The Battle for Water

The Battle for Water

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Today, some parts of the world are literally drying up, affecting communities, both rich and poor. Natural water wells have run dry at a rate never before seen, and a growing number of people are worried that increased water scarcity will eventually lead to international conflicts.

Water scarcity is a major global socioeconomic issue and one that has become increasingly problematic over the years, and it raises many concerns over basic health and safety. The film asks, "What will happen if there is not enough water for everyone?"

This compelling question is answered by how three different areas currently facing water shortages are coping with their situation. One solution is to bring water to their location via water trucks. While this is easy and practical for emergencies, it is not sustainable. At the end of the day, these water trucks are importing water from other communities that will also need this water. While they might have an excess supply to share now, those sources will dry up too.

California used to be lush, verdant and beautiful. However, it's had to deal with decades-long drought and is now becoming more barren and desert-like. Mendocino County, for example, has been using water trucks to provide water for its residents for over a year. Hard to believe that 30 years ago, the community generally ignored water management and wastewater management in the area. It is now in the spotlight as people scramble to find potable water.

In the city of Lauenau in Germany, their drinking water supply is extremely limited and sometimes, the supply is interrupted because of intense temperatures. Everyone wants and needs more water, but there is literally not enough to go around. They are currently surviving on water brought in by fire trucks.

Lauenau's groundwater levels have decreased over the last decade, a trait they share with many areas of the world. Other potential water sources, such as dams, are also not good for the environment and will not last forever.

Finally, Silicon Valley, Las Vegas and Phoenix, Arizona, have run out of so much water for so long that, at this point, what they are experiencing might even be beyond a drought. What is happening in this area could be called aridification, or the long-term and gradual change of a humid and moist place to one that is dry, arid and desert-like.

Water scarcity is not new, but its acceleration rate is a cause for concern. It has led people to move into other territories, and borders or laws may be unable to stop the mass migration.

Due to water scarcity, there have also been over 4,000 years of conflict, going back to ancient Mesopotamia. And if the situation stays dire or gets worse, history might repeat itself if we don't collectively act now and find a way to conserve water effectively.

Directed by: Daniel Harrich

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Bobby Bouche, Water Boy
Bobby Bouche, Water Boy
1 year ago

Mama says world waters sources are being geographically redistributed as they have on earth for billions of years. The very same waters dinosaurs drank and pizzed are the very same water humans consume today, and with alot of luck, humans, if still around, and other earthly species will continue to consume for generations to come. Water also has shaped the earth over billions of years thru it's three states: 1) Ice 2) Liquid 3) Gas with it's 4 stages 10 Evaporation 2) Condensation, 3) Precipitation 4) Runoff.
And the thing is, water that falls from the sky as rain today, has fallen last week, and last month, and last year and fallen for thousands of years.

1 year ago

Let them eat cake (mix, no water to make the cake)