American Blackout
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American Blackout

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American BlackoutIf all of the votes have been counted in Florida and if all of the African American had the opportunity to cast a vote, George Bush would have never been President of the United States.

We wouldn't be involved in a war in Iraq and the makeup of the Supreme Court would be different. Many have heard of the alleged voting irregularities that occurred during the presidential elections of 2000 and 2004.

Until now, these incidents have gone under- reported and are commonly written-off as insignificant rumors or unintentional mishaps resulting from an overburdened election system.

American Blackout chronicles the recurring patterns of voter disenfranchisement from Florida 2000 to Ohio 2004 while following the story of Georgia Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney.

Mckinney not only took an active role investigating these election debacles, but has found herself in the middle of her own after publicly questioning the Bush Administration about the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

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2 years ago

Someone has switched out the REAL American Blackout for the FAKE one of the same name to confuse watchers. Now, where is the REAL American Blackout documentary?

10 years ago

I hope that Ms. McKinney will consider running for President 2016. I have every confidence that she will not be the cowardly shill like obama masquerading as a democrat while in the service to the thoroughly corrupt replublican kleptocracy. I know this is a very hard task to accomplish vis a vis the corruption that is destroying this country, but if we were to start today, even before the farce of "election" 2012 takes place...

11 years ago

My people die and fought for the right too vote in this country, yet you have the other side too get what they want they will lie and steal and tell you it is the American way. As a African American I once upon a time belived that my vote counted towards changes in America. Now I am beginning too feel as it really don't count for anything just more wasted paper and time. If I didn't respect what my ancestors went through in this country I would cast my vote too the wind.

11 years ago

it's true but normal people never understand this.

12 years ago

I came to this via the documentary on the Scottsboro 1930's infamy.

70 years on -seemingly little has changed.

Ms Mc Kinney is a treasure the USA needs to protect . Inspiring lady.

I had a teacher in Ireland -whose name was Mc Kinney from Donegal. He had a brilliant mind-and boundless energy. I know the inference could be viewed as 'problematic'-but- I-and you; and we -all came from somewhere......

that is in the general if not specific area of east Africa.

Now if only we could get some of 'our own' lame representatives out-and get this lady over here.

my few words are taken an age to upload----Is Rumsfeld 'at it'?

12 years ago

Cynthia McKinney Is a "True American Hero", and based upon her courageous defense of the Constitution ( by the way this is one of the finest documents that defends the rights of the "people" rather than the special interest lobbyists. She has become one of my heroes....

12 years ago

Very good. Worth watching. A real rebel, Cynthia and members of the black caucus have made stands against the worst travesties of our time against democracy, liberty and honesty. Just having the fortitude to stand up for your principles when wrongs are committed takes a tremendous strength of character-almost completely lacking in the congress today.

12 years ago

This documentary is extremely biased against Republicans and Caucasians. Cynthia McKinney is nothing but a race-bating, conspiratorial, political idealogue who exposes the ideology of the far-left. Her removal from Congress was the result of the democratic system properly functioning, it conversely was not the result of the democratic system malfunctioning. Georgia allows open primaries. Cynthia McKinney consequently lost that primary because she did not receive a majority. Why should Republicans or Caucasians generally feel ashamed for pursuing their own political self-interests, even if that self-interests unquestionably conflicts with the self-interests of the African American community? To argue that they have no right to pursue their own self-interests is hypocritical, because it infers that their individual and collective opinions about political matters don't matter, that they have no right to be included in our political process, and that Cauncasians do not merit equal representation in the manner that minorities demand.

Additionally, Cynthia McKinney's conspiracy theorist have been proven to be patently false! Cynthia McKinney also blocked the Bush Administration's efforts to reform the U.S. financial system prior to the "credit melt" down of 2008. She claimed eliminating sub-prime loans under the Equal Opportunity and Fair Housing Act would disproportionately harm minority home owners. She consequently played a critical role in the recession that continues to affect this nation. Therefore, if you are accepting a lower salary, less benefits, or otherwise can't find a job you can lay blame at the feet of Ms. McKinney. Consequently, this individual has personally helped sew a vicious lie into the fabric of our society, and contributed to the greatest economic recession in modern history, in part, because she relies upon pimping and pandering the African American vote, based on unwarranted allegations of rascism.

- It's not our fault that African Americans have a historically low voter turn out.
- It's not our fault that you can't properly fill out a ballet.
- It's not our fault that the African American community has a statistically higher rate of felonious convictions and therefore has a dissproportionately higher amount of potential voters who are unable to vote.

Furthermore, what should be completely clear from watching this documentary is that Ms. McKinney seems to bring out the dredges of society. Ask yourself, do any of these people appear to be educated? Does anyone see the hypocracy in their actions? When minorities intentionally elect someone based solely on thier race, they are not rascist. However, when Caucasians allegedly engage in the same behavior, suprise, they are labeled rascist.

This is nothing but group-politics. You can't fault Republicans and Caucasians for pursuing their own self-interests, that is what the democratic process actually encourages. If your still upset because they arguably costs you an election then get over it. Boo-Hoo.

12 years ago

Ms. McKinney has a wonderful message and an inspirational story. I just want to say I no longer buy into the left/right paradigm. Both sides are the same, as stated recently by Nancy Pelosi. I just want to point out this crap has happened in every election on both sides of the isle. So, with that said, look for the real candidates in your local, state, and federal elections. If one doesn't exist throw your hat in the ring. Capital hill is not suppose to be a career, it suppose to be a reluctant civic duty of serving the people of your community, and then return to that community. Drop the party lines people, neither party is interested in the betterment of our lives. They serve the coporate, military, banking culture. Period. Obama is a shining example of coporate shill sellout. Remember he lied to you, just like Bush. He has expanded the wars, entered a new war, and acts outside of the constraints of his office, and constitutional accountability to the congress. The congress is our life line. The congress is the people. That is why local and state elections matter the most to John Q public. With the most local officials being of sound character and elected by a watchful public, shenanigans like what happened in Ohio and Florida would not be allowed. Just remember is happens on both sides of the isle.

12 years ago

I enjoyed this video. Although it focuses on the atrocities blacks still face when it comes to rights and voting, all people are affected as well, as shown in the video.

12 years ago

I live in the Bahamas, I wish that I was able to come there and vote for you !
Keep up the good work Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney.

12 years ago

Respect due to the congresswoman.She should be president.Peace

Greg H
13 years ago

Dan, you are right, the only election stolen of late occurred courtesy of the Minnesota Secretary of State, a Democrat thrust into office by George Soros.... Thanks to her we have Al Franken.

Dan Haggerty
13 years ago

The major liberal newspapers who investigated the election, the NY Times, The Miami Herald all concluded that Bush won. These papers were desperately trying to help Kerry win but conceded in the end that Bush won.
Check the facts.

13 years ago

Incredible film, incredible video at the beginning. I always knew the election was stolen, but it's amazing to see the details of HOW it was stolen. I give this film my top rating!

13 years ago

I liked watching Rumsfeld squirm McKinney made him look like the worm that he is. Atta go! like many of us are aware of the truth as well as the lies in government.