The Beautiful Truth
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The Beautiful Truth

2008, Health  -   338 Comments
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The Beautiful TruthRaised on a wildlife reserve in Alaska, 15-year old Garrett was interested in the dietary habits of their animals.

After the tragic death of his mother, Garrett s father decided to home-school his son and assigned a book written by Dr. Max Gerson that proposes a direct link between diet and a cure for cancer.

Fascinated, Garrett embarks on a cross-country road trip to investigate The Gerson Therapy. He meets with scientists, doctors and cancer survivors who reveal how it is in the best interest of the multi-billion dollar medical industry to dismiss the notion of alternative and natural cures.

It has been said that more people live off cancer than die from it. The Beautiful Truth is a movie that can put a stop to this travesty. Here is a very practical guide to the intensive nutritional treatment of cancer and other life-threatening diseases that many would consider to have been impossible to obtain. But thanks to the work of Max Gerson, M.D., and his daughter, Charlotte Gerson, this knowledge is readily available.

Max Gerson cured cancer. He did so with a strict fat-free, salt-free, low-protein, essentially vegetarian dietary regimen, based on great quantities of fresh vegetable juice, supplements, and systemic detoxification.

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338 Comments / User Reviews

  1. For the love of heaven, people, learn and use good spelling and grammar. I want to believe in the legitimacy of the Gerson diet, but the fact that most people whose comments support it seem to be neigh near illiterate is terribly distracting, even discouraging.

  2. Beautiful boy

  3. even if we get cured from cancer, do we actually live (in this body and flesh and function) forever? Nope! We are all gonna die some day at a later stage, if not now.
    So, why bother?
    Any illness is a gift from God, to give us a chance to handle it in a way that will allow us to be saved, now AND after physical death. So, get prepared fo now and ever.
    Be saved means be with Him, now, and for ever. This is an experience, only in Orthodoxy. Get curious and learn about it, and, most important, live it. Follow the prescription (dogmas and practice of orthodox dogmas), live like our saints did, like our Lord Jesus Christ lived, and you don't need no special treatment.
    Orthodoxy is the treatment.

    I have a friend who passed away on glioblastoma 4th level. All the time he kept thanking God for it and repeating to his mother not to pray for him to get halthy again, but to pray that God's will is done wit him, as God pleases, because God is wise and perfect, and would not allow this disease to happen to him, if it was not for his good. So simple... for those who believe AND do accordingly. According to His specifications. Not our way, HIS way!

    God bless you all,

    1. Sorry, but illness is NOT from God.

    2. 🙈 What a bunch of COMPLETE verbal trash! 😂🤣😆

    3. Illness is from God, and can be a gift when through it His will is accomplished. However it’s important to realize that God created everything with its own “checks and balances” built in. So illness isn’t always directly from God, but is also directly from our free willed choices. This kind of therapy is just a label for what God intended for us from the beginning; to intake all of the nutrients available of this world in plants more than animals. For even animal protein is built using what is provided within these living gifts. If, even after partaking fully in our Fathers bounty, we still succumb to an illness that others have overcome in the same condition then it is His will.

  4. People who've commented negatively about Max Gerson's therapy show ignorance and the fact they know nothing about him and his work. Max Gerson is the only person in the world to have had considerable success curing advanced cancer (this was documented in his book and confirmed by other medico's). This information is further available in a 1946 congressional testimony. He was also the founder of the raw juice / raw food / digestive enzymes and alkaline diet therapies that are considered key to a nutritional approach to cancer today. He was a doctor and he also included surgery in his approach. Contrary to what ignorant scaremongers say, he didn't take patients away from so-called life saving chemotherapy or surgery. He treated the failures of conventional medicine that had been given up on. He was never a "quack" - that is a label given by ignorance, fear, closed minds, hatred, jealousy and the vested interests (of big pharma, the dairy and meat industry). Max Gerson was harassed by the medical establishment and murdered (in all probability by them). His book draft was stolen and he was struck of the medical register for proclaiming he could cure cancer with nutrition rather than through big pharma. This man did not give up but rewrote his book. He was poisoned a second time and died, but today we have his book and I have my own copy. He didn't earn money from his cures. His patients gave him a premises to work from. He was a Jewish refugee of germany. Those whose soul gives them great work to do on earth don't deter from their path and show great determination. They work hard and long to their goal. Such people are not to be found on the internet spending hours bagging out the accomplishments of others and pettily arguing and insulting people who disagree with them. Such people are nothing and never will be and their legacy to earth will be nothing. Shame to them. They should look to their own souls and the sickness in them. It can't be treated by medicines nor nutrition.

    1. Greed and population control, is my personal opinion, God gave us a special person to heal people

  5. Do not listen to these mainstream medical establishment Drug pushers commenting on here under FAKE names because the Facts are that Homeopathy, Naturopathy & Allopathic medicine SAVES lives & heals sick people. LOL.

    These real doctors exist & have THRIVING practices because the above statement is TRUE. Any foolish idiot who says they are 'afraid' of NATURAL medicine is screaming for the world prize of the ONLY human w/o a brain.

    Look on the internet, the AMAs website even for the statiscs of how many THOUSANDS of patients are KILLED every year by mainstream sick care Drs. STAGGERING!!! killed via wrong prescriptions, medical errors, mis-diagnoses, serious infections! wrong body parts removed during surgery, medical devices left inside patients!! on & on it goes, but too many people LOVE being sick & love the only attention they get in life by being chronically sick & getting to visit doctors. lol!!

    Finally, look up the statistics on the staggering!!! number of mainstream sick-care DOCTORS who commit SUICIDE every year! These poor souls are the ones who couldn't face themselves in the mirror knowing the lies this sick care industry perpetrates on gullible, stupid attention seeking SICKOS, literally.

    Homeopathy, etc. WORKS!! I know. Chemo, radiation nearly did me in until i turned away from that SICK environment & went w/Homeopathy & it is the ONLY thing that saved my life. I am healthier, happier living the truth & turning from the lies of mainstream sick care & YOU will be too!

  6. Hi! I'm a Gerson believer! Why am I a believer? Because I have used the Gerson Method for over five years! I've proved to myself it works! And I saved my life because of it! Not only did I save my life, but my mothers arthuritic nodes in her fingers are going down. Yes, even after 5 years, her hands are still healing, becoming more active, not less with old age. The Doctors wanted to take out mom's Gaul Bladder also over 5 years ago. Gerson seems to have healed her of that problem also.

    I'm 42 years old, I'm married, I have 4 soon to be 5 kids! No I'm not Jim Bob Duggar, and never want to be, I'm just a common guy. I'm a farrier, blacksmith, carpenter, and a life long horseman. I've always been active, but sometime after 28 years old, I hit the energy wall. Since I was a kid, I had A.D.D. type energy! Even into adulthood... But after 28, for me, it was like living life, walking uphill. To do anything, it became a huge strain. Even small deals became big deals.

    In my search for energy, I stumbled across the Beautiful Truth, and other Gerson Documenteries, including Dying to Have Known, and a neat, funny Joel Cross film called Fat Sick and Nearly Dead! Yes! Other people besides Gerson preach the same message!

    Instead of doubting Gerson, I believed! I worked at a saw mill as a lumber grader. 1 bundle of lumber is 4000 lbs. I would stack about 10 of those a day, go home and collaps! This happened for over a year! When the repetitive motion injuries hit me, I know I was in trouble and began searching for a different way! I found that way as "preached" by the Gerson Clinic. 6 months later, a new and rejuvenated man, my saw mill where I worked, cut over 28,000 board feet of rail road ties and lumber!
    I stacked 16 bundles of Oak hardwood lumber that day. 16,000 board feet and some change was my total... But for the common man to see, that amount equals 2 semi tractor trailer loads- stacked by me in 1 day. Each Semi Trailer would hold 8, 1000 board foot bundles, each weighing 4,000 lbs. That day I stacked 64,000 lbs of lumber, went home, mowed the lawn and actually did work around the house.
    Gerson made the difference!

    But I said Gerson saved my life!

    About a year and a half later, I nearly died of a ruptured appendix. We raced to the hospital, but because of the pain, we phoned the ambulance to meet us at Elkins Arkansas. The first responders met us, after checking my vital signs, said I was "normal". Then he tried to haul me out of the car, only after I screamed bloody murder, did he begin to believe I had a problem.

    The ambulence showed up! An attendant checked my vital signs, the judgement? I was in severe pain, but my vitals were "normal".... Really? You could have fooled me!

    We rolled to the hospital, Washington Reigional in Fayetteville Ar. They also checked my vital signs, declaring me to be "normal"! They put me on pain killers, and from straight up 12:00 noon, till 9:00 P.M. that night I laid on a bed, while my wife, family and mother sat in a waiting room... Around 9:30 some bright medical staff decided they need to do an M.R.I. !

    When the MRI image came in, you never saw a room full of technitions explode into action so fast! They were between panic, and military precision! As if getting me to wait 9 hours for emergency care was not fast enough! As my bed was quickly rolled out the X-Ray room into the hallway, medical people were running beside my bed into the surgury! A doctor was briefing me, telling me what he was going to trying orthoscopic sugergy, but he was afraid it was going to be to serious to avoid a large surgical cut and the scar that would come later.

    I said, "doc, I have 3 kids"! I didn't need to tell him more than that!

    After the surgery I was 1 week in intensive care, with pipes drains coming out of everywhere! I had drains in places I didn't know they could be put!

    The second day after surgery, my sergion came in. Earlier, just after and leaving the surgury, I had been informed they had to take 8 inches of colon to find anything to sew to... That was how bad the Gangrene was.
    In my recovery room the Doctor told me I had two ruptures, "perfurations" as he called them... He figured my appendix has been ruptured about 1 week before I came to the hospital! His best guess because of how far along the Gangrene has progressed!

    I credit God first, then Max Gerson, Charlotte Gerson and the Gerson Clinic! I am very thankful the DVD documenteries were made available to common people like myself, my mother, my wife and whole family! They have changed our lives, given us better health, and yes, allowed my children to continue to have a daddy!

    Anybody whom has an agenda against the Gerson Clinic has just that! And agenda! They have neither tried, nor care to try the idea that diet heals nearly everything! They are afraid that the common man, like myself, will discover for the "most part" doctors and nurses are not needed!

    I walked around with Gangrene in my gut for 1 week, and did not die! I am a contractor! The Sunday of the Monday I had to go into the Hospital, I had to work to prepare a home for the stone contractor whom was coming that Monday! I didn't feel good Sunday, my wife came to work with with me for moral support! I worked about 8 hours that day, while the kids ran around and played!
    I felt like I had a really bad case of flue! But I had the energy to keep working, and make my body go! I had the ability to cope, and perform under duress, and my body did what I told it, even as it was technically dying. There were times I was dizzy! There were times I felt nausia. But I could keep going... This is the power of the Gerson Therapy!

    Even then, at the end of the day, my wife nearly had to carry me to the car.

    Gerson is no silver bullet against all health problems! What Gerson helps people like myself do, is over come the health problems we run into! It feeds the body the mircro nutrients it needs to operate, to heal, and to cope in times of durress!

    I'm am happy! I am fortunate! I am blessed!

    For you non believers, I am very sad! Your medical knowledge and beliefs come from texts books published in the dark ages! In a time were bleeding the patient because they were sick was supposed to make them better! Where the philosphy of weakening people is supposed to strengthen them and make them better!

    When the bodies of your patinents run out of raw materils to repair themselves, do you really think a synthetic, inorganic chemical drug with no natural root to essential, natural, Nature made nutrients are going to work?

    I say No! I'm living proof as is my family!

    My sergion at the Hospital told me after my sergery, that I was healthier than 80% of the people at Washington Regional Hospital!

    "Doc" I said, "how can that be? I had appendicitis?" My Sergion just looked at me........

  7. You will note that in Gerson's original book, that a nurse felt sorry for the 'terminal' patients and smuggled in sausages to perk them up. Gerson could not understand why he was having setbacks in the results until he discovered the re-institution of these German meats into their diet. After halting this, they recovered.
    He mostly received terminal patients that were sent home to die by the allopathic 'doctors'.

  8. Good documentary. A little hokey..using "the boy said this" or "the boy that". We will have to use some critical thinking on some of their experiments but it is well known a whole food diet (and especially whole food and plant based) is the best for your health.

  9. What is this propaganda?? Made by scientologists? This a is pure sales pitch for this diet. Not science.

    1. Did you even watch the documentary?

    2. It's surprising that you can spell s-c-i-e-n-c-e. Keep going to your MD and they will show you the science of opening your wallet!

  10. How many of these doctors and 'big pharma' execs, are going to die from cancer or have family that will? A lot of them. They have no reason to hide a cure. Insurance companies would be pushing for cheaper cancer treatments if they existed. This doctor is quackery at its best. All natural cancer cure? I didn't now shooting coffee in to your butt hole was natural.

    1. I'm not sure about this "cure" either, but I also need to say that as far as pharma goes, there is no money in a cure. They make billions off of years of "treatments".

    2. "They have no reason to hide a cure."
      You will never hear the word cure from a doctor, it's not allowed! They cure you of excess money.

  11. it truly is disgusting how these people operate (the drug corporations, monsanto, and all the other giants willingly poisoning humanity). Truly disgusting people, I cannot even. God Bless Dr Gerson and his family.

  12. People are willing to sacrifice their long term health for short term comfort and convenience. I think the attitude is "I want what I want and I want it now, I will deal with the problems when they come up". The trouble is that most of these problems come up a hell of a lot sooner than we expected, and when they do come up, it's usually too late to deal with them with any kind of hopeful expectations.

  13. Or do I even have to ask. The greed and malicious intent of some in positions of power will be handled one day, by a far greater power than the blog. Be your own advocate, and think for yourself. No one else will. Pray for the sick and helpless.

  14. Well, I live in the USA, and it says this video is 'not available in my country'. A friend who also lives in the US gave me this link, and she had watched the video - which means recently it has been banned in the USA. WHY?????????????????

    1. I watched it in NetFlix in the US

    2. This IS a US website.

  15. My beloved and dear Mother died of Cancer. I wish we had of known of this then !! I am saddened ,but not surprised that the Cancer society does not want a cure. Now that i am older and not in great physical or financial health. I hope that i will live well enough to regain my health !!! Thanks to all evolved in the creation of this Documentary !!!

  16. Yes why in the world would drug companies want us to be healthy when they make their money off of sick people.
    Chew on that for a while.

    1. You hit the nail right on the head!!!
      It is the socio-economic system we live in today, with the wrong incentives to get immediate satisfaction for MYSELF, that is the problem.
      As long as we adopt this CAPITALIST IDEOLOGY as our own, we will suffer its consequences. Milton Freedman one of the economists biggest promoters of capitalism stated emphatically "greed is good" because he was convinced wrongly this would promote the best for everyone in society.
      The results of that mentality are being seen today with the destruction of the environment and the 5,000 (five thousand) SPECIES disappearing from the world EVERY YEAR.

  17. Drug companies can't patent things that occur in nature, and ongoing treatment generates more money than a cure would. Anyone who thinks that the mainstream cancer industry isn't lying to them should consider these two simple facts.

  18. I agree with Alton - PLEASE watch this documentary on the absurd way our country is operated. I am appalled! I have been on a 2 week discovery. I am changing EVERYTHING about what I feed myself, my husband and my children. There is so much out there you just have to look, watch, absorb and make that change but most importantly get the word out and write our Congressmen and Senators and tell them NO more.

  19. We all need to write our Congressmen and senators MANY times per year if necessary. We must make this a national issue. Millions of our brothers and sisters are dying, basically being killed by the incompetence of the system. We who know MUST be their champions! I Urge everyone to get the word out! I have. Please join me a Cancer sufferer who may die because of this travesty. I hope that I have not come upon this information too late.

    1. I hope you are not too late. Convert your entire diet ASAP. There are so many stories of survivors - I hope you will be too.

    2. It's not incompetence, it's deliberate and calculated. The banking corporate elite, that 1%, want us all dead as they loot us and make us sick, stupid, docile and infertile in the meantime. Hope you can read a book like the 80/10/10 Diet and others that talk about how the China Study (largest study on nutrition ever done) proved that the healthiest and most ideal diet for humans is an 80/10/10 (80% fruit, 10% protein from dark leafy greens and 10% fat) frutarian, plant based, raw, vegan, whole food diet. If not one of the next best places is a place like cancertutor dot com.

  20. Chemotherapy and radiation can increase the risk of developing a second cancer by up to 100 times, according to Dr. Samuel S. Epstein.
    Congressional Record, Sept. 9, 1987

    1. well isn't that just wonderful news...OMG how sad this all is

    2. You offer a quote from one person that was made some THIRTY YEARS ago??!! Really? First of all new targeted radiation treatments are much more precise sparing good tissue that surounds the tumor. This quote is definately not applicable to todays radiation therapy if it was ever true.

    3. That is exactly right..after 14years of being cancer free I have been diasgnosed with MDS which is a blood cancer that is caused by chemotherapy and radiation. They don't tell you this when they suggest giving this to you!

  21. Amazing. Life changing!!

  22. Testimonial, I become raw fooder after try, for one week, with out any knowledge, just because I feel 20 year younger with the diet, since that I have 2 years, I never get tired and recovered to my perfect weight and also never sick. the diet has to be the most important thing, you introduce inside of your body.

  23. Cancer is caused a form of toxin being introduce into the body. Man made cancer when he started to alter nature into chemicals for profit and comfort. It's that simple.

  24. THANK YOU for posting this on your website. I just got it on Netflix and googled your site; now I can shre it on FB to my friends and family.


  25. Hello. This movie is unfortunately not available in Russia. Could you help somehow?

  26. You can do more than hope. YOU ACT FIGHT AND WIN! I did the Gerson Therapy. IT WORKS. It's hard... so what, life is hard. But it is not painful but quite to the contrary. You LEARN how your bodily abuses over many years has weakened you and you learn to get strong using this therapy. It fixes EVERYTHING. Allergies, heart problems and even bad attitude. When you're in pain you're crabby! So go get your Healing the Gerson Way book at the gerson website or on Amazon and get busy. The worst thing that can happen is you die. But we all will. With the Gerson Therapy it is just not today...

  27. If you look at the work of Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer (German New Medicine), you will understand why all the 'alternative' treatments work. I say 'alternative' because they are not; they are Natural treatments. The body is self-healing. 'Modern' medicine is the Dark Ages of anti-healing because it is based on the 'germ' theory, which was discredited before it was stolen by the plagiarist chemist Louis Pasteur.

    The reasons these 'alternative' treatments work is because people are being treated on a basis which allows them to overcome their conflict which caused the problem in the first place, namely TLC by those who promote them.

  28. I have personally met many people who have used this method to cure their cancer. Most of them did so quietly at home using his book. I must admit that I work in the alternative health field and find this common -- people who take an alternative route to treat their cancer. I find it enlightening that the statistics of success are much higher for someone who takes responsibility for their own health. One day our liberty in the United States of America will exceed the lobbying power of our American Medical Association, the American Dental Association, and the various large pharmaceuticals and drug companies that have a hold on their version of the truth. One day I have dream that we will overcome the strangle hold there is on many minds that otherwise would be rational.

    1. I'll first say that I agree with you in principle. Americans need to take charge of their own health instead of assuming some pill will always be there to save them from their unhealthy lifestyles. The high cost of health insurance in the U.S. is directly proportional to our obesity epidemic, which is rooted in a lack of exercise, poor diets, and even (oddly enough) things such as A/C and heating. Having a constantly ambient temp in our households leads to a slower metabolism. Think of it this way, A too high or too low temp is "uncomfortable" because it requires our body to burn energy to regulate our internal temp (the research is actually quite fascinating). This is also why people dislike exercising; it feels "uncomfortable" because we evolved in a world where burning extra energy usually meant you'd starve. Fortunately, we no longer live in that world, but our genes have not adjusted.

      So basically there are a multitude of reasons for America's appalling state of health, from processed foods, to too much sitting, the convenience of A/C, stress, etc. However, as popular as it is to denigrate the healthcare industry, if you know those who have spent their life traversing the many aspects of that industry, then you'd see that there's no secret conspiracy.

      You must remember that physicians, nurses, pharmaceutical sales reps, office managers, surgeons, pharmacy benefit managers, and the hundreds of other careers in the health care industry are real human beings with mothers, siblings, friends, and children. Every action taken ultimately results from a collaboration of multiple professionals from multiple areas of expertise. If you go to a hospital and genuinely talk to any professional there, you'll see that they're all human beings, hoping to do the right thing.

      We'd all like to think that insurance companies are simply ripping us off, but the reality is that insurance companies would much rather a population of healthy individuals because they cost tremendously less to cover. We're discussing health insurance, but lets take a peek at home insurance, which people are equally skeptical about. In 1992 Hurricane Andrew left a number of insurance companies nearly bankrupt. Florida to this day has only one home insurer (Citizens), and it has to be backed by the state. Why? Because the rates people are comfortable with paying don't fully cover the potential costs of paying out insurance on a destructive hurricane. In other words, we hate insurance companies, but being an insurance company is often a losing proposition.

      I know its unpopular to say, but insurance companies aren't simply sucking you dry. To estimate your payments highly complex, scientific algorithms are used to calculate the conglomerate risks of all those insured with the conglomerate payments of all covered. The result, is your insurance payment. It keeps going up because Americans treat their bodies poorly and then expect "technology" to save them from their own poor choices.

      You may think drugs are too expensive. Afterall, manufacturing millions of 10 mg pills doesn't cost much. However, the cost of a drug involves the pat for facilities and scientific staff in R&D, the pay of national, regional, and district managers, clinical study costs, ads development (brochures, pamphlets, samples, tv ads), medical science liesons, and many more. If you think a simple pill is to expensive remember that out of every 1,000 pharmacological substances studied only 5% make it to trial, and 5% of those 5% get approved! When you take a drug your not just paying for manufacturing it, your paying for every single cost along the entire line of production INCLUDING the 1,000s of failed attempts before it. Why? Because if you didn't the company would be bankrupt, and that drug wouldn't exist to help you.

      I say this because I, and millions of other Americans, exercise on a regular basis, and eat copious amounts of fruits, veggies, and whole grains (I have my own permaculture garden and food forest [moringa, fig, white sapote, java banana, jaboticaba, blueberry, carissa, pomegranate, kumquat, cherry of the rio grande, avacado type A & B, papaya, feijoa, and those are just the fruit trees...]. The cost of my health insurance is inappropriately high because insurance companies have to average out the potential hazards of not just me, but their whole pool of insured individuals. As a result, I pay an abnormally high cost to insure myself because a large (no pun intended) number of Americans refuse to take decent care of themselves.

      On the other hand, insurance companies (any corporation really) would love to take advantage of anything they can to increase profits (because they're a corporation... no feeling... no compassion... just profit), but competition and govt regulation generally keep such gouging at bay. Is it an issue? Yes, but a nation of people who exercise and eat correctly would do far more to lower premiums.

    2. Hello Brianrose87,

      I absolutely LOVE this reply and decided to pass on your words to people I know. Gosh, I'm saving this. Awesome!

    3. Look at Sweden and up how they cure cancer. And the rates in which it is cured. It is the pharmacuetical companies that are blocking progress in this awful disease.

    4. That is the absolute has been shown in the case of Dr. Bruzinsky who founded a treatment using antioneoplasmas taken from healthy donors. Brain cancer patients cured of cancer. The FDA, and Big Pharma railroaded him - tried to put him in prison for life...despite the fact that all of his patients went to every hearing pleading on his's a disgrace! Watching it made my blood boil.

    5. People only think in their ways because they are trained to. You want to know how many people literally have told me they don't care about toxic foods and what is does to them as long as it taste good? Every single person I have talked to, except one. Still, that one doesn't truly care, because his buddies don't care. These are all teenagers in public schools by the way, I have spoken to probably a hundred+ by now during the school days. Take it from a seventeen year old that has been woken up, unless we DO SOMETHING, were doomed. So, all of you, get off your asses, and tell EVERYBODY. Who cares if they think your a nut job, just tell everyone, eventually, it will click with someone.

    6. To consume negative food is equal to consuming negative thoughts.

      One thing I have learned over time is that someone may not be affected by what you say now, but what you said may click 10 years down the road. Each moment, each conversation and experience in life adds up, and rarely does a comment now lead to immediate acceptance.

      Do not despair for others. Strive to help, but don't allow their indifference to foster negative mental states.

      All is well; everything is screwed up, but all is well. It is a strange paradox to be sure.

    7. Great post, David!

  29. Please make this video available for INDIA viewers

  30. Weather you agree or not on what is presented on the film, what harm will eating organic fruits and veggies bring ?

    1. People might actually starting thinking for their selves, or the big companies could become nothing. Can't have that now can we? Wish we could though.

  31. Diet can't cure cancer. We've discovered scores of human remains from thousands of years ago who obviously had cancer from Egypt to the Chilean desert. They' had probably the most 'natural' diets and environments in the history o the human race. Despite this it obviously didn't protect them from getting cancer, nor did it provide any treatment.

    1. Could you please link where you read this at? Last time I checked ancient tribes did not use the gersen diet.

    2. Do you know anyone who has used the Gerson Therapy? I do. My mom was diagnosed by a local hospital as having pancreatic cancer - a killer - when I was in 9th grade. She should have died within 6 months. 1 week later she was in Mexico at a Gerson clinic, had a private room, a private nurse, and for 2 weeks went through the initial intensive treatment. Cost $2,000 total. She came home and was able to continue the diet on her own. She was 42 at the time. She's 75 now and in better health than most 60 year olds I know.

      You need to do your research before making statements like "diet can't cure cancer". Just with Gerson's therapy alone there are volumes of documented cases of "uncurable" diseases including cancer being cured. He had 95+% success rate in curing his first 450 lupus cases back in the 50's which is the dark ages in terms of medicine. How horrible that every person that died from cancer in America since the 50's stood a far better chance of long-term survival on a program like Gerson's. The AMA and our government can be thanked for that. I encourage everyone to research this further and not be ignorant of the facts, or be like our government which is only interested in lobbyist money.

      I'm not slamming doctors. On the contrary - they practice what the government allows and learn only what the universities teach. As long as politics continues to play a huge role in medicine in America, I can guarantee you that any treatment that does not rely heavily on pharmacutical companies will never see the light of day no matter how much evidence there is.

    3. Super write up, Paul! Everyone needs to watch a docu named, "Thrive" to know why and how the medical profession is NOT out to help us really. Yes, they do some good, but they do a LOT of harm too.

    4. Paul, great arguement ! People in the US have stopped thinking for themselves. We rely on the grocery store to give us what we need, why else would it be there ? People are ignorant about what goes into their food, where it comes from, how it is made. I just got an email about GE Salmon, almost on our tables. What the heck ?? Cornell University has a great e class that can be taken online, with a certificate in Plant Based Nutrition. It is from Dr. Colin Campbelll who supports and believes in the Gerson Therapy. For anyone reading this, please watch Food Matters, Forks Over Knives and Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, at the very least. Frankensteer and King Corn are also great, as well as Vegucated. All great documentaries on our food. How wonderful Paul that your mom is so healthy. Smart lady !!

    5. Amen Betty! "We rely on the grocery store to give us what we need".
      And the AMA and NCI conspiracy surely will not teach us how to heal ourselves at home without their prescriptions and 'trained' doctors.

    6. Nothing as yet can 'cure cancer' but there is ample evidence that certain diets increase the likelihood of it occurring in some people. 'Natural' is a term which signifies very little out of context. There are plenty of 'natural' things which will kill you all by themselves if you ingest them. Ancient Egyptians, for example, tried to cauterise tumours. There is no evidence to suggest that they actually had an anti-cancer diet in place. To draw conclusions, negative or otherwise, about the benefits of what they may or may not have eaten in respect of cancer treatment is rather pointless, especially as the cause of cancer would be unknown.

    7. How on earth can we assume that any human remains from Egypt thousands of years old had cancer ? that is a bit absurd to assume. Diet can cure. Think about it... what we put into our bodies either helps us or hurts us. We were created long before pharmaceuticals were made and we as a race have lived far longer than drug or commercially processed foods have been around. I don't know about you, but the idea of eating foods full of preservatives in them just doesn't sound appealing. However it may help future generations of people figure out we may have had cancer since we will have preserved organs, but those preservative loaded foods didn't exist in ancient Egypt !!!

    8. since when have we found bones of people thousands of years ago and concluded that they had cancer. What type of cancer? It's safe to assume if we knew they had cancer then we would also know what type by their skeletal remains right....this is funny. It's clear that cancer is a result of the what we are putting into our bodies since cancer has been on a steady increase. Look at the cases of cancer 20 years ago versus the number of cases'll see that there is a dramatic increase proportionate to the amount of food available that is tainted with chemicals, overprocessed, and lacking in nutrients. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to put that one together.

    9. And at their grave site was their diet menu, I assume -sic. 'Natural' is not the only criteria for the Gerson diet.

  32. For those of us who find and try and succeed better health and cures through healthy eating, it's fantastic. For the people who don't even want to try and to the professionals who won't try either well what can I say "let them eat cake". I have passed this on to a few friends. I have been a proponent of healing your body through healthy eating for years. It has worked for me. It doesn't matter to me if main stream medicine wants to lie and tell people this doesn't work. Those doctors don't get my money anymore, ever. I don't even go for annual physicals or exams like they say women should. I save my money for good healthy food. Just think 15 years no pap smear at $200 a visit. I've saved alot of money.

    1. Im the same, no health insurance, no check ups for 13 years, doin well so far, just do natural as much as possible

  33. The only team that can cure cancer or any dis ease is God and the individual as a whole. Once the individual learns what tools to use, its half over! Then it's the individuals choice to either use what they learn or not. And that's where most people stop the healing process! Luckily, our bodies are able to be healed at any stage of degeneration. As long as the individual is still alive, they still can be healed. It may seem like hell for some, but It's up to them to decide if it's worth it.

    1. Lets get one thing straight here!


      If god was the only cure for cancer than why has millions of belivers died from cancer?

      This is blog to discuss information and views about the documentary above and last time i looked it wasn't about religion.

      You don't have to be a genius to see that in some cases of cancer convention methods work and have saved lives and also some alternate methods.

      Where the real problems come into this picture, it would seem that unless the FDA and drug companies can make billions of dollars from it then it will never see the light of day!
      This will only prevent finding a real cure for cancer and prevent researcher of both convention and alternative options from getting to that point as well.

      To be fair on doctors they practice with what they are authorised to be educated with and use, and if they step outside that they loose there ability to work.

      Even though the alternate medical options are so tainted by the thousands in there industry with fake cures who are knowingly trying to fleece the last bit of coin out of you before you die, i still believe that some of them have real advancements on overcoming and finally beating this wicked affliction.

      We can only hope things change!

    2. Oh yes there is! There are lots of therapies that cure cancer. All the therapies won't work without a foundation of nutrition and cleansing. It is absurd to think cancer can not be cured when we see it all the time here in San Diego where the Gerson Institute is. Albert Schweitzer called Max Gerson "the most preeminent medical genius of our time." Yes cancer can be cured but not with chemo, not with excessive surgeries and certainly not with radiation. Wise up people.

    3. Chemo is said to only be able to cure a few types of cancer.

  34. Does The Beautiful Truth have English subtitle or closed captioning for the deaf and hard of hearing?

  35. Could anyone refer me a dentist that would take care of this matter???

    In California please ...

  36. Does anyone know of any dentist in LA that would remove them????

  37. Our health is our own choice! Make your choice until someone else will make it for you! A MUST SEE EDUCATIONAL MOVIE.

  38. I have stage 3c ovarian cancer since January 2008. The disease is still with me even though I have had many chemo regimes and two clinical trials. I never even thought of alternative or natural treatments, no one ever mention options. I am looking at many places and seeing from the survivors themselves which would be best for me. I do know there is not much left of me from all the toxins that have been going through my body! I am sure my good cells don't look so good and I still have the bad cancer cells. My husband and I are researching, researching, researching........... Ultimately my Lord has the final say of when I leave this earthly body but until then, I now want to have a say in how I am going to finish this race............and I know I'd rather be eating better and putting nutritional natural foods in my body then toxic chemicals. I would imagine the quality of my life will be better too and maybe my chemo brain will lessen!

    1. hi,i would have a very serious look at an alkalinic diet.

      all the very best


    2. Look into a movie called "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead". It doesn't have to deal with just being fat but all diseases and how juicing can help. Good luck beautiful one.

    3. I hope you are doing well. A friend of mine had stage 4 cancer 17 years ago. Doctors told her to go home and get her affairs in order. She lived in Romania at the time and they do not push the toxic treatments that America does (lucky them). She went on a 41 day herbal fast and then after that mostly organic fruits and veggies, no meat, and healthy grains like quinoa. She is over 70 now and as healthy as a horse. She runs circles around me. I have lyme myself and when I juice I feel a thousand times better. I am just starting a herbal protocol (instead of antibiotics). There are some powerful natural things on this earth that were put there to keep us healthy, and you can find many of them at your local farmers market. Good luck to you on your recovery.

    4. Best of luck. I hope you can detox!

  39. This is the longest infomercial I have ever seen. Pure rubbish.

    1. Funny how people don't have an issue with the thousands of hours of infomercials (mainstream television, radio, print and advertising) that supports illness, sickness, drugs and death but an infomercial selling health you have issues with? Do you work for or sleep with Goliath?

    2. It was refreshing. Have you watched television recently and its commercial drumbeat to load up with pharma products for illnesses?

    3. Infomercial? What product to you perceive they are selling and at what price? And "Pure rubbish"? Based on what facts or what evidence? You are not making yourself clear to me and I would truly like to understand your thoughts and feelings on this matter. So, please explain. Thanks.


    If it happened to him it must of happened and still be happening to millions of others world wide .
    He complained of a strangeness after having amalgam fillings as a young teenager.As more were added he insisted that his complaints were heard .He was taken to hospital who then sent him to a mental hospital .Five of the male Nursing staff wrestled him to the ground and bent his arms behind his back and held him to the ground ,pulled his trousers down and illegally injected him against his will .This was an attack he would never recover from .Many attempts were made to complain to many committees even a Member of Parliament and they turned a blind eye to this and other commonly occurring attacks on others just like the nursing staff did about Mercury madness .More than their jobs worth to speak out about the NHS both dental and mental.

    We have all seen how mercury does not want to mix with anything at all and attracts itself back together again to form a metallic liquid ball.Sure enough when you mix other toxic metals like there are in amalgam fillings,which separate it ,its nature to attract itself occurs and so all fillings leek .
    The more different metals you mix with it the more dangerous it becomes and the stronger the electromagnetic fields are, which then interfere with the brains delicate electric charge and so causes madness and just about anything else.
    Eg Mercury is used in gold mining because it attracts gold and gold is used in dentistry alongside mercury .

    He has now had all metals removed even white fillings which were put on top of amalgam .He is now taking his first breaths of fresh air without mercury vapour in over 30 years and hoping to recover his sanity that was taken away from him and then told the cause was ,lack of sleep worry and anxiety .Instead of looking at his records and telling him about the mercury madness that has been going on for 100 years , he was given many medications which caused many more mental and physical problems which needed many more medications which all had their side effects which more medication was needed for.

    This material world is made up of the cheaters and the cheated and people suffering, so start an attraction for the spiritual world instead .Learn about Krishna and chant his holy names .

    Edit Reply

  41. I can't get it to play past 1:13:56- it's stuck! :( Any suggestions?

  42. I watched this documentary almost accidentally. This was listed in the Netflix streaming selection and I was curious. But after watching I recommended others to watch as well. Some of things you have to understand as a dramatized presentation. However, the central proposition of the documentary is completely valid. I am associated with drug development, marketing and research activities for a long time. So, it certainly makes a lot of sense from what I know.

    If one thing Americans ever realized how the established corporations, the pharma and chemical companies, helped shape the country as their experimental ground and a perpetual profit churning machine, they would certainly opt for a different course of action. The beauty of historical facts is that they were not meant to be.

    One thing I have found to be profoundly true in American context is that only individual knowledge can sometimes save you. In the quest of individual freedom and capitalism, the collective knowledge or the collective good can often be suppressed in favor of individual business triumphs. There can be certainly a lot of arguments over if that is good bad, much like the debates between the liberals and the conservatives that will never end.

    In the mean time, just remember that the knowledge is power and only you have the ability to save yourself with your knowledge if you are living in America. My dentist does not use mercury amalgams for the last 10 years I was told. But my first filling with mercury amalgams happened before that and with another dentist. Thanks to the acquired knowledge, I am now mercury free. As you see, you can no way get a perfect start to finish in modern society. There will always be opposing and destructive interests. But you can change course when you want.

    As I said, the documentary is dramatized a lot to attract people to watch it. This is a good thing for the average consumer, though, I am a dry fact finder myself.

  43. 1:16:14-1:16:19, Dr Dean Edell: "No, I don't think there's any evidence that anyone's ever been cured by Gerson therapy." Very revealing, Dr Edell: You make -no- claim to have -ever- investigated -any- of Gerson's claims. You dont even have the -guts- to lie -properly-, & just say: "There's -no- evidence". Nope, you merely "don't think" there is. As fine a scientific, expert opinion as has ever been,(not). In the heart of his lie, at 1:16:16, Edell's eyes go through a torturously uncomfortable-looking spastic routine; squinting, glancing extremely to the left, then rolling up & back into his head. You don't have be an expert to see this guy's lying.

  44. I have worked with cancer victims in the last stages including gleo brain tumors for 10+ years. The body is the healer and I have seen it do miraculous things when it is given what it needs to heal itself. The problem is, if we knew the truth that the body heals itself, industries that have built great wealth on disease would cease to make money. Therefore we spend money on things that do not work and starve the body of vital nutrients which give it the ability to protect and heal itself. This is a simple and beautiful truth, it works, but most of us have been conditioned to believe a lie.

  45. I don't believe this will cure cancer, but I do agree that it could reduce its syndromes and make a better quality of life for someone who already has the disease. Cancer is one of those weird diseases that can be spontaneous and undetected until it's too late (in most cases I've seen at Miami Children's Hospital this had occurred). My sister was very fortunate to detect Leukemia at its earliest stage, after fainting in a store a few years back. She used a combination of this diet with medication from Texas and she is now in remission.

    Will there be a cure for diseases like cancer? Yea when people stop being selfish, greedy, pompous bastards. Polio was cured because collectively everyone worked together to end it or it was going to end them and their society. Now it's just prolonging the person but not really fixing the underlining problem at hand. I would just end the problem (find a cure) and move on to another project like re-creating new jobs to end unemployeement... now that is something that needs a cure.

  46. one of the best documentary film i seen

  47. If you have your silver fillings removed what replaces it?

    1. I replaced my metal fillings with ceramics. :)

    2. Many thanks Yusiley.


      Subject: [topdocumentaryfilms] Re: The Beautiful Truth

    3. the plastic I believe. It is white.

  48. I have been doing my research as well. And also I have a very sick dog that has a enlarged heart and liver shunt. Little pomerainean... i had her on all kinds of meds.. her cough was so bad I didn't think she had long. Plus all the medications were doing were making her worse.. Did my research on alternative remedys.. and she is doing fine now. Five leaf pet pharmacy is a awesome site for sick animals. Its all natural herbs and raw food diet. Just seeing what the results are for her on what you put in your mouth is more then enough to convince me proper food and natural supplements is definatly the way to go... I am trying to get as many people educated as i can on this.. been showing alot of people this documentry and other siimiler ones as much as i can...

  49. Whether or not you believe in nutrition against disease depends on how much you read, hear, research, and so many others related to the topic. My understanding of medical cirriculum in nutrition is almost nil, yet some people with a medical degree and respectable position are so bias to condemn nutrition as were shown in the video. There is also one person here who condemned Gerson Therapy most probably knowing very little about Dr. Gerson,his method, and patients who were cured by Gerson Therapy. I don't want to mention the name because dealing with this kind of people is to ignore them. The best way to help other people and cancer patients of the benefits of Gerson method is to write testimonies here, when there are enough of them the medical community will start to listen.

  50. Yet ANOTHER suppressed PROVEN natural treatment for cancer:

    Burzynski, the Movie is the story of a medical doctor and Ph.D biochemist named Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski who won the largest, and possibly the most convoluted and intriguing legal battle against the Food & Drug Administration in American history."

    Well-worth a watch;A very ugly wake up call and if you already thought that the FDA was evil, this documentary will make freak you out;Open corruption, the persecution of yet another true hero/healer like Gerson, Hoxsey and now Burzynski.

  51. If this truth can reach more and more people soon the world will be very different.

  52. Truly awesome documentary! I love information and with it the world can be changed! Even if it is one person at a time! They might not want this information to get out, but continue by word of mouth! Much love!

  53. Wow I liked this movie better than the first as it covered more territory. Fantastic and so needed in this polluted world we live in.
    I don't wish to get to cancer state and I already have some metabolic problems to timing is fabulous for me.

    Thank you Steve and to Garrett!! I love your filmaking! Keep it up please!

  54. Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet. ~Albert Einstein

  55. Ah the good old Gerson Therapy, curing cancer by making humans once again subject to natural selection. If everyone with cancer dies from cancer then there will be no cancer left! right?
    There is a reason we don't use it to treat cancer, its because not one single confirmed case of cancer being cured by the Gerson Therapy has ever been reported, and all patients tested with this therapy die of or with cancer.
    Anyone in support of this is as twisted as AIDs and vaccine denialists, ignorantly causing death and suffering because of their irrational distrust of real science and doctors.
    Educate yourselves, do a little research of your own, read a few PEER-REVIEWED papers in real scientific journals on the subject. If you still believe this works then I assume you also still believe the twin towers fell at free fall speed and we never walked on the moon because you can't accept any facts the disagree with your world view of shady corporations that control the world and control our minds.
    There is however one good aspect of the Gerson Therapy, it turn out eating healthy can give you a few more months of life when dealing with a terminal illness, but of course, this is something we long already knew.

    1. Your an idiot. If people ate this way originally we wouldn't have cancer! If you don't believe food can cure diseases, watch raw for thirty!!

    2. You sir are the idiot, you have no idea what cancer even is if you think eating like this prevents cancer. If you knew what cancer actually was you would understand it is nearly impossible to prevent all cancers from forming in the first place. A diet like this could reduce the risk of getting cancer in the first place by a rather insignificant amount but as for curing preexisting and preventing future cancer it simply does not work.

    3. funny how you think "peer reviewed papers" are the holy grail of truthful education.The fact is, research is bought by the company/ies that support the university/ies. This research money defines the university(most universities if not all, would not exist with out this funding). These corperate "donors"1 who are subsidizing the very existance of universitys exist on profits.Thus profits are the financial driving force of these so called non-biased "peer reviewed papers". This entrenched biased control of funding "research" obscures the reality of truth as this determines the nature of the research to be funded.This self serving type of circular logic does not produce the holy grail of truth as one is lead to believe in "peer reviewed papers".

      Thus, I for one, am more than skeptical when someone uses only "peer reviewed papers" as evidence to support what one believes as truth.This type of evidence is only one part of forming a body of evidence. "Peer reviewed paper" research does not take into account empirical evidence and current individual personal testimony.Thus believing in only "peer reviewed papers" as evidence for forming your knowlege is rather lacking. Personally, I am a firm believer in empirical evidence, as science is defined as non-biased "knowlege obtained through.. observation and experimentation".

      1"donors" are not really true donors by dictionary definition. These "donors" 1 give money with certain conditions attached or 2 will refuse to continue funding if certain conditions are not met.

    4. Thank you for posting that. *nods*

    5. I don't think you understand what peer-reviewed means. When research is peer-reviewed, it is given blindly, without crediting the author or authors to the group performing the peer-review. There's absolutely no way to bribe or sway the reviewers due to who authored the research. I have a feeling your knowledge of peer-review comes from the internet, rather than personal submission to journals.

    6. Watch this newly released DVD on yet ANOTHER natural cancer treatment with NO dangerous side effects and a HIGH cure rate:

      "Burzynski, the Movie is the story of a medical doctor and Ph.D biochemist named Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski who won the largest, and possibly the most convoluted and intriguing legal battle against the Food & Drug Administration in American history."

      This DVD CLEARLY shows how the Texas Department Of Health with the FDA have done their best to ban another life-saving treatment.

      And whether or not you're just another paid plant or close-minded, if someone diagnosed with cancer decides to try the natural approach to heal instead of the lethal conventional chemo/radiation/surgery approach-GOOD. That's a person who can think for themselves with a strong survival instinct.

      How DARE you suggest that the U.S. govt has an honest peer reviewed, unbiased free exchange of scientific data in the name of furthering the health and quality of life for the average American.

    7. Ever hear of France, or maybe Britain or Japan? All the scientific data from these country's also suggest that it doesn't work. People like you seem to think you know everything about the scientific community without ever talking to anyone in it, if you believe in this little conspiracy about American medicine then you must believe its world wide and that every doctor in the world is under its influence to suppress this wonderful "all natural" cure. Let me guess, you also think vaccines cause autism, we never landed on the moon, the government did 911 and George Bush was a reptilian alien. Why do I say that? because evidence obviously means nothing to you.

    8. It is funny that you speak from a high horse, equating belief in Gerson therapy with supposedly 'ridiculous' claims. But anyone who has common sense and looks beyond mass-media publications can discover that indeed no man has ever been on the moon, vaccines cause autism, and the government did 911. Who has the blindfold and lack of common sense here? Based on your nick, perhaps you just wrote your comment as a trolling act...

    9. I have no opinion on the man on the moon. But juicing and cutting out meat has improved my health and I have no serious disease.

    10. I agree. The government ... or anyone in power for that matter... rarely has good intentions for people, unless of course those good intentions benefits them as well. The government will do whatever it can to do that which benefits themselves. They don't care about true advancement, unless it's to give them more power. Human beings are the most corrupt, selfish, greedy, moronic creatures on Earth... government officials are no exception and THAT is TRUE FACT.

    11. Just because the majority agrees with something don't make it right. Decades ago people agreed that black men were more likely to become rapists than white men because they were more animal (it was even consider as fact in the scientific journals). We know that this isn't true. Scientists make mistakes too, so I wouldn't rely on scientific journals in face value. One must do his or her own research. After all evidence, as you like to defend, can be altered and changed to suit your own world view. Everyone wants to believe he or she is right and will make up facts to make it concrete...even you are doing this, because you agree with overprivileged jerks who really don't really care for humanity.

      "You can't accept any facts the disagree with your world view of shady corporations that control the world and control our minds."

      You're mind is corrupt by the media and so-called facts that were created by the pompous, overzealous, overprivileged rich f^cks of your society, otherwise you wouldn't agree with faulty magazines and journals. You'd properly agree with scientific journals that state that the sky is green, all because a hand full of scientists say it is fact that it is green... which it isn't. Go get a real education... your own, and stop being a condescending @sshole who follows. You're no better than the conspiracy theorists (who I despise and are full of themselves too) supporting something you really have no clue about because you haven't concluded in your own research notes and study. You're a sheep and have a gang mentality like everyone else, following so-called facts rather than challenging them and following your own. Galileo was called a liar, a lunatic and a hieratic during his day for challenging what was consider the truth/fact in his era... now he is viewed as a great scientist. >_> Information changes and can be changed to suit the needs of those in power. THAT is a fact... because we LIVE it everyday.

  56. The Cancer industry is just another way to make money by selling a product. It's further proof that if you aren't constantly doing your own research and avoiding mainstream media you will fall into the trap. My advice is to reduce TV watching to nil over time. It will free your mind.

  57. No they aren't. The measurements of lifespan are faulty. They assume people died when they were young because they assume you must be brittle when your old.

  58. This film was fantastic! BRAVO!!!

  59. Great film changed my life.

  60. We are a family of 5--all on the Gerson Diet and it has done miracles in all of us! Allergies--gone! Hormone imbalances--resolved! ADD--gone! Child behavior problems--dramatically better! Osteopenia--gone! Back pain--gone! Winter colds, flu, strep, viruses--irradicated from my family! Yes, organic food is more expensive per item, BUT when you aren't buying all the other sideline "junk" the totals work out to about the same (maybe even a little less!) If you don't believe me, try the diet completely for 1 month and I promise you, you will be convinced.

  61. The most significant increases to life span as against time can be related to lower rates of infant mortality (semmelweis) due to basic sanitation standards as well as public sanitation as well i.e. can't just throw your garbage in the streets and sewage flow into drinking water. Also, modern medicine may be increasing our lifespan by a few years per person, however. Should the measure of life really be in the raw numbers of years you're "alive" (modern medicine can keep otherwise dead people alive on machines for years) or should it be measured in the number of healthful, quality years lived? In this regard, there isn't much evidence to support modern medicine improving the quality of life of the majority of it's patients (i.e. chronic disease patients). It also should be stated, for acute/emergency situations our medical doctors do a terrific job!

    1. Firstly I agree with you that doctors do a terrific job re emergency situations.

      You are dead right about the length of our life, yes we may be living longer but how much pain are we in while we are living. And what is the quality of it. If you are following a diet without animal protein you can live longer, have no pain and actually enjoy it!

  62. Average lifespan according to who? Can you say with 100% certainty that the facts being given to you by the modern academic and medical establishments, in relation to the history of the human lifespan, are undeniably true? How can you, or rather, how did they, provide such proof of historical lifespans? Through a few publications about a comparatively minuscule amount of archaeological data? How much more data has been suppressed than revealed? Would it be beneficial for industries that profit based on your fear of health problems to reveal to you that bones have been found belonging to individuals that made it to be 100+ years of age before their "miracle medicines" were even invented?Why would manufacturer's of toothpaste want to tell you that you don't need their product, and that your body, if given a natural diet, is equipped with all of the defenses needed to maintain dental health indefinitely. Research Dr. Gerard Judd or Dr. Weston A. Price for more info on that. People are getting cancer at younger ages and at higher rates than ever before. You have been lied to about the history and health of man for your entire life, so it is not surprising that you hold this viewpoint. You are saying that this toxic system that we live in is more nourishing and effective at nurturing life than the natural systems that have evolved over eons? There is evidence to show that human beings have been here for hundreds of thousands, if not millions of years. Yet, in just 100 years of manufacturing and distributing toxic, non-biodegradable, synthetic chemicals (which we so erroneously refer to as "medicines" or "cleaning" products) we have pushed not only countless species (including our own) towards the brink of extinction, but our entire biosphere. In fact, we are now in the middle of what even MAINSTREAM scientists are calling the "6th mass extinction", and it is the first that is being caused by a single species (humans, or rather the government of humans).The oceans are becoming acidic due to the gases being released by the incessant burning of fossil fuels, while we have known of alternative energy for nearly a century (hydrogen fuel cells). This is slowly killing the bottom of the food chain and the coral reefs, causing a devastating chain reaction that may extinct all life on earth. Google "acidification of the oceans"...Something is killing off bees at an alarming rate, almost to the point of extinction in some areas of the world. When the bees die off, so does all agriculture, which relies on their pollinating services. Some have speculated that cell phone towers are disrupting their internal navigational systems, which guide them to nutrition and pollen, causing biological mayhem and disease. Others believe it is the use of pesticides or the introduction of genetically modified crops. The scariest part is - we have no clue why they are dying off, and are therefore powerless to stop it! There is a swamp of plastic in the Pacific as big as the United States called the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.Yet, in this toxic wasteland full of pollutants and hazards, you actually believe that we are somehow living longer (because of the use of synthetic drugs), despite the fact that all evidence points to the contrary?Perhaps the funniest part is - you believe this simply because that is what you were told, not because you have a shred of logic, common sense, or deduction skills. Maybe you need to spend more time on this site learning, instead of spewing arrogant, regurgitated, falsified, unproven historical doctrine/propaganda.

    1. Yes! Thank you! I could not have said it better myself!

    2. documantal, you rock!!!

    3. Wow, very well said. thanks for all these words. You truly rock!!

  63. Those who want to learn more about how natural food can help you, I recommend you to check Joel Fuhrman M.D. He's more focus on obesity and diabetes but it will give you more insights about this hypothesis. I'm more and more convinced that this is true, and I'm a very skeptic person

  64. "Independent anecdotal evidence suggests that the Gerson Therapy is not effective against cancer. When a group of 13 patients sickened by elements of the Gerson Therapy were evaluated in hospitals in San Diego in the early 1980s, all of them were found to still have active cancer."

    - Centers for Disease Control (CDC) (June 1981)

    1. what about the other hundreds of thousands who have been sucessfully healed from all types of diseases?tHERE ARE SO MANY IT WOULD TAKE YOU A LIFETIME JUST TO HEAR THEIR STORIES. Smell the coffee and wake up. Im one of those healed, happy, Gerson persons

    2. after searching the CDC database I can't find the study your referring to. I guess thousands of cured cancer patients speaking out still isn't good enough for the drug co. trolls, they always rear there ugly head and try to discredit live patients.

    3. key word carefully...aka non conclusive

  65. I loved this documentary; there is so much truth what Dr. Gerson claims. Food gives us life and hospitals and medicines gives us new diseases and death! Healthy food nourishes our cells and keeps us healthy. But today genetically modified food has dominated our food system and we are intoxicating ourselves with the GM food! we are left with little or no choice of what we want to eat. We know that organic food is good for health, but how many can afford to buy these expensive organic food? In the beginning everything was so natural / organic and then the human intelligence intervened to introduce GMO and destroyed the wisdom of traditional farmers –and today a handful of people controlling our food system for profit!
    I am inspired by this documentary, and will try my best to eat healthy food and drink vegetable juice every day :)

  66. need more documentaries on Dr Gerson and his treatment for a better life.


  67. very good video . Whole Foods are the key to good health and not meds . That's what I learned, and believe it. :P ty for the video I need a juicer!!!!!

  68. Is this Charles,Charles? Very glad to see you back. How was everything? Long time no see.
    You can change your name back to what it was and claim all your posts.

    Just click above on "Please read about it here"

  69. This is interesting. I'll have to watch it fully later. Oh, Mr. Razor! This is Charles B. This new system as me posting as C and N and I don't know how to change that. It's ok.

  70. I am living in one. People living on a marble and sticking to it from all sides, tons of metal flying in air, space and time is relative, particle being at more places at the same time - what the hell is this place?

    anyway,the myth that sharks are not getting cancer is killing them rapidly.

    psinet your proposition is right, but there other aspects of the document that are worth a thought. If something harms people, that should be stopped, you are right.

    I am on the side of science. Atheist. My stiff neck (it happens to me once a year... winter or air conditioning) which takes week to get better was cured in two days by a friend who "chaneled" energy through her hands. A fairy tail, indeed. Eat that psinet. I am still digesting it... The girl was not spiritual about it. No Jesus, spirits or meditation stuff. She just discovered she can do it.

  71. Hoorah he wins a Darwin Award

  72. Machello wins this thread.

  73. Lol I love how people call things like radomised controlled trials "hot air".

    You believe in fairies as well, right?

  74. Trololol Clix

    Clearly intellectually defeated.

    I don't believe I said I support Big Pharma at any point.

    If you want to understand life, apply scientific principles. Simple.

    If people cannot answer my simple questions - questions that refute the entire basis of this doco - then I should not have to answer irrelevant questions not related to Gerson Therapy.

    Why did dinosaurs get cancer? Or sharks and rabbits?

    Modern life? Not on Gerson Therapy. Come off it.

  75. clix... fail... weak

    to Psinet

    anyway, intellectually agressive, you take yourself too serious. Talking about hot air, yet you did not do something else. Just using words as the rest of us...

    Noticed that you do not bother with other claims... kind of childish. I do not refute you had good points, buuuuuuuuut chronically righteous. yes i found the right word

  76. @Machello et al.

    Psinet is an apparent troll who has nothing to do but sit around a lonely place while living a government financed existence on an account of his alleged disability. He is not here to debate an issue fairly. With his behavior, he probably has no appreciable social life, and this is probably how he compensates for his dejected life.

    Don't feed the troll. Starve it to silence.

  77. Psinet:

    I am on the side of science, on the side of empirical evidence.

    But am not on the side of profit generated big Pharma. as in, "on the news". Glaxo Smith Kline, is held responsible for doing too little, to late, to save children's lives that are being born with holes in their heart walls. Because of "PAXIL" Tested? randomized controlled trials? legal?

    To me that is the epitome of assertions dangerous to peoples health!

    1. Hi, Mr. Razor! I have a new computer, but a slow connection. Not much time for watching docs now. Maybe later.

  78. @Achems

    I am pretty aggressively intellectual, and it rubs many people the wrong way it seems. But I am not here to win freinds. I am here to be a thorn in the side of people who make assertions that are dangerous to the truth, and in this specific case - peoples health.

    Gerson’s therapy has not been independently tested or subjected to randomized controlled trials, and thus is illegal to market in the United States.

  79. @ Machello

    I will show you how to measure not just pain, but any mental function whatsoever. Grab a pen and paper.

    Some tools required:

    Electroencephalograph, Positron Emission Tomograph, Single Photon Emission Computed Tomograph, Functional Magnetic Resonance Imager and a Near Infrared Spectroscopic Imager.

    Once you have got yourself those, send me a post and I will give you the instructions.

  80. Psinet:

    Okay, I might have jumped the gun. "No harm, no foul."

  81. @ Achem

    I wasnt trying to have a go - I assumed someone with that name was smart. My bad.

    @ Machello

    It is not my job to be an expert in every field you dont understand and provide answers. Do some research on google and take a look. Flocking birds are EXTREMELY BASIC. Folding proteins, now there is some maths. Particle collisions. Don't waste peoples time with daft demands.

  82. @Psinet:

    Oh gee! now I am overwhelmed! you spout some Latin. And another brain surgeon to criticize my handle.

  83. @Psinet

    "1) Suffering is easily measured." The metrics can be anything I like? Huh? What are you talking about? You're obviously not as clever as you think you are . . .

    You did not answer #2. I want to see the formula. Where is it? Where is the study? You will NEVER be able to predict the movement of a flock of 1000 birds with science or math. (You obviously don't understand chaos theory, but it was a nice distraction!)

    How? This is not an explanation. I want you to show me how math and scientific probability can perfectly explain suffering and pain. I want to be able to predict the exact quality of my pain and suffering if I stub my toe.

    My point is made. You can't explain everything with science. Better left to ASKING a person about their pain in this case. Telling me my pain is a 5.7 on a scale of 1-10 is not accurate nor is it helpful, because I understand that everyone perceives pain differently. You can't standardize it, therefore you can't predict or qualify it. Science fails here, Psinet.

    "Just accept it."

  84. People...stress is the energy at the source of cancer, eating well helps, loving others helps, not being like a rock helps, exercising helps, letting go helps, sharing helps, teaching without force helps, learning with open mind helps, feeling compassion helps, trusting the cure helps.

    If you survive mecause of medical help it is because your time had not come yet, if you survive because of alternative medicine it is because your time had not come yet.

    Good night....i have no more energy to even watch the doc!

  85. Randomised Controlled Trials (RCT's) can be expensive; one study found 28 funded by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke prior to 2000 with a total cost of US$335 million, for an average cost of US$12 million per RCT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nevertheless, the return on investment of RCTs may be high, in that the same study projected that the 28 RCTs produced a "net benefit to society at 10-years" of 46 times(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) the cost of the trials program, based on evaluating a quality-adjusted life year as equal to the prevailing mean per capita gross domestic product

  86. An important point here to note:

    Gerson's therapy has not been independently tested or subjected to randomized controlled trials, and thus is illegal to market in the United States.


    1. It certainly has, you may want to look into the findings of
      Prof. Yoshihiko Hoshino and Dr. Takaho Watayo at the Ohtsuna Hospital, Tokyo. This endless false beating of the " there has been no independent testing and or controlled trials" drums is quite frankly untrue. These are just two, there are more. Please, please people research for your selves.

  87. Well said Arron - this I can accept - due to the way it is put.

    But even here we have a point of contention - I believe in anthropogenic climate change. Now that debate itself is better placed in the comments section of a climate change documentary, however the relevant point here is about credibility.

    It behooves each of us to assign credibility to each information source.

    When it comes to climate change, I assign most credibility to NASA.

    When it comes to Gerson Therapy, I assign most credibility to the American Cancer Society.

  88. Here's something to accept...

    Ignorance does not indicate disregard. Though I may not fully comprehend the m/o of science and medicine, it does not mean that I do not appreciate its function.

    What irks me about conventional sci/med is what turns me toward the alternatives...the shadiness. Time and time again we keep finding that among all of the advancements sci/med provides us with, a genuine lack of ethical discourse lays grounded within its foundation. And what it tends to come down to is money. The more interest there is in a specific outcome, the more money and politics are thrown at it.

    If the junk science behind anthropogenic climate change can be heralded as a new religion the way it has been, why should anyone place such blind faith in science? If outcomes have been and are being systematically manipulated or filtered, should I not be skeptical?

    I believe in the pure veracity of science, I really do. But there lies a barrier between it and mass consciousness. Human incentive.

  89. How about:

    Numquam ponenda est pluralitas sine necessitate.

    “Plurality must never be posited without necessity".

    - William of Ockham (c. 1285–1349)

  90. @achems razor

    Please - with a name such as that you must have something of value to add.

  91. Am in the process of watching this doc, have either watched this, or something similar before.

    Seems like some good comments, have my own viewpoints on all this stuff.

  92. Mortality rates from cancer have been steadily dropping for the past few decades - and not because of Gerson Therapy or alternative medicines.

    The incidence of cancer in nature is far less than in humans, and the incidence of cancer in our ancestors was far less.

    Wanna know why? Because the lifespan of our ancestors was less than half of ours, and they rarely lived long enough.

    Same reason for animals. In the wild they dont live long enough to develop cancer. It is evolution at work.

    I would thereby hypothesise that animals in captivity have higher rates of cancer mortality because they live longer.

  93. Where is Dr Clix Phd from the University of FU?

  94. 1) Suffering is easily measured. The metrics can be anything you like, but mortality, heart disease incidence and cortisol levels in the blood are a good start. Why does that matter to the sufferer? It doesn't have to - there was no contractual agreement made between you and god that your life would be full of obvious meaning. But for a doctor it provides a point to begin treatment.

    2)The flocking of birds has been extensively mapped and simulated. The secret to understanding it is that each individual has a simple rule they follow in relation to their closest neighbours. Chaos Theory is a well researched and well understood maths.

    So, in actuality, dealing with your assertions is easy, and they are not in the least bit scientific.


  95. (I put some naughty words in this post. Retry... )

    Try talking to someone face-to-face (or over the phone) instead of using the internet. You’ll find it is a MUCH more accurate and functional way to communicate ideas than typing redundant, abstract, two-dimensional thoughts into comment boxes to people you don’t even know.

    This is exactly why I quit using Facebook. It corrupts communication and devalues our interactions with others. It gives us many many crummy “conversations” for each very rare productive one. Yes, it makes communication easier and more practical. But, as I said in my final post on FB last July, “I prefer chatting around a bonfire once a month to a thousand misconstrued emoticons in a digital field to people I never see and have no real need to interact with.”

    But your bonfire comment was very cute, Psinet. And, like I said before, it’s not that I “don’t believe in science” (silly assumption on your part), it’s that I accept science for what it’s worth and preface every “proof” with a caveat – as any intelligent person would do.

    You should find something more productive to do with your time. Maybe you have a spouse or children who could use some attention from a “non-digital you?”

    Over and out.

  96. No where in my comments have I ever said that a bad diet and modern living CAUSE cancer (to "enter" the body, so to speak). As you said before, cancer is a natural part of life - it is normal. I totally agree. This is a fact. HOWEVER, what is to be debated is the prevalence of cancer now as compared to the prevalence in previous eras and indigenous societies.

    Since you are so faithful to your science, you should be asking this question and others. Are these animals getting cancer AS OFTEN as modern/industrial humans? If they are, what TYPES of cancers? Are they DYING from the cancers we have detected (in dinosaurs, for instance), or are the cells simply present?

    We ALL have cancer cells in our body, but most often they are kept in check and compromised by our body's defenses. I hope we can agree on this.

    Here are two questions. Maybe you can point to a scientific explanation for me:

    1.) Can you explain suffering with science and math? And, if you can, why does that matter to the sufferer?

    2.) What about a flock of 1000 birds. Can you explain – and, therefore, PREDICT – which way they will move next from a purely scientific or mathematical formulation? And, if you can, why does that matter to ecology?

  97. Try talking to someone face-to-face (or over the phone) instead of using the internet. You'll find it is a MUCH more accurate and functional way to communicate ideas than typing redundant, abstract, two-dimensional thoughts into comment boxes to people you don't even know.

    This is exactly why I quit using Facebook. It corrupts communication and devalues our interactions with others. It gives us many many shitty "conversations" for each very rare productive one. Yes, it makes communication easier and more practical. But, as I said in my final post on FB last July, "I prefer chatting around a bonfire once a month to a thousand misconstrued emoticons in a digital field to people I never see and have no real need to interact with."

    But your bonfire comment was very cute, Psinet. And, like I said before, it's not that I "don't believe in science" (stupid assumption on your part), it's that I accept science for what it's worth and preface every "proof" with a caveat - as any intelligent person would do.

    You should find something more productive to do with your time. Maybe you have a spouse or children who could use some attention from a "non-digital you?"

    Over and out.

  98. If bad diet and modern living causes cancer, whats was up with the dinosaurs? And sharks and rabbits for that matter?

  99. If you want me to respond to a single question, then make it a single question. Not a screen worth of ranting.

  100. And if you dont believe in science, I have set up a bonfire out the back where we can send smoke signals to one another instead of using the internet.

  101. Psinet,

    This will be my last remark, because you have shown yourself to be a hypocrite and I have little respect for that (if you're going to throw around insults, don't forbid others from doing the same!).

    I'm assuming your first sentence in the last reply was directed at me. If not, you should be more explicit (I tend to rant... because I like to be as clear as possible).

    So, science and math have provided me with the internet, huh? So? What's your point? Is that supposed to prove something?Like, since science explains (created) the internet, science is now the only explanation? Like many people, you think in a dualistic way: I must either totally embrace science or be totally suspicious of it. Let me clarify: I appreciate science, and I understand it, BECAUSE I AM A SCIENTIST. I can appreciate the internet and understand that science/math and technology have given this great thing to us. But that doesn't mean I have to think science is flawless or the greatest way of explanation out there. Your argument is incredibly fallacious, dude. Just accept it! (You really like that line, don't you?)

    If you weren't referring to my post, then I apologize for my false perception. But, if you were, why don't you take a stab at just one or two of my questions in there? What's the matter? Is your science failing you?

    Better yet (to use your own insult from further back in the thread), why don't you read one of my suggested books and try getting educated about scientific accuracy before sounding off!

  102. I dont bother responding to insults or irrelevant facts, long rants or sidetracks.

    Science and maths have provided us with the internet which you are now using as a grandstand for your unscientific beliefs.

    Just accept it.

    And my disability is none of your business, and if you are so knowledgable, then please stop reffering to it as your arrogance betrays your supposed points.

    This world is far more understandable through the language of science and maths than it is with your fudgy, blurry assertions.

    Enjoy the internets we scientific skeptics made for you to argue your false unscientific beliefs on.

  103. Psinet,

    Not sure who you are speaking to here, but your assertion (that science and math is the "language of the universe") cannot be proven, can it? I'd like to see the physical evidence.

    If we're actually going to speak about epistemological perspectives, maybe we should examine the ontological and teleological orientations of those worldviews? I tend to be a humanist with positivist tendencies - I see objectivity AND subjectivity in the world... and place, situation, and interpretation as important components to how perception of the world takes place. To try and take a purely positivistic (scientific) position is to only be concerned with predictability and control - which is NOT possible (this is why probability coefficients are implicit in any explanation of phenomena and why you will always see them in the research that makes claims of truth).

    People have claimed science and math to be the ultimate truths - the ultimate explanations - since the Enlightenment. And they have been wrong over and over and over again. Now, I spent my undergraduate studying the history and philosophy of science (a view from the "outside") while also refining research method and design skills for my experimental psychology/philosophy double major (a view from the "inside"). So, admittedly, I like to see "scientific proof" about anything and everything. I'm an empirical guy on the surface. But I don't take it as gospel, because it is quite obvious that that would be ignorant of the reality of this mystery that is Life. As Albert Schweitzer said, "As we acquire more knowledge, things do not become more comprehensible, but more mysterious."

    Science and math are merely approximations, probabilities. That's all. To believe otherwise is to be ignorant of the beauty of life.

    You last three sentences are interesting and boring all at once. But, when a particular religion is said to be "the truth," it's easy to see how people can become unshakable believers in such dogmatic assertions!

    Can you explain suffering with science and numbers? And, if you can, why does that matter? What about a flock of 1000 birds. Can you explain - and, therefore, predict - which way they will move next from a purely scientific or mathematical formulation? (And, if you can, why does that matter?)

    I love you scientific fundamentalists! ;~P

  104. @Psinet

    My autodidactic pursuits have born far more fruit.

    Like what?

    Btw, who taught Da Vinci, Euclid, Pythagoras and Einstein to uncover their greatest ideas?

    Noone, because they were teaching themselves through data and experimentation.

    Delusion of grandeur anyone?

    As it happens, I have a Ba Information Science.

    Let me guess; some befuddled lecturer(s) help you acquire such knowledge perhaps?

    My rather long post was peppered with questions as much as statements of facts, which none of them, as it appears, have made their way to your cerebral cortex. The ones that did were those dealing with your ego. Very predictable you are.

    Why don't you go back and re-read my comments again and perhaps come up with a better response.

    I still think your disability is more than physical. You do have my empathy regarding your physical disability.

  105. I love how people try to use the limitations of science to justify their unscientific belief, and then proceed to use science to argue their point.

    Science and maths are the language of our universe. There is no other language that can be functionally used to communicate and prove ideas.

    Just accept it.

  106. @clix

    You clearly have no understanding of what science is.

    It does not require that you be instructed by a befuddled lecturer, nor does it require a qualification.

    Since you so rudely asked, my disability is physical - as if it was any of your business.

    As it happens, I have a Ba Information Science.

    I havent mentioned it as it isn't relevant. My autodidactic pursuits have born far more fruit.

    Btw, who taught Da Vinci, Euclid, Pythagoras and Einstein to uncover their greatest ideas?

    Noone, because they were teaching themselves through data and experimentation.

    So try and actually deal with the scientific subject matter at hand (the joke that is Gerson Therapy) and not attacking characters.

    It is well known that this is the last resort of the desperate.

  107. Em,

    A few interesting books about the history and philosophy of science. Pick a few and read them, and then you can draw your own conclusions about the accuracy of scientific knowledge . . .

    "Leviathan and the Air-Pump: Hobbes, Boyle, and the Scientific Life" (Shapin and Schaffer)

    "The Structure of Scientific Revolutions" (Thomas Kuhn)

    "Representing and Intervening" (Ian Hacking)

    "Science as a Social Knowledge" (Helen Longino)

    "Philosophy of Natural Science" (Carl Hempel)

    "Criticism and the Growth of Knowledge" (Lakatos and Musgrave)

    "Inventing Temperature" (Hasok Chang)

  108. @Em

    You're mixing up comments dear. My last comment was not addressed to you.

  109. I am not a self-taught scientist - whatever gave you that idea? I was attempting to respond to your claim that we have a worse life today than we have in the past - hence the video link that I sent you. In fact, my aim was to communicate the fact that I think we are having it good and that we should generally try to accept that and be happy. "A Totally disagreeable nature is far from what I have" - On the other hand you are using words like "pathetic", "delusion of grandeur" and "disability" in your defensive email. Look, it seems to me that you know so much more than the rest of civilisation put together, you have it all worked out so I am very pleased for you. I am just happy that I have food on my plate, access to clean water, medicine that cures me most of the time and a life expectancy into my late 70's. and I continue to believe that many of us have never had it better than in the past. For that I am grateful.

  110. @Psinet

    What is the nature of your disability? That may explain your totally disagreeable nature.

    As you are self-taught 'scientist', I presume you have spent very little time, if any, in a lab, which explains your blind faith in double-blind studies (pun intended). How exactly do you conduct a double-blind study of a chemo drug, or any other drug/treatment for that matter that has such a pronounced direct and/or auxiliary effect?

    Next, have you applied for grant or know someone who has to study Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)? In the U.S., there is about $100M of taxpayer money allocated for CAM on a yearly basis. Out of that allocation, about 90% of it goes towards acupuncture research, most of it dealing with new gizmos to perform acupuncture modalities. The overwhelming amount of research grant in the U.S. (70-80%) comes from private institutions that have an agenda attached to their grant. That agenda usually doesn't include healing that doesn't take into account a product they are not selling or intend to sell. If I wanted to perform a research on alternative cancer treatments like the kind advocated in this video, I either have to fund it myself or find someone with deep pockets. Neither are viable options for most researchers. So, they succumb to what is readily available, which also happens to be the best way to advance ones career.

    Despite your diatribe, I agree with you on one thing. Yes, science is by far the best of many alternatives. It is a beautiful endeavor for which I have devoted my life.

    However, you seem to constantly equate science with medicine. Yes, medicine is a product of science. The reverse is not always, and in the case of the U.S., often not true. How much scientific rigor is employed by a physician who prescribes medication based on information provided to him/her by a pharmaceutical representative? How much scientific rigor is applied when a pharmaceutical company monopolizes a research laboratory of a financially strapped academic institution, and the overseeing body that should monitor its functions? How scientific is it that drugs and the symptoms they are designed to treat are advertised on mass media and patients go to their doctors and ask for such drugs by name?

    For a self-taught scientist, you have a bit of delusion of grandeur. You are convinced you're going to save lives by being so bombastic on a forum that many who are seeking treatment for ailments probably would not consult, nor find very informative. Yet, here you are saving lives on TDF! Which brings me back to my original thesis: what exactly is the nature of your disability?

  111. Em . . .

    1.) Read a book on the history and philosophy of science. You'll find that science is very often superficial and inadequate in explaning phenomena.

    2.) In the classic (and humorous) way, you misconstrue my suggestion of quality of life in the either/or dichotomy. I'm not looking for a discussion "at the beginning of the industrial revolution" as it compares to now. I'm talking about non-western, non-industrial societies' quality of life. Whenever I have this debate with someone, their scope of "history" is strangely incapable of spanning very far from the colonial or industrial eras, or their understanding of indigenous cultures is uninformed and innaccurate. (Of course, indigenous cultures must be so miserable since they don't have Facebook or the internet or television... but, then again, they don't have the prevelance of mental health issues either or sendentary physical health problems either.) Read some Wendell Berry and open your mind a bit.

    You NEED to broaden the debate; that's why science falls short in explanation. Breadth is no excuse.

    Keep in mind: humankind has been around for MUCH longer than 200 years. One thing that "modern" societies ARE advanced in is finding ways to overshoot ecological limits (for a layman's understanding of this - and I do have criticisms of the research - check out Jared Diamond's "Collapse."

    BTW, the youtube link is totally pathetic and only accounts for "life expectancy" and "income" in MODERN societies (and his way-cool virtual techno-chart only goes back... eh hem... to 1810). And income - while practical in our society - is a very delusional measurement of living a successful or sustainable or healthful manner. I have no use for "income" past my current salary (I'll disclose here: I make less than $40,000). And, as soon as I pay off the loan on my land, my family will have no need for "income" as such. We can then, instead, focus on MAKING our living instead of passively EARNING it. It makes life so much more meaningful and enjoyable . . .

  112. For anyone looking for an "easy cure for cancer," or any other malady of the body, you should view both this documentary - and especially the comments - with caution. Let me preface my own comment by admitting that I eat a vegetarian diet (not necessarily for health, but for ahimsa and community), but it is more complicated than diet alone.

    There IS no easy cure for disease. Ask yourself this: Who has the upper hand - the person who eats a vegan and organic diet but also lives with great stress, anger, and emotional distress, or the person who lives mindfully and peacefully and eats conventional foods without worry? I believe it is important to eat/live mindfully AND ethically. This is where true health comes from.

    A vegetarian diet (NOT processed soy products, but fresh and raw foods) is surely more healthful to our bodies (the "research" that shows vegetarianism to have no more benefit than any other diet is reporting "conventional" vegetarian diets, which are most common and most unhealthy). But if our minds are not healthy, the food we put in our bodies matters much less. A vegetarian diet is a good diet because it lessens the suffering in the world - which may lessen the burden of suffering in our minds as well. But it is not the only habit we need to change in order to improve our health.

    The ultimate diet is a local diet; one where we KNOW who produces our food (meat OR no meat) and how/where it is produced, where we eat according to the seasons and avoid using the byproducts of warfare (chemical fertilizers) in order to cheat natural cycles of fertility.

    Em - I think you need to do a little more research before you buy into these industrial myths. Many of us ARE dying of starvation - we are starved of meaning in our lives, and the food we eat amounts only to "food-like substances." Diabetics still eat lots of food - but they are starving of nourishment. To live in the inner city, in a poorer community, means to have little/no access to healthful foods. With economic poverty comes the poverty of food quality. And, keep in mind, human history is written to favor those in power. We were NOT "dropping like flies before antibiotics..." That is an ignorant/arrogant industrial myth. The fact is, industrialism has CREATED chronic diseases that were previously RARE in human history (cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc.), and our modern medicine has only enabled us to live longer WITH those diseases - but with much less quality of life - than we had lived during the beginning of the industrial revolution. Humans have generally been able to live into their 60s and 70s (and even 80s). The death rates from long ago are lower because of infant mortality (which, in my opinion, has a purpose in population control) and the inability to survive traumatic accidents. No, Em, we have had it MUCH, MUCH BETTER! Also, "scientific proof" means NOTHING. Science is nothing more than a social activity. It does not lead us to truths. Science has proved wrong over and over and over again, because it creates narrow-minded thinking. You will never find your "evidence" if you are only looking for superficial measures (e.g. length of life, or presence/absence of cancer). This is the same dualistic thinking that brings about the "meat or no meat" arguments. They prove nothing, because they are based on simplistic thinking.

  113. Ha! - Are you sure J? Well I am just thankful we are not dying of starvation, poor hygiene and the LACK of medical care like a large percentage of the rest of the planet. Have you ever read about human history over the last 200 years? We were dropping like flies before antibiotics and other medical staples. We have never had it so good and it is about time people realised that fact!

  114. The bottom line is people do not like to change their diets. They continue to defend the garbage they put into their bodies with such dogged ferocity.They miss the correlation between vitality and diet. It's very sad but I am happy to live in a country where I have the choice to decide what to put in my body. I do feel sorry for children fed a steady diet of rubbish (processed foods) and moreover I am utterly scared of genetically modified organisms. I refrain from eating soy or corn. Who in their right mind would ever support GMOs? Wake up people!

  115. The issue still remains of the lack of proper scientific proof that this therapy works. If it does then why is it so hard for the Gerson Institute to provide it? Just because we are skeptics it does not mean that we would not wish for a world where a change of diet cures cancer or diluted homeopathic hogwash treats your life's ailments. This is where alternative and natural therapists are mistaken in believing that we are just out to get them. We simply want evidence that something works.

  116. RE: Animals getting cancer...small animals much smaller than a human male...If I may put my 2 cents worth in...considering the wide spread use of agricultural poisons, lawn and garden chemicals that drift and run off...the only thing surprising is that we all don't have cancer. The "safe"limits set by the EPA are based on the 50 ld factor=when the amount of poison fed to 100 rats only kills 50 of them...chronic illness suffered by the remaining 50 was not considered. This 50ld factor reflects "safe" limits for a 6 foot 200lb male...not women and certainly not children. Oh and by the way after calling the EPA for many years to find out their definition of safe (that was worrisome)..I found out the EPA does not use the word
    It has always been about risk/benefit NOT safe.

    RE: Diets...I found this video good for thought and consideration...if you are eating vegetables...hope they are organic as conventional produce is very toxic. Perhaps blood type has something to do with success rates also...which is what I believe is the only thing that separates us.

    RE: Cancer survival rate increases...are all deaths from cancer reported on the oncology service??? What if they died of a heart attack after undergoing chemo? Having worked in Medical Oncology I noticed such things going on....but how sad that someone living 1,2 or more years has somehow become a "bar" at what is acceptable. You want to cure cancer...stop allowing yourselves and your children to be poisoned! Common sense!!=no pain, no foul, no money spent!

    We have EPIDEMIC levels of cancer...this wasn't happening 100 years ago.! Reality check for America. How can you let the USDA run rough shod all over you and your children and not at the least COMPLAIN??

  117. Psinet,
    you are really boring, could you please stop visiting this web site and go watch CNN ... maybe your animals get cancer because we poisoned them and why you don't start fighting for CHEMO FOR ANIMALS ...

  118. For waldo and all his cronies

  119. To all that are dedicated in the pursuit of knowledge and have fun arguing these points:

    We are on in agreement here that it is plausible to say that agricultural subsidies given by governments make for unfair market prices which affect directly the quality of life of entire countries. It is safe to assume thus, that because of these subsidies the countries holding the shorter end of the stick, typically in africa, cannot finance their own production or any basic needs like clean water or roads and thus have to get indebted by again, american banks.... which of course is a mere coincidence (a bit of sarcasm here) .

    In a perhaps a bit more dangerous assumption, it is fair to say that for hundreds of years society has grown with leadership ideas carried and modified from and by their ancestors, a lot of which call for racional, ideological and national superiority, which caused various forms of genocide in Africa, for example. The descendants or those inspired by the same people and ideas are in power today, and could very well not allow any support for alternative cures for diseases, like AIDS for example, that affect portions of society they hold in their most personal and sacred ways to be immorally inferior.

    It is also fair to say that there is legimimacy in askingthe motives behind the necessity of the USA government to so gracefully place their presence all over where most of the petroleum of the world is just in time to suck the very last bit of it.

    Likewise, I say with most ease that the medical world is unfair and politically and financially motivated. A standard MRI in japan costs as low as 160 dollars and in the US it can cost 2500. AIDS medication cocktail that the brazilian government broke patents a few years ago were beying sold for 8000 dollars a pop in africa and were being offered at 3000 were manufactured for 150-200 in Brazil. The German company Beyer has been caught sellling AIDS infected stocks of a line of their products. The sabotage of the human condition via the medical industry is present and is absolutely engrained in it. it is a known fact that asparthame approval as a sweetner is shrowded with secrecy and fraud.

    So in here it is fair to say that there is not much desire to try to prove the powers of yoga, or vitamin D to be sold as a way to prevent most cancers right on national TV or that fluoride is a health hazard in today's quantities just because there is no money in it.

    That is why I find it abnormal that mainstream science somehow speaks only of the parts that it can test and prove, as if only under a certain microscopethere can be light about a subject. So say there is absolutely no evidence that a collection of chemicals thrown in the ocean by the millions of gallons like corexit to treat the oil spill, it is absolutely safe to use and you can bathe on it and inject it in fetuses bodies.

    I say that he so called mainstream science suffers from the safe predicament of all human beings: that is has a set or laws like a church, and that it uses absense of evidence as factual absence and because of that it fails to move fast enough.

    I don't think that this rule should be applied to everything in science as it seems to be so today, because it contributes for silly profit motivated rule keeking taking precedence over common sense.

    So, can we actually advance as fast as we need to with profit being the sole motivator of everything?

  120. @ psinet. ahh, the ol' cyber antagonism card eh. you chose to take jabs and make insinuations about how 'stupid' i am because i dare to see things from a different perspective. you're dedicated to your view, and that's admirable. but you're a douchebag. it's okay. I know guys like you. i got drinking buddies like you. You prefer to pick apart any blemishes in the opposing view because it thrills you, to try to come out on top. good for you. (pat on the head)

    I clearly stated that; 'to my knowledge', we've enjoyed the benefits of several natural substances for years without the need for scientific data. I did not take the time to google every natural remedy known to man. Had I been trying to make a point about one particular remedy, it would have been prudent of me to do so. But I was making a statement about 'natural' remedies in general and about how we've benefited from them thanks to our ancestors and not thanks to double blind studies.

    And further, everything in this world, under the wrong circumstances and in excess can be bad for you. I value conventional science and medicine for making wiki facts like the ones you've provided on aloe available to us. But I am not making a point about aloe and I am not making a point about the Gerson Therapy or even cancer. I am also not trying to debate anything. I am speaking to the arrogance of mainstream science and medicine in casting aside unwanted information. And so for me, the option of alternatives is invaluable. And the support of such alternatives by real, everyday people is also valuable...regardless of mainstream support.

    The human connection is what guides me and many others.
    That's really the bulk of what I'm saying. a) Anecdotal evidence does count for everyday people. AND b) Conventional science and medicine is valuable BUT like many other industries, it too is not exempt from arrogance, ignorance, corruption and nepotism. Therefore, natural alternatives should always be considered, keeping in mind that the establishment is likely to scoff at them.

  121. Here is another example of your loose "truths":

    From Wikipedia:

    "The injection of Aloe vera extracts to treat cancer has resulted in the deaths of several patients."

    "Taking Aloe vera that contains aloin in excess amounts has been associated with various side effects."

    "In higher doses, these effects may lead to electrolyte imbalance, diarrhea, and abdominal pain, which are common side-effects of the drug. Because aloin can potentially cause uterine contractions, pregnant women should avoid ingesting aloe products."

    I am not saying Aloe vera is dangerous - I am saying you have no idea what you are talking about.

  122. WTF? Didn;t read you comment Aron.

    Your statements about science and double blind trials demonstrate your complete misunderstanding of the functions and operations of science.

    Example one: I performed the difficult, tiring and trying procedure of typing the very first "medieval" remedy you mentioned (Aloe Vera) followed by the arcane words "double blind" into google. Guess what? There are heaps. You should think before you "contribute" to public debate.

    Intestinal Diseases Unit, Soroka Medical Center, Beer Sheva, Israel, conducted a double-blind trial of a celandin, aloevera and psyllium laxative preparation in adult patients with constipation.

    So for the love of The Flying Spaghetti Monster - get educated.

  123. Although I am quite aware of the propensity for people to place things into their anus at any opportunity, I for one understand that such pseudosexual rituals will not help with "potential recovery" of cancer.

    The only things you can put in your anus that will help at all is morphine, or possibly cancer fighting nano-tech robots.

    I prefer my coffee in a cup, but you can have yours anyway you like it. Black or white, 2 sugars or in your rectum.

  124. I'm sure when faced with 'x' months to live, you'd be first in line for a coffee enema if it meant potential recovery. I wasn't a fan of the narrator's voice either, but hey, it's the subject matter that's important.

  125. *elsewhere

  126. I wish people would keep their comments kinda short, then when they make friends and long discussions take place,they would take them elswhere. lolz.

    This Documentary was Okay-ish but not great, yet still interesting. The Gerson Therapy is interesting too, but it's not the only Therapy alternative to the Medical Industry, There is so much more similar cases, go to India, China, North Africa etc...The Gerson Therapy may be considered as a mere starting point if you will.

    Thanks Vlatko for the Doc.

    Have a nice day y'all and Take care.


  127. I hated, absolutely hated, the narrator's voice. He sounds like a complete nut job. And, coffee enemas?! No thanks.

  128. If you knew anything about science, you would understand the the biggest threat to it is the white noise of irrelevant data. The gift of science is that it can be used to resolve problems into simple questions, and then those questions can be functionally tested for a rock solid finding. Anything less isn't pure science.

    A simple example is: Does science actually work? If so, there should be a method by which science provides a functional service for us that we can measure.

    The fact that I can read, and then dismiss, your comments, is only possible via the tools gifted to us by science. ie the internet.

    So, you clearly have no understanding of science as you have problems with the concept of discerning relevance.

    A simple example: The dishonesty of humans in the corporate structures may be interesting, but pure science is pure science and no corporation no matter how powerful can change the laws of physics.

    So prove your bs.

  129. Psinet, you ignore much of what has been posted.

    So why shouldn't we ignore your posts? You deny everything you don't like to hear. Scientists don't do that.

  130. And BTW, stop putting words in my mouth. I have never said a healthy diet isn't healthy. It is well known that a bad diet can increase the risks for certain cancers.


    The argument is - is it safe and wise to recommend Gerson Therapy OVER conventional medical treatments?

    Such an assertion requires proof. You are making that assertion, SO PROVE IT.

    We live in 2011. We don't need your medieval health propaganda to get well - we need FACTS AND FIGURES, DATA, RESEARCH AND MOST IMPORTANTLY PEER REVIEWED DOUBLE BLIND STUDIES.

    Otherwise you are basically a milder version of Jim Jones.

  131. LOL

    I can prove your computer works, I can prove the earth is round, and I can prove the efficacy of conventional medical cancer treatments.

    Very easily.

    Can ANYONE prove this drivel? No - they cant.

    Anecdotal evidence does not count. Plain and simple.

  132. @ Farren. Precisely. It's how their game works. The structure maintains itself from the top down like any other structure in any other industry. And it then uses it's own foothold against knowingly legitimate alternatives to discount, misrepresent and discard inconvenient findings. You see the trickle down effect everywhere. And you get people demanding that any differing views provide literature by the very system that stands to be inconvenienced or embarrassed by those views. Yet they offer no literature to formally discredit the view. It's brilliant actually. And the dogmatism in their system is baffling. But the scores of browbeaters are dwindling. And although there's no shortage of them on the interwebs, willing to bolero their keyboards to death, people in the real world, in real flesh and blood offer more tolerance and respect with their willingness to listen, learn, agree or disagree.

  133. (continuing from comment 134):

    AND, whenever someone in the medical community DOES get the funding and resources to attempt a study on something that goes against their core beliefs (that drugs are often the only "cure", that alternative therapies are all just used to make money for fraudsters, that no one has been cured by any alternative therapy...see how all their core beliefs make them incredibly biased?), the results are often tampered with or misrepresented to make it look like there were no good results

  134. "And what counts for truth in this world is mostly dependent on the piles of cash and legal rhetoric you can cover it with."

    that is the elephant in the room. totally true. many of the cures i've seen people healed from are so simple. but as soon as they are mentioned, attack-dog like fervor comes from the medical community, who is funded in large part by pharameutical giants, saying it must be double-blind tested and done all this rigorous testing. yet, no one puts forth the money or energy for these studies to be done (they claim it is a waste of time and money), so they never get done, so the medical community continues to hold its monopoly on what is told to the public and universities and researches as health truth or not

  135. Bang on. Your using anecdotal evidence against anecdotal evidence. And what counts for truth in this world is mostly dependent on the piles of cash and legal rhetoric you can cover it with.

  136. he saw it work with his own eyes... that is anecdotal evidence? for you maybe but not for farren

    and again, show us peer reviewed article that disproves what is being said here.

    because if we do not have an article of proof that it works, doesnt mean it doesnt work.

    the only proof it doesnt work, what you propose, is a peer reviewed article that declares so.

    mr baloon :D

  137. I notice for all your hot air, you have no data or peer reviewed studies to present, not matter how many times it is requested.

    Fact is the only thing that is of any relevance here. Anecdotal evidence does not - and never has - counted as truth.

    And neither does propaganda.

  138. Are there blind studies available that prove nutrition beyond a shadow of a doubt to be completely useless against fighting cancer? Otherwise, such assertions would be based just as much on 'anecdotal' evidence.

    Anecdotal evidence is still information like everything else. And like everything else, you take it with a grain of salt. MEDICINE and SCIENCE (as if we don't understand the value of them unless you spell them in f-in CAPS) is all too often subject to nepotism and shadiness. So while our establishment likes to devalue anecdotal evidence, I tend to be just as skeptical of mainstream information. I know first hand that my mother has reversed her diabetes and insulin dependence because of a strict raw diet. I know first hand that my cousin who has arthritis has had excellent results from using hemp oil topically.

    I also know first hand that when used properly, certain homeopathic and natural treatments, oils and vitamins have kept my family healthy, free of colds, headaches, flus and other sickness for several years now. And none of them have the support of SCIENCE or MEDICINE. They are all anecdotal and offer no form of profit to the existing corporate-government paradigm.

    I reference alternatives all the time and always make sure to include a footnote for people to do the research themselves. And a healthy nod to conventional wisdom is always included.

    Placing responsibility for the lives and health of cancer patients on regular people sharing information is ludicrous. The only individuals legally and ethically responsible for the lives of cancer patients are those with certified positions and titles...who ironically have waivers. And those positions have no place for conflicting 'alternatives'. So knock of the 'risking lives' crap.

  139. "Rude is a matter of opinion. Polite and friendly is a matter of opinion."

    not really. i mean i see your point, but you have called me and people who think this documentary is a good thing, synonyms to (mo-ron, id-iot, st-up-id), and said Darwin should have our way with us, which means we should go extinct, which basically means you are saying we should just die. how is that polite or friendly?

    i have seen plenty of evidence that this film is the real deal, from my own experiences (which you have not ever tried-ever tried a raw food diet yourself? ever tried an extended fast? ever had a colonic?), and so i know it works. but that's all well and good because it's not my job here to convince you that "i am right" or that "this doc is right".

    but you have taken it upon yourself, with your limited experience and views and from what you've read (many of the sources have been biased towards big profit vs. true health, fact), to come here and call people like me s t u p i d, and to be the self-proclaimed savior who saves people from what you think is a BS documentary.

  140. Rude is a matter of opinion. Polite and friendly is a matter of opinion. This site requires no membership. Anyone can post.
    More importantly, anyone can read it.

    Anyone who believes the drivel in this documentary would consider me arrogant. Anyone who knows that the drivel in this documentary is drivel would consider me rational.

    As I said - I will not be brow beaten by someone else's loose definition of polite and friendly, while you actively encourage the deterioration in health of others by recommending they skip conventional medical treatment. Anyone who does that is a darn fool.

  141. Psinet said:

    "If you read my post – you will see I am quite clearly stating that such topics are BEYOND the need for “polite and friendly”."

    tell that to Vlakto. being rude is against the policy of this site. just because you think you know more than me (and many people) doesn't give you the right to be rude.

  142. Lets get this straight. This is publicly accessible information. With all respect to Vlatko and his excellent site, posting highly controversial and medically discredited documentaries that actively encourage the dangerous activity of forgoing conventional medical treatment, in favor of some random gurus diet GUARANTEES the end of polite and friendly.

    If you expect me and the rest of the world to sit here in a polite and friendly way, and listen to your neurotically driven health propaganda while you risk the lives of innocent and poorly informed people - then you have another thing coming.

    The only thing I guarantee is rationale.

  143. As if anecdotal evidence amounts to anything. This is MEDICINE. This is SCIENCE. Such assertions and claims require DATA. Not some story about how someone tried eating something and felt better.

    @Farren. If you read my post - you will see I am quite clearly stating that such topics are BEYOND the need for "polite and friendly". If you cannot deduce the meaning of such straight forward and simple statements then you clearly have no business making health related assertions. Science and data has nothing to do with polite and friendly.

    You ignorantly risk peoples lives by recommending food over medical treatment.

  144. Someone very close to me was diagnosed with cancer. After radical surgery and treatment, she was declared free of cancer. She then studied and began to follow a strict diet similar to what is suggested in this film. She was cancer free for seven years. The cancer did return and a year later she passed away at a very young age. I believe that following this diet may given her a few more years of healthy life. In the end nothing could save her. There are people who made money from the treatments that she underwent. They also added seven years to her life. While she was in remission, her doctors were quite supportive of her dietary lifestyle. These were the same doctors who made a pile of money treating her with modern technology. If cancer is ever eradicated, the ones who found the cure will be rich beyond their wildest dreams. It will also give them the credibility to fleece us trying to cure our next disease (sarcasm intentional).

  145. No, you haven't been polite and friendly. You keep saying this documentary and anyone who acknowledges the power in it to is bs, and that "Darwin will have his way with us, and the world will be less ****** (whatever that means).

    That's not polite, and that's not friendly.

    You apparently don't like this documentary. Just because it goes against your belief system, doesn't mean you have to keep coming back here over and over and saying anyone who might find it inspiring or helpful to be mentally challenged.

  146. Does polite and friendly extend to misinforming dangerously ill people and directing them to discredited treatments that simply don't work, thereby risking unknown numbers of lives?

    I am sorry, but for me, polite and friendly ends there. Arguments over ID/Evolution do no harm, and people shouldn't get too worked up about such things -...... but this?

    This is another level entirely. Peoples lives are at risk.

  147. "At TDF we pride ourselves on polite and friendly comments. Please read and understand the following questions before you post a comment."

  148. At least the Alternative Therapy Fascist's Propoganda has died down.

  149. Science and ego are mutually exclusive.

    Bahaha you prefer to be "right" over living. No worries - darwin will have his way with you and the world will be less stupid.

  150. test

  151. wow fallacious arguments from all angles in this thread. more research and less ego battles may be the way forward.

    just one perspective 8-)

  152. People get cancer. People die from cancer. Pharma companies try to find a cure for cancer. People are sometimes cured by these therapies; sometimes they're not. Pharma companies make money anyways. They must be frauds. All logical.

    I expect 100% cure rate from the Pharmas or I won't trust them. I will not be suckered into giving them my money - even if it kills me.

  153. @genaro

    The question here is simple. Does diet cure cancer like the doco suggests? It is nothing more, and nothing less. "I’m not talking in absolutes like some of the morons who comment here". I am definitely talking in absolutes, but I am no moron. There has to be absolute proof that choosing a diet over cancer treatment is better for you. And it isn't.

    @I very much enjoyed and appreciated your post with two proviso's - I think separating science and technology is clearly counter-intuitive. One relies on the other, and the explosions in technology correlate perfectly with our scientific advancements. The other issue I have with your post is the "rationality" of Ayn Rand. Saying she is rational is like describing the hunting instincts of a tiger as rational - I SUPPOSE I would grant that - but it certainly isn't fair minded Westminster boxing. But that is for another thread.

    But in all honesty - bravo. The lack of insight around here is astonishing.

  154. One thing I can't get over is the amount of people who generalize alternative treatments and lump them all together to justify a prejudiced opinion. For those who say such things as "Alternative medicine is a bunch of hog wash, period!" (waldo) in this case, well I'm sorry but such a definite and general statement is totally unscientific and ridiculous. It seems strange how people can attack something like alternative medicine and "imply" that the practitioners claim 100% success. One thing I can say for sure is that most people who are "cured" by chemotherapy survive in spite of the treatment. I have seen many cases of people who are killed by the treatment before the cancer even gets the chance. Decimating a person's immune system with chemicals and radiotherapy doesn't give them a very good fighting chance.

    It's also worth pointing out that it HAS been scientifically shown that diet is a big influence. I mean you don't even have to be a scientist or doctor to see the logic in that. Not all alternative medicines cure cancer. The ones that cure cancer don't cure cancer all the time. The alternative medicine industry has a lot of snakeoil salesmen. Not all practitioners are snakeoil salesmen. You can be pretty sure that some of the worst snakeoil salesmen have been "sponsored" by the pharmaceutical industry to make the alternative medicine look dangerous. One such case is the psychopath Jim Humble and his MMS which is bottled bleach that cures "everything". Of course those who don't believe will always find the examples that prove them right. Hell, so can I, but remember, I'm not talking in absolutes like some of the morons who comment here. And don't doubt for a second that the pharmaceuticals dedicate plenty of time and money into discrediting the alternative medicine industry "for our own good"

  155. The internet is a good example of what is more a result of technology than science. It very well represents a socialistic and inframed thinking (nothing wrong with that EXCEPT that it lacks fantasy ). There were 100 of years lag between practise and theory when it comes to the invention of the Steammachine. Today a so called scientist can calculate in forehand what their experiment will add up to. So please keep technology and science apart. Technology is more dependendent to organization as well as centralization. well that's about that annoying aspect. A good read btw Technological Society - Jacques Ellul. French Christian Anarchoprimitivist. No reference to "God" in his book as well.

    now to the topic. Yeah AVOIDING things like Aspartame is good. Flouride is suspicious. The movie is about the shit that goes in hand with the development of technology. There has to be technological development when the population is growing. That's where the pesticides comes in. Flouride is in SSRIs like Prozac to. I think it's used to bind to fat tissue. Flouride in the water is idiotic. Thankfully we had Arvid Carlsson here preventing that. Adding sugar to foods is as moronic as well. And then putting in Aspartame as a replacement takes the price. Thanks to regulations we have marks of keyhole on the food that contains added sugar.
    It's impossible to get away from the preservationchemicals though in a modern society if one is not growing their own food.

    Even such a rational person as Ayn Rand was brainwashed into thinking cigarettes was harmless. Hydrogenperoxide isn't natural which seems implicated in the movie. Putting Amalgum in the mouth...yeah. Filling ones mouth with mercury isn't too clever..

    The movie is just about common sense and what to AVOID. Everyone taking psychopharmacological substances is at risk to of course. When it comes to schizophrenia and clinical there isn't much to do. Or perhaps in the later case in case of reactive hypoglycemia one can try a sugarfree diet. If it's about "lack of serotonine" which ackording to the present depression hypothesis is about DOWNREGULATING serotoninreceptors in prefrontal cortex (especially the so called 5HT-2c receptor) which as I understand is increasing the dopamine in that circuit as well in Nucleus Accumbens (the center of pleasure). Well if that hypothesis is true that's why a large people who is using 5-HTP (5-Hydroxy-L-tryptofane) is getting benefits.

    L-Tryptophane is a precursor to Serotonin and Tryptophane is huge in quantities in the African plant Griffona Simplicia which happens to be the main ingredient in 5-HTP. Before that people were treating their depression with L-Tryptophane. But because ONE batch of L-Tryptophane was infected with the however so severe eosinophilia-myalgia syndrome (EMS) which ackording to wikipedia caused the death of 37 persons it got banned. Prozac who has undeniable helped a lots of people popped up around that time.

    It has helped but like other medications (perhaps mainly) psychopharmacological it has a lot of sideeffects. One has to balance the benefit with the sideeffects. Not ONLY the side effects of using the meds for a while but the implications of long time use. The environmental implications of using those substances and so on.

    So what about treating food with cancer? That's a serious matter. It's so serious that instead of all that slow talking in the movie I rather would see the proposed diet directly. I would like to study the nutritient into detail especially the aminoacids. And ABOVE all that I would need to see at least ONE proposed hypothesis HOW that Honey, Tomatoes , Garlic or whatever is supposed to work with the illness. Someone in the commentfield had a essential-non essential aminoacid hypothesis going on. That's real nice. I appreciate that effort. That's why I appreciate the effort by Psychopharmacologist as for instance Stephen M Stahl to understand WHY their medications is working and WHICH side effects one can expect. It would even be nice that if it happens that a plant like 5-HTP works as good as prozac WITHOUT the sideffects they got the humbleness and ungreedyness to admit that. Truth before carrier should be a part of the MD education. But as one could see with Semmelweiss the reality is different. I've actually heard about him before and how he was treated when he came to the conclusion we take for granted nowadays. "Wash your F&%&% hands for christ sake".

    Well this is almost becoming a book preface..
    Until you loaded your flaming "verbalbombs" aiming towards me for not watching the whole movie and / or writing a small novella :P.

    Avoid chewing mercury. Avoid excessive sugar. Avoid unecessary "taste-enhancers" like aspartame. Wash your hands and please please sneeze in your goddamn armpits not in your hands.
    Over and out.

  156. Stop blowing hot air and SHOW US SOME DATA ON YOUR ASSERTIONS AND CLAIMS.

    Claims like conventional treatment doesn't work. If that is true, there will be HUNDREDS of credible trials showing it.

    Where are they? Because I have HUNDREDS of credible trials showing it DOES.

    Lies, lies lies and false hope.

  157. We have already been over the ground of dbl blind study trials - it was explained that dishonesty amongst some humans does not negate science or its methods.

    However, people with discerning minds still need raw data.
    But no on can meet my challenge - only attack and insult. This is a complete give away. You have no data. Only hope - but hope doesn't count as data.

    So here it is again:

    On request, I shall provide proof of the efficacy of conventional treatments compared to no treatment. But only AFTER someone posts a peer reviewed, independent study in which Gerson Therapy is directly compared to conventional treatment, using double blind trials.

    Otherwise, you are just asking ppl to “trust you”, which is no proof at all.

    Enjoy your "magic" internet made from dishonest scientists. pfft

  158. where can I e-personally thank to vlatko for so much space to rant around? thousand thanks

    and for the great documentaries, after I subscribed it keeps flooding me, in a positive manner

    thank you

    and delete this, along with psinet responses (joke, ok?)

  159. phew, wasn't here for a few day and what a colossal dialogue... or what ever took place here :)

    I am kind of getting to what psinet is trying to tell, and there is nothing wrong with it. There is a great deal of science, medical science, that is very very good. And even the "pro-non-conventional" people (Princeton namely, and me but not so) said it. Right now I am on antibiotics, not for the first time, and if I lived lets, say, 50 years ago, I could have been dead several times (if possible :).... positive medical story, I am, and waldo is too, health to you.

    On my college I had semester on cell, biochemistry and what not. My mother is a doctor, I have friends that are doctors, and I know how they are educated. I had lessons on each (known) type of cell/tissue... they had the same plus pathogenic behavior. My rough (gut) estimate is they know ten times more... Chemo is a poison, but a poison designed for specific pathogenic cell status. The systems are very complex, utilizing same molecules from all different aspects so it is hard to construct a situation specific molecule. But the research goes forward, new methods are found. For example, I read this times ago, they designed a molecule that attached on the cancer cells, so it was marked, and then the radio therapy was much more efficient and much more target specific, cause the specific wavelength interacted only, rather mostly, with the targeted molecule, witch was mostly attached to the cancer cell. So psinet as you can see, by this example and paragraph, I know something and am a fan of science.

    As princeton suggested, I can challenge you with some peer reviewed observations in medical science, I can not, but thanks for trusting me. What I can show you psinet, are articles by scientists, and non-state organizations that are in total opposition on GMO(part of my degree work) . Yet these are the same scientists you and I trust. So for me, and maybe for princeton too, it is up to how far should we trust them? In my course on GMO, I learned many issues, one is that both sides use dirty tactics.

    My first response to this video was that I found it plausible, maybe it was because they presented me with some facts that I know of are true (or I just assume so) and I ate the rest of the rubbish with it. But I have a good reason why it seams plausible for me.

    Cancer needs, nutrients to grow, of course. By utilizing low protein diet you may be able to starve it, I would say, with the rest of the body. When you consume meat, you are getting proteins, of which most can be produced by your body (if not all, my bad for being not good student). In plants you are getting essential proteins, which you can not produce (this is general, but serves its purpose). So by eating plants only, you reduce intake of non-essential proteins, which then are in deficiency, so body uses them where they are needed, and the cancer cells may be excluded. So this is my hypothesis and assumption.

    I am aware that it can be attacked on many points. The one that hits me straight, is how can a body know where to move proteins, cause it is in blood and cells take it as they need it... there are some mechanisms, that can operate such physiological behavior, blocking some tissues from nutrients and what not. Trying to disprove me there and saying I am wrong is easy and useless while:

    Whether my assumption is right or wrong, was it ever peer reviewed (probably)? Have you ever read that review? You are telling that we should show you a study, but sometimes there are no studies for such hypothesis, while they are "wacky", while no one thought of it, while some one does not want to know. I assume there is a study, and it probably is not in consensus with this documentary, for, and I mean it, whichever reason of those and those not mentioned, to put it simply, I do not know many things, ironically cause I saw how they work...

    Lets use null hypothesis. Show us a peer reviewed article, where it says diet does not cure cancer, under specifications of my above assumption. (this is also dedicated towards the confirmation bias, because if you know something about it, you also know we all sin, and even thou critical thinking is a good medicine, we all skip it unknowingly).

    I guess you are right psinet, science is great, it moved us forward, but in my opinion as would science say, if it had a mouth (keyboard :), most of the times...

    My most basic objection is that, while we see how it is corrupted, should we trust it as you do?... (I am aware, that with this we are way off your basic clause that the doc. is dangerous, but most of the discussion went astray, in yours caluse's sense, but we are going deeper and deeper...)

    I suggest that case studies may (and do) bring different results, based on which "side" does it. Do you agree? (i do not require simple yes or no, cause this question as most are, is not that simple...)

    Are the testimonies in this documentary and in the responses hoaxes?

    And homework for me, I must contact a friend from a pharmaceutical company, to ask him about general numbers on drug efficacy, before they are released to the market. I await a surprising number, to some of us at least. And I will have a discussion about this doc also. Any other suggestions?

  160. great work @princeton and others.

    at the end of the day, people must decide for themselves. the Gerson therapy has saved many people who were told point blank by the conventional medical system that there was no hope for them, and that had sent them home to do.

    what would you do?

    i sure know what i do. i've made lifestyle changes towards those advocated by the Gerson therapy, and have seen noticeable improvements. i feel so much better than before. i have seen people cured of CANCER, DIABETES, ARTHRITIS, OBESITY all by making healthy choices like those advocated in this documentary

    Psinet continues to believe in a giant, corrupt, and greedy "health" industry. yes, they sometimes do kill the cancer completely, and a patient may live many years afterwards. but the damage done by chemo and radiation and other toxic drugs is powerful, and a force to reckoned with in itself.

    why Psinet believes in a corrupt and greedy system is no surprise. it's all we are bombarded with. in drug advertisements, in major universities, in news reports about health and drugs,... the giant pharma industry is a huge multi-armed octopus with tentacles in all of these things.

    doctors continue to say that diet has little or no effect on health, yet the reverse is true. they are telling you to stop thinking, and just follow their simple mantra that expensive and toxic drugs are the ONLY answer. sure, they work sometimes, but they are bandaids. never root cures.

  161. No credibility.

  162. Haha just bothered to do some research, and discovered that mortality rates for all types of cancer have been steadily dropping since 1985.

    But I have a problem.

    If I show you where I got the data (a non-government medical body), you will simply attack the source.

    If I can get you to believe that mortality is dropping, you will probably find someway to attribute it to Gerson Therapy related pursuits lol

  163. Most here seem to be lost in something called relativism. This is a trap.

    There IS such a thing as proof. If you don't believe me, then ask yourself how all this technology you are using works. This technology is PROOF of the scientific method. I can PROVE to you that the earth circles the sun. Not just suggest it, but unequivocally PROVE it.

    You seem to doubt that such knowledge exists.

    If so, then do you care to explain to me how a method based on lies and falsehoods created your computer and the internet?

    The same methods of deductive reasoning quickly show that this is quackery. A simple question like "Well if Gerson Therapy works on ppl, why do rabbits (who eat only fresh vegetables) get cancer?".

    The answer is: Diet does not stop cancer. Unless maybe if you are eating cancer killing nano-tech robots.

  164. ROFL no one here is asking for proof of god, and if god doesn't exist, there is no harm done.

    However, if the Gerson Therapy doesn't work, then ppl are putting their lives at risk by choosing it over medicine.

    Sorry but such a daft argument doesn't cut it here.

    I can't believe you can say you don't dismiss science, but you don't believe in dbl blind trials!!

    Double blind trials are by definition TRUSTWORTHY. If someone manipulates the data, that is another issue entirely. If someone misinterprets the data, that is also another thing. And YOU can spend your time and money how you like. But don't play with other peoples health without PROOF.

    So I finally have an admission that there is no evidence for Gerson Therapy using standardized trials. There is only the magical evidence that vanishes on inspection.

    Case closed.

    Unless someone ELSE thinks they can present such data?

    On request, I shall provide proof of the efficacy of conventional treatments compared to no treatment. But only AFTER someone posts a peer reviewed, independent study in which Gerson Therapy is directly compared to conventional treatment, using double blind trials.

    Otherwise, you are just asking ppl to "trust you", which is no proof at all.

  165. i want scientific proof that god exist not just testimony of pple experiences , same logic goes here.

  166. @waldo
    check out "the real costs of regulation" by john stossel abc investigative reporter if you care to understand why regulating markets leads to way more corruption than letting the markets correct/police themselves.


  167. you can get a lot of thing out of your system by eating veg but not everything

  168. @ waldo
    I said I didn;t want to waste my time at some colege professor's whims.. been in two universities... and my time is better spent doing independent research.. you should read my posts better... maybe others can put up with the indoctrination and subjugation to get access to the funds and labs.. not I said the duck!

    well the fact is corruption will always be a possibility, especially with just a handful of regulating agencies and government control of funds.. lol.. you always ignore the gun in the room that is actually the cause of exagerrated social ills...

    people voluntarily trading with each other (capitalism) is not an option if you claim to want or live in a free society... no matter how much some people's decisions urk you, they have the right to chose how to spend their time and money!

  169. your challenge is moot if by your own admission, double blind studies have been corrupted many times and have produced products that have been retracted...

    i don't have any double blind studies for gerson.. but your double blind studies for conventional treatments do not mean squat either

    here is some interesting quotes though

    "Finding a cure for cancer is absolutely contraindicated by the profits of the cancer industry’s chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery cash trough."—Dr Diamond, M.D.

    Two to 4% of cancers respond to chemotherapy….The bottom line is for a few kinds of cancer chemo is a life extending procedure---Hodgkin's disease, Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL), Testicular cancer, and Choriocarcinoma."---Ralph Moss, Ph.D. 1995 Author of Questioning Chemotherapy.

    "We have a multi-billion dollar industry that is killing people, right and left, just for financial gain. Their idea of research is to see whether two doses of this poison is better than three doses of that poison."—Glen Warner, M.D. oncologist.

    "As a chemist trained to interpret data, it is incromprehensible to me that physicians can ignore the clear evidence that chemotherapy does much, much more harm than good."---Alan Nixon, Ph.D., Past President, American Chemical Society.

    "A study of over 10,000 patients shows clearly that chemo’s supposedly strong track record with Hodgkin’s disease (lymphoma) is actually a lie. Patients who underwent chemo were 14 times more likely to develop leukemia and 6 times more likely to develop cancers of the bones, joints, and soft tissues than those patients who did not undergo chemotherapy (NCI Journal 87:10)."—John Diamond

    The Failure of Chemotherapy
    by author Zoltan Rona, MD
    (^ to .) alive^com/75a1a2^php?subject_bread_cramb=352

  170. @psinet get educated. this was not a great documentary to the eye. However...keep reading. The truth of the matter is that no one source will tell you everything that matters. Just like having one income source for all of your money is a dumb idea, having one info source for all of your information is a dumb idea. Everyone has an agenda, whether it’s secret or not. This agenda is clouded by politics, economics, religion, personal bias, and a million other things. one thing is when big money is involved or When the budget is low, the first element to go out the door is the truth.

    Princeton thanks for educating the un-eduacted­. Something so simple needs to be drilled into ignorant minds...they can't figure this stuff out on their own...thanks for helping to teach simple facts. You can pull up information to support either argument good or bad. It really is so simple and some are just so brainwashed to one way of thinking. I guess it depends on culture and what part of the world you live in. There will always be more we dont know we dont know and not even know we dont know it. And, Knowledge is just bookish as long as it's not understood by ignorant mind and put to practice. Self-evolution happens in different ways for different people. The human mindbody is incredible. It can convince you that you have great power. It can convince you that you have great worry. It can hold onto anything. The mind can give you a life of suffering or a life of joy. You really are the decisive element in every situation.

    We’ve all been given advice, right? It comes from anywhere, our parents, our friends, our co-workers. Everywhere you go billboards scream at you to settle down and conform to a society. On this topic you see it everywhere-more and more are going towards wellness. Wake up.

    One of the first steps in becoming superhuman is developing the ability to become cognizant of who is for you or against you. I call this Zombie Hunting. The truth is that we live in a world filled with people who are either asleep, given up, tired, or they want to drag you down with them into the sewage of the remnants of the society they wished still existed. Once you can pick these people out of a crowd, you’ll be able to either make the conscious choice to help them, or you can make the choice to leave them behind.

    The information that you take into your mind shapes the way you think — words have power to control your mind — the power of auto-suggestion.

    Realize that all information can also be manipulation. This is why anyone you meet who only gets their information from Cable news tends to think that they’re going to be mugged or murdered if they leave their house and that full-body scanners in airports are going to keep them safer from terrorists.

    When the reality is that these people will die in their cars and on their couches while they’re watching cable news.

    Sometimes the difference between being asleep and awake is simply the ability to ask a simple question: “what is the truth?”

    Sometimes the truth will surprise you.

  171. @ Princeton

    I can tell you exactly why dangerous drugs got on the market after legit studies said they shouldn't, and why scientific studies were manipulated top say they should. Because of the unfettered capitalism you think is the savior of mankind pal. They are the ones that back the research with funding, and they mean to make their profits no matter what. Scientists often are also corrupted by these people and the offer of huge money to perpetuate desease instead of cure it. If it were up to the scientists involved they would do none of this, they have nothing to gain by it. They get paid a salary one way or the other for the work they get done, but they are told you either give me the study results I want and get this drug on the market or you can give up ever getting on another research project- or- we will pull your funding for such and such. You really are bent and twisted person if you don't see this plain as day. It is not the science nor the scientists that have the issue it is the capitalist system they are forced to work within that corrupts things. And no, smart a55 my body didn't fight the cancer off. I was on deaths door trying to let it, because I could not afford treatment due to your capitalist buddies and then finally the state steppped in and got me the treatment I needed and I got well. Very few people beat it on their own, just like very few people have managed to do the same thing while taking this carrots and grass therapy, coincedence? I think not. Where as thousands have gotten better or lived longer through real medical treatment. Just because somone you know didn't, well whoopty doo. The numbers are so far in traditional medicines favor that this is really another pointless, kindegarten, Princeton type arguement and I am done with it.

    By the way I read your post plain and clear, you said people that bothered to get degrees were waisting their time at the whim of some college professor, shall i copy and paste it for you? Then in the last statement you say these people, people with degrees, are the giants (LOL) on whos shoulders you stand. Which is it? Never mind, maybe psinet has the patience for intentional ignorance but I don't, have a nice day.

  172. Since my challenge is obviously the final word on this argument, I will be checking regularly to see if any "believers" can meet the challenge.

    Are you relying on people's good nature and trust to believe you? Because that wont do.

    Prove it.

  173. I still see no data.

    Just hot air.

    Do you concede that you cannot meet the challenge?

    If you do not concede, then I challenge again:

    On request, I shall provide proof of the efficacy of conventional treatments compared to no treatment. But only AFTER someone posts a peer reviewed, independent study in which Gerson Therapy is directly compared to conventional treatment, using double blind trials.

  174. @psinet
    no one ever said to abandon science..
    but people (individuals) conduct science and as ranalti articulated.. money SCREAMS with these studies which is why the chance of corruption is very high when the stakes are life or death..

    I hardly trust any company pushing drugs that keep patients dependent/sick as opposed to fostering and boosting the body's own healing mechanisms.

    to conduct science properly.. one has to take all this into account and recognize their own limitations.. if double blind studies have failed us in the past over money and other reasons.. then one should thread carefully in calling people quacks who are attacked by a clearly biased establishment that has much to lose/gain!

    a little logic and common sense goes a long way in such a situation.. and sometimes just trusting some study that came out (especially when the people who fund/regulate it are biased) is very dangerous!

  175. So then you are stating that because there are some dishonest people in the world, science should be abandoned altogether?

    If not, then please meet my challenge.

  176. Whats the problem? Can't meet my challenge? Making another challenge to avoid meeting the initial challenge is simply cowardice and obfuscation. You will not be left in peace to spread your propaganda here. This is a public space - assertions in public are to be universally challenged by science. Anything less is a disservice to truth.

    I challenge again:

    On request, I shall provide proof of the efficacy of conventional treatments compared to no treatment. But only AFTER someone posts a peer reviewed, independent study in which Gerson Therapy is directly compared to conventional treatment, using double blind trials.

    Otherwise, you are simply hot air. Plain and simple.

  177. @psinet
    lol.. guess who doesn't respond to evidence!.. so now the fact that your oh so glorious double blind studies can be manipulated is irrelevant? Lawl

    see, its not only bad that they are oft-times fraudulent and manipulated.. its is also another problem that these studies are only looking for a positive effect statistically above chance & placebo, which ... but the negative effects are unknown and many times the studies are not comprehensive enough because there are too many unknowns in complex biological systems for this drug based approach as opposed to building up the immune system that has evolved over millenia to repair the body (which naturally kills cancer cells all the time on its own but fails sometimes)

    lol.. trully funny thing
    "its irrelevant"

  178. Actually, Princeton - I addressed your argument in the post just before yours. Did you bother to read it?

    Here it is again for you - spoon fed: "it is not relevant that some studies are fraudulent. Some people crash cars – it doesn’t mean you can assert that they don’t travel from A to B. There will always be dishonest people and corporations. THAT DOES NOT MEAN YOU ABANDON SCIENCE."

    I challenge again:

    On request, I shall provide proof of the efficacy of conventional treatments compared to no treatment. But only AFTER someone posts a peer reviewed, independent study in which Gerson Therapy is directly compared to conventional treatment, using double blind trials.

    Otherwise, you are simply hot air. Plain and simple.

  179. @psinet

    I see you will just ignore opinin's & my challenge to explain why double blind studies have actually allowed dangerous drugs on the market that have later been retracted... not just a few times.. but dozens of incidents...

    until you can explain that... your full faith in double blind studies is nothing but hot air. plain and simple!

  180. And it is not relevant that some studies are fraudulent. Some people crash cars - it doesn't mean you can assert that they don't travel from A to B. There will always be dishonest people and corporations. THAT DOES NOT MEAN YOU ABANDON SCIENCE.

    I challenge again:

    On request, I shall provide proof of the efficacy of conventional treatments compared to no treatment. But only AFTER someone posts a peer reviewed, independent study in which Gerson Therapy is directly compared to conventional treatment, using double blind trials.

    Otherwise, you are simply hot air. Plain and simple.

  181. I see no peer reviewed scientific study here using double blind methods.

    I need data - not hearsay.

    I challenge again:

    On request, I shall provide proof of the efficacy of conventional treatments compared to no treatment. But only AFTER someone posts a peer reviewed, independent study in which Gerson Therapy is directly compared to conventional treatment, using double blind trials.

    Otherwise, you are simply hot air. Plain and simple.

  182. @psinet

    will you face my challenge that many of your independent peer review double blind studied drugs have actually caused much harm and have been retracted later as being ineffective or the study itself was manipulated as @opinin so eloquently posted?

  183. @psinet
    look up dean radin's work
    youtube watch?v=qw_O9Qiwqew&feature=channel

    a lecture where he steps you through all the studies and experiments conducted for decades.

  184. No, you are wrong - again. Peer reviewed, scientific, independent dbl blind trials have NEVER shown statistical proof of psychic phenomena.

    If they have, please prove it. Or stop lying.

  185. I challenge again:

    On request, I shall provide proof of the efficacy of conventional treatments compared to no treatment. But only AFTER someone posts a peer reviewed, independent study in which Gerson Therapy is directly compared to conventional treatment, using double blind trials.

    Otherwise, you are simply hot air. Plain and simple.

  186. @psinet
    most of your double blind studies are not independent and funded by the drug manufacturers themselves.. with company employees later working for regulating agencies.. so your words apply to your stance also

    if i may repeat.. double blind studies have allowed many dangerous drugs on the market and have been proven to have been either ineffective or manipulated in the past.

    Double blind statistical studies have also been used to prove psychic phenomena and ESP... so go figure!

  187. I am a "parrot of the corrupt and wealthy" am I?

    My god you are so strange. It is none of your business, but since you are insulting me and putting words in my mouth, here is a summary of who I am.

    I am permanently disabled. I am almost entirely home bound. My income is around $US16,000 a year. I have an average measured IQ of 147+, and I am almost entirely self-educated (so much for your educated-into-indoctrination theory). I am 34.

    I am extremely left-leaning, and see unregulated capitalism as one of the greatest modern evils. I support women's free-choice with their bodies (although I doubt I would personally have anything to do with abortion). I support voluntary euthanasia in extreme and verified circumstances. I support gay marriage and gays in the defense forces. I attend music festivals with thousands of hippies regularly.

    As I said - I am the least conventional person I know. I consider people who follow things like Gerson Therapy to BE conventional - because it is normal to fall for such mumbo jumbo.

    It is you who are spellbound, my friend. I have freed myself from having to "believe" anything. And you can be sure these "powers that be" that you refer to have never given me friggin anything.

    So try and stop the conspiracy voices in your head.

  188. @psinet
    here we go with the "cruel" hooplah
    keep the sentimental i$h to yourself.. i'm here for truth & knowledge.. I know & know of many people on chemo who died and lived their last days in debilitated states because of the treatment.. so i don't wanna hear it from you boi!

    I have been very civil & on topic this whole discussion.. you have been snake-like and down right arrogant to the point you can't possibly accept that you could possibly be wrong about something, even to the point of making up straw-men and twisting my arguments, calling me unscienticic...

    YOU are NOT science..
    disagreement with you is not hatred or disdain for science..
    this is just more of your childi$h propaganda & you only make yourself look bad the more you spit that nonsense

    you use confirmation bias on real life people who have been cured of the same illness through nutrition, but when the same argument gets flipped as it should to the drug pushing orthodoxy, you get all emotional.. what a biased perspective you hold!

    p.s. your double blind studies have allowed very dangerous drugs on the market that have later been retracted.. do please find another leg to stand on!

  189. @waldo
    about your take on capitalism...
    this argument i will put forth is the real dichotomy between government imposed regulation and anarcho-capitalism.

    should one group of individuals get to initiate the use of force against another? plain and simple!

    another way to put it is

    Should a service be provided at the barrel of a gun?

    I'm interested to know your response.. because this is all there is to understand and this is the only motivation for anarcho-capitalists like myself who push for a vonluntary society.. forget the political gibberish and historical facts which can always be twisted to support a certain ideology... should people be free to choose how to live their life or should some "all-knowing" faction force them to comply based on 200 year old unsigned documents?

  190. I cant believe you are so arrogant as to be talking to a cancer patient who recovered via conventional treatment, and you are trying to tell him he was poisoned and simply recovered through luck.

    Not only are you dangerously deluded, you border on cruel.

  191. people like psinet are great parrots of the corrupt and wealthy "health" industries.

    all there is to it. they will deny and diss ad finitum. there are so many people like this so it helps to repeat the good news of facts like princeton did, and that are in this movie and others.

  192. good post @princeton

  193. Bahahaha confirmation BIAS can be applied to chemotherapy - you really are out of touch.

    Chemotherapy has been PROVEN because of double blind trials. Statistics don't lie.

    However Gerson Therapy advocates DO lie.

    I demand an independent source of info with a side by side comparison of Gerson Therapy vs conventional treatment, done in a rigorous double blind trial. Something NOT from Gerson related people.

    Otherwise, ALL of your assertions are baseless, and you have no right to use the word "Truth".

  194. Alls i'm saying is that if you are going to assume that its just confirmation bias and that their body just randomly healed itself.. then the same can be assumed for the poisonous chemo and medical drugs (but at least through diet we know there is no poison/side effects involved). & waldo, you can say chemo saved you all day & it very well may have.. but you still know its poison.. & many who undergo it (most) are not so lucky..

    Again.. thanx waldo for mis/not reading my posts.. your rebuttal is exactly what i expressed (but not so snake-like) when I said I stand on shoulders of giants... I can refer to the work of people with degrees who actually cared enough to dedicate their life to a specific field of study.. same as I can dedicate my life studying my passions on my own & others may learn from me. I have no problem with & will gladly defer to authority (consensual authority & not forced upon me) that I deem credible. No one can get a degree in every field or study every single topic extensively, so this is a necessity, but i can also do independent research and not just swallow what the majority and those who have the most to gain are preaching but come to my own conclusions through a mix of perspectives from experts who disagree with each other.

    many of the drugs which were put through double blind studies have also been retracted for the harm they cause and later found not so effective.. so either they manipulate the research to their own benefit.. or the studies are not so effective in the realm of complex organisms and curing disease. by their own admission they do not know the effects & how most drugs out there fully interact with the organism.. they just test to see if there is a desired effect above placebo and chance but so many factors are unknown and can't be known.. which is proven time and time again.. but hey.. keep drinking the coolaid.

  195. @ waldo & psinet
    if you want people that have been cured through the natural approach, then check out (change ^ to .)
    gerson^org/GersonTherapy/studies^htm (dr. gerson's published scientific studies)

    and not to mention the scores of people who have been cured of diabetes (modern medicine considers incurable) through nutrition alone ( and other chronic illnesses)
    watch "simply raw" if you care to see a group of individuals get rid of diabetes in less than 30 days here-
    and learn about the doctors (with degrees lol) who put the project together:
    Fred Bisci, Ph.D.
    Joel Fuhrman, M.D.
    Gabriel Cousens, M.D., M.D.H, D.D.
    Bruce Lipton, Ph.D.
    Dr. Brian Clement, Ph.D., N.M.D., C.N.
    Gary Null, Ph.d.
    Julian Whitaker, m.d.

    please don't give me the confirmation bias nonsense, because the same could be said about those who were cured through chemo and modern medicine's drugs.. "maybe your body was able to fight the cancer on its own" despite all the poison you were receiving waldo!
    personally I have a neighbor who got all the chemo and modern medicine.. and she has less than six months to live.
    My wife's father was given a similar sentence and has now held out longer through nutrition.. Dr lorraine day herself can personally attest to the effectiveness of nutrition..

  196. seems my previous post is "awaiting moderation"

  197. ROFL Thank you, for reprinting my devastating post in full again ;)

    If you read my last post - it is from a cancer sufferer who tried Gerson Therapy. Not the government, not the FDA - just a person.

    Not everyone is involved in a global conspiracy to fool you. At least I know I am not.

    And I don't think a health crisis is the best time to be trying to make informed decisions, either.

    And no - I am not from USA. I am from Australia.

    I will not be going away - I will not give the anti-science kooks one ounce of peace.

    I am here to harass and debunk you - because you risk peoples lives with your fairy tales.

  198. @Waldo @Psinet Do you live in AMERICA...?

  199. @psinet & waldo
    i love the rants.. amazing how you guys simply ignore everything I say and run off at the mouth (keyboard I should say) in hopes of finding a way to put others down. talk about strawman?

    psinet.. you keep telling me I don't trust science and medicine.. this is the last time i will tell you, this is not the case, its simply a matter of which scientist and which doctors, because there is no consensus and reputable doctors are the ones that led me to my opinions.. majority does not mean correct as has been proven so many times before.

    Many of the medical advances you use to back up the medical establishment were also ridiculed and treated as quackery when first discovered, so you are actually backing up my point on this.

    waldo.. I never said that modern medicine did not save lives.. what I said was their modus operandi and their treatment of opposing views has lead to the deaths of many. If you actually took the time to read what I said, I explicitly mentioned the fact that I respect medicine and many of its technological advancements.. in emergencies I will go to doctors.. but In the same breath, my issue is with their over-reliance on drugs that cause much harm to patients and have been proven in the past to actually cause more harm than the benefits they provide.

    Also, about the medical Business.. unchecked capitalism is not to blame here either.. the medical field is and has been overly regulated for a very long time now which has & always leads to many of the problems, corruption and increases in costs.. you can't blame something that hasn't been done (unchecked capitalism).. the medical field is probably one of thee most regulated sectors of the economy.
    google "john stossel health insurance" and check out his report.
    There is also plenty of evidence that socialist health-care simply raises waiting times and decreases the quality of care, because there is no longer an incentive to perform or innovate, nor any reward for excellence... since its all free, it also leads to abuses of the system by individuals who really don't need care, but tie up doctors..
    go here for a very detailed run through of why socialized heatlthcare is problematic.

  200. Psinet said:

    "No one can provide ANY proof that even ONE SINGLE PERSON has been cured of CANCER by this therapy. Why?

    Because these quacks do not submit themselves to double blind trials, and no scientist or doctor worth his salt would risk the lives of humans by forgoing MEDICAL treatment in favor of testing this junk.

    So you don’t have one single example of proof (scientific proof, not your “i believe” truth). Gerson is condemned everywhere I have looked as a dangerous quack with no more info for a patient than the average nutritionist. Except he tries to convince you you don’t need conventional treatment – a nutritionist would encourage such."

    see, you are following along with these lying organizations that are SAYING AND DOING ANYTHING THEY CAN do discredit Max Gerson and others out there who know more about health than they do. These organizations are in it for PROFIT. BILLIONS AND BILLIONS OF DOLLARS donated to charities over many decades. still no cure. they aren't looking for one. they are looking for drugs that sort of work but not really, especially ones that require long drawn-out prescriptions, which means more money for them in the long run.

    so by trusting what you hear and read that say there is no cure for cancer yet or that Max Gerson is a quack and anyone else in the holistic field is also a quack, you are eating up the lies. most of the people are. it's hard NOT to. only when you are forced into a health crisis or know someone who is, and who wants to search for their own answers, do you find people like Max, who have been intentionally tucked away out of history, so that few would find them and their words.

  201. Psinet, please watch the documentary. Then, you will see numerous people cured by this therapy.

    You will also see many medical doctors and mainstream medicine folk who are brainwashed with the same idea you have that no food/herb/natural cure exists, and that the only way is with expensive and toxic drugs.

    It can go back and forth forever. Watch the video, or if you have, watch it again and pay attention.

  202. Your "beliefs" are dangerous to others, and you need to be educated.

  203. Conspiracy Fascists is also another good name for you.

  204. @Waldo

    Congratulations on beating cancer, and also congratulations on not having your intellect smashed to bits by the flotsam and jetsam of useless knowledge.


    If you are so factual, please tell me where I said I believe everything the FDA, AMA and government tells me. Because if I didn't say that, then you are simply a liar and it is not worth deliberating your "facts".

    You handle arguments like you handle science and knowledge. With complete incompetence.

    No one can provide ANY proof that even ONE SINGLE PERSON has been cured of CANCER by this therapy. Why?

    Because these quacks do not submit themselves to double blind trials, and no scientist or doctor worth his salt would risk the lives of humans by forgoing MEDICAL treatment in favor of testing this junk.

    So you don't have one single example of proof (scientific proof, not your "i believe" truth). Gerson is condemned everywhere I have looked as a dangerous quack with no more info for a patient than the average nutritionist. Except he tries to convince you you don't need conventional treatment - a nutritionist would encourage such.

    Now, the world needs my brain to help with real problems - like extending human life expectancy.

    I cant be bothered wasting my time on people who simply don't believe in science and medicine.

    You are known as Luddites.

  205. @ psinet

    You might as well give up, these kind of people believe what they want to believe evidence or not. You can prove your case beyond a shadow of a doubt and they will not budge, they want to believe in magic and fairytales.Anyone worth their salt knows cancer will never be cured by diet. It can be prevented, or the risks lowered I should say, but never cured. There is not one spec of scientific data to prove otherwise. The few people that have been so called cured by this are no surprise. A few people have also been cured by doing absolutely nothing at all, their body simply found a way to beat it somehow. But it had nothing to do with their diet, and nothing to do with this bs. If you really want a chance at beating it, get real medical treatment and hope it works, or maybe you will be really lucky and your body will simply find someway to beat it. Eating carrots and grass sure isn't going to make any difference once you already have it though.

  206. @ Princeton

    Oh yeah, changing your brakes is exactly like curing cancer- great analogy. Trust me if you ever are unlucky enough to find yourself with cancer, like I did a few years back, you will gravitate toward what is proven to work and people that have degrees. Unless that is, your are thick enough to hold on to your apparrent hatred for authority and conventionalism unto your own demise.

    People that go to college and get degrees are far from wasting their time on the whim of some college professor. They are the giants on whos shoulders you claim to be standing on. In reality you are standing on a big pile of losers and bs, people much like yourself that just can't stand to admit that often things are done a certain way for a reason- cause it works. The true giants of medicine agree with the conventional treatment practices, certainly over the alternative bs like trying to cure cancer by eating healthy. You confuse the business of medicine with the science of medicine. The business is indeed corrupt and tearing this country apart, the science is ground breaking and people from all over the world flock here to take advantage of it.

    In 1950 the average cost of gall bladder surgery costed around 350 dollars, now it is around 25,000 for the same procedure. This is the problem with main stream medicine, the capitalism you cling so hard to, not the science. Another example of why regulation and oversight is neccessary for capitalism not to destroy a nation, leave it unchecked and the next thing you know you are going to paying for the air you breathe. Socialistic medicine has been proven to work better by Canada and Britain. People there get great health care, by their own admission, and do not have to pay these insane prices that can easily wreck a persons whole life simply because they got ill.

    Insurance is another corrupt and unreasonable racket. If one is unemployed they simply can not afford it. Most states have a very few insurance companies that get together and set prices such that they control the market. Right now we have tons of unemployed peoples in this country and if they have a car wreck or get sick in these tough times their whole life may be ruined. Their only saving grace has been the unemployment compensation that you rail against. When i was diagnosed with cancer the only thing that kept me and my family from starving was the social security disability compensation you also rail against.

    People like you are hopeless. You look at the cases of deception and usury in this country and blame them totally on the wrong thing. You infact support the true reasons for these causes, unchecked capitalism. The government and social safety nets are good things that never hurt a thing until unchecked capitalism started taking control of the government and using it to their advantage. You are complaining about the symptoms as if they were the cause of the illness and not the result.

  207. @ The Prince of bs

    You fail to adress the FACT that conventional medicine has saved thousanhds of lifes. Can you say that about the bs you cling to, no. Its not the degree that matters but the knowledge required to get it, nice try though.

  208. i've already started living the way taught by this therapy and other similar ones.

    i've been monitoring my saliva pH to keep it just in the alkaline side.

    i've been juicing fresh, organic vegetables and herbs

    i've done a number of fasts

    i've stopped eating meat, dairy, wheat

    my health has went up. i feel amazing compared to how i used to feel. i have so much energy oftentimes that i just want to go out and run because it's too much just to sit in front of the computer.

    if or when i get cancer, there's no doubt about what i will do. it definitely won't be chemotherapy or radiation. two of the most toxic and debilitating "treatments" there are--AND MOST OF THE TIME THEY ONLY LET YOU LIVE A FEW MONTHS LONGER. by healing the cancer naturally, that goes to years, decades longer, and not just in a few sporadic cases.

    those figures you got from wikipedia are part of the discrediting by the wealthy pharma and "health" industries. i wouldn't trust them with a 50ft pole, based on what i've learned about their actions over the decades. i don't know why you would.

  209. we can see Psinet is in denial. (or maybe..he is in de nile hehehe)

    Psinet, you are a rock that won't budge. you can stay in your rigid belief that what the FDA, AMA, and your government tells you is the whole truth and nothing but the truth

    but many people have seen them to be the crooks and liars they are, and have found better ways of living and healing.

    you still haven't (not even once!) addressed the people cured by the Gerson therapy

    you speak about CONFIRMATION BIAS and CRITICAL THINKING. where is your critical thinking?

    group A (FDA, AMA, rich pharmaceutical giants) have repeatedly lied and acted unehtically.

    you, Psinet, continue to listen to group A intently and believe whatever they say


    as for confirmation bias, it's all you believe. you're the one caught in confirmation bias. many have stepped out of their preconceived ideas, and began to look outside the box. you still haven't.

  210. I liked "the boy"

  211. Dangerous, cancer-prolonging, false-hope giving loonies.

  212. OMG did I read above that:

    "institutions like the American Cancer Society, the American Medical Association, dental physicians and institutions, the FDA, the USDA,have acted like bullies, talking bad about those who found real cures....................Even poisoning Max Gerson himself with arsenic.”

    ROFL. Did all of them poison him, or just one?

    You are a pack of loonies.

  213. Lol programmed.

    Lol "facts".

    Look up "Confirmation Bias". And while you are there, try "Critical Thinking".

    But please - go on. This is infinitely amusing. Until one of you gets cancer of course - then it will be simply tragic. Unless you are cured by medicine of course. Then it will simply be humbling for you.

    But I have no doubt your pride will rage on regardless.

  214. good points there @princeton. i wish Psinet would take the time to read through posts he doesn't like (yours and mine) before making false and silly blanket statements that have nothing to do with the actual documentary. just his limited beliefs...but it's hard to blame him because many have had those beliefs programmed into them from when they were little.

  215. Psinet, why keep calling this Gerson method a fairytale, a quackery, nonsense, etc., when you still haven't even acknowledged many facts?:

    "It is a very bold fact that big pharma will do and say whatever they can to discredit people who have found better ways of healing and living than the one preached in the mainstream news media, magazines, radio shows, and others. They have much profit to make. They have big mansion homes and expensive vehicles to buy. They have media to buy off. They have hospitals and universities to persuade and bribe to advertise and use their drugs."

    "many people have followed healthy, raw diets with organic fruits, veggies, sprouted nuts, seeds, herbs, wildflowers and been healed of things like diabetes, cancer, arthritis, mental disorders, etc."

    "here are a few for the sincere person looking for truth to google and check out. it just might save your life:
    dan the liferegenerator
    dave the raw food trucker
    the movie May I Be Frank"

    "It is amazing how many times the establishment, through institutions like the American Cancer Society, the American Medical Association, dental physicians and institutions, the FDA, the USDA, ..on and on…have acted like bullies, talking bad about those who found real cures.
    Even poisoning Max Gerson himself with arsenic."

    ...Psinet, why would the American Cancer Society, the American Medical Association, and others seek to so strongly fight against Max Gerson, if he was nothing more than a misguided idealist as you suggest? he was a real threat to them, and still is. why would they poison him with arsenic if nothing of theirs was at stake?

    "if Psinet had actually watched this documentary, he would have seen the many people saved and healed by this Gerson therapy he would have seen the mainstream hospitals repeatedly telling people they had no hope for survival, and yet when these sick people found the Gerson therapy and followed it, they were cured."

  216. @ psinet
    true, science in and of itself is responsible for life expectancy increases, but also realize that individual scientists are easily corruptible and heavily invested, especially in the medical field where the stakes are so high and people will quickly defer to authority out of fear.
    remember, most of the discoveries that allowed increased life expectancy (like washing your hands & Louis Pasteur's discoveries, germs, blood circulation, vitamins c & b) were also considered too simple and quackery with the medical establishment publicly ridiculing many of these scientists, but I see history will keep repeating itself won't it psinet & ed.
    you call farren dangerous for her views as if the ideology you are supporting has not caused the unnecessary loss of thousands of lives due to its mistakes or simply refusal to Investigate opposing views.
    I could understand belittling other opinions if drug pushing doctors actually had the solutions and had grasped all there was to know.. but they are still mostly in the dark and have to date failed to come up with any real cures. so as far as I know, the jury is still out and if you don't know the answers yourself, you just can't call others quacks or dangerous off hand. i mean you can, but Critical thinkers will recognize the propaganda & question your motives.
    facts we do know are that it is much more profitable to keep someone on super-expensive drugs than it is to simply cure them through diets. We also know most of those drugs have side effects almost as bad and sometimes worse than the disease itself. We also know drug manufacturers control the regulating agencies, which doctors so readily trust..
    I respect everything else in modern medicine (surgery,emergency care, EMT, life support, transplants etc...) .. but I think they fail miserably in their prolific administration of drugs & neglect of diet (I've eaten hospital food.. and it was not nutritious or even healthy, d@mn burger, fries, and cereal littered with aspartame HFCS & msg).

  217. Lol - do I have "other motives"? I assure you I have none. You realize paranoia is a common symptom of schizophrenia, right?

    So - because mistakes have been made in the past, and will also be made in the future (via evil profit drives or oversight) - what is it you are saying about science and medicine?

    Staying spellbound to the fairytale ideas of miracle cures is a sure-fire way to remain ignorant. It has been like so throughout history - they are called snake oil salesmen.

    Only science has led to the increased life expectancy of the west. Not miracle cures.

  218. there will always be those closed-minded folk who only wish to stir up trouble

    they used to think the earth was flat, and persecuted those who said otherwise

    they used to think smoking was good--even promoting it for doctors--and persecuted those who said otherwise

    they used to think chemicals like DDT were safe for public use on crops--and persecuted those who said otherwise

    they used to think aspartame was safe--and even promoted it widely for profit--and persecuted those who said otherwise

    i know it's futile to attempt to back-and-forth forever with people like Psinet, and Ed, and others who have no good intention in what they say

    but i continue to occasionally post so that a newcomer to this page may see some light in the darkness, before falling into the lie that is perpetuated by those who don't understand, or have profit motives to say otherwise

  219. so much for the Christmas Eve Truce...
    unfortunately the death industry
    grows richer meaner and more powerful
    with every victim they loot
    on the way to an early preventable demise.
    charles ranalli

  220. Aaaaaaand back again to the "diet and big pharma are behind cancer!"

  221. Correct. Dangerous quackery.

    Look up something called Confirmation Bias if you wish to know WHY you believe in this mumbo-jumbo. Any average nutritionist can put you on the path to a healthy diet. The problem of cancer still remains.

  222. Dangerous quackery.

  223. Wow! I've just finished watching this beautiful documentary.

    It is amazing how many times the establishment, through institutions like the American Cancer Society, the American Medical Association, dental physicians and institutions, the FDA, the USDA, ..on and on...have acted like bullies, talking bad about those who found real cures.

    Even poisoning Max Gerson himself with arsenic.

    The truth has been so tenaciously covered up for decades, that we have people like Psinet who are brainwashed into thinking what is taught in schools, universities, by the FDA, and the CDC is true.

    Here's a good question for anyone to discover their underlying bias:

    Why would anyone believe what supposedly learned physicians and institutions have to say, when those physicians and institutions are chronic liars? It makes no different what advanced terms they use or what they may know about molecules or isolated parts of the body. They still fail to grasp the bigger picture, and that picture picture is so much simpler. They are also in it for money. So that's like paying a criminal to watch your house when you go on vacation. They have acted greedily, stolen and lied for decades, yet people keep giving them their business and believing them wholeheartedly.

    People like Psinet are not skeptics. They are beyond the scope of the term. They are just deniers. Head in the sand, won't listen to other points of view no matter what. So it makes no difference what they say, because they don't care about the truth.

    if Psinet had actually watched this documentary, he would have seen the many people saved and healed by this Gerson therapy

    he would have seen the mainstream hospitals repeatedly telling people they had no hope for survival, and yet when these sick people found the Gerson therapy and followed it, they were cured.

    why is he still babbling on in a foul mood? he didn't even watch the doc.

  224. dear Psinet
    thank you for your good wishes.
    may we all move forward together
    with harmony and goodwill
    in our common search for truth.
    charles ranalli

  225. @psinet
    Awesome! you finally decided to get back on topic.. thanx a million.
    well i agree with almost everything you said now
    but I would add that all aspects of the benefits and pitfalls of diets have not been fully understood and would posit that diet and nutrition are a key component of health and medicine alongside all the medical and technological advancements..
    its not like i have problems with surgery and other medical tech.. but i know many who've suffered more due to medical drugs.. If i were to have listened to the medical professionals, I would be on dialysis like my auntie for sickle cell.. but no.. i rely on natural pain killers with no side effects (MJ).
    its also worth noting that though we have all these so called advances, our diets are littered with sugar, HFCS, aspartame, MSG and many other known toxins as well as doctors prescribing medications that oft times are later found to cause more harm than good, so a balanced view is all I suggest.

    Happy holidays.

  226. Merry Xmas and may your friends and family be healthy ;)

  227. And if people want to make their unbacked, unproven, "factual" assertions regarding medicine and science in public, be prepared to face the detailed and rigorous questioning and fact checking by your peers, like me.

    For that is the nature of science. That's why in all of history it has turned out to be the only thing we can trust.

    Without it - we wouldn't even be having this debate. And we would still have cancer.

  228. I too, want to believe in a simple answer.

    But there is none. Cancer is a complicated mechanism that is no way limited to diet alone. Unhealthy diets can contribute to cancers - raw uranium235 on toast is definitely bad. But when consuming a healthy diet, cancers still occur.

    Hence, we must move on from diet, and into the realm of biology and medicine. No?

    Critical thinking is a skill too many people lack. I must be the least conventional person I have ever met. I have an open mind - but not so open my brain falls out.

    The level of argument that this debate is at is kindergarten stuff. No-one is debating that healthy diets aren't healthy. That is plain obvious. No-one is arguing that corporations don't use their grubby money to sway dodgy scientists.

    What I AM arguing is the nonsense that diet is some kind of substitute for medicine and modern scientific advancements.

    Because that is just an utter load of rubbish.

  229. @Psinet
    "They are dangerous m0r0ns who claim to understand biology and medicine better than scientists and doctors"

    my, thank you for the compliment, but if you paid attention and if you actually took the time to study the medical field as you claim to be so educated, you would know that no one here doesn't trust science or medicine.. just a matter of which scientists and doctors, because they don't all agree as you try so hard to make it seem..

    I was actually introduced to the nutritional approach to health by Dr. Lorraine Day, Dr. Leonard Horowitz and too many other medical professionals to list. I'm sure many who think like myself actually got that way through medical professionals who realized they are causing more harm than good by simply relying on drugs (symptom management) and not focusing on nutrition (prevention).

    Similarly to Mr Ranalti, I am not too concerned about changing your mind.. you have been very unkind & snake-like in this discussion because you can't handle a little disagreement, take all the drugs you like buddy.. I write my comments for the inquisitive mind as a balance to your orthodox perspective on things. I want future readers to at least have both sides of the picture so they can make their own decisions without feeling like idi0ts for even questioning what is preached.

  230. please note - i am not attempting to debate
    with those whose minds are already made up to the contrary.
    i am not "into" futility or talking to hear myself talk.

    my remarks are aimed at anyone reading these comments
    who is genuinely seeking truth
    regarding their pursuit of health.

    prior assertion (not mine) -
    "You cannot prove anything you want with science. There are too many independent scientists who peer review everything."

    my rejoinder -
    the fda approved the release of thalidomide (google it) to the market - so presumably they did their "expert" "scientific" research - and concluded that the drug was "safe" for the trusting public to use.

    question -
    who peer-reviewed the fda's research and decision ?
    and if there was any such peer-review
    challenging the fda's decision -
    why wasn't the public protected ?

    to paraphrase my earlier comment -
    when it comes to "scientific" research -
    "money doesn't talk - it screams".

    also - bear in mind that thalidomide
    is by no means merely a tragic isolated exception -
    it is just a particularly egregious example.

    fact -
    EVERY drug - legal or illegal -
    comes with a list of "side effects" -
    and ALL such side effects are HARMFUL.

    that ought to tell you something fundamental
    about whether YOU should allow drugs in YOUR body.

    charles ranalli

  231. @Psinet

    you are trully funny. I asume you try to tell me that rabits eat plants every day so they should stay out of trouble. the problem is that they dont put special thought in what they eat. A specialized diet in our human sense can concentrate on on special proteins that do what you want.

    I answer your question. Rabits get cancer, cause DNA is attacked by radicals, mutangens, H2O2, O2, everyday, every our. Mutation occurs, and the repairing mechanisms sometimes fail.

    Now would you answer me mine questions. And thank you princeton, for the consensus statement. My mother is a doctor, I know some freshly graduated doctors and there is so much unknown. The problem is that most of the time they just try a medication, and when it does not work or worse, they change medication... sometimes the diagnosys is not complete...

    so again - what is your opinion on GMO, food additives, and that people that worked for companies, suddenly working in agencies to make reports about products from the same companies?

    I answered your question, would you answer mind?

    Or will you be arrogant to not respond me and leave me in my ignorance so I can hurt other people?

  232. @psinet
    love the way you think , glad to see you're the only person who actually studies and knows how to do research.
    I am so honored to be graced by your intellect oh so mighty one! (sarcastic)

    I'm assuming everything I said went right over your head based on that unresponsive response.. you just do more to prove my point.. good for you & go on believing there is a consensus among medical researchers..

    p.s. just because rabbits (and other wild animals) get cancer does not automatically mean that nutrition is not a way to cure or prevent it... its interesting to not where the term carcinogenic comes from.. there are things in nature that directly cause and increase the chance of getting cancer..
    a simple reversal of this fact is that by managing your environment and nutrition (most animals can't do this of course), you should be able to prevent or even cure the disease..
    cancer is a normal thing.. the anomaly is the fact that the immune system is not performing as it should in stopping the cancer cells, and nutrition can greatly affect the performance of the immune system.

  233. No. You cannot prove anything you want with science. There are too many independent scientists who peer review everything.

    Rabbits get cancer.

  234. well said Farren.

    you can prove just about anything you wish to prove by "scientific" research -
    especially when you control the funding for the researchers doing the research.

    and worshiping at the altar of "expertise" -
    is often just a case of the blind leading the blind.

    in the search for personal health and well-being -
    only those who have the independence integrity and courage to find out for themselves -
    by giving "it" (whatever the *reasonable* hypothesis may be) an honest try -
    will come closer to finding the truth.

    those who know by experience - know.

    everything else is sound and fury signifying nothing.

    charles ranalli

  235. For those who know, no amount of rude, skeptical finger pointing and dissing can change their mind.

    For those who finger-point, call names, and try to make people who don't share their same experiences feel stupid, no amount of reasoning can budge their ignorance.

    I haven't watched this video, but I have heard of the Gerson Therapy and other similar modalities.

    It is a very bold fact that big pharma will do and say whatever they can to discredit people who have found better ways of healing and living than the one preached in the mainstream news media, magazines, radio shows, and others. They have much profit to make. They have big mansion homes and expensive vehicles to buy. They have media to buy off. They have hospitals and universities to persuade and bribe to advertise and use their drugs.

    many people have followed healthy, raw diets with organic fruits, veggies, sprouted nuts, seeds, herbs, wildflowers and been healed of things like diabetes, cancer, arthritis, mental disorders, etc.

    here are a few for the sincere person looking for truth to google and check out. it just might save your life:

    dan the liferegenerator
    dave the raw food trucker
    the movie May I Be Frank

  236. @ princeton - If you actually had bothered to study, you may well not be an expert in every subject, but you may become well educated in EVERY subject, like myself.

    Arrogant, dangerous, fools.

  237. @Waldo - these people should not be treated with any respect. They are dangerous morons who claim to understand biology and medicine better than scientists and doctors.

    Anyone who believes them could literally be risking their life.

    This is not funny or entertaining anymore.

    I fear for my fellow man.

  238. Total waste of time.

    What is the point of discussing this when noone will answer why wild animals get cancer.

    Wild animals who eat unprocessed, natural food.

    Your "ideas" are white noise and simply make it difficult for smart people to find answers.

    1. where is this natural food you speak of? grown from the land we have polluted for generations?

  239. holy cow... how can I correct my typos :D:D:D, shame shame

  240. @Psinet

    I study at university of agriculture. I had a paper on GMO and Climate change. I picked up this theme because it is my hobby and I could do it good. In the end, the professors congratulated me, we had a discussion and they said, they saw that I have good overview. My actual work, although I have my opinion, I did not state it, described the arguments on both sides. And on both sides there were scientists blaming each other of nonsense and that they are right.

    Both sides invested many hours into these claims and yet there is no consensus? Actually there is dispute among the scientist, you say I do not trust and you do.

    Psinet what is your opinion on the subjects mentioned in thi doc.
    - GMO?
    - Food additives?
    - People that worked for companies, suddenly working in agencies to make reports about products from the same companies?

    I am not necessarily saying the diet cures cancer, but above the statements above I know something, and the doc. did say some interesting facts you should consider.

    I know mercury is poisonous, but I never read something about this issue. I plan to ask my dentist. Maybe even do some tests... What do you think about it?

    You said there is no scientific proof that diet can help you cure cancer, but you acknowledged good food may keep you healthy. Most of had cancer cells in our bodies, they do create quite oft, but the immune system can fight it. So if you somehow supercharge your immune system it could actually work. (at this point I have to mention, that not eating meat doesnt sound to me as plausible idea, at my school we were taught something different...)

    What I think you are doing, is just making it black or white, right or wrong. But lets filter out the wrong stuff and the rest may be educational.

    Oh, and I never heard about the coffe stuff helping your liver, anyone has any insight?

  241. @ waldo
    its funny.. you claim i am the one who knows the law better than lawyers.. but actually.. its not just me, there are many lawyers who agree with my perspective. its also funny that you believe its just me against the whole medical profession, while there are actually many doctors who agree with and are responsible my perspective. same with physics.. i didn't just make up my own facts.. there are many physicist and scientists who agree with my perspective.. and its funny how you guys (you and psinet) act as if just because there are many man hours involved in pushing a certain idea, it cannot be wrong.. i think you guys are quite arrogant for that stance.
    I didn't come in here with a strong opinion, just pointed out the fact that the majority always try to label the dissenting minority as quacks unjustly.. but you, instead of taking a different approach, just go on to call people arrogant/unscientific just for holding a different perspective and opinion to the mainstream orthodoxy.. well.. thank you for proving my point. the mainstream has been proven wrong many times before, and i'm sure it still has a lot more to go, due partly to the arrogance of proponents like yourself who just insult people who think differently & don't buy what they are spoon-fed.

    funny comment about the need to get a degree.. if you actually pay attention, none of us has the time and energy to become an expert at every topic.. but we can leverage other people's knowledge and stand on the shoulders of giants who spend their lifetimes doing the work to bring us information in easily digestible tidbits.. i don't need to be a mechanical engineer to know how to follow the instructions and change my brakes or to use my car & understand how it works.. but to people like you, just because i want to spend my time doing other things, & haven't wasted years of my life at the whim of college professors, I can't possible have any knowledge or understanding.. well that shows how much you know and understand your world.. good job being another sheep in the herd.

  242. @ Psinet

    Well said!! Bravo!!

    @ Princeton

    No one is saying that eating healthy isn't good for you, of course it is. You may even lower your chances of getting cancer or other ailments by doing so. But you are never going to heal cancer by way of eating habits. There is not one spec of scientific data that says you can, not one case definitively proven, and common sense should also tell you other wise. Telling people it will is dangerous. Gullible people may skip legitimate treatment for this nonsense. If you have tried conventional scientifically proven treatment and it didn't help, try it- why not you have nothing to lose. But it will not heal cancer, no matter how opressed you feel by big pharma or the government. By the way the chemo you claim kills people saved my life (along with thousands more).

    Of course you know better though don't you. Your arrogance knows no end. You know the law better than lawyers, physics better than physicist, economics better than economists, and now medicine better than Doctors. You know you should really do something more than argue on line with your vast expertise. Really, you may revolutionize the world, all with out even bothering to get a degree in a single subject.

  243. Do you know where your arrogance comes in?

    It comes in at the point where you have the audacity to assume that 4 generations of scientists - numbering literally in the millions across time and every nationality - are all either incompetent or liars.

    You dare assume that your "wisdom" and "knowledge" simply supersedes those billions of man-hours work. You are therefore no more than an arrogant fool until you learn to swallow your pride in the face of the monolithic achievements of science.

    Why do sharks get cancer?

    The use of shark cartilage in cancer treatment is based on the mistaken belief that sharks don't get cancer. An extension of this belief is that shark body parts (i.e. cartilage) can prevent or treat cancer in humans. However, benign and cancerous tumors can in fact develop in sharks; George Washington University Medical Center researchers reported over thirty tumors found in elasmobranchs, a group of animals that includes sharks, rays, and skates.

    1. how polluted are the oceans in which they live? ur precious science should be able to tell that they are in no way living a life less unnatural as we are.

  244. is the cancer statistics growing, when the rabbits started eating food?

  245. Why do rabbits get cancer? Is it their modern lifestyle? Is it because they need to stop eating processed food?

    For the love of God - get educated. You might even be able to help find a cure yourself, once your inner child becomes aware of the wonders of science.

    1. do you not realize how many man made toxins are ultimately being consumed by rabbits?

    2. Or could it be the chemicals which we continually contaminate our land with? Which like all species are affected by?
      I suggest you educate your self a little more... another great documentary Burzynski-Cancer is Serious Business

  246. sounds plausible to me. i know some biochemistry, and I was taught, that monosodium glutamate should not be a problem, while it is a derivate of glutamic acid, which is fairly abundant in our organism (in each cell). it is responsible for creation of new aminoacids in process of transamination (correct me...). To change glutamic acid into monosodium glutamate you just need one molecule of Na (natrium - sodium), which is also abundant in our organism (responsible for osmotic balance and electric potencial in nerve system). So the ending statement was it is a normal non toxic molecule and that the only danger comes due to excesive amounts used, followed by higher levels of Na in your organism, which results in hightened blood pressure and whatnot. And here I see a parallel. Na is also in every cell, yet in higher amounts is toxic. so the same can go for glutamate? other similarities such as hypervitamin... um too much vitamin intake :). any ideas?

  247. thanks for the kind words - Princeton.
    charles ranalli

  248. lol
    i have studied the Gerson therapy somewhat and what i can definitively say is that they don't have much to gain money-wise because everything they teach can be found for free and done on your own.. if i remember rightly it is only those who don't have much time left according to failed conventional treatments that actually resort to flying over for in-house care in Mexico..
    you know its just weird how whenever someone tries to share common sense and educate the public on the fact that they can heal themselves through better nutrition, they are labeled as quacks ,biased or snake oil salesmen.. but the medical professionals who actually make six figures pushing deadly drugs like chemo which actually gives you cancer and AZT which will kill you (all treatments that cost thousands), oh.. noooo, they really care about us and want us to be better, "we can trust them"....
    i agree with Charles Ranalti.. it's plain disgusting to see the nonsense of it all..
    to quote Stefan Molineux "slavery is not vertical, it is horizontal.. if you want to know how a small minority is able to control and dominate the masses... its because your fellow slaves will attack you for pointing out the reality of your enslavement.. " or something like that.

  249. as one who has had a major interest in the theory and practice of live food nutrition for the latter half of my 64 years - i can vouch for the sanity safety and efficacy of such a way of life - as exemplified by the Gerson program. as for the "quackwatchers" and their ilk i say -
    way to go guys -
    DON'T do anything like the Gerson therapy -
    we'll be rid of you that much quicker.
    charles ranalli
    ps do i sound bitter ?
    naah - just disgusted.
    btw - i loved the bit about the healed woman being chased away from the mayo clinic as a "terrorist".
    speaks volumes about the sickness of American society.

  250. It tickles my belly to find so many out there that "know" everything. If I may, a humble reminder in the form of a quote to those that find themselves having already achieved ultimate wisdom...“Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it”. Open your minds and your hearts, and I firmly believe that wherever you go after life, you will be rewarded. There are no crystal balls or magic potion for sale in this film. It only promotes an ideology. One that contemporary industrialism has neglected for years. Nutrition is key to good health. No amount of conventional medicine can refute that. Seasons Greetings!

  251. @ Waldo

    My friend, the Gerson Therapy isn't crystal healing nor is it bs. The Gerson Thearpy is highly effective in CURING chronic disease. It does not managing disease with pills and medication for the rest of your life. There is absolutely zero profit to be made from the Gerson Thrapy whatsoever. Every component can be done on ones own (once they learn the proper procedures and protocols).

    The cancer alone is a 600 billion dollar industry. This threatens that industry which relies on cancer and other chronic disease. Many medications for many chronic conditions are thousands of dollars per month. Do you think this industry wants the public to be able to take 100% responsibility for their own illness without depending on them whatsoever?

    This has nothing to do with doctors and health care professionals. It has to do with the system that bred them and which is now represented by them and their practices.

    All of this becomes more obvious reading "The Politics of Cancer" by Dr Samuel Epstein or "When Healing Becomes a Crime" by Kenny Ausubel (also made into a documentary found here on TDF).

  252. @quackstar

    Thank you for bringing up Quackwatch. What better time to reference Stephen Barrett of Quackwatch and his industry for profit?

    In a Canadian lawsuit Barrett admitted to the following:

    "The sole purpose of the activities of Barrett & Baratz are to discredit and cause damage and harm to health care practitioners, businesses that make alternative health therapies or products available, and advocates of non-allopathic therapies and health freedom."

    You see, Stephen Barrett protects allopathic medicine and big pharma profits/treatments and he's paid handsomely for it.

    We know he, along with his website, was involved in a racketeering (RICO) case, among other things, in Federal Court in Colorado.

    In a Federal case in the State of Oregon he was asked about his income. He testified that over the past two years he made a TOTAL of $54,000.

    How then was he able to afford and carry on fourteen separate legal actions at one time?

    Anyone can google "Barrett and Baratz" and take your pick of news story coverage. Frauds through and through. Books can be written about the corruption, and probably have.

  253. Watch this documentary for another view point, but don't take it as the "only way". Here's why:

    This documentary is extremely bias, and strangely preachy - the narration reminds me of those stereotypical classic/bible videos (notably "have faith"). The voice is so patronizing that it either drowns out someone thinking for themselves or driving them crazy.

    Unfortunately, using factual information (inefficiency of the American Cancer Society) gives every person railing against the government and big corporations (yes, these aforementioned groups aren't always right) the belief they have absolute merit and beyond any debate or scrutiny.

    I think eating healthy and avoiding toxins is a good place to start when trying to prevent cancer and undergoing treatments. It has merit, but is not the end all be all when it comes to treatment. It should be studied more, but I'm leery of snake oil salesmen on either side of the spectrum (forgive my "moderate" habit).

  254. Hi vlatko, it would be great if you uploaded HEALING CANCER it's an awesome documentary which i find belongs in your website. Aside from watching it on dvd, i havent been able to find it anywhere on the internet :( ...i would love to watch it again and refer it to some people, if you made it available :) Thanks.

  255. @ Psinet Re: "Posting this documentary seriously undermines the credibility of this website."
    I think this is a great documentary for this site. It has several themes to it, which can all be further investigated here on TopDoc's. It will evoke debate and stir emotional personal opinions on these wonderfully fierce forums and perhaps fill up someone's thoughts (for good OR bad) so much they just have to tell us on here, their friends and peers all about it.

    @ anti alternative medicine people: I want to clarify that I would never recommend alternative therapies be used INSTEAD of scientific medicine. In regard to this film, Many of the patients were utilizing Gerson's theory as a last resort, having been told they have only months to live.
    If the situation is desperate, I imagine I would try just about anything. Especially if I had spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on conventional medicine only to be told I have a few months to live. You bet I would be throwing my cash at bags of spells and crystal jewelry, sipping on an aloe and carrot smoothie as I head to the acupuncturist!

  256. And also for the record - I don't think these people are con-artists. They are so stupid and uneducated that they actually believe it works.

  257. Posting this documentary seriously undermines the credibility of this website.

    This kind of misinformation is dangerous - as per one of the posts above "Naturopathic harm". Completely untrue. These people forwent legitimate cancer treatment in favour of this junk. That is dangerous.

    Is one to assume from the "information" in this documentary that our ancestors - the ones who ate a plentiful, natural, unprocessed diet - didn't get cancer?

    Because they did. Luckily though, they usually didn't have to live with it for long.

    Cancer IS natural. Almost ALL living species have evolved alongside cancer. Almost all species can develop cancer. Sometimes from a stray cosmic particle, knocking off important parts of cell reproduction (I wont go into the details if you think diet cures cancer - the science is beyond you). How does diet protect cells from high energy cosmic particles?

    Even banjo-playing Appellachian Mountain Goat Scientists could do better than this doco.

    Just for the record, cancer is also "organic"

    1. @Psinet, you said:

      Posting this documentary seriously undermines the credibility of this website.

      To be honest I don't believe in this Naturopathic... stuff, and I agree that it is even dangerous. However if I didn't post it how would people know it exists. Now they can watch it, read about it, form their opinions and leave their comments, as you did.

    2. It's comments like this which reigns no credibility.

  258. Quackstar can cut and paste from Wikipedia.

    I have no proof on anything said in this documentary true or false. But with that said, I think its pretty obvious big pharma has zero interest in helping humanity as a whole. Its also clear eating healthy is the biggest key to good health. So what is the harm in this documentary? False hope? Maybe. In my opinion there are bigger travesties.

    P.s. I'm not a vegan or vegetarian. I don't eat organic. But I did grow up on a small dairy farm. Looking back I can see the harm done that has been done by pharma and chemical companies on our food supply.

  259. Alternative medicine is a bunch of hog wash, period! It is a bunch of con men playing tricks on those in need of true medical care. The only value you can possibly get is what your own belief or happiness due to the therapy prodcues. In other words if you can make your self believe cutting the grass works and it makes you happy, it will work just as well not to mention its cheaper and you will have a nice lawn. don't let despreration or love for another con you into believing this hog wash.

    My parents will soon pass, I would love to think some crystal guru could help them- but it just isn't so. It is much healthier for them and me to accept what is happening and persue legitimate medical care. I am not saying I am above this phenomenon, I love my parents very much, infact I dont know how I will deal with what is coming. I am not religious nor do I believe in the supernatural in any way. In other words I know when they are gone I will never see or hold them again. I would give anything for that to be wrong, but it isn't.

    I am not referring to what is in the doc, I have't watched it yet. I am talking about all this new age crystal healing type bs. Use your common sense people, it doesn't work because it is physically impossible for it to. Wow, now I have gotten myself upset. Later guys enjoy the doc. time for me to chill.

  260. I have always want to become a Naturopathic doctor because it always serves the patients first before the profits, everything is absolutely sincere and natural and no harm.

  261. Here's the beautiful truth:

    "Independent anecdotal evidence suggests that the Gerson Therapy is not effective against cancer. When a group of 13 patients sickened by elements of the Gerson Therapy were evaluated in hospitals in San Diego in the early 1980s, all of them were found to still have active cancer. The Gerson Institute's claimed "cure rates" have been questioned; an investigation by Quackwatch found that the Institute's claims of cure were based not on actual documentation of survival, but on "a combination of the doctor's estimate that the departing patient has a 'reasonable chance of surviving,' plus feelings that the Institute staff have about the status of people who call in." In 1994, a study published in the alternative medical literature described 18 patients treated for cancer with the Gerson Therapy. Their median survival from treatment was 9 months. Five years after receiving the Gerson treatment, 17 of the 18 patients had died of their cancer, while the one surviving patient had active non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

    1. Thanks for taking a stand [on the side of big profits.] I find it ironic that the very toxins & food production practices which Gerson spoke against are now used to discredit him! Referring to the "elements" of the diet deemed harmful; raw liver juice. In his day Campylobacter was not an issue as the liver supply was not tainted at that time. Poor agriculture practices [Gerson warned of] have changed that!!!

  262. What a strange documentary! The content of information seemed solid enough, but the editing got to me throughout the whole feature.... A picky comment, I know, I just felt the continuity could have been a bit better. It also kinda bugged me that Garrett kept being referred to as 'the boy'. When I realized the relationship between boy and narrator (at the end of the film) it made a bit more sense.
    Oh, FYI There is also a bit of jumping around at the start of each new part.

    On the discussion of Gerson's theory I was swayed to believe in it's power. I am already a fan of alternative medicine based on personal experiences of my own and other people's so it was not hard for me to imagine that organic fresh vegetation would help our own natural make up stay healthy for longer.

    This documentary has defintley inspired me to look into alternative medicines and at the end of the day I am glad I got through my nit-picking and watched it through to the end. It is thought provoking on several levels and has given me new ideas to pursue :)

  263. fascinating