9 Minutes Before Space

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9 Minutes Before Space is Russian television production on preparations made by first time cosmonaut at Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan!

This documentary shows many aspects of the spaceflight, including some quite unique things like view of inside the Soyuz capsule during its reentry, how space technologies come back to Earth to resolve some problems here on the ground, the view from the top of the fueled Soyuz rocket ready to go, and some other interesting stuff.

The program captures cosmonaut's immediate experience in a powerful way. A cosmonaut describes experience of extra gravity, during ascent, as a warm blanket coming over you and after a while just can't seem to catch your breath.

Everyday events on the International Space Station are described much more intimately than ever seen!

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33 Comments / User Reviews

  1. batvette

    "Sergey Volkov, pilot-cosmonaut, hero of Russian Federation"
    Who knew Beaver Cleaver would grow up and do so well for himself!
    Good documentary, at first it seemed a little boring but it quickly immerses you.
    I couldn't help but notice the contradiction in how cosmonauts are voicing environmental concerns (like around 1:08:00 discussing damage to the oceans) which is laughable considering how environmentally destructive the development and operation of space vehicles is. Maybe they can spot their booster units floating in the ocean too? All the chemicals used for fuel? (nitric acid, RIP Nedilin you fool) Yes there are many developments because of it all but I had to chuckle at the hypocrisy.

  2. David Ewer

    There were great shots of the launch and the ascent into space but the atmosphere was ruined somewhat by a wooden narrative that no doubt lost something in the translation from Russian to English. It was good to hear what the cosmonauts thought and felt on takeoff but the overall impression was that of an advert for the Russian Federation and its 'heroes'.

  3. alans

    Russia cant be proud of its heroes and its achievements? Whats your problem?

  4. ulickmcgee

    Good doc but you better watch out for those siberian tigaars on your return to earth.

  5. lex lexich

    excellent !!!

  6. lex lexich

    what hypocrisy you id..t, they are doing something (research) for the environment even though space flights are quite toxic, yet there is one space flight a year and thousand tankers a day, burning oil pits in iraq is really the same category as space exploration, omg

  7. dewflirt

    So messy in the space station, like a beachcombers hut with added newt :)
    Delicious film, well worth watching. Makes you feel warm and fuzzy :)

  8. James Robert Edwards

    Absolutely the best space documentary I have seen, thank you.

  9. batvette

    " even though space flights are quite toxic, "

    That's all I was pointing out, take a pill dude.

    "yet there is one space flight a year"

    I'm afraid that information is a little off. Since WW2 there have been thousands.

  10. TheDanishViking

    Well. The first ten minutes are very, very boring...

  11. Common_Tator

    Anyone who says this is boring has been watching to many Star Trek reruns, this isn't Sci-Fi, it's real. No Klingons to spice it up, no Borg, just real life in space, also lots of stuff NASA hasn't thought interesting enough to tell us about. Great Doc.

  12. Juraj Filkorn


  13. Kurt

    They send a few people in space and leave us all behind. Every time.
    By now one would think a colony should have been easily established elsewhere, peacefully. We use enormous effort and massive amounts of fuel to struggle to get out of our atmosphere in rockets. While we all witness these UFOs come and go effortlessly. Once we discover even part of the method of using their kind of travel, it's taken away immediately. That technology of a nuclear electric field power plant of these UFO's is not allowed in our hands. Operators of these UFO's know dictatorship (money and religious gods) is here within our civilization. They simply don't allow dictatorship in space, they will restrict any advanced travel technology. Earths money and religion is restricted off this planet. Does not logic tell us all that the dictatorship is the cause. Earths money system and religion isn't allowing this type of travel advancement.
    It's evident hose off planet refuse to unite with a planet that in fact exhibits war, which money(greed) and religion(which seperates mankind from one another) being the cause. They protect this planet from us. This planet is the biggest gene pool around, they constantly witness us making attempts to destroy it and ourselves. These outsiders in UFOs will not allow us to bring this sort of corruptness anywhere else in space. Earths religious civilization is based on fear within dictatorship, it seems to be understood by everyone but earths tenants. The 1969 moon landers broke into an ancient Pagan religious ceremony upon their landing. No doubt others listened in. Take the mask off your eyes and ears, see and listen to what's really going on.

  14. Peter_Blake

    Excellent behind the scenes of the job.
    Some great science being done out there.

  15. Paul MacLeod

    Lol Russian cottage cheese is being bartered and sought after by the other crews, guess their rations aren't very tasty.
    Filmed from a view point not very many of us get to see. Loved this Doc, thanks Vlatko.

  16. alans

    You are absolutely correct.

  17. TheDanishViking

    To me it is just plain boring and I otherwise love docus about technology, including space travel, etc. To be honest I really dont care about these brave and uber-rich men who spend their oil&gas money on flying into space and how scared their wives are. Secondly, there seems to be a clear commercial interest behind this docu - it is a little like another "midlife crisis" gimmick, like buying a Harley Davidson when you turn 50 years old. But, to be fair, I only watched the first ten minutes...

  18. mucktuc

    Great Doc. I like the way Russia gets things done. Let the danish viking lead his super interesting charge into space so we can all learn how its done. How about it mister couch potato.

  19. Algonquin Gear Reviews

    fantastic docu. not a boring minute and really great footage from inside the space station..

  20. Adam Hoffmann Klingest

    well if you see it in that perspective i understand why you thought it was booring. For me it was just very interesting to see how it is to be in space. Mostly because it is one of my childhood dreams that might never come true!

    you should do yourself the favor of seeing the rest of it, because it actually becomes really good. I don't think there is a commercial interest. Of cause they want you to buy the documentary, but if anything else they just gives you the view of how it is to be in space, and how it is to work on the space station.

  21. TheDanishViking

    Hmmm... maybe you are right. It does sound interesting. I will give it another chance. :-)

  22. seasidepress

    no one cares about the chicken? what happened to it. leave animals out of it!

  23. Luis F. Salazar

    I really enjoyed watching this video. Seeing how it's done through the eyes of the Russian space program was really interesting.

  24. Tanzanos Eleytheros

    Russia is the only nation at present that can send people to the ISS. America has opted out for the present.

  25. UnclearFizzyCyst

    Actually it taiga (he fooled me at first too, but then I got it). This is the subarctic forest on the edge of the tundra.

  26. UnclearFizzyCyst

    Whatever it is can you tell me where to score some?

  27. UnclearFizzyCyst

    Mmmmm, chicken Kiev!

  28. UnclearFizzyCyst

    A very good documentary, a sort of 'insiders view' of the whole experience without all the pomp and circumstance.

    I was a little concerned to see them spraying water droplets around though, what with all that electronic equipment lying around; and why wasn't that chicken wearing a diaper?

  29. Space Nut

    they don't even know where they are going to land after re-entry. After each one they have to send out a search party to find them. they could be any where, that's kind of strange. Even during Apollo missions back in the 60's and 70's America knew where their Astronauts would splash down at and be there waiting for the capsule, These guys could land in water or land or in the forest anywhere, I find that very weird and kind of well... sloppy and unprofessional. Good documentary though.

  30. Space Nut

    Something for the environment, what a joke. The Russians are one of the major polluting nations on the face of the earth behind China!! They snap some photos from outdated space equipment and you say they are doing something for the environment?? I thought I was watching Jonny Sokko and his flying robot when I saw the equipment they used to launch into space with! ^ guys freezing in winter coats and a ham radio set! Environment... PLEASE!!

  31. Russ Tul

    Sad that the cocumentary can't be viewed in Germany.

  32. Bruce Black

    I dont get it. The guys portrayed as "space tourists", were actually pretty famous astronauts. Not just a bunch of people who bought a ticket...????

  33. Dynamo Kev

    What a load of horsecrap. C'mon people, wake up, this is all smoke and mirrors.

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