established as a standard. It is also much more comfortable to live in accordance with those standards, no hassle, everybody around you sees you as a "normal" person. If you try to get out of that inside-the-box thinking, you are a weirdo and someone who doesn't fit. Well, sorry, I just don't think about some issues the same way as my next door neighbor. Tough!

    I myself would be the happiest person if I could live my life without thinking about politics and governments. But that would be a bit cowardly approach - I do live where I do, at the certain point in time, I can't change that. What I could change, but not alone, is to prevent being swindled around by people who were given power thanks to my vote. That's the society we live in and we have to take our part of responsibility in it. It's a responsibility, it's not a choice. Otherwise, we could escape into the mountains, far away from other people and their rules and be really happy....

  81. @ Mr Wright

    How dare you!

    There is overwhelming evidence the government either orchestrated it or allowed it to happen!

    Which is worse, I wonder? And does it make any difference? What do you think?

    In either case they are guilty of treason!

    The nuances of the treason are hidden in the vaults of the CIA and/or will probably be discussed over a glass of wine or whiskey with the good Saudi friends of the Bushes! With lots of laughter! Should someone decide to use the same methods of interrogation used on the alleged terrorists in the GTMO, then maybe soon we'll know all the details of this plot!!! Otherwise, as long as the two top government officials are allowed to choose how they will make their statements about it, under their conditions, with no public involved, what do you expect???!!

    My lengthy life experience living in a communist dictatorship taught me that as soon as people start using patriotism as argument, something sooooooo fishy is going on. No exceptions to it.

    When I went to the States in 1998 (mind you, several years before the 9/11 tragedy happened), I was interviewed by the US officials at the Schiphhol airport in Amsterdam (like everyone else boarding the plane) for some 10 minutes. Mohamed Atta got into the States, although he was already known to the CIA to belong to an extremist islamist group in Germany at that time, without problem???? He got a pilot license in the States???? Then the CIA stopped the operation Able Danger, which, among other suspected terrorists, was tracking this guy too?

    Please! And what is that you want to prove by asking for military pilots protocols in shooting down planes? What kind of futile and secondary importance discussion of what happened are you attempting to drag someone into here? That the pilots weren't authorized to shoot planes down without order? Yes, and so what? Shouldn't they have been where they were needed long before they were? No???? Why, please explain?

    There is no need for a discussion of whether hypothetically, even if evidence of OBL's connection to this event existed, it would have been fabricated. There is no evidence - period. You are employing typical demagoguery here and you should be ashamed.

  82. Hi, WTC7!

    Um... you kind of nailed my point but skirted it.

    You seemed to get what I was saying, but you don't get that human beings will always be this way.

    (And, I am terribly sorry about your husband... life can be cruel, but what are you gonna do? Just don't pi$$ Vlatko off, good lord he is a scary guy!)

    Listen, I am all about people, (domesticated primates), acting like the animals they are.

    This is my point... maybe I was too "lofty" for you?

    I study Nature and care nothing for gubments, they are simply monkeys creating tribes.

    Patriarchal, heirarchical, nonsense and noise!

    We are all in this, scrabbling around trying to feed ourselves and our families.

    I know you realize this.

    Gubments are responsible for great horrors. But we all have to eat.

  83. @blissless ignorance
    "the only parties implicated by all the hard evidence found, are high ranking officers, subordinates and related agencies within most if not all branches of our government."
    "Whether or not they orchestrated the attacks or allowed them to happen..."
    Do you know what hard evidence is? You're saying there is hard evidence and then in the next breath saying you don't know whether they orchestrated the events or allowed them to happen. And this is evidence that you say '.. we have at hand now, which is in no small way, compelling, scientifically conclusive and overwhelming.' And you don't know whether they 'orchestrated the events or allowed them to happen'. Doesn't say much for the idea of hard evidence. Waving your hand in the general direction of 'high ranking officers and subordinates and related agencies' - could you get more vague than that - and at the same time talking about hard evidence. It's ok though because it's the government , people can accuse them of anything, isn't everyone doing it? - isn't every patriot doing it? If you're a patriot you can raise your voice to accuse anyone and everyone who works for the government of being 'cowardly traitors' and of course it goes without saying that anyone who doesn't agree with your assessment of the evidence must be one of the guilty themselves , why else would they be defending the guilty?
    And you also say there isn't a single shred of evidence to link Bin Laden to 911 - so much for the big false flag operation intended to link Bin Laden to 911. Of course if there was evidence to link him to 911 you would say it was fabricated - it would be the easiest thing in the world to do - more proof that it was a false flag operation.
    Rumsfeld 'was directly involved with the disappearance of the 2.3 Trillion a day before the attacks;' . Any old nonsensical accusation will do.
    Can you refer me to the protocol for military pilots that says they are allowed to shoot down passenger planes without getting permission or orders from anyone, on the grounds that the plane has lost radio conntact with ATC and is heading for a building with a lot of people in it , such as an airport.

  84. Hi Randy,

    First, I read one of your posts on another thread and I just want to say I do feel for you and the physical pain you are going through. My husband also lives in pain for years now but he's a fighter and no one would ever notice... I also very much agree with what you said there about god, I personally would very much want to kick her a$$ as a small punishment for my husband.

    But now, please let me repeat what you said above and I'd like to ask you to confirm that I understood you well or correct me if I'm wrong.

    You generally deny gov't conspiracy with regard to 9/11 (as I understood you so far?).

    You say now that it was the Saudi Arabia who was behind the attack.

    That the then US gov't knew it (after all, most of the alleged attackers were Saudis, weren't they?) but chose not to blame them because they are so important for the US economy (and their personal one, I imagine)?

    So, if the US gov't needed for practical reasons - one of those being e.g. showing the US citizens their gov't is not sitting idly - to attack Afghanistan, why then attack Iraq? IF that was the reason, which it wasn't.

    But ok, even if that was the case, you would still claim there is no government conspiracy? You said yourself they were covering up for the Saudis... After 3 thousand innocent Americans/people died, they preferred to cover up for Saudis?

    Ok, fair enough, but if you can believe that, why would you so fervently deny a more direct involvement of such a criminal bunch in the death of their citizens? Only because you simply can't believe they could have done it? And all that only as a hypothesis, because I absolutely agree with BI - there's not a shred of evidence that would involve the Saudis, so far anyway.

  85. I'm not going to debunk what you're saying Randy - but because there is absolutely no Evidence to suggest ANY specific individual, group, or country as of yet, the only parties implicated by all the hard evidence found, are high ranking officers, subordinates and related agencies within most if not all branches of our government. Their unwillingness and reluctance to participate in a full disclosure of any and all events surrounding 9/11, further incriminates and smears the very office they hold along with whatever testimony they can muster. Whether or not they orchestrated the attacks or allowed them to happen, makes them liable and responsible just the same, if not worse since perpetrating these acts makes them vicious traitors; letting others do it for them makes them COWARDLY traitors.

    Unless you have hard evidence to support Saudi involvement or collaboration I would confine myself to the evidence we have at hand now, which is in no small way, compelling, scientifically conclusive and overwhelming.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm all for open-mindedness and considering any new information that leads to the truth, but right now, what we have is a whole lot of evidence, most of which suggests and proves that this was an inside job with a less-than-incompetent cover up, as well as disproves most if not all of the the 9/11 Commission's allegations.

    Adding culprits for which no evidence exists adds to confusion and inevitably mis/disinformation.

    No disrespect sir but as you so eloquently put it, this truly is the best example of your closing comment - it just doesn't get any more practical than this.

  86. Bin Laden is a CIA puppet. We all know this.

    We trained him to fight Russians and now he turned against us... this happens with us all the time!

    Saddem was another creature of the CIA...

    Who cares! This is well known.

    The real enemy was Saudi Arabia. They hit our towers, but we covered that up, because... well... we can't be mad at the Saudis...

    They have all the oil, after all.

    Plus, trillions of dollars in our banks. If they ever decided to pull that money away from us? Instant poverty, for all of us.

    So, practicality reigns.

    Allow me to repeat that:

    Practicality reigns.

  87. Correction: There ISN'T a single shred of evidence linking him to 9/11.

  88. Good point WTC7.

    Why is it that the "official" 911 Commission Report declares a list of crimes perpetrated by Bin Laden, OTHER than 9/11?

    Simple: There's a single shred of evidence linking him to 9/11.

    Intelligence negotiations, which the CIA claims to've made with Bin Laden, never take place on a hospital bed, which is where he was on 9/11, under dialysis for serious kidney infections - The American Hospital in Dubai on Sep 10th. The CIA knew Osama was at the American Hospital in Dubai. They've always known his whereabouts. Rather than negotiate, they could have arrested him. He was on the FBI most wanted list. Rumsfeld's answer to this question? Hew knew he was in Dubai, but no further comments.

    If Bush & Cheney had nothing to hide, why did they practically gag the press when they had both initially agreed to be debriefed UNDER OATH via a public hearing, separately? Instead the press was given 15mins, no transcripts, no writing, no video, no documentation, and they were to be interviewed together.

    Rumsfeld has been raping America since before Nixon and deserves to serve 5 consecutive life sentences for his treacheries. He alone has been responsible for more deaths than malaria, the black plague, and world-wide starvation combined and was directly involved with the disappearance of the 2.3 Trillion a day before the attacks; during which, by the way, was nowhere to be found? As Secretary of Defense he was 2nd in command after the President..not a single order, not a single piece of attack news to him, thwart his resolve to complete a so-called meeting he was having in the Pentagon on the morning of 9/11. He's seen in pictures after the Pentagon missile strike, helping the wounded. Seriously? We don't have enough medics or FEMA personnel? Shouldn't you be in your Department? Defending?

    And we're supposed to believe these conniving liars? As long as people continue to reject the facts, we will never rid ourselves of these monsters. 2 or 3 people can't do much, but if we unite - well then we can surely demand justice.

    Even if all 9/11 truth seekers were wrong in their speculations, conclusions and the hard evidence was somehow damaged goods or planted - none of it can ever be challenged as long as our Government's denial to provide the necessary proof to their story, remains. Logic.

    If it's truth you seek, no one here will prove it to you, for everything everyone here written is more than enough to make a believer out of most, but because you refuse to see, YOU must seek and find it for yourself. You must ask to be enlightened even if for a short while. Don't believe anyone; seeking the truth on your own, is the safest way.

    Good luck in your journey, sir.

  89. Mr Wright! You are still alive!

    Since you never responded to why are the witnesses who saw the plane hitting Pentagon more trustworthy than the ones who heard explosions prior to the collapse of the towers, I thought you must have been sent off to a far away country and were not able to provide such an important clarification... But here you are again! Mentioning OBL must have triggered the little devices in your Office computer and woke you up :-).

    9/11 is a false flag operation, but you forget that nobody claims that every single Administration official was part of it. On the contrary, it most probably included relatively few conspirators. Afghanistan was attacked on the basis of a political decision, immediately after the tragedy of 9/11, and nobody asked questions. The US admin never gave any evidence that OBL is guilty for the attack, but who is to initiate legal proceedings against them for an illegal act? Which court? It was political, it was never in the realm of law.

    But if the FBI looks for someone and that one is found and put before the court, the claim that this person is guilty as charged would have to be proven and hard evidence provided, which the Feds don't have. That's why they don't take a chance.

    As an example of illegal acts of a state that were never sanctioned and were purely politically motivated and claimed to be based on 'hard evidence', is the attack on Iraq accused of possessing weapons of mass destruction (WMDs). 7 years after the invasion on Iraq, every bird in the sky knows that WMDs were BS pretext to accomplish political (& economic) interests and that there was never any evidence, let alone 'hard evidence' of those weapons. Have you heard of any of the perpetrators being jailed? Accused of war crimes? I haven't.

    Talking about Iraq and violent people, have you ever seen videos of the children in Iraq massacred by the weapons of their American 'liberators'? Watch it, it may make you sick in the stomach but it may also help your brainwashed mind remember you are still a human being, not just an American, or whatever else...

  90. That Osama Bin Laden sounds pretty violent , prepared to massacre men women and children indescrimately in massive terrorist attacks. Is he the same 'arab guy with a beard sitting in a cave in Afghanistan' who couldn't possibly be responsible for massacring men women and children indescrimiately in massive terrorist attacks? I wish I knew why people who say 911 was a false flag operation intended to put the blame on Bin Laden can look at the FBI website and say 'look they haven't put the blame on Bin Laden!'.... The most important part of a false flag operation is to plant the evidence against the person you want to blame for it. They must have forgotten. Nine years later they still forgot - the most important part, the false flag bit.

  91. And OBL is wanted by the US authorities for what? Well, certainly not for the 9/11.

    FBI joined the conspiracy nuts long time ago.... hehehehe

    Here is what OBL is wanted for, as stated on the official FBI web-site (if anyone spots anything relating him to the September 11, 2001 event, please let me know, that would mean I'm blind):


    Murder of U.S. Nationals Outside the United States; Conspiracy to Murder U.S. Nationals Outside the United States; Attack on a Federal Facility Resulting in Death

    REWARD: The Rewards For Justice Program, United States Department of State, is offering a reward of up to $25 million for information leading directly to the apprehension or conviction of Usama Bin Laden. An additional $2 million is being offered through a program developed and funded by the Airline Pilots Association and the Air Transport Association.

    Usama Bin Laden is wanted in connection with the August 7, 1998, bombings of the United States Embassies in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and Nairobi, Kenya. These attacks killed over 200 people. In addition, Bin Laden is a suspect in other terrorist attacks throughout the world.

    Bin Laden is the leader of a terrorist organization known as Al-Qaeda, "The Base". He is left-handed and walks with a cane.

  92. To make it easy on the debunkers of this video. Let us suppose, take the hypothetical trip to an alternate reality of the 911 events, assume that what has been told to the American public is all true; it was Bin Laden, or Alice from Wonderland or the rainbow Pikachu, Snookie or whoever. There is but one questions that resounds in the echos of your alleged hall of truth:

    Why has the gov't suppressed the American public and issued dozens of gag orders to businesses, organizations, agencies and individuals alike, of all evidence and information available about that 9/11?

    All the mysterious deaths of military personnel as well as civilians, directly related to the events on that day can't all be coincidence! Why would they melt and use the WTC remains to build some ship? I mean, it would have been nice to commemorate and honor those affected by this tragedy, HAD we been given the chance to openly examine it but we weren't. All this along with the relentless stifling effect of the gagging and stonewalling from this administration as well as the last, about the facts on 911, creates a black hole that defeats and devours any and all credibility of what our leaders and their mass media have "officially" rendered as the facts. This isn't an opinion, that last comment is not a fairytale, it's not even my personal point of view - this is tangible common sense. It's sheer logic.

    Providing palpable evidence and information with an official government report on anything whatsoever, moreso over a terrorist act of this nature and magnitude, is simply a natural course of... scratch that, a REQUIREMENT of such a report. Otherwise, it is an essay, a hypothesis, a novel or story - or even fiction. It is an account of events that cannot be readily categorized, verified or easily referenced - and thus cannot be admitted as fact. Those expecting approval for submitting a report of this kind should be found guilty of treason at best.

    Like they say in the video, officers in active duty during Pearl Harbor, which was an early day 911 [yes it too was allowed to happen read your historical papers] were reprimanded, maybe not to the extent they were supposed to be, but they surely weren't promoted.

    In order to comprehend this there are two fundamental practices you must embrace: 1. Adamant and relentless vigilance of your freedom and 2. learn your history and how to avoid repeating it. Read about how Vietnam and both World Wars were methodically manipulated. That's right, all of this happened to perpetuate the most profitable business in the modern world: WAR. Research on old writings, not just the internet, for the net is bloated with misinformation or blatant disinformation.

    Your duty, your obligation and #1 calling in life as an American is to safeguard our freedom and the Constitution that pronounces and guarantees it - without question or hesitation. This is how our country has remained free in the past. It's a no-brainer. Sad part is because of the mental fragility and indifference, like the kind you've displayed, we're slowly losing ground. It is not believing ridiculously implausible bits of accounts absent of evidence at the first glance. Thomas Jefferson suggested we rebel every 20 years or so just to keep our government in check; even at the slightest bit of impropriety.

    It only takes a few to make it as it took 1/3 of the 12 colonies to fight and win the Revolutionary war. So ask yourself; do you want to be a part of that 1/3? or the thirds that stood idly. Or worse...the third that fought against us!

    Life is about choices - you can't choose wisely if you don't pursue the truth. Strengthen your mind, learn to think for yourself, educate yourself and yours. Put the TV remote down, grab a book - get involved; with your own family for starters. It's not the perseverance of evil men that threatens the free world, it is the indifference of the good ones. ie:

    All that is required for evil to prevail is that good men do nothing! - Ed Burke

    The penalty good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men. - Plato

  93. You people can't afford to be this naive. As far as I'm concerned those proposing that this video is a fake or that is making unfounded claims or any other comment to debunk, clearly is either a disinformation agent or in dire need of psychiatric help. It doesn't take an architect to question how 110 floors of steel armored and reinforced concrete could turn to dust and collapse at near free-fall speed by the impact and some bonfires that can be clearly seen; let alone TWO, then THREE towers collapse in the exact same fashion. This alone proves, not creates the doubt, PROVES that these buildings were brought down on purpose. If you want to nitpick at details, ask yourself this. The details pointed out in this forum about Bin Laden's lips or Gore Vidal's comments or whatever else that is indirectly relevant to the real issues, are ridiculously petty at best. 911 was supposed to've happened during the Clinton administration, in 93, but Congress ruled that the damage suffered was insufficient to launch us into war. Read your papers, history and real news. I feel for you A. Wrong, for there is no one more blind that those who refuse to see. The debris that was picked up at the Pentagon were hauled away in human hands! They were identifying pieces of a tactical projectile. Open your eyes.

    Why up until today, has the standing administration denied access to footage, black boxes, documentation, and any other information to "prove" the Official 911 Report?

    Please, I beg that if you know how to read, do not take another step in life with this oblivious indifference. It is clear that 9/11 was the opening performance to this 10yr war that has made trillions for Halliburton, The Bilderberg group, Carlysle Group, The Federal Reserve, among a host of other elite organizations. Pull your heads out of your asses, pardon my greek, and do some critical thinking. If you don't care about thinking, then at least refrain from having children. The events allowed to happen in 2001 has dominoed into the Patriot Act, Homeland Security, the suspension of Posse Commitatus, Real ID, Financial Collapse, Creation of the Amero, Perpetuation of Wiretapping, citizen surveillance - the list of liberty-depriving laws and initiatives goes on. If we disprove 9/11, the administration today as we know it would come to a halt. All those trillions spent on Homeland Security, War, Surveillance, airport security,'s just unfathomable what this 911 monster has spawned.


    T H I N K P E O P L E ! ! !

    Thank you.


    Just so you know, fighter pilots have security protocols that carry with them prescriptive conditions; in the event that there is a communication breach, a pilot can and will shoot down an airborne vehicle or threat heading towards a high rate casualty target, such as a building with 20k people in it, and can make this decision ON HIS OWN ON THE FLY, no pun intended.


    My father was a pilot, I am a pilot, and my brother is one too. This is why UAV's have not and cannot replace human pilots.

  94. If you look at the scientific data research done on the collapse, you will find that normal implosions of buildings result in a 12 to 15% debris pile afterwards. The twin tower debris is less than 3 stories high, not the 12 to 15 stories high that it should be. The Concrete and steel can be seen to vaporize as it collapses which is impossible by explosives alone. It is believed that some form of the Hutchinson effect was used as well as the super thermite which contained the toxins resulting in so many deaths of the cleanup crews.

  95. my comments to zero is that building came down because the impact of
    the plane hits the building. i think people are confuse about what
    happen at the time people where in shock at the time people who was in the building at time of impact did not know what was going on they know something happen they cant tell what wrong so people panic
    people here explosive inside, it maybe the pipe line of gas pipe
    explosive water mixing electricity cable line that sound like
    explosive i can understand people feeling about what they here,
    but for me the bottom line is the impact of the plane gas pipe line electricity cable bring tower down.

  96. @a wrong . it seems to me you just dont want to accept the truth there are over 1200 architechts and engineers currently involved in the 911 truth movement so i suppose they must all just be incompetent and dont know what they are talking about the same goes for pilots for truth . i hope i never walk into a building designed or built by one of these guys or fly in a plane piloted by one of them because they obviously dont know there professions . wake up mate .

  97. @ WTC7 & Ampexone -- Understood and so true. Thank you!

  98. The truth is the most bitter pill to swallow.

  99. Impossible to Prove a Falsehood True

    by George Nelson
    Colonel, USAF (ret.)

    The precautionary principle is based on the fact that its impossible to prove a false claim to be true. Failure to prove a false premise true does not automatically make it false but caution is called for, especially in the case of a world-changing event like the alleged terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 . After five long years, our government has provided the public with no physical evidence to support its claim that the attacks were the work of Muslim terrorists, or even that the identity of the aircraft that struck their targets on September 11 was the same as those specified in the 9/11 Commission's report. As explained below, it would be a simple matter to confirm the identity of each of the four aircraft, and until such physical proof of identity is forthcoming, no conclusions can be scientifically drawn to support the official story as being accurate. This is a precaution against rushing to judgment. At this point, it could just as easily be assumed that the 911 hijackings were part of a black operation carried out with full cooperation of elements within our own government.

    In July, 1965 I had just been commissioned a Second Lieutenant in the U. S. Air Force after taking a solemn oath that I would protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and that I would bear true faith and allegiance to the same. I took that oath very seriously, and it was my constant companion throughout a thirty-year military career in the field of aircraft maintenance.

    As an additional duty, aircraft maintenance officers are occasionally tasked as members of aircraft accident investigation boards and my personal experience was no exception. In 1989 I graduated from the Aircraft Mishap Investigation Course at the Institute of Safety and Systems Management at the University of Southern California . In addition to my direct participation as an aircraft accident investigator, I reviewed countless aircraft accident investigation reports for thoroughness and comprehensive conclusions for the Inspector General, HQ Pacific Air Forces during the height of the Vietnam conflict.

    In all my years of direct and indirect participation, I never witnessed nor even learned of an aircraft loss, where the wreckage was accessible, that prevented investigators from finding enough hard evidence to positively identify the make, model, and specific registration number of the aircraft --- and in most cases, even determining the precise cause of the accident. This is because every military and civilian passenger-carrying aircraft have many parts that are identified for safety of flight. That is, if any of the parts were to fail at any time during a flight, the failure would likely result in the catastrophic loss of aircraft and passengers. Consequently, these parts are individually controlled by a distinctive serial number and tracked by a records section of the maintenance operation and by another section called plans and scheduling.

    Following a certain number of flying hours or, in the case of landing gears, a certain number of takeoff-and-landing cycles, these critical parts are required to be replaced, overhauled or inspected by specialist mechanics. The plans and scheduling section will notify maintenance specialists with a work order when the parts must be replaced. When the parts are installed, the completed work order will have serial numbers of the parts married to the aircraft registration number and it will be returned to the records section for updating in the aircraft records. If the parts are not replaced within specified time or cycle limits the airplane will normally be grounded until the maintenance action is completed. Most of these time-change parts, whether hydraulic flight surface actuators, pumps, landing gears, engines or engine components, are virtually indestructible. It would be impossible for an ordinary fire resulting from an airplane crash to destroy or obliterate all of those critical time-change parts or their serial numbers. I repeat, impossible.

    Considering the catastrophic incidents of September 11 2001 , certain troubling but irrefutable conclusions must be drawn from the known facts, and I get no personal pleasure or satisfaction from reporting my assessment of these facts.

    United Airlines Flight 93

    This flight was reported by the federal government to be a Boeing 757 aircraft, registration number N591UA, carrying 45 persons, including four Arab hijackers who had taken control of the aircraft, crashing the plane in a Pennsylvania farm field.

    Aerial photos of the alleged crash site were made available to the general public. They show a shallow, smoking hole in the ground, but private investigators were not allowed to come anywhere near the alleged crash site. If an aircraft crash caused the hole in the ground, there would have literally hundreds of serially controlled time-change parts within the hole that would have proven beyond any shadow of doubt the precise tail-number or identity of the aircraft. However, the government has not produced any physical evidence that would prove beyond doubt, the specific identity of the aircraft that allegedly crashed at that site. On the contrary, it was reported that the aircraft, registry number N591UA, was still in operation for several weeks after September 11, 2001 .

    American Airlines Flight 11

    This flight was reported by the government to be a Boeing 767-200, registration number N334AA, carrying 92 people, including foreign nationals who had hijacked the plane. This plane was reported to have crashed into the north tower of the WTC complex of buildings.

    Again, the government would have no trouble proving its case if only a few of the hundreds of serially controlled parts had been collected to positively identify the aircraft. A Boeing 767 landing gear or just one engine would have been easy to find and identify.

    United Airlines Flight 175

    This flight was reported to be a Boeing 767-200, registration number N612UA, carrying 65 people, including the crew and five hijackers. It reportedly flew into the south tower of the WTC.

    Once more, the government has yet to produce even one serially controlled part from the crash site that would have dispelled any questions as to the identity of the specific airplane.

    American Airlines Flight 77

    This was reported to be a Boeing 757, registration number N644AA, carrying 64 people, including the flight crew and five hijackers. This aircraft, with a 125-foot wingspan, was reported to have crashed into the Pentagon, leaving an entry hole no more than 16 feet wide.

    Following a cool-down of the resulting fire, this crash site would have been very easy to collect enough time-change equipment within 15 minutes to positively identify the aircraft registry. There was apparently some aerospace type of equipment found at the site but no attempt was made to produce serial numbers or to identify the specific parts found. Some of the equipment removed from the building was actually hidden from public view.


    The government alleges that four wide-body airliners crashed on the morning of September 11 2001 , resulting in the deaths of more than 3,000 human beings, yet not one piece of hard aircraft evidence has been produced in an attempt to positively identify any of the four aircraft. On the contrary, it seems only that all potential evidence was deliberately kept hidden from public view. The hard evidence would have included hundreds of critical time-change aircraft items, plus security videotapes that were confiscated by the FBI immediately following each tragic episode.

    With all the evidence readily available at the Pentagon crash site, any unbiased, rational investigator could only conclude that a Boeing 757 did not fly into the Pentagon as alleged. Similarly, with all the evidence available at the Shanksville, Pennsylvania crash site, it was most doubtful that a passenger airliner caused the obvious hole in the ground and certainly not the Boeing 757 as alleged. Regarding the planes that allegedly flew into the two WTC towers, it appears that heavy aircraft were involved in each case, but no evidence has been produced that would support the government's version of what actually caused the total destruction of the buildings, let alone proving the identity of the aircraft. That is the central problem with the government's 911 story.

    As painful and heartbreaking as was the loss of innocent lives and the lingering health problems of thousands more, a most troublesome and nightmarish probability remains that so many Americans appear to have been involved in the most heinous conspiracy in our country's history.

    Footnote: It has now been more than five years since the tragic events of 9/11/01 , and still the general public has seen no physical evidence that should have been collected at each of the four crash sites, (a routine requirement during mandatory investigations of each and every major aircraft crash.) The National Transportation Safety Board has announced on its website that responsibility for the investigations and reports have been assigned to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, but the FBI has refused to publicly release any copies of their mandatory investigations. The FBI response to a request for copies of their reports under the Freedom of Information Act was a refusal. The agency claimed that their investigation reports were "in a file", and that the FBI was exempt from FOIA release, "due to the sensibilities of surviving families of the crash victims".

    Copyright © 2006-2010 PilotsForTruth. All Rights Reserved.

  100. @ John,

    You are absolutely right actually, and my comment, intended primarily to point out the weakness of the argument of those who take the official conspiracy as a fact proven beyond doubt, wasn't really appropriate.

    1. YOU! (*~*) MMMmmWAAaaaH!

  101. The truth is quite well known, especially that the story as given by the government doesnt match the evidence. Therefore you have a cover up in progress which means a conspiracy. A conspiracy against your country is high treason. Without a proper indictment and trial of the perpatraitors, the whole truth will stay concealed. They are trying to drag the ex British Prime Minister Tony Blair into the Hague for war crimes, but they keep getting stonewalled. Again, a massive coverup in progress. Why not let him be charged and stand trial? If he is innocent he goes free? Nope, not gonna happen, we have to protect the insiders. But a lot of people are determined to seek justice, and one day hopefully they succeed before its too late.

  102. @ WTC7,

    Same here, but I don't know about hoping there are others like AW. Individuals like AW are dangerous when they have an agenda and the dumb and ignorant majority are on their side. Let's hope our people start waking up to the cold, hard truth! On the other hand... God help us all when the truth is discovered and publicized. It will not be pretty. For this reason I understand the AWs of the world.

  103. @ John,

    Pleased to make acquaintance :-).

    If A. W. is the calibre of the gov't infiltrators, then I sure hope they send some more :-)

    1. LOVE (>_<)

  104. A. Wright's is on mark by saying that convincing people that black is white is easy, This is what the government and news media has been feeding us all this time and what A.W. and people like him have been clearly brainwashed to believe in.

    A.W. and people like him need to start realizing that they are the one that are not seeing that "black is actually black and white is in fact white", and "that there are all kinds of shades of gray in between". The truth hurts my friends and it's clear that A.W. and people like him either are not ready to or do not want to face the hurtful truth! In A.W.'s case it's also possible he works for a group charged with coming on to these sites and trying to continue the real conspiracy perpetrated by the govt. Also, for the record, I was at the WTC on 9/11 coming out of the train station when I heard the rumbling below. So that was not a lie.

    It's incredulous that any sane and intelligent person cannot believe a single piece of information in these videos which, regardless of where they were made, carry the same theme and share many of the same believable and reasonable facts. AW shouldn't be surprised at GV, but be surprised at himself completely buying into the govt's hogwash and retelling it as if he had any true inside knowledge into it!

  105. @ A. Wright,

    A large number of witnesses have also stated that they heard and felt explosions just before the fall of the WTC buildings 1 & 2. And many of those were firemen and policemen. The official 911 story denies that.

    Now, isn't that strange - on the one hand, the official story is full of witness accounts about a plane hitting the Pentagon (and they are all credible, I assume), whereas on the other, they don't even mention witnesses who heard explosions at the WTC site (those must not really be too credible, or what?). I find it a bit confusing, don't you?

    The official 9/11 report excludes a few very important things from their report, that for itself should be an alert signal:

    - there is no mention of the witness accounts about explosions,
    - there is no mention of the WTC 7.

    Now, while the official 9/11 report omits the WTC 7 altogether, the BBC on the other hand reports on its fall before it actually happened...

    Dear A. Wright, until such issues are clarified to the last, until all unanswered questions are answered by those who hold the responsibility to provide them to the American people, until all the confiscated and classified photos and documents are made available to the public (such as pictures of the supposed pieces of the plane wreckage inside the Pentagon and the videos from surrounding buildings, etc.), until then nobody, and I repeat nobody, has the right to just accept the story which is obviously full of holes. Until then, everybody's duty is to cast doubt on everything we were told about this terrible day... And it was 9 years ago... today...

    1. I- (>_<)

  106. @Ampexone
    The official story of what happened at the Pentagon is what people witnessed. When reporters arrived there they asked people what happen, what they saw, and the people who were there told them. Every single thing that has happen afterwards confirmeded that it is what happened. The reason any disparity has arisen is that a whole load of people who weren't there ,including french people who were 3000 miles away, invented things that didn't happen and then said 'there is incredible disparity between the 'official story' and what actually happened' - which is apparently that there was an A3/Global Hawk/cruise missile/remotely piloted 757/ explosives/ anything as long as it wasn't flight 77. The pity is that there are so many people who bought in to that patent absurdity but I think really 9 years is enough time to recognise it for what it is.

  107. @A. Wright. Well, you obviously weren't at the Pentagon that morning, or the WTC for that matter. If you had been, you would have witnessed, and better realized the incredible disparity between what actually happened, and what's been perpetrated as the official story.

  108. I don't know, what's it like there in lala land?

  109. You guys can't be serious??? You truly believe that 911 was NOT an inside job... that 19 desert dwellers outsmarted the entire US military... and defied physics... and brought down 3... THREE... THAT'S THREE... steel structured buildings in one day... a feat NEVER accomplished in the history of buildings? You see the buildings "collapsing?" Free fall speed? Exploding out on all four sides ALL THE WAY DOWN? And... building 7? Explain that without being hit or burning much, yet it "collapsed" into its own footprint at free fall speed. Want facts, or want your matrix fix to keep you in lala land?

  110. It's 9 years on from 911 and you havn't seen photos of debris from flight 77 which crashed into the Pentagon- that really is hard to believe. There are even conspiracy videos showing photographs of people picking up debris and they ask "Why are they moving the debris?" !! I really can't believe that anyone who has even taken a cursory look into the event hasn't read the accounts of the people who had to go in to the building and remove the remains of the airline passengers and remove debris , like those who spent hours trying to remove one of the engines that was embeded in one of the pillars. You've seen pictures of the engines, the undercarriage etc. surely. A 95 ft wide area on the ground floor was removed by the impact. Saying that there is no debris , when it's supposed to be a faked plane crash is absurd in itself. The truth of the day is that American Airlines flight 77 was hijacked and crashed into the Pentagon. If you had been there that day you would have seen it crash into the building just like all the other people who were there.

  111. @ A Wright. I have spoken with a woman whose father was a fire Marshall at the scene at the Pentagon. He told her there was no plane wreckage and no bodies pulled from the the supposed crashed plane. Your information is based on official press releases and in no way reflect what the pictures taken moments after the explosion show. The impact area and damage in no way matches a passenger jet. Given that this photographic proof exists that no jetliner hit the pentagon, then the official story is false. So what is the real story? Your explanation carries no merit and thats why people are searching for the answers and the truth of that day, and the consequences from it which has included the death and mutilation of millions in Iraq and Afganistan, the exploitation of oil, natural gas and the opium harvest. When you start to lift the veil of secrecy as to who benefitted from this event, then you can see who planned it and carried it out.

  112. I second what you say about debating these things sensibly , it's not often people get a chance to do it.
    I don't think it makes sense to say that Kennedy was assasinated by the people who wanted to carry out an Operation Northwoods - I can't imagine a better pretext for invading Cuba than the assasination of JFK. Oswald had all these connections with Cuba and with the USSR , so implicating Cuba and Castro would have been childs play so why didn't they do it? You don't seem to have any actual evidence of it because you name all these other people like the CIA, the Israelis , etc. as being somehow responsible as well. The main point about the assasination of JFK is that he was the elected president of the US and you don't need to kill elected presidents,you just have to wait until they are no longer president, when their term of office ends. JFK was coming towards the last year of his first term. He had a pretty interesting private life , and if the public knew the details of it, it would have been devastating to his political career and to his chances of re-election. Do you think the CIA, FBI ,the mob , the Israelis for that matter didn't know about those things when it was know by many members of the press? If anyone had wanted to put pressure on JFK to do, or not to something they only had to threaten to use that information against him. In fact it would be better to have a president you have some hold and control over than one you don't. The assasination of JFK makes no sense, other than the sense it made to a deluded frustrated fantasist with a gun and an opportunity.
    The sheer magnitude of 911 consisted of hijacking a plane and crashing it into a building ,multiplied by four. I really would like to know what is so difficult to believe about the idea of '19 terrorists with boxcutters hijacking planes and crashing them into buildings'. The '19' part? Do you think you couldn't go out in the muslim world and find 19 volunteers willing to take part in a suicide attack on the US? - you would be beating them off with a stick. Train four of them to fly. Not that easy but you have a long time to prepare and the kind of flying they are going to is a very limited subset of the skills you need to be a proper airline pilot- and the pilots are going to do the hard bit for them. They trained in american flight schools and got their pilots licences and trained on commercial aircraft simulators. Buy boxcutters. Buy tickets on four flights leaving east coast airports at around the same time. Once they are on board those planes and the planes are in the air then their is little anyone could have done to stop them. It's really quite a simple plan as all the best plans are ,though I'd hesitate to use the term.
    You say
    "Let’s take a look at words from the Project for a New American Century pre 9/11 when it speaks of global hegemony and military force:
    “Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some CATASTROPHIC AND CATALYZING EVENT –– LIKE A NEW PEARL HARBOR”
    Well how coincidental they this is exactly what they got and they were able to implement their “process of transformation” very fast (wars, patriot act, stripping civil liberties, arrest or detainment without trial etc.)"

    I have seen many people quote from the PNAC document and it is always the same quote. They never quote things about improving the conditions for families on army bases, phasing out aircraft carriers , stopping expensive programs like the F22 , all the things in a wide ranging 90 page discussion about the future of military investment. You would imagine this whole document consisted of one sentence. The 'transformation' they are talking about is the introduction of new technologies like information technology into military programs such as missile defence and how it would take time unless there was some major event to demonstrate the necessity of it. The 911 attack was people with knives on passenger planes. To then describe this process of transformation they are talking about as being about the patriot act, detention without trial , etc that is a real distortion of what people actually say and I think that's unjustifiable.
    You say "How is it even possible that a commercial airliner could even get that close to the Pentagon without being shot down by the Pentagon’s own surface to air missiles?
    There is an airport less than a mile from the Pentagon and planes fly right alongside the building when they approach the runways all day every day. It would have to be the most dangerous airport in the entire world if there is someone with their finger on a button deciding whether to launch a missile at every plane flying by. Where are these missiles? Have you seen a radar aerial rotating on the roof of the building because I haven't. When Richard Clarke suggested installing a system people thought he was mad and that it would cause the deaths of people on the ground.
    There were 86 videos listed in a FOIA request about 911 and most of these were of New York. There were only 5 videos related to the Pentagon.
    The damage to the outer wall of the Pentagon was about 95 ft wide on the ground floor with a 16ft or so diameter hole on the floor above. That ground floor was where the plane entered and there are no reinforced walls inside , all the way to the C ring there were just pillars and dividing walls so the plane didn't have to penetrate any reinforced walls once it broke through the facade. There were scores of people in and around the Pentagon that day who say a plane crashed into it. No one saw a missile or anything like a missile. The bodies of the people known to be on the plane were recovered from the building.
    I think there is a lot of mis-information on 911 on the internet which is where most people get their information from. There must be literaly thousands of websites ,forums, bloggs with the vast majority of them saying the same thing over and over. Do you ever wonder what effect that has on people? If the idea is that people who watch the mainstream media are somehow brainwashed into believing the so-called 'official story' ,when it's rare to have a documentary on the subject on TV, then what effect does the 24 hour a day /7 days a week/365 days a year/year after year internet have on peoples perceptions? -especially when the vast majority of it is pushing the conspiracy agenda.

  113. At this point, the facts are disturbingly clear.
    However, we are confronted with the fact that the best lies are the ones that people want to believe.

  114. @A.Wright

    First let me say that regardless your views, I appreciate the fact that we (i.e. you) can have a rational and adult discussion over this so I respect that no matter what your views are (though I may drastically disagree!) :)

    To counter some of your arguments:

    Yes, Operation Northwoods was 1997!

    Kennedy personally rejected N'Woods...what happened to him? I don't think N'Woods was the only reason he was murdered though, there are many other reasons such as stripping the CIA of power, refusing to invade Cuba, his plans on abolishing the Federal Reserve as well as his refusal to allow Israel to develop nuclear weapons are some others I can think of. When Kennedy refused - the Joint Chiefs N'Wood was pissed! This means people WANTED to carry this out and we never will know whether or not they would have killed US cilivians but from looking at the nature of the document and what they were trying to accomplish as well as the sentiments they were trying to create among the American public; this is damning enough.

    The real question is: Did we notice something about Northwoods...that it exists, it is real, it was planned by members of the US government and they were more than willing to carry it out if they had their way.

    This was not about Cuba - it was about an agenda.

    This is also not simply about terrorist attacks in the US. The sheer magnitude of 9/11 makes it proposterous to believe that this could be pulled off by 19 individuals (several who are STILL ALIVE!) who could not fly a peanut plane worth a lick.

    To deny the importance and precedence of Northwoods relative to 9/11 and go off on a tangent is simply not looking at the facts nor seeking truth.

    If elements of the government are willing to kill their own President - 3000 civilians is a cake walk for such evil people who will stop at nothing to accomplish their ends.

    This is not about "other attacks" - this is about 9/11 and the clear facts surrounding 9/11!

    And I wonder if the people who wrote it provided a platform for future government(s) to implement a far more sinister version of this while having an evil President who would not reject it.

    Let's take a look at words from the Project for a New American Century pre 9/11 when it speaks of global hegemony and military force:

    "Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some CATASTROPHIC AND CATALYZING EVENT –– LIKE A NEW PEARL HARBOR"

    Well how coincidental they this is exactly what they got and they were able to implement their "process of transformation" very fast (wars, patriot act, stripping civil liberties, arrest or detainment without trial etc.)

    With regard to the Pentagon, there were 86 cameras pointing right at the impact site so again, this is not about not seeing a video - this is about videos not existing. How is it possible that no video was taken? How is it possible that 86 cameras did not take one clear shot of the most heavily defended and havily secured building in the world.

    How is it even possible that a commercial airliner could even get that close to the Pentagon without being shot down by the Pentagon's own surface to air missiles? Do you really think this can "just happen"? Do you realize the security and protocols for this? If a plane comes within 50 miles of the Pentagon, it is flagged and watched like a hawk, and yes, ready to be shot down!

    Furthermore, the hole in the Pentagon is not even remotely large enough for a plane to fit through and internal pictures show that a perfectly circular hole penetrated several of the defense walls of the Pentagon...a plane CANNOT do this! A plane will not leave 3 or 4 perfect circular holes through multiple concrete extra-thick protective walls that by the way had recently been reinforced with steel.

    A bunker buster or similar missile can penetrate multiple layers of thick concrete and steel however and in reality fits far more to the holes left than a commercial airliner.

    Nobody from among the masses really knows what happened at the Pentagon or what really hit it...for sure it was not a commercial plane because this defies evidence as well as the security defense that the Pentagon was constructed with.

    No plane (except a friendly military craft) comes close as a snif without a goodbye missile hitting it, period!

    So the question is not "if there is no video does this mean..."

    The question is - with 86 cameras fixated - WHY NO VIDEO! HOW NO VIDEO!

    All they have to do is release one that shows a plane but the only video they did release does not show a plane.

    And if 86 cameras are pointing right at the impact and none of them show a plane...what does this tell us?

    Are you telling me that it is normal for dozens of camera shots of the WTC crashes with multiple angles and shot perspectives to exist and be shown yet not a single video from the Pentagon that has 86 cameras?

    If you have 86 cameras pointing outside your front door a man walks through your front door yet none of your 86 cameras catch a shot of this man - I call your security and surveillance system incompetent and useless!

    Is the Pentagon's security and surveillance system incompetent and useless?

    And I'm not doubting that Atta and some of the others were intelligence patsies used for years and trained. But they were patsies. They were junkies and boozers who frequented strippers. They were not religious. They belonged to the intelligence community, not the religion of Islam.

    Honestly, I was just like others on 9/11 when watching TV..."I can't believe bin Laden and his guys could pull this is so bad"

    After reaearching 9/11 on and off for over 5 years, and as an intelligent human being who has seen undisputable facts to the contrary. I simply cannot hold this position. I can't, because it is pure nonsense and trust me, so many people know this.

    When I realized the way the towrs collapsed, and when I saw the small hole in the Pentagon with no chewed up lawn and when I saw a crater in the ground with no plane I said to myself - this is not right.

    And after over 5 years of research I now say bullshti!

    So if you like, let's discuss facts - I got pages my friend! ;)

    I only suggest you do your own research and be ready to accept things that while difficult to accept, they are even far more difficult to argue.

    Everytime I hear Melissa Doi's transcript, I get shivers up my spine and it is so tough to listen to more than is bloody heart-wrenching and I feel so sad. It's just freakin disgusting that people could do this.

    If your government and other complicit parties are willing to do that to her and 3000 others, they won't blink to do it to you and your family.

    You owe it to yourself to open your mind and look into the facts surrounding that day.

    This is nothing new by the Mr. Wright from the US or other nations, just look at the Lavon Affair for example.

    Look at the Gulf of Tonkin LIE that led to how many tens of thousands of US citizens to lose their lives in Vietnam for oil and blood money.

    It's not about US protected as you say - it is about US precedent!

  115. @Dubble_Eh
    Did you notice something while you were reading Operation Northwoods ? - the fact that you were reading it? It is de-classified. It was never put into effect and nowhere in it does it say that any Americans would be killed. The nearest it comes to suggesting that people might be harmed is to say that there might be assassination attempts against cuban exiles 'even to the extent of wounding'.This is something that was drawn up when Cuba was seen as the most dangerous and imminent treat to the US and actually lead on to the Cuban missile crisis which is the closest the world came to a nuclear war. It's a bit of a step to go from possibly wounding people to justify an invasion of Cuba and killing 3000 americans over the threat of islamic extremists,who were not seen as anywhere near as important or imminent a threat. It must be great to live in the only country in the world that is immune from terrorist attack- in Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan they are shovelling the mutilated remains of men women and children into plastic bags every week but America - no that can't happen to us , we are special ,protected people. So unless your own Goverment decide to kill their own people then terrorist attacks can't happen. If ever there is a terrrorist attack in the US then people can always hold up a copy of Operation Northwoods and say the magic words 'What about Operation Northwoods' and it won't be a terrorist attack at all, it will be the Government. What a useful document that is- I wonder if the people who wrote it knew it would protect the US from terrorist attack ,forever apparently. It's strange to hear Americans criticising the foreign policy of the US, saying how they are trying to impose their military will in various parts of the world etc., but they can't seem to imagine that the people who have been on the receiving end of that foreign policy might feel the same way about it, and might actually try to strike back. It seems only Americans can oppose US policies and actions abroad,from an academic 'sitting at their computer' patriotic way, but not the actual people it affects, who have had a JDAM land in the middle of their family wedding party, or Israeli rockets explode in a graduation ceremony for young recruits killing their sons.
    If a tree falls in the forest does it make a sound? If there was no video of a plane crashing into the Pentagon does that mean it didn't happen? We seem to live in an age where people expect, no, demand, to have a video of it or they will not believe it happened. In fact if the don't see a video of it they will say it didn't happen. If there were 297 videos of the plane hitting the Pentagon there would be people disecting them on websites etc. and pointing out anomalies and pronouncing them fake. You know that as well as I do.

  116. Mr. Wright...

    If a plane did in fact hit the Pentagon (not denying a plane was in the area), then why have we not seen any REAL video from the hundreds of cameras that point directly at the impact site?

    The only video we've seen shows an explosion and a blurry approach of something that is clearly not a plane!

    Why is it that we see over and over and over again the planes hitting the WTC from all kinds of different angles but nothing from the Pentagon.

    Why have the FBI not confiscated all video of the WTC crashes like they did for the Pentagon?

    And have you ever heard of Operation Northwoods?

    Turn your TV off and turn your brain on!

  117. Actually Gore is technically correct. Today, fighter pilots are given the right to shoot down commercial airlines without any orders.

    Besides, what difference does it make anyways?

    Rumsfeld has already admitted that flight 93 was shot down!

    A Pennsylvania Mayor has stated that several people heard a missile in the air before the explosion.

    So if you were lied to by your government about this, then what else?

    How many still even remember that a 3rd building collapsed on 9/ know, the one that FEMA had no explanation for and the 9/11 Commission ignored altogether?

    Wake up!

  118. It all becomes more and more obvious.

  119. The overwhelming evidence and facts point to no terrorists involved at all. At least 6 of the hijackers are alive. No Air force resistance was offered in the highest security zone in the world. This speaks of an inside job without any doubts. If the personnel in charge of defence were doing their job, then they should have been court martialled. Since no action has been taken against anyone, that means they were co-conspirators to mass murder and treason. All those Iraqi's and Afgani's and coalition forces that have died as a result of these acts, is additional blood on the hands of the perpatrators. This same group of Nazi sympathizers has been controlling things for far too long, from Prescott Bush through to his children. Time to put a stop to their madness.

  120. OK,.. the only problem I have with this whole 9/11 conspiracy thang or the 9/11 Omission Report is how in the world did Osama Bin Laden and his rag-tag-fugitive fleet of head bangin’ bad boys manage to get all those controlled demolition charges into the trade center buildings without anyone catchin’ on to their dirty deeds ? Huh ? Did they pose as the cleaning staff ?

    No matter whatcha think, 1350ft steel reinforced structures DO NOT FALL TO THE GROUND AT FREE FALL SPEED SOLELY AS THE RESULT OF A MULTILAYERED PANCAKE COLLAPSE.Floors below those which collapsed would present a significant resistive force in an opposite direction to counteract and diminish the velocity of the downward collapse from the impacts of the superior floors, and this would be independant of the physical load. (F=ma)

    Thus a free-fall collapse would be physically impossible without first strategically cutting the core columns of the floors below, using a rapid control fired sequence. It’s elementary dear Watson !

    If the official story is true, then the very laws of physics which govern our universe were violated on that terrible day, and so were the rights of over 3000 souls with families and lives of their own ! Rest in Peace, one day justice will be served to those responsible. Good liars never last.

  121. building 7
    9/11 was an inside job
    enough said

  122. @Ampexone
    I wrote that after a couple of glasses of wine - can you not work it out - there is a prize for the first correct answer!

  123. NHWBHPACTIB theory?

  124. Having looked at all the evidence about 911 , and the LIHOP theory and the MIHOP theory etc , for me the most plausible explanation is the NHWBHPACTIB theory.

  125. @A. Wright
    Curious as to what you actually believe happened on 9/11, etc., and not just ambiguities. It seems as if you mostly enjoy playing the contrarian.

  126. @Max
    Convincing people that black is white is easy, a
    look at conspiracy websites will tell you that. Convincing them that black is actually black and white is in fact white is the difficult thing. Trying to convince them that there are all kinds of shades of gray in between is the really hard part.

  127. Mr wright sure spends a lot of time trying to convince people that black is white, people believe far more wild things. I wonder if he spends as much time trying to convince christians their god doesn't exist

  128. I am having a difficult time trying to understand your viewpoint, and, what you are trying to say. What "patent absurdities" are you referring to? I am curious as to what you believe happened on, and around the events of 9/11. I was not personally there that day at the WTC, or the Pentagon, however, I personally know eyewitnesses who were at BOTH. I personally know individuals who've revealed privileged information to me, which drastically contradicts the story that has been perpetrated by the government and mass media. As these, and now more and more contradictions and problems arise with the "story", I, and many others, are confronted with increasing doubt and suspicion. As a result, I, and many, in turn question the validity of testimony and claims which supports the "story". Much of this claimed credible testimony, does not hold up under scrutiny. I'm not necessarily saying that people are lying, just that they don't necessarily understand what they've seen, and that alot of statements have been changed by the powers that be, to support an agenda. Again, one must dig deeper and find the actual reasons how and why this happened in the first place. Regardless of someone's personal viewpoint, dealing with only the information and facts, one of sound mind can only conclude that there is at least reasonable doubt to the perpetrated story.

  129. You say 'Much of the supposed eyewitness testimony has been fabricated or embellished, and much testimony that contradicts the proposed story, has been squelched.'
    What exactly do you mean by that? It seems if you had happened to be passing the Pentagon that morning, you and only you, would have seen something different to everyone else- while everyone else is saying a plane flew over the road and crashed into the Pentagon, you, the only honest person in a sea of mendacious fabricators of evidence, would be giving the one true account.
    You said 'Do you realize that not one passenger seat from the claimed 757 was ever witnessed, photographed, or recovered?' and after a 2 minute search I was able to find someone giving an account of finding passengers strapped in their seats. This is 8 years after the event and you couldn't find something like that. You only have to search Youtube for ' flight77 tribute' and see photos of the 'supposed passengers, who probably never existed – just like a false ship manifesto'. And you're the one talking about 'digging deeper'.
    As far as I can see there is only one object in all this truth seeking and that is find something that conflicts with the 'official story'. I hear people all the time saying how reluctant they are to believe that there own government would carry out this terrible attack on their own people etc. and how they would love to find evidence that it wasn't true but then you point out evidence that would suggest it isn't true immediately they go on the defensive, enthusiastically defending their theories. I have never seen any evidence that people are reluctant to believe these 911 conspiracies- just the opposite. Talk about 'clinging to an illusion'. I am not even an American, so I'm not sure what 'belief system' would be shattered if I was to believe these patent absurdities.

  130. phil and all you sheep people are dumb ass's why is he speaking italian !! because he came from italy to work in america as a fireman and still had the ability to speak his native tongue when needed to hence to a italian documentary film crew to be broadcast in his former country .... god phil you really must be an American !!! please make some intelligent questions or none at all i think there really is no helping people out there almost deserving of your current government..mmmmmmmhhhh walk right this dumb ass people...

  131. The FDR data from the NTSB for Flight 77 shows a long list of 'Parameters Not Working or Unconfirmed' and the flight deck door is one of those. It had been shown as 'closed' for all previous flights. There are a few witnesses who thought it was a 'small commuter plane' or a smaller plane than a 757 but they were not people who were closest to the Pentagon. The scores of people who were close to the building , on the roads around it have no doubts in their minds what they saw and it was large airliner. Do you think it was a small commuter plane? Is there any evidence of wreakage of a small commuter plane being recovered from the Pentagon?
    "WASHINGTON — On Tuesday, Army Staff Sgt. Mark Williams witnessed a combat zone for the first time in his 11 years of service. He never imagined it would be inside the Pentagon. One of the first recovery personnel to enter the crippled headquarters building after a hijacked Boeing 757 smashed into it, the urban search-and-rescue specialist found a gruesome sight. "If anyone has ever burned a pot roast, they'll know what the victims looked like," Williams, 30, said Thursday after another 12-hour shift of searching for 190 bodies — those of 126 missing Pentagon personnel and the 64 aboard the doomed jetliner.
    The fireball occurred when the jetliner's full fuel tank exploded on impact and roared down corridors so fast that "90% didn't know what happened to them," he said.
    Many were sitting at their desks or behind partitions. One woman was found frozen in a sitting position, her arms posed as if reading a document.
    Several bodies were found huddled in groups near televisions. Pentagon workers were apparently watching the carnage taking place at the World Trade Center when the hellish scene on TV became reality for them, too.
    When Williams discovered the scorched bodies of several airline passengers, they were still strapped into their seats. The stench of charred flesh overwhelmed him.
    "It was the worst thing you can imagine," said Williams, whose squad from Fort Belvoir, Va., entered the building, less than four hours after the terrorist attack. "I wanted to cry from the minute I walked in. But I have soldiers under me and I had to put my feelings aside."

  132. It is of complete relevance. If The FDR information is correct, than how could the supposed hijackers take over and pilot the aircraft without opening the flight deck door? Either that or, the FDR data released was re-written and/or fabricated, leaving out this important detail - explain the discrepancy.

    The NTSB or FBI (Who has jurisdiction in this), can't or won't. This along with several other discrepancies and questions, create drastic contradictions to the claimed events, and eyewitness testimony.

    In regards to physical evidence and eyewitness testimony, Do you realize that not one passenger seat from the claimed 757 was ever witnessed, photographed, or recovered? And that, most witnesses claim not to have seen a 757, but some other aircraft. There are many other interesting and disturbing pieces to this whole puzzle.

  133. @ Look at the Facts
    If the recorder data is fabricated and manipulated how can the 'cabin door didn't open' be of any relevance? The physical and eyewitness evidence from the Pentagon is that a 757 crashed into the building. If the data has been fabricated and manipulated why would it be contradicting that physical and eyewitness evidence? Pilots for Truth support people in saying the plane flew over the building (the radar data says it didn't and there is not one eyewitness who said it did in spite of the fact that there were hundreds of people in a position to see it if it had.)That is based on the height that the FDR data shows - data that you think is fabricated and manipulated!

  134. @Look at the facts
    Where did the flight data recorder come from?

  135. Flight 77 was part of the elaborate hoax. There is now even more evidence in this, and other aspects of the events of 9/11. There are several explanations as to what really happened to the plane and it's supposed passengers, who probably never existed - just like a false ship maifesto, or the plane and it's passengers were disposed of in some other way. One thing is certain, it was not a Boeing 757 which hit the Pentagon. New evidence supports that flight 77 could not have been hijacked - Flight deck door closed for entire flight

    Newly decoded data provided by an independent researcher and computer programmer from Australia exposes alarming evidence that the reported hijacking aboard American Airlines Flight 77 was impossible to have existed. A data parameter labeled "FLT DECK DOOR", cross checks with previously decoded data obtained by Pilots For 9/11 Truth from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) through the Freedom Of Information Act.

    On the morning of September 11, 2001, American Airlines Flight 77 departed Dulles International Airport bound for Los Angeles at 8:20 am Eastern Time. According to reports and data, a hijacking took place between 08:50:54 and 08:54:111 in which the hijackers allegedly crashed the aircraft into the Pentagon at 09:37:45. Reported by CNN, according to Ted Olson, wife Barbara Olson had called him from the reported flight stating, "...all passengers and flight personnel, including the pilots, were herded to the back of the plane by armed hijackers...". However, according to Flight Data provided by the NTSB, the Flight Deck Door was never opened in flight. How were the hijackers able to gain access to the cockpit, remove the pilots, and navigate the aircraft to the Pentagon if the Flight Deck Door remained closed?

  136. To Phil:

    This movie was made by Italians which they over dubbed in english for English-ers....the fire fighter was Italian..... .....they wanted all Italians to see it too..... Good Doc on 9/11...... this can't go too much longer without a serious action because it could fade away like evrything else.

  137. fighter pilot being able to shoot down planes with no command surely is not right !! yep got us on that one what about the rest, why the building came sown so fast !!! no resistance beneath it do you understand that !!! explain it please because i dont know how thousands of joints can simultaneously break at precise moment and move out of the way of all falling debris above and continue to fall gravity speed , non controlled demolition should mean partial collapse of a building not a complete structural failure, thats why we have experts to make these huge buildings come down , same with wtc 7 partial collapse, gee are we stupid , ..... oh i am sorry its a pack cards ye thats rights it just all falls to pieces, i like the world Partial... ye goes well with Partial Truth !! 3 steel buildings collapse , because fire melting steel never happened before or since , we need to send engineers to america because clearly they cant make buildings !!and how does a plane make it through 3 rings of pentagon reinforced concreted walls just all the way , not much debris either, clips about 5 lamp post also with its wings mmmm interesting,

  138. As with all things of polarized dispute, somewhere in the middle lies the truth... The fact of the matter is that, there is just too much evidence to support reasonable doubt to the story that's been sold to the American people and the world regarding the events of 9/11. Given that, The select few of the Bush Administration, people on the inside, and people in league with them, have at least covered up information regarding the truth, And at worst were partially or wholly responsible for this crime. At the least, this is criminal behavior, at worst this is the most murderous, treasonous act perpetrated on the American people.

    As a footnote to all of the non-believers of fact - If nothing else, can someone please explain WTC building 7 - why and how it came down? Because to me, many others, and eyewitnesses, it was absolutely a textbook perfect controlled demolition, which would've taken days of preparation.

  139. So why is a NY fire man speaking italian ?

    This whole video is FAKE BS

  140. A. Wright is probably right.

    This doc uses fancy techniques and optics to insinuate that 9\11 was an inside job. I have friends who are convinced by these tricks. There are some questions connected with 9\11 that remain unanswered. This is typical of grand events of a tragic nature. But we should be reluctant to believe the conclusions hinted at in this film. Many arguments used in support of this film's conclusions are too weak to deserve any positive attention. Because of these weak arguments, the integrity of the film is itself in question.

    Here are three of these weaknesses. (1) The testimony or confession of Osama and associates is said to be illegitimate because lips do not synch with sound in the clip. This out-of-synch element proves, it is said, that this clip is deviously manipulated. In other words, out-of-synch sound proves manipulation, which proves that words have been put into the mouths of these unfortunate, beguiled men. This is the argument. But should we believe such logic, this film too must be condemned as spurious, for it too, is out of synch! When one of your arguments cuts your own throat, are we to believe that your thesis is sound? It would be rash and foolish to believe after that.

    (2) It is suggested that since some of the Arabs believed to have had a malevolent connection in causing 9\11 have also been drug users, that therefore these Islam Fundamentalists must be innocent, for extremists of this sort do not do drugs. A year or more ago, there was a lengthy piece in the New York Times magazine that revealed the whims, hopes, and habits of Middle-Eastern extremists. Their lifestyles, much in secret, were quite Western. Drugs, moreover, are not so taboo among Middle-Eastern people, even while the Muslim prayers are being blasted from their towers. The Turkish soldier (not necessarily an extremist)typically smokes hash. When I was in Cypress, we could smell them smoking this while we patrolled the buffer zone. We knew what it was because many of us had had some personal experience with the substance. It may be (I'm not absolutely sure) that these soldiers get hash as part of their ration. Regardless, I know that they smoke it. Drug-taking exists in Middle-Eastern societies. It is quite accepted in some of their quarters. If a religious soldier will do drugs, why not the religous extremist who's coming to blow him and you up?

    (3) All this talk about what might have struck the Pentagon instead of flight 77 is borderline retarded until the people of flight 77 are found! Interestingly, nothing is put forward to propose what might have become of them. But about this, somebody somewhere has no doubt cobbled a cultic mozaic together to convince those who 'want to believe.'

    This film has a chilling beginning in how it makes the fear of death so personal and universal in the voice of that woman on floor 83, who probably went down to her death with the building she was in. That is one terrible piece of historic audio! The other chilling thing is that victims like her are flippantly used for purposes of malicious propaganda.

    This film has helped me to tag Alex Jones just a bit. It's very difficult to tell if he's telling the truth (no doubt he believes what he says to be true) because of all the sources he throws around to try and corroborate his opinions. But since he believes in some of the nonsense that Zero:9\11 propounds, it is wise to remain unconvinced where he's concerned, and to rely on some other investigator instead. The radio show called 'Crosstalk' is usually pretty solid.

    1. if you research alex jones, you can find him predicting that there would be a terrorist attack in the U.S. designed by our own govt. and it would be blamed on Bin Laden and this was some months before 9/11.... I'm just saying, it is something to look at and be aware of.

  141. @Banking Elite....
    I think I quoted Gore Vidal accurately. Do you think that fighter pilots are flying around US airspace with the authority to shoot down passenger aircraft on their own initiative without consulting or getting any orders from anyone? And that they need to get a specific order from a superior officer not to shoot down a passenger plane full of people? They can't even take off without being ordered to.

  142. Look more into the infomation before you speak. Mr Wrong.

  143. How bizarre and sad to see someone like Gore Vidal being taken in by a load of deceptive tosh and repeating it as if he had some knowledge that other people don't. What a gift to the people who made this documentary - and I use the term very loosly - to have someone like him as a mouthpiece for their spurious nonsense.
    Talking about pilots shooting down planes and saying:
    'You don't have to wait for a military command, you don't have to wait for orders of any kind. That's not an option, that's the law.It's inherent in being a fighter pilot. That's what you have to do, unless someone has told you to stand down'
    That must count as one of the most absurd and ludicrous statements I've come across on this subject. It just shows the persuasive power of propaganda to fool even the sharpest of intellects.

  144. The sound is out of sync with the people.
    Is there anything you can do to fix this?