Dying To Have Known

Dying To Have Known

2006, Health  -   179 Comments
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Dying To Have KnownIn Dying To Have Known, filmmaker Steve Kroschel went on a 52-day journey to find evidence to the effectiveness of the Gerson Therapy - a long-suppressed natural cancer cure.

His travels take him across both the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans, from upstate New York to San Diego to Alaska, from Japan and Holland to Spain and Mexico.

In the end, he presents the testimonies of patients, scientists, surgeons and nutritionists who testify to the therapy's efficacy in curing cancer and other degenerative diseases, and presents the hard scientific proof to back up their claims.

You will hear from a Japanese medical school professor who cured himself of liver cancer over 15 years ago, a lymphoma patient who was diagnosed as terminal over 50 years ago as well as noted critics of this world-renowned healing method who dismiss it out of hand as pure quackery.

So the question that remains is, Why is this powerful curative therapy still suppressed, more than 75 years after it was clearly proven to cure degenerative disease? The viewers are left to decide for themselves.

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  2. I currently work with three males all with prostate cancer. One chose Gerson, one chose essiac and the other chose conventional treatment. The two who chose the natural way are currently in remission and the third who chose conventional had to retire because his cancer had spread. One of these males who chose to treat his cancer naturally received a nasty certified letter from his urologist, stating he would no longer be his doctor,because he was using "quackery" to try and cure his cancer. Is it safe to say that a lot of the medicines today are derived from plants??

  3. Gary V & All naysayers here, If, and it's likely true, you are a big pharma plant here, just shut up already! If, and still huge "IF," you want to really makes sense and good health for all, then go see for yourself that big pharma is owned and run by the same media empire that does the lethal synthetic drugs' manufacturing cartel, and that cartel is owned by the same bankster who owned it when it was producing lethal poisons to murder untold millions in Nazi Death Camps.

    IF you want health justice, then go after the crooks posing as senators and congressmen who are sold out to big pharma, then stop sending your hard-earned property to pay for tax cheats who claim you owe them what the law clearly states you do not owe, unless you earned it from your ties with their enterprises.

    In other words, go get yourself educated and replace your superstitions taught by the big pharma cartel to enslave you as a mindless id**t trained by the school systems they run.

    Too big for you to grasp? Then just sit down and allow bigger minds to prevail. That's the problem with trained monkeys, they are trained to rise up enmasse and interrupt scientists who uncover liars.

  4. Is that Steven Barett the same one involved in the quackwatch lawsuit? If so he was sued in Ca. and the court ruled against him and advised no one use his info. as fact!

  5. There was a time not very long ago when scientists observe and investigate how things in the natural world work, then make a science out of it. Nowadays, some "experts" disregard the things that work if they have no previous scientific basis. A sad regression.

  6. You are all correct. It is just a big conspiracy and they [the people who control the world] keep it from you. So sit around and cry about the injustices of this life, and be a miserable person looking over your shoulder and whining like a little puppy. Me, I'm enjoying every minute of the life I have, eating and drinking whatever I want, trying new things, and trusting God will do as He promises in the Bible.

    1. Hosea 4:6 - "My people are destroyed for a lack of knowlegde, because thou hast rejecteth knowledge I will also reject thee." God doesn't show us things to avoid so that we can keep doing them. It is only if there is NO WAY for you to avoid them that it is likely that our Lord our Saviour will save us. But if you keep putting him to the test to clean up your crap when you know full well that what you are doing is defiling the body he gave you then you my friend are in for a surprise.

  7. So the question that remains is, Why is this powerful curative
    therapy still suppressed, more than 75 years after it was clearly proven
    to cure degenerative disease? BS. The answer is because curing illness doesn't make Big Pharma any money. The real question is: What are we going to do about it?

  8. Look up the Brinkler School Of Eating- They performed over 10,000 clinic case studies proving that diet can cure ALL diseases. (they also disproved the germ theory and proved with scientific evidence that all disease is the result of congestion in the body by food, water, ect)

  9. It is important to remember not all medical or natural remedies work for everyone. Yes, I believe that there is legitamacy to alternative medicine and that it is underplayed, but I also know people LOVE a conspiracy theory and that this doesn't mean that all traditional medicine is without worth.

  10. Gerson, like all charismatic people was born on a cusp- 18 October and his birthday number is 18=9 in numerology. The nine strives to improve the world,gives more than it takes (see also Johm Lennon) and is unusually creative.
    I was more of an accidental survivor who refused all toxic treatments and medicines except radiotherapy for stage three breast cancer. I am five years out and blog as furiouscuriouscancersurvivor on google. I am also a nine but Pisces.....

  11. I've been having infection after the other.. had a smear test about 8 months ago and there's a cell change... had another one recently and the cell change is still there.. docs tell me that if this stays, it might develop into cervical cancer.. I want to turn to prevention before it really happens.. so I've been eating most foods Dr. Gerson mentions but have a few questions about this... anyone can give me a link of a possible existing forum where people following Gerson's method for preventions, can help me with finding answers to my questions please? thanks

    1. Contact a Certified Health Education Specialist with a background in nutrition. Look for Certified Nutritional Consultants for unbiased nutritional information.

    2. Do not fool around with this. Get cryosurgery. You can cure it before it becomes metastatic. They can use a laser to freeze the bad cells. Takes a few minutes. Be sure to have the biopsy and follow up with paps.

    3. Check with a homeopath first, as they will tell you biopsies and other "tests" such as mammograms and surgery simply allow the cells to spread...do your research first...Best wishes and positive thoughts coming your way!

  12. You have done a thorough job by making this documentary. It will surely help to reinforce a belief. I felt compelled to comment on this. The last part of the movie is truly profound and brings forward what truly matters in life.

  13. I wonder if Nathan Pritikin read Dr. Gerson's work. Pritikin was some kind of genius, but his background was in engineering, not science. How many people today are even aware of the existence of Vit.B12, much less what happens to your body if it becomes depleted. There's no mention of it in the documentaries, but it was a significant issue with Pritikin. so he had to get his information from somewhere.

  14. I have prostate cancer, and I am looking at my options, where would I find people that have beat cancer using the natural way for prostate cancer?

    1. Contact the Gerson Institute. They may give you some names.

  15. I know from my own experience this is truth. My grandfather, in the 1970's went through similar attributes. My personal story did nto involve Cancer but SO many other Ailments! that are now gone due to What I eat. Frustrates me to no end. what we are expected to believe! My goal now is to educate, empower and encourage everyone who wants a better life!

  16. Very informative. Anyone who doubts the effects of diet on human health
    should try running their car on Kool-aid instead of gasoline. And,
    please do let us know how that works out for you. Just because you can
    put something in your gas tank, doesn't mean your car will run well on
    it. And, just because you can put something in your mouth, doesn't mean
    your body will run well on it. The quality of the fuel we run our bodies on is much more important than what we put in our automobiles! Yet very few will try to put Kool-aid in their cars while most people will eat whatever they think tastes good.

  17. Anyone who thinks that the American medical association cares about cures or your health does not deserve to get well.

  18. A friend of mine used to work with one of the pharma giants. She has a first class honours degree in Applied Chemistry and had 16 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry making the drugs we rely so heavily on. She knows just how toxic the process of drug making is. She knows what it does at a cellular level. She also did multi-million dollar deals at boardroom level.

    She then realised that she was on the wrong side, as it were, and retrained in Naturopathic Medicine. She is now a qualified Nutritional Therapist and is transforming the lives of people using Natural Medicine and good food.
    I have seen this work for myself and it is extremely powerful. Little wonder the pharma companies are feeling uncomfortable. They are trying to discredit the whole homeopathic and natural medicine movement but they will ultimately fail. Thanks to the internet and people who can think for themselves - like most here - they will eventually be shown for what they are.

    I used to work in an operating theatre. I used to hear the surgeons discuss chemo and how poorly it performed. It was back then that I discovered during one of those chats that the stuff they use in the chemo treatment is a varient of the Mustard Gas that they used in WW1.

    @ Ann Rhodes - When attending a seminar, my Nutritional Therapist friend got talking to a woman who came up to say who much she enjoyed her talk. She introduced herself as an alternative medicine practitioner and said that she was based in California. She said that most of her clients were actually surgeons and oncologists.
    They came from all over the world to be treated by HER. Now if they don't believe in the treatment they are giving out to us, instead opting for natural remedies when it's THEIR life on the line - remedies that actually have a chance of working - then what chance do normal people have?

    If it is natural, then it can't be licenced = no profit.
    Distill it, weaken it, add toxins and claim it as your own, means it can be licenced and regulated = big bucks.

    Ilness is a huge business. They don't care if you get better or not. As long as you get the course of treatment then everyone from the drugs companies to the insurance companies get a pound of your flesh!
    When a man gets sued by doctors for curing himself of "terminal" cancer because he denied then the profit from the treatment - and it is up-held in court, then you know you got a system that is rotten to the core.

    Find a cure for cancer? Wake-up! It's always been here. It's just off-limits because it would hurt the economy. But with the fast-food companies, deoderant manufacturers, diet and energy drink companies (asparatame anyone?) water companies and a whole raft of other players bombarding us with toxins and carcinogenics every singe day, they will never run out of victims.

  19. All I can say is...this is clearly a * one hand washes the other * business practice. Shame on them!

  20. A well done look at a natural cure for chronic diseases. Yes, I do believe it works. I cured my Coronary Artery Disease by switching to natural foods and adding vitamins, especially high doses of Vitamin C. Scurvy is a kissing cousin of Arterial Sclerosis. After a Bypass due to total occlusion of my Coronary Arteries, and then Stents one year later because the bypass was blocked, I decided modern medicine was NOT working and I looked into holistic (alternative) medicine. The information I sought I had to dig for because it is heavily suppressed, and a lot of money is spent to discredit the information. It totally worked! My last stress test showed NO sign of CAD! Why would this be true? Modern medicine is about the money NOT your health! I DO NOT take cholesterol lowering drugs they DO NOT work, they mask the problem but do nothing to cure CAD, and they can cause a heart attack due to the reduction of CoQ10 they cause. Your Belief, Trials, Tests, or Statistics are NOT required for a thing to work!

    1. Hey,
      wow.. great to hear that you recovered from your disease. Thanks to god for that.
      I would also like to get some more information about the regimen that you followed. natural foods etc..
      can you please call me at +1 8584 136698.
      My name is suraj.

    2. Hi Terry ... I'm very interested in the details of how you managed to resolve your CAD as I have same but haven't accepted or had any medical interventions to date. please reply to -
      David B

  21. Daniel 1

    New King James Version (NKJV)
    Daniel and His Friends Obey God

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    3 Then the king instructed Ashpenaz, the master of his eunuchs, to bring some of the children of Israel and some of the king’s descendants and some of the nobles, 4 young men in whom there was no blemish, but good-looking, gifted in all wisdom, possessing knowledge and quick to understand, who had ability to serve in the king’s palace, and whom they might teach the language and literature of the Chaldeans. 5 And the king appointed for them a daily provision of the king’s delicacies and of the wine which he drank, and three years of training for them, so that at the end of that time they might serve before the king. 6 Now from among those of the sons of Judah were Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah. 7 To them the chief of the eunuchs gave names: he gave Daniel the name Belteshazzar; to Hananiah, Shadrach; to Mishael, Meshach; and to Azariah, Abed-Nego.

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    11 So Daniel said to the steward[a] whom the chief of the eunuchs had set over Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah, 12 “Please test your servants for ten days, and let them give us vegetables to eat and water to drink. 13 Then let our appearance be examined before you, and the appearance of the young men who eat the portion of the king’s delicacies; and as you see fit, so deal with your servants.” 14 So he consented with them in this matter, and tested them ten days.

    15 And at the end of ten days their features appeared better and fatter in flesh than all the young men who ate the portion of the king’s delicacies. 16 Thus the steward took away their portion of delicacies and the wine that they were to drink, and gave them vegetables.

    17 As for these four young men, God gave them knowledge and skill in all literature and wisdom; and Daniel had understanding in all visions and dreams.

    18 Now at the end of the days, when the king had said that they should be brought in, the chief of the eunuchs brought them in before Nebuchadnezzar. 19 Then the king interviewed[b] them, and among them all none was found like Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah; therefore they served before the king. 20 And in all matters of wisdom and understanding about which the king examined them, he found them ten times better than all the magicians and astrologers who were in all his realm. 21 Thus Daniel continued until the first year of King Cyrus.

    Nuff said... use this in court Parisian

    1. what is this nonsense?

    2. Just skip to verse Daniel 1:11 and read from there. I hope it will become clearer to you what this is all about : Veggies and water!!LOL

    3. rationallity is based on world view. faith is therfore not rational to you because it not fit in your personal world view. Your statement is not rational to me because it doesn't fit in my world view, which is derived from my faith. rational is not science. And science is not faith. but Science can lend credience to either position because science unlike yourself is not biased.

    4. science is rational. science is based on the rules of logic and rationality. what you just said was so wrong that it makes me wonder if you are trolling me.

      if rationality is based on a world view, what view is that?

      if you say my position is rationality yet you say i am bias are you saying rationality is bias?

  22. And now more people die from chemo. People in the past relied on ethnobotany regimens that are now illegal not because they are harmful but because they actually cure without filling the pockets of the illuminate.

  23. Complete BS. Yes, the body has amazing potential to heal itself. But saying that modern medicine won't help, or will even make it worse, is idiotic and a logical fallacy
    All these "suppressed cancer cures" are complete jokes. "Alternative medicine" NEVER stands up to scrutiny, can NEVER be proven to work statistically. Oh, cause the pharma company conspiracy won't let studies be done? Crap. Very often doctors/researchers come out with studies questioning the effectiveness of any number of drugs (including ones like Lipitor/Crestor that have made billions of $$). If they are"allowed" to do that, then how come not a single one has proven any of the alternative treatments? Think how famous they'd become..
    These alternative cures are never free. That's the worst - these charlatans know its bullsh*t. They prey on desperate people and their families, who are out of options and willing to believe anything. They take their money and give them false hope, sometimes leading to them abandoning scientific treatments which could have at least given them a chance. That's criminal.

    1. My thoughts exactly when I read the description.

    2. You read the description, but didn't watch the movie. Your mind is made up without even looking at the evidence. This is exactly why Big Pharma prevails and Profit is king. If you always let someone else do their thinking for you, you will be their next victim.

    3. You didn't watch this movie or you would have seen tons of PROOF! You are so prejudiced to your own biased, uneducated, uninformed opinion, which is based on nothing, that you won't even look at the proof it it slapped you in the face! I fully recovered from Coronary Artery Disease after a bypass and then one year later Stents failed to help me. The only reason I am not dead is because I figured out the truth on my own and it is NOT found in modern medicine. I no longer have any trace of CAD! Yes, proper nutrition from whole foods and simple vitamins cured me completely. You obviously listen more to the talking heads than do your own unbiased research. Good luck with that!

    4. Wow!

    5. I am a nurse who has worked in research and cancer units of the hospital and you are wrong. I have seen a lots and lots of patients get worse from mainstream treatments. Do you know that chemo causes lots of reactions that need more meds to control them and infections that needs constant antibiotics to control those? Oh and the pain, nausea, vomiting, (meds for those) lots of addictive narcotic pain meds, antidepressants and anti anxiety meds, heartburn meds, and slews more for all the other nasty side effects. Oh and LOTS of blood products. Sometimes they get so sick from te chemo they need feeding tubes, and liquid nutrition thru an IV. All just from the side effects from the chemo. There is plenty of research giving credit to alternative therapies effectiveness, however it is true the government and drug companies won't sponsor the alternative therapies like they do mainstream therapies that actually USE their drugs. So therefore it is harder to actually find these therapies and their results. The drug companies lose money from alternative therapies so they discredit them with "research" of their own "debunking" alternative treatments with careful patient selection and measuring tools to collect data. Be careful of "research" and "statistics" if you are just looking at numbers you really have no idea if the study is valid or not, there are all types of ways it is conducted to make the results come out favorably. Oh and charlatans costing people money- Rick Simpson gives away the recipe for hemp oil to cure cancer for free. Most "mainsteam" treatments cost cancer patients their homes, getting rid of children's college funds, and having charity fundraisers and benefits to cover the cost of their chemo, surgeries and hospitalizations. Your comments are criminal and I hope the people that liked it will open there eyes and question before submitting themselves or loved one to the hands of the medical establishment when diagnosed with cancer.

    6. I was in the Pharmaceutical Distribution business for 25 + years. It is a business. An extremely profitable business. It is a business built on human need. Kristen Elizabeth knows what she is talking about. She speaks volumes with authority. Traditional medicine is an industry with many takers. Insurance companies will cover billings for traditional therapies that cost tens of thousands of dollars that all but kill the patient. They won't cover a penny for alternative therapies no matter how effective they are. Pharmaceuticals are a Money Making Machine with an audience of patients that have no other choice because so much is suppressed from the public. Kristen has this thing down pat...she knows the drill. Anyone with half a brain and is involved in the healthcare delivery system knows Kristen is 100% on point.

    7. lots of bs here ever see a patient on bencristine or vincristine? i dont think soo..

    8. funny for thousands of years herbal medicine worked but as soon as rockefeller found out how he could use oil all that changed from 1940-2012 in 52 years..not much time there if one tells a lie long enough people will believe it ...hitler

    9. Uh, no. If there was any truth to your claim then we would not have significantly longer lifespans than our predecessors. It's telling that when, given the choice between herbal and conventional medicine, a culture with a long history of herbal medicine use invariably opts for conventional medicine.

    10. The fact that your statement is true is only a testament to how effective propaganda and corporate control has become; how indoctrinated people have become. People, generally, do not know what is in their best interest, because they are raised in a system that does not educate them about the most important facets of what actually supports life and promotes good public health, madam.

    11. Interesting how much you believe in what you are told. How`s this statement; when my mom (a nurse) started working in the hospital the cancer ward was almost empty(1960s-85) now its full with even children. If your statement was true then this eyewitness factual data would be incorrect. Funny how many of the great artists in history living hundreds of years ago lived to about the same age as old age is considered today. Not to mention knowledge has increased over time. This increase in knowledge has improved things such as ; sanitation, cleanliness, and even an admission about 150 yrs ago by doctors that germs actually exist. Thus your assumption that humans are living longer without quantifying the reasons why is very curious. These are just a few interesting observations refuting your regurgitated comments. Humans are NOT living longer because humans are evolving and extending their lifespans but are living longer because they are applying the laws of health. ie proper food, cleanliness, exercise, fresh air, fresh water etc
      In addition, your assumption of a culture opting for conventional witchcraft over herbology is not based upon choice but rather politics and legal enforcement. History can be studied as to find out why conventional witchcraft is practiced and enforced today.

    12. Research YOUR ancestors.

      Mine lived to 80's and 90's back in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. They were country folk and farmed their own vegetables, including Hemp.
      The sanitary conditions were nowhere near what they are today and life was a great deal tougher.
      My current aunts and uncles lived to 60 ish.

      Who were right????

    13. Natural worked for me.
      My cancer was so bad the specialist told me to go hme as there was nothing they could do it was far to advanced.
      Left with three months to live and a very upset wife, I started on a fresh vegetable diet with NO meats of any kind, The Budwig diet of Quark and Hemp oil and 18 months later am in the best of health I have been in for years.
      Like the others who have used "Natural" I am not part of any Scientific trial. I just know what has "worked" for me, with NO side affects of any kind except exceptional health.

    14. Why, then, do all these drugs, studied at length and proven to do this or that, end up five years later, with class action suits through the roof because of the horrific deadly side effects they've created after being so thoroughly studied and approved by "doctors", FEDERALLY APPROVED DOCTORS?!! Without DeathCare where would big Dollar Donating Drug Companies be? And The Greedy Politicians who want their own cancer cured, but not the Public's. THAT'S CRIMINAL!

    15. HAH, a year ago, figures, look what Lipitor and the other death drugs have turned out to do to its victims.. Class Action Law suits for those "desperate people preyed upon".... Those cholesterol lowering drugs leave people sicker and dead!

    16. If you were going to invest a bazillion dollars in research, would it be to research something you could patent and make a bazillion + a bazillion dollars back on, or would it be research to tell people what groceries to buy? Ask people who do research where they get their money---if the research will make money, there's plenty to find, if it won't, great scientists are turned into unemployed beggars.

  24. I watched this documentary last night and was able to note some things to use in court today. Yes I said court. Please pray for my 8 year old daughter Sarah who is cancer free by all testing. The Oncologist is trying to force us into 8 more months of chemo. Sarah is currently testing malnourished and fatigued, even though the fatigue was supposed to have ended mid June. Please pray that the truth would prevail for our court hearing today.

    1. Good luck! Modern medicine has more failures than cures. Of course you will never see true statistics on that. There are so many lies told for profit it's hard to navigate the labyrinth to find the truth. We all know statistics LIE! They can be manipulated by simply omitting one thing crucial to the outcome. Health cannot be quantitatively analyzed like a computer program. It makes sense that good nutrition should be part of the equation.

  25. Thanks to Steve K. for making this sincere and heartfelt personal statement. I only wish that I could share it with everyone. It is, unfortunately, forbidden for me to do so -- even to my closest friends and family. How tragic. After 20 years of studying and bringing information to "AIDS" patients, I will continue to spread the message of health and freedom to those who truly want to hear this message, in the county with the highest cancer rate in the U.S. It doesn't matter who objects; the only people who matter are those who listen. Blessings, Steve.

  26. You know what's the wonderful thing about science? That in order for a consensus to form, many different people with many different motivations must come together and agree that something (likely) is or (likely) is not, (likely) does or (likely) does not work. You know what's wonderful about non-scientific theories? They don't work well in the scientific method and are hard to be disproved.

    One question raised by this documentary is why this "cure" has been suppressed, and it's a very good question. However, it seems to imply a conspiracy where someone is making a good deal of money on keeping people sick. The problem here lies with the implications of who could be so strongly influencing the entire global community of medical professionals. If one knows anything of substance about the health care systems of industrialized countries, one would understand that the expensive and chronic care that cancer patients see if often not the source of great profit, but of economically destructive consequences. There are only a very small group who would see significant gains on such a conspiracy, while something as powerful as the United States government sees economic crisis on the brink of collapse in large part due to the overburdening of the health care system. Implying that a cladestine, malevolent group of medical care providers is outgunning the United States economy is quite the proposition, and one that I soundly reject until more convincing evidence is presented. You don't have to agree, but it seems quite ludicrous, doesn't it?

    1. Economically destructive consequenses? Pfizer makes 2.5 BILLION dollars per year on cancer drugs alone. The cancer research industry employs thousands and is worth billions of dollars. A significant proportion of which is funded by pharmaceutical companies.
      Its only logical that if a simple natural (read un-patentable) cure for cancer exists that people whos livelihoods depended on the disease would ignore it. It only makes sense, big corporations have a duty to protect their bottom line.

      All those profits from the medical industry make a rather serious contribution to americas GDP--cant remember the exact percentage now though but its on google-- Politicians would also have an interest in surpressing this cure if it meant that their constituents would lose jobs and that the staggering campaign contributions from big pharma were to dry up.

      It doesnt take a malevolent group, it just takes the profit motive and human nature. Not ludicrous at all.

    2. The US economy is fine, it is the (slaveish) working population who are suffering, I think you will find that those who propagate this are very comfortably off.

  27. I have never met a medical professional who ever even hinted that I should eat in a healthy way.
    When I eat healthier, the positive health effects are tremendous.
    So, I tend to think the documentary is accurate.

    1. You need a different doctor

  28. @Mary it's organic for God sake, not sprayed or anything!
    It's the worst thing in the world when people who have not fully studied something discuss about it like they know all about it!
    p.s. Marry, sory, im not refering that much to you now but am just generally speaking.

  29. This theory may not work as most of raw and fresh foods are sprayed with hell lot of pesticides and chemicals and that results in cancer too

    1. People who use Gerson Therapy only use organic foods.

    2. It can't be raw and fresh if it is sprayed....

  30. Another point, not mentioned before:
    God made us to eat plants (precisely fruits, nuts and grains) Genesis1:29. Later on He allowed to eat meat (Gen9:1-3) since He changed the climate and many people wouldn't be able to access enough plants.
    I'm talking to those who's not closed minded to the possibility of our supernatural origin.

    1. Remember:Thou shall not kill".

    2. and then in the NT God said it is "all Clean"...Mark 7:19
      But we are to do everything
      in moderation...

  31. I'd still like to see some real double blind studies. The one lady said there are too many variables in the Gerson diet that wouldn't allow for a scientific study but Im not buying that excuse. Surely something can be created to prove it's efficacy.

    I definitely think we are on our way to knowing for a fact that a plant based diet is the best suited diet for humans. The China Studies are most convincing to me. As soon as the Asian go's western his health goes to hell, has nothing to do with genetics. The only meat I feel comfortable about is fish and thats just for it's omega 3 content, which is available in flaxseed.

    Makes sense, why eat the animal when you can go straight to the initial source of food.And I don't have teeth like a lion and I have to cook my food. I still have much to research here but if anything as an omnivore Id say we were meant to eat 80-90% plant based.

    1. i like a nice steak still..

    2. I do too but I think its not meant to be eaten often. I think meat eating for humans is more of a famine situation need. My great granparents were all dairy farmers living on a staple of meat and milk and all died in their fifties. My grandparents and siblings all outlived them by 20+ years. Drugs and some bypasses aided in this but their diet vastly improved moving off the farms. I think they could have lived without the drugs had they cut meat and dairy out even more. And even though they did outlive their parents they suffered severe dementia/alzheimers in their last years. Diet related? Possibly I think.

  32. This documentary dangerously raises hopes to the scientific laymen. Proof still needs to come from a double blind placebo controlled study. The way the narrator uses words to misdirect from this fact is disgusting. Think about it, wouldn't the best way to spread the word of a cancer cure be such a study? If the Gerson Therapy works, I'd say the people behind it are evil for not doing the study.

    1. Who will pay for it? The money comes from pharma, and pharma has no interest in this being proven effective.

    2. Did you even think about what you have written? That's all pharma cares about, if it doesn't work doctors don't prescribe it, and insurance companies certainly will not pay for it.

    3. Short-term effectiveness is a must for marketing. Long-term is not that important to them.

  33. An excellent documentary. It is amazing how people can turn away from evidence right in front of them. Like wind, you cannot see it, but the evidence of "effect" is there. A very responsible documentary. Thank you for making it!

    1. i agree. amazing. have you read some of the other comments? makes you wonder what documentary some posters watched, shows how dumb people have become. i'm sitting here after 4 bypasses, two stents and a pacemaker/defibrillator wishing i knew this before i let the quacks operate on me 16 years ago.

  34. Very irresponsible documentary, and the following it has shows just way. Tell you all what, if anyone genuinely has a diagnosed cancer and can prove this method cures them, I will personally given them £10,000 cash. I know my money will be safe.

    1. Hi there, Joel:

      You are speaking out of ignorance. I personally know quite a number of people who have found renewed health through this and other methods. I myself am a cancer survivor and have come to realize that there are a lot more tools in the anti-cancer toolbox than are recognized by mainstream medicine.

  35. axel white are u aware of the side effects of ben cristine/vincristine ? i think not...

  36. Sounds like a good therapy but remember this stuff doesn't work for everyone. I would be doing chemo for sure if I got cancer. There was an interesting documentary on the Australian Broadcasting Channel (ABC) about a lady who died of colon cancer because she refused to do chemo and only wanted nutritional therapy. The lady died and the nutrionist who was leading her on to the point where she was just screaming in pain everyday is responsible for her death.

    1. comparatively speaking, the numbers are are not equal. how many innocent people have died in the name of modern medicine(chemo)?

    2. No big fan of chemo, but you realize that there was cancer before chemo? And that people died from cancer before chemo was invented?

    3. 100,000 people will die this year (adverse drug reacion) taking the prescribed amount of this so called modern medication(chemo, pills....etc)

  37. i ll be checking those Japanese clinics and guys. inviting them wouldn't be bad

  38. Even the most "cherished" academic institutions are proxies for these corporatons I think it always has been science grew as a result of the demands of capital-or at least within this world historic moment of capitalism. And in any society the eltie have always had a monopoly on knowledge it is one of the ways in which it maintains power. We have a modicum or democracy in part of the world, it gets put into the closet during crisis such as the one that is unfolding now. People are occupying wall street and Obama is negotiating a deal for 20 billion to let the banks off of 2 trillion worth of liability. That is 2% and gives them immuity from any further litigation. Seems occupy wall street should be highlighting this real time battle.

  39. Although it is vitally important to disseminate information such as contained herein to the general populace, it astounds me that we are still having this debate 75 years later. Let's get serious about curing the majority of cancers. It is possible - right now! Not some time in the future after the raising of more awareness and the developing of some new chemical poison or magical surgical procedure. Mortality rates are not decreasing using modern medical and so called 'scientific' (what does that actually mean? - to me it has become a synonym for 'study not funded by a drug company') methods that are clearly not working. We are pervasively, and for the most part unconsciously, influenced and spell bound by powerful companies with massive financial agendas perpetuated by otherwise well-meaning doctors and 'experts' with egotistical burdens (how do you admit you may have been wrong and many people who trusted you may have needlessly died under your care and advice?), who continue to keep this information hidden and those who support it discreditable.

  40. Those commenting saying this is not scientifically proven, and are general sceptics. The corruption and deception in science and medical journals via the Pharmaceutical industry is mind boggling. They can afford to do tons of clinical trials and then publish only positive ones, they ghost write publications, they basically own medical journals through advertising, they are highly engrossed with the medical community, psychiatry and the government that the conflicts of interest are beyond morality. They undertake marketing campaigns on their products, and misinformation campaigns on programs like this one. So saying its not scientific is laughable, as a lot of so called scientific publications, even clinical trials are completely cooked. If you dont believe me search the literature and you'll find plenty of evidence, especially in the fields of psychiatry (which is an absolute joke). If you want another more scientific "cure" for cancer check out Burzynski Movie, He was getting much better results then the medical community, but was put through the courts for years and years on laughable accusations, and having all his patients records raided, etc. And like gerson therapy, his patients had been given up on by the mainstream medical community, that was the only reason he was allowed to treat them.

    1. Cancer is big business eg; charities, medication, Jobs, education, etc... they have no intentions of cureing it nevermind, it keeps us from living to long ( they don't want to have people drawing pentions and draining the health care system's for half their lives) and the popultation exploding many more times then what we have today. They cure just the right amount of people to keep the public quiet and demanding answers. If it's not like I think, it sure looks that way

  41. For each of us eventually it'll all come to an end. It is so sad that Dr Gersons life was murdered by arsenic poisoning. A great documentary which honours the memory of an unselfish, qualified Doctor, Nutritionist, and Natural Therapeutic Practitioner of all ailments. Long life and Peace to Charlotte Gerson. Thanks Steve!

  42. Oncologists like Weathermen can be wrong all the time and still have a job. Modern science and medicine has a 100% mortality rate, your guaranteed to die and not survive cancer. And after all isn't all medicine synthesized natural things from the earth, its not made out of thin air, go to the source. FOOD

  43. An excellent documentary,one which should be shown by default to every medical student.
    Of course that won't happen,vested interests will see to that.
    I write this comment in late 2011,a time when there are more people employed in the cancer industry than there are patients,and there lies the problem.
    In my country (England)it is a criminal offence to offer advice to a fellow human being suffering from this modern scourge.
    Vested interests.
    We are our own worst enemy,we accept the pursuit of material wealth comes at a price.Ourselves.
    And me?
    I have experienced what my Hepatologist terms chemotherapy,and I wouldn't recommend it,so I have a personal interest in this subject.
    I also have right now,a relative,a 3 year old girl on chemo,so I have a personal interest.
    What's the answer?
    Spread the word people,tell your friends,your co workers,and then some.
    Get this information out there and make a difference.
    After all, you.Yes YOU! Have a 1 in 2 chance of cancer.So this is of personal interest to YOU!
    So spread the word.
    Or accept your fate willingly.
    Your choice.

  44. Ok, ok... Just trying to be rational here. It's common in technology that we're stuck with the "Essays, trials & error" method.
    If that is the best that can be done, then be it.

    I'd say: -No problem and lets test it in detail accordingly to some acceptable & valid scientific methods. Give it a break?
    There could be a foundation that would subsidize some 10-20 treatments for cancer patients? But 20 is sort of a statistical minimum.
    -Beside, its easier for the calculation 'cause the methods of calculation are published at large. Easy to track down.

    Bwarff! Thinking twice, the Japanese may determine have discriminated the whole before the occident decide to go for it or not.
    Europeen uncounted...

    in any events, I noticed that the Gerson therapy means the end of meat as food? I don't like that, I like a good steak.
    Ok, a lot of blueberries, cherry and all this plus the carrots and any vegetable one could dream of but "Where's my steak"?
    My veal palet that makes all these vegetables to tasty, huh?

    I may prefer not living too old but fully enjoy the foods?
    How old did the 10th century human being lived, on average?
    Already, if a truck doesn't run me over tomorrow morning, I can say that I done much better than the average most humans have done?

    I'll sleep much better tonight!


  45. To Firebird: Gerson can't disclose medical records without the patient's permission. Many people don't complete the program because their doctors have frightened them or they don't have family support or they have no knowledge of the truth about chemo, etcetera. You just heard about a lady with pancreatic cancer who did the Gerson therapy and has been in remission for years. That doesn't happen with pancreatic cancer treated with chemo. Chemo is a very acid, toxic treatment that actually causes cancer. Most people with pancreatic cancer, if they even survive the initial chemo, will go into remission for a very short time and then the cancer will come back with a vengeance and metastasize to the bones are lungs. That's the truth. They are lucky if they even live a year. The Bigger Question should be: Why do they keep doing chemo when it doesn't work?

  46. Gerson Therapy is a fraud. Try science.

    1. And I don't think it's considered a "cure" Simply a way to slow the process, although, some cases were cured, really depends on how advanced the cancer is.

    2. And I suppose the new "Scientific" anti-angiogenic drugs being produced are also fraudulent? Which work off of this very same mechanism... Seriously man...

    3. Science causes cancer : )

  47. It seems to me that, from the 1930s till today, Gerson and his followers could have managed to come up with, maybe, ONE SINGLE prospective, case-control study examining whether Gerson therapy works as well as standard therapy, and presented it for peer-review. You can't say they didn't have the money--Gerson therapy is cheap, and I'm sure there would be many volunteers.

    But they didn't do even ONE such study. As is, all they have is a retrospective study of fewer than 40 patients, and anecdotes. That's right--scientists will NOT accept that. I wouldn't treat MY kid with ANY treatment that, in 80 years, wasn't studied.

    1. Replying to Firebird: Gerson can't disclose patient records without their permission. Many people don't finish the program because they don't have family support, have fear-based beliefs, condemnation from the medical community, etcetera. You just heard testimony from someone who had pancreatic cancer, did Gerson therapy, and has been in total remission for years. You DON'T find that at all with conventional chemo treatment with pancreatic cancer. They die really quick. Furthermore, chemo causes cancer. It's a very acid, toxic treatment and many people don't survive the initial round of treatment. When treating that kind of cancer with chemo, even if temporary remission occurs, the cancer will come back with a vengeance, metastasizing in the bone, lung.
      Gerson has a good track record considering that usually people don't go there first, but in last resort, after being ravaged by the chemo. What I have to say about conventional chemo treatment Is: Why do they keep doing the same thing year after year that doesn't work?

  48. Another evidence that 'Capitalism' is the driving force of our misery!

  49. what about the simple mind over matter? the mind is a powerful thing. believe you will get better and your chances of being cured of any illness increases a lot. if you think something is crap and that it wont work, chances are that it wont.


    1. AMAZON HAS BOOK. 9.00 OR AUDIO IS 19.00

    2. I dont know that there is a Gerson Therapy bk, but I have been using Dr. Norman W. Walker, D.Sc., publication, of a fairly complete guide of the Therapeutic uses of our more common, everyday vegetables, taken in the form of raw juices. It is simply called Raw Vegetable Juices. Compiled under the direction and endorsed by R.D.POPE, M.D.

    3. There is in fact a book - The Gerson Therapy -everyone should read it. Our bodies are amazing machines and given the proper nutrients the body will cure and disease, including cancer.

  51. RODICA I am impresed

  52. many us presidents(even recent) suffered from serious illnesses though cancer im not sure.

  53. Does anyone know if there has ever been a modern President of the U.S. that has had somekind of cancer?

    1. I know Clinton reversed his heart disease with a vegan wholefood diet

    2. For sure, Reagan had a premice of colon cancer but since he was under perfect "Srutiny", he got rid of it.
      It's one of those few cancer that can be (Quite easily) cure if discovered at an early stage.
      In most cases, most peoples are too busy and omit a few fundamental. Left aside the ones who rarely see a physisian because of the financial burden.

      I always felf that as long as someone reached some goals in life, such as bringing up off-springs or reaching the top level in a given career, it ain't that much a drama to pass aways.
      BUT! But someone at some (20-35) Y/O who stricken by such a desease, it's something else!
      How could enyone comment on this? Not a word!
      Thinking twice, think of all the young dudes who gave their lifes at a young age, WWI, WWII and all these wars since humans are what they are...

      And wasted, everything considered.


  54. wow listening to the outright lies of all these doctors is mind blowing! most never even met a patient from the gerson clinic !
    even the american cancer institute knows your diet reduces your risks of cancer! shows how unbelievably stupid drs really are absolutely shocking... these drs must be using drugs

  55. if you want to know where crazy comes from .just look at doctors ,people in governments,school boards,religions and physicists they deal in beliefs not truth truth can not be change we all eat or we all piss .people are controlled by beliefs .there is no real way to get a person not to believe a truth .when you deal only in truths and what you know. your life will change forever.

  56. Studies done in mice have demonstrated that restricting the consumption of protein "cures" cancer.

    1. For brevity: Some proteins that are cooked caused the cancers to grow. Why? Cooked proteins are acidic to our bodies. Cancer feeds on an acidic body system. Animals that kill for meat and survival do not get cancer. Eating farmed raised animals may also promote cancer if they are fed grains instead of their natural foods such as grass. Grains contain oils with long-chain acids which suppresses the immune system. Moral of this posting: stay away from foods 'fiddled' with by man. Nature knows best.

  57. @ Paul Gloor: The article posted on the link you suggest, oneclickgroup.co, is by the well known and oft repudiated anti-immunization activist Raymond Obomsawin. Anyone looking at this would do well to find out more about it's author. Please check him out.

    The other link asks for donations through paypal but does not publish the authors name. It also directs you to whale.to; the website editor is one John Scudamore. Links to his website have been banned from wikipedia with good reason. Another organisation you will be directed to is "Children of God for Life". Need I say more about it's scientific credentials?

    By all means look at Paul Gloor's suggested links, but please, with a healthy skepticism

  58. It always amuses me how all these "natural" cures are proposed, but yet there is not a single CURRENT case of anythign being cured by this technique. I am a research chemist, and i can tell you nobody has ever come to tell me "you are not allowed to research this" .... i can do anything i please, and i think plants are good source of knowledge, but i DOUBT these regimens can cure cancer but rather just make a more healthy person. WHY not just find a cancer person (1 every 2 person, shouldn't be hard to find) and then just film them over 52 DAYS and see how they get cured..... that would answer the director's question more directly than "letting the viewers decide for themselves" .....

    I am not defending drug industry, but i don't like how these documentaries don't really produce any answer and try to explain everything in terms of conspiracy theories.

    1. Did you watch the documentary or just say that based off the description? I'm six minutes in and he's already discussed a study where a therapy cured most patients of cancer.

    2. My point exactly!

    3. Exactly. The guy didn't even watch the video!

    4. You can research whatever you like? Well, then it is unfortunate that you have no desire to research this, then you wouldn't doubt whether it worked or not, you would know...we would all know. I imagine you don't want to be blacklisted or ridiculed if the results show the therapy works. Can't feed your family with that.

      I contacted the Canadian Cancer Society about their views on the Gerson Therapy and they sent me an overview of the therapy and pretty much said they don't endorse it because it has not been properly studied. Um, they are in the BUSINESS of studying cancer therapies, if they don't have time to study it, who does? Perhaps another 60 plus years will pass before they have time.... Perhaps they will strategically wait until GMO's have made health by nutrition impossible, then they will study it and say they told us all along it was impossible.

    5. you are not allowed to research marijuana, even after it's scientifically-proven cancer curing properties.

    6. Just check clinicaltrials.gov. All types of cannabis "dependency" trials to try to get addicted teens and adults off pot, but NO Cancer or AIDS trials, actual serious diseases that THC can help, based on it's properties that stimulate T-cells.

    7. Where does this film or any other film describing nutrition as a cure declare a cure in 52 days? How would following anyone around for 52 days accomplish this? You are a scientist and this, in your scientific opinion, is the study that would come up with the truth? That comment really hurts your credability and in fact shows the mainstream mindset that is the problem, as described in this film.

    8. since you are a research chemist I suggest if you havent already (that would be a bad thing) buying a merck index and doing research on the word antineoplastic. Read what herbs are considered to be antineoplastic and use them in conjunction with liver herbs.Do some studies with the whole herb taken several times a day using an adult dose for a 150lb person(2-3 droppersful)of a good tincture.I would suggest dr schultzes tinctures ( herb doc) and then come back to this post. Ill be waiting for your studies of antineoplastic herbs in the merck index written by your peers who are the worlds leading chemists and doctors.I would love for you to prove your colleagues wrong. By the way I have personally witnessed herbal cures for cancer work.

    9. I see after 2 years he "Wequalme" has not produced a response to this. Good job Mikey!

    10. Have you actually watched the film because there are people on there that had cancer

  59. It's so surprising how the government and industrries always hide information from us. They sometimes go as far as debunking these info, in order to satisfy their selfish aims. good doc. thanks Steve Kroschel!!!

  60. OOO and on a final note.....
    I haven't gotten sick in 6 years.
    I was the typical, get sick twice a year like everyonelse.
    Was it vaccines? NOPE
    I stopped touching the mens restroom's doors without a towel.

    BUT, I guess since I don't have 2 way, blindfolded, upside down, 9 year clinical trials....
    it must be all smoke and mirrors...LOL

  61. Another

  62. I think the conventional medical society protesteth too much and they obviously have very closed minds and closed shop.

  63. Anything free and effective and SAFE will be emphatically opposed by the drug industry that would loose BILLIONS If there were natural remedies to their mostly poisonous treatments!

    This is a 10+ documentary! Please watch.

    1. Howdy Charles, yes I agree with you for once, that is our 1% agreement, the rest is 99% disagreement, big pharma, is not in the business of actually curing people, no profit in that at all.

    2. I was angered near the end of the film where it said that if your child had cancer you could be jailed in the U.S.A. for trying the Gerson Therapy. I was saddened when they said (or used text) to say that Dr. Gerson, who survived murder by the Nazi Party in Germany, had been poisoned by arsnic at the time of his death.

      As for his method---in the Garden of Eden, it was fruits and veggies and in the Book of Revelation, it's the "Tree of Life" that says the leaves are for "the healing of the nations". I always puzzled that the "leaves" and not the fruit was mentioned as the reason for the healing of the nations. Big Pharm scares me, actually! Why should we be so surprised when natural ways (God's ways) are so healthful for us?

      Peace to you!

  64. There is a reason we don't use this to cure cancer, because 99% of patients with cancer who tried this treatment died of, guess what, cancer! His study showed no benefit other then speculations that the patients had been getting better, problem is all patients were on traditional cancer treatments at the same time. More recent attempts to show the therapy work ended with 17 of the 18 patients dying of cancer. It did have one benefit however, turns out eating healthy lets you live a few months longer but it does not cure cancer.

    1. Many times the Gerson Therapy is tried as a last resort, after chemo has nearly killed the person. Might be a different story if chemo was avoided and went straight to the gerson therapy. Also, why does gerson have to cure 100% of the people or it is disregarded completely whereas chemo kills 99% of the people and it is a cure? I'll tell you why....money money money.

  65. We know so little about the mind, the body, and the connection between the two.

    Remember Dr. Semmelweis in 1847? He's the doctor who discovered that if they disinfected their hands before delivering babies, the incidence of childbed fever went down to almost nothing. But the medical establishment refused to adopt this preventative measure - despite the fact that lives were being saved. Specifically, Semmelweis's claims were thought to lack scientific basis, since he could offer no acceptable explanation for his findings. Such a scientific explanation was made possible only some decades later, when the germ theory of disease was developed by Louis Pasteur, Joseph Lister, and others. So, imagine the babies and mothers that died needlessly!

    We are dangerously arrogant when we dismiss things simply because we don't understand it!

    1. I wholeheartedly agree!

    2. Well said!!! I would add that our bodies heal themselves from all kinds of things to think it wouldn't with cancer is ridiculous. Come one people its not rocket science. Pollution, chemicals, pesticides are toxic not to mention fast food which I consider food like products. Our body can't get past all the toxins we feed it to heal itself unless you DETOX it and then nourish it!!! Nothing hard to believe about it. It makes perfect sense!!!

  66. Great doc. Maybe eating healthy food is good for you, who'd a thunk it!

  67. the world is overpopulated. We need people who dont use this therapy. It is just a shame that kids are dependent on the parents decision.

  68. So I suppose Dr. Tominaga, Director of the Loma Linda Clinic in Japan, Dr. Takaho Watayo, Director of the Toritsu Ohtsuka Hosptial in Tokyo and Prof. Yoshihiko Hoshino, M.D. speaking about the on going treatments of hundreds of patients and intense/laborious testing (1:04 hour mark onward) doesn't mean much?

    Dr. Tominaga monitors in the vicinity of 500 patients currently on the Gerson therapy, over half of which now show no signs of cancer.

    But nothing to see here right?

    1. No, it doesn't mean much ( sorry ). It's like saying god exists because 500 christians signed the affidavits saying god exists.

      Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proofs.

      But I don't think Gerson therapy is all bad. Eating healthy is always good - I am certain it helped many sick people. It's just that I don't think we need to be told that obeying traffic law nor having a healthy diet can prevent injury and prolong life.

      It's a bit silly, if you really think about it.

    2. Don't apologize. I respect your right to believe those Japanese doctors are lying and that the patient file test results are equivalent to religious faith.

      I also respect your right to choose highly carcinogenic serum injected into your bloodstream as an alternative.

      I don't think you respect the difference between a healthy diet and the Gerson Therapy.

  69. Nvm I just read what waldo said lol. I agree with you waldo for the most part.

  70. I know of a friend who's dad cured his cancer through meditation and dieting. So I don't know what you guys think you know, but it worked. He obviously took a huge risk and it only worked because he was totally into it.
    Sounds to me that you guys watch this stuff but don't listen. But then again good luck too you all when your **** hits the fan. Maybe you should accept that this is very possible and effective.

    1. how do you know that the meditation and diet cured the cancer and that the cancer wasnt going to go into remission anyways?

    2. that is the point of the whole movie. We need to be open to the idea that we can help our body's fix themselves. That treatment with drugs is an option and not the only solution. Yeah it may be the case that his cancer was going into remission. However if he turned on a tv sat in front of it with a bag of msg filled dorritoes(just an example of unhealthy food I am not saying msg causes cancer) and said "well chances are I am going to die so I may as well enjoy myself" I think his chances of the cancer going into remission would not be as good. The meditation and diet did help his body fight the cancer, that is a fact. Did it cure the cancer? Could the cancer of gone away if he ate crappy food and became sedentary? Maybe we do not know. The Japanese don't live 3 years longer than Americans for nothing.

  71. Can you spell circumstantial evidence? What about double-blind trial?

    1. I forget, how do you double-blind trial a complete lifestyle change?

  72. I am getting so sick of this psuedo-scientific push that takes advantage of the conspiracy theory mentality that is so prevalant in the US right now. Yes, of course the medical field is just as corrupt as any other. But, like someone already noted here- doctors, research scientists, extremely powerful rich people, etc. die from cancer all the time. Are we suppsoe to believe they sacrificed themselves in the hopes of keeping the cure hidden? Besides that, any researcher that finds this cure and can scientifically prove that it works, not how just that it does work, stands to make far more than any group of practicing physicians could afford to pay them to stay quite. Researchers do not see patients so what do they care, they have plenty of other mysteries to solve its not like they would be out of work. Besides they would probably be ready to retire on their new found wealth anyway.

    No, sorry but i don't buy it for a minute. I am sure eating healthy and taking certain vitamins would help prevent cancer, it would also probably make you more apt to survive it- but it isn't a cure that works consistently for everyone. There are medical miracles, so to speak, everyday. Some people get well without any real explanation, which just goes to show how little we know about this desease and the ways our bodies work in the end. But if you buy that eating certain foods or starting some vitamin regiment is a universal cure for cancer or a replacement for real medical treatment, I am afraid you are misinformed and walking a dangerous line- especially if you have the desease.

    That said, i suppsoe it would not hurt to try it. If i had cancer I would. But i would not tell others nor convience myself it was going to cure me- the disappointment could be fatal. Hope is a great thing, and it helps people get over any health issue, but false hope can hurt more than help in the end. When people realize it hasn't worked, well there goes the good mood you created. Now the person is five times worse off than before. When I was suffering from prostate cancer they were very honest with me about my condition and chances for recovery, for this very reason. Luckily conventional treatment worked for me.

    I guess what i am saying is if you have this desease, sure give this a shot and hope for the best. But keep in mind that this is not proven to work and is no miracle cure. Also, make sure you pursue conventional treatment as well, for your own sake. I know it isn't fun, I went through it. But, it may very well save your life. i think one thing that helped me more than anything else was to renew my awe of life. More easily said than done, but if you can pull it off it really helps. I managed it by getting involved in cosmology and physics, what a wonderful world they revealed to me. Your path may be just the opposite, religion or spirituality, but thats fine just use what ever works for you. Bless you, I hope the best for you- stay strong for those that love you, especially yourself.

    1. "...doctors, research scientists, extremely powerful rich people, etc. die from cancer all the time. Are we supposed to believe they sacrificed themselves in the hopes of keeping the cure hidden? " ... EggggZactly!

      Hey, how about those coffee enemas?!

    2. LOL Those coffee enemas david do they come with carolans, St. Brendans, Baileys, or american style with a valium and a shot of vodka. Im sure coffee has the same effect as glycerin david but coffee is just the organic natural approach vs petrol base glycerin enemas contemporary doctors prescribe.

    3. If doctors, research scientists, extremely powerful rich people, etc. die from cancer all the time, maybe its because theyre just as ignorant or not in the knowing of "the cure" as you are. If a fatass politician (or whoever) eats shit, smokes shit and doesnt pay attention to diet and exercise, then yes that man has a way higher risk of dying from heart disease, cancer etc.. DUH. And to reverse illness is very easy, your body is more or less 50 billion cells of different kinds that are in a constant process of renewal. Changing a diet completely into "healthy foods" or natural foods only (even as a complementary diet for a month every 2 months and so on) , the diet would immediately integrate into the cells and repair damage. Seriously, tired of these retards opposing something that is clearly working just to fall into all these "concpiracy theories". The stupid part is people still believe the crap they're fed, right on track with the agenda. What is the agenda? Its called the stupid ignorant consumer, one that will purchase anything to achieve happiness, from clothes to burgers, pills, alcohol, cars, ciggs and so on, and the best part is people are making bad lifestyle choices, then they're ending up at the hospitals paying to be told they have either terminal or cronical diseases. Fat joe wouldnt be fat if he didnt eat like an elephant, hade he gone on the gerson therapy (or moderated his eating severly ffrom a young age), he wouldnt have had those issues. Sorry if i came on to hard, its just, i feel sorry for dumbasses like you, and I hope all the opposers on here read my comment. I pity you for falling for the opposing "achademics", all with the same closeminded, ignorant and right out retarded "logics". Why need a study when its obvious, not eating shit and taking shitdrugs from all these high corporations (industries of "health care",fast food, cigarettes, alcohol, "medecine", candy, soda etc) is going to improve your health. What else is there to say? ;)

    4. Well said wald0. Cheers for saving me from saying it. Eat healthy kids.

    5. Waldo, as usual you provide us all with lovely answers. Thank you.

      The film Pill Poppers shows that creating drugs is a shot in the dark process... and that got me thinking that finding cures for cancer still a long way away.

      it is the only plausible explanation I could find so not to believe in the medical conspiracies. Eventhough no company in today's world would simply scratch off billions in revenue by finding a cure for a disease "out of nowhere", I think science will likely progress towards more efficient treatments over decades and find ways to profit from those.

    6. I wouldn't say answers, just opinions. I do appreciate your compliment though, thankyou.

    7. How interesting. When I became disabled in 2006, I turned to my 3 loves (aside from Family and Friends of course). Those 3 loves are Art, Astronomy, and Physics.

    8. Wait, maybe I have multiple personality disorder, and I am actually Waldo also. Weird. Waldo, pinch yourself, and we'll see if I feel it. :D

      What a neat coincidence to share! I, myself, do have faith involved in my path as well, but I don't sell it. I promote live and let live :)

  73. i'm glad to finally see that more and more people is waking up to the fact that we are one with nature. soon or later the mainstream medicine will have to accept it's failure treating decease, and we will all begin a transformation to a better life and since we are adding, a better world! excellent doc. keep up the good work.

    1. You are insane. Mainstream medicine has failed at treating disease? Then explain our increased lifespan. Unbelievable. Thank god noone votes ppl like you into power.

      YOU, my friend, are DANGEROUS.

    2. Exactly life expectancy of the Japanese is longer than us by 3 years! You are right the failings in American medicine in comparison to Japanese medicine which allows for homeopathic and natural treatments to be easily accepted is definitely dangerous!

    3. We don't have increased lifespans. People who lived off the land live just as long and are much more healthy.

    4. There are a number of reasons why people live longer today than a century ago: infectious diseases were largely conquered through public health meausres, including purification of water, proper disposal of sewage and waste, pasteurization of milk, and yes, immunizations, along with better nutrition and personal hygeiene. Public health measures have contributed a great deal more to the health of of our population than medicine. According to one analysis, the life expectancy of Americans has increased from 45 to 75 years over the past century. J.P. Bunker et al., "Improving Health: Measuring Effect of Medical Care," Milband Quarterly 72 (1994): 225-258. Only 5 of those additional 30 years can be attributed tot he work of the medical care system. The majority of the gain has come from improvements in public health, broadly defined to include better nutrition, housing, sanitation and occupational safety. Our medical model, although beginning to make the shift, still focuses more on healing patients who are ill, where public health focuses on prevention. Seems to me we owe more gratitude to our public health system which is way under funded in relation to the modern medical system. It is estimated that only about 1% of the nation's total health spending goes toward public health.

      Unfortunately, unless we as individuals take greater responsibility for our own personal health, we will begin to see the average lifespan decrease. The overuse of prescription drugs provides a vacation from personal responsibility. Keeping in mind that most of these drugs surpress the symptom, but do nothing to address the cause of the problem; which in most chronic diseases is a lifestyle issue.

      It is our lifestyle that is killing us; so eat healthier, move more and focus on living a life that promotes growth not one that depleats the system of it's natural healing process. Our bodies are overtasked and can't keep up.

      Slow down...enjoy living...and make better choices!!

  74. It goes against peoples (and doctors/scientists) desire to eat whatever they want or are addicted to.
    It can't be patented and therefor can't accumulate the kind of money the conventional drugs can.
    It's so easy it only takes a few days to learn, no need to go to medical school (or make a doctor rich) to make it happen and reap the benefits.

    Of course it will be met with resistance, even in some of the comments here from people that seemingly have nothing to loose by acknowledging the possible benefits.

    I have cured my joint pains (had them from young age), severe migraines, skin problems, etc.
    I strongly encourage you to shift to a diet based on fruits and vegetables, as long as you get the calories you need you will feel a lot better.
    I challenge you to try it! :)

  75. well its not somthing that is gonna cause u more harm than damage
    so why not try it

  76. I think that we all know the benefits of eating a healthy diet but if it really had been proven to cure all those diseases then it would be widely used by doctors worldwide. An interesting doc, but I remain very sceptical to it's claims.

    1. Im not saying that this is a conspiracy by all of the world's medical insdustry, but isn't it the case of the science itself not having proper know-how and (dare I say) desire to find cures in twigs and purple lettuce... do you know what I mean?

      I mean, I read stuff on places like naturalnewsdotcom with these well intentioned research 'proving' the effectiveness of large doses of vitamin D to cure almost all cancers for example..... and many other claims like mammograms actually being the cause of breast cancer...

      Personally, I see the prevention of disease a life long battle.... with lots of sunshine, healthy food, exercise and friends....

      damn hippies getting me confused...ha

    2. Yeah I understand what your saying, at least I think I do. Like I said we all know the benefits of eating healthy foods, as for vitamins they too have their place in a good diet, but Again I'm sceptical as to whether they can cure things like cancer. I still think that if there was any real truth in it then there would have been large scale trials done & it would have been proven to actually cure cancer & other diseases. It then would be used by the mainstream doctors all around the world. Perhaps it's just my scepticism, but I still remain to be convinced that they are cures. Pharmaceutical drugs have to undergo years of testing & retesting before they can claim to be a cure & can be used in the treatment of these diseases.

    3. Maybe the medical industry just doesn't want you to know how easy it actually is to cure such diseases as cancer. Why would they want you to know? The doctors are there to make money, and not to tell you that the meds they just prescribed to you are worthless and that you could cure whatever ills you with strawberries, for instance. If they did that, I mean if they did tell what you could do instead of eating expensive meds, the docs would all be out of business soon. And yes, HIGH doses of vitamin D and vitamin C do cure certain types of cancer. Just like Sodium Bi-Carbonat does (aka Baking Soda). Baking Soda has been used for 40 years in clinical trials for astma patients. It has shown to be HIGHLY affective in "curing" astma attacks. My boyfriend has been taken a 1/2 tsp baking soda every morning for the past 1 1/2 years for his astma...he hasn't had an attack since, and his astma is so bad, that he is to 60% disabled because of it. Did all his docs he had to see for his astma told him about this little known medical secret? No, of course not. They wanted their share of the cake by prescribing medicines for my boyfriend which are known to cause cancer, known to lead to obesity, even known to be worse for his body than the worst astma attack he ever had, and to be VERY expensive. Doctors are not there to cure you, they are there to make money off of you. A cure for HIV - a HIGH protein diet. Has been shown to work by a scientist...well, this scientist has been shut down and made to never talk about this again (the government actually threatened him with death if he ever talked about his finds again in public). Wake up people !!!!

    4. What you have said makes so much sense. I believe it is a bit of a conspiracy between the doctors and big pharma... doctors do NOT take the time to figure out what a patient's ailment is, they simply write a prescription. Most of them don't seem to care or seem very concerned about their patients. I do not think it is ethical that doctors receive kickbacks for every vaccination they administer or each drug they prescribe.

      The doctors probably will start losing business soon (especially the endocronologists) anyhow because their knowledge of thyroid disorders is close to nothing. Patients already are becoming their own doctor and losing faith in doctors. People are tired of suffering and continuing to receive no answers or solutions from doctors!!! So we are forced to do our own research if we ever want to get well. I believe those natural remedies cured cancer because natural remedies heal most of our ailments without the risk or side effects of pharma drugs. In the last few years, it seems the world has started to gravitate towards natural doctors and natural solutions.

      Its REALLY sad that some people still haven't caught on. They are still on 5+ different pharmaceutical drugs for every ailment they have. Just blindly trusting their doctor. What is more sad is they judge those of us who want natural solutions. Who do our own research because we know our own bodies and don't get any answers from the doctor. who wouldn't look for a solution who values their life and their health?!

    5. Which scientist was shut down for curing HIV? Where did your information come from?

    6. @ leonardobdas

      I catch the drift of your 'conspiracy' suspicions(and dare I say, corporate self-interests), but when you're talking lymphoma and liver cancer, forget not that CEO's, politicians, bankers(all those nasties who would without compunction suppress anything to make a dime), get cancer, too. I do not care how rich you are, or how ruthless, when you are staring death in the face, you use what works. If this protocol really had efficacy, it would definitely be in use worldwide?but it isn't.

    7. The cure for everything is exercise, fresh air and a diet inline with nature. That's all. By inline with nature I mean raw organic food in it's natural state. It's impossible to get sick unless you poison yourself one way or another.

    8. Did you not listen to the film? The docs will not do it because there is NO MONEY IN IT FOR THEM! Do you think they are going to give up Cut, Poison & Burn to open up a Gerson clinic to make less money, when they do not understand nutrition even one bit? They need a double blind study, published in a peer reviewed journal to believe anything. I know, I sold to docs for 25 years. So how do you do that study? I mean, your are either eating plants or you are not. You can not disguise that for the sake of a double blind study.Double blind means both the patient AND the person doing the study do not know if the patient is given the medicine or the placebo. You can not do that with the Gerson method! Do YOU want to be the person to not get the chance to beat cancer and get the placebo? Geesh, watch the film again, please!

  77. I had to stop 5 minutes in with the anti vaccine bit and when he said he only took 52 days to make the film.

    1. Well Sieben stern I bet he was only gone from Alaska such a short time so he would not lose his permanent fund dividend (its the oil royality kickback check they give to anyone with a pulse in Alaska october 6th each year) but dont tell anyone if the other americans find out about this they might feel they derserve some of the resource loot corporations pillage from their land compensation free. I do agree with you on vaccine's usefulness in a modern world we live in. This treatment may work it may not but everyone I know thats over 90 years old and has a mind left always seemed to have eaten lots of homegrown food most of their lives and they also did not consume much alcohol or smoke 2 pack of marlboro reds in a box a day. You might want to try and watch it again because with the rising costs of healthcare compounded with its low quality of service this might be your best bet when your time comes. If you feel im wrong thats ok too we still got petrolem base drugs and chemotherapy for those with money to pay for it to help them get to where they are going in the most profitable way. Yup we aim to service everyone at least once in their lifetime if we can, why should dieing be free if you can pay for it.....

    2. He is a real genius to make a movie like this in 52 days. Please don't stop listening to information that is against your view, if you keep yourself closed you won't be able to evolve.

    3. why?