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BhuttoBenazir Bhutto was one of the most complex and fascinating characters of our time. Hers is an epic tale of Shakespearean dimensions, of a privileged girl born into Pakistan’s equivalent of the Kennedy family. She would trade her Western lifestyle to become the first Muslim woman elected in history to lead an Islamic nation.

Benazir Bhutto was born into a wealthy landowning family that became Pakistan’s dominant political dynasty. The Bhutto family’s painful history of triumph and tragedy has played out on an international stage.

Educated at Harvard and Oxford, and with an eye on a foreign-service career, Benazir’s life changed forever when her father, Pakistan’s first democratically elected president, chose Benazir to carry his political mantle over the family’s eldest son. In the late 1970s, when Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was overthrown and executed by his handpicked Army Chief, Benazir swore to avenge her father and restore democracy — or to die trying.

Benazir Bhutto may have broken the Islamic glass ceiling, but she was not liberated in all of the ways the Western world might expect; she was wed in a traditional arranged marriage to a notorious Karachi playboy, Asif Ali Zardari (who is now president of Pakistan).

She served two terms in power as the Prime Minister of Pakistan marked by acts of courage and controversy. She eradicated polio and championed the rights of women while fighting the male-dominated political elite and a nervous military leadership, but was constantly defending herself against accusations of corruption and scandal.

In 2007, with the South Asian country in turmoil and under the thumb of yet another military dictator, Benazir was called back onto the world stage as Pakistan’s best hope for democracy. With her assassination she transcended politics, but left a legacy of simmering controversy and undeniable courage that will be debated for years.

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  1. joe k

    I do not know much about Pakistan ,but i find this Doc very interesting ... It was very well made

  2. Assy Kom

    whatever the case it may be, believe it she overpowered all pakistanis, and will always remain ahero, and the most educated woman in pakistan

  3. Prakash Khot

    It's very interesting to see that the documentary avoids even a single reference or quote from the Indian side - the country she hated the most!!

    1. Ali Shahid

      Can you please provide evidence to your statement above? 'Hate' is a strong word, she was a political leader - supporter of the masses - the 'Hate' towards India was politicised - not a personal emotion.

  4. emenot

    And it got her dead in a country which had been in existant for thousands of years with the same mentality! Thats why people migrate...

  5. Bismah Haq

    I cannot stand all this talk of her as a martyr. She was a good leader and orator, as one has to admit that Hitler was. But she was incredibly corrupt, and plunged Pakistan into a depression that made it impossible for the poor majority of Pakistan to survive. It will take Pakistan decades to recover from some of her mistakes, and her husband and child(Bilawal) are the worst people to govern this country. They are inhumane, selfish crooks.

  6. Sulaiman Ayaz

    OH MY GOD! They made a document on Benazir Bhutto!? I haven't watched it yet and probably won't, but friends let me tell you something about her and her family, they had a long line in the presidency, and she and her father had inflicted great loss and have played their part in corrupting and destroying both legal system and lives of the Pakistani people. Her father was a great crook, Bhutto(the father) managed to pull off scams on the same simple people who voted for him he did all the other usual stuff like steeling from the national funds, murders, thefts, and cheating the voting system (gerrymandering etc...). Then along came his daughter, she did the same, lives were lost as she destroyed all hope for the building of the Kalabagh dam, because of her every year if hundreds not thousands of people die every Mon-soon season due to heave rain just so the fellow corrupt could the land and then her extremely corrupted husband came along who just can't have enough of money and lives, who by the way assassinated Benazir and gave her the false title of 'mattered' and Zardari (the husband) is now destroying the nation, along with a team of thugs, the prim minister,the chief of army staff, the provincial precedents and many more. I should know I am a Pakistani who cares about Pakistani. Stupid Swiss bank!

  7. patrick .........

    One of the greatest documentaries I have ever seen. Benezir was one of those special people that posses integrity, passion, heart and wisdom. Just as Ghandi, just as Marthin Luther King, jesus the Buddha and just as another person I know individually.

    To come across these people in your life is very rare but if you do meet them then recognize them for their greatness and never loose contact, these are the messengers of god.

    1. mobeen

      integrity??? im from pakistan and this woman was the most corrupt politician in our countries history. oh wait, her father was worse than her. just because she was pro western and a woman does not mean she was a good leader. she did NOTHING for our country when she was in power. The poor and illiterate people of my country do not understand that and even now her husband who won the last election because of her assassination is ruining my country. The bhutto family is the richest family in pakistan. Her father was nobody before he became prime minster. The bhutto family has been looting the wealth of my country since ages. a good documentary maybe but tells NOTHING about the true nature of this blood sucking family. May she rest in peace and i hope to GOD her dirty family NEVER rules again. and the ONLY reason she came back to Pakistan was because the USA backed her and she knew she would win the elections and rule easily with their backing. in the end her lust for power and accumulating even more wealth was her undoing. she did NOT come back to "help" or "save" her country, she portrayed such an image to win over the voters who were stupid enough to vote for her party even after seeing what she did during her last 2 tenures as PM. a messenger of God u say? more like a blood sucking parasite !!

    2. knowledgeizpower

      Okay so I read your comment and since you are from Pakistan, and probably would know more than I would about what goes on there lol...Would you consider Bhutto and her family as being up there with the Elitist because of their wealth and power? I find what you said very very interesting I hope you reply back thanks :)

    3. mobeen

      the elite comes below the Bhutto family, as i said they are THE richest family in Pakistan with God knows how much money stashed in Swiss bank accounts. the elite make money from private businesses but such politicians steal from the country and do nothing for the poor, to improve living standards or to develop the country. Her own brother was murdered by her husband after her father was hanged( due to his corruption) so they would be able take the reigns of their political party. and the only reason she was able to came back to Pakistan from so called "self imposed exile" in Dubai was because General Pervaiz Musharaf gave her immunity from the numerous corruption cases filed against her after her last tenure as PM ended. and the literate and intelligent people of my country know she was murdered by her husband and not by religious extremists because they did not get along and had hardly met over the past few years as her husband was in jail in Pakistan since many years ( due to corruption , big surprise !! :p). who is the President now after she is dead? her husband !! She would not have given him a ministerial position even is she was still alive, so who gains from her death? Al Qadea which was already destroyed and finished when she was killed or her husband???? in reality the only reason her party won the election was because of people voting for them due to sympathy and made her an instant "hero". If religious extremists wanted her dead they would have tried to kill her during her previous 8 years in power. Al Qaeda is not responsible for every single thing that goes on in the world, i think the only thing Al Qaeda is not blamed for is global warming !!

    4. knowledgeizpower

      @ Mobeen So you are saying that It was an inside power thing within the Bhutto family the reason she was killed? So in the Doc it mentioned that Bhutto's niece was upset at Her because of her father's death. I thought that maybe it was because Bhutto Might Have Had Her Own Brother Killed because He wanted the Power or something..But you are Saying That it was Bhutto's Husband that had Her Brother Killed Okay I must have missed a whole lot...So How are they Above the Elitist? I thought the Elitist were the Highest in Power.. I want to get to the bottom of this so I can understand seriously :0

    5. Jim Moore

      She was an idealist swimming in a pond full of sharks !

  8. Jaz

    Good Documentary.

    1. Bhookya Ganesh nayak

      Such a dynamic lady 🙏🙏

  9. jasmine

    ''ships r safe at harbour but thats not what ships r built for''. benazir bhutto. i recommend the viewers to read her autobiography,''daughter of the east'', and her last book , '' Reconciliation; islam, democracy and the west''. what an intellectual leader . her words while addressing US congress ,'' for dictators of the world, democracy is the best revenge''. rich and educated , she doesnt have to risk her life and get killed but for the people of pakistan she put her life at risk. as a mother my heart goes out 2 her teenage children. i remember her response after first sucide attack on her in karachi, '' we r prepared 2 risk our lives ,we r prepared 2 risk our lives but we r not prepared 2 surrender our great nation 2 the militants''. courage- thy name is benazir bhutto. rest in peace benazir bhutto.

    1. Sertsis

      Thank you for that, Jasmine, what a truly beautiful commentary on an amazing woman. It broke my heart when she died. Rest in peace.

  10. Charles Alderson

    Brave woman. I swear humans are so stupid. Every time someone comes along with the right idea we always kill them. I know most of you watchers are against 1 world government but I don't understand why we can't just toss religion and race out the window and realize how great the place could be if we all worked together. It actually seems like the logical thing to do. 1 love ya know? "Let's get together and we'll be alright!"

    1. Guest

      Can you frankly say you apply that everyday, everywhere?
      I do like the idea, and i work real hard on myself to balance that without blame and shame. But many times i trip.
      Not an easy task for 1, but yes, 1 is always the central starting dot.

  11. in_SANE

    lol surprise surprise...US gave birth to Al Qaeda to put Russia off that wat i just heard??

    1. Daniel Jones

      Actually that is a correct statement. Al Qaeda is translation for "the list" and was the CIA's list of arab operatives that they used in Afghanistan and Bosnia and now Libya in order to destabilize those regions and make them ripe for western economic influence. Just google it. It's not a secret by any means...

    2. Billy Bradford

      Al Quaeda is translated as "the base". Try again.

      Regardless, the US is indeed partially responsible. Oh well.

    3. Daniel Jones

      @ Billy Bradford

      “the late British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook revealed shortly before his untimely death, "Al Qaeda" is nothing more than a CIA list of arms dealers, mercenaries, drug dealers, and terrorists used by the United States and the Saudis in the Mujaheddin war against the USSR”.

      Sorry I remembered the translation of the word wrong. Millions of bits of data bouncing around together :-)

    4. BeardHero420

      Actually, "Al Qaeda" literally translates to "the base" - and back when they were our friends they were simply the "mujahadeen" or "holy warriors".

    5. Will Conley

      Actually Daniel has a point when he says Al Qaeda translates to "the list." Yes, it does translate literally to "the base" but it was used in the sense of "database," which is basically a list. In other words, Al Qaeda was a list of the CIA's go-to guys for operations in Afghanistan against Russia. So "the base" should not be interpreted in the sense of "base of operations." That, of course, was the CIA itself, not Al Qaeda.

    6. knowledgeizpower


      I'm digging your blog pretty good stuff you got going :)

  12. Matt Kukowski

    A good doc to see just how sick politics are and our societies at large. Wars, power, fear and just trying to survive in a world of chaos and decay.