American Radical: The Trials of Norman Finkelstein

2009, Politics  -   82 Comments

American Radical is the probing, definitive documentary about Jewish-American political scientist Norman Finkelstein.

A devoted son of holocaust survivors, an ardent critic of Israel and US Middle East policy, Finkelstein has been steadfast at the center of many intractable controversies, including his denial of tenure at DePaul University.

Called a lunatic and self-hating Jew by some and an inspirational street-fighting revolutionary by others, Finkelstein is a deeply polarizing figure.

From Beirut to Kyoto, the filmmakers follow Finkelstein around the world as he attempts to negotiate a voice among both supporters and critics.

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82 Comments / User Reviews

  1. bluetortilla

    A radical wants thorough reform for unjust and morally intolerable actions of violence carried-out and hidden behind hypocrisy. A radical is solution orientated. Radical thought and action can shift swiftly however into the same deception from which they were supposed to liberate victims from, continuing the cycle of control, violence, and oppression.
    It is better that radicalism be applied to one situation at a time, and that doctrine be regarded with the severest suspicion and scrutiny, ready to be thrown out in a moment's notice like tissue paper. The heart never changes, but words are only haphazard results of happenings; an oppressed heart will always be radical whether that drive is acted upon or not.

  2. Letem Dangle

    Genius is rarely recognized.

  3. Letem Dangle

    He reminds me of Steely Dan.

  4. Jimmy Jackas

    very rational man, gives me faith that there are people who see a bigger picture. why would god want the slaughter of cousins? if you believe that sort of thing...which you should because we are ALL very close, closer than breeds of dogs.

  5. enigmadaly

    An inspiring person. One must wonder how his thoughtful conversation can be considered a security concern for Israel.

    1. awful_truth

      Nothing is more of a threat to the security of a nation, than the people who compose it, actually thinking. Of course, this is not a real threat to the security of the nation. It only threatens the security of the greedy, immoral people who thrive off the backs of those they wish to subjugate.

    2. Jimmy Jackas

      i think all religion is stupid. Look how two fairly similar religious ideas manage to justify slaughtering those who hold them.Its silly silly but we let them do it because the "awful_truth" is humans are replaceable!

    3. bluetortilla

      I just have to repeat the fallacy of the recent trend of blaming religion for war- as if we didn't have religion we wouldn't have war. I don't say this to defend religion but rather to say that there are a lot of intellectual sources out there who would have us barking up the wrong tree. Religion is a convenient excuse for all sides to use to explain violence but the causes for war have nothing to do with religion. Why aren't we focused on power and control of resources as the coveted prize of wars, not ideas? What warmonger gives a whit about ideas? Ideas, superstitions, and myths- all the things of religion, brainwashing, and indoctrination, are the tools used by a power elite for obedience in war. in and of themselves they are interchangeable and mean nothing. All are replaceable by something else, as we seen over and over in modern times.

    4. Jimmy Jackas

      true there will always be violence, until our serotonin levels are balanced by robo god. Maybe then real god will come to aid his creation.

    5. awful_truth

      Apologies, but I am unsure what your comment on religion has to do with Norman Finkelstein, or the documentary in question. If I am to assume you are making reference to religion (Judaism) as the cause of immoral Israeli behaviour towards Palestinians, I can only state that I am convinced that 'human nature' is itself to blame. (unenlightened, uneducated, brainwashed, racist people)
      I do believe that religion in general has given spirituality a bad rap, but the same can be said of any group mentality that justifies dehumanizing people of different cultures, and beliefs. Greed, politics, religion, including atheist v.s theist all scream of extreme and intolerant behaviour.
      With that said, I do agree with you that humans are replaceable, but only because life itself has become cheap with 7 billion people and counting. Either way, one only need go on line just to see how 'stupid' people really are, even the smart ones! Take care, and best wishes Jimmy.

  6. awful_truth

    Norman Finkelstein is an articulate, passionate, intelligent human being, fighting for an accurate account of modern history. (the truth) For this reason, his life will forever be complicated and stressful. By his own admission, his choice of words (delivery) are antagonistic in nature, simply because people don't want to hear the truth as bluntly as he is willing to provide it. It is without a doubt that his parent learned their lessons well of not becoming like those who inflicted their insanity upon them. (the Nazi's)
    His nemesis Alan Dershowitz has an agenda as well, however, it would appear that he derived a different lesson from the holocaust. (If you can't beat them, do the same thing to someone else)
    This is a great documentary for making people think. (check it out)

  7. NX2

    Based solely on this documentary, i find Norman Finkelstein to be quite a respectable figure. Provocative? Certainly, but he seems to make some valid points. A self hating Jew? Not a chance, self hatred does not give you such a drive. Anti Semitic? Strictly speaking, that would mean he's also against Palestinians, but no.

  8. Efritt

    The truth long known in every Palestinian home, every Arab home, is now being spread by Jews who can see past the lies. They can see that Israel's real interest is in changing its policy.
    Norman Finkelsein and Ilan Pappe just to name a few.

  9. bassammaelborno

    What a remarkable Being.

    Resolve such as this unequivocally? emanates from a very deep? sense of Humanity.

    He? unwaveringly challenges with a banner of Morality? and Ethics in one hand and Factual Truths in? the other.

    Such a Noble individual, to stand against many of those? within his own religious faith, knowing them to be Wrong.

    This can only be true Righteousness.

    Whether he is of Jewish faith or not, appears to be far less relevant to him than are his guiding Moral Values and Ethical Principles.

    A true 'Rebel' is one who selflessly challenges Injustice, regardless.

    His profound sense of Humanity was undoubtedly nurtured? early in life by his mother and what she came away with from her own persecution under the Nazis.

    As with all genuine rebels, he will be hailed and remembered long after he has gone.

  10. TonyIII

    I'm wondering what the statement "This Video is Private Means"? Does that mean that any other use or broadcast without the express consent of the producers is prohibited?

  11. Zachary Griffith

    I think I still have issues with a Palestinian state, but Mr. (Dr.?) Finkelstein makes great points and is an incredible individual. I have no respect for people that label someone anti-Semetic or self-hating because they dare to present another side of a debate.

  12. Charles

    no-one is allowed to criticize any Jew or Israel.
    for any non-Jew to do so makes him an "anti-semite"
    for any Jew to do so makes him a "self-hating Jew".
    as a "self-hating Jew" Norman Finkelstein is in good company -
    namely Jesus and most of the Old Testament Prophets.
    charles ranalli

    1. sam12

      you're kidding right? just checking

    2. chanel

      Ive seen an awful lot of comment similar to this, is there a secret group or something I should know about? As for the idiocy of such a statement, whats the point of watching a documentary if youre just going to dismiss the FACTS and spew out this, if you dont agree youre a anti semite nonsense?

      As for Mr Finkelstein, what a remarkable human being, I do feel sorry for him. It will be a sad day when him and the lovely Noam Chomsky leave this god forsaken land.

  13. Corey Sargent

    does anybody else want to powerbomb that girl in the yellow for crying like that?

  14. RileyRampant

    Finkelstein seems, to me, to be nothing more than a truth teller. When he is insulted, or abused, he responds with a certain amount of emotion, which he should perhaps be allowed.

    The jewish people are engaged in quite a conspiracy of silence regarding the palestinians. they know they have something to be uncomfortable about. they know they ran roughshod over these people.

    they just tried to railroad a playwright last week, deny him an award, because he had the audacity to speak critically about israel's policies.

    NYU backtracked, but it was an embarrasing episode. it illustrates how guilty and defensive many jews are vis a vis israel.

    its the only country where to criticize it draws a rebuke on one's character.

    why in the world should israelis be held to a different & lesser standard than europeans, the afrikanners of s.a., americans in the pre-civil rights era, or any other racial/religious group which discriminates against another group on the basis of race/religion.

    israel calls itself a democracy. that's a joke. they are running a despicable con on the world. nothing lasts forever. that dog wont hunt forever, either.

    1. Wim Kotze

      Contrary to popular ignorance Afrikaners did not occupy Bantu villages and made them their own. Moreover they tried to avoid the Bantu but the latter seems to be attracted to to whatever the white man create. Far cry from what happen and is happening in Israel.

  15. KsDevil

    Finkelstein has the same problem that Chomsky has. When they talk, their emotional infliction distracts from the message. All attacks are directed at him, not the message. I suspect ego and emotional fixation prevents him from taking a reasoned course in public speaking.
    Perhaps if he were to talk in a reasoned low tone, his message would better accepted intellectually.
    Personally, both Palestine and Israel political involvers are their own worst enemy while the people are hapless victims in this childish venture.

    1. Clix (????)

      You kind of outed yourself regarding your lack of knowledge about Chomsky. Chomsky is often accused of the exact opposite what you have accused him of in your comments. He's often accused of being dry and academic in his discussion/writings. In his manner and delivery, Chomsky is the exact opposite of Finkelstein. The content of their subject is very much identical, which none of it you seem to address. As usual, when lawyers like Dershowitz have nothing to say about the position of an opponent that can benefit their case, they turn into a ad hominem attack. Most Americans, like yourself, fall for that sideshow and lose sight of the main subject.

      There is nothing childish about the invasion and occupation of Palestine. It is a cleaver ploy by western powers to permanently destabilize the region for economic benefits, which you are recipient of.

    2. Peter Speight

      Just as Clix said. Chomsky is often accused of being boring! Stop defending an immoral colonisation.

  16. Sebastiaan Hols

    1)The reason he says what he says some how could not be that he thinks its the truth, it has to be self destruction.
    2)When you read the reactions of the first Palestian kid you see that, extreme though he maybe be to the West, in Palestine he opens up the road to diplomacy. At least with the youth.

    1. Clix (????)

      1. I think it's more likely that you're self-deluding than Finkelstein is self-destructing.

      2. Huh?

  17. danielmcd3


  18. danielmcd3

    jesus, the guy has balls of steel

  19. joe31

    IT keeps amazing me how they keep twisting everything around on him,and keep calling him a jew hater,they are the jew haters when they bringing them down the wrong path again,to me hes a true jew,thou shall not klll,he's against killing,thou shall not steal,he's against stealing the palestian there land and self determination,critising wrong ,behaviour hes the jews true friend not enemimy, to be a true friend is to stand by someone when there w right and correct them when there wrong he doenst come across hatred for any people or country but certain actions of some,even all the law suites against europe over the holicost did not go back to the victums but pennies ther rest went to the zionist,it is a fraud he is correct with the emointional blackmail,i grew up with hollywoods bombardment and exclusion of certain facts and felt very sorry for what the jews suffered ,but over the last couple of decades i was feeling less sympothetic,after seeing over and over what they doing in paletians again and again are started to doubt the innocense of the jews,but he restored my grief for them and judge all generation independantly,nor was is made clear that hitler ,marxism and lennon were all jews,hitler was a jew hater but not this proffessor,he;s emotional but balance,its clear the other side is not ,t hey remind me of the zealots,there see through a narrow tunnel, I wish there were more fare and balance americans ,they lost there way too im sick of every politition has to ackledge ther support of isreal or are blacklisted,they bought there way through the top and now brows beat any one who aposes ,according to the constitution we are not to suport any other country above our own domestic or abroad,both my grandfathers fought in world war II,and we open a wide door for them to get there freedom,but now we are loosing are own,hes not an enimy to the jews or united states,he is there active concious mind,he loyalty to morality and crosses those who cross it,horsowitz is not god,who is he to go out of his way to block his livelyhood,if isreal cam eccept critism from with in isreal,why cant he,his action ggainst him gives him more credibility, the person who knows hes right does not have to force himself on anyone,...another good book to read is ,they dare to speak out,others who came accross the same siyuation.

  20. Enes Pizzy

    To quote Norman Chomsky-People (Palestinians) have the right to defend their country from foreign occupiers, and people have the right to defend their country from invaders who are destroying their country. That to me is a very basic, elementary and uncomplicated question.

    And of course they cry like like little girls for their land, because it belongs to them. Its who they are.

    1. Fake Name

      We don't own the Earth, it was here long before us, and in fact we wouldn't be here without it. We need to break away from the system by which people are seperated along geographical, race, religion or any other means, the fact is we are all the exact same in every way that is relevant to survival and success. The only differences in humans are purely aesthetic (i.e. Skin,hair,eye color) and completely irrelevant to our success as a species, as we have evolved a brain that can compensate for any loss of a survival attribute that may be gained from these "skin deep" differences.

  21. Emma Chaplen

    notice this was shown on aljazeera....

    1. Myk Lab

      Why would that matter? Aljazeera is a legitimate news source. Hillary Clinton herself said that it is a shame American media is focused on Charlie Sheen's craziness instead of focusing on the unrest in the middle east and north Africa the way ALJAZEERA DOES. Do you notice that CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, and others spend more time on Lindsay Lohan's jail time than the death of citizens who protest against unjust leadership in their countries? Aljazeera was the ONLY news network that focused on the fact that the US government chose to stop aid to the 9/11 first responders. The ENTIRE American media press corp was scooped by Aljazeera.

    2. Peter Speight

      Because all Arabs are inherantly evil and "anti-semitic"? The racism in that comment stinks.

  22. tjan

    I have so many thoughts going off in my brain right now could never fit them in here. I will say that I am thankful for someone who is intellectually able to express thoughts I have had for a long time. Even if he offends some, he has an ability to expose the best and the worst during his interaction and lectures before the person even realizes it. His whole process and the courage to present his views, GET PEOPLE THINKING! Thank you Mr. Finklestein.
    All the best to you,
    Janice R. Thorpe

  23. cmatt111

    As a Canadian university student i know what he is/was up against at that talk (that girl [likely] wasn't even German, but in Canada, since her parents or grandparents were born there, she considers herself to be). Anyone who is not pro-Isreal, anti-Iran (and oddly anti-Bush), is a racist. That is why I normally call people racists (jokingly), because it know it would spark them to defend themselves feverishly more than any other insult - and that is just amusing to watch (try it).

    1. kilgore trout

      These days any white who is proud of their heritage, is a racist. Finklestein has integrity and honesty. He wont last long.

  24. Jaak Wassmuth

    Thank you Mr. Finkelstein for not addressing fallacious arguments. Using logic based knowledge is the only way we can possibly live up to the moral right of "life, liberty, and the (unfettered) pursuit of happiness."

  25. joe31

    he will know what jesus was up against

    1. Peter Speight

      I think if Jesus was alive today, he wouldn't be a Christian. "Love your neighbour", anti-capitalism, "blessed are the peace makers", free healthcare!
      About as far from today's fundamentalist Christians as you can get.

  26. esmuziq & frames

    gotta respect this guy !!!

  27. Victor Perri

    How can you question the integrity and "truthfulness of Finkelstein. He is like Noam Chomsky-like the voices of the Old Testament who spoke truth ruthlessly and unabashedly to the people of their heritage and religion. He may be wrong in many particulars but he is voice for human rights.

  28. 0zyxcba1

    I confess ignorance about what is going on in Palestine. I am ignorant as to even the nightly news version of events because, unlike most Americans, I do not own a television. I have never been interested enough to seek out information online. I have read not one book on the subject.

    In this presentation it seems to me that the subject at hand was supposed to be that of Israel cutting off access by Palestinians to twenty percent of Palestinian territory. But, from my naive perspective, the question about Israeli occupation of Palestinian territory was mentioned by Finkelstein almost in passing.

    During neither the debate, nor discussions and television interviews, was even an attempt made to delve deeply into the truth(or falseness) of Finkelstein's claim. And(assuming for the moment that Finkelstein's claim is true) the Israeli rational for the occupation was not touched on, either. And(again, if true) the means by which Israel is doing this was also not discussed.

    Instead, throughout the documentary, attention seems to have been diverted from Finkelstein's central claim to other important, but unrelated, issues. I liked very much Finkelstein's remark about Einstein's personality having nothing whatever to do with his physics.

    The video told me that discussion about this subject is almost impossible. That's one thing I did learn. The slinging of mud and attacks on personality have been used, together with other obvious tactics, to ensure that the actual subject matter could never be discussed.

    After having watched this, I am no more well informed than before. And that saddens me, deeply. What's gong to happen if people cannot even talk about issues?

    1. cmatt111

      I think the intention by the producers was to make it about his struggles as an academic, or public figure in general. Obviously, this was done with a clear motivation....

    2. RileyRampant

      what cmatt111 said. also, why should you expect that every aspect of such a complex situation would be fitted, in some sort of entirety for us, in a single doc? the subject was, after all, dr. finkelstein.

      what the doc did for me was get me started reading chomsky. go there, if you want a comprehensive, well-sourced case for a critical view of israel (the fateful triangle - the united states, israel & the palestinians - south end press - 83). for a sympathetic view of israel, go to any newspaper in the US, starting with the NYT.

      according to chomsky, the european press is far more even-handed, but i wouldnt know about that.

      what i DO know, very belatedly, is that unless one gets outside the traditional US-media box, whether on the left OR right, they are very effectively walled off from an objective view on the issues or history.

      Bill Maher likes to think of himself as an iconoclast. Watch him slobber when it comes to Israel. That's instructive. Name an important person of celebrity in the US who is known to be highly critical of Israel.

      Many in this country take pride in an ability to critically assess and even stridently protest their own government, and in certain instances as well, those of France, or England, or Germany. Isnt it odd that to criticize Israel is such a very delicate matter?

  29. Justin_Funski

    The arabs must love this guy. I wish I was an arab, then I could demonize an entire people, call for their death and the destruction of their country, cry and whine like a little girl about land I lost in repeated wars I started, train my children to be honorable suicide bombers who think that killing Jews is god's will, hijack and blow up aircraft, hijack cruise ships and push old men in wheelchairs overboard into the ocean and then have the world think that I am a victim. Israelis aren't perfect but they don't do half of the inhuman things Palestinians do.

    1. Bill Cameron

      Sorry Dead-Head, but you are way off base. The Israelis have commited Horrible atrocitys against Arabs and Palestinians.

    2. Adrien Burke

      You may not be an arab, but you managed to demonize an entire people all the same!

    3. joe31

      not true,i have alot of sympathy for the jews who suffered the holocost,but against what zionism has done,i judge people by there actions not words,what is wrong is wrong everywere or no were,,,palastianians or semites as well as jews they came from how can anyone be anti semite when your defending other semites wake either have two eyes or one eyed.

    4. Laura Sumner-Oueddir

      You really need to check your facts before you start spreading hate like that dead_head. Your statements are inflammatory, stereotyping, prejudiced, and most importantly FALSE. I could go through your statement point by point but you really aren't worth that much time. P.S. Jerry is likely turning in his grave at the thought of someone as hate-filled and ignorant as yourself going by the name Dead_Head.

    5. joe31

      extreme behavior brings out extreme behaviour,learn about cause and effect,argue all you want but the world and history have proven to equalise all extemes...every hidden will be known.

    6. Eniki520

      Israel has killed way more palestinians then Palestinians have killed jews, and when you say "then I could demonize an entire people, call for their death and the destruction of their country , cry and whine like a little girl about land I lost in repeated wars I started, train my children to be honorable suicide bombers who think that killing Jews is god's will, hijack and blow up aircraft, hijack cruise ships and push old men in wheelchairs overboard into the ocean and then have the world think that I am a victim" your saying all Palestinians are terrorists, which is a lie. you are doing exactly what your crying and whining about them doing your a hypocrite

    7. Eamonn Riley

      If I was Jewish then I could demonise Norman F by calling him an anti semite and a SHJ, and then I wouldn't have to debate any of the points that he makes.

    8. kilgore trout

      Like the Israelis have done to the Palestinians? How many people have died from so called suicide bombers? Look it up. How many people have been murdered by the IDF, in Gaza? Its not a fair fight. Even during the the 48 war of independance, the future Israelis murdered and plundered an out gunned and out numbered peasant populus. They call it Apartheid. How desperate do you think a man has to be, to strap explosives around his belly and explode himself? Finklstein is a great man. A man of courage. A real Mensch.

    9. joe31

      tre...its there action that cause that atmosphere,cause and effect,one extreme brings out another,just ask woman who kill there abusive husbands after years of abuse,sooner or later they snap and at the same time they dont fear death anymore because there dignaty was already killed,there is life in retliation,pushing back the hate,there hatred is a mirror reflection that was given to them wich they only see.

    10. trumumin

      listen dead head get out of bed and become more well read. Start with the PROTOCOLS OF THE ELDERS OF ZION to learn the motivations of self-proclaimed chosen people. It was written in the 1800s and affects humanity today. To serious to be dismissed as conspiracy, and as for Israel lets see how long they last in the new middle east. We have you surrounded come out with your heads off.

    11. Eric J. Wickes

      Protocols of Zion were debunked by the early 1900's.

    12. Enes Pizzy

      They don't do half the inhuman things they do. What planet you are from Israel is nothing but the police Zionist state.

      To quote Norman Chomsky-People (Palestinians) have the right to defend their country from foreign occupiers, and people have the right to defend their country from invaders who are destroying their country. That to me is a very basic, elementary and uncomplicated question.

      And of course they cry like like little girls for their land, because it belongs to them. Its who they are.

    13. rmoe

      Dead_head. The name is pretty fitting.

  30. Gary V

    An interesting documentary. In the Israeli - Palestinian conflict there are without a doubt people on both sides that are doing wrong. I have said it before & I will say it again, that the UN needs to go in & sort out the mess that it created. Reset the borders & keep the peace until these people can learn how to live together in peace in a way that is fair & just for all of them. It has been going on for far too long & they obviously are never going to sort it out themselves. Either that or give them all 1 month to get out & then go in & nuke the whole area so that there is nothing left for them to fight over. problem solved.

  31. Ansis Ozolins

    The greatest threat to Israel is the right wing lunatic fringe....

    1. Ronaldo Ronaldos

      ??? lol The "right" protects Israel, you moron. And Israel is the perfect example of what a lunatic fringe is...

    2. Abester420

      One of the greatest threats to the world is Israel....

  32. Farking Spamhell

    Great doc!

    Always great to hear Finkelstein and Chomsky. Its amazing how articulate they are.
    They are the best example of "The pen is mightier than the sword"

    "Lessons of the holocaust are that the Jews had a special obligation to ease the suffering of humanity because of what was done to them."

    "Chosen people" for what?

  33. bornin62honest

    Insert mindless pro-Israel statement here.

  34. Richie Cahill

    Speaking out against Israel is dangerous for ones life and most certainly career.

  35. israeli1

    if a Jewish professor doesn't have any real talent, or a way to contribute to academic research and become famous, his best chance to become popular and being treated like a king (although only in Arab conventions) is to criticize Israel and compare it to the Nazis..
    the harder thing would be to fight for truth on both sides, getting down to the real truth and finding a solution.

    1. Farking Spamhell

      What, not gonna use the "self hating Jew" or "anti-Semite" card?

    2. israeli1

      i don't like it when people call him a "self hating Jew" because this has nothing to do with him being Jewish, it's a personality issue.

      and i also don't like it when people over-simplify complex reality from both sides, and he is doing just that. the reality is that there is no absolute right or wrong in this conflict (or in any conflict?) but there is one side's casualties and demands and the other side's casualties and demands.

      you can support whatever side you want, it doesn't make you right or wrong it just makes you stupid enough to not understand how the world works. i'm supporting my side because i'm a part of it and i understand why someone on the other side is against me, what i don't understand is how people like you support one side's claims while ignoring completely from the other's.

    3. Sieben Stern

      I'm really curious. If israel has every right to exist and do what they can to keep their ancestral lands, do native americans, inuit, and aboriginal people (who have been pushed off their lands for much less time than the jewish people, say last 2-100 years) have the same right?

      does the right of return apply to everyone?

    4. Eniki520

      As someone who lost family in the holocaust i find it disgusting that the jews of Israel are doing what the nazi's did to them(stealing land and property, murdering, and imprisoning) to he Palestinian people. And it is also sickening that they then use the holocaust as an excuse for doing it (since the Palestinian people weren't the ones who committed the horrendous acts of e holocaust). Aapartheid is wrongs israel just like it was wrong here in the USA and it was wrong in south africa. its not ok for anyone to discriminate against other people because race/religion/ or culture it doesn't matter if they're Jew, Chrsitian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Atheist ,ect... its not ok for anyone to do that!

    5. israeli1

      are the Israelis really doing to the Palestinians what the Nazis did to them? common, you can't be that ignorant...the fact that we killed more of them just means we have a better army, they sure as hell try to kill more of us everyday, the difference is that they don't aim at terrorist but ordinary citizens.

      and what does discrimination has to do with it? it's to separate areas and the Palestinians live among Palestinians so no one could discriminate them. and the Arabs inside Israel have the same rights as Jews so that rules out the comparison between us and south africa and the US..
      i really don't see any similarities.

      trying to force us into these frames just to make it sound horrible does not work on people who actually know whats going on..

    6. Eniki520

      "the Arabs inside Israel have the same rights as Jews so that rules out the comparison between us and south africa and the US" they cant all vote since they wrent all given citizenhip, they cant live where ever they want, sounds like apartheid to me. Also things that nazi dd that israel has done include mass murder of entire Palestinian villages killing men women and children(civilians since the Palestinians don't have their own country they cant have an army), like the American's did to the Indians they illegally stole land from the people who had owned it for centuries with no compensation, sounds petty nazish to me. Also their are not suicide bombing every day in Israel thts another lie. murder is murder and wrong no matter who does it. heir is no justification for what israel has done to the Palestinians. The Palestinians werent responsible for the holocaust so why is it being used as a justification for it? pathetic you say they are all killers and racist but you lunp them all into one group instead of judging people on their actions you judging them on their race and religion. you just dont care about the Palestinians plain and simple. all you have to do to see this is replace Zionist with Nazi and Palestinians with jews that the simplest example o the Hypocrisy of the Zionists.

    7. israeli1

      first of all, there are the Arabs that live inside Israel, that means inside the 67 borders and they all have citizenship. the Palestinians inside the Palestinian authority have Palestinian citizenship, and they never wanted an Israeli one, they want their own country with their own citizenship. why does everything needs to be a bad thing in your view of Israel?
      i don't recall saying every Arab is a terrorist, and i don't think they are all the same. but i have spoken with many Arab men and women and their opinions and world views where amazingly coordinated on various issues (not just the Israeli- Arab conflict) do to a great mechanism of what i can only call "ethnic obedience". they have a lot of respect for their leaders, so much so, that they are blinded by their rhetoric abilities without seeing other real options.
      i think that's one of the biggest problems that keeps them from having a true democracy and prosperity all around the Arab world and specifically with the Israeli issue.
      they don't send a suicide bomber everyday? true, but they fire rockets on Israeli cities in the southern areas of Israel almost every day for the last 10 years or so. check out the news my friend, and don't rush into conclusions.
      we do not bomb them for fun, we do it because we are trying to get to those terrorist so they at least think before they do it next time about the airplane that is coming to get them.
      the number of Palestinian casualties in this conflict (maybe 100-200 a year or something of that scale) does not by any means imply on a mass murdering as you suggest. more Palestinians get killed in road accidents in a couple of months just because they don't wear a suit belt (and we don't value human lives). also most of the people we kill are not innocent, i think you know that much by now.
      by your arguments i can tell you know nothing about this subject from an objective sources of information nor did you study this case through. so do yourself a favor and go study before you blame Israel for everything that is wrong in the world. i don't understand this childish approach. you hear a fairytale story and decide to believe it entirely.

    8. Eniki520

      "and what does discrimination has to do with it?"
      On 30 November 1973, the United Nations General Assembly opened for signature and ratification the International Convention on the Suppression and Punishment of the Crime of Apartheid (ICSPCA) It defined the crime of apartheid as "inhuman acts committed for the purpose of establishing and maintaining domination by one racial group of persons over any other racial group of persons and systematically oppressing them."
      Israeli policy is a "a system of control" in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, including Jewish-only settlements, separate roads, military checkpoints, discriminatory marriage law, the West Bank barrier, use of Palestinians as cheap labour, Palestinian West Bank enclaves, inequities in infrastructure, legal rights, and access to land and resources between Palestinians and Israeli residents in the Israeli-occupied territories resembles some aspects of the South African apartheid regime, and that elements of Israel's occupation constitute forms of colonialism and of apartheid, which are contrary to international law. Some commentators extend the analogy, or accusation, to include Arab citizens of Israel, describing their citizenship status as second-class. targeting an entire race because of their race is very nazi like.

    9. Eniki520

      their are jewish only area of Israel there is no difference from the white only areas we had here in the USA before the 60s. racist! injustice! nazi like(since the nazis didnt like or want other races or religions in their land either)!

    10. israeli1

      really? i live inside Israel and i'm not aware of any restrictions on the Arabs to live wherever they choose to live and about 10% of my city's population is Arabic. of course in some villages you won't find any Arabs and in others you won't find any Jews but thats a local community choice. in the cities there is a mixture that varies from one city to another.
      the nazi's put Jews inside small ghettos and then transfered them by train to concentration camps and put them in gas chambers and burned them alive when they got sloppy and out of gas. can you see the difference?
      what the Nazis liked or disliked is irrelevant. the French hated the Jews just as much, the difference is that the Nazis tried to exterminate Jews like rats. that's why calling someone that did not perform those horrors a Nazi is inhuman in it's own, that makes you inhuman.

    11. Eniki520

      "Jewish villages were built in the place of Arab villages. You do not even know the names of these Arab villages, and I do not blame you because geography books no longer exist. Not only do the books not exist, the Arab villages are not there either. Nahlal arose in the place of Mahlul; Kibbutz Gvat in the place of Jibta; Kibbutz Sarid in the place of Huneifis; and Kefar Yehushua in the place of Tal al-Shuman. There is not a single place built in this country that did not have a former Arab population."

      -- Moshe Dayan, April 1969, Ha'aretz; quoted in Edward Said, 'Zionism from the Standpoint of Its Victims', Social Text, Volume 1, 1979, 7-58.

      "Let us not ignore the truth among ourselves ... politically we are the aggressors and they defend themselves... The country is theirs, because they inhabit it, whereas we want to come here and settle down, and in their view we want to take away from them their country."
      -- David Ben Gurion, quoted on pp 91-2 of Chomsky's Fateful Triangle, which appears in Simha Flapan's "Zionism and the Palestinians pp 141-2 citing a 1938 speech.
      the founders of israel know and admit what they did why cant you?

    12. israeli1

      i know everyone of these details and quotes.. i don't see the connection between them and Nazism or apartheid.. i'm well aware that there is an Arab population that was here before the Jews came in large quantities, i admit they have every right to live a good life and participate in political life, and the Arabs inside Israel have that.
      the Palestinians don't live as well as they could have without the occupation, but on the other hand most of them voted for Hamas as their way of handling the occupation instead of trying to end it peacefully with the partition of the state, they want all of it and us out of it, and that won't happen.
      as for those villages, it was back in 1948-1949 when there was war in which we were attacked by the Arab armies and those villages were evacuated partially by Hagana forces but mostly by Arab local leaders that spread rumors about slaughter and rape that never happened and by obeying to the call of Arab leaders to live the country so that they could come back later when it's "Jew free".
      if we had lost, the Arabs would have slaughtered us, no doubt about that. but we have won, so we got our small spoil. in every other conflict in the world (that happens right now) no one even knows how many people get killed on both sides, but here over some villages evacuated 60 years ago you legitimize 60 years of Arab-Palestinian terrorism against Israelis.
      i would be more than happy to give the Palestinians back their areas from 1967 or equivalent, and even to include all the Arab villagescities that border the current Palestinian territories and the right of return of Palestinian refugees to the Palestinian state with monetary compensation on their former houses in the villages. and of course include east Jerusalem in their state. that is the best and only agreement possible and almost all former prime ministers since Yizhak Rabin offered some proposition of that kind.
      the only thing we demand is that the Palestinians abandon terrorism and stop educating their kids to be shahids and that Israel is the small devil and U.S. the big one.
      in the meanwhile the Palestinians avoid negotiations when there is a central-left government in Israel and cry to the world how much they want peace when there is a right wing government (now), so i really don't know what they want. maybe you can try and help me understand their demands.

    13. Eniki520

      youre an idiot if you cant see the connection between forcably removing people from their property and forcing them to live underyour relious law.the right wing zionists are no different from the muslim extremists they claim to fight against look at the language they use. god gave us this land god tells us to kill for it. blah blah blah. Hamas was barley elected this decade what about they 40 plus years where israel and the US blocked all UN negotiations? how bout the jewish only roads isolating the Palestinians in mega prisons? they aremad because they are treated like second class citizens! how would you feel if some group of religious fanatics came and took over your country and forceably removed you and all your friends and family fom their homes because they say god gave it to them? and gave you nothing in compensation and then told you could leave or live life under the laws of their religion, had roads you couldn't travel on told you you can only live in specific areas, and then because a few decide to fight for what s theirs you all get called terrorists and the new country decides since your all terrorists to block all access to the rest of the world and force you to live in poverty and refugee camps. if you cant see a single reason why they are mad its because you dont care about them and dont see them as equal. obviously they arent human and dont deserve to be respected in your eyes.

    14. Eniki520

      then whats with the illegal wall bigger then the Berlin wall there for? last time i checked walls served only one purpose to keep people inside them separate from those on the outside. the nazi's didnt start out with death camps for jews buddy. the first people in the concentration camps were the political left not the jews. Israel is breaking the law with illegal settlements in palestinian lands, Israel refuses to deal with the democratically elected government of the palestinians people, most plaestiian dont live in israel, they live in mega prisons blocked from the rest of the world by Israel. Its a rule of nature for every action their is a reaction. you cannot kill people and steal their land make them second class citizens and expect them to not be mad about it. learn your history the only time that has ever worked in the history of the world is when you kill them until there isnt enough left to fight back. It didnt work for the Spartans didnt work for Rome, didnt work for the USSR hasnt worked for the USA or israel it doesnt work that way. Native Americans are still pissed at the USa about what they did. to ignore the wrongs of israel because god gave you that land is no different from the terrorists who excuse the bombing of Israel because its the will of god. Don t get me wrong as a jew i believe israel has a right to exist and i fully support it, but what i will NOT support are its crimes against humanity and i will not stand by and ignore these crimes then i would be no different from the germans who didn't say anything about the Nazi's treatments of jews.