The Bible's Buried Secrets

The Bible's Buried Secrets

2008, Religion  -   107 Comments
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The Bible's Buried SecretsIn this landmark two-hour special, NOVA takes viewers on a fascinating scientific journey to the beginnings of modern religion.

The Bible's Buried Secrets vividly recounts the saga of the ancient Israelites and digs deeply into both the Bible and the history of the Israelites through the archaeological artifacts they left behind.

The documentary focuses on the Hebrew Bible, also known as the Old Testament, as the foundation for the great monotheistic religions—Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

NOVA's producers worked with an international team of scholars and researchers who studied stories, examined artifacts, deciphered ancient manuscripts, and hypothesized how—in a time of human sacrifice, idolatry, and slavery—the concept of one God emerged.

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  1. The problem is a scientific journey that tries its hardest to turn Christians away from the Bible. Do not believe everything you see because the Bible warns us about stuff like this. On the first episode the host is eating dinner with an archaeologist who repeatedly tells HIS version of who David is and obviously didn’t read the Bible and doesn’t believe in god so of course his version he can conjur up is going to be against the truth.

    1. The Germans who invented the first printing press mass produced the Bible for a reason. It is to hedge against the time that it will be altered or discarded as source of Truth.

      That time is happening today. Nitwits who spread gossip and are not careful with details nor have scientifically verified the issues, troll sites hoping to delude and remove interest on the topic. The main character in Scripture should be God and not the people whom God has made. The epic story is written by God who acts like a potter while the race who claim to be special and most important are put in their place like clay. The fulfillment of the prophecies are ongoing and when this is all over, the pot will never be able to deny who's who. They will forever be just another claypot and not the potter who made them fit the role they never wanted to.

      are creating an illusion that they are most important who flood the networks with false claims of importance also create an illusion that many find

  2. Hey guys!! Have you heard the one about the Doctor who sold her soul to the dark side for ratings..?

  3. We are all products of our environments. Mine was being brought up in Catholic household. I am a fairly simple person and I not really able to offer up intellectual arguments and can only speak from my experiences.

    When I receive Holy Communion - the difference it makes to my soul is amazing. I am consuming the body of Christ and am filled with peace and love.
    Remember what Jesus said "unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man you will not have eternal life". Trust me if you receive Holy Communion as a Catholic - there is no question that you have feelings of peace and love in your soul- immediately. It lasts a few hours. but your soul must be clean.

    Jesus also said "those sins you forgive - they are forgiven"
    Confession is an amazing sacrament- I feel cleansed from sins after going to confession.

    This is what its all about - not deciphering arguments from scriptures but receiving the gifts that Jesus gave us and doing good in world.
    God bless

  4. At 53 minutes she talks about "anti-northern spin". Yet it was the Assyrian captivity of the northern kingdom that was not spin but a warning that the southern kingdom ignored and so they themselves were taken into the even more severe Babylonian captivity. This is hardly a history that shows Judah to be superior to the Samaritans, the northerners!

    Jesus himself showed this with the famous "Good Samaritan".

    Our King Jesus who is David's greater son and indeed David's Lord (Psalm 110) left behind even less of a physical kingdom. Jesus, although King of Kings was hounded like David. David was typical of Jesus Christ and his Psalms express this so well.

  5. David was a great king because he was "a man after God's own heart", not because of great building projects. While David was king he was either at war or on the run most of the time, even from his own sons. It was in his son Solomon's day that the great temple and much else was built.

  6. Ten minutes in, she says that a little bit of ornament from where Goliath lived proves that the Bible is wrong in calling the Philistines uncultured. But the "philistine" slur is not biblical one. To be spiritually uncultured has nothing to do with whether you have ornaments or not..

  7. Just 4 minutes into the video and the presenter has twice spoken of David's great achievement in uniting the tribes of Israel and Judah. Yet the 12 tribes were not divided, they were only in dispute over the succession after King Saul's death. So I don't make much of her being a "biblical scholar". The real division came after David's son Solomon. Maybe she is confusing this story with the great joining together of rival tribes by Mohammed.
    The earlier programme in the series about Adam and Eve was even more bizarre, but that is what you get when the liberal BBC and atheists get together.

  8. Fairly obvious smear effort by a very attractive atheist. What do you expect from the dominant left?, certainly not unbiased truth. Her phd was awarded by people who adore her anti bible viewpoint. Our Alice in Wonderland era where grants are awarded for predetermined politically correct outcomes is no surprise considering the amount of cash available.

    1. Dear Honkey Cracker, How on Earth did you stumble upon a collection of intelligent documentaries? I can't think of many documentaries on this site that a right wing religious conservative tea partier type would find geared to their type of non-thought. I guess if we want unbiased truth, we will need to return to the ancient, archaic world of psychopathic fairy tales, which were written by men, thousands of years ago.
      Did you even watch the doc, or do you and your troll patrol
      just cruise through the net?

    2. What's wrong BV? Feeling a little butthurt because your antiquated fairytales from the Bronze Age have been refuted by something as simple as evidence?

  9. I know secret wealth of information regarding human creation the Great I Am or the God of Abraham and God's final return of revalation. I can prove all my knowledge scientifically as well as I also know why drug addiction occurs now in larger rates than ever before. I also understand how our human consciousness works as well as our human brains theres a scientific connection to plant life thats been staring us in the face for hundreds of yrs. If anyone knows a way I can reach scientific community to get my knowledge out there as well as my proof and evidence I can also prove all my knowledge Biblically as well. Most the secret answer lie in book of Exodus and Moses' s story! Contact me if u wanna know the REAL TRUTH OF Y U EXIST!

    1. We're not allowed to post up private info like email's on here mate. I think you can put it in your disqus name description if you really want it out there. (the little cog in the top right corner where you put in a new post, choose Edit Settings)

      If you want to get information 'out there' to the science community, you could pick a well read publication that talks about the relevant sciences, write your ideas down, send them in and see if they'll publish it.

      I've read Exodus a couple times, I didn't find anything I'd call scientific evidence of the type you talk about, and have to say I'm very sceptical about your claims. For one, Exodus isn't big enough to contain all the information you say you can prove. You're welcome to try your ideas out here, but they'll likely face a harsh crowd/critics here mate, including myself. If your info. is correct and stands up to logic then it will, if it doesn't here you'd have little hope getting a decent scientific publication to print it.

    2. You have proof of your claims do you? First prove that your god's and jesus's deities even exist/existed, otherwise you are talking to the wind. And no circular logic because the bible told me so. Good luck!

    3. wow! How will you prove Stalin's atheistic atrocities in 300 years?
      How do you prove anything you wen't present to witness? Evidence of course! There are over 5,000 manuscripts which document the New Testament, some dating back to 46 AD. There are only 40 which document The Roman empire. Is that proof enough?

    4. No.

  10. Francesca Stavrakopoulou defines herself as "atheist". No wonder she's there to try to prove her point of view rather than taking a more objective path. It's very sad that a so called professor of Hebrew Bible and Ancient Religion at Exeter's University takes a one side only. Her lack of objectivity and her atheistic point of view, blinds her eyes, ears and her intellect. But thanks to her, though, the faith of those of us who believe in One G-d, one LORD and His Son Jesus Christ is awesomely strengthened for we are able to see her true intentions. I pray to the LORD Almighty that she opens her heart, mind and soul to the Truth. If so, she'll be able to bring about more peace on earth and less dissent and hatred. Shalom, Francesca.

  11. The Bible isn't a strict recollection of past events - nothing is (remember George Washington and mythical Cherry Tree?). Instead the Bible is what the German theologians refer to as "Heilsgeschichte"; a record of events deemed to be both salvific and of divine orientation. When viewed from that perspective the Bible is both authentic and truthful.

    I am always amazed that there is a tendency to pooh-pooh the Bible because it is infused with religious beliefs and references to a deity. Yet some of these same historians with read hieroglyphics from boasting and egomaniacal Egyptian royals as though the events described were incontrovertible fact! The Constitution refers to God, and ascribes certain rights and privileges as being derived from God, but no one questions the authenticity nor validity of the document.

    The Bible holds up under scrutiny. Initially historians laughed because they believed Daniel's presentation on a certain Belshazzar to be fable - then they found Nabonidus' cylinder. The Hittites were a biblical joke, and then 19th Century discoveries confirmed the Bible's assertion.

    It is simply easy to doubt; not necessarily a sign of intelligence.

  12. Thanks. The biblical narrative on David would indeed have served the bolstering of Judah after the fall of the northern empire to the Assyrians, no doubt, serving again after the Babylonian exile and the rebuilding of the temple. Good point - archaeology should not be lost to political ideology. The modern Israeli state needs to keep Theodore Herzl's dream separate from the Torah and the Tannak!

  13. I'd like to see what is discovered 50-100 years from now. The bible stories are unravelling. It doesn't mean that there is no g- d just not the fable version we've been told. Organized religion seems to cause so much strife, I hope finding out the real truth of biblical stories will help humanity get along better.

  14. Too bad all the professor's didn't get together before to work together and find out what is out there so we as a species could learn and maybe benefit from these actions. Too bad !

  15. the tree of knowledge is majic dark sciences seeing good and evil

  16. the garden is not man made,man did not vreated the seed that grows all the plants madn did not created water that sustain all life,god created all living things from water. she misses the mark again

  17. look how pasionate she is towards those pagan dieties and how critical she is about one god belief...her research is not thougheral enough,one god is one supreme creater...the jews turn to the the golden calf immrdiate on moses absence,also hidden was a magician in there present who seduce them,in islam there is a hadith were god will bring forward there images they bulit with there own hands to worship,and will ask them to breath life into the image,and they will not be able too,and will fling them into the fire,god gave men intellegect but they dont use it...even many scientist are in a agreement,everything connected run by one supreme power,abraham rejected his fathers PAGAN SOCIETY,BUT HE DINT COME TO THE ONESNESS RIGHT AWAY HE WORSHIP THE STARS,.THE MOON THEN SUN,AND REJECTED ALL BECAUSE THEY SET AND WORSHIP THE CREATOR OF ALL,yes the fews mixed the old with new just as chritians did in rome,and prophets were resent when they went backwards or astay,but as usuall when men put there hands and things they bring it down to there level,just look how backward were are going backwards in this country with are hollywood and musical idols,drug sex and rock and roll,wine woman and song,we can claim to be christians but not practicing christians,our society promoste sex,materialism greed gosip ,killers,not peace ,helping yout fellow men,feeding the poor,if some one doug up the country 1000 years from now,they will not find pure chritianity,bur marolyn manroe, images, accross the country ect ect ,but looking at the surface doenst tell all.....god created male and female,male and female he created them,god is above that,study science on this its its not the only version,theres a difference between creator and creation,she get paionate about the female and male idols self worship and we now how folly man has been,all will pass away but god,that has no begging or end like we all do.there is alot more ,but i can see were shes comming from and were shes going....what belief does she have,what does she want to explain were we all came from...what pagan religion she believes is correct

  18. Anyone who watches the History Channel and thinks they are watching something about history must not have ever been in a history classroom. It's a crime that they can call it that. It should be called the Pseudohistory Alien Psychic Prophecy Channel

  19. This concept of "modern religion," an oxymoron if there ever was one, is already passe. For the religion of the future global society, see the documentary on artist Alex Grey.

  20. Awesome documentary. I wanted to know if all those fairy tales in the bible had some solid archaeological evidence I see now they don't. How can and empire that stretched form Egypt to Mesopotamia only leave a little tablet that says house of David as evidence. Come on people. All those religious Archeology's See a big building and automatically is the kingdom of David even though it doesn't have any reference to David.

  21. "The Israeli Lobby owns the Congress, media, Hollywood, Wall Street, both political parties, and the White House. This kind of talk will get people fired by this lobby, as we have seen recently with White House correspondent Helen Thomas and CNN anchor Rick Sanchez. However, many Americans are growing tired of the arrogance of the Israel Lobby and their bigoted attitudes toward anyone who challenges their influence-peddling and their ridiculous insistence that Israel must be supported because of some ancient fairy tales involving some tribes who wandered the deserts of the Middle East and saw and heard non-existent things because of sun stroke, drinking bad water, and smoking local hallucinogenic plants." - Anonymous

  22. The Francesca BBC version is merely a twisted, biased copy of the History Channel's show by the same name. The scholar she claims to be she is not; she's a second-rate history prof. Note the scene where she's doing her makeup, later boasting about eating in a very fine restaurant while there. The show is all about HER and her blatant efforts to discredit all archaeology related to King David. She even blows off the Dan Stele, which everyone accepts as authentic now. I'm saying she is either a closet muslim or being paid by some Palestinian org to pull this off. Sadder still is that BBC fell for it. Just shows how much their standards have fallen. She deliberately hunts up the one Jewish arch. who is trying to keep his career alive by running counter to prevailing theory. The whole painful show is a shame. Watch the History Channel version, if you want the current standing on the digs, the finds and the theories.

    1. Anyone who watches the History Channel and thinks they are watching something about history must not have ever been in a history classroom. It's a crime that they can call it that. It should be called the Pseudohistory Alien Psychic Prophecy Channel

    2. The status of America's educational system is deplorable. The teachers are poorly trained and often are not expert in the subjects they teach. The real problem is Americans only value the diploma/degree and not the knowledge to support them.We have become lazy, unimaginative and superficial.The majority seem to have a working vocabulary of less than 500 words. They have probably read only one or two books cover to cover, if any. They probably don't own a dictionary, aren't familiar with a thesaurus and never use them if they do. Critical thinking for them is what the judges do on "Dancing With the Stars".

    3. It's painfully obvious that your comments only refelct your prejudices.

    4. I've enjoyed watching both and drawing my own conclusions. You sound a bit bitter and twisted. Closet Muslim indeed. How offensive. Her name is Greek, BTW.

  23. Seems like a zionist gender doc. Maybe to conquor more Arab Palastinian land with the pretence of archeological finds of the ancient israelites. But the YMCA god is just a total fabrication for modern Israel to excavate more Arab lands. They are actually looking for Gog and Magog who are really related to Baal.

  24. Dear Francesca,
    I have the evidance of the missing corner stone in your story claim regarding the Goddess Asherah and her relationship with God El and her real origin, where you didn't even point it, you have traveled from Jerusalem to Ugarit, bypassing the mother land of the Goddess Ashrah. I do have the answer how Asherah engaged from the God El?

  25. fight! fight! fight! the world shall be watching! do not fear if the other gets the upperhand for the world shall intervene that the entertainment do not ever end. - i should be a poet!!

  26. @Edmund - you actually dismiss the concept of proof because of what some priest in some temple said?

    1. @NAND Gate - You actually just accused someone of saying the exact opposite of what he was actually saying; and in so doing, quite perfectly demonstrating his point!!!

  27. This is a distorted biased program that is only designed to deligitimise the right of the Palestinian people to an independent homeland. It is pure YHWHist and Zionist propaganda. Check out the many sources which show what is actually known about 'King' David, and his tiny kingdom.

    1. Funny. It didn't make me want to take land from anyone. It just gave an academic background of the writings and context behind the assembly of the Bible. Moreover, just because a kingdom (or fiefdom or chiefdom or community) is tiny doesn't mean it didn't produce literature that had great impact on the world down to today. There is a difference between studying religion from an academic point of view and approaching it from a personal and/or political view.

      Moreover, somehow I do not believe this program was "only designed" to "deligitimise" anyone. Usually anyone with that obvious an agenda doesn't do their homework this well, moreover, that assumes these people are all studying and researching with the intent of finding anti-Palestinian arguments. Any archaeologist worth their salt will not allow a foregone conclusion to color their findings. One is a lot more likely to get sensation out of the History channel as opposed to NOVA.

    2. Wow! Off the planet comments not backed by, in my opinion, much in the way of rational thought.

    3. Despite your ridiculous extreme comment, I believe you are right to an extent about the first documentary claiming the evidence proves something it does not prove. It's the height of cultural chauvinism to laud monotheism in this way, and absurd to talk of it being "modern" religion, an oxymoron if there ever was one. But the second BBC program does not take the same tack at all and is quite critical of the politico-archaeological interpretations.

  28. The Garden of Eden has been found in the Rachaiya Basin, Southern Lebanon by exploration geologist and multi disciplined researcher Christian O'Brien CBE, who recorded the facts on this discovery in his book, co-authored with his wife Barbara Joy, the Genius of the Few in 1984.

    Up to date translations of Genesis, the Books of Enoch and the crucial Kharsag cuneiform records from the Nippur library, re-write our secular history without religious bias.

    A raft of supporting evidence is available, which features this site as the source of the domestication of animals and crops (plus technology) from 9,400 BC, at the start of the Holocene warming, following the Great Younger Dryas cataclysm generated ice age. Together with site survey records, photographs, and a video presentation, much more is available on the Golden Age Project website.

    An, the leader of the small advanced group who re-started agriculture and civilised living following this global catastrophe, was later deified as the earliest monotheistic God. Yahweh in fact translates as leader of this group, in Hebrew described as the Elohim. The Qur'an translates as the readings and recitations of An, although the contents were recorded some 9,800 years later.

    An's daughter Ninkharsag was the governor of the research establishment based on irrigation agriculture, and later described as the Goddess of Irrigation (or Ceres). Her statue was the central feature in the 200 acre administrative centre of Mari (another name for Ninkharsag) on the Euphrates. On the documentary Dr Francesca came close to this important information and should have done her homework on this crucial subject, which identifies Ninkharsag, wife of Enlil, as the origin of the Mother Goddess, upon whom Ashera was much later based. Male and female leaders of communities were described as Yahweh and Ashera. Ashera could be wife or consort, and this formed the basis of the equal male and female administrative roles of Mayor and Mayoress, which still survives, but carrying the religious bias or dogma against the role of women.

    Our first Laws were the Edicts of An and Enlil (El Shaddai or El Elyon) and our first Encyclopaedia of Astronomy was Enuma An and Enlil, factors which would have been well known and understood by Abraham of Ur.

    1. Although I know a little of the reported resolts of this work I also believe that the idea that this was the actual "Garden of Eden" as mentioned in the Old Testament was unproven and was mearly speculation?

  29. I think Zoroastrianism had the first monotheistic form of worship and it came well before Judaism.

    1. Fact

  30. Holy Quran 2:101
    And when a messenger came to them from God, authenticating what was with them, a group of those who had already received the scripture placed God's scripture behind their backs as if they did not know.
    And they followed what the devils recited regarding Solomon's kingship. Solomon did not reject, but it was the devils that rejected by teaching people magic, and teaching them what was sent down on the two Angels in Babylon, Haroot and Maroot. They did not teach anyone until they would Say: "We are a test, so do not lose faith!" Thus they teach what can separate between a person and his mate; but they cannot harm anyone except by God's permission. And they learn what harms them and does not benefit them, and they have known that he who purchases such has no place in the Hereafter. Miserable indeed is what they purchased with their souls if only they knew!
    And had they believed and been righteous, it would have brought them a reward with God which is far better if they knew!

  31. crap!!!!!!!!!!. the most boring documentary i av ever seen. did not gain anything new from it. it is more confusing than educative. i can't believe i have wasted my precious time watching this crap

  32. I wonder why it is that archaeologists can dig anywhere else in the world and people just accept their conclusions as fact, but as soon as its done in Israel everyone starts losing their minds. All nations of that time period combined their history with their religious beliefs. Why wouldn't the Israelites of the Bible do the same? I am an atheist and I am not a Zionist. This documentary talks about the history of the Israelites. The Bible is a major source for this history but it has to be read with a grain of salt. If archeology verifies some of the basics of these stories, that is no reason to get angry. It also doesn't prove the existence of God. What it does is fill in another piece of human history. Don't ignore these archaeological finds because you don't like what it implies and please don't use it to further your own agendas and prejudices. Accept that the Israelites of the Bible blended their history with their religion and this makes the Bible a biased and flawed history. There may be elements of truth hidden there also. Use common sense.

  33. O please. It's better to go to school first for makeing mythologic movies and call it documentary.

  34. And no mention of the Sumerian texts, at least not yet in the 3rd part. The Genesis Book comes from Sumerian texts, written in stone, and it still exists. During that time, there was a group of gods here...not really "gods" but worshipped as such. Someone decided to take the text and change it their liking and it became "Genesis" first book of the bible which manipulates the creation story, along with the Flood story.

    We will never know the truth from history or these documentaries. We all must go within and find the truth...for it will never be found in a bunch of old books.

    1. If we 'go within' we find personal truth. Not verifiable documented or documentable truth.

  35. This is the most ridiculous presentation I've ever seen. True, there are a lot of ignorant, foolish, often childish stuff out there on TV which pass for 'documentaries'; but this one is so poorly presented, even an average person can detect your real intent of producing such a documentary.

    If you really think people are so dumb to buy your stuff, think again; but probably I'm asking of you the impossible!!! Can you really think? Or do you need education to begin with...

    The God of the Bible does not appear with the story of Abraham and to say that there is no historical evidence for anything biblical from before the time of Abraham is simply begging the question!!

    Sirs, I'd advise you all stop producing such silly and fradulent documentaries. I'm not in the least surprised that the devil is using you all to propagate his strategies. But then respectable and sensible people of course won't bother to even reply to such documentaries, leave alone to watch them. I must be having too much of free time on hand, as I presently do, to be taking precious time out to even write this much.

    But then, hopefully, someone reading this, who don't know or would like to know the truth about the Bible and the God of the Bible - My only sincere advise is - Get a copy of the Bible and start reading it to find out the truth. Besides, there are very many educated and excellent scholarly articles and presentations on and about the Bible available on the internet for you to check.

    True biblical scholars, some of whom are also famous archeologists, have also written excellent books, available online for reading or purchase.

    And now for those of you who might have watched this documentary, please note that this is complete rubbish and I'd bet not many who know better than myself would care to take time to even watch or comment. Frankly, I watched only part 1 and a little of part 2 and knew at once this documentary is one of the other silly and absurd, and even erroneous documentary afloot.

    Don't waste your time watching these things. Start searching the Bible instead and seek to the know the truth.

    God promises that if you seek Him with all your heart sincerely, He will be found of you.

    God bless

  36. Only if people had the ability to hear the voice of God within themselves.

    The world at times is a rebellious place because it is not easy staying true to the 10 commandments.

    After the exile to Babylon, the archaeologist found no traces of any idols of other Gods......Isn't that amazing!

    Maybe one has to be chosen to really understand the truth?

    1. or maybe they just stopped being stupid and started to believe in themselves instead of creating imaginary friends that commanded them

  37. This was one of the worst documentaries I have ever seen. It is so light on evidence and so full of it's own speculation that it could hardly be considered educational. It teaches almost nothing, doesn't examine the various views, and is just it's own producers opinions. In short, I consider it propaganda.

  38. Franck, "I also believe that during Mohamed, Muslim & Jews were living peacefully."

    Educate your self and don't belive what others say. Read som islamic texts to get the answers. Muhammad killed jews because they did not concider him as a prophet of YHWH, as he killed others who did not want to become muslims. Islam in fact orders muslims to kill until islam is the only religion in the world.

    You start reading about the jews of Qurayza who where farmers, and what Muhammad did to them. Everybody who has some knowledge of islam knows that Muhammad said that Jews should be either exiled or killed from muslim land.

    1. when reading history one should read both sides and try to find the truth .
      not go and throw false accusations because of his ignorance, muhammad did not fight the jews of the arabik lands out of hatred but because they try repeatedly to kill him and to team up with the arab pagans several times to stop him from spreading islam, and do not forget that most of the crusaders were farmers driven by the church at that time to do gods work and gods work was killing every one including the arab christians .
      and you should now that all religions have their share of blood shading and tha instead of accusing each other we should just get alone love each other and leave god to deside which religion is his true riligion

    2. The Quran tells Muslims to kill non-believers! Jews and Christians are considered 'believers' believe it or not. We are all 'readers of The Book' and although Muslims consider Jews and Christian as 'uninformed' they do NOT consider them unbeleivers - just misguided.

  39. @ Ghetto Spokesman

    Your name is befitting in my opinion, as you are a common street corner profit. Spewing religiouse proclamations on a site that is about disscussion. We have no room for spiritual assertions and proclamations here, that belongs in church or in some other appropriate place. The doc. was about the question of wether the bible is history or myth. Turns out, just like most suspected, it is a little of both. Starts out as a verbal tradition among semetic peoples from Canaan, describing the exodus and re-telling the old Gilgamesh flood in a different light- to make it relevant to thier people. I wonder if the first people to start this tradition trying obviousely to give thier people something to unify them- give them hope. Ever knew that the story would grow into the religions it represents today. I'm sure they didn't. Just think if something you did impacted life this directly and to a similiar extent, how would you feel.

  40. Unfortunately this is archaeology & history bent to the purposes of Zionism - nation-myth building. Beware of anything from 'The Hebrew University of - - - '. Zionism is an explosive mixture of nationalism & religion, to which scholarship & truth are sacrificed. My sympathies go out to all the non-Zionist Jews & Palestinians who are suffering becos of it - & shame on those Christian Bible fanatics who are aiding & abetting. OGT

  41. Razor, I commend you for making it to # 6. hang in there- there is hope for you yet!

  42. Franck....

    Taking a side and sticking to it doesnt make you brave.... it makes many others are saying, closed minded, arrogant, and ignorant.
    Those on the sidelines are not "cowards', as you put it, perhaps they are those who decide to look before they leap? Remember what "belief" is...Blind, unsuporrted self reassurance that something exists, or is the truth. belief is falsity in all its glory.
    so, YES, you are a closed minded fool like everyone is saying, you obviously care, so maybe you want to fix that, if you know how.

  43. @Franck You asked "Am i closed minded because i believe and take a side ? Are Atheist closed minded because they believe and take a side ? Are Religious ones closed minded because they believe and take a side ? The answer is YES. Thiest belifs only slow down progress andumb down an already weak majority of society ready to belive anything that promises hope and not listen to anything that tells them or proves otherwise. When you can show proof of your religious nonsense maybe us that see things for what they are , will start thumping the bible as hard as you. Until then , maybe you should entertain the idea that your religion might be the wrong one ,making you wrong , even if there is a god. Or more than likely , there isnt and much time you have wasted in persute of nothing. Like those rednecks always hunting Bigfoot or the Lochness Monster.Deicide. Go look it up. Its a wonderful word.Slainte.

  44. Solomons temple was destroyed & the second temple was destroyed but Jesus is building a spiritual temple that will remain forever & he (Jesus) is the corner stone of that temple & his 12 faithful apostles are the foundation stones of that temple we cant forget that the gates to the temple are the the 12 tribes of Israel ( Revelation 21:10-14) The walls of the spiritual temple Jesus is building for YHWH Walls will be made from the 144,000 anointed followers of Jesus. (Revelation 14 1-5 & Revelation 21 15-27)

  45. J.E. - If you only knew...


    Thank you so much my friend, Vlatko for sharing to us this documentary.

    The LORD bless you and keep you;
    The LORD make His face shine upon you,
    And be gracious to you;
    The LORD lift up His countenance upon you,
    And give you peace.

    - Numbers 6:24-26, Holy Bible

    from Philippines and China

    1. We don't need the lord it's just your imaginary friend

      - Every science book

  47. Is the Bible "The Infallible Word of God"? How can it be?

  48. Epicurus' quote can be found in Carl Sagan's "THE DEMON HAUNTED WORLD" and is attributed to 'Oberg'. The document, in my opinion, was quite revealing. It identified the Israelites as Canaanites who established a new identity, got their monothiestic god concept from Midian, a place identified by another name on an Egyptian victory stelae; was compiled by four groups of writers over a period of 1000 years; debunked the Exodus story and explained how all was crystallized during the Babylonian exile where YHWH was made a universal god. In the Doc the first five books were not attributed to Moses; The House of David was mentioned by a general who won a victory for the King of Damascus. Conclusions should help one come to terms with the book being written by men (thus the contradictions) who embellished stories over time for the benefit of themselves as they sought to reinvent their identity.

  49. if the mind is too open the brain tends to fall out.

    1. if the mind does not open it does get information see it's easy to prove you're being stupid while writing those kind of sentences

  50. @BBC,
    Closed Minded again !?!? It's not the first time i've been viewed to be this way. I'm i closed minded because i believe and take a side ? Are Atheist closed minded because they believe and take a side ? Are Religious ones closed minded because they believe and take a side ?
    I like to think that i respect everyone else' opinions. Maybe i am, or at the very least only closed minded when someone tries to stuff something down my throat.
    Now being closed minded is obviously a killer of thoughts. I never thought of myself as a closed minded person, maybe i was wrong ? This is an handicap for knowledge, i should pay attention to this more.
    Thanks BBC.

  51. Doc was well done, it did not just put fourth a one sided view. It presented all sides, and even the different theories on the manuscripts. Doc appeared to be quite honest and not pushing a bias. It appeared to me that all material was well supported.

    It did not just interview Jews. There was a Muslim, and others. It was not bias, it provided problems, with arguments for and against. Are you convinced by something that was in it? Is that why you see it as bias? Did it make you rethink anything?

    It is hard to learn something new, when the mind is closed, and only looking to confirm what it already knows.

  52. wow,interesting but biased. when someone is the first to write
    or do something, its a great idea to figure out what was the main intention.self-serving intentions are always at the background of all human motives.

  53. ...when you try to just insult someone you come off extra stupid i have noticed from your comments.

    you told me to do my own research and i explained to you that i am in the academic field and DO my own research. that you chose to take what i was saying and see it as some form of arrogance is clear sign of feeling inferior. and what do you mean 10 cent knowledge? can you explain that?

    you have no idea about evolutionary psychology so please dont do to it what you do to biology and that is make claims in its name with no education.

    my first comment was a sarcastic mocking of you and oshonaire's comments. they lacked in any critical thought.

    and why are you asking me if Epicurus was my first book i read in first year EP???? Epicurus is a philosopher...and why is it arrogant to use that as my title? an homage to a great man.

    dont waste everyone's times anymore Franck, your comments are nothing but uneducated drivel.

  54. EP, lol ! Now i get it. In France there's this some what new (like EP) "science", it's called "social-psychology" if i translated correctly. It's very popular there, but in North America, i think there's only one University that as it in it's programs. And i would tend to lean on the side of "EP" being a mix of "social-psychology" and "Darwinism". So now i understand perfectly why you are so arrogant with your 10 cent knowledge. That need to have and tell your title in insignificance, that belief that you have the ultimate answers. Even your nickname "Epicurus" is arrogant, is that your first book you had to read in your first year in "EP" ?
    What does your knowledge have to do with "The Bible's Buried Secrets" ? Your first comment is nil.
    Now, if i sound childish and stupid, then great, that means that i don't take everything so seriously at times. Damn, i hope i don't sound to childish and stupid in this comment.
    Don't waste my time anymore Epi.
    Peace Out.

  55. Jews arent a race.....
    you have a narrow view because you have taken a side the surround yourself with that viewpoint only to polarize your ideology rather than learn and reassess your position.

    you come off as a child. I do my own research, as a matter of fact im presently in last first year towards getting my masters degree in evolutionary psychology. and i started school late because i was out living life and doing my own research.

    dont talk to people like you know them, it makes you look stupid.

    and btw i live in one of the most multicultural cities on the entire planet and most of peer group are some other ethnicity.

    there is not a country on this planet that would sit by while another group was shooting rockets at them and openly calling for their destruction.

  56. @Epicurus,
    That's all you got ?
    I have blinders blinkers and a narrow view because i actually take a side ? I'm just not scared to take sides, i haven't been following International issues just for the past 6 months. I'm not the kind that talks but not the walk, i don't stay on the side lines like most rambling cowards. When you believe in something have the balls to keep your integrity.
    Enemies ? The Jews are not my enemies nor is any other race.
    Some people talk about Jews, Blacks or what have you, but in their reality they never saw a live or touch or spoke or interacted in any way with another race. I actually had night long conversations with Jewish dear friends and some are really not ok with the way Israel as been behaving the last 60, 80, 100 years. The same thing goes for Whites vs Blacks or Christians vs the church.
    Dude, don't think you hold the truth because you read and probably that's all you do. Go live and do your own research.

  57. yes we do hear from those groups i think you have blinders on and are narrow viewed because of your indoctrination to think those people are your enemy or something.

    my sources arent often bias because i make sure that the people doing the research has no vested interest in either outcome.

  58. one more thing, i truly believe, and with proof on a daily basis in the streets, books, docs, movies, etc, that the Jewish community puts the "Holocaust" as a constant reason for their decision towards everything for the last 65 years. I believe the saying is "cry baby" attitude, and that's how actually they presented them self in front of committees to get Israel. What about the Gypsies ? What about the Black people ? Do we ear from them ?
    I'm going to stop he because I'm going in a different direction.

    Peace Out.

  59. @Epicurus
    And why would you think and everyone else for that matter that where ever you got your info are unbiased ?
    Maybe all the books i read are biased, maybe one wasn't, i don't know. But what i do know, after reading what ever, i can make a knowledgeable stand on side or another. Like, i like to believe that our Universe is all mathematics related. I also believe that during Mohamed, Muslim & Jews were living peacefully. That Jews did commit "terrorist" attacks against the UK before a final decision was taken by the UK to give "part" of Israel. I also believe that Venezuela was a possibility for Jewish immigration. And like i said before, this Doc might be biased since it is funded, produced and all the interviewees are Jewish.

  60. why would you think those sites are unbiased and contain objective information more so than other places?

    those are nothing more than religious/political websites pushing their agenda.

    also if we want to get down to brass tacks, who was there first doesnt matter in the you can see with the situation in north is whoever has the power at the time has the land, no god giving or taking it away, that is just silly.

  61. @ Oshonaire. I know, i was just being sarcastic to your comment
    "all people who ever got land today got it because their ancestors took it from some native people thru conquest.. the jewish pple were granted this land and have affirmed their right by victory in war, so let the vanquished accept his loss."

    As if the poor Christians weren’t confused enough.
    This is 2010 Christians, time to let go this crutch.
    Men in Europe believed everything and turned in to moronic sheeps during the Dark Ages. The same Men who believed Earth was flat. Those are the same Men that today would tell you the Earth is flat even tho we have scientific proof that it’s round. Come on wake up ! So we could have a better World already.

  62. lol god giving land to certain people KNOWING they will war for hundreds of years....

    so he is just playing Risk with the planet?

    religious people have such a distorted view on reality.

  63. franck, the land presently occupied by the israeli people was officially granted to them by a resolution of the united nations general assembly in 1947 in the wake of the 2nd world war, then the entire region was under the british government,
    shortly afterwards the british government withdrew and the israeli's declared their independence, almost immediately which i mean the next day!...and from then till present, israel has been subject to attacks by a coalition of hostile arab countries....all attacks were successfully repelled! i repeat, all calls for an annihilation of the state of israel are unreal and will only cause needless suffering for generations to come...both sides should acknowedge their right to be there..the israelis may be newcomers, but they have come to stay...and to the israelis i say,even if the palestinians are occupying the land God gave you, then let God drive them out!

  64. Oshonaire, who granted the land ? And what war ?

  65. the reason why many people are so sick with the concept of God is that those who profess to be experts in God are messing up so badly..and since we choose to believe what they say instead of finding out for ourselves like martin luther did, we are easily disillusioned,however i feel we should focus on the person of God here and not on some earthly spokesmen.
    the truth is believing that the universe emanated from some bang somewhere sounds rather hypothetical to me..the possibility of life as advanced as it is now emanating from random association of molecules is incredibly remote...some say there is no proof that there is a God..i say there is no proof that there is no God...and if God choses to reveal himself to specific men and close every other door to discover him, then i say scientists are all on one crazy goose has a natural tendency to want to know and rationalise everything on his own..the thought that he has to wait on or depend on a higher or more intelligent can be an insult to his pride....and so-called intelligence.
    as for israel..all people who ever got land today got it because their ancestors took it from some native people thru conquest.. the jewish pple were granted this land and have affirmed their right by victory in war, so let the vanquished accept his loss.

  66. the question about the existence of a conscious designer is very appealing and would seem natural to all minds. We are all so curious to know... But it is more difficult today now that people dont believe in the home made recipies, as you may be mentioning. Now the mind must construct a logical path to the understanding of god and stick to the logical void that results, but it(we) should nonetheless be fairly pleased by the infinity of science fiction stories yet to unleash :-)

  67. Do people actually still believe in God? Come on, get with the times...

  68. So to make a long story short.
    God spoke to Abraham, but the Jews got off right path.
    God then spoke to Jesus, and at the same time freaked out the Jews with his i'm back stunt, but the Catholics also got off the right path with their hallucination of this and that.
    So God had to speak to someone else again, that's when he found Mohamed. A simple dude with his feet on the ground and his head on his shoulders. I guess Islam got it together, because since Mohamed God did not need to speak to someone else.
    OK, he tried to speak to the Catholics on a few occasions, but every time the Catholics proved to be morons and went to war for him, suppressed other humans, got materialistic and built a hell of a bank account.
    As far as the Jews,they're trying real hard to make it right, but they keep messing up, and God is still very pi$$ed at them.
    Last but not least, Islam. Islam is getting s**t on for many years by the Catholics and the Jews. And the world does not understand why they're trying to protect themselves. Wow !
    Learn history, understand and accept that God did not need any other Prophets after Mohamed. I know this is a big pill to swallow but you had 2000 years. Times up.

  69. Maybe keep in mind this doc is funded, produced and all the interviewees are Jewish. And Also notice the map they're showing, it's exactly at the present moment what is left of Palestine, not BC.

  70. Its all about a small bunch of people dragging entire nations into never-ending conflicts... so we cannot really talk about the jews having the right or the others...

    It is more relevant and hopefully constructive to talk about political segmentation of people from top to bottom for reasons that are yet to be fully grasped (proud? religious war? money? another devilish psychotic factor?).

    Thus, all of us who want peace between us people -because we know us people are meant to get along on the ground whatever faith we follow on that ground-, must refuse to take part in such political plans (i.e. plans drawn by a handful).

    For that end, we must remove a part of our artificial identity.

    If I am "jewish" and I am told that neighboring muslims are a threat and must be fenced off, I must say no: because only a handful of them want our culture destroyed, and this handful will only get more powerful if I fence off everyone who is muslim. Him being muslim is not a problem. My state and the media, and the whole identity thing wants me to believe that it is but this vicious and counter-productive trick is over.

    If I am "muslim" and I am told that the jews are fencing off native muslims from the land, i must say no, only a handful of jews are commanding these plans, the people who follow and defend such plans are only conditioned to believe that these plans are right... they have fallen into the trick and must be helped to get out from it.

    Imagine two playful babies whose parents are fighting over land and history. Do you think they would give a shit about it and not get along well? Well they would but only after they get older and acquire that artificial identity. Shame!

    Put yourself into perspective, look at your artificial identity.

    All the best

  71. The Jews are in Israel and are not leaving without a fight. How they acquired the land is insignificant today. They were invaded by four different nations when they declared their independence and fought all of them off. It may be naive to say, but I think that gives them the "right" to be their. Their seems to be only two solutions here; 1. The Islamic nations recognize Israel as a nation. 2. The Islamic nations force them off the land militarily. Saying they don't have a right to be their is a cop out.

  72. This is just trying to prove Israel's right to be in the middle east!!! pure fictions!!!

  73. .. and that means turning discussions about Jeez, Moos, or Mohmed into maybees! not surlees! happy life anyway!

  74. u believe in them because you believe in them. full stop. Its only you that is the source of belief. Either you have the power to think for yourself and doubt historical facts, or you have the weakness to believe. Oh yeah, faith is a hard thing to pursue.. I know the song... But we all clever minds know that believing in something is easier than not having a clue about it. Anyway, dont forget about the "telephone arabe" phenomenom and about political incentives around the use and shaping of a religion through time... All people who believe in something based on faith are primary human minds... wishfully believing but forcefully claiming when it comes to god.
    Give the human reason a break, think at all possibilities and follow the ones you want... but just remember a human is supposed to think about all possibilities. After the choice to believe in x or y is just up to you, not up to some truth, otherwise I, (or a win-growing percentage of world population) would not be talking to you like that. I repeat: grow out of middle age superstituous and monotonous thinking! its about time to increase the cognitive mindset!

  75. I am really very inherited from reading things like this.......

  76. Jeez, it didn't go through, First time I have been censored,
    its probably on the e-mails anyway.

  77. I`ll b1tch as much as I want. I watch documentaries to learn and on that point this video supplies no benefit.

    As for nobody stuffing religion into our mouths I beg to differ. They are poisons that seep into every aspect of life.

  78. @Yavanna@Achems Razor Quit bit*hing! Don't watch ,if you don't like this stuff! Nobody is stuffing this in your mouth!

  79. I suffered this doc to the end but am none the wiser other than to assume archaeology is restricted by the so called pious presumably because to investigate physical evidence would uncover the lies that we have struggled against for 2000 years.

    This doc gave me zero information regarding the"Bible's hidden secrets" and is a pedantic appeasement to the prehistoric mysticism that retards humanity to this day.

    Spiderman (pbuh) stories have more relevance and depth of meaning. At least he doesn't inexplicably demand you chop parts of your knob off and build him a house.

  80. I really tried to watch this, only got up to 6th part.
    I hate this kind of fairy tale stuff. boring! boring!

    What point are they trying to make? The Bible broke up into three religious monotheistic factions waring with each other forever, what else is new?

    To hell with it, going to watch some Spiderman movies. That's more my style.

  81. "God is dead" - the opening words for this doc! Lets hope it don't go downhill from there!!! Full report later I promise - as and when I finish watching it.

  82. This documentary is missing some stark archeological find in an unexpected place debunking the conventional exodus myth.
    The mount Sinai where the Prophet Moses (pbuh) talked to God and got the Ten Commandments is in Saudi Arabia and not Sinai in Egypt. This Mountain is well known to the Bedouins of S. Arabia and is known as Jabl-Al-Musa or Jabl-Al-Lawz. There are twelve altars, one for each tribe of Israel and fountain from which all the tribes drank and also found the plateau where the rebellious made golden calf, when Moses was at the Mountain. On the top of Mountain, blackness is evident, giving a belief that it got burned due to some powerful circumstances. The Saudi Government has made a fence around the Mountains so nobody can enter it. Any body seen around the fence is subject to arrest.
    Any way, thanks to Allah, we do not need the archeology to believe in Moses or Jesus. We believe in them Prophets due to Authority of Qur'an the Last Testament and the Last Messenger, Muhammad (sa).