Space Station Tour

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Sunita Williams is one of the most experienced spacewalkers in NASA history. Near the conclusion of her final voyage as commander of the International Space Station for NASA in 2012 - a mere twelve hours before landing back to Earth - Williams filmed an informal tour of the quarters where she and other astronauts lived and worked while on space expeditions.

Space Station Tour is a no-frills affair devoid of insert shots or cutaways, and it succeeds in conveying a "you are there" perspective as a result. Williams is obviously an extraordinarily accomplished astronaut who knows every detail of the massive spacecraft, and she's never less than a congenial, appealing and instructive host during the course of the short film.

The United States, Russia and Japan worked in concert to bring this expedition to fruition. We're given a guided tour of each nation's operational modules on the station, and even catch of glimpse of several of Williams' collaborators along the way. There's the Columbus module, constructed by the European Space Agency, which is a hub that houses various scientific and medical laboratories. Then there's the Zvezda Service Module, the central area responsible for the station's overall function as well as emergency management repair and restoration.

In between are a series of practical spaces which allow for everyday activities under zero gravity conditions. We enter their kitchen area and see a vast menu of food packages representing various cuisines from around the world. Williams shows us the modest exercise equipment aboard the craft, which prove essential in combating the potential for bone density and muscle loss that occurs in space flight. We're even given a tour of their restroom facilities, which Williams jokingly refers to as their "orbital outhouse". The overall environment of the station is one of contrasts - it's massive, yet strangely claustrophobic, messy, yet intricately organized, and technologically awe-inspiring yet basic in many of its everyday living functions.

Space Station Tour offers the closest perspective most viewers are likely to experience of what life is like inside the International Space Station. It's a point of view that's certain to delight both space junkies and moderate enthusiasts alike.

Directed by: Sunita Williams

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61 Comments / User Reviews

    Alv V
  1. Alv V

    Awesome! I really got the feeling from 0 gravity from watching that full-screen. No left, right, up, down, back or front. Feel a bit dizzy.

  2. John Krisfalusci
  3. John Krisfalusci

    2 questions:

    1. What happens when you wring out a towel in space? Does the water leech out or flow somewhere?

    2. What happens when you fill up a Klein bottle in space?

    Thank you in advance! ^_^

  4. Paul Gloor
  5. Paul Gloor

    Not for claustrophobic people !

  6. David Bruce Powers
  7. David Bruce Powers

    Fascinating. Thanks for the tour.

  8. Luyang Han
  9. Luyang Han

    It is definitely dizzy and messy up there :)

  10. carljohnforgartty
  11. carljohnforgartty

    ohh i really wish more of these

  12. Sion88
  13. Sion88

    Makes me dizzy.

  14. Justin
  15. Justin

    Probably one of the most interesting half hour tours I've ever seen! Thanks for sharing!

  16. Martin Widgren
  17. Martin Widgren

    more like this. str8 to the point without corny music and uninteresting storys.
    perfect 30 min vid.

    did not feel like one second was wasted.

  18. ChipsAhoyMcCoy
  19. ChipsAhoyMcCoy

    Little know fact: She's not wearing a bra.

  20. Space Nut
  21. Space Nut

    Amazing! I want to go into space!!

  22. Luis
  23. Luis

    She looks a lot like Medusa. i am not looking in to her eyes, just in case.

  24. Ken the Patriot
  25. Ken the Patriot


  26. Thanh
  27. Thanh

    I like her uong curly hair in the space. That's the one I usuall draw with spring-like cotton-like fuzzy pencil lines

  28. i am the sea
  29. i am the sea

    Am i the only one who feels like she glossed over the fact that she said their trash burns up in the atmosphere?

  30. MarkSalerno
  31. MarkSalerno

    Is it such a good idea to have all the space suits up against the door and in the air lock? I mean if the door doesn't close properly they could lose all their suits...

  32. Enrique
  33. Enrique

    Russian module and Russians all look so inhospitable :D If i wasn't Russian that would be a bad thing. The fact that i am, makes it seem so homely. Great documentary though

  34. binkii70
  35. binkii70

    this is the best documentary I've ever watched. ...perfect!

  36. 31jetjet
  37. 31jetjet

    The host name is Sunita Williams

  38. Jorge Fiestas
  39. Jorge Fiestas

    I wish they made ​​a tour of the laboratories

  40. saigon ov chester uk
  41. saigon ov chester uk

    Sitting at home with my mind blown ...with such envy!!!

  42. Rabbani
  43. Rabbani

    Do you get a noise proof sleeping bag? How do you feel when you touch the ground earth?

  44. Busta Coupon
  45. Busta Coupon

    Really enjoyed it half hour seemed like 5 minutes great doc.

  46. bluetortilla
  47. bluetortilla

    Wow- amazing. I found myself laughing out loud.
    Why is there only one of these?

  48. Who is they?
  49. Who is they?

    Yes. What's your point?

  50. Daniel M.
  51. Daniel M.

    the noise and "clutter" really reminds me of being on a c-17 again... far more cramped though obviously. I wanna go!!

  52. Quinton Beaudry
  53. Quinton Beaudry

    I guess you should know that there was a time when they just about shut down the program because of its costs. In fact, they had to pool in as much countries as they could just to be able to make it more cost manageable.. Another thing to note is,, bringing material up to space is dangerous and can drive some nations into debt, AND FAST! The more force the rocket needs to exert also bring up the dangers as you need to apply more thrust to get away from earths gravity. More weight = more thrust. You need about 3 times the amount of thrust in contrast to weight. It would cost roughly about 300 million dollars to bring a bag of chips up if that was the mission. Now imagine metals and such. To date I could not even fathom how much 100's trillions of dollars has gone into the preparation and execution of the program.. Some nations have literally gone into an economic disaster just trying to start a space program let alone sending material up. Hope this cracks your morning egg of knowledge.

  54. Quinton Beaudry
  55. Quinton Beaudry

    There is, go to NASA's youtube and scroll through the plethora of content they make publicly available.

  56. Robert
  57. Robert

    I don't know much about expenses related to the space industry but 100s of trillions of dollars is more than all of the world's wealth combined. I don't think a small space station could possibly be worth that much. Smells like amateurish BS.

  58. Quinton Beaudry
  59. Quinton Beaudry

    It was a bit of an exaggeration, but to date your prolly looking into the 100s of trillions in programs and ground related programing, not to mention, all the flights to build and repair. Prolly looking into the billions before it even got off the ground, from patenting and engineering, and also a huge cost would of course be from getting the materials up there. To date the station is worth 150 billion dollars, but that does not include what it took to build the ship and maintain it, and its 1000's of programs associated with the SS. Who knows, my first response is prolly close to the right mark, however, we will never be able to group up the trillions of dollars of related research that come from and for the SS. Not like you need to get belligerent, but that is okay, because it speaks loud about your intelligence . You can debate things without looking like a child. With all that in mind since it was in the planning I'm sure the true price-tag would astonish you. You need to really do some research, as it is amazing that the SS is still in orbit. But that would of course involve you doing a lot of research. Mine just came from constantly researching things. If you could see my facebook on a day to day basis it would cave your intellectualism. I watch everything from our heliosphere and beyond all the way to our iron–nickel alloy core. I also watch currant seismic and volcanic activity, as well as the day to day weather, but hey, what do I know. If you care to engage people in banter try using humility and respect. I give a ton of it and I expect it back.

  60. Spencer Drake
  61. Spencer Drake

    Would have been too cool if they filmed over one of the poles!

  62. Guest
  63. Guest

    Well... (scratches back of head) I would give you respect in so far as your comments were more credible than you tout them to be... Take the US defense budget for example which lets say amounts to 500 billion USD per annum (which although inaccurate is probably within 20% of the actual figure) and multiply that by 20. You get 10 trillion USD. Do you really think the space program would even be anywhere close to what the US spends on its military? Considering this, your 100s of trillions of USD talk sounds not only overblown but like a hyperbole even for a hyperbole. So forgive me if I'm brash but your comment sounded pretty f--king retarded. And NO even to date the budget could not possibly be even close to 100s of trillions of dollars.

    Give me 100s of trillions of dollars and I'll probably have enough money to build a f--king colony on the moon to extract enough H3 that we can all live without fear of running out of energy. While doing so I'll still probably have plenty of money left. And with that, I'll buy out the entire military arsenal of the world along with all defense related companies and industries just to get rid of all weapons and weapons related applications just so that we achieve true peace for the first time in history. Even after doing so I'll probably have some money left so I'll buy out the entire stock market of the entire world as well as all of its real estate just so I can equally redistribute land and capital equally to all citizens of the planet and by doing so solve the poverty crisis. Even after that I'll still have plenty left so I'll retire on an island of the coast of South Spain where I'll live the rest of my life.

    You do realize that 100s of trillions of dollars means you can by hundreds of Bill Gates (est. net worth 80 billion)...

    I don't think you truly grasp the ridiculousness of your estimation...

    I do respect you. I truly do which is why I'm giving you my honest two cents: GET YOUR FIGURES CHECKED. That is all. Thank you.

  64. Guest
  65. Guest

    A quick search with something called Google shows that the entire budget for NASA was 18 billion USD for 2014 and 790 billion USD for its entire 52 years of operation. How on earth did you come up with 100s of TRILLIONS of USD?

  66. U.N. Soldier
  67. U.N. Soldier

    I saw in a interview that every female that has ever been in the space station, and also on the space shuttle has had sex. So I couldn't help but think how fun this little filly would be in zero g sex mmm mmm mmm

  68. Joan
  69. Joan

    Does she always wear her hair up like that?

  70. brycewise
  71. brycewise

    I doubt that. if you get pregnant it would be a nightmare

  72. U.N. Soldier
  73. U.N. Soldier

    See, that is just the thing...a female cannot get pregnant in Space. The energy field of the earth is needed for conception to take place. That is partly the reason how they figured out how to clone animals. After the sperm enters the egg there is a minute electrical charge, but in space that does not happen.

  74. Phred Blunt
  75. Phred Blunt

    More NASA fakery. If you believe all that stuff, you will believe that men went to the moon on a Brocks rocket.

  76. Gareth Jones
  77. Gareth Jones

    You BETTER be joking :D

  78. Dave
  79. Dave

    Seriously, couldn't she have done something with her hair?

  80. guest
  81. guest

    @dave, she did! she hairsprayed it so thick as to give the illusion that shes floating in space!

  82. someguy
  83. someguy

    god i love space

  84. gandalf the vague
  85. gandalf the vague

    her hair is clearly styled to look like zero gravity when in fact (although i cant state it as fact i believe it to be) she is in hyperbolic flight on a terrestrial jet aircraft.
    think about it, human hair in real zero gravity should behave like hair does in a swimming pool (ie float around in every direction).
    ironic since swimming pools are used as training for astronauts.

  86. gandalf the vague
  87. gandalf the vague

    brilliant, have you noticed how many edits there are?
    clue: hyperbollic flight only last for a few minutes until the aircraft has to climb to altitude again in order to descend (giving the occupants the feeling of zero g).
    now then, my internet speed is way fast. the video is clearly buffered way beyond what im watching the whole time, i can see that.
    yet still, theres little glitches in the video every few seconds making it really easy to manufacture this illusion of weightlessness.
    if the parabollic flights needs to pull up and gain height before plunging againhe only needs to wait a few minutes before carrying on with her lies she doesnt even need to move.

  88. gandalf the vague
  89. gandalf the vague

    also have u noticed the continuous jet engine noise in the back ground lol.
    ive been recording sound for years and its one of the best give aways because people so rarely think about it when making these silly videos.

  90. gandalf the vague
  91. gandalf the vague

    and finally the biggest give away of this fraud beyond any doubt. at 17:48 she takes us to the main safety location, the one with the two laptops on the left side of the picture which in previous videos was the exact same shot but with an air lock right behind it.
    in the old video (with the air lock included), at the top of the airlock it had a static non moving image of paper or material flags of all nations which never moved a single millimeter despite the so called astronauts being present in the foreground of the shot.
    thats the worst f--k up ive ever seen on this and both vids are on youtube with the sme exact laptops in the same exact place but with different backgrounds.

  92. Mabel
  93. Mabel

    This is so so interesting although I'm too much of a wimp to go outerspace >.<

  94. Adam
  95. Adam

    Brilliant tour. Terrible comments.

  96. James F II
  97. James F II

    Gandalf, I recall when a person with a skewed view of reality, such as yourself, told Buzz he was a coward, Buzz thanked him for the comment by taking him down with one punch. Buzz is over 70! See what wasted time in front of a computer does? Make more use of your time by masturbating to strong pornography. One little problem with your hair movement hypothesis, in water hair has something to interact with that causes drag, in the space ship the only air movement is that generated by the air conditioning. She referred to it when she described a hazardous situation with an NH3 leak. Which can be detected by odor in the human animal at 5ppm, and becomes increasingly uncomfortable after that rapidly.
    Awesome tour !!! Seems like one hell of a time. I am very jealous and proud to see the comradery.

  98. Zack
  99. Zack

    The space station isn't in outer space, it's in low earth orbit. And they're not in 0G, they're in free-fall. They are still under the influence of about 90% of earth's gravity. These things are slight differences but they are also misconceptions that need to be overcome.

  100. Dave
  101. Dave

    What a great tour!! I had the time of my life up there and wish I can go again.

  102. Major Tom
  103. Major Tom

    An informative inside view, no room bigger than a 2 mtr tube is confronting.

    I prefer the Enterprise. At least you could have a game of bowls.

    Ps Do we really want humans to infect the universe?

  104. Mj
  105. Mj

    Awesome tour. Thank you. A cool pop to make some out of the world art.

  106. Michael Harvey
  107. Michael Harvey

    What an eye opener!! I know that she is up in space but what a warm-hearted "down to earth" personality. Great enlightening presentation.

  108. bungabunga
  109. bungabunga

    who knew michael cera became an astronaut

  110. jim
  111. jim

    I notice how the basic functions of being human are addressed,..but they gingerly avoid the obvious issue of sex in space. How many people posting here thought of it ,..or maybe I should say how many people who watched this swell video ,..didn't think about it? ;)

  112. dpa
  113. dpa

    james fll, the air causes less drag than water, but still enough to make hair bend as her head moves,. hair spray could stop her hair bending as she turns, so stopping it constantly flicking across her face. just trying to understand the physics.

  114. rpsabq
  115. rpsabq

    Yeah, the hair thing makes NO sense. Guys are supposed to have their hair cut very short. Why, because you never want hair getting in the way of a helmet or a hatch or hairs getting all over equipment, so the fact that NASA keeps this hair thing going with the women makes NO sense at all. Not even tied up or wrapped in any way? Think of the dangers of having long hair like that and it getting caught in a piece of equipment or a door or the dangers of lose hairs getting on equipment and the pain of washing it in space. Totally against all miliatry policy and common sense. So to me that gives it away. You have to admit it's a powerful visual: if here hair is like that she's gotta be in space right?? Uh--huhhh....right....

  116. Jenny
  117. Jenny

    Do you ever have problems with solar flares or black holes? Do you ever get "jet lag" or "the bends" when you go up into space or come back to Earth? How do you do time at all in space? What do you do if you break a bone or get some sort of injury in space? How many people would fill the space station to full capacity? How do you cook food in space? I didn't see a microwave or oven. When you do a space walk how do you make sure you don't end up floating away from the station and be lost forever in space? Is water all you have to drink in the space station? ...... Thank you for this tour I loved it. Please answer all of my questions whenever you can thank you.


    Proud to see an indian on ISS. Very good narration by Sunitha Williams and camera also did well.

  120. Jim
  121. Jim

    Totally enjoyable vid! She is engaging and knowledgeable, explaining things in a non-technical way. And the morning hair was just frosting on the cake :>)

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