Bush Family Fortunes

Bush Family Fortunes

2003, Economics  -   41 Comments
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Bush Family FortunesThere were other connections between the Bushs and the Saudis.

Carlyle Group, which hired both George Bush junior and senior, received major funds and worked for Saudi Royals and the Bin Laden family.

This hour long documentary follows the award-winning reporter-sleuth Greg Palast on the trail of the Bush family, from Florida election finagling, to the Saudi connection...

To the Bush team's spiking the FBI investigation of the bin Laden family and the secret State Department plans for post-war Iraq.

These are the hard-hitting reports that have been seen in films like Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11, broadcast internationally on BBC Newsnight television, and are found in Palast's international bestselling book The Best Democracy Money Can Buy.

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  1. Arleen McElhany


    1. Hairy

      Not as bad or maybe just as bad as the two generation s of the Canadian
      Francophones Pierre Trudeau and Justin Trudeau the idiot son.

  2. Lincoln Grauer

    Lame. This doc does not provide the actual number of "potential criminal" voters turned away in Florida. All it said was that "half were black". So, this documentary fails to be meaningful.

  3. awful_truth

    Actually, this documentary doesn't contain any new confirmed information regarding the links between the Bush Family, The Bin Laden's, the Saudi's, etc. The tongue, and cheek approach will only turn off the hard core republicans, which is alright since they are not interested in critical thinking to begin with.
    The corruption of corporate, and political involvement is obvious, except for those who wish to delude themselves they actually live in a democracy.( father and son presidencies less than 10 years apart from a population of 300 million to choose from?) What they didn't mention in this doc was the 2.3 trillion dollars the pentagon misplaced, mentioned by Donald Rumsfeld the day before 9 11, which was never raised again, even after the 2008 bailout for the banks. At what point does coincidence depart from the astronomical odds against collusion?
    I mean, really???
    P.S: The German people swore they didn't know what was going on during the 2nd world war either, so no one will blame the American people for the actions of the leaders they support. (assuming the American empire doesn't fall, in which case, all bets are off)
    I for one, am glad I am Canadian, so far! (King Harper is trying hard to destroy the distinction between us)

  4. me

    I am totally convinced that Bush shouldn't have won, but this documentary is ridiculous! Lots of speculations, but her's where I stopped watching: half of the people who have lost their vote because they were labelled as criminal were black, and all black voted for Al Gore...well, the other half were white people, presumably then voting for Bush...so how could have this affected the vote?

    1. Jimbo1672

      This process easily affected the vote...

      First, black voters in Florida voted for Gore at a much higher rate (93%) than white voters went for Bush (56%). So, if an even number of white and black voters were disenfranchised, it would disproportionately reduce Gore's totals.

      Second, the actual purging was left to the counties, and the materials provided to the counties included the race of each individual slated for removal. This allowed counties controlled by Republicans to selectively purge black voters.

      Palast has a fuller treatment of the issue on his website. I would include the link, but topdocumentaryfilms doesn't like links in comments and tends to remove comments that contain them.

  5. Derek Seymour

    hahahaha "subliminable". takes a special kind of mind to think up new words

  6. Har Medahl

    Great job on this film. George W and his old man along with many others need to be charged, tried, convicted and Hung in the same manner as they hung the pres of Iraq. They are guilty of crimes against humanity, war crimes and treason against the United States of America. People had better wake up to the money hungry pigs in Washington and the man sitting in our White House today.

  7. Lucky John

    Fantastic insightful doco..well done.

  8. David Josef Merta

    this is kind of too much, America is very young and that's why Americans are mostly very stupid and non-thinking people. the christian background and the evangelical raise-up lead to arrogancy, obesity and to blaming non-existing twisted faith in God for deystroying our own planet, leading us all to an end which can be easily stopped if we realize that horrible impact of religions and start believing in ourselves. I can't believe the Bush agenda, all of it seems so prehistoric to mee, and I thought to be living in 21st century, where people can think for themselves.

  9. Miguel

    He should have been on the cover of the magazine,"Mad."

  10. abner holtiton

    Im glad i live in Finland no Bushes here.
    Political corruption is smaller scale, but fact is when EU will collapse will USA to great depress in coming years Finland will suffer too

  11. HookMikeUp

    He looks like a monkey on the cover....

  12. Ken Parke

    It's a well known fact the U.S. political environment favours cash to democracy, hopefully Ron Motley can prove that the judicial system is different. Shame on all the people that know the truth but choose to keep it secret.

  13. Dave Pa

    The greatest reality show on earth; America Inc.

  14. mac

    America is going to bite the dust very soon. No doubt. Praise George bush and his family.

    1. Ðus?i? ?oa?

      Lay off the crack!

  15. mako kozelj

    I f***ing hate this reality!

  16. wpsmithjr

    3 generations of Bush's have made their fortunes by first arming America's enemies...and then made even more money beating them back down again.

    Dubya's grandpappy, George Prescott Bush, got brought up on charges of trading with the enemy by funding Hitler before and during WWII. Then daddy Bush and Dubya both gained more money and power arming Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden. (They both got into positions of power thanks to U.S. help through the CIA...mainly Bush Sr.) Then for some strange reason they suddenly become the enemy and we've got to invade another country and take it over. All the while military contractors are making billions and they are run by the same politicians.

    Anyone see any conflicts of interest?

    Are we Americans just stupid? No offense intended, but I can see what's going on. What's the matter with the rest of the brainwashed masses? Oh, just answered my own question.

    1. manfruss

      You're close to the mark. The education system in the US is extremely lacking. Late 80's to early 90's saw statistics like 25% of high school graduates not being able to ID the US on a world map.

      Combine an education system that doesn't teach "how" to think, but "what" to think with a low priority, and you'll have a population unable to see past the charade. You'll have a population that simply accepts what they're told.

      It also doesn't help that we seem to have a world view of being an accident of biology. That there is no meaning or purpose to matter to human life. If that is the ideology we follow, then what does it matter if we screw each other over, destroy our planet, and wipe ourselves out? It was all just one big accident anyway.

      They've found that people who hold such a sterile and mechanical view of people are far more likely to cheat, steal, and generally screw someone else over. The US is poster-boy for materialistic consumption.

  17. Roblambino

    where is Bush now? - on his farm in Texas?, living under a rock in saudi arabia? - he's won, youve all paid for him to win and some of you even voted for him, to win. So what now? - Osama B.L. has just been 'assassinated' in pakistan so we can't ask him where the burning Bush is, does he have a secret island somewhere? - you'all can't sit back in 2011 and say what a bad boy he was but he's gone now so lets just pretend he never happened. Youre all living in his legacy, the whole world is. So, is someone gonna knock on his door and say 'payup Bushy boy, youre a c**t and you made us look stupid in the eyes of the world and the world hate's US' time for a lynching I'd say - Texas Style!!

  18. GoughLewis

    I know what I believe. I will continue to articulate what I believe and what I believe I believe what I believe is right.
    –George w. Bush

    Well let’s be clear, if “dumbness”, hubris, and astonishing levels of incompetence where a requisite for “Impeachment” Bush would have been gone a week into his Presidency. I think the Bush administration is dirty to the core. For starters, the the tragic events of September 911 was a Stand Down / False Flag operation. Once you look past all the flag waving and patriotic laments from Democrats and Republicans alike, 911 was an Inside Job. The science is overwhelmingly pointing in this direction.

    Have you ever asked yourself, why did the President of the United States sit and read a children’s book for 19 minutes after being informed that the United States of America is under attack, that a “New Pearl Harbor” is occurring right this second. First off, Secret Service would have whipped him out of there in seconds, but they did not. But the bigger issues are much more smelly than our Commander In Chief’s famous leadership. I think the book he was reading was called “My Pet Goat”. It is all so pathetic...

  19. Sean Mahon

    be sure to pick up ur check from the Israeli's for your documentary about how smart gw is.

  20. Who me? yeah you!

    "..... he doesn't have the brain muscle to do any heavy lifting, thats clear..."

    That made me chuckle some.

  21. scott_of_the_rock

    if all of this evidence is avalible to a journalist, why the hell isnt bush and his ilk in a court room answering for what they have done? why did he get away with it and why is he still a free man? this bastard should be hung from the same rope as saddam for what he has done to the US and other countries around the world. war crimes, fraud, rigged elections...ect. what ever the charge is, with the amount of people who have lost thier lives or their livelyhood because of what this guy got up to, he should pay. im pretty sure penalties like the death sentence are thought up to punish people who hurt other as freely as what he has hurt the world.

    I live in australia and my biggest fear isnt terrorism or being stabbed in the street or killed in an accident. Its the USA and the power brokers and people who made bushes regiem possible that i fear the most. those people have no respect for boreds or national sovrereingty or the rights of people. if there is a dollar to be made they are in the thick of it shafting whom ever they need to in order to line their own pockets. we dont need a war on terror, we need a war the global elite and their system of exploitation.

    1. Corlebra

      whats funny is that just a few years ago, i would have been offended by comments like this. Now, however.. i fully agree. The rest of the world needs to wake up to whats really going on here. I don't think it's too late to fight back, YET. but the doors are rapidly closing in, and if we the people don't do anything to stand for our constitution, we're f--ked.

      All i know is that i want out of this country, but so far i'm not seeing any other place that is much better. I'm stuck living poor, and because of that, i'll never get ahead, i'll never get out alive.

    2. Guest

      I'm from the U.S., and couldn't agree with you more. Forty-one years ago, when I was five, my father had an opportunity to take a job in Sweden, but turned it down. More and more as the years have progressed, I wish that he had not have, especially since 911, which, however one may feel it actually happened, has been used as ultimately the main reason for pumping literally trillions of dollars into wars that never needed to be fought in the first place, since there were other, much cheaper ways of achieving the same goals...unless those goals were (are...) not precisely what we were told they were. Not to mention the inexcusably stupid greed of Wall Street, and the hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars spent to get them off the hook... If we had not succumbed to just those two things, when the smoke kicked up from the religious hatred and economic insanity cleared, we'd have funds for just about everything you can think of, and a much better reputation in the world.

  22. Igor

    To Mark: Unfortunately my country is full of cowards like you too… that do things dirt to take advantage of other… people who don’t aggregate, but steal the work from other… like a virus that is not necessary in our world... don't want, but crawl.

  23. Igor

    I am from Brazil and I understand quite well how men can use the power in their favor. Here, what the family Bush has been doing in the USA, is quite normal. Almost everyone with power and money do it, and the rest (middle and low class) would like to have their privilege. Can you imagine the mess? Few dare to attack the system… almost untouchable.
    The USA is different because in their war between south and north, the north won against this kind of elite. I understand your surprise, but sure there are places far worse than you and I am quite sure that the right persons will win, because the north Americans have the guts that my fellows, Brazilians, don’t have… Here is crowded of cowards like him.

  24. Mark

    The real genius is, the guys behind the scenes continue to control our politics without ever letting loose that the President, the senate and congress are just patsies. There's a reason the top 2% keep getting richer every year, while the bottom 98 can't even keep up with the cost of living.

  25. Alex

    you people use all worlds resources, Bush had to get there before the commie chinese, evil pricks,go USA

    1. John

      You're the kind of *oron who put him in power in the first place.

  26. Danya

    What a travesty of democracy. Goerge Bush stole the election from Al Gore, and the rest of nation let him get away with it.

  27. angelusp

    the country is ruled by the smart guys.

  28. Isee

    come on now lawrence how much were you paid for that.
    or is it just plain ign@#$#%^ce.

  29. Lawrence

    Bush was a great president

    1. Andrew Miller

      nice troll

    2. GoughLewis

      haha... now thats funny! I got one:

      New Bong: $50

      Cocaine Habit: $300

      Finding out the good ole boy network
      can still rig a presidential election... Priceless!

    3. Lord_Grammer

      Bush WAS a great president; if you're Rory Bremner or Jon Culshaw.

  30. Eff

    If I was filthy rich, I would wear a bed sheet and worship an owl in Bohemian grove, maybe even start a few unnecessary wars and morph into a lizard person. Have people call me George the Third. Sheesh! Wealthy people get to have all the fun! (Stuff that SANE people gladly miss out on)

    PS: I enjoy Bush Bashing and rank them with the worlds other great leaders like: Hitler and Mussolini

  31. Danby

    Who cares about bush draft dodging. If i was rich I'd make sure my son didn't go to some BS war too. And yes bush was a loser who had failed business after failed business. Who cares about that.

    What IS an important issue is how the bush family got their fortune in the first place. They got it selling fuel additives to the Nazi's that if they had stopped would have grounded the Luftwaffe and probably ended the war way sooner. Thats called high treason! The bush family should have their fortune stripped. You can't really do much more then that though since it was W's grandfather who dealt with that.

    But taking away their fortune is probably enough to end them.