Prophet Muhammad and Women

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Prophet Muhammad and Women is an educational and revelatory documentary that aims to shatter preconceived notions about gender relations in Islamic faith. This intimate look at Muhammad's historical relationships with women contradicts the attitude of misogyny that is prevalent in radical Islam even to this day.

Theological and historical experts provide an oral history of Muhammad's life, a narrative that begins in 7th century Mecca and focuses largely on Muhammad's two great loves, Khadija and Aisha. Muhammad's relationship with Khadija defied many societal norms of the time. Not only was Khadija a successful merchant as well as Muhammad's employer, she was fifteen years his senior and the one to propose marriage. It is Khadija that taught Muhammad how to pray and is historically known as the first Muslim, although fundamentalists often ignore this fact due to her gender.

Upon Khadija's death at the age of 65 Muhammad moved to Medina. After twenty-five years in a monogamous marriage, he began practicing polygamy which was common at the time. As his harem grew he remained most passionate about the first of his new wives, Aisha. In this segment of the film we learn how his relationship with his wives, but especially with Aisha, furthered his belief in just and fair treatment towards women and ultimately led him back to a belief in monogamy.

Muhammad was revered by his peers, with men and women alike flocking to him for advice in love and relationships. Contrary to the prudent image most Muslims carry, female pleasure was emphasized in the prophet's writings. He wrote that the only difference between man and animal is man's ability to give women pleasure. According to the film's interpretation of Muhammad, refusing bodily pleasure was seen as the same as refusing God.

The scholars interviewed here inform viewers of the many ways in which Muhammad fought for women, but note he was met with significant push-back, a resistance that is ongoing in certain sects of contemporary Islam. Described as a "modern man of his time" the film asks what Muhammad would think of today's fundamentalists who impose an inaccurate interpretation of his seemingly feminist legacy.

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  1. X-Muslim

    No mention of the age of Aisha ? Why ?

  2. Hussain Fahmy
  3. Hussain Fahmy

    Propaganda gives a boost to those seek Islam actively.

  4. Luca Cutinella
  5. Luca Cutinella

    No one is sure about Aisha's age. There are many proves that she was 18 or 21. Anyway Muhammed was accused by is enemy of everything possible, from being crazy to being a murderer. No one accused him of pedophilia, why?

  6. X-Muslim
  7. X-Muslim

    There is proof that she was either 18 or 21 ? I have actually studied a little bit on the issue and it seems that she was 6 when The Prophet married her and then she was 9 when he consumed the marriage ( intercourse ) . You are saying that there is proof that she was 18 or maybe even 21 , how can the proof or the truth be so ambiguous ?
    Another discouraging and disturbing fact is the infanticide of female babies , I do understand it was sometime ago and people weren't very well educated but the documentary exposes a reason that is quite bizarre , If I can recall they didn't want female babies because they would have to be fed ??? I did not understand that part , male babies don't have to be fed ?
    I find this documentary to be very biased towards The Prophet and hiding a lot of "facts" about his character, Islam and exposing most of the information in a positive manner without any actual base or real explanation on various subjects put forward during the video. It is a video about a religious figure that was and still is controversial to this day and when reaching out to the past and religious text , people can do and say anything to justify everything..

  8. Francis
  9. Francis

    pedophilia is a modern concept and name, no one knows what that was1500 yrs ago.

  10. X-Muslim
  11. X-Muslim

    Pedophilia is a concept , it is also a name and it is also an action , it doesn't matter what age or time you are in , sexually abusing and or sodomizing a small child is still the same action today as it was 1500 years ago , doesn't matter what words or "concept" we attribute to it regardless of society or language it stays the same.
    The same would be for stealing , murder , torture , those are all words to describe actions not concepts.

  12. a_no_n
  13. a_no_n

    Because it was a really common thing to do back then.

  14. a_no_n
  15. a_no_n

    I love the way you can all argue about Aishas age without any of you once acknowledging that people of all faiths at that time were ok with marrying pre-teen girls and that it was a pretty standard practice back then.

    But why let a bit of historical context get in the way amirite?

  16. Luca Cutinella
  17. Luca Cutinella

    it's not a matter of religion. I don't know if you're aware that untill the 1880 in Delaware the minimum age to get married was 7 and in almost all other states was 10. 1880 it's not so long ago :D Someone once said: Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?

  18. BarKohba
  19. BarKohba

    The problem is no that some desert warlord 1400 years ago married a 7 year old. The problem is that a great number of his (male) followers take his example to the word TODAY and do that shit, and worse, it's encouraged by the girl's family who see it as mandatory due that s*upid religion.

  20. ratherdance inmyownblood
  21. ratherdance inmyownblood

    Hi Luca..... actually that quote you are using is from the Holy Bible and one of my favourites especially in these situations. Exactly it goes :- BEFORE YOU TRY AND REMOVE THE SPECK FROM YOUR BROTHER'S EYE REMOVE THE BEAM FROM YOUR OWN.

  22. ratherdance inmyownblood
  23. ratherdance inmyownblood

    Yeah but doesn't murder, torture, stealing etc always stay the same whereas Paedophilia depends on the law and the age of consent in the land it is happening in. What's paedophilia in UK or US is not in SPAIN, Italy, France etc etc plus over time those ages of consent can go up as well as down.

  24. ratherdance inmyownblood
  25. ratherdance inmyownblood

    Exactly right. No one would have had any idea back then.... it's kinda like racism... back then everyone and no one was racist because it was the norm.

  26. Julie
  27. Julie

    Funny how the narrator says 'Arabia wa a society of men, designed for men'. IT STILL IS. And how, then, did Khadijah marry Mohammad? She asked him to marry, ran many businesses, and chose for herself a partner half her age. Oh, and she was also a Widow. And this was during the time of 'jahiliyyah' .. Sounds like society has gotten more much ignorant since then, so it is a wonder they choose to name the time before Islam that name. I would love to see a woman propose to a man in countries ilke Saudi Arabia and others in the Middle East.

    Also, all this talk about the history of Muhammad, where are they sourcing it from? Sorry, but none of Muhammad's contemporaries so much as mentions his name. And sources for Pre-Islamic history of Arabia are non-existent. But forget that, and remember this.. it is a known fact that the Qur'an was compiled by regular people who converted to Islam and submitted what they remembered him saying (and doing - in the case of the hadiths). Have you ever tried playing a game of telephone?

    ..Enough said.

  28. Lara
  29. Lara

    If we are going to dissect misogyny throughout history and compare western tradition vs eastern islamic traditions, men in the West believed that women were chattel same as their livestock. There is also evidence of men placing yokes on their women's necks to till the fields just like one would with oxen or mules. Also, it wasn't until recent history that women's finances were completely controlled by their men. What is happening in the Arab world today is a abomination to the religion and it's teachings! The only thing that I did not appreciate about this video was the sexualization of the Mothers of Islam. remove the belly dancers because these women whole enjoying the sexual side of marriage were not part of an I dream of jeannie harem for the love of God. I thought that we were here to critique the film. Bigots keep your racist comments to ur f--king selves!

  30. Francis
  31. Francis

    But nowadays we have he knowledge to say for sure that pedophilia must be always reproved, make no doubt about it.

  32. walterbyrd
  33. walterbyrd

    I don't know if any of that is true. But even if it is, it is meaningless since since that was 135 years ago.

    Is Saudi today, girls are forced in to marriage when they are as young as 9 years old.

  34. whats up
  35. whats up

    Every time they give excuses when it comes to Islam Dont fool yourself face the fact
    i realize that how Christopher hitchens right ab8 them
    see youtube video
    Christopher Hitchens - Don't waste my time with Islam [2010]
    and every time they say alla hu akbar that remind me "Heil hitler "
    it is religion with ideology

  36. Darrius
  37. Darrius

    another attempt to whitewash the mass murdering serial rapist peadophile mohamad.

  38. BradfordVonDaserdyly
  39. BradfordVonDaserdyly

    Two things:
    1. Islam actively encourages and condones deceiving and lying to Infidels (anyone not a Muslim). Do not believe one word they utter.
    2. There is a trick in Islam that most westerners are not aware of. There are many quotes attributed to Muhammad that contradict each other. The rule in Islam is, whichever quote is most recent takes president. Thus, if Muhammad is quoted as saying "X" when he was 30 years old and said something completely the opposite at age 40, then, what he said at age 40 is the only quote that matters. This is very relevant because Muhammad became more violent and militant as he got older. The vast majority of Muhammad quotes about peace, love, etc. used by the media are from early in his life, thus, they are irrelevant and used to deceive. Do not get duped by early quotes attributed to Muhammad, they are used to deceive the infidels (refer to item 1).

  40. Ali
  41. Ali

    give us one quote from islam on ur first point or admit that ur no more than a vile indecent hypocrite that is bent on spreading lies about millions of people for no other reason than to hurt them.
    regarding ur second point; it's funny the quotes I read say to follow what agrees with the quran. So, again give us a point or admit that ur no more than another vile indecent extremist.

  42. BradfordVonDaserdyly
  43. BradfordVonDaserdyly

    Thanks for proving my point, bless your heart.

  44. Qasim57
  45. Qasim57

    One thing:
    1) It is common in the crazed evangelical crowd to attack other people's beliefs. They don't normally have a holistical understanding of Islam(or much of anything, including the tolerance preached by their own societal ethos). They just pick and choose stuff without providing any context at all, so anything can be made to mean anything at all, to suit their agenda. Like this "lying" bit. El ignoramus here fails to mention(or possibly doesn't know) that the only condition in which you are allowed to lie about your faith, is if your life is in danger(i.e. someone's about to kill you if you don't believe in scientology). Otherwise, lying is a cardinal sin, a major no-no.

    History itself refutes this misguided fellow's claims. Islam's existed for nearly 1.5 millenniums. Christians and Jews still peacefully coexist in Arabia, Syria, and all these other territories that have been ruled by Islam for ONE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED years. Read Pickthall's travellogues of Palestine from 1892(Oriental Encounters - he toured the whole region). Now look at the region, it's ruled by oppressive tyrannical governments propped up on the Western dime, they use US weapons to effectively muzzle descent. And that is O.K. as long as they provide cheap oil to fuel the ever-hungry beast that the West is.

    And then you point to your puppets and say - hey! Islam is oppressive. No. What's oppressive, is Western society, it's endless wars. The US has attacked over fifty countries since WW2, popular wars like Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq get all the press, but what about all the junk in South America("preventing communism in USA's backyard", by funding and using terrorism). What about the millions of people killed in Iraq because the US falsified evidence about "weapons of mass destruction" that were never found. The things you do, fuels hatred and terrorism, not religion. That's why Europe also hates you(and so does much of the world).

    So - May the creator of the universe guide you. The system of the West is oppressive to the humans there as well. Look at the financial meltdown, the banks that played loose with people's live-savings got rewarded with massive bailouts, which the victims of the banks(who had their savings robbed), taxed to death to pay trillions to the already extremely-rich banksters. Open your eyes and hate the people who oppress you, not the people they want you to hate.

    “If you're not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.”
    ― Malcolm X

  46. Qasim57
  47. Qasim57

    Western society is a society of men, designed by men. Women are provided this men-oriented specification that they need to meet, to be of worth and value. If you're not thin enough, or just the right clothes, you're left in little doubt.

    Women literally KILLING themselves with things like size-zero, to look thin enough to appeal to MEN. And the media propaganda bombards females with this from an extremely young age. So they can learn to critique themselves by said standards even when others aren't there to provide "constructive criticism".

    Not to mention the various countries you keep bombing, like killing MILLIONS of Iraqis over falsified "weapons of mass destruction" evidence. Weapons were never found, but millions of people lost their lives. Oops, too bad. But *they're* the real terrorists, not your friendly government and their gentle, humanitarian foreign policies(that just happen to kill a few million in every country you invade, from Vietnam to Korea, Afghanistan to Libya).

    “If you're not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.”
    ― Malcolm X

  48. Rise&shine
  49. Rise&shine

    Clearly BradfordVonDaserdyly is a troll. Let him say what he likes. The majority of Historians & Theologists all agree that Muhammad was ahead of his time in regards to women's rights. Judaism & Christianity existed for years before Muhammad & Islam. Polygamy, peodphilia, honor killings etc these were common in those non muslim, nomadic societies. It's difficult for the ignorant to think that once muslim women were the only ones in the world who could vote, own businesses & homes. They chose who they married and even now keep their name after marriage. This isn't Islam or the koran claiming this.This is history & you can't rewrite history. Centuries later King Henry 6th beheaded wife after wife when he was bored of them. Marie Antoinette Queen of France was married off at 13 years of age. Yet the media said that a 24yr old Muhammad who married his 40yr, female boss. A divorcee with kids was some how an evil peodfile & the dim believed it. Moral of the story? Mainstream media isn't about the facts, so do your research from independent sources.

  50. Rise&Shine
  51. Rise&Shine

    You're incorrect & I highly doubt you know much if any about history. Firstly Muhammad was born centuries after Moses & Jesus. 570 years after Jesus died actually. This culture of killing female babies, child brides etc existed for years before Islam & was common then. Secondly he first married at 24yrs of age to his 40yr old, twice divorced female boss khadija. Even though polygamy was common he never took a second wife whilst she lived. There is no evidence of how old his other wives were but historians agree that most were middle age /elderly widows except Aiysha who was said to be young & beautiful & jealous that khadija was Muhammads true love & that he still visited her grave years later. All evidence suggests she was willing & happy to be by his side for years to come. At the time the majority of converts were female because Islam was the only religion/law that old lawed killing female babies, a right to an education, to own homes/businesses and marriage/inheritance rights similar to those of men. 1400yrs ago it was common for girls 9/10 to get married, have children & die by 45-50yrs old regardless of religion/race. That's not the same as priests raping little boys in 2015. Which is ugly, hidden from other adults & illegal.

  52. ctesibius
  53. ctesibius

    i wrote more or less the same about Al taquia - the art of lying, but my post was deleted. Perhaps you found the right wording so your post is still here. The truth prevails !

  54. Realize Historian
  55. Realize Historian

    To Rise & Shine
    Henry the eighth was the king who beheaded his wife, do to her inability to provide him with a male hier that lived. He did petition the Pope for an annulment so he could marry Anne Bolyn, petition denied. That was the reason that the Church of England left the Holy Sea (Vatican).

  56. Hassani
  57. Hassani

    The truly partition is that she was 13 years old

  58. Stern
  59. Stern

    So, if a good man treats a woman with honor, why is it her fault if he rapes her?
    Why does she get punished?
    and if women are treated with honor why do they cover their hair, faces or wear huge black dresses?
    isn't men treating women with honor enough not to cover them up or stop them from being assaulted?

    OOOOooh.... I get it. the only honor they know towards women is killing them to repair family honor. riiiight.

  60. you
  61. you

    Wasn't khadija married to muhammed and that she taught him about being a prophet? Also wasnt khadija elder then muhammed and khadija belong to a well of family (rich) and muhammed was just a gypsy trader! if thats the case why isnt she mentioned in Qur`an and instead MARIYAM has a whole chapter for herself? just looking for answers no offense intended!

  62. ajmal
  63. ajmal

    You won't find Aisha's age but y'll definitely find that Jesus is begotten not made in bible. At least Muhammad didn't come down on earth to sire Mary and beget a son. (Though I don't agree the God actually did that)

  64. Enough
  65. Enough

    Well. Hmm... catholic encyclopedia says the Virgin Mary was 12 when Christ was born... May they both be blessed. At the time women were married at the time of their period. Throughout the entire world. You are looking at the 1400s with 2015 lenses. A pathetic attempt to lower the character of one of the most honorable people ever walk the earth. Voted #1 most influential person im the world by Time Magazine... why did they award that to a pedophile? Rofl

  66. S
  67. S

    Saudia Arabia today as ruled by the House of Saud as a Den of Iniquity is a regresssion to the days of jahilliyah and the grossest insult to the example of Prophet Muhammad. Kings and princes and when the Prophet Muhammad rejected such titles for himself along with concept of nepotism! !! And he would do no less when it is categorically stated in the Quran that a leader of government must be democratically elected and decide on affairs of the state through mutual consultation with learned people ie democratic rights not merely as human rights but as actual divine rights!! It would seem that today's 'idols' surround the Kaaba whereas those in the Prophet's time were kept inside it. Does not Allah SWT in the Quran refer to the Arabs as the 'worst of peoples' for their jahilliyah (ignorance) and that had had He not sent Prophet Muhammad to them they would have been in a position to accuse God of injustice?!!- the House of Saud would do well to keep itself reminded of this!!They have only just allowed women to vote!!

  68. Snark
  69. Snark

    Islam not only seeks the best for the female gender but its practicioners also support the LGBT community in a positive way too.

  70. Karl
  71. Karl

    Right after this documentary came out we were treated to a headline of a Saudi Arabian man who, cut the tongue out of his teenaged daughter after becoming suspicious about her converting to Christianity.

    This girl was murdered by her own father and brother while their whole community watched. Fatima didn't die from having her tongue cut out, but rather by being burned to death, the report said.

    Honor killings are practiced in over 20 Muslim dominated countries. Sharia law provides warrant and clerics demand it. Over 750 million Muslims are repressed in a 2010 Pugh poll as supporting honor killings, sharia law for all countries, approve of the cowardly attack that kill over 3000 innocent men women and children in 911.

    How many Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, attacks have occurred in the US, yet they all greatly outnumber the Muslim population. Islam of the Quran is a religion of jihad!

    If one were to contrast Jesus treatment of women to Mohammed, the contrast is stark. Women are prevented from being stoned, sit with Jesus, eat with Jesus, are encouraged to teach men, (Pricilla teaches Apollos who will lead the Church in Corinth), minister and take roles in church (see Acts)

    This was pure Islamic Propaganda. Islam is a religion of submission not of peace. Jihad is defined as a struggle against the non-believer and appears 29 times in the first 10 sura's alone.

    Now there can be good people who call themselves Muslim, no doubt. And most of my Muslim friends are good, kind, generous people, who treat their wives very well. But unbeknown to them they do these things because they don't follow the Quran! They have never read it and are unfamiliar with its teaching. When they describe Allah, they describe the God of the Bible not Allah of the Quran.

    When they talk about women, they talk about women being created equal to men, which is found no where in the Quran or taught by any cleric.

    My hope is that Muslims don't ever read the Quran, less they take seriously its call for them to kill the infidel who refuses to convert to Islam!

    My other wish is that Christians would read their New Testament and start living by its demands.

  72. NOYFB
  73. NOYFB

    This was a very bias Documentary, all made up of lies.

  74. Gulam e rasool
  75. Gulam e rasool

    Dear you can not show any woman as wife of Prophet Mohammed SAW because it is not allowed in Islam.just only you can speak with respect about Prophet Mohammed SAW and his family (I did not see full documentary just when you show a woman and give example of Hazrat Khadija i stop this)
    Muslims must not watch this vedio

  76. Hanzalah
  77. Hanzalah

    Prophet muhammad S.A.W.'s married aisha r.a at the age of 6.
    This is the hadith of the bukhari.
    In the same book it narrates that when she was 9 her father asked prophet muhammad to marry her and he said no.

    Despite of the age we must know this that she was engaged with another man prior to marrying prophet muhammad. So it means that she was old enough to be considered to get married despite of contradiction in the age.

    By the way the most sound hadith is that she was around 17 18 when got marries

  78. Ahmed
  79. Ahmed

    Those are Pure Lies .

  80. Amlan
  81. Amlan

    Quran 4:34 supports wife beating while quran 4:24 openly tells its followers to have sex slaves. I think these 2 verses are enough to make a point or two about islam and how it tells you to treat a woman.

  82. hetu
  83. hetu

    killing girl newborns was before Islam came,and Islam does not support idea of marring young children,it has said in Koran that woman needs to be grown,and a woman also has a choice to marry a person, or refuse...But today's world, men have f-cked up everything (as taking women as second class) and media is poisoning Islam... Sad, very sad... anyway, mankind is destroying itself... wars, power...

  84. mike
  85. mike

    Luca Cutinella are you insane or just to lazy to do the research Mohamed married aisha when she was six years old and he consummated his marriage when she was nine years old, and then she remained with him for nine years (i.e., till his death).

  86. mike
  87. mike

    This is just more Islamist propaganda , i have been studying religions and its people for years resulting in a most significant discovery Muslims are by far the biggest liars for there faith , they will say anything to convince you that what they are saying is true no mater what insanity they spew in fact its called Taqiyya , Taqiyya is a form of Islamic deception. The Quran (16:106 and 3:28) allows Muslims to lie in order to protect themselves or to protect the Muslim community and further the Islamic cause .

  88. mike
  89. mike

    Hanzalah please tell us the hadith that says she was around 17 18 when she got married , source please .
    I find it funny that if Mohamed married her when she was 6 and consummated the marriage when she was 9 and she remained with him for nine years (i.e., till his death), that you can even say something so ridiculous ,lets do the math 9 years old at consummation and 9 more years till he died that is 18 years , when she was 18 Mohamed was dead!!! .

  90. Wayne
  91. Wayne

    Was Mohameds magic flying horse male or female?

  92. DL
  93. DL

    All those talking about the age of Muhammad's second wife, what's the point you are trying to make? If you are trying to suggest that this shows that most Muslim men engage in pedophilia then you are totally 100% wrong. The fact is that most people are simply born into their religion and the overwhelming majority of Muslims do not engage in pedophilia.
    And it's quite easy to find verses from the bible which totally go against modern beliefs about right and wrong. For example in the old testament there are verses in which God commands the Israelites to kill children of enemy nations. Is that better or worse than the age of Muhammad's second wife?

  94. Truth seeker
  95. Truth seeker

    To those saying this film is Islamic propaganda/ lies. Why don't you read the Koran & see for yourself? It's available in 114 languages including English. Or go to the local mosque & ask what they teach there? If you do, you'll see that this film tells the story of Mohammed as the Koran has told it for centuries. Mohammed himself was a pagan(Christian) until he was 40yrs old, when god was said to first reveal to him the prophecy. According to history this was about 600yrs after Jesus died. Mohammed grew up in a pagan society where girls/women were treated horribly. They were bought & sold as slaves. Not allowed to work or own property. They had no choice about who/when they got married. Often forced in to polygamous marriages. Pedophelia or multiple wives had been common place for centuries before Mohammed & Islam even existed. It's ironic that at 25yrs old he married a 40yr old widow with kids, who was also his wealthy boss. They were married for 25yrs, had 6 kids and Mohammed didn't marry for years after her death. If you compare that to say Cleopatra, who married her 9 year old brother then murdered him to secure her place the Queen of Egypt. That marriage was conducted & blessed by the high priests at that time. Or Marie Antoinette who was forced to marry King Louis of France when she was 13. Today we'd consider that criminal & wrong, but in 1770 people thought she was "ungrateful". Time and place is very important if you want to understand history. What we today consider to be right or wrong wasn't always the case.

  96. strong angel
  97. strong angel

    The best person to comment on this debate is Aisha ..

    Allah's Apostle came to me in the forenoon and my mother handed me over to him, and at that time I was a girl of nine years of age. Volume 5, Book 58, Number 234

    Other commentary affirms intercourse took place. This is a propaganda movie of the worst kind .. mohammed was a beast. The evidence is in the quranic trilogy, and there is no attempt to disguise that fact. No one making proclamations on [him] has any excuse for misrepresenting the facts believed by mohammedans 1400 years, most especially those contemporaneous to the foundation of the cult of islam. It can to be noted that mohammed directly advocated the outcasting of the female Goddess Al-Lat .. supplanting devotion of her with the masculine Al-Lah.

  98. Virginia
  99. Virginia

    I have read enough of Koran & Hadith to recognize that this is a very sanitized version of Mohammed's life. Once freed from Kadijah's constraints, Mo's true colors come out--violent, murderous, vengeful--a man who made his living by thievery. The Koran & Hadith do not show great respect for women (wives must submit to husband's sexual advances at all times; women can only achieve paradise by pleasing their husbands;a woman's testimony is worth half of a man's; etc. etc.) The medina verses of Koran are filled with hate for and violence toward Jews & Christians and polytheists. Also once freed from restraints imposed by the rich & powerful Khadijah, Mo's lust asserted itself. He married and had intercourse (raped) a Jewish woman whose husband he had just killed. One can only wonder how she felt. Even Aisha noticed that God intervened to allow Mo to break the rules as in number of wives. And where are the stories about the poets, including a woman poet, Mo had murdered for writings against him?

  100. Virginia
  101. Virginia

    Can the film maker provide citations from Islamic literature to back up these statements? Why did film maker mention that M granted women the right to legacy, but omitted the fact that women's legacy was half of a man's? Aren't Khadijah's wealth & power a more valid testimony to the state of women in pre Islamic times? Did she inherit from her husbands?

  102. jose abril
  103. jose abril

    some facts don't match: Mohamed is born in the year 517(Video 2:54); He was 24 y/o when married the 40 y/o Khadija, now she dies in the year 619(Video 12:06); then they say He was 50 y/o when she died; but from 517 to 619 had pass 102 years. I plea un explanation please.

  104. Ankh
  105. Ankh

    How could Khadija be the first female Muslim when Abraham and every righteous Woman who adhered to Abraham's teaching was considered Muslim . The fact that Islam existed before Muhammad is a known fact.

  106. Cathy
  107. Cathy

    Mike the same hadiths of bukhari that say Aisha was 6 also give other information that proves she could not possibly have been 6. She was in fact at least 10 yrs older.

  108. Arshad
  109. Arshad

    Aisha the wife of prophet moammad born in 606 and she married in
    620 that's mean she married when she was 14.

  110. KKK
  111. KKK

    What is the big issue here from her age? Did they force her to get married from him? No way, all the evidence which we got from history showed that she was like him so much and him also ! And now you come here and guessing about her age + saying something not good about him? Why Muslim people not saying any bad things about any prophet? because only Islam respect all religions "Only Islam" ..go and search in all social media and you will see that

  112. skeptical indian
  113. skeptical indian

    Real issue here is, god was guiding Mohammed, all actions he did were sanctioned by god; god suddenly in modern times now considers some actions of Mohammed as sinful by humanity but were okay back then? Its a good thing that Calipha Islam doesnt allow questioning of Mohammed, otherwise Islam's credibility will sink.

  114. Emerald Kat
  115. Emerald Kat

    People on here are really ignorant of their own country (I'm speaking of the US). I have been trying to help change the marriage laws in the US for years due to the number of girls who are underage when married off here. The easiest people to condemn for this are fundamental Mormons, but they are by no means the only people who force their extremely young daughters into marriages (and almost exclusively to much older men). The fact is that young girls (under the age of 16) are forced to marry to the tune of 2 per day here. That might not be a lot when compared to other countries who openly do this, but it is far too much when you see the number of people here who proclaim Islam as promoting pedophilia. The truth is that Christians all across the US (I'm including Mormons in describing Christians, but as I noted they are certainly not the only group who advocates this practice) have been advocating the marriage of girls as young as 9 and 10 being married off. Judges who are sympathetic are allowed in EVERY SINGLE US STATE to allow a child to be married against their will. Many of the clerks and staff who see these children being registered are powerless to stop it, watching helplessly as young girls are dragged sobbing and screaming to their forced marriages. And yet, almost none of the men who marry into these relationships will ever get charged with crimes of pedophilia.

    It's so easy to condemn those who are doing these things a half a world away from you, meanwhile, we close our eyes to the issue happening in our own country. If you don't believe a word I've written here, go look it up. There are many websites and news articles that have been dedicated to this topic. A short search will give you a plethora of information. So before any of you condemn another group or country for this practice, make sure you understand how bad it is here.

  116. P4OUR
  117. P4OUR

    Well, you know the females aunt flo visits around 12. I'm sure they thought she was, "good-to-go!" Sick, but that's what I think it was like back then.

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