Amy Winehouse: What Really Happened
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Amy Winehouse: What Really Happened

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Amy Winehouse: What Really HappenedAmy Winehouse is a singer and songwriter who is famous for her strong vocals as well as her blend of numerous musical styles such as soul, jazz and R&B.

Winehouse has gained huge publicity for her drug abuse along with psychological health problems. At a young age of 27, Amy Winehouse found dead on her apartment in London.

Receiver of 5 Grammies, Amy Winehouse is certainly among the most talented singers of this generation. However, at the very top of her booming career, did Amy’s way of living push her straight down a distressing path?

Jacques Peretti looks into Amy’s collection of broken hearts, from the divorce of her parents to her overwhelming dark love relationships which includes her intimate relationship with her husband Blake Civil-Fielder.

The film showcase interviews from close friends and beloved family. Jacques examines how Winehouse absorbs every emotional feelings she had lived through and carry that bitterness into her music.

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7 years ago

Rest in peace Amy Winehouse.

8 years ago

Obviously lots of people have watched this doc without issue but I have no audio. I have no problem with any other video.

Eric Lawson
9 years ago

To Bad !! Did not find out what really Happened !!What did she die of ??? I did enjoy the video though well done !

9 years ago

she had such a beautiful unique voice !

9 years ago

so sad

Carl Hendershot
10 years ago

I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone, but they've always worked for me.

10 years ago

She preferred space to this planet. Too much pleasure causes disintegration. She was the British niece of Barbara Streisand. This was a Greek tragedy, an authentic "reality show" of witnessing a brilliant light burn out before your very eyes. sad.

10 years ago

she was an untalented junkie who cares F--- her

10 years ago

King Heroin took her for himself.

10 years ago

she was an incredible singer ! as the way she was ... the ''square'' singers never get to the top ! why ? 'cause they're ''square'' ... she really felt every word she sing and u can notice in the voice and in her eyes ... and we don't care a s*it if u'r a musician of jazz or if u have friends that play in jazz groups ... who cares man ?¿?? we love her, and she was incredible ...

11 years ago

Look closely and she has almost the exact face as another great singer, Barbara Streisand.

11 years ago

yes she was.

11 years ago

You idiots...he was talking about her writing the essay....not the song.

11 years ago

Any one else notice the date this doc was made? We all know it has to be 2011 but below the title at the top of the description next to the subheading "Biography"; is the year 2007. Could this be a film from the past with a foreboding prophesy for the future, which is now but actually happened a few months ago?

It is always so very sad when young people who are only beginning their lives die regardless of the cause. Especially when it is some one who has touched many other lives. R.I.P. young lady. Perhaps where ever you are if there is a you in any cognoscente form or way, you no longer have the pain & demons to fight.

Just wanted to add: Perhaps she & her beau are just this generation's Sid & Nancy only with measurably more talent.

11 years ago

I don't wanna sound like a douche, but she had it coming. Drugs are BAD mmk?

12 years ago

R.I.P. Baby R.I.P., somewhere beautiful & tranquil & far removed from human chaos ... thanks for the music & song!

12 years ago

Now she's dead. Sad.

12 years ago

I have a similar issue.. I'm a drummer and a pianist, not really a singer. But i DO sing quite well as long as i'm belting. If i don't belt, i sound like a balloon losing air. And unfortunately i can only belt when i'm not nervous.

I'm not a fantastic singer for that reason. It's in my head.

12 years ago

after seeing this I am ashamd I laughed at amy winehouse joke on tv or radio.
sorry amy

12 years ago

what a waste of quality drugs...

12 years ago

what a waste of youth and talent.

12 years ago

to be fair, i only made it 7 minutes through this. the "documentarian" is more interested in making this personal to him than actually documenting. i can't believe he called HER "a lousy hack" at the start of her career. garbage.

12 years ago

to be fair, i only made it 7 minutes through this. the "documentarian" is more interested in making this personal to him than actually documenting. i can't believe he called HER "a lousy hack" at the start of her career. garbage.

12 years ago

This came to me when I found out that Amy died.

For Amy

Why do they laugh
when life is hard,
Instead of caring
from the start?

Like sharks
to bloody batch of chum,
They come, and come, and come, and come

Why do they only
seek to hurt,
When good support
is worth much more?

And now they've tortured her
to death,
Now, do they say
how good she was...

"Her generations
Gifted voice"

But when she lived
and needed help,
Have they Ever
given her a choice?

No, Never,
they have never
given her a choice!

(only condemned her
in one shrill unchanging voice...)


12 years ago

she came, she annoyed... she died.. the end

12 years ago

OMG people please shut the hell up. I'm trying to watch this documentary!!! SSSSSHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

12 years ago

"....among the most talented singers of this generation."

I am now ashamed of my generation.

12 years ago

I think that it is disgraceful that people here on this forum are jumping on the chance to judge and patronize Amy, instead of trying to understand her. And see the strife in her life and her addictions and struggles as part and parcel of being very young, becoming known (famous) very early in her life and very quickly. Too quickly! In the blink of an eye she went from being a rebellious teen with a powerful voice and a lot of raw talent, who had a dream to be known (famous) and make people happy with her voice, to being a very known (famous) performer, writer and composer who was in the spotlight 24/7. Add to that her being the daughter of a divorced couple (a very emotionally traumatizing experience in it's own right), and her relationship with, and marriage to Fielder-Civil who was already addicted to both drink and drugs when she met and started dating him, and you get a person who is emotionally fragile and whose emotions sometimes get the better of her. And in addition to all this, she was introduced to drink and drugs at the most difficult and unstable time in her life. A time when she already had little control of her life due to her meteoric rise to fame and it's consequences.
Ask anyone who has been a while in the music history, and became very known (famous) at a very young age and very quickly, about what it's like, and how it feels and what it takes to deal with this. And you will hear the same answer: it puts your whole life on it's head, turns your whole world and your understanding thereof upside down. There's nothing elce like it! And no matter what you expect it to be like, when you dream of "being famous" it's never as much fun and never as dream-like as it seems. In fact, it's living hell, for those who go through it. And very few survive the "First Fame Syndrome" (as it was named by three brothers who know..) and are able to continue with with their career. Most, and I mean MOST, fall victim to being unable to cope with it all - the fame, the complete loss of control of them selves and over their own lives, the gruelling touring schedules, the hoards of screaming fans who follow them everywhere, the paparazzi, with their cameras and in your face attitude, snapping relentlessly, day and night, the judging that goes on, all the time, non-stop, all over the world . Both in their faces and behind their backs. And of course let us not make the mortal mistake of forgetting the "always oh so polite" press! Who jump at every chance to trash the hell out of known (famous) people for every minuscule mistake they make, as well as for every imagined one, that those who have nothing better to do with their lives than spread gossip, think they made. They put one foot wrong and the spark is put to the fuse. What follows is a media explosion of atomic proportions. This is particularly easy to do now, easier than it ever was before, with the speed of light media like the internet, smart phones ipads etc... which transmit these "mistakes" all over the world in the blink of an eye. Think of the pressures these unfortunate people are constantly under, constantly have to live with 24/7, 365 days a year. (It's the people who buy the magazines and go on line to see the latest gossip etc..those who are interested in these kinds of things, those who enjoy peering into other people's private lives, the progenitors of what is known as "celebrity culture" - who decide that it should be there in the first place. And by voting with their wallets or the click of their mouse make known (famous) people fodder for the paps and the rest of the rotten media) This amount of pressure inflicted on anyone of us lucky unknowns even for the shortest time will crush us to fine powder, if not worse. So is it really that surprising, that so many people in the "fame and glitter" industries end up where Amy did, become addicted to various substances, like she became, and die at as young an age as she died at ??? Those who do survive this long list of life changing pressures and abuses are the lucky ones, they are the ones who are strong enough to do so (and it takes A LOT OF STRENGTH, believe me, A LOT MORE in fact, than most 'unknown' people COULD EVER IMAGINE) AND who have powerful support systems in place wich help them cope with all the c**p they are forced to go through and deal with (and they deal with this c**p on the daily basis, every day of their lives).

If you want proof read a book called "Tales From The Brothers Gibb" theirs is just one example of the ravages of fame, but it is a very poignant one that exemplifies and points clearly to what I said above. Their Youngest Brother Andy is the best (and very tragic) example of this, though the story of the Three Older Brothers is just as good an example but, luckily for them, one with a good ending.

From most of the comments here, I am forced to come to the verdict that:
1. People have not the faintest idea what it's really like in the music industry and the world of glitter and fame.
2. That there are not as many compassionate and good people out there as I thought there are (and I always, always try to see the best and the good in people, seeing as I am a positive person by nature, as opposed to seeing the bad and the worst).
3. That many people here find it very easy, and perhaps even entertaining, to, in their comfortable homes, in their comfortable anonymity, seat in judgement of others. Thinking that passing judgement on and putting down others makes them look and/or sound smart and/or above every body elce.
4. That in the case of most of the comments here, the "constructive" in constructive commenting and discussion was lost along the road, that is in this case the thread of the "discussion".

Conclusion: Put your selves in Amy's shoes and try to walk a mile (she walked much further than that in her short life). Then maybe, and I mean MAYBE you would have the right to judge her. Addictions and all.

And always remember this: No one is perfect. We are all only human. Everybody makes bad decisions and mistakes at one or another point in their lives. No one is perfect.

@Lee Walker: "so she releases two albums. fairly decent but nothing earth shatteringly original. then does a whole load of drugs and dies... and people are uttering her name in the same breath as people like Janice Joplin and Jim Morrison or Kurt Cobain or Jimi Hendrix..? Just because she was 27 when she died? That's just ridiculous. if you keep slapping a bull in the face eventually you're gonna get the horns"

Mr. Walker: Let's see you bring out two albums which got as much acclaim as hers did and which exhibited as much talent, originality and individuality in today's veritable ocean of copy-paste, bland music. When you do, and please let me know if and when that happens, I'd really like to hear YOUR BEST. And then when you become as known and popular as she became, as fast as she did, we'll see how you cope, and how drug-free and sober you are when that happens, and for how long you manage to stay that way. And we'll all gloat when you start talking drugs and drinking heavily when it all becomes too much for you. Then, and only then will you have any right at all to pass judgement on her.
The fact that she only released two albums doesn't make her less talented than, or unworthy to have her name uttered in the same breath as people like Janice Joplin and Jim Morrison or Kurt Cobain or Jimi Hendrix. She is placed with them because she was talented, became famous very young and very quickly, was unable to cope with it all, had tried to cope through addiction (yes! it's a copping mechanism! even though usually not the best one.), became self destructive, and died as young as they were when they went. Just in case you didn't know. She belongs in that group full well and rightly.

Here's a question for you, I'm just curious, when was the last time you wrote anything and had gotten praised for it? This question was, not surprisingly, inspired by your "clever" remark that Amy's albums were and I quote: "fairly decent but nothing earth shatteringly original". So I ask you again, when did you last write something "fairly decent" and/or "earth shatteringly original" ?
Well I have, plenty of times, and got praised for it too. But praise is not the point here, the point is that in order to write something worthwhile, like a good song, which would inspire people, for instance, you have to have talent and a lot of patience and persistance. Hard work is the key.
I write songs, poems and am working on a book. So I know how much hard work is required even if you have talent, (I have been told that I have it) to create something truly original and worthwhile. Amy definitely had that, and worked hard to get to where she was.
"if you keep slapping a bull in the face eventually you're gonna get the horns": So in your same, learned, astute opinion that you have shown throughout your whole comment, she deserved what she got ?! She deserved to die as she did, when she did, and as young as she was? Is that right?!

Well, this part of your comment (as does pretty much the rest of it, I'd say ) just shows me that you are about as caring, compassionate and perceptive as a donkey''s back side.

I am not even going to get down to the level of and comment on the other "smart" comments here.
I will only say that reading them all made me really sad, and ashamed for those who wrote them.


12 years ago

@ Greg,
I can't believe that you are actually putting so much effort into righting lengthy comments about this ******** documentary. We are talking about Amy Winehouse here. I knew who she was for a while and only heard one of her songs. Like who gives a rats ass about this. You need get a life buddy.

12 years ago

amy is dead! who the f is amy??? is she a new einstein or sth? i never heard of her before

12 years ago

She was a famous award winning singer who got special attention when she was alive so it is not surprising she is getting all this special attention now that she has died, especially taking into consideration the circumstances surrounding her death. Hell we are all adding to it in our own way by posting all these comments. You can bet the government loves (I would say helps control but then I would be classified as one of those conspiracy nutcases when I have already been labeled a self endulgent essay writing nutcase on this page lol) that this and every other celebrity that screws up is what ends up on the front page of the newspaper or on the news and is what we spend far to much of our time talking about instead of real issues that actually effect us like the economy, all the fighting going on all over the world, Governments all over the world (The most powerful and destructive one doesn't even need to be named we know who they are) doing as they please causing us the general public life altering problems be it financial or whatever.

12 years ago

when your talent or inspiration originates from your pain,you live it long and fast.....lengends often pay with their lives,fuelled by drugs you cannot expect to last.thanx for the legacy of good music

jason lee
12 years ago

she was a talented skank. no better than anyone else with the same afflictions, and deserves no special attention.

12 years ago

When a "star" has a drug "problem" she's so sweet, but when "ordinary" folks do, WE are all "criminals" rather than heroic. PUKE, PUKE. .......Oh, she died? You get what you deserve. KARMA

12 years ago

Like most Rock/Pop stars, their death is unfortunate but when people abuse drugs I have no sympathy

12 years ago

she should have put rat poison in those cups of tea for the photographers.

His Forever
12 years ago

She had such a pretty voice. I wonder why I'm so preoccupied with her death? It just seem a very sad way to go.

12 years ago

And remember people, alcohol is a drug. One of the hardest of drugs. So if you drink alcohol, then you're a drug user too.

Rich McAdam
12 years ago

A death is always sad. A death of an artist is sad. The death of a talented artist is sad but the sadness is more external and is shared by millions globally. whether she did drugs or not is irrelevant. She was a troubled girl who didnt want the attention of the press. she wrote great songs... i wasnt a fan but she definitely will be missed.

12 years ago

Millions of records sold, all possible music awards received...... All this means nothing to some self-proclamed musical intenditors who know very well what is real good music. ( that's why they're loosing time on this forum instead of showing something to the world thad could be judged ) Some like Amy's music and some don't. Thats all. Drug problems has nothing to do with it. For me she was much better than Kurt or Jim. That's my personal opinion. No problem for me if sombody thinks differently.
Just for the drug non-using judges below: Have you ever exceeded the speed limits on the road? Maybe answered your mobile? Or just lighting aa ciigarrette while driving? Well, you've put someones life in danger, not your own only.

12 years ago

Very sad. This woman had true talent. I especially feel for her family.

12 years ago

so she releases two albums. fairly decent but nothing earth shatteringly original. then does a whole load of drugs and dies... and people are uttering her name in the same breath as people like Janice Joplin and Jim Morrison or Kurt Cobain or Jimi Hendrix..? Just because she was 27 when she died? That's just ridiculous.
her death was sad and a tragedy for her family and all that but in the final analysis not altogether surprising. if you keep slapping a bull in the face eventually you're gonna get the horns.

12 years ago

Earlier this year, a fine singer named Margaret Whiting passed away. I never saw anything on the front page about this--and she contributed something. Now some ignorant piece of no-talent, druggie garbage bites the much-deserved dust and the media is all aglow. This epitomizes everything that is wrong with this country and its people.

12 years ago

staucenu You have a major problem. If she is so insignificant , why bother spewing such negativity. RIP Ms. Amy

12 years ago

summa summary :it is a bit cynic unfair documentary.

john short hand
12 years ago

she was a loser.

12 years ago

She was such a cutie in her early years, I wish she would have stayed that way.

12 years ago

as i saw the bustard with all his devilish sensation it is him who influenced that silly girl

12 years ago

The docs were very interesting.

12 years ago

“If you don't think drugs have done good things for us, then take all of your records, tapes and CDs and burn them. Cause you know what? The musicians that made all that great music that's enhanced your lives throughout the years? Real fu**ing high on drugs. The Beatles were so fu**in' high they let Ringo sing a few songs." Bill Hicks