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An Unreasonable Man

2007 ,    »  -   10 Comments
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An Unreasonable ManThe life and career of one of America's most tenacious consumer advocates and political activists is brought to the screen in this richly detailed documentary. Born in a small town in Connecticut, Ralph Nader was raised to believe the words of his father that you can fight city hall, and Nader made a nationwide reputation for his willingness to take on the wealthy and powerful.

After receiving a degree from Harvard Law School, Nader first became a household name in 1965 with his book Unsafe at Any Speed, in which he detailed the auto industry's willingness to sacrifice safety in the name of greater profits. The book so outraged General Motors that they hired investigators to dig up dirt on Nader and make trouble for him; the plan backfired when Nader sued for invasion of privacy and walked away with a 425,000-dollar settlement that he used to set up an activist group to investigate both public servants and private commerce and how they live up to their responsibilities.

However, Nader's long career as a incorruptible watchdog was tarnished in 2004 when Nader ran for president in a campaign that attracted a great deal of attention for a third party candidate -- and was blamed by many Democrats for drawing enough votes away from Al Gore to allow George W. Bush to walk away with an extremely narrow victory. An Unreasonable Man was directed by Henriette Mantel and Stephen Skrovan, the former of whom worked as a member of Nader's staff in the '70s...

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10 Comments / User Reviews

  1. del

    I really wanted to see this one. To bad its not on here no more.

  2. Cathy Consoli
  3. Cathy Consoli

    HE IS MY HERO! He is ONE OF THE FEW DECENT MEN WHO HAVE RUN FOR PRESIDENT. I had the honor of helping in his campaign for the 2008 election.

  4. Cathy Consoli
  5. Cathy Consoli

    Who ever criticizes Ralph Nader is an ASS!

  6. musbcrazy
  7. musbcrazy

    well i gotta say im absolutely amazed and lost for words! im so sorry to ralph for what u have endured after everything you achieved for the people at the cost of possible loss of life many have suffered at the hands of corporations! every US citizen who has demonized this man after everything he did for YOU! you are a true legend whos achieved more than most presidents and thats how your treated.

    it stinks to high heaven, and i wish michael moore would just f*** off and have a bad accident, corporate pupett!

  8. joe31
  9. joe31

    pay attenttion to the liars and proganda from producers

  10. Elena Bridges
  11. Elena Bridges

    me to Cathy.. i was his San Francisco contact.

  12. Avaritia
  13. Avaritia

    What the Democrats did to Ralph Nader is despicable. They showed themselves for what they are: no better than the Republicans. Sickening! Ralph Nader is one of the true heroes in American and every single citizen should be grateful to him for his dedication, courage and tenancy. One of the greatest men in our history. And kudos to Ralph for showing that democracy in America is all but a sham or as he puts it "a two party dictatorship." And way for Michael Moore to show his true self. What a despicable individual he's turned out to be. Although 4 or 5 times the size of Ralph Nader, he wouldn't even fit in his back pocket.

  14. Avaritia
  15. Avaritia

    You must be a Democrat. Just as brainwashed and vicious as your Republican brethren.

  16. Sherman Monro
  17. Sherman Monro

    Excellent doc; watch it on YouTube. Ralph Nader is one of the rare precious figures in the American history.
    Unfortunately, shallow minded Americans are taught how to BELIEVE rather than how to THINK.

  18. No Name
  19. No Name

    We owe so much to this man! It is sad that this documentary shows how difficult it will be to ever get more parties on the ticket - even though this is just what we need so badly! Well worth watching!!!

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