Alien Planet
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Alien Planet

2005, Science  -   95 Comments
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Alien PlanetImagine a world like our own, just 6.5 light years away – but teeming with life forms unlike anything found on Earth. Take a simulated journey into the near future, where astronomers and biologists alike marvel at the potential of Darwin IV, a nearby planet with two suns, 60% gravity and an atmosphere capable of supporting life.

Having identified Darwin as a likely home for life, scientists send a series of unmanned probes to the planet. Initially, the expectation is to find microscopic life. But the probes soon find themselves in the middle of a developed ecosystem, teeming with diverse creatures of all sizes.

Peering through the "eyes" of the probes, marvel at the planet's bizarre inhabitants – like the lumbering Groveback, which supports a mini forest of vegetation on its back; deadly Prongheads who hunt in packs like wolves; and the graceful Gyrosprinter, an elk-like creature with a body dotted by luminescent biolights.

The look and biology of each animal is based on the laws of evolution and physics, then modeled to fit the hypothetical environment of Darwin IV. Leading minds in the fields of paleontology, astrophysics and astrobiology explain how these creatures might evolve otherworldy characteristics like hollow bodies, "jet" propulsion and piercing tongue skewers.

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95 Comments / User Reviews

  1. brsee

    why do you religious freaks come here?

    actually, scratch that - it shouldn't be any surprise nowadays why you are compelled to pull your **** anywhere, about anything, or anyone, that goes against your batsh*t religious agenda.

  2. SweetJubelia Lumayno Navarro

    I believed that there are planets that existed with life but, I know and I believe that we are alone as humans. We are the only one existed with an extraordinary intelligence. And I believed that we are created by God perfectly, somewhere out there is like an animal formation only. That's all. This documentary didn't deform my faith to God. Instead God is really amazing! Imagine we cannot occupy this entire universe for explanation there are many things we cannot answer because God knows what He was doing. God Created all the things as Genesis stated. Started " Let there be light" and the pharase "lets make like OUR own image" talking to the God - Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit!
    God bless us!

  3. Mark Zukas

    Totally enjoyed the possibilities,too bad the technology doesn't exist within my life-time. My faith allows me explore what science can explain and the rest...well that's what faith is.

    1. Ian parton- Smith

      Yes i totally agree.

  4. Sabin Russell

    this is the beauty of not knowing
    we can imagine anything we want
    i'm sure there are star gazing forms of life looking at our pale blue dot
    and wondering if there is something else out there
    something more than the world they know

  5. Blake Russell

    Please. This isn't even science. Absolutely ridiculous.

  6. Sabrina Harley

    i want 2 c this world

  7. Ella Silver



  8. david serrano

    these guys have been playing "spore" for too long!

  9. Frank

    pretty good documentary. I just want to know why Jack Horner is in this video giving his opinion. He doesn't say anything interesting and kinda seems like an idiot because after every long pause in speech he gets further from the topic lol. I like Dr. James Garvin because he wont stop talking with his hands, every word has it's own unique hand motion.

  10. Paul

    Thanks for another thought provoking doc. A lurker, coming out of the shadows am I. This site has changed the way I think about a lot of things, or at least begun the process of change by considering alternative viewpoints to the ones crammed down my throat by 'the system'.

    I am going to stop reading comments before watching documentaries, however. It almost ruins it when the first comment is so depraved / ignorant / closed minded.
    Dok said it best, I shall in the future, filter out all other commenters. Just kidding you guys rock! And now on to watch this doc.

  11. Renee

    Thankyou so much for this video. We loved it. We learned how scientists prepare for travel to unknown places. And we LOVED exploring too.

  12. Nadia Porterfield

    That was fun but I won't be signing up for a mission to Darwin IV, I think I'll wait until they find a planet of the fluffy kittens and cute things.

  13. Mark Hill

    Im sorry but I have just seen some people talk about "god" im sorry but how does god have anything to do with life on other planets? and if we are going to talk about reliegion isnt is possible that god made another planet with life other than earth? they have already found focillised bacteria on mars which is classed as life, my not be intelegent like humans(most of us anyway *god*) but nether the less it is still life.

    1. Nakor420

      Well, if you compare the book of Genesis with the sumerian epic of creation, it becomes clear that "god" from the bible and the extra-terrestrial Anunnaki are one in the same. Therefore, god has EVERYTHING to do with life on other planets, cause that's what god is.

    2. Ian parton- Smith

      Still life yes.but not as we know

  14. eviltwiggy

    This doc is great. If you have any type of imagination you will enjoy this. This is what theoretical science is
    about. We need docs like this to show us what direction we are headed. This one day will be factual not science fiction.

  15. haha!

    OMG! Godzilla is in the planet Darwin haha.

  16. ilovepieandscrewtherest

    woooo you guys are nerds get a life i gots homework ps get a life fag

  17. Ra Ra O La La

    ooooo you just got pwned by doc

  18. Dok

    All you sad, sad beings that iterate such responses like, "All fantasy/theory; I give up; blah blah blah, etc" and those of you that completely cling to the misinformation spouted from the Bible and its regents [The actual text itself is not misinformation, if you know what to look for, by the way) which do not understand fully the symbols behind the numbers that are given in the Bible make me fear for the human race.

    I lament the very fact that you so willingly turn something down and do not allow your imagination to pursue a subject matter intellectually. I do not usually get on the bully pulpit about this stuff because I don't have the time or energy to argue (nor do I like to push negativity into the world, but sometimes people need a kick in the posterior to finally EVOLVE), but it seriously bothers me that a human being would choose to shut down like that and decide to snuggle up to a life of routine inside a little box where everything is the same and anything that would differ from your routine and idea of the world is banished utterly. You are like automatons that just herd from one place to another in your day to day life, subjects of group think, satiated by instant gratification and subconscious hypocrisy.

    Ugh, it is disgusting. Allow your minds to wander a little bit, venture to new heights rather than stagnate at the bottom of the proverbial pool of existence afraid to let go of your myths and fables to which you so cling like a perpetual newborn to a mother.

    Sir Francis Bacon, a 33rd Degree Freemason and a great mind once said, "A small amount of philosophy leads one to Atheism, but a greater amount of philosophy brings one back to God".
    Consider that and consider that "God" may not be a being, but a number in a mathematical equation which is understood by a variable for which the human race still wishes to solve.

    And no, I am not Christian. By far, not Christian.

    I'm done. I'm sorry if I offended anyone, I don't mean anything personal. I'm sure you are all great people that I'd enjoy to have a beer with, but damn.

    1. frauleinjimmy

      Great comment, I really appreciate people like you--intellegent and open-minded. The only people who could possibly be offended by your comment or this documentary are those who are over-sensitive, completely arrogant and narrow-minded, or intolerant of other beliefs or skepticisms. Being wise is realizing one knows nothing. I completely agree with everything you said and yes, I am a Christian. Oh, and I like beer :)

  19. jack1952

    I once read that if you counted all the grains of sand on any given beach, it still would be far less than all the planets in the universe. To believe that God created this huge universe just for the human race has to be most arrogant (dumbest?) idea I've ever heard and I've heard a few.

    Assuming God did create the universe, how could he have told a bunch of primitive hunter-gatherers the details of that creation? Modern science is still at the early stages of understanding it. If God told todays academics the details, they probably wouldn't understand what he was talking about. God would have given the early humans a dummied down version of the creation; one that would have made sense to them (i.e. Genesis). A lesson in physics would be an unlikely topic around a Neanderthal campfire. If you must believe in a God created universe, at least use a little common sense.

  20. Duh

    Religious people out there, cool your jets. This movie is just about what could be and not what is. Do I believe in evolution, certainly. However, I do think god exists as well. And just for your information, sick of lies, it's called Darwin 4 because the expedition was called Darwin.

  21. iLOLatYOU

    "you under estimate the probabilities and the facts that science and math are an integral part of the biblical record. Not to mention that mathematically, even Dawkins admits that the possiblity of something or someone of intelligence may have created, yes, CREATED the universe. We are here. Something/Someone started the whole whizzbang, we ALL can agree on that"

    did you know that the bible says the earth is only 6000 years old? or have you never read the bible. so which one are you a christian creationist or "evolutionist". you cant just say god started the big bang when your "holy book" says the earth was created 6000 years ago.

    or are you telling me that the big bang happened 6000 years ago? you know there is actual proof that the earth is 4.5 billioin years old.
    creationist or "evolutionist"?
    or are you someone who believes God created the universe 4.5 billion years ago? that would then make you NOT christian.

    you confuse me and you confuse yourself.

  22. Scott


    "The problem with people like you is you don’t see intelligent life when you look in the mirror so you have to seek it on other planets."

    How the heck did you know I had a two way mirror used to peek into your pathetic life? Amazing! Tell Johnny Knoxville I said hi.

  23. Steveo


    "Are you the same Steve-O from Jack@$$? You sound like him."

    The fact that you first insult me and then claim, "No offense to you," shows your utter cowardice and is very telling of your lack of spine. Also it would be wise to note the fact that humans must be taught EVERYTHING. The only things we know from the womb are lust, greed, pride, and violence. Your only survival instinct is probably knowing how to buy groceries and dial 9-1-1. The problem with people like you is you don't see intelligent life when you look in the mirror so you have to seek it on other planets.

  24. scott


    Are you the same Steve-O from Jack@$$? You sound like him. The chances of another planet being able to support life are NOT 1 in 1 to the power of sixty trillion. You are clearly mistaken. Maybe those are the chances of an earth clone (which is unlikely) but a planet doesn't have to be an exact duplicate to sustain life.

    You asked if we are that bored with life on earth so we have to find another planet? Hello, it has nothing to do with that. We as individuals and we as a form of life are hardwired with the instinct of survival. It is natural for us to spread our wings and spread out. I thought everybody knew about this instinct of survival but apparently you were never taught that. No offense to you. Now you know.Learn something new everyday. Right?

  25. Steveo

    The chances of a planet being able to support life are 1 in 1 to the power of sixty trillion; from a mathematical standpoint I would argue those are not very good odds - whether you are religious or not. Are people so bored with life on this planet they need to be exploring these kind of fantasies? Maybe we should all get off the internet and go experience it some more.

  26. just-the-tip

    well instead of all these random numbers of life on other planets look up the drake equation, it says only in the milky way galaxy the would be 10000 communicative civilization. meaning there could be many more non advanced planets in our galaxy, and why is god more likely than the big bang, a guy in the universe that hears all our thoughts sees everything, creates any and everything in 7 days and will send us to a burning prison to be tourmented forever if we dont praise his name, but a guy flying around the planet delivering gifts, geeze, now that is nuts

  27. smugg

    telling a giant floating squid on darwin IV where we are in the universe?? not a great idea ike.

  28. thegriffin88

    You all suck. Just watch the goddamn movie. And no, the irony is not lost on me.

    Oh, and sick of lies, I'm sick of your fascist lies. Your kind is the reason bloodletting was an acceptable form of treatment.

  29. Crucializer

    "cant religion and science co exist?"

    No, actually they can't, not without fundamental compromises from either. Religion has its own set of rules which will often contradict science and vice versa. If you need proof of that, ask Galileo who questioned the 'science' of religion and was ordered to shut up or burn alive.

    1. Jack1952

      Science can't compromise as science is made up of facts. Religion can compromise because of its abstract nature. One can believe in a Creator and realize that science explains how that creation was done.

  30. scott

    "I’m confused as to why they have people commenting on the creatures on Darwin (in the video) as if this actually happened. I thought this was all hypothetical?"

    Religion is hypothetical too. Religion is based on faith in a creator with no PROOF. I have nothing against religion but the FACT remains that we humans do not know for sure. A religious person may believe that God is a fact but scientifically, he/she is not. It is all blind faith. I am not saying that there is even anything wrong with that. We all need SOMETHING to believe in.

  31. Zenith

    I'm confused as to why they have people commenting on the creatures on Darwin (in the video) as if this actually happened. I thought this was all hypothetical?

  32. charlesovery


  33. charlesovery

    Hmmm, one of the most silliest things I have ever wasted my time on. First of all the crits in this doc on the planet Darwin don't even make sense. Seriously, the Sea crit thing would really look like that? Not a chance it could no matter what it's density was nor what the graviuty was on that planet. This is all most as bad as Zietgiest Refuted, which is the stupidest doc on this site!

    1. Hmm_hmm

      Well said! Documentary it was not, but I'm not advocating removing it from the site because that would smack of censorship.
      Amazing how many people get into religion bashing mode right here after watching a very hokey science fiction movie.

  34. Alexthegreat

    I gotta say I believe in God, but i also believe it to be fact that there is life other then earth out there. There are way to many Galaxies in the universe other then ours for there not to be.It just makes sense that there would be life out there.It would be foolish to claim other wise just because of your belief in god. The church itself said that life on other planets wouldn't matter to there belief. Planets in our very own solar system have evidence of once having oceans, and oceans are teeming with life.I'm not saying that it disproves God.Like I said I happen to believe in God or at least life after death. But god has nothing to do with the Idea of Life on other planets. You just need an excuse to act better then everyone else. And all the people trying to disprove "Santa" as you say. Your not welcome at my house until my son is out of the Santa faze XD

  35. HeyCrabman

    Has anyone realized that the narrator is Dr. Cox? From Scrubs, the actor, John McGinley.

    1. Andrew Clarkiie Clark

      oh god i knew it!

  36. BringBackCheetos

    lol actually heres some ''Evidence'' to disprove santa if u do the math it would take him moving at 4.7times the speed of light to visit every persons home on the planet in 24 hours,,and since magic is just superstition and faster than light travel is not yet possible any logic driven person can see this aint possible, on the other hand we have alien life on other planets now heres ur evidence more than 13billion stars in our galaxy and more than a 100billion galaxy's so thats roughly 13,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 stars in our universe now if only 1 in 10 of those stars has a planet capable of supporting life that still leaves 1,300,000,000,000,000,000 well thats not even the right number but u see all the zeros? that my friends is a mathematical certainty for life in the universe. and most of these creatures are created using scientific reasoning and study of earth creatures to create a creature capable of living in these environments, id also like to throw u non-believers a bone and say go and watch the documentary ''blood rain and star jelly'' all the way through those events have been witnessed for thousands of years and even recorded in ancient texts if u don't believe go and see for yourself.
    thank u and good night

  37. The Dude

    Seriously people, where in the video did they say "God doesnt exist, go science!" cant religion and science co exist? who says god didnt create evolution and science, i find it very inprobable that one day a higher being said "oh, let me snap my fingers and the universe will exist!"
    and for sick of lies, just enjoy the show, who the **** cares if its fantasy or not? take time out of praying 24/7 and have some fun, because if im not mistaken, its not a sin to study science or have ideas, that time passed when the popes stopped being corrupted
    and for those religious people who are going to say im going to hell, read something else than the bible

  38. Carl Hendershot

    Worth a watch.

  39. wigiman

    its a fun doc dont take it too seriously and dont dismiss the fact that somewhere in the universe there could be a planet like darwin, like earth. i dont this has nothing to do with god lol science exists u can see it u can touch it. i cant see god or touch it. that doesnt meen i dont beleive the universe has a creator. god is science and science is god.

  40. DarkVamp

    Hawkings' Universe Doc had much better Aliens =D

  41. Tunguska275

    Why are religous nuts commenting here? It's a documentary about a possible alien planet and what could exist out there.

  42. kpalmolK

    I think it would be interesting to partake in such a thought experiment. Such work demonstrates a great deal of multidisciplinary collaboration. To see scientific and technical minds applied to a creative project like the creation of Darwin IV is inspiration to learn more about our ever-growing universe. I believe in God and I don't see any contradiction between the existence of God and the origins or the universe/evolution. God is an entity separate from matter, space and time, and thus God cannot be argued scientifically.

  43. charles

    i think it was awesome, and it wasnt childish at all - it brought to mind some of the theorys that are very much overlooked by simple minded traditionalists - as educated as they think they are - they are not, but the film was awesom

  44. nik morling.

    there is no god. the universe is the answer.

  45. Cliff T

    Sick of Lies, why should we take the word of someone who reads books full of them?

    Anyway, thought this doc was interesting but those creatures just seem infeasible. Jet propelled birds with a skewer for a face, 7 story high colossal monstrosities that walk on water (which isn't water, but some algae kind of thing) feeding through its feet. And that huge 5 story creature that has trees crowing on its back. Seriously, who came up with these things. There is no way that has been ran through an evolution simulation. They look like total imaginations to me.

    Even the smaller animals seemed a bit too exotic with 90% of them being bipedal. Hell, they even had the idea of making a four legged animal become a two legged one by fusing it fore and hind legs together.

    I do agree with one thing though. To have larger creatures, the gravity would have to be less, and that would mean a smaller planet.

  46. SexMoneyMonkey

    Regardless of anybody's opinions of the film. I think we can all agree that "Sick of Lies" is the most hilariously ironic name for a religious person.

    And the math in the bible says that pi is 3 or something. I wouldn't go about trusting that.

  47. Riley

    one more thing

    the producers seemed to be engaged in a bit of hucksterism. one scientist stated as a principle that alien life should very different.

    and by god, that's what they did. in a dense atmosphere, with significant thermal activity, rather than gliders, we get jet-propelled flyers.

    rather than grazers, we get huge rock-eaters. on a planet with no oceans, only a small sea, we nevertheless have a water atmosphere.

    the robots took ridiculous risks, etc.

    a lot of it did not ring true. it seemed more a rather outlandish bit of entertainment dressed up as science.

    The shielded star-ship and use of probes was cool, though.

  48. JonO659

    Soott you cannot reason with people like “sick of lies” They rely on a 2000 year old fantasy book.

    LOL try books with an s, even the believers don't believe in the same god, so Sick of lies, whos god is the right god?

  49. bo

    @charles b you must be referring to what will be discovered on Earth in the future. Nothing but rocks. Look around. Yes this is fiction but how hard is it to believe weird looking things could exist. We are the weird looking things. Religion is a person thing so why not just be happy you and your wife are going to heaven when you die?

  50. falconrad10

    I wish one could think and try to define what "inteligence" means when saying "intelligent life". It is a very, very relative term, and too often applied lighmindedly. Attributing to homosapiens term "intelligent life" at this stage of development and time and space....relative to what? Are we gods who know what "intelligence" means??

  51. Trevor Murphy

    Oh and, this movie had NOTHING to do with atheism. How you can possibly think that is beyond me.

  52. Trevor Murphy

    ".. OK, I must reiterate, I have to give it to you evolutionist/atheist out there… you put more FAITH in not believing in a god than all the religions combined out there that do believe in God… So must so, you all need push it and to get a tax exemption status just like the Scientologist did…"

    I hope that you know that this movie is just presenting a model of what another life sustainable planet MIGHT look like. Atheism is based on the disbelief in God for a lack of a reason to believe in God, not on faith. Evolution theory and atheism are two completely different things, but I give it to you that most, if not all, atheists are also evolutionists. Evolution is considered scientific fact, and whoever denies this fact does not fully understand it or is heavily biased.

  53. Riley


    i hear you, but just for the reasons you stated, i would expect animals on another planet to have similar body plans, for the following reasons-

    it is most economical to have the neuronally intensive sense organs (for sight or hearing) close to the neural center.

    it makes sense for this cluster (i.e. head) to be in the direction of travel, where it can do the most good.

    this we usually see the head to be in the front and on top of the body. this all happened for good reasons, we may be sure.

    bilaterality is a very common pattern on earth, in that it provides a minimal bit of redundancy (allowing both a fail-safe, a means of directionality and depth), opposability (for locomotion, grasping/manipulating/throttling)

    we see radial and bilateral symmetry, so these must be good solutions. any radical departures should make sense. even to us.

    in short: we see an elaborate variation in shapes, colors, specialized organs, behaviors, extreme environmental adaptations, but - we dont see a lot of different body patterns.

    until we encounter an environment, presumably on other planet and non-related trees of life, which rewards wild departures from the sorts of norms we see here, we should expect, if we are to speculate as if it matters, to see those patterns repeated elsewhere.

  54. Pia

    All of the animals and plants of this planet seems as if they could potentially evolve from creatures living on earth. They are not truly original.

    They are bilateral, they have their mouthes located at a head, the head is at the front of the animal, they move on legs, etc.

    We have animals on earth, which look more alien than the animals on this planet...

  55. Pia

    I love such thought experiments. If you are into this, a documentary produced for animal planet, "The future is wild" is highly recommendable.

    However, it bothered me that all the animals seemed to be bilateral, just as most are on earth. I would have liked the "designers" to have been a bit more creative.

  56. Achems Razor

    @ Charles B:

    Hi, Charles, glad to see you back in the land of the living.

    What was your prognosis with your chest pains? are you better now?

    Charles, this doc. is a fiction story, in a fiction you can put anything,
    that is why they can say "this is highly unsuspected"

    Fiction, just like the Bible? I'm sorry, just had to say that!
    No slight to you.


  57. Charles B.

    Why did they keep saying: "This is highly unexpected" in a made up documentary? If it's truly unexpected, then it wouldn't be in this doc! Made my wife upset watching nearly 2 hours of makebelieve evolution indoctrination. I highly suspect we will find dead, non moving, non thinking, stupid all the way around rocks on other plantets. LOL.

  58. scott

    what, we are allowed one response? my second one never posted and there was nothing worthy of being removed by a mod.

    All I said was that no matter what your beliefs are about religion, you are an IDIOT if you don't believe there is life someplace else of all the trillions of stars and planets. Think logically, there MUST be life elsewhere.

    It is like this, you flip a coin and get heads. The more times you flip that coin, the more likely you will get tails based on the odds. If you keep getting heads over and over again you start to get into astronomical odds. Like, there is a 1 in 5 trillion chance you will get heads X number of coin tosses in a row. It gets to the point where it becomes ridiculous with the odds. It gets to the point where it would never happen.

    it is the same with life. There are so many trillions of planets that the odds of there not being life anyplace else is just impossible. I mean yeah, if we had a total of 1,000 stars out there one might say that there is a chance that there is no life in those solar systems. But when you start talking trillions of stars, you eventually run out of variables. THERE MUST be life elsewhere.

    The religious crowd may try to say God made all this and specifically only made life on earth. I say hogwash. Even if we have a creator, why would he create trillions of something only to have one living one? Why not leave it what we can see with the naked eye? There is much more out there than just earth and the gods we have invented.

    Sure, we may have been "created," but who is to say your religion is the right path? My vision of a creator is a creator that doesn't expect to be worshiped. After all, that creator created all this, do they really need the ego boost of an azz kissing? come on!

  59. Achems Razor

    Oh, Oh, the religee's are attacking, Religee's everywhere!! Help!

    The religee's try to suppress everything don't they? They get completely hysterical when any thing even slightly deviates from all the "fantasies" of their man made Bibles. And their man made God, Gods.
    All their Demons and Devils, what a Hoot!

    They still have not forgiven Galileo Galilei, for proving to them that the earth is round.

    What @ Will: said as above holds true, so funny.

  60. Ciph3ro

    Comments were very entertaining. Now to watch the video.

    You know the existence of the Easter Bunny and Santa has never been dis-proven. Lots of books and movies on them though..

  61. Jack Green

    @Sick of Lies

    You must be great at parties. Do you rent yourself out? I like clowns.

  62. Scott

    Whether a person is religious in any way shape or form doesn't matter. Personally, I am agnostic.

    But it takes a complete idiot to think that earth holds the only form of life of all the stars and all the planets. It really has nothing to do with religion. Bible thumpers, you cannot possible think we are alone. That is just a FOOLISH idea people.

  63. mr savage

    awaiting moderation ?

  64. mr savage

    sick of lies
    there is no conspiracy to denie the existence of god, there doesn't need to be, or the easter bunny or santa!
    evolution is a fact. deal with it.
    also there is no question of the fossil record's accuracy and quotes like - "million years of strata, etc., " only further prove your ignorance of this discipline.
    also if you take the bible so seriously you should probably know that it has been rewritten and translated so many times that nothing from the original text is presented in the modern version. infact the original may well have been a perfectly logical non-supersticious early form of science compared to the rabid moronic hatebreeding circus it is today.

  65. makisig



  66. a

    @sick of lies

    you should cool yourself down man.. by an

  67. Ampexone

    Very good, thought provoking series.
    The universe is stranger than we can imagine.
    And remember, most of current everyday technology was once regarded as science fiction.

  68. Sick of Lies

    Mr. Jack Green,
    The fossil record is not what it seems to be. Carbon dating is a farce. There have been artifacts found to say other wise as to dating within it record,as an example-trees still upright found thought several "million years of strata, etc., these facts are mostly suppressed to keep you and all of us ignorant of facts. Now I'm not say you are ignorant as in stupid, I am referring to not knowing the truth... This film is only portraying a fanciful planet, using well known evolutionists(and a Nazi) and the evolutionary model as a guide rail to run on.... It is better to wasting an hour to argue with me, the crackpot creationist, than to see this film. I feel this film is just another vehicle to sway people to believe there is no God.

  69. Sick of Lies

    Oh, yeah, I agree with Scott, as to the point that there is other planets with life out there, if so, it don't cancel out
    our creation from an benevolent,loving God. Only small minds that cannot accept a creator as a plausible theory and even a fact if you look at intelligent design as I have.

    Don't get me wrong,I used to be a hard core evolutionist, and I have come to realize that I was so wrong as to assumptionary thought. One can safely say to assume is as stupid and as dangerous as as to deny even your own existence.

  70. Sick of Lies

    Ryan, you under estimate the probabilities and the facts that science and math are an integral part of the biblical record. Not to mention that mathematically, even Dawkins admits that the possiblity of something or someone of intelligence may have created, yes, CREATED the universe. We are here. Something/Someone started the whole whizzbang, we ALL can agree on that, and mathematically the probability that the Big Bang just started it's self from nothing is greater that that of a creating God.... I like the odds of God making t better than the astronomical odds of theory and guess work.

  71. Namlocke

    Most of the aliens in this documentary were designed by Wayne Barlowe, an Artist (a pretty amazing and intelligent one I might add) So you don't really have to take this so seriously... More as a well informed piece of art.

    Definitely entertaining.

  72. Ryan

    Soott you cannot reason with people like "sick of lies" They rely on a 2000 year old fantasy book and throw out all modern progress in math and science. You cannot reason with such small minds. They cannot even grasp something as simple as probability.

  73. Joh Doe

    Believing in god sometimes givs me an image of a child who needs a father to be out there looking down on him to feel secure.

  74. K.T

    When I finished seeing this I thought "Hmm I bet there is some anti-evolution believer posting beneath and making an issue out of nothing"
    It feels both nice and bad to have been correct.
    Why even watch it? It was clearly not going to be a documentary you'd agree with "sick of lies" :)
    You do not have to rub against things that bother you. Just go watch some religious stuff.

  75. Jack Green

    @Sick of Lies

    > you put more FAITH in not believing in a god than all the religions combined out there that do believe in God

    Accepting the truth does not require much faith. The truth is inevitable. You have someone else's word (you don't even know of whom) and no explanation, "we" have a massive, massive fossil record and the provable logic of natural selection.

    This video is just sci-fi. Entertainment for those who like to imagine. I don't think it was very creative though. Still way too earth-like.

  76. arwen

    I don't know why you gotta take it so personally 'sick of lies'. It is fantasy combined with science in order to equal 'fun'. Ever heard of it? Fun, i mean.

  77. Scott

    Mathematically, it is certain that there is life on other planets. With the size and numbers of all the galaxies, universes, stars, and planets, it is FAR more likely that there is life on other planets than there is not. Religion doesn't deny that there are other planets. Religion doesn't deny there are other stars and galaxies.

    Whether you believe in a creator or not, it is all but CERTAIN that there are other planets with life. Whether or not we ever make contact with them is another question all together. From a religious standpoint you could say that earth is one of God's great experiments among many. But we may be just too darn far to travel to his other planets. From a non-religious standpoint you can also raise the distance concern.

    We may never actually come in contact with these other planets containing life, but I am 100% certain they exist. Mathematically, they have to. Say there are 4 trillion stars and 8 trillion planets. Then say that there is only one planet revolving around one star that has life. That my friends is impossible. Not the other way around.

  78. Will

    So, religious nuts are mocking this film because it's fantasy?


    No irony there?

  79. BeepBeepImaJeep

    god is gay... and i shagged him.

  80. Emily

    Of course this is all speculation and imagination! They don't propose otherwise. They simply outline possible evolutionary pathways due to possible environmental pressures. Jeez, have a little fun with it, won't you?

  81. carlos1234

    @Seb.. really theres proof of all these creatures existing on a very distant planet.....I didnt know there was proof of all this Seb... you must know something the rest of us dont....@everybody....hey everybody Seb must of gone to this planet and seen this creatures for himself cause he says that theres proof...I thought this was Science Fiction but i guess i was wrong..according to Seb :) good Sci-fi Documentary (oh im sorry Seb i mean none fiction)

  82. hahahah

    it was kinda like watching a sci-fi movie..!! xDDD
    it was fun to watch, though.

  83. Seb

    Erm, its not so ridiculous to belive in something with plenty of proof tho is it 'sick of lies'?

  84. mr aloplop

    its like someone's been playing too much of the video game spore (and then took some 'shrooms)

    i also found it amusing that the space vehicle was named after a nazi...

  85. hudson

    agree with the first post, all fantasy/theory. gave up after 20 mins

  86. non serviam

    Well then I guess we're the ones who are going to Heaven, eh?

  87. Sick of Lies

    .. OK, I must reiterate, I have to give it to you evolutionist/atheist out there... you put more FAITH in not believing in a god than all the religions combined out there that do believe in God... So must so, you all need push it and to get a tax exemption status just like the Scientologist did...

  88. Sick of Lies

    Good God! the planet system and planet "dawrin"...? Just more evolutionary fantasy/theory.