Amish Life

Amish Life

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The Amish, a Christian denomination known for their simple living and adherence to tradition, inhabit pockets of rural North America, their lives existing in a harmonious counterpoint to the frenetic pace of the modern world. Stepping into an Amish community is akin to stepping back in time, where horses clip-clop on gravel roads, children in plain bonnets skip between neatly painted farmhouses, and the air hums with the quiet rhythm of a simpler way of life.

Their roots trace back to 16th-century Switzerland, where Jacob Ammann led a reformation within the Anabaptist movement, emphasizing pacifism, adult baptism, and separation from the world. These core tenets continue to define the Amish today, guiding their decisions on everything from technology to clothing.

Technology, for instance, is carefully assessed for its potential to disrupt their values. Electricity is often shunned, replaced by lanterns and oil lamps that bathe homes in a warm, golden glow. Cars are a rarity, their place taken by horse-drawn buggies that trot serenely through verdant landscapes.

Plain dress serves as another visible marker of their faith. Women wear long, covered dresses and head coverings, while men sport neatly trimmed beards and suspenders over simple shirts and trousers. This uniformity reflects their commitment to humility and a focus on inner character over outward appearances.

Community forms the bedrock of Amish life. Families are large and close-knit, bound by shared faith and the daily rhythm of farm work. Barn raisings, quilting bees, and communal worship services foster a deep sense of belonging and mutual support. Yet, within this apparent uniformity, diversity exists. Different Amish groups, known as "church districts," interpret their Ordnung, or set of unwritten rules, with varying degrees of strictness. Some embrace limited use of technology for business purposes, while others adhere to a more austere lifestyle.

The Rumspringa, a period of youthful exploration between the ages of 16 and 21, offers a glimpse into this internal negotiation. During this time, teenagers are allowed to experiment with the world outside the community, sampling modern fashion, technology, and even dating. Ultimately, they must choose whether to be baptized and join the Amish church, or leave the community behind.

The lives of the Amish are not without challenges. Their commitment to non-resistance can make them vulnerable in a world increasingly defined by conflict. Maintaining their unique way of life in the face of societal pressures can be a constant struggle.

Yet, for many Amish, the simple life offers a profound sense of purpose and fulfillment. They find joy in the rhythm of the seasons, the fruits of their labor, and the deep bonds of community. In their quiet corner of the world, they offer a timeless testament to the enduring power of faith, tradition, and living in harmony with the natural world.

Directed by: Barbara Völkel

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2 months ago

New day, new life. They will be the winners.

4 months ago

There is something to be said for their way of life, personally I couldn't hack it. I have a university degree, married, 3 children and 2 grandchildren, I have taught high school for 25 years and operated a fruit farm during that time as well. Imagine not learning anything new or unique politically or about other cultures for most of your life. I can't, so I certainly don't envy their life.