9/11 and the British Broadcasting Conspiracy

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9/11 and the British Broadcasting ConspiracyThere is an abundance of scientific and forensic evidence to support alternative theories, yet the BBC and other mainstream news corporations have continued to dismiss this information as conspiracy theory.

'The Conspiracy Files' and the BBC in general have failed to objectively present the detail of this evidence.

9/11 and the British Broadcasting Conspiracy - new documentary by Adrian Connock and David Shayler about the BBC's selective and distorted 9/11 coverage.

With particular reference to the Conspiracy Files programme aired on BBC Two on February 18th 2007.

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  1. A crazy event happens and you all think the government were in on it. All you guys, having a go from your armchairs are probably based in the US, chewing on some sugary food product for which, no doubt, you have no self-control of eating and getting real fat because the government secretly melts your brain so you have no choice, bitching about how corrupt the US is whilst living off the money their corruption provides, having no idea about absolutely anything that happens outside of the US as you'll never leave and don't even know the name of a town outside the good old US of A, even though you despise it so much because you don't have the balls to act on anything unless its bitching and moaning about how hard done by you are, even though you've never tried hard enough to make a difference unless it was eating a doughnut from some corrupt bakery that was behind 911, Kennedy or some other bull**** that happened and there must be a reason because you are so arrogant that the truth wasn't moving enough in that American way you love so much.

  2. Peter, you obviously have not payed much attention to the actual evidence. NIST published that:' Elevators 6A and 7A were out of service for modernization. The doors were blown off by the fireball that came down the elevator shaft and the elevator cars were burned.

    It seems that 'most demo experts' say that, considering the layout of the building, it was very easy to place bombs without the public noticing anything out of the ordinary at all. I am not sure about those sources and their intentions however, so I will leave it up to you to google the thousands of links and video's about that. Although it seems that too many demolition experts say that and I have heard none say it was impossible or even remotely difficult. Prove me wrong, please.

    However the case, so far I found reasons to believe that there was in fact a terrorist attack and that the American government knew about it and used this knowledge to blow the attack out of proportions. All the evidence seems to point at a knowing and failing government that consistently lied about knowing about the attack, the timelines, evidence in and around the twin towers and that list goes on and on. Nothing suggests that their response or if their investigation afterwards were adequate. There is even clear evidence of explosives and that even with the terrorist attack pending they went out of their way to make it impossible to stop it by e.g. having its air-force do several drills, all at the same time (which isn't just odd, it's just plain stupid to have your entire defense net doing several tests which all involved radar manipulation and I doubt that they never thought of that themselves and I am pretty sure there are rules and guidelines to prevent them all from messing with their radar at the same time in such a large area around the twin towers, regardless if they knew about a terrorist threat).

    That those maintenance 'guys where(were) New Yorkers' is not evidence of anything at all and it is not even a fact in and of itself, unless you have the list of names and their home addresses and background stories to prove that.

    The company that was hired to service the elevators was ACE, which went bankrupt in 2006. Considering that they had the largest elevator deal in America, I don't think they hired only locals. Again, I am pretty sure that such a company that makes such deals hires a lot of people and you're claiming that those were 'New Yorkers so the answer of course is that they didn't...' That is a bold claim with no logic or reason whatsoever.

    I may be totally wrong, but I am not trying to convince anyone, I am looking for the facts and so far none bring me to believing the story about terrorist hijackers just being lucky with not being flagged for some reason and being that successful.

  3. The quality of the sound & production is absolutely lousy. Wish they would fix it & re-publish this. Interesting topic!

  4. A controlled demolition would have required weeks of work on the part of the engineers carrying out the job. You don't just merrily set charges and lay wires in a few hours on a building of this size. Its an extremely complex and skilled operation to blow a building such that it does minimum collateral damage to those around it. I bet most demo experts would baulk at such at task if presented to them. However lets say that it was the case so why then did nobody of the thousands coming and going into this building in the weeks prior too notice guys trailing wires and laying charges? Did they go oh that seems quite normal and go on by.? These guys where New Yorkers so the answer of course is that they didn't because it was not a controlled demolition.

  5. "Follow the money" is a good maxim for understanding happenings within
    the western capitalist model that is gobbling up the globe.

    So, I
    appreciate the narrator's mention of the Bush Administration's
    pre-planned war for oil. Also in the 'follow the money' vein are other
    facts: World Trade Center Building Seven housed the SEC (Security and
    Exchange Commission) records needed to prosecute corporations in
    violation of financial sector laws and those were lost along with other
    federal office and legal records stored at Building Seven. [Look up
    Building Seven tenants.] Then there is the 'follow the money' fact that
    when whatever-it-was hit the Pentagon it just happened to hit the
    offices of bookkeeping and finance, destroying records there -- and just
    the day after Secty. of Defense Rumsfeld announced those unnaccounted
    for trillions of dollars. How convenient.

    I much appreciated
    the film's graphic of the table showing the shocking yearly rise in USA
    spending on the perpetual Global War on Terror.

    Thank you for your film. Thank you for making it available for viewing here .

  6. the building fell in free fall (that says it all to me) and that meens that there is NO resistens left in the building. a fire cant do that so it was a controlled demolition by the US goverment because they try to lie it into something totaly different.

  7. When everyone knows that "they" (upper management) are in the business of lying and killing, there is still this extreme willingness to believe whatever "they" say. All the evidence at this point is irrelevent. "They" lie and kill... that's all there is to it.

  8. The building fell into itself at free fall speed. It doesn't take an architect or a demolition expert to see something isn't right there. What about wtc7? how could a building with nothing more than office fires cause structural damage enough to collapse at free fall speed? wtc7 was never hit by debris from the falling towers nor was it hit by a plane... I'm just saying

    1. Try watching a factual film about how this happens. Amazing how many people have suddenly become structural engineers and 'know' what they're talking about, when all they've done is watch some flaky youtube videos with zero facts but lots of claims and fuzzy shots that show nothing at all. I've seen plenty of detail on why the buildings collapsed like this, plenty. They just aren't the ones that claim consiracies at every turn, but concentrate on the engineering.

    2. Name another single building that collapsed like building 7 but without explosives. Duh.

    3. Name another single building that had a big a** plane flown into it? Duh.

    4. The Empire State Building...a B-25 flew into it in July 1945.

  9. Sorry to break the news to every "9/11 Truth movement"-member, I know you're all pissed off at your gov. and politians back home. So am I, especially due to the bad (and worsening) educational system raveging the US. "9/11 Truth movement" is a mere reflection of a broken educational system, pumping out ill-informed, ill-knowledgeable, angry masses with no clue to what the world looks like. Fight for your right to LEARN the truth instead of making your own truths. NOFX hits the spot "Where are all the stupid people from? And how'd they get to be so dumb? Bred on purple mountain range. Feed amber waves of grains. To lesser human beings, zero feelings. Blame it on
    Human nature, mans destiny. Blame it on the greediocracy. Fear of God. The fear of change. The fear of truth."

  10. @Branefart,

    Those videos were produced by the USA Gov. "Public) inquiry who requested (Contract) specialized firms to try to reproduce the phenomenon that "They" took for granted, to have caused the crash of both WTC1 & 2.

    For the least, on TDF, there's a documentary from one of the employees of that firm (Under a contract with the 9/11 pseudo public commission), gives quite a bit of an expose on how the tests were carried out.
    One of the only purely technical documentary.
    Left aside the one of the scientist who detected some sort of themite in the dust of the WTC dust.

    He's been working in that laboratory division for many years.
    He may have later gotten a Ph.D. or Msc after being hire there, but he is the one who carries that type of tests. A technologist....

    Indeed, that "Hired" laboratory had to repeat the tests until the results could vaguely reflect the mandate that the 9/11 USA Gov. commission expected.
    But the technologists couldn’t fit his results (Facts) as a proof that the steel beams (Cross members) had really bend enough to give way to the upper floors. Not at the maximal temperature at which jet fuel burns. From there, the technologists carrying the tests began to be somewhat "Uncomfortable" with the mandate their own bosses have signed with the 9/11 commission. Most shut up but a few got frustrated.

    The 9/11 advocates or "Inquirers" imposed the reasoning that those steel beams may have not bended enough but that the inserts to which the floors where hang, simply broke apart. Freeing the steel beam on which the floors were resting, triggering the "Pancake" theory.
    Theory later abandoned because it was obvious according the many live movies that not even one floor below the damaged ones did slow down the speed at which the complete collapse occurred.

    I don't know what is the final 9/11 explanation 'cause when I seen that all the debris would be sent abroad where no further analysis can be done, I understood that no one would ever know what happened on that day.

    Beside, I am not much concerned since I ain't no US citizen.
    Only lost a retired scientist in there whom once trained me in my professions. Seen him last some 5 months before 9/11.

    Building #7? Not of any concern for the 9/11 commission coze it ain't a criminal case for the 9/11 commission since no one died in the crash.


  11. Yeah... I be you ARE Neil - doesn't matter either way, but it would be cool if you were.

  12. Oh and remember what happened to the boy who cried wolf. The more you plot these ideas out there people the more they become potential possibilitys.
    As in if there not doing it now, they might start.

  13. @Thisis, watch Architects and Engineers for 911. It's very scientific and explains how what happened defied all natural physical laws.

  14. Ian I don't know who you are but you frighten me. You speak as though questioning what is proffered is insanity. I believe the opposite. I have never been able to understand how the WTC's fell so neatly, or so fast. I did not at the time think it was a conspiracy. I assumed I did not understand architecture, which I don't. I do now question what really happened, without prejudice, but with growing disheartening suspicion. To believe that where mankind is concerned good and evil are clear and unimpeachable is- head in the sand madness.

  15. Wow! That was an amazing Documentary! Guys, Don't worry, one day we will ALL finally really know the truth, Hopefully when it's not too late. One more thing, I love reading the comments, I learn from them alot, but I just wish people would keep them short and simple, I try to read all of them and if a comment is just too too too long I'm sorry but I just have to stop (unless it's really interesting, nicely written, educational etc...) and I only comment after watching the documentary even if comments discourage watching any documentary. I think it's unfair when people comment to discredit a documentary they haven't even watched, it's just really not fair and a little too aggressive I must say and this goes out to all other kind of Documentaries, especially religious and war related because it really does put other people off. So bravo to Vlatko for making TDF impartial (I hope) I guess, Please keep it up (if so). Me, I'd watch almost anything here and I've even watched documentaries that I knew I wouldn't agree with or something that I didn't really care much about, it's interesting seeing another world you didn't know of. See?!, I'm so Cool!.

    Ya'll take good care!

  16. Wait wait... I've not watched this Doco yet, but I have read a number of the comments - and I am a little confused; are some of you out there, suggesting that there were not actually any planes involved in the errr...destruction of the WTC? So....you mean that all the footage of the planes plowing into, and people watching the planes plow into the buildings was doctored? I hope I am wrong....because seriously...that's crazy!

  17. we need to keep digging until the truth is clear beyoud a shadow of a doubt,and if the truth is other then what has been told,we need to bring all those responsable to justice in weather government official or institutions,even charges of crime against humanity,i think of the horable ways some had to jump to there deaths and am so sicken by those who cause i all cause it,we are no different ib others eyes and it could be anyone of us anywere...terrorist attachs or wars are all inhumane,its all for some material gain or power and it comes at the price of alot of innocent people

  18. its clear that trust has been destroyed

  19. In my experience, I have noticed that there always a small group of people, the same people quite often, who prefer to believe a conspiracy theory because it's comfortable to their political outlook, and lets them avoid the hard work of reason.

    1. Im my experience, I have noticed, sadly, that the majority of people-in N.America- have a "follow the herd" mentality and would rather have the news media and advertisers think for them than to actually have to spend time critically looking into an issue of importance.we seem to prefer not having to think and just live in our own little bubble day by day until something serious that effects us personally. I find it funny that we don't trust politicians on alot of matters but when something big happens we act like children in need of protection and look to these same politicians for security and to protect our needs when the entire time we know they're only looking out for themselves-just as we are! Christ people, pull your head out of your a$$! Sometimes I just want to leave this continent in search of an intelligent and healthy society, like Scandinavia or somewhere in Europe. America is going down to bowl and Canada isn't far behind.

  20. The ruling elite think of us a pests who just get in the way, like ants at a picnic. In the 60's, they "squashed" Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, John F. Kennedy, and Robert Kennedy - all in a span of about 4 years - all blamed on crazy loners. The elite do not care about us, and will stop at nothing to increase their rule and power over us. So, a 9/11 inside job, to get the public to renounce many of our liberties, rights and freedoms - all in the name of National Security - and to get the public wanting to invade other countries rich in natural resources valuable to us, doesn't seem that far fetched, especially when you consider other examples of False Flag operations which include:

    The explosion of the battleship Maine at Havana, Cuba (1898) starting the
    Spanish - American War
    The Sinking the of ocean liner Lusitania near Britain in 1914 - Sunk by a
    German U-Boat, it was secretly transporting millions of pounds of artillery
    shells, ammunition and explosives - It was against US laws to transport war
    materials and passengers in the same ship. - This got the US involved in
    The Reichstag fire in 1933. The assembly location of the German Parliament
    was burned down a month after Hitler was elected. The fire aided Hitler
    and the Nazi party to gain more power and control over the German
    WWII Fale Flag Operations include the inking of the ocean liner Athenia
    because it behaved like a military transport, blackened out & zigzagging;
    American confiscation of several German merchant ships; The US naval
    intelligence, chief of Japan desk planned and suggested "8 insults", which
    should bring Japan into war with the US; Having broken the Japanese
    encryption codes, the Americans knew that the attacks on Pearl Harbour
    was going to happen, but the president did not dispatch this information to
    Pearl Harbor.
    South Korean incursions into North Korea (1949) involving leaders of Taiwan,
    South Korea and the US military-industrial complex (John Foster Dulles was
    an organizer of the hostilities.) This led to the Korean War.
    "The Tonkin incident", where American destroyer Maddox was supposedly
    attacked twice by three North Vietnamese torpedo boats in 1964 in the
    Gulf of Tonkin never happened. This led to the Vietnam War.
    The Grenadian leader, Maurice Bishop was deposed and executed in October
    of 1983. Six days later the US invaded, with the reason that the American
    medical students studying in the Grenada were in danger due the Cuban
    In 1991, Saddam Hussein asked for permission from the US (via their
    ambassador April Gillespie) to invade Kuwait, and got an answer that the
    US does not care Arab quarrels. This led to the Gulf War.

    Read your history, especially about Nazi Germany and it's propaganda machine, there are way too many similarities between that and our society today. "We The People" need to start dusting off our pitchforks and torches and start marching in the streets. We need to start attacking some of these propaganda hot spots passing themselves off as news outlets / broadcasting stations. Unfortunately, peaceful demonstrations on Wall street may not be enough, we need to start fighting dirty. We need to start fighting fire with fire. We need to do it before more innocent lives are lost with another False Flag operation, or a war in Iran is declared for their oil.

    1. @Bawbster
      Thats a long list you typed there, most here would know that info but it is a great list for those who may not be aware of it all. I remember when I first read about all those (it took time though as I wasn't lucky enough to have someone provide all the info at one time) and read up on them, but I didnt have an available forum to talk about it and ask others questions. Thats one thing that is great about this site I have found many people who are knowledgeable on a variety of things that i can ask questions to, and they don't all hold the same opinion on things so I get different points of view.

      Lol I had forgotten Grenada was the place for American Medical students to go, I know I wont see a Dr unless they got at least some medical training there.

      I have not been paying a lot of attention to the take over Wall St demonstrations and the following ones around the world, even when they apparently had one in my own backyard Toronto. My problem with these domonstrations is the same thing that happened in Toronto at the G20, well besides the government lying and not telling people the fence they constructed around part of the downtown area was a "you have no rights anymore and may be beaten and arrested at anytime" zone, is the Black Bloc and the other professional protesters who go to these things and start all the trouble. It makes peacefull protest impossible and causing trouble like clashing with the police, burning innocent peoples businesses and just generally being a$$h0les makes everyone there look like clowns. Even people people who agree with them will look at whats going on and say with all the crap going on nobody is going to take them seriously.

    2. Hey - Kingston Ontario here! I agree about the idiots at the G20 - however, I also feel that "non-violent" protests are getting us nowhere, I don't suggest burning down random businesses or cars... But if I were living in the US - a few FOX news stations would be a good start.

  21. 9/11 AND THE 7/7 attacks are very similar... if this infomation about 9/11 would of come out earlier the uk goverment could not of staged the 7/7 bombings. the leaders of this world are corrupt and using the people for their games

    1. The conpiricy theories started as always straight after 9/11... 7/7 staged??!!... you are ret*rded!!

  22. There is an abundance of scientific and forensic evidence to support alternative theories, yet the BBC and other mainstream news corporations have continued to dismiss this information as conspiracy theory.

    Speculation is not "an abundance of scientific and forensic evidence."

  23. Here's the truth. A bunch of nutters hijacked and flew planes into to the WTC, the Pentagon which ultimately resulted in 3000 people losing thier lives. The rest is all gravy.

    Do you seriously believe it was planned by the US government? I mean really? Do you think that the US government, made up of elected American citizens would do this to thier own people in order to start a war in Iraq? Or Afghanistan?

    I'm not saying that the US Goverment has not been guilty of many crimes in the past - absolutely they have. Every government of every country in the world has. But killing 3000 of it's own citizens? America? Not one, not ten but 3000 of it own people?

    I'm British - do you think we all suspect the UK government of orchestrating the London underground bombings in order to get the UK to support the war in Afghanistan? I haven't met one person that does.

    America is an amazing country. It's citizens have freedom, rights of expression and a quality of life unparalleled anywhere in the world. You and your elected governments made sure of this. You should be proud of the goverment you have created. Sometimes, just sometimes, you've got to trust them.

    1. I dunno your age Ian but do you have any vague idea on how the "Lutiana" sunk by the coast of Ireland or North Eastern England?
      There's a documentary about that tragedy that occured in the early years of WWI. B-4 the USA got involved.
      The case is documented.

      Pearl Harbor... Well documented case as well.
      The USA gotten the telegraph the day before.
      But the case here was so much different B-Coze the Japaneses had a very strong imperialist foreign politic here.

      Conquering too many land and islands over there.
      I mean that war with the imperial japanese state had to lead.
      But why keep that telegraph uncared for?
      If one wants to conquer a nation or a country, did the Britts asked permission to murder the indians citizens in India a little while back?
      Did any Britt citizen objected that mass murded by Britt officers?
      The line of conduct is much more simpler than that: Shoot first, women & clilds and ask questions afterward!

      The question comes back: Why let or collaborate into the killing of one own citizens? => -For the sake of money!

      Don't you now know that Blair knew that he was lying about the WMD raw material on which the Britts inqired regarding Saddam supposed to build WMD? The French Gov, tried to explain what they already knew at that time but Blair was happy with Bush's money offer.

      Those are the facts after full & deep inqury.
      And since you play the advocate for these crooks, liers and war crime criminals, you lower down yourself in the slime.

      Cocerning 911, you like anybody else apart these crooks don't know and will never to what point the USA & and the UK Gov. were involved in that scheme.
      Maybe, maybe they didn't plan it but they sure did let it happen.
      There's ought to be a reason why Bush was in an urge to send the debris in China.

      Lastly, you don't seem aware of the recent laws regulating the civil rights in the USA persently? Have you heard of the "Patriot Act" up to now? For every single civil rights in the USA that you can think of, the "Patriot Act" nullify it. All of them.

      The best you and me can say is that we're lucky not being USA citisens. No rules of law over there.
      A place for cowboy with their guns tucked under their arm.


    2. pentagon,small hole big plane?duh!Did you try to put the square peg in the round hole when you were a kid cuz you didn't get "it"?

    3. Wow. Just because the Pentagon wall didn't have a cartoon cut out of a Boeing 757 on the side of the wall doesn't mean it wasn't a plane. Maybe stop watching "Tom and Jerry".

    4. Well think on this. Each side of hole. No fire damage.
      With 85.000pounds of fuel on board and then trying to claim the airliner and contents, and engines were blown to bits by the explosion.

    5. @ Ian
      I will be a little more polite in my reply than 207flatlander because even though he quite clearly does not agree with you he has no right to speak to you or anyone like that. There are occassions when you need to yell at someone and swear, call them names etc but for me it takes more than someone just not agreeing with me for it to happen.

      Having said that I also do not agree with what you said in your cartoon cut out reply. There does not have to be a cartoon like hole in the wall matching the shape of the wings to prove it was a plane that hit it. There does however at the very least have to be some sort of marks left by the wings, or I don't know maybe some remnants of the very large wings that you say hit the side of the building laying around. There also, if a plane hit the side of the pentagon, would have been seats, luggage, bodies and body parts strewn about. What happened to the fuselage or the massive engines that were no where to be seen (to say something like everything I mentioned was burned up is not a good arguement because there was no big fire there. if you look at the hole and the offices you can see into because there walls were blown up the desks and the stuff on the desks like in one case a telephone are sitting there basically looking undisturbed)? Have you ever seen a plane crash on TV or in a doc or wherever where the plane and everything in it totally evaporated into thin air (well beside Shanksville but that is another situation I have trouble believing)? They always take the broken pieces of the plane to a warehouse and try to put the plane back together as much as they can with what is left over (there is always parts left over) to figure out what happened to it. The hole in the side of the Pentagon was not really very big and was a circle ar first (that was smaller than the size of the plane I believe) then after a while the top portion still attached finally collapsed. There is just to me no evidence it was a plane that hit it, there may have been a plane in the area, but this is just occuring to me, but I don't think it hit the pentagon. I have heard people in the army (of varying ranks and expertize) say that to them the hole and following explosion were exactly what would have occured had someone fired a missile called a Bunker Buster at it. I make no claims to be an expert on planes, explosives etc I am just a regular guy who happens to have gotten through my teen years and 20's with enough brain cells left intact (even though I did my best to kill them all lol) to still be able to know what I see, research what I don't fully understand (as much as time permits) and use that info and some common sense to pick up when someone is making things up and not telling the truth or full truth. Ok I can be fooled we all can be but I am just trying to say I have pretty good BS radar, and to me this Pentagon story and really the whole "official story" they are trying to sell us is so incomplete and filled with so many holes and falsehood's that I have no choice but to call BS on it. Not saying I have proof or think there was a full blown Government conspiracy taking place but there are so many things that dont seem right to me that a lot of questions come to mind that even after 10 years have gone unanswered.

    6. Who is a Douche? Me? And if the comment was directed at me please fill me in on how you came to such an eloquently stated conclusion

    7. Maybe because a limestone-clad masonry backed wall has more mass and density than an aluminum airplane, you illiterate oaf.

    8. dickie drackett. 03/09/27/2011 a.d. -04/09/28/2011 a.d. i have learned something vaguely important a long time ago-that one can not always trust your own government and you cant always believe everything that you either read within the newspapers nor what you might see on television,let alone what one hears on the radio.i am an african-american and proud of it,yet there comes a time when it is not only important but of the utmost necessity to ask a great deal of questions.i dont care what part of the world you come from,each and every one of us are well within our rights to the truth,the whole truth and nothing but the truth,so help us god.people have every right to know precisely what the hell is going on and why.we dont want or need any bogus lies.there is no place anywhere for shoddy journalism,it simply doesnt belong,period!

    9. umm yeah it wouldnt be the first time the united states would do something like this

    10. America has had false flag wars since the the end of the 19th century, and even later admitted that the reports that the US fleet had been attacked in the Tonkin Gulf were wrong. On that basis of that lie some 60,000 American troops were slain in the Vietnamese war. Oh, and a couple of million locals. But they don't count, like the 1.5 million Iraqis who died in an invasion (not war) that had nothing to do with them. And the several hundred thousand Afghanis. Keep taking the sleeping tabs, Iain, it's best not to wake up sometimes.

    11. No, but they seriously want to believe it because it props up their world view, and the fact that we're talking about people who are largely too arrogant to engage in any sort of self-examination.

  24. give them fiction.

    I remember in 1963-as a 7 year old-seeing JFK -in Dublin Ireland. He was not a bad man despite what some opportunist lazy and cowardly latter day scibes would have you think. Dead men can't sue. I digress

    When I heard news of his murder -5 months later-I was scared of this 'Oswald' character. Years later-what Warren et al- overlooked-was evident to anyone who cared to notice.

    40 years -or a little shy of it; I have had the great opportunity to visit almost half of the great US States from California to Vermont.

    My interest and fascination with aviation -found me at flight test areas and air force bases across the length and breath of a wondrous land-of kind and talented and hard working people.

    In 2007-I was privileged to be in the White House -and in retrospect take up JFK''s offer -to visit there-which he made in the summer of 63. I as an 'ordinary Joe visitor' that is

    . I have similarly been privileged to have been permitted to 'tour'the Pentagon -twice no less. I stood in the centre or center-of that 'power house'-and to this day -I would see the folks there -as 'good'.

    I stood -in Lincolns 'place' in the Capitol building as I tend to do-in a slightly obsessive way -at most -most historic places across the globe

    As critical sense developed-I believe I understood most socio -economic -cultural political moves-(though I missed the Ollie and Ronnie Iran Contra intrique-which was some move-by the backroom boys)

    Anyway-to bring matters to issue at hand-----I fell for the 9/11 tragedy 'line'---until I decided -belatedly this September 2011-to review the evidence.

    The only conspiracy -is to take the meaning out of the worto make it everything that is 'other' to the truth..
    The 'evil' which the misguided Mr Bush spoke of -(before and after he rode backseat -behind real pilots onto a carrier)-is the coterie of Cheney, Rumsfeld , and their ilk-who sat out wars in Vietnam and Korea-and schemed ways to make 'meaning' of their lives-by the acquisition of money and power-
    .......in effect making war on their own nation,

    Notwithstanding the cabal of power holders -mentioned in most of the documentaries here ....the lowest form of human life outside of them and lower than bankers and estate agents is the self serving media tribe..

    Here in Ireland-the -the aforementioned Random Tedious Effluent videlicet RTE-; along with cartoon class TV3 ;Newstalk' ;Today FM-make up the numbers.

    They height of their inquiry-when not insincerely joking and 'joshing among themselves on the latest celebrity - is to ask their audience -'dial up-if you can-and answer if you can-where is New York'-and win a chance to win -a chance to win -something. The money of course -is collected to add to hyper salaries...but one 'member' of their audience wins something.

    The scary element is that folk do-and that indicates how easily people can be manipulated-and ultimately 'down the line' controlled

    Keep a critical eye-or develop one -if necessary-and try to resist print and visual 'networks'-who will only take your soul away for the price of a holiday or a car .

    Seek the truth -in the USA and -across the world
    -or in my country Ireland , where the political class are 'only' inordinately clueless and greedy. God forbid- they could ever wage war.

    I forgot to mention that in Ireland -there was 'an event'-as the media class might say-

    Timeline:Dublin 17th May 1974: 33 civilians and an unborn child were killed
    in the Republic of Ireland and officially 258 people were injured as a
    result of a series of massive explosions(without coded warnings) when four
    car bombs were planted by Loyalist paramilitaries in several rush-hour
    streets of Dublin(I I was there),and one in Monaghan town.
    Independant research groups have pointed to the fact that special military technical expertise and intelligence would have been required and that they were supplied in
    personnel and equipment from several British sources Special Forces; MI6 et
    al. .
    The death toll was the largest in any single day of the Irish conflict and
    pre-empted similarly hideous events that followed in Britain.
    That the fairminded people of Britain were never made aware of this carnage
    is an indictment on journalists and politicians on both sides of the Irish

    As with 9/11 -when truth is witheld -or utterly destroyed-we as humankind lose-and casualty and wickedness continues.

    more anon

    Maurice Aherne

    A plethora of 9//11 official stories are broadcasting as I speak on the aforementioned national channels. One 911 day world changed-is as risable as tthe title. We have all the suspects-both usual and real-and unusual;and we have Laura Bush saying quiveringly-George and I held hands -and I knew things would be different for us from now on'. Yes indeed,love. A lame duck president would overnight be a heroic one-to start with. It was as nauseating as any hollywood spun film -but sadly real.

    The opening speeches of another 'on script-onside' documentary -' they have lethal weapons' -replays in my mind the old truth in jest -that is....

    How do we know-they have weapons?
    we have the receipts---
    Sadam +Osama-are---eh -were old friends---eh clients---eh---cut the tape!!!!!

    NB-Here in Ireland-the national media RTE or Random Tedious Effluvia 'news ' department -follow the 'line'.
    that is when they are not condescending to their audience -or selling them something-or mesmerising them-- in other sublimal ways-while they pamper themselves and their own golden circle of opinion making friends.
    Sadly the same-is evident for neighbours in the UK.

    Even the more intellectually searching agencies-and less corrupt- in Germany and France among others have bought to some degree-the 'line'

    Panem et Circenses- - bread and circuses
    ...Here! Buy this commodity- you need!
    -while we show you sport and musak-and
    Give your minds a holiday!
    Don't ask and don't worry!--ad nauseum-adinfinitum!

    10 YEARS ON-OR 37-if evidence is overlooked and victims forgotten-there is little of value in anniversaries-except for media luvies who have something to sell.

    1. I think I agree with some of what you say but unfortunately I don't think we speak the same brand of English lol. I am Canadian and I honestly had a lot of trouble making sense of a lot of your comments. I used to talk online with a buddy who is Scottish and he typed like he spoke (wee is accint), well he toned it down a bit so it made some sense to me lol.

      The 'evil' which the misguided Mr Bush spoke of -(before and after he rode backseat -behind real pilots onto a carrier)-is the coterie of Cheney, Rumsfeld , and their ilk-who sat out wars in Vietnam and Korea-and schemed ways to make 'meaning' of their lives-by the acquisition of money and power-
      .......in effect making war on their own nation,
      This part I understood and agree with, those clowns have had their fingers in the preverbial historic apple pie for decades in effect poisoning it. You watch enough docs and read and do some research about some of the sketchy things the American Government has done, oops excuse me allegedly done and those two plus Kissinger and Wolfowitz always seem to be hanging around in the periphery with those stupid ass "we got away with another one" grins on their ugly faces (just like after they lied through their teeth and all got off scott free after the Tillman trial and one dickhead Senator even went to Mr. Tillman and tried to shake his hand, ahh no thanks pal get out of my face). As for Bush I almost puke anytime I see him on that aircraft carrier in that pilots overalls (not sure what the official term is for them, and the last thing I would ever want to do is to disrespect anyone in any of the branches of the armed forces) like he was one of them soaking up the cheers like he actually did something usefull or brave. Then he declares "We got em" or we won or something like that making it sound as if the war was won and over with. Try and sell that crap to those who have died in the 4 or 5 years since or their families.

  25. A very good programme.
    The BBC should be ashamed.A VERY biased view in a programme.
    The sad thing is MOST BELIEVE what these big corperations transmit.That's why getting the truth out behind 9/11 is so difficult.
    They don't WANT people to know the truth.
    Most who belive 9/11 was carried out by terrorists either WANT to believe this or are being denied the facts.
    If you had someone murdered you would go by evidence.
    It seems all the evidence and physics and logistics have been totally ignored or hidden.
    I certainly at this moment in time am glad i am not an American citizen.I would be horrified to think my own government could carry out such henious tasks AND get away with them.
    GOD BLESS all those who lost their lives through acts of greed and power by the totally corrupt US and other linked governments.
    People need to be aware of what REALLY goes on in the real world.It's pretty scary.

    1. Hi
      I could'nt agree more .|the London 7/7 attacks were staged in the same way too , to gain support from the Uk to be an alli with the US./BIG MISTAKE.

    2. Oh you have evidence for this statement? Since the bombers are all known, identified, photographed, even suicide vids posted, I'd be interested in your proof. FYI the UK was already a close ally of the US and did, and still does, what it's told - witness replacing Trident for £30 billion.
      The government didn't need anything to 'gain support from the UK' and to believe that the UK government blew up tube trains and buses is the allegation of a total i*iot. I think you've become too excited by the US paranoia and have caught it, like a virus. They were both islamist attacks. And just because Americans find it difficult to accept a bunch of Arabs could strike at the very heart of their country and prefer the i*iocy of 'the government did it' doesn't mean you have to follow along like a puppy. Grow up.

    3. Two S A S soldiers dressed as Arabs driving around Basra shooting anyone in sight to stir up hate between Sunni and Shia,then had to be rescued by British army.

      When given orders,you don't ask why,you just do the job.

      The C O G Continuity of Government of both the U.S and U.K . always have the same agenda,they are above ordinary government affairs.

  26. this is retarded. i had to turn it off after the claim that there was some problem with the "unequivocal" statement made during the bbc doc.

  27. The eye in the center of the BBC's logo was all I needed to see their real agenda. What's their agenda you might ask? Disinformation, Control, and Power to name a few. Please use multiple independent news sources to get your news from.

  28. Let the power fall.

  29. @Yanek
    My A.D.D. kicks in after about 2 sentences unless the comment is either funny or informative. Put me in the catagory of NOT reading 2 paragraph long posts as a rule, there are exceptions though.

  30. Wow, so many comments. Just a thought running through my mind.....Did anyone actually read the comments with more than two paragraphs in them? Anyone?.....No? Didn't thinks so. Trollers need to get put down the keyboards. Now, I'm actually going to watch it. ~.^

  31. Mildearth,
    Thanks for posting the link, one of the best lectures that I have seen in a long time.

  32. LMAO 'someone who knows more' is the most blatant troll i've seen.
    The guy tries to attach himself to all of these journalists to try and lend some credibility to his comments whilst implying that these respected journalists also dissaprove of this website. He even refers to John Pilger as 'my old friend' that really tickled. If that was the case then why, pray tell, does he have such a childishly arrogant name and not just write under his professional name?
    LOL...tut tut tut, trying to pretend you are a genuine journalist despairing at the world and its many gullible souls. You clown..lol...you most amusing, yet most utterly transparent of trolls.

  33. @ Ed,

    Griffin is a theologian and he's not qualified to forensically analyze the 9/11 events? I suppose then that scientist from any other field except forensics, or philosopher, or person with a bit of common sense would not be considered qualified to comment on these events.

    Fair enough. Are you a forensic expert?

  34. @michael......hmmm.......are you sure youre not "someone who knows more"....????????

  35. Misgivings and questions about the official story are necessary - the state lies as a function of government. Pilger is right to distrust officialdom, as we all are, if we're at all politically aware. But to superimpose a hare-brained Alex Jones theory is just reckless and demolishes credibility.

  36. Hi Ari;

    I know who Prof. Griffin is. He is a professor of philosophy and religion. That's not even approaching a relevant discipline to forensically analyse the events of 9/11.

    Mike Ruppert's book asks questions, sure, but isn't an exponent of the 'truth' movement. He doesn't posit some wacko Icke-ian theory like many 'truthers' do.

    We should always question the 'official' story because the first lesson of politics, according to I.F Stone, is 'governments lie'. But that doesn't mean shoe-horning in a bunch of half-assed and unscientific conclusions from people who only have qualifications in theology!

    1. This "just asking questions" routine is the saddest, oldest form of passive-agressive behavior I can think of. There's a reason people who prefer a perposterous contrivance over reality use it: in the hope that they won't be challenged to prove their implausible assertions.

  37. Ed, you are wrong to say that Professor David Ray Griffin is not a scholar. check your facts first.
    To Ed and someonewhoknowsnothing, look up pilots for 911 truth, architects and engineers for 911 truth, physicist for 911 truth, etc. All these people know what they are talking about. They have phds and or lots of experience in their field. Also look at Professor Steven Jones, Professor Niels Harrit. And Michael Rupperts book - he was a LAPD detective.
    Also look at the 911 commissioners themselves who have stated that there was an agreement by NORAD and the US Govt not to tell the truth to the commission.
    Dont judge all those who quetion the official conspiracy story by someone such as David Shayler who has gone mad, or any of the David Ickists.Those of you like someonewhodoesntknowmore, always pick out the fringe nutcases that believe in all sorts of rubbish like Shayhlor and Icke whilst conveniently ignoring the majority if rational sane people who are questioning the official conspiracy.

    1. I don't know about the resot of them, but as an Architect, I can tell you that the "architects for truth" and teh "Engineers for truth" are a bunch of attention-seeking hacks. The assertions they support are demonstably untrue.

  38. To 'someone who knows more':

    I share your annoyance with those who rely for their worldview on unscholarly hacks like Alex Jones, Ed Begley, David Ray Griffin, David Shayler (who, as you point out, has lost what credibility he had), and, heaven forfend, chief gecko-basher David Icke. They can do much better that that.

    Here's how. To develop a more critical, scholarly dissident outlook, such people could do worse than choosing to read the words of serious, professional, academically-credible journalists and commentators. Here's a few to start them off:

    Robert Fisk, John Pilger, Johann Hari, Noam Chomsky, Greg Palast, George Monbiot, Amy Goodman, Naomi Klein, Glenn Greenwald, Tom Engelhardt, David Cromwell, David Edwards, Jim Hightower, Ray McGovern, Vandana Shiva, Edward Herman...

  39. Hello everyone,
    To each his own in their beliefs, and that goes both ways. I have enjoyed researching history for a long time. I have a good understanding of financial history. I'm not a financial expert. I began looking into assassinations of political leaders and a common theme was their view on monetary issues. I thought it very unlikely to still be this way. Previous to much of my research I would assume people were wrong (crazy) in believing conspiracy theories such as 911. That being said, I did not hold it against them and insult thier independent thought, I merely disagreed.

    I read about Terry Yeakey's (okl. city) family coming out and wanting answers. If you don't know about him, read about him. He is one of a handful of early eyewitnesses mysteriously dead soon after the devestation. I thought I'd check out some early 911 witnesses. The list is longer than OK city, and it seems those with damning accounts, that is damning to the official reports, have changed their story, won't talk about it, or mysteriously died. Not all of course, but many who would not drop the case due to public scrutiny and humiliation.

    I don't know what to believe, I have my ideas, you have yours, and others can be completely different. It seems that if you are not a conspiracy theorist, and you understand the evidence, then you would have to be a coincidence theorist.

    Look back on US history and presidential assassinations and attempts and you will find the monetary link that is conviently misrepresented in today's society.

    Continue to learn my friends.

    High regards to all, even those who don't agree with me.

    1. It's not a matter of belief. It's a matter of impiricism. Does some unsupported assertion that the "US government assasinated a US President" lead logically to demostrate anything else that you find comforting? Of course not.

    2. You mean like J.F.K.and that executive order,big mistake,or very brave. I believe the latter. Last true American President.

  40. This isn't the same person a couple of comments above.

    There are a lot of people hating Someone Who Knows More, and it's fair enough, the person is an idiot. He/She didn't bother trying to put down a decent argument for his case, which is a shame because he does have a few good points. David Shayler is a weirdo, and his facts and advice should probably be taken with a pinch of salt (and then a whole lot more salt). The guy is a nut job. But the sad thing is, if Someone Who Knows More had put his point across in a better manner he could have set up a good debate, but he/she decided to just rant on and offend people.

    What we have to remember with all these conspiracy films is that they claim that all the government is behind 9/11. However what we have to remember is that the military and government make mistakes, it's always on the news, but when we see these mistakes here we think conspiracy. The government aren't going to admit to these mistakes if they don't have to. How many people here would want to openly admit to making a mistake that helped in the biggest attack on America ever.

    Don't get me wrong, I think there are a lot of unanswered questions that should be addressed by the governments, and I feel its sicken that the government haven't answered these questions.

  41. "You might want to tone down the:

    a) Disrespectful/Assumptive Psycho-Analysis

    b) Insults

    c) Ad-hominem attacks (Documentaries are invalidated because they’re made by what you consider to be “spotty-faced teenage losers”?)

    d) Condescending attitude"

    That sounds like a summary of "Loose Change" to me. someone who knows more clearly hit a raw nerve.

  42. To all those that critisize these docs and any docs questioning 911. I hear alot about people giving testimony of seeing the plane actually hit the pentagon. I recently saw the doc National Security Alert which had a number of video interviews which indicated the plane went in on a different angle towards the pentagon and you can only conclude that the plane did not hit the building. However I am VERY keen to see some video taped eye wittness reports on people whom DID see the plane hit the building so I can go back to believing the offical government story and not lose any more sleep over this.

    PLEASE point us towards some videos of this nature. If they exist that is... :)

  43. Hey "Someone Who Knows More" (Nice handle for someone taking shots at narcissism),

    You might want to tone down the:

    a) Disrespectful/Assumptive Psycho-Analysis

    b) Insults

    c) Ad-hominem attacks (Documentaries are invalidated because they're made by what you consider to be "spotty-faced teenage losers"?)

    d) Condescending attitude

    ..If you want anyone to address your easily-refutable points with anything other than disrespect/insults -- don't insult people who you criticize for practicing debate in an "infantile" manner. It makes you a big hypocrite, as does attacking them as "narcissists" while repeatedly portraying yourself as "awake from the masses" yourself.

    And by the way, you're massive generalizations make you look like a fool. Just sayin'!

  44. @ someone who knows more: She wrote... "However, this is a happy typo as it can be used to perfectly illustrate your groupthink idiocy: if I had not corrected that error, I will bet some teenage buffoon would have come along, pounced upon that error as proof I actually supported tyranny [b]and then proceeded to prance around with that apparent “fact’ tucked into his otherwise empty smug little head."[/b]

    Really, that's interesting. No, really, it is. In your very next diatribe you go on with your super inflated ego to do exactly as you suggested everyone else would do. Kudos. Just as TPTB give sublime hints as to what's coming down the pike, you followed in the exact same path as your masters.

    Why do I suggest your a paid shill? Not only do you rail against people who are willing to question things that doesn't pass the smell test but, you also rail against Vlatko's site too.

    Point 1. Common sense folk who find a particular website so utterly disgusting, simply don't visit that site again.

    Point 2. You swoop in and provide not one shred of evidence to legitimize your claim and you'll probably never be heard from again.

    My suggestion - find a new career. Shilling isn't your forte. Begin to practice Zen Meditation to overcome your inflated ego. Perhaps only once you've attained some true spiritual enlightenment, will you be able to see the trees inside the forest.

    It's ok though. I realize all that anger you project is the true state of mind your in. Meditate your way out of it. Learn forgiveness of others but mainly of yourself.

    Love ya, Miss ya, Mean it...

  45. Well said, Shep

  46. someone who knows more:

    The part that interested me the most about your angry unending post was the fact that you state you prove 911 truth activists wrong all the time? The fact that your post provided no facts or information and only anger tells me your debates go a little something like this. When the person with facts and heavily researched intelligent questions presents them to you, you return with blind rage and insults until the person simply walks away. You then think to yourself "Another 911 truth activist proven wrong cause they gave up against my superior intellect"

    Well here's the thing, yelling, screaming, throwing insults and hissy fits around like a 10 year old, no self respecting intelligent person is going to want to talk to you anyways. Therefore when we don't give you the time of day, it's not because your "intelligence" overwhelms us, it's merely because we're wondering which medications you forgot to take today to control your ridiculous rage.

  47. well done, I found it so funny that BBC actually reported the colapse of WTC7 before it happened in reality, comes to tell u how all of this is a game, a game of make belief

  48. 30

    And I suppose you apply that rant of yours to the six of the ten 911 commissioners who have said that the whole thing was a whitewash. John Farmer - the senior counsel for the 911 commission has said that it was a criminal cover up. This needs to be re-investigated and how do you explain Ted Olsens alleged call from his wife Barbara on the alleged hijacked plane? The phone records for that call read 'unconnected - call lasted 0.00 secs. This was disclosed at the Zacharias Massousoiau by the FBI who now reject the story along with American Airlines and the Pentagon.It's easy to throw insults and broad generalizations at us in the smug belief that you are an intellectual. far from it and a poor writer too. I doubt very much your claim to be a friend of John Pilger.


    I feel sorry for those who cant think for them selfs. But I do not fell bad for what may just come to them one day.

    Anyone who does not believe 911 was an inside job was just to lazy to look at all the facts and research all the information that is so easly available.

    To believe the events of 911 were just a coincidence is the real "conspiracy theory".

    If you truly understand the history of this world and the Order out of the Chaos that followed, then you would also know that 911 was not first of its kind. (even though its the first time in history 3 steal buildings collapsed due to fire. which one of those buildings was not even hit by a plane)

    Those who dont learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

    P.S. sorry for any spelling mistakes!

  50. Somebodywhoknowverylittle made a silly comment with the usual ad hominem irrelevent accounts. I have noticed that many whistleblowers and truth seekers are singled out for character assassination or sometimes they are killed ( or commit suicide) I have the distinct feeling that there is a concerted dirty tricks department to eliminate demonise or ridicule those who do not toe the official line. cases in point are David Shayler ( who is now apparently a transvestite and son of God) Scott Ritter caught in some kind of sting with under age girls. Martin Sheen ( spousal abuse) plus a whole lot of others who have died , lost their jobs etc. That such worthy men as Dr Steven Jones or Norman Finkelstein are hounded from their academic posts. The list is a long one. If anybody wishes to debate this issue with me my skype is funtiger8 I currently live in China and am unable to locate anybody who is seriously interested in this issue. most expat Americans are absolutely convinced that these events are 'Islamic fanatics' and will not discuss the issue or look at the evidence I can show them. It is indeed disheartening to see the lack of critical thinking and blind obedience that these characters exhibit.
    Stay strong and lets keep chipping away. Hopefully one day the sheeple will finally understand they have been duped

  51. To: "someone who knows more"

    Put bluntly, you REALLY need to get laid dude

  52. <3 Ava!

  53. To someone who knows better...

    You have a tremendous skill to write a whole bunch of sentences without having one single argument in it, to substantiate your shitspread.

    Have a nice day.

  54. Why skip this Doc on the advice of Someonewhoisacock?

    Plenty of other people took value from it.

  55. please feel free to attack my kettle typo. how very amusing. im typing from my bed... mmm i think i will go and watch the nietzsche doc now and ponder on how we can wash the blood of god from our murderous hands. night night.

  56. someone who knows....ad hominem on mass.

    having said this thanks for helping me choose not to watch this, you obviously didnt enjoy your time with it, i doubt i will either. keep up the pot krttlr black skit your bilious anger was a hypocritical revelation.

  57. RIP Mr Somewhatsoretoes we all miss his hit and run comment(zzzz)

  58. I must say that the quality of the moderating of someonewhomoansmore by Vlatko impresses me greatly - Well done Sir - an exquistely restrained reposte.

    The trajedy of Mr Somebumwhoblowsmore is that he will probably not return and read the reactions to his bombastic diatribe.

    Thanks to a gem of wisdom, which I just picked up effortlessly in this gem-field of a web-site, I now know that all violence eminates from within and is a projection of self hate. (see documentary Kymatica).

    Should I be proved wrong (and I love it when that happens) and Mr Someonewithmorenoses - DOES return to the scene of his rant, this is for him...

    Chill out Mr Somewhatsoretoes. Really brother - bitterness causes cancer.

  59. This is the best Doc website ever.Thank you very much.A+

  60. someone who knows more

    Actually I think this is a girl who wrote this. Obviously she has no power at home and is mad at the male population. She must feel somehow belittled and she is taking her frustations out on this site. She wants to make herself feel good blabbering on an on how smart she is. Why would she waste her time on a site like this if she believes other wise. If I thought for a minute that what the government says is true why would I be here? I think its time for her to change her pad!

  61. Great video doc. I live in the UK myself and the BBC is known for not being impartial these days. It has got worse in the last twenty years and is often attacked for its Labour government friendly stance. Its not exactly Pravda but cannot be trusted entirely either.

  62. Tim, I just tell it like I see it. If I looked down my nose at a website the way he claims to feel about this one I would be damned if I kept coming back again and again. He has probably been kicked off every site he has visited and we are now lucky to have his oh-so informative views...NOT.

  63. You are always too kind to the dumb ones, Reb. =P

    I love that he made sweeping generalizations about all the documentaries on this website and all the people who come here. It's almost like he watched this one, read a couple comments, and judged everything based on that. I absolutely love when people make assumptions about entire groups of people. It makes me feel like we're all the same! =D

  64. some who knows more wrote:

    "Boy, this is a new low even for this website (which clearly specializes in paranoia and conjecture of the teenage angst variety)."

    Well, he just told us why he comes here so often. He has a whopper case of somekind of 'angst'. Perhaps if we all pretended to sit at his feet and learn he could come off his medication and get a life of his own. These nutjobs never fail to show up. There has got to be a very large group home somewhere that specializes in self-worshipping delusional 'gurus'.

    Just imagine him with a big pot belly sitting at his computer in dirty underwear, unwashed hair in a filthy bug infested government housing apartment stuffing his already fat jowls with a rack of ribs and you will not be far off the mark. This poor slob has been deprived of attention his entire sad existence.

  65. Charles B:

    You are probably right, he no doubt never heard of Parliamentary Procedure!

  66. mildearth:

    Much appreciated for your links, I have bookmarked them and will watch them at my leisure. They look very interesting.

  67. Mr. Razor: You made me laugh! A lot! :-) I'm quite sure any of us "groupthink" guys "quickly crumbled in debate" if we met this guy face-to-face as we would never get a word in edgewise!

  68. I have reread this idiot, "some one who knows more"

    It has made me pissed off all over again. Any body can plainly see that he is a wanna-be writer from all his big name dropping, He comes across as a frustrated person that is not getting any!

    I can guarantee you he was not Breast Fed. But maybe this was all a farce, just to gauge our reactions? Somehow I do not think so.

    He tries to write in the style of a journalist. Maybe he worked for David Shayler and got the boot. It is apparent he does not like David Shayler.

    I really cannot imagine someone being that miserable and still be alive, if he hates that much, he must hate himself also.

    No one will probably hear from him again, because he is a coward!
    He makes allegations and runs!

  69. Okay, we're expected to believe that on an "average" morning in New York when there's nothing "special" happening, there are 100's of TV cameras aimed at the Twin Towers. Yeah, sure!
    Wise up, people. All the TV "footage" we've been allowed to see, has been proven to be fake! Any dumbass can see the mistakes in the footage, it is very amateur work after all.
    And even the BBC in London reported that Building Seven had "just collapsed", an hour BEFORE it actually did! Someone missed a page on her script!

  70. "someone who knows more"...you contradict yourself, but are to ignorant to understand it...quite funny actually.

  71. Take it easy someone who knows more (BTW, what a nice nick name). I've said it before and I'll say it again: The presence of this documentary on this site does not implies that I'm "for" or "against" the idea behind it.

    The documentary is simply there like as many other controversial documentaries on various topics. If you don't like it say it (like you did) but try not to insult persons or the website itself.

  72. someonewhoknowsmore: I read every word you said and I'm unsure what in the world you're talking about. Sounds like you hate everyone from the "facist Christian right" to the "narcissistic navel-gazing" ignorant 911 conspiricy supporters.

    I think this documentary is a bunch crap, personally, and I think that's what you're trying to say, but usually people are a bit more cordial when expressing a dissenting idea. LOL

    You should be glad Vladko's a rather patient person. It is his wedsite after all, and seems to be pretty fair over all.

    As far as the documentary is concerned: Utter puck! The 911 attacks were just as they appeared to be: Islamic militants attacking a "soft" target in an evil act of surprise terrorism. That's it. This documentary is bad science and just plain stupid. We have videos of the planes hitting the buildings, and then the fires and then very obvious systematic collapse of the towers from the points of impact.

  73. Hi there, someone who knows more,

    As someone who has taken to the street, more than once, against the dictatorial regime in my country, and someone who has been in the street when the dictator was kicked off from his throne, I felt invited to write a few lines as a response to your indiscriminate dismissal of all of us here.

    There is a lot of anger in you - you display it through the abundance of insults you throw off in lack of a more substantial argument to support what you are saying - and anger is never a sound judge. So, you obviously are in no state to pass judgements around as you clearly must first deal with the little nasty creatures in your own head. If your mom didn't love you, there's no need to take it on people who think differently about the world, there's a better way - go visit a specialist.

    I accidentally happen to know a bit about how the world (read: politics) really works, since it is my profession. And I am certain that there are quite a few others here who understand it's workings. Or do you believe that you are alone in your exceptional insight into things? Hmmm, that is possible, it would surely fit into your mental profile...

    Your passion about this little war of yours against the "group-thinkers" has overwhelmed you to such an extent where you are not capable of realizing that you belong to a similar group but one which stands on the other side of the spectrum. You are a group-thinker too, remember that.

    And no, I don't think that anyone who read your comment believes that you are a government agent, or a patriot of any sort for that matter, so you can sleep peacefully in that respect.

    Tell us how did your first session go, I personally am eager to hear all about it. I'm sure your psychiatrist will be interested in everything you have to say.

    Be well, and keep that rage under control.

  74. someone who knows more:

    How many websites have you trashed before, or is this the only one?
    You sound like a genuine Troll! If you do not like this website, and us ordinary people, then get the f*** off!! and do your name dropping some where else!!

    :( :(

  75. A documentary by David Shayler!

    Boy, this is a new low even for this website (which clearly specializes in paranoia and conjecture of the teenage angst variety).

    Which David is this? The no-planes-on-9/11 mental breakdown in waiting David? The schizophrenic LSD-induced Son of Dog hippie-freak-out David? Or the cross-dressing Dolores Keane, the bewigged and long-legged doyen of joke journalism David (don't believe me - google the idiot!)?

    Quick now, which is it?

    Here is the thing I really get a kick out about this deeply paranoid website - all the comments, the culture and the swagger is such that you are all part of some great "underground movement", uniquely enlightened and alert to the reality of the world, you opine over the rest of the populations apparent naivety and blindness.

    In some ways I agree with you in that. But I deem you all as being part of that swathe of the population too. Your problem is really quite simple - an inability to decipher information with the rigorous standards once demanded in the world of print journalism (like it or not, it had standards that went beyond "proving" a theory by providing a link to an already disproven news report). I know you all think that you are great dissenting investigators or some laughable crap like that. That amuses me. The only problem is - your so-called "discoveries" (as a collective bunch of groupthink cretins) can be overturned in objective terms very quickly and very succinctly.

    You wouldn't know a dissenting journalist of a true radical pedigree if one bit you on the ass. Seymour Hersh, Greg Palast, Robert Fisk and other true journalistic heros laugh at your so-called findings. But they also despair.

    They despair at the narcissistic navel-gazing that goes into your efforts. When have any of you ever taken to the street to protest for a real and demonstrative tyranny, to stand up for the rights of people suffering in the real world (self-indulgent "truther" protest support group meetings don't count!)? I will bet a very small amount of you have ever ventured out from behind your computers to do battle in the real world. And I think we all know the reason why this is, don't we (all you lonely guys, take a bow).

    True, not everything on this site is trash (there are some excellent films from my old friend John Pilger, for example). But, judging by the vast majority of comments listed below such films, the minds that pore over such fare seem incapable of distinguishing the good from the bad or the ugly.

    The internet "dissent" (what a joke!) generation has thrown up a network of average intelligence middle class young men (most of you are angry guys, right?) of questionable mental and emotional, and certainly intellectual, maturity who, even at full adult age, clearly are grappling with the moral and sensory overload that most of the rest of us leave behind in adolesence. And what really cracks me up is, you guys imagine and fashion yourselves so often as intellectuals and deep thinkers!!!!! HA!

    In truth, you are all just deeply confused.

    So, continue with your sheep-like behaviour. Shake your heads knowingly, dismiss me as a government agent or blind patriot or whatever other term you religously-minded groupthink fools like to use and toddle off to your next online-wanking-appointment.

    Continue to indulge in the flaccid, arrogant and corrupt notion that you know more than the vast majority of scientists (do you deny global warming too sheep?). Continue to insist that the dozens of witnesses who saw a plane hit the Pentagon don't know as much as you saw in one or two dishonest and amateur "documentaries" (as compiled by spotty-faced teenage losers). Continue to imagine that your deft internet investigative abilities have unravelled the story that even the best of real journalists failed to unearth (and who, in fact, discovered ample evidence refuting your 2nd hand amateur version of events).

    In time, as you grow somewhat older and mature however, a few of you will probably realise how the world really works. Not as simply as you OR 'THEY' imagine and wish for it to work. It is far more complicated than anything you imagine - closer to chaos than the perfect alignment of your paranoid fantasies.

    p.s. The really funny thing is, every single one - again, EVERY SINGLE ONE - of you groupthink guys that I have encountered in REAL life have very quickly crumbled in debate against me (someone who employs critical thinking and personal honesty in life).

    Question: how many of you pussies actually bring any of your "beliefs" up in everyday life? I bet you very few of you do. Yet, ask yourself honestly, do you also write stuff about how people should speak out over 9/11 and all that? I'll bet you do. Cowards and hypocrites.

    You can try to mock this post if you like but don't bother. I'm not interested in your infantile bickering. I've bored by your groupthink and dishonesty. I've debated lots of you sheep plenty of times and found it easy but also tedious as, when faced with objective facts about what happened - 2 + 2 = 4 NOT 5 - you guys still insist otherwise. That's your charm after all - an arrogant insistence that you are the awake people. That the matrix is real. That the government gives a shit about anything you have to say. That Alex Jones is anthing other than a ranting buffoon. That the truther movement is made up of concerned citizens (rather than groupthink morons of the same type that populate the fascist christian right).

    You children really don't get what's going on, do you? You really haven't got a clue.

    Sleep now.

    1. I think you are really describing your self and all your doubts, and you should be careful not to get so worked up.Please calm down,its not healthy.

    2. Ezekiel - Is that you comrad?

  76. p.s. I notice I made a typo above when I wrote, "When have any of you ever taken to the street to protest for a real and demonstrative tyranny".

    However, this is a happy typo as it can be used to perfectly illustrate your groupthink idiocy: if I had not corrected that error, I will bet some teenage buffoon would have come along, pounced upon that error as proof I actually supported tyranny and then proceeded to prance around with that apparent "fact' tucked into his otherwise empty smug little head.

    That's how you guys roll.

  77. A wonderful piece of work especially in light of the fact that this BBC rebuttal work was a volunteer project. I have seen several American films on the subject and I was happy to see a Brit. perspective. Here in Canada (land of the apathetic) the Party line is generally toed, however, there is a quiet underground that knows the truth and is both saddened and maddened at what has resulted in a loss of freedoms and of course in the actual initial abject inhumanity of the tradgedy of itself. Thank you for your good work.....unfortunately my support can only be of the 'moral' variety.............John Bootle